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Chapter One My Name is Tyas

My name is Tyas. My complete name is Tyas Agung Wicaksono. I was born at Jakarta, 06 May 1991. My father’s name is Sugeng Suripto and my mother’s name is Astuti. I have one brother. His name is Julias Agung Laksono. My parents only have two children. I have a name which usually given as girl’s name “Tyas” . I admit that it is true, if “Tyas” is a girl’s name. Because several of my girl friends named “Tyas”. I asked to mom “mom, what the meaning of my name?” Mom replied “your name has good mean, as good as your brother’s. Tyas means heart or chest, Agung means big or large, Wicaksono means wise.” My parents have big hope in my name. They hope one day I will be the best man who can solve all problems calmly and make my own live way wisely. Actually I had a little problem. It was about tribe, my tribe. Mom said that I am a java. I have two birth certificates. First made in Kebumen, Central Java. And second made in Jakarta. Once when I was in elementary school, I asked to mom “mom, why I have two birth certificates? Which one have to used?” Mom explained “you were born in Kebumen, but your father wanted your birth certificate made in Jakarta. Because your father’s big family stays and domiciles in Jakarta.” When I registered to enter at kindergarten, mom used my birth certificate which made in Jakarta. So if I want to use birth certificate, I have to use my birth certificate made in Jakarta. I am the second son in my family. When i was a kid, I often heard people said “the youngest will be spoiled by his parents.” But I think that is not always like that. Parents know what is the best for their children. We can not make a conclusion just from what we see. We also have to know what is the reason. I have a experience when I called spoiled child just because I am the last child in my family. When I played my toy car in terrace, came my neighbor‘s son. He was two years older than me. Suddenly he cried out “spoiled boy!, spoiled boy!, spoiled boy!” I knew that he was a stubborn boy. I replied “shut your mouth! What is your problem?” he
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didn’t listen what I said. He kept crying out. That made me angry. So I cried out too “jealous boy!, jealous boy!, jealous because doesn’t has any toys.” He became angry too. He said “last child is spoiled boy. You have to follow your brother. He is a independent child.” When I heard what he said, I loughed. I said “wait here, I will show you something.” I entered to my brother’ room. Accidentally my brother was sleeping. I took his toys and put in to a box then I went back to terrace. “here is you called with independent” i said. He still didn’t understand, so I said “my brother’s toys is more than me, you see! It just hobby, my brother more interest with toys than me.” He said that he has to went back to his home. I smiled. I thought he embarrassed to apologized.

Chapter Two Adventure on The Graveyard

When I was in Kebumen and I was still a kid, I had a lot of friends whom interesting. But among of my childhood friends, there were three who became my best friends. They were Nuri “the intrepid”, Rita “playboy of triwarno village”, Dodo “the jokester”. Nuri was given a epithet “the intrepid” because he often found a new playing spot which far from village. He looked for the spot even that in the forest. Rita was given a epithet “playboy of triwarno village” because every girls passed in front of us he always whistled. Dodo was given a epithet “the jokester” because he often made our mood became good with his joke. Whereas I was given a epithet by my friends “lazy boy” because I never helped Nuri looked for playing spot, made a joke like dodo did, or whistle to a girl even for a joke. They always complained to me. But I knew they could accepted me like that. We had a habit looked for fruits, what ever fruits. One day Nuri told us about a new playing spot, he said “guys, I find a new playing spot, there were several of cashew trees.” I replied “cashew? Where is the place?” I was very curious about the taste of cashew fruit. “wait a minute. Only the brave boy who can go there” he replied. He
Collection of my short srories

challenged us. We accepted his challenge and decided to collected mende cashew. We told to Nuri to guided us. On the way to the place Nuri described the taste of cashew fruit. He said “ the red one is really delicious and sweet.” Rita and Dodo just smiled. I didn’t know what was the meaning of their smile. I hated when they smiled without told me the reason. Usually that was bed omen for me. “stop! We have closed” Nuri said. We looked around but there was no cashew trees. We asked to Nuri “where are the cashew trees, we don’t look any thing here.” “there on the top of hill” Nuri said. When we were almost on the top, we had seen several of cashew trees. But we were shocked when we reached on the top, playing spot told by Nuri was on the graveyard. At first we thought to canceled our planning. But Nuri persuaded us. He told us that threre was no ghost in the day. Yeah that was right and Nuri was more frighten than ghost. Nuri gave me a red cashew fruit. I tried to ate it, but the taste was really bad. It was not sweet, it was sour and astringent to the taste. I was almost vomit ate that. They laughed me, I thought I was tricked. “we don’t look for cashew fruit, but the mende cashew” Nuri said. He explained that mende was delicious if fried or roasted. For three hour on the graveyard, we had collected three bag full of mendes. Before dark we went home. In the night we roasted the mendes. While ate mendes we discussed what fruit for next day.

Chapter Three Lie for a goodness

I will tell you about one of my experience. It is about lie for a goodness. May be some people have different opinion about it. Some people said “lie is wrong. What ever the reason, we should tell the truth even that painful.” Some people said too ”we can tell a lie for a goodness.”


Collection of my short srories

When I was in Junior High School in Kebumen, accidentally I was a transfer student. New friends, new school, new social environment, new habitual, that made me confuse and unbelieved to any body. At that time all the confusions created a new me, my new personality. I believed who could be relied was me, my self only. One day, in break time a girl approached me and suddenly she said something that made me shocked. She said “hi, you’re Tyas, right? Would you be my boyfriend?” She said something like that while smiled. I thought this girl was crazy or had a mental disorders. I replied “sorry, maybe I am not the one you are looking for.” She replied “ but you are Tyas, right?” This girl really annoyed me. While went from her, I said “maybe another Tyas.” “ok thanks. I will look for another Tyas” she replied. This girl really stupid. A boy who named Tyas was me only in this school. I thought she and her friends made me as bet. Impossible for someone told her feeling for someone else without knew each other. Next day she approached me again and said the same thing like yesterday. I said to her “how can I accept your feeling. I don’t know anything about you even that your name?” I admitted she was cute. Then she introduced her self. “my name is Novi, nice to meet you” she said. I didn’t know what will I do next. So I told “do what you want.” She smiled and went back to her class. One of my classmate friend told me that I was made a bet in Novi’ class. But I explain to him that sometimes made someone smiled for us was good for our image. I didn’t accept her feeling, but I made she thought I accept her feeling. Lied for a goodness. She was happy and I didn’t feel like lie. Nobody was disadvantaged here.

Chapter Four There is The Best because There is The Worst When I was 16 years old, I had heard people said that a bad boy, a criminal and others something like that should be gone from this world. I didn’t agree with that opinion. How can a good boy called good boy if there was no bad boy.


Collection of my short srories

When I was in Senior High School, I had a friend named Ajik. Ajik was not a smart in lesson but he was the best in football. One day in sport class our class devided into two team of men. We would played football. Iwas one team with Ajik. I knew he was the best. At the end of game we won 4:0. While waited change class time, we chated in the canteen. I told to Ajik “Jik, you are the best striker in our class.” He replied “your play is good too.” We won 4:0 and all goals made by Ajik. Next class was Chemistry class. Accidentally there was a test today. For me, that test was not too difficult. But for Ajik it was very difficult. I got 80 whereas Ajik was the one who got 40. He said that he was the worst. I just smiled heard that. When we went home I told to Ajik “there is the best because there is the worst.” He had not realized what i said. He looked confuse with what I said. So I tried to explained with sample. I said “Jik, since when you can play football very well?” He replied “since I join with football club in my village, I practice every day.” “so, can you understand with what I said before?” I said. He just shook his head left and right. He was mor stupid than I thought. I asked “have you be a best striker when you joined with your football club?” He replied “of course not. I practice every day.” I smile and said “that is the key word, practice. Even the worst will be the best with practice every day.” I thought he understood with all of this conversation. At the next chemistry test he got 70. He approached me and said “even a worst will be the best one day.” I smiled and gave him a congratulatory.

Chapter Five Philosophy of Einstein

When I was browsing internet I found a interesting article. It was about philosophy of Einstein. There was 10 advice based philosophy of Einstein. I wanted to applied in my life. 1. Chase your curiousity.
Collection of my short srories

“I have no special talent. I just enjoy my curiousity” When I read this sentence, I just thought about dictionary, English dictionary. When I was in Junior High School, I almost never got 70 in every English exam. That made me curious how to improved my English skill. I bought a English dictionary and then I read every words in the dictionary. I tried to reminded every word with each meaning. For me English was my curiousity, and I enjoyed read the dictionary. 2. Diligence is priceless. “I am not smart, but I just last from all problems” It was reminded me when I played video game. I never stoped until I finished it. Although it needed a month and used a lot of cheat. I had to finished the game. As same as with task and homework. Although I had to stayed up all night, I tried fineshed all the tasks on time. 3. Focus at this time. “a man can not drive while read a newspaper” I applied this sentence when I had a lot of tasks. I finished the tasks one by one. I started from the easiest. With diligence and curiousity, I solved my problem one by one. 4. Imagination as source of strength. “imagination is everything. Sometimes imagination is more important than knowledge” For me I worked when I tried made a grafity as my hobby. I could not used my knowledge totally. Because it needed something more than just knowledge. I had to thought a new style. I t needed imagination as creation. 5. Made a mistake. “someone who never made a mistake, actually he never try a something new” Mistakes what I did teached me that I was not enough smart to made a decision. It made me tried more and more. I believed when I made a mistake, it pushed my knowledge helped my imagination to made other solution. We never satisfield with we have now. We want something more and more. 6. Live at this time. “I never think my future because it come shortly” At first I thought that was a lie, but when I thought it deeply, I knew something. We just have to believe that our future will be fine if we do the best now. Our future will be
Collection of my short srories

fine if we do the best at present. And present become fine because we did the best in past. 7. honour our self “keep tried hard was not for made our self success, but made our self honourable” It teached me to respected my self. I tried hard in lesson and life for made my image in front of all my friendskeep good. Several of my friends asked me to teached they in lesson. Several of they asked my advice for their private problems. I was glad, that was mean, they respected me. For me that was mean, I had successed made my friends believe in me.

Chapter Six Four Tied Together

When I was in Senior High School I had three best friends, we called Four Tied Together. It was because we had same habitual, we almost together in school or out school. We met in different situation. Four tied together were me, Miftah, Joko and Leo. We were not in the same class in our first year as senior high school students. I met Miftah when I was in a exam to decided our next class in second grade. Miftah helped me by gave me a cheat. That was not fair, who cared. He cleverer than me. I had a problem with Math, but Miftah gave me a cheat.

I met Joko when I joined with red cross. We often got punishmen from the senior because we disobeyed the command. We often ran away from red cross. That made me and Joko became best friend.


Collection of my short srories

Leo was my neighbor. Although his home was not adjacent with mine, but we were in the same village. We often met when we played in field. He was a kind boy.

In 2010 we made a reunion. Once again Four Tied Together was met again. We made a barbecue party on the beach. We invited all of our classmates. We chated each others. I asked to Joko “ Jok, what is your job now? It have been a year we never meet each others.” Joko replied “ I am a police now. And you?” I replied “I work in Jakarta, but I will move to Batam.” Leo worked in Jakarta too. We had met once I Jakarta. Miftah said “I school in UIN (Univesitas Islam Negeri) Yogyakarta. We smiled and replied “we don’t ask you?” we loughed together. We made a promise that one day we will met again.


Collection of my short srories