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Crust so Crisp, and Crumb so White ; Loaves so Dainty, Sweet and Light.”

These are just the kind of loaves you make a t home with


the súre raising powde,r.

Fresh from the oven they are most delicious to eat and the “ Paisley Flour” makes them very digestible.

So easy too! You can make them in 15 minutes.
See recipe for “little dinner loaves ” in 7d. and 3*d. packets.


a delitzious ceustard puddårsg made with

This is a simple, but delightful hot baked pudding, equally good served alone, or with stewed fruit-. f I t & quickly made, costs little and is enjoyed by young and old alike. The recipe (with many others) is in every packet :of Brown & Polson’s (‘Patent Corn Fbur.”



COMFORTABLE Apartments pleasantly situated on Warren Hill ; healthy and central. Excellent Vegetarian Cooking. Highly recommended by Visitors. For terms and references apply to MRS. SMITH, Cantyre, Matlock Terrace, Torquay, S. Devon.



4OppositeDevon Rosery. A few minutes’ from walk Sea and Station. Bright, sunny Aspect. Pleasaht Apartments.
I _

Good Vegetarian Cookery.



TQRQUAY, 4, H~IGHER TBRRACE. Private Apartments. Good Cooking. Terms moderate. Good situation. Sea View. LtliRs. WONNOR.

1 , S . BRIDE STREET, S t Ludgate Gireus,


APA~RTMENTS. Vegetarian Cookery.

Pdze Winners at the Universal Food ? Cookery Exhibition, i

DARTMOOR HOUSE, BELSTONE, N. DEVON. Situated on Dartmoor. Board Residence or Furnished Apartments. Terms moderate. Address, MRS. MORTIMORE, Proprietress.

Send for Sample Box of $?uts andFruit, by Parcels Post, l(-

MRS. DAWE, SALCOMBE I~OUSE, 9, Adelphi Road, Paignton, S. Devrm. Vegetarians catered f or.

to 95 per cent-.. (bur Prerlts and Nuts aie one quality only-THE BEST‘ .\toone of . 75 er cent.. sd No Vegetarían Home is complete without our c ’B e P a . 4 8 1 6 P .. œ These are Splendid Lines. T h a g e s t Hedlth Food Dealers 5% the Wo&?. Branch Stores: 8. &thing to watch. l Food Stores. You c8n set your dinner to or cook on Saturday night. fllustrated ßatdogaes of Health Foods and Labor-saving CookingAppliances. &th “Aids to a Simpler Diet. at Sunday dinner-the.Ageah f o r aZt Mut Foods a a Nut Butters. Add but a few Sample bottles (Debt. S. &ves. . LONDON.= Ha ol s 3 r utBa tl e zt l o 99 Sm=* a t 9 d . . no fear of burning. Three doors from Town Hall. etc. asxla find it steaming hot. the mos). Battersea Papk Road.82 in. ss2 COay of “ Scmneific Coolcwy.oms. Ohirty minutes of actual hcooking is all that is necessary to thoroughly cook stew% vegetables.. S In. B for one to eightsen honsr.. (COGKINGTON. ALL ARTICLES AT LOWEST STORE PRICES. /Et. soup. hot or cold. - -__ - --y d The Oldest a United K Send +ds Stamp. by S In.” and ILSON 6t G . Then transfer.. in great variety with our ior to Meat and Fish r.More than p a p weeks. food you mer a. NO HEAT--NO DIRT-X0 ODOUR. Holborn. $.u€ fuel. fruits. legumes. Bimmingham.w i l y diges% and the most delicious. C.- ~- -.” post free two stamps. Walnut Road. n.) 465. W I T ~ O U TFIRE. NEW PRICE LIST NQW READY. eP Z. nutriment. done to perfection..B. o. For all seaasosas can be easily made. ready t0 eat. 7 In. Grays Inn Road. goodness in cooking. puddings. ntainer. food.6 . . 68. =aœ p3 l. time for itself in a fewinventionFive to most and labor-saving ef twéntíeth century. You will say you never knew W& % delicious flavoursthey p o m s e d befere.from # h e invmtors &bote masufactwers- . oereale. eaoh 1416 . 90 loss of flavour. I l S .-----m. Q S 1 with Tomato and Nut Sauce. NO SUNDAY LABOUR.W. no over-ooo$ing. Special vallue in TEA. no under-done food. and you have the richest. TIIf3 wonderhl money. the Ideal Blend.

214 . per lb... l14 .* 8 l6 .. 4 SI .. . . .... .bottles 02.. .. Efmfted...Marmite '' Savoy Brand FOR THE TABLE. l/. . . and are much more dzgesttbb than dairy Butter. 4%d....G* . NUTTER SUET in place of Anlmal Suet.* I S 9 .I 18 . .. Royal Horticultural Haff. 11. per lb. 1/11. . . 14-lbs... remember that MAPLETON'S N U T BUTTERS are foods as well as fats... E. . OFOR*..... A PURE VEGETABLE IEXTRACT. c airect f+'o%: t E w Tbe mamitu Food Extract Cornpang. ed. . B *I I ... . .... TABLE NUTTER.&lbs. QI- 1 ~ 4 8 ... THE.. AWARDED I THREE " GOLD HORS GOMGOURS. (Seasoned or Unseasoned) KITCHEN... .... If ou are weak andailing MAPLETOWS NUT FOODS SET YOU UP If you suffer from indigestion.. 2 ** \ MARMITE IN GLASS BOTTLES ONLY.. ll1% 21- s4 1 '"TheLancet says :-" This entire1yVegetableExtract possessesthe same nrttrient~alue asia well prepared Meat Extract..... . I. 7w. NUTTER for all.... Universal Food & Cookery Exhibition. .. lod...... Lpote . . .per lb..... 1907. A MANUAL of VEGETARIAN COOKERY.. .If you are strong and healthy MAPLETON'S N U T FOODS will help to keep pou so. 5d. Cooking Purpoqes. ." ObtakabEe a A E Grocers a d HeaZfk Rood Stoves. WILL Why HesitateP Plry Them Ta=Daym W A L N U T CREAM BUTTER for the Table. Eastcbeap.. MEDALS.. Sd. 59. .. ..... l...

(3) Because it is opposed. Fezl. &c. and keeps t h e house cool and free from odours.” Editor of “ Long Life Series. Pub. Mineral Impurities that aggravate Rheumatism and Gout. Some Physical Aspects of the Temperance Question”. Recommended by Doctors. W%l@w9 Editress of the Herald of Health . I cooks an entive t flame capmeal for a family on any able of boiling a kettie. KIDD’. E.” 216 per annum post free. fondon. stiffen the joints. Counsels to B Young Wife”.”r&c. Ofices : 32. The Gem Suflpliayompany. A f m Annual Payment of 216 constitutes anAssociate of the Union. ‘‘ Torquay as a Health Resort”..Because it îs an abuse of man’s p o ~ e over the lower creatures. 216. London. when the newly-christened National Anti-Vivisectien Soaiety. Stiff*Covevs. not only ta morality. i T H I S Society was founded in l898 by the Pioneer of the Anti-Vivisection Movement. The: Gem Pure4Vater Still When yon are “not quite well. V V ) .. Health. Sec. r (2) Because history has proved that itcannot be effectually cotrtrolled. VV) . N. It conoemms 99 t h e valuable proiaerties of vegetabla and other foods. §. A Donation o %5 and upwards constitutes a Life Member. ElGe 1908... [ENTERED AT STATIONERS WALL] a great adjunet In t h e procrees of recovery.. HADWEN. quarter-bound in ctoth. OlYicer Health. E. W s . Bourtd in Cloth.constitutes an Annual Member. l IS.B. are a l removed from mater by &c.. COOKER BOOXL4E“ FREE. PCbTtkUkWS f?“. adopted the policy of restriction. LONDON.**4BO. peartree Street. WALTER R. 22. Imst.~~ ~~ B II RTS FOUNDRESS: FRANCES POWER CBBBE. “Value of a Bloodless Diet in Health and Disease. Cholera. l a d impede the circulation. CHARING CROSS. Etde (Dept. E&* &ttvgh.C* 22. impair the digestion. Stone and Grrtvel. cause Constipation. The British Union works for the totalprohibition of Vivisection : (l). Keswick. E.” &quire i t the mater supply. Smaller Donations gratef fully accepted. Tveasurer : T H E HON.Wg Y BY GEORGE BLACK.” “ Household Rledicine. &te Mea. Hon.Ds il d \yater . I f effects enormous saving. and leading Food Reformers. no Approved by The Lancet.Dr. 4 I e N CAWCER I OTHER D I S 5 8 Y That is what i s provided by tfie ‘ @ G I M STEAM COOKER. and medical men 0% erywhere.i tle vìce. Peanres Street. Roy. Arathor of First Aid in Accident and §udden:Illness”: ‘‘Sick Nursing”. under new leadership. ntontbig OrQaw : Tbe Abolitlonìst. Limiteti (Dept. Secretmy: M I S S B. P R I C E O N E S H I L L I N GN E T . M. BLACK. w& LONDON : Tbe 64tn Supplies Co. but to the principles of true Science. An Annual Subscription o 101. . Germ of Typhoid. POMEROY.: DR. Your Still1 I sf s the greatestpossible ser.

each representing the juice from upwards of 5 Ibs. Whileacting in thecapacity referr5. sugar. FREE SERVANTS' REGISTRY LIST. A Sample Pint Bottle.A. ROOM.000Hospitals. as everything that is here presente& fias been tested over and over again. is a blood builder. as I know it fulfils the expressed desire of many. 1901. guaranteedt o be Pree from alcohol. To her I am indebtedfor most of what appears in this book.being simply the pure iuiw of the grape. sent post free on receipt of 2 6 i. taining and varied vegetarian SO .I I m R PREFACE. my in the matterof diet. and the recipes many of the more favourite dishes of were copied out-and givento be used elsewhere. sus-. TOFHill Roa (0QPI)SITE FREE LIBRARY). it is thus not only a Wholesome. Highest Awards. water. or flavouring matter. but I dmat tonias-Nature's Medicineinvaluable for invalids.accustomed to theordinarymethods of living. Of course this could only be done in fragmentary rhanner. thirst quencher. of one who displayed an unusuai aptitude for cooking. and ignorant of the possibilities of Vegetarianism. OR several years I had avegetarian Home at Belstone. Used and prescribed. Paris and Buffalo. PRICE LISTS FREE ON APPLICATION. bore frequentand unsolicitedtestimony. UAY Dartmoor. 416. PINT BOTTLES. and. a N ECeSSlTY FOR * INVALUABLE FOP THE SICK . a I thought if I could bring these recipes together.d to Miss Densham carried out with perfect loyalty instructions and intentions. with full particulars.. and been approved by of allsortsandconditions of people. THE POQD REIFORMER* and purchased extensively by the Government during the late war. expressed sur-prise at the number and variety the dishes set before them. and many. of grapes.both by word of mouth and in writing. 1 havenohesitancy in+ recommending these menusto those who wish for ample. to the excellence of her cooking. meals. is a valuable Restorativethat can be given t o invalids with perfect safety. as Manageress.itmight Supply a want. or where nutrimentrequired . of During sojourn availed their they themselves of such' opportunities as were afforded them of going into the kitchevlli and seeing what was done. .by the entire Medlcal faculty tn U. but the arrangement of it and the mode of presentation are my own. and during thegreater part of the time I had the services. Much information of a useful and gractical kind was thus imparted.S. Those who visited Dartmoor House "-the name by which my Horne was called-whik Miss Isabel Densham was there. WELCH'S Non-Alcoholic INVALID PORT. acid. Luscious Beverage. and appetiser.colour. OB "f. Supplied to over 1. and present. them in a convenientandmorepermanentform.

invigorating and healthful-that may serve as an example of what Vegetarianism is when its menus. is one of the cursesof humanity. In this I do not speak of what is sometimes. condimented and curried preparations that those who value their healthwill scrupulously avoid. TORQUAY. to those already -convinced. being provocaas tive of thirst. Such cookery. I hope that in this I have succeeded. and from the hygienic point of view it may be regarded as greatly superior to that which is usually spoken of as an ordinarymixed diet. “ Try what is here presented: the food is wholesome. . II . Havinghadample experience of Vegetarian Cookery at hotels.” Recognising the partial characterof this treatise as a representation of Vegetarlanism I planned. restaurants and boarding-housesin our own countryandanthecontinent as well as in the houses of the wealthy. by following the instructions given.Avail yourselves of the abundant store that is ever to be found in of life-giving the Vegetable Kingdom. a work dealing with the subject in its various aspects as it affects the different periods of Bife. in my opinion. but erroneously f called “ High-class ” Vegetarian Cookery. whoseproducts. but in the meantime I send the present book forth as it is. 1907.I In putting into shape the material with which she provided me I sought to present thingsinsuch a way t h a t those ignorant of cooking. GEORGE BLACK. I am rather thinking and writing of something different from this-something that is at once appetising. and if it be not t h e whole truth about Vegetarianism it is at any rate the truth. I can promise to those who purchase it that they will find it practlcal: it is true to itself. If this be so I for one will never aspire to it. l I have now but to say in conclusion to all who value the: precious gifts of life and health. theoutcome o which is the hot.” GRETABANK. as it aEects growth and development.would have a satisfactory dinnerto place upon the table as the result s f their labours. CHELSTON. I can without fear contradiction say that the of dishes here presented will compare favourably with any that I have seen or tasted. palatable form on the table. and those in less affluent circHmstances. it is amply nratritious : it has been partaken and approved of by many like yourselves who hadnoprevious experience of Vegetarian living : it will maintain you in health: it will be sufficientfor you whatever your station or occupation in life may be. To them I say. and have to a large extent executed. but which are often served up as examples of the I C Art ” in its highest perfection. and thearticlesappearin a dainty. as it affects us in health and disease withdietariessuited to thesedifferentcircumstancesand conditions.full energy and power. That these recipes as they stand doq& correspond with the most advanced form of Vegetarian living I am perfectly aware. are judiciously arranged. Se$fembsr. This I hope shortly to publish. but rather that which would appeal to my brothers and sisterswho still regard flesh meat in some formor other as a necessity d life. My object in the present instance was not the presentation o f an ideal. and acting a powerful irritant upon the delicate mucous membrane of the stomach. ‘‘ Give up eating those things that are in so manyinstancesproductive of disease. and the bills of fare may be regarde as samples of a good all-round Vegetarian diet. are at all times the main sustenance of the greater portion of the inhabitants of the globe.

--I. &fet?zod.. 1 ARTICHOKE SOUP. seasonp CQWX with Paste and bake. P u t t h e Tomatoes into Boiling Water to loosen the skin. and just suBcient ater to the paste to be rolled out. peel and slice them. put into a pie dish. BRUSSELS SPROUTS. Dice of White or Brown Bread fried in Nuttere Wholemeal Bread or Toast with Buttep. fillwithCold to which a little Salt has been Water and co& slowly. of Sugar The grated rind of one Lemon 2 ozs.--Wash t& Vegetables thoroughly in Cold Waker. peel and put into a Sprouts in Cold Water and shallow dish with 1 oz. of Melted Butter 3 beaten-up Eggs A little Milk íVethod. Wash 2 Ibs.-Mix all together. Strain and rub through a meve.-Rub the Nutter or Alberne thoroughly into the Flour. Roast Potatoes. using two waters . put into a pudding dish and steam 2 hours. d the Powder. ARTICHOKE SOUP. PeppevP and Salt to taste l . Onion sliced and strewn oveq improves the the Potatoes taste. Take 3+ lbs. of Bread Crumbs 4 om. Wash. of when thoroughly clean put Nutter or Butter. tin of Meatose 1 lb. Method. lb. of Tomatoes 2 Onions 6 Potatoes ROAST POTATOES. added. peel and slice the Potatoes and Onions. MEATOSE PIE. of Brussels wash. Ingredientss. Brussels Sprouts.--No. 4 oz. add the Milk and Seasoning and serve. .--4 QZS. of Butter or Cream l 2 quarts of BoIting Water Pepper and Salt to taste Mefhod. thick. peel and put into Boiling Water. . of grated Almonds 6 ozs. ALMOND PUDDING. ALMOND PUDDING. Time requirred 1 how. @O& till tender. Qranose Flakes crisped in the oven. Boil hours. of Potatoes. Pepper and into a pan of Boiling Water Salt to taste.s.Menu. Stew all together in a saucepan with a little Water for 2 hours. An Time 14) to 15 minutes.-Cut the Meatose into pieces in. Salt. MEATOSE PIEp Pngredient.

Granose Flakes crisped in the oven. rinse with d e a n Cold Water. add the Eggs. and drop into very small the outer leaves. beat up the Eggs. hgredientse-1 lb. of Take 1 good sized OF 2 sound Potatoes. mash with a fork. SPANISH CHEESE DISH. put into a hot Nutteror Albene.-Wash. Pepper and Salk. mix. e dngmdients. of German Lentils 8 Onions 1 Turnip 1 karpot BUTTER SAUCE% lizgredients. stir into the Hot Milk. and form into balls. pan of SaltandWaterto cleanse. GERMAN LENTIL SOUP. Boil from 15 to 20 minutes. cut them into Caulifiowers. to which the Sugar has been added. remove thin slices.-Z 1 breakfast-cup of Milk Metkod.-I oz. then put into a basin. MARMALADE PUDDING. into theWater along put with t h e other ingredients. Season with per and Salt. Sippets of White Bread fried in Nutter.-Put the Milk on to boil and while this is being done mix the Flour with a little Cold Water or Cold Milk. of Potatoes 2 grated Onions 2 Eggs epper and Salt to taste rated Cheese Method.8- GERMAN LENTIL SOUP. CAULIFLOWER MELTED WITH BUTTER SAUCE. . fill up with the Breadcrurnbs. FRIED POTATO CHIPS.-Put the Marmalade into a small pie dish. Strain through a wire sieve and add the Browning. boil I* hours. of Sugar 2 Eggs 2 breakfast-cupfuls of Breadcrumbs lbs. peel and steam the Potatoes till thoroughly cooked. add the Butter and Seasoning. bring to the boil stirring all thetime. of Flour A pinch of Salt A little Pepper h pint of Milk Metttod. put into a saucef pan with a gallon s Boiling Water. of Butter 1 oz. sprinkle with grated in well greased patty pans for half Ingredients. mix with the grated Onions. Mushro~m Ketchup.---4 ozs. add to the Milk. Thoroughly wash 1 lb. a tablespoonful of Saltand a pinch of Soda. pour into the pie dish. teep the Lentils overnight. of Marmalade 1 oz. Bake l+ hours.


5 f" I $- 8 w w r w l .

of Pine Kernels 2 ozs. Nutter or Albene. Brown Haricot Beans 1 quart of Boiling Water Method. Thyme. Baking Powder. bind with the beaten-up Egg. BROWN GRAVY. form into shape. and Browning. Wholemeal Toast. of Wheatmeal 2 lb. WHEATMEAL PUDDING.-Mix the Breadcrumbs and Mashed Potatoes together. and serve hot. addthe Haricot Stock. Toasted Granose Flakes. add more water if required to make one pint of stock. strain and rub through a sieve. Salt. BLOOMFIELD SOUP. BLOOMFIELD SOUP. mix these with the Flour. of Butter 1 good-sized Onion 1 pint of Haricot Stock Salt Browning (if Crosse and Blackwell's. the and Melted Bu. put thePineKernels through an Ida u r other N u t Mill. of Dates 2 ozs. essert. of Melted Butter 1 beaten-up Egg I Iutgredients.4 oz. roll i n Flour and fry in Nutter or Albene.BROWN GRAVY. of Sugar 1 teaspoonful of Baking Powder Cold Milk Method. HARICOT STOCK. steam 2 hours. strain and pass through a sieve. Salt 1 tablespoonful of Cream 2 teaspoonfuls of Corn Flour Water. 2 or 3 drops) 1 tablespoonful of Flour Method. dip intoMilk. and theOnion well-chopped along with the Parsley. add the Milk.tter. Ingredients.-6 ozs. cook for half-an-hour. Ingredients.-Stone and clmp theDates. Boiled CurlyGreens. WHEATMEAL PUDDING. Pepper and Salt. put the Greens into this along with a tablespoonful of Saltand a pinch of Soda . _ _ I = P- Ingredients (Arranged for six fiersons). fngredicmk-2 Ib. and the Corn Flour to thicken. slice the Onion and put into the Butter. add the hard-boiled Eggs cut up finely. Method.-l pint of Breadcrumbs B pint of Mashed Potatoes 2 hard-boiled Eggs l Onion I teaspoogiffulof Parsley Q teaspoonful of Thyme Pepper and Salt to taste 1 oz. and as much Milk as i s necessary to make into a pudding. . SAVOURY SAUSAGES WITH Potatoes baked in their skins. stir in a tablespoonful of Flour to thicken. Salt. strain. SAVOURY SAUSAGES.-Melt the Butter in a saucepan. Method.--Boil the Cabbages in th'e Water 'tillquite tender.-Boil for 2 hours. Sugar. Ingredients.-4 young Cabbages l quart of Boiling Water 3 pints of Milk A pinch of. of Nutter or Albene 3 ozs.

time 5 t o 10 minutes. ozs. strain and addthe Milk. Toasted Granose Flakes. put the ingpedients into a well-butteredbasin. then into a saucepan with 1 gallon of Boiling Water. and hard-boiled Eggs. of Fine Flour 2 ozs. of Macaroni 1 grated Onion B tablespoonful of Chopped Parsley 2 hard-boiled Eggs 4 ozs. roll in Flour. put back into the saucepan with the Milk. of Butter Ingrediefzts. Broccoli. MACARONI A LA TURQUE. strain. Method. -----+?-- Method.--8 lbs. et (Arranged f o r six persons). bake 20 minutes. boil 15 to 20 minutes. 2 ozs. of Potatoes. Onions. of Tomatoes 3 Onions 1 pint of Milk 2 quarts of Hot Water Take 1 lb.*- TOMATO AND BARLEY SOUP. or with layers of Preserve between. POTATO BALLS. choppedfinely. 2 Eggs . thicken with the Flour viously mixed with a little Cold Water and serve a in hot tureen. bind with the yolk of 1 Egg. TOMATO SAUCE.-Boil the Tomatoes. and put into a pan with the Cold Water.-Fut the acaroni into Boiling Water and boil 1 hour. and Seasoning. Season to taste.and thin t h e mixture by gradually adding the Milk . shape like an Egg.andsteam 2%hours. FRENCH PANCAKES.-@eat the Butter to a creams and the Eggs till they are light. boil ten minutes. well mash with a fork. a tablespoonful s Salt and a f pinch of Soda . Hngredients. Take 1 good-sized or 2 smallBroccoli. steam 4 hour. of Bread. TOMATO AND BARLEY SOUP.-G MACARONI A LA TURQUE %WTH TOMATO SAUCE Potato Balls. beat of pouring on to butteredtin uptothemoment plates. then the Breadcrumbs. take 1 tablespoonful. of Breadcrumbs 2 beaten-up Eggs Pepper and Salt to taste Method. Fried dice lfzgvedients. Boiled F R E N C H PANCAKES WITH S L I C E D LEMON AND medium-sized Tomatoes pint of Cold Wate. of Powdered Sugar 4 pint of New Milk Method. and Barleyin the Water for 2 hours. and serve piled high on a dish with Cut Lemon and Sugar. Parsley. blend these with the Flour and Sugar. Ingredients.-Dip theTomatoesintoHot Water ta loosen the skins.Serve with Tomato Sauce.removethe a outer leaves. seaso& and mix with the beaten-up Eggs.-& lb. add the Onion. of Butter II teaspoonful of Flour + SUGAR. rub througha wire sieve. in hot fry very Nutter or Albene .add a littlePepper and Salt. put into basin of Salt and Water to cleanse.? 4 pint of Milk 1 oz. preButter.--8 BOILED BROCCOLI. then geel. cut into slices.

l +J h M k -c. 5 QI .d c E i 'd c c d 3 O ci c d E n 3 CI A a m a Le. 1 €- 3 B w fñ L CH O O s n cl d x m w cl E d 53 3 Cs 5 d w 3 P= CI w w E M f9 c M 2 B . . a 3 m .p.

andwhen cooked add a littleButter. 1 oz. POTATO RICE. Pepper and Salt. of Flour 9 pint of 1 oz. spread with Raspberry Jam. addthe Butter andSugar. LENTIL FRITTERS. Eggs.-After carefully washing and picking the Rice. with j u s t as mucl?paste to be Water as isnecessarytoenablethe rolledout. (Armnged for six f i e r s o m ) . oz. RICE SOUP* Ingredients. a fu1 of Flour mixed with little Milk should be then poured stirring the in. of Nutter or Alberte BUTTER SAUCE.-Rub add the Baking Powder and Salt. Season to taste. roll up. . all time. chop the Onion and Parsley very finely and add to the Lentils along with the Brendcrumbs. and while this is being done mix the Flour with a little Cold Water or Cold LYTilk. Toasted SOUP.-l Itzgvedientss. ' B teaspoonful of Baking Powder A pinch of Sal4 Q pint of Cold Water the Nutter or Albene thoroughly into the Flour 6 ozs. Method. serve a hot dish.--l Ib. PRESERVED FRUIT PUDDING. of Rice 1 quart of Milk 2 ozs. of Butter Ingredients. and boil 2 hourws. of Flour ethod of Preparation.--Boil the Lentils for 9 of an hour.Rolloutthinlytothelengthrequired. A tablespoon. add 1 pint of Milk. put it into an earthenware vessel with the Water. steam 4 hour. Boiled I - +Ingredients. LENTIL FRITTERS.RICE Bread. in order to thicken the auce. Four tablespoonfuls of Cream may be substituted €or the Butter. Butter.-l lb. put into a cloth. o r using 1 quart of Boiling Water for the purpose . stir intothe Hot ilk. stand this in the oven and allow it to remaintill the Water a %aucepanwiththe isabsorbed. intoa masher. through put f Potato Rice. of Aptichokes Boiling a pint of water. putting them into a cloth. Wholemeal Granose . and Seasoning. of Egyptian Lentils 1 Onion 1 tablespoonful of Parsley 2 ozs. bring to the boil stirring all the time. tie tightly at each end. Artichokes. L Put 2 lbs. of Breadcrumbs 3 Eggs Pepper and Salt to taste Metktod. in BOILED ARI'ICHOKES. Flakes.lay on a dish andserve with Butter Sauce.thenputitinto Milk. Take 12 Potatoes. of Butter Pepper and Saltto taste 1 quart of Boiling Water Method.--6 ozs. cut into thickslices. boil a few minutes and serve very hot. drup 11 tablespoonfulintoveryhot Nutter or Albene and fry.-Put the Milk on to boil. of Sugar Milk Met?zod.

Take I 2 Potatoes.-Cleanse the Celery thoroughly and put it along with the Onions and Bread into the Water. well beaten The Juice of! 1 Orange A little Lemon Rind Salt and Nutmeg toseason Cold Water Method. then add the Lemon Rind. They should be added when nearlyready. of Boiling Water.tatoes. put as much Water to the juice of the Orangeas will and the Eggs .---I~~ Onions large !i lb. of Mashed Potatoes 2 QZS. of Breadcrumbs 3 om. Brown Toast. Brown Haricot Beans 1 head of Celery 1 pint of New Milk 2 teaspoonfuls of Corn Flour Pepper and Salt to taste 3 quarts of Boiling Water Method. PARADISE PUDDING.steam Wash the Sprouts in Cold Water.--B6il for 2 hours. and Onion Juice together. then stir in the Egg and beat all together . of Bread 1 oz. Salt. andwhen thoroughly hour.~~~~~~~-~~~ into the the Nutter or Albene &oroughly ONION SOUP. hg~edients. mix all half fill a teacup. which a Butter. of Butter A little Chopped Parsley A little Onion Juice Pepper and Salt to taste 1 beaten-up Egg Method. add this together. put into a hot dish and cook from 10 to I5 minutes keep in the oven till ready to o r till tender. Seasoning.-4 Zngredients. Parsley. then take 1 tables p o ~ ~ a fofl Corn Flour. put into a basin. of Flour 6 ozs. kngredients. add littleSalt. Ing'redients. Toasted Granose Flakes.-Mix the Lentils. . of Butter ONION SOUP.-Meft (Arrmged $or six pergons). 1 t pint of Milk 5 lumps of Sugar The grated rind of 1 Lemon 1 tablespoonful of Corn Flour Method-Put the Milk into a saucepan with the Sugar and the ind. BRUSSELS SPROUTS.-% lb. and serve. add the Butter. add more Water if required to make oae pint of Stock. The yolks of 2 Eggs may be added to this Soupto further enrich it. put into the saucepan and stir constantly till thick .put a tablespoonful into a little Pastry. add the Pepper. LENTIL SAUSAGES WITH BROWN GRAVY. bring to the boil. roll into shape. a little Browning.--& lb. Sugar and together. of grated Apples lb. and steam in a buttered mould for 2 hsum . and Butter. Mashed Po. serve in a tureen or pour overthe pudding.l of Butter oz. MASHED POTATOES. aad strain . mix with a little Cold Milk u or Water.--l lb. Salt and Nutmeg.-Mix the grated Apple. andMilk along with 2 teaspoonfuls of Corn Flour mixed to a thick consistency with a little Cold Milk. previously mixed with a little Cold Water.--l . Breadcrumbs. Salt. of Sugar 3 Eggs. be served. bake Q hour and serve with Brown Gravy. of Nutter OF Albene 1 teaspoonful of Baking Powder Pinch of Salt 4 pint of Cold Water PASTRY. then stir in the Flour. I oz. l ~ g ~ e d i e a t s 9 . BROWN GRAVY.and theSoupmustnot be allowed to boil after this addition has been made. 1 good-sized O n i ~ n Method. Iagredknts. of Breadcrumbs LENTIL SAUSAGES. a little Pepper ancl little Salt has been added. Breadcrumbs. boil. of Cooked Egyptian Lentils 3 ozs. r lice the Onion. Hngredimts. strain and rub througha sieve. beat well. mash a pan of cleansedputinto with a fork adding 1 oz. II quart of Boiling Water Nethsd. the HARICOT STOCK. strain through a sieve. SWEET SAUCE. turn out and servewith Sweet Sauce. add the Baking Powder and Salt with just sufficient Water ts enable the paste to be rallied out.

cover with greased paper. serve withSifted Sugar sprinkled over thetop. serve m a hot dish. Wholemead Bread. cover with the same and steam 2 hours. CHEESE PUDDING. Boiled Cauliflower. put into a saucepan with a gallon of Boiling Water. thenmix the Marmalade and the Sugar thoroughly with this. PASTRY. essest. If Garden Peas are in season.-R~b the Nutteror Albene thoroughly into the FIouyl. of Nutter or Albene 1 teaspoonful of Baking Powder A pinch of Salt pint of Cold Water Meth. line a basin with Pastry.-4 Carrots 4 Turnips 2 Onions l l Take 12 Potatoes. but neither of these is essential to the making of a good wholesome Soup. and boil from 2 to 3 hours. POTATO RICE.-Wash all the Vegetables thoroughly. of grated Cheese 2 finely chopped Onions GOLDEN PUDDING.~d. 2 heads of Celery 2 Parsnips l oz. make the Soup darker in colour. of Sugar 2 beaten-up Eggs dkthod. I (ArraPzged for six persons) VEGETABLE SOUP. . \ ]Pepper and Salt to taste A little Celery Salt Method. and add to the Soup increase its nutritivevalue. Take 1 good-sized or 2 small Cauliflowers. or Brown Toast. a little Browning may be added. of Butter 9 lb. Strainand rub through a sieve. add the If thoughtdesirable to Pepper. add the Baking Powder and Salt with just sufficient Water to enable the paste to be rolled out. Potato Rice. if necessary. steam 1% hours . add the E-ggsand. put into a well-buttered mould or basin. Pngred'ients. CHEESE PUDDING. then put into the saucepan with the Water. of Breadcrumbs 4 ozs. rinse in Cold Water. Itzg~edietzts. and a pinch of Soda.e q - I%gmi%ertts. or an equalquantit) of Dried Peas may be added.SaltandButter. a tablespoonful of Salt.VEGETABLE Toasted Granose FlakesWhite SOUP. remove t h e outer leaves.-Rub the Butterwell into the Breadcrumbs. of Butter Pepper and Salt to taste 3 quarts of Boiling Water Method. GOLDEN PUDDING. Boil from 15 to 20 minutes. Onions and Seasoning together. CAULIFLOWER. put through a mash&.--l lb. a little Milk. . shell : they will what will fill a teacup. s Flour f 6 ozs. BOILED Ingredients ethod of Preparation. steam Q hour. of Marmalade 3 Q Z S .-6 ozs. Itzg?edie~zts.--2 ozs. cleanse thoroughly in Salt andwater.--Mix the Cheese.

add the Milk.---Melt the Butter. Dessert. oz. of Spinach. cut off the ends. P u t into a buttered basin and steam 3 hours. put backinto the saucepan. @g: . Ingredimtsq-3 lbs.-Wash the Vegetables thoroughly. Method. W Take 1 teacupful of White Haricots. Wholemeal Bread or Toast. Serve on Buttergd Toast in a hot dish. then put through the nut mi& l~~gredieats. l Take 3 lbs. mixing all thoroughly together. of Sultanas 2 lb. halve them. put into a saucepan without any Water. of Potatoes 4 Onions f Tdrnip 2 quarts of Boiling Water X pint of New Milk The Yolk of 1 Egg. Take 12 Potatoes. Season and stir till it boil. Boiled Spinach.up and rub through a%vipe sieve. POTATO SOUP. BOILED SPINACH. put into a basin. strain and rub through a sieve.-Take the Eggs and boil 10 minutes. pour off the Water and put into pints o Boiling Water. of 'Butter and a little Pepper and Salt. Mashed Potatoes. adding 1 oz. add . add the Milk and. steep over night. SAVOURY EGGS. Zngre&ients.' SULTANA PUDDING. rub the Nutter or Albene ultanas-pceviously washing them er and drying on a clean towelg Powder and Milk. i 1 1 . remove the Yolks and mince finely with the Protose and boiled White Haricots. of Butter and a lit& Pepper and Salt. stir in the J?lour.-l BUTTER SAUCE.--fi Eggs 1 tablespoonful of Protose 1 tablespoonful of White Haricots. SAVOURY EGGS. of Nutter or Albene Q lb. just before serving. l I ' MASHED POTATOES. Butter 1 dessertspoonful of Flour 1 teacupful of Milk A pinch of Salt oz. keep the lid on exceptwhen occasionallystirring to prevGnt burning.. the Egg.L. rub through a sieve. of Flour 1 teaspoonful of Baking Powder pint of Milk Method. P u t into a hot dish and keep in the oven till wanted.-6 ozs. clean thoroughly. of Method. steam 4 hour. cook hour. BQILEDH I T E HARICOTS. f 2 hours. add the onion Juice and pepper and Salt tQ taste. mash with a fork. removing any portions thatare bad. of Sugar 2 lb. well beaten. I SULTANA PUDDING. boiled 1 dessertspoonful of Onion Juice Pepper and Salt to taste Method.--Put the Flour into a basin.POTATO SOUP Taasted Granose Flakes. Fill the h ~ l l o of s Eggs with this mixture ~ the and put into a ish with a liitle Batter Sauce and serve or bake a light brown. Hagredients. peel and boil for l hour.

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-'rake the Butter Beans that have oeen stee. and boil 10 minutes. Toasted Granose Flakes. put into the Boiling Water. put into a pan of Salt and Water to cle. of Artichokes into a pint of Boiling Water. b FIG PUDDING. Dessert. Ingredients. cook till tender. thiekeqwith a little Corn Flour. ' t s LEMON SAUCE. of Wheatmeal 9 lb. if it be desired to make the pudding richer. addifi when nearly ready. Fried Dice of Bread. Take 8 pint of Cold Water. 2 Eggs.. IRISH STEW. Curly Stewed Artichokes. of Potatoes 3 good-sized Onions 2 quarts of Boiling Water 1%ozs. in order to thicken the Sauce. Stir well and quickly into mixture.---6 ozs. of Marrowfat Peas 3 small Carrots 1 Parsnip l Turnip l lb. stirring all the time. the add t h e Milk or Water and. (Arranged for s i x persons).BUTTER BEAN SOUP. add a littleButter and l table? spoonful of Flour mixed with a little Milk. the Celery Salt. mix with the Wheatmeal. or. if desired. gut into the pan of Boiling Water. Cook 8 hour. add l pint of Milk. a little Lemon Rind and Sugar.-l lb. make it hot. A few drops of Browning may alsQbe added 2 Eggs Method-Cut or chop the Figs into pieces. if Albene be used. Iwredients. rub through a sieve. put back into the pot with the Milk. Take 4 medium-sized Curly Greens. Boiled Greens.ped overnight in Cold Water and the Onions. cook 2 hours. and. P u t 2 lbs. of Broad Figs l teaspoonful of Baking Powder A little Sugar 3 ozs. of Butter I saltspoonful of Celery Salt Pepper and Salt taste to Method-Take the Peas that have been steeped overnight in Hot or Cold Water and the other Vegetables. of Natter or Albene 4 pint of Milk or Water \ IRISH STEW. In&redients. add the Nutter. a pinch of Soda. . of Butter Beans 3 Onions 2 quarts of Boiling Water 1 pint of New Milk Pepper and Salt to taste Method. season to taste. BOïLED CURLY GREENS. when cooked. f into which put 1 tablespoonfù1 of Salt. Seasoning a& Butter. FIG PUDDING WITH LEMON SAUCE.-l% lbs. Serve with Lemon Sauce. BUTTER BEAN SOUP. BOILED ARTICHOKES. Sugar and Baking Powder. season and serve vePy hot. Ingredients d3 ethsd of Preparation. ..anse. Have a pan o Boiling Water ready. and theareens.erau.removethestalks.

3 Buttered Toast Melted Butter Pepper and Salt ìkkthsd. This. Take 1 good-sized or 2 small Cauliflowers. cut remove all seeds and fibrous portions. the HotWater. however. Toasted Granose Flakes. season to taste : boil for a few minutes. a tablespoonful of Salt. steam 4 hour. adding l oz. put into a basin. it in two. WHIPPED CREAM.ALMOND SOUP.--+ lb. Ingredients. MOCK STUFFED GOOSE.-I good-sized Vegetable Marrow 3 czs. drain and lay thickly on the Buttered Toast. remove the outer leaves.'-. and serve with Brown Gravy. .pour a little and Melted Butter over and sprinkle with Pepper Salt. Debsert.dngredients. rinse in clean Cold Water. Butter. f 2 (Awanged f o p six fie~sons). then into a pot with 1% pints of Milk.-& lb. Take 9 lb. Serve very hot. Brown Haricot Beans 1 quart of Boiling Water Method. and. MASHED POTATOES.-wash the Lentils and boil for 15 minntes. LENTIL TOAST. MALVERN PUDDING. Sage. add a more Water if required to malre OW pint s Stock. lengthwise . BROWN GRAVY. Take 12 qotatoes.espoonful of Flour with a little Cold Water. Salt and Mace to season Method-Take the Almonds. then a plate with a heavyweight. Ingredients. Breadcrumbs. without crust. of Devonshire Cream and f tablespoonful of Milk. of butterand a little Pepper a d Salt. other or Vegetable Stock. Boil from 15 to 20 minutes.--i! lb.turnoutwhencold and serve with Whipped Cream. then fill each half with the mixture of Onion. season Mix a withSalt.and a pinch of Soda. ALMOND SOUP. MOCK S T U F F EG O O S E D AND BROWN GRAVY. Well butter a dish and bake in a moderately hog oven. -Peel the Vegetable Marrow. may have its nutritive qualities by of still further increased the addition a little cream. of Butter Method. put into a saucepan with a gallon of Boiling Water. P u t into a hot dish and keep in the oven till wanted. which.. Boiled Cauliff ower. mash with a fork. L E N T I L TOAST. hgredienk.CeleryandOqions: boil 1 hour. when boiling. . of Sugar Slices of Bread as required I oz. wd HARICOT STOCK. of Almonds 2 pints of New Milk 1 pint of Hot Water The white partof a head of Celery 2 Spanish Onions 2 02s. well whisk with the Egg-beater andpour over the pudding. Egyptian Lendla Ingredieutts. blanch and pût them through the nut mill. MALVERN PUDDING WITH WHIPPED CREAM. stirring all the a rich and highly nutritious Soup. . Mashed Potatoes. of Breadcrumbs 12 chopped Onions 2 tablespoonfuls of chopped Sage 1 oz of Butter Pepper and §alt to taste Method. on top. Serve very hot.then take out the Onions and Celery and add the Butter. Ingredients d of Pseparatian. BOILED CAULIFLOWER. of Butter 2 tablespoonfuls of Flour Pepper. Mix the Flourwith the remainder of the Milk. dredge some Flour over to brown nicely. tab1. rub the inside with Salt.-l quart of Whoraeberries 4 ozs. Put a piece of Bread. aut up 1 good-sized Oniong add Z pint of Haricot. add this to thicken a m serve hot. of Butterin a saucepan. put into a pan of SaltandWaterto cleanse. and let it drainfor an hour. strain and rub through sieve. Pelpper and Salt: put them together and tie with a piece of string. pour into the basin. then with the slices of Bread: stew the Whortleberries with the Sugar.-Well line a basin with theButter. or the Water inwhich Vegetables have been boiled.--Boil for 2 hours. Melt 1 oz.add a few drops o€ Browningandstrain.

Cook 9 hour. of Split Almonds ozs. add t h e Baking Powder and Salt. rub through a sieve. put into a saucepan without any Water. l i SPLIT PEA SOUP. Beat all together mould. Brown OP White Toast. MASHED POTATOES. l Take l lb. Lemon and pour into the and Eggs.-Peel and slice the Cucumber. Onions and Turnip in the Water till tender. Spinach. l Take 3 lbs. of Flour. Take 12 Potatoes.removing any portions thatare bad. ~ Ingredients. SPINACH. CUCUMBER PIE. mash with a fork. cover with Pastry. 1 teaspoonful of Baking Powder. a little Pepper and Sak. slice the Onions and put these and the Cucumber into a pie dish with the Butter and Seasoning in alternate layers. i CUCUMBER PIE. of Butter Pepper and Salt to taste &%od. clean it well. keep the lid on except when occasionally stirring to prevent burning. mix with it 1 oz. of Raisins 1 breakfastcup of Warm Milk 1 teacupful of fine Breadcrumbs A small piece of Butter 1 dessertspoonful of Sugar A little grated Rind of Lemon 2 Eggs Nethod-Well Buttera plainmould. put into a basin. add 1 oz. ALMOND AND RAISIN PUDDING. Sugar. strain. The amount required ia about a quartes of a pint. be added or that and l oz.-Boil the Peas. rub through a sieve. steam g hour. hzgredimts. ALMOND AND RAISIN PUDDING. Ingredjlielat$. P u t into a hot dish and keep in the oven till wanted. Pour the Milk over the Breadcrumbs. Mashed Potatoes. brush with yolk of Egg and bake. of Butter. 6 ozs. put back into the pint of Milk may saucepan. Serve on Buttered Toast in a hot dish. Cover closely and steam for 3 hours. of Spinach. add the Butter.Gransse Flakes. and stick alayer of Raisin-sand Almonds round ít. . of Butter and alittlePepper and Salt.-2 2 ozs. and a pinch of Salt. and just sufficient Water to enable the paste to be rolled out. Rub the Nutter or Albene thoroughly into the Flour. arad after themixture has stood fop a little while to soak.-l pint of Split Pea8 3 Onions 1 good-sized Turnip 2 quarts o€ Water Pepper and Salt to taste Milk or Milk and Butter if desired Met?iod.-I good-sized Cucumber 3 rnedium-sized Onions l oz. of Butter. of Nutter or Albene. PASTRY. add Pepper and Salt.

into the Batter. put into the water along with the Onions. While the Macaroni is cooking. - MASHED POTATOES. Serve very hotwith fried Sippets of Bread. cold and move the outer leaves. Ingredients ethod s Preparationa f (Arranged . piled up on a hot dish and sprinkled over with sifted Sugar.Steam 8 hour.or what was left of the Mock Stuffed Gosse. BRUSSELS SPROUTS. small reSprouts in water. stirring briskly all the time and using a little Milk if necessary.mash with a fork. Serve. Put intoa. P u t back intothesaucepan. when put thoroinghly clean put into a pan of saltandwaterinto a pan of boiling water Salt has to cleanse. Strain and rul5 through a sieve. TQMATOES AND MACARONI. Ingred. essert. Method. of Butter and a little Pepper and Satt. VEGETABLE MARROW SQWP. Nethod-Boil the Macaroni in salted water till tender. teaspoonful of Browning 1 tablespoonful of Mushroom Ketchup Pepper and Saltto taste Take one good-sized or Wash 21bs. I?%gvedients.. Sprinkle some grated Cheese over the Macaroni. and stew for l5 minutes.*lb of small-cut Macaroni f lllb s sound Tomatoes loz of Butter Grated Cheese Fi nely-Chopped P a r d e y hgredientse-3ozs. adding loz. of Brussels two Cauliflowers. put some finely-chopped Pardey on the Tsmataes and serves J . of Flour z teaspoonful o€ Wak'ing Powder ! i 2 beaten up Eggs 2 Bananas Sifted Sugar A little Milk Nethod. Cauliflower or Brussels Sprouts. into put a saucebeen added.--M[ix the Flour. a tablespoonful of Saltand a pinch of Soda. BANANA FRITTERS. take another stewpan and put the Tomatoes and Butter into this. CAULIFLOWER. and boil till tender. Cook from 15 panwith a gallon of boiling to 20 minutes or tilltender. hot dish and keep in the oven till wanted. BANANA FRITTERS. Eggs and Baking Powder together.MushroomKetchupandSeasoning. Mashed Potatoes.putthem .-Take the Vegetable Marrow. rinse with clean t o which a little cold water.-l Vegetable Marrow 3 Qnions 2 quarts of Boiling Water 1. Pile up the Macaroni cm a hot dish and arragge the Tomatoes round it. . Take 12 Potatoes. water. Wave at hand a pan of very hot Nutter or Albene.ients. Cut theBangnasintorings. put into a basin. Boil from 15 to 20 minutes. take a tablespoonful Q€ the mixture.TQMA8TBES AND MACARONI. drain.for six persom).add theBrowning. drop into this and cook for 10 minutes or till nicely done.

fry a light brown in a € W e Butter and serve with Waspberry Jam. then the Whites and beat to a stiff frath. of es. boil 2 Eggs €or ten minutes. mashthePotatoesand mix thoroughlywiththe Lentils. Timz required about 10 minutes. l l essert. placing the sliced Eggs on top and the Rice around. or. lutgredisnts. BROWN HARICOT STOCK. of Patna Rice.ASPARAGUS SOUP. rown Haricots. cut the tender part of the stalks into smallpieces. mix all together.-Put the Lentils into a pint of Boiling Water and boil 20 minutes. cut the Lentil Sausages into rings.-& pint of good Brown Haricot Stock 1 sliced Onion A little Salt 4 Cold Lentil Sausages 2 Eggs 2 Q Z S .-l bunch of Asparagus 1 lb. BAKED ARTICHOXES. Eggs Vanilla Essence Sugar Rasp beJrry Jam Hethd. put 1 oz. add a little Vanilla Essence and Sugar.4 tablespoonfuls of Lentils 2 boiled Potatoes 1 oz. Toasted Granose Flakes. of Nutter or Butter on toj3 and bake in a slow oven 1 hour. MINCE FRITTERS. if desired. shell and slice them. fiIetktod.-Take the Yolks Q€ the Eggsand well beat them.od. then add the Breadcrumbs and 1:Egg. Ingredients. a little Cream.-Prepare: the Asparagus as for boiling. plainly boiled SWEET OMBSLET. of Artichokes.-3 Take 23 lbs. . make into the shape of Sausages. boil 2 hours. Pepper and Salt. add the Potatoes and cook till a thick soup isformed.-Put the Stock into a pan with the sliced Onion alxi Salt. put into a pie dish with a little Pepper and 1 teacupful Salt. strain and rub througha sieve. put into a shallow dishand fill upwithCold Water. SWEET OMELET WITH R A S P B E R R Y JAM. Pngredients. I Pepper and Salt to taste a quart of Boiling Water i E BAKED POTATÒES. of Nutter or Butter and bake 2 of an hour. ASPARAGUS SOUP.pourover of Hot Water. then add 2 ozs. of Potatoes LENTIL SAUSAGES. Heth. sliceanOnionand putoverthePotatoes. add the Butter. add the Seasoning and Milk. h and peel 34 Ibs. rub through a sieve. put the slices of Sausage into the boiling Stock. Baked Potatoes. steep overnightin h& or cold Water. dip in Egg and Breadcrunlbsand fry inBoilingNutter.strain. Wholemeal E3read or Fried Sippets of Bread. pour gently on to a dish. Ingredients ethod o Preparation. MINCE FRITTERS. f l (Awartged for s i x persom). put into a panwith 1 quart of Boiling Water. Baked Artichokes. IwrediePzts. clean and peel. of Butter 4 tablespoonfuls of Breadcrumbs 2 Eggs Pepper and Salt to taste Method.

~ Z~~gredients.M ~ ~ u . FRIED PROTOSE WITH TQMATOES- I.-Mix the Flour smoothly with the Milk. Carrots. Dessert.N o1 . sliced cfhod.PotatoesRoasted A P R I C OP R E S E R V E T in their Skins. Take 2 lbs. Arrange the Protose OP% a hot dish with the Tomatoes and Onion roundit. APRICOT PRESERVE PUDDING. When sufficiently done lay on the pudding the Whites the Eggs beaten to a stiff froth. lb. Parsley. add the Baking Powder and Salt. of Tomatoes A little Butter 1 Spanish Onion. Ingredients. D E H BoiledFrenchBeans. PUDDING.. r u b through a sieve.--Cut the Protose into pieces 3 inch thick. BOILED FRENCH BEANS. then take the Tomatoes. till it thicken. of Flour 6 ozs.Butter the size of a walnut T h e Yolk of 1 E g g The Whites of 2 'Eggs Cochineal Spongecake Apricot J a m Pepper and Salt to taste Method. . stirring all the time. and stew in a little Butter or Nutter with the Onion. of Protose A little Salt l lb. or 2 or 3 drops of Essence of Lemon 1 tablespoonful of Sugar A piece of . dip them in Mot Water.-l . S P I N A C H SOUP. . pour the Custard over bake half an in hour a moderate oven. the Butter and Yolk of Egg over this. remove the skins. Celery or CelerySeedtogether in theWater tillquite tender. one being slightly coloured with Cochineal. of French Beans.lagredielzts. Line a piedish with Pastry. Turnips. PASTRY. pour the Cold k Boiling Milk flavoured the with Lemon.q0 -- Ingredient$. (Arranged for s i x persoas). -.-l tablespoonful of Flour Ingp9dients $3 od of Preparation. simmer gently. SPINACH SOUP. Method. of Nutter or Albene 1 teaspoonful of Baking Powder A pinch of Salt & pint of Cold Water Method.--l lb.-Z quarts of Spinach 2 sprigs of Parsley 2 Carrots 2 Turnips 1 head of Celery or 1 saltspoonful of Celery Seed 1 quart of Boiling Water 1 pint of Milk 2 tablespoonfuls of Cold Milk 1 cupful of Boiling Milk The grated rind of 1 Lemon. 3 parts fill it with slices of Spongecake and spread with Apricot Jam.--Stew the Spinach.with just sufficient Water to enable the paste to be rolled out. season and fry in Hot Nutter or Albenetill of a nice brown coPour . add the Milk a n d Seasoning and boil 20 minutes. Sugar.-Rub the Nutter or Albene thoroughly into the flour. theand remove ends POTATOES ROASTEDIN SKINS 12 THEIR Take medium-sized F R I EP R O T O SW I TT O M A T O E S . ToastedGranoseFlakes-Fried Dice of Bread. Put into the oven a few minutes longer and serve.

put into a pan of Saltand Water t o cleanse. of Nutter or Albene 1 teaspoonful of Baking Powder Dessert. PASTRY. cover with Pastry a n d bake. in a doubleboiler. mix t h e Lentil Flour with a little Water and pour into the Soup. of B u t t e r afld a littlePepper and Salt. fill up with a little of t h e Stock t o which a few drops of Browning have been added.-l teacupful of Tapioca 4 teacupfu1. put into a basin. and just as much Water as is necessary to enablethepaste to be rolled out. . mash with a fork.s of Water 1 teacupful of S u g a r 1 juicy Pine-apple Ingredients. Repeat in this order till the dish is nearly full. a tablespoonful of Saltand a pinch of Soda. Method. PIE. 1 P I N E A P P L E SHAPE. Boiled Brown Bread. a n d cook in 2 quarts of Boiling Water f o r 2 hours. Cauliflower. Ingredients. of Flotar 6 ozs.--Cut the Parsnipspand Onions into small pieces and put into Boiling Water. Toasted Granose Flakes. E lb. Ingredients. Ingrediasats. previously steeped overnight. PARSNIP SOUP. MASHED PQTATOE s. strain and put intoa well-buttered pie dish in layers as follows : a layer of Beans. 3 pint of Cold Water Method-Rub the Nutter or Albene t&oroughly into the Flour add the Baking Powder and Salt. into Put a hot dish and stand in the oven till required. BOXLED CAULIFLOWER. adding 1 oz. Pepper and Salt. stirring all the time to prevent its getting into lumps. B U T T EB E A N R Mashed Potatoes. rinse with clean cold Water. a little Butter. Boil from l 5 to 20 minutes. thena layer of Chopped Parsley.-Soak the Tapioca overnight in I* teacupfuls of Water.-Take the Butter Beans. tilltransparent. Take 1 good-sized or 2 small Cauliflowers. steam Q hour. rub through a sieveandput back intothesaucepan. I flathod.A P P LS H A P E .-l P I N E . A pinch of Salt +Ingredients 8 ethod of Psreparationci (Arrartged fo@ six fie~scrtzs). add a few drops of Browning and Season to tasteBUTTER BEAN PIE. Put into a wetmouldand Whipped Cream. add Z+ teacupfuls more of Water and cook.-l lb. of Butter Beans Chopped Parsley A little Butter Pepper and Salt Browning Het?zod. cook till tender. put into a saucepan with a gallon of Boiling Water.P A R S N I P SOUP. remove the outer leaves.thenaddthe Sugar and the Pine-apple minced finely with sharp a serve coldwith knife.-3 Parsnips 3 Onions 2 quarts o€ Boiling Water 2 tablespoonfuls o€ Lentil Flour Browning Pepper and Salt totaste Take 12 Potatoes.

BUTTER AND BEAN TOMATO SOUP. Take 12 medium sized Potatoes. l' small Cauliflowers.coverwith a close layer of thin slices of Buttered Bread. anotherlayer of Breadcrumbs. of Butter taste Pepper and Salt to Method-Take the Stock.then a layer of Apple. or more if required Brown Sugar 1 teacupful of Milk 2 ozs. the cut and Onion.. small. Toasted Granose Flakes.ients. Ingredients d3 Method of Preparation. of Butter Slices of Buttered Bread Hethod. pour a smallteacupful of Milk size and heat of oven. wash and scrub them.-à-large Apples 4 lb.-l teacupful of Rice 1 tablespoonful of Chopped Parsley 1 oz. till Boil tender add the Butter. Boil from 15 to %i) BAKED APPLE PUDDING. of Breadcrumbs. remove the outer leaves. put into a pan of Salted Water to cleanse-rinse in Cold Water -put into a gallon of Boiling Water with one tablespoonful of Salt and a ginch of Soda. Dessert. put it into the Water along with the Tomatoes. Serve wlth Cream or Sweet Sauce.-Remains of Butter Bean Stock used to make the Butter Bean Pie 1 lb. Boiled Cauliflower. Streweachlayer Brown Sugar. another of Apple and so on till the of Apple with piedishis full. core and slice the Apples. BUTTER BEAN AND TOMATO SOUP. minutes. Ingred.ButterandSeasoning. (Arrmged for s i x persons). IN BOILED CAULIFLOWER. P u t on a dish in a moderate oven and bake from 1%to 2 hours according . Potatoes in their Skins.--Boil the Rice in Boiting Water till tender and till the Water is absorbed.beatthe Eggs well and stir into the Milk. POTATOESTHEIR SKINS. then pour into the pie dish and bake a nice brown. SAVOURY RICE. Take 1 good-sized or 2 BAKED A P P L E P U D D I N G W I T H CREAM OR SAUCE. Ingredients. Season andserve hot. 1 l l l l\ Ingrdients. of Peeled Tomatoes 1 Onion 2 pints of Boiling Water 1 a plate firmly over and bakeslowly. put the Butter in pats on top. SAVOURY RICE. put into a pie dish in the following manner: first a layer of Bread&rumbs.--Peel. into put a buttered pie dish with theParsley. I . of Butter 2 Eggs l teacupful of Milk Pepper and Salt to taste ethod. Wholemeal Bread.

STEAMED GREENPEAS. put into a steamer over a saucepan zoof Boiling Water with a lump of Sugar.SWISS POTATO SOUP. well beat the Eggs and add to the Milk. of Poatoes 2 Onions l+ pinto of Milk 1 teacupful of Cream Pepper and Saltt taste o 2 quarts of Boiling Water Metkod-Pare the Turnips and cut them into slices. boil from 13. Nutter OT Aíbene. If it is desired to steam the Peas. + COCOANUT PUDDING. Boiled Creen Peas. pass through a wire sieve.--4 lbs. along with the Onion. Seme in a hot dish. POTATOES. Sugar and Lemon.d Turnips 2 lbs. ~ e ~ . tiill tender.--& íb. cupful of Milk drtgredients. then add t h e Milk. Brown Toast. STEAMED COCOANUT PUDDING. TOMATO A N D EiGC SAVQURY. put in a steamer o Boiling Water. ave ready 2 ~ ~ ~ Eggs. Eried Sippets of Bread. 1mgredients. put into the Water along with the Potatoes and Onions. of fresh o r l tin a€ Italian peeled Tomatoes 1 Onion 1 OZ. the Cream and the Seasoning. BOILED GREENPEAS. and a pinch of Soda. salt. Dessert. Shell 4 peck o Peas. Steamed Potatoes. a sprig and steam % hour.ients. SWISS POTATO SOUP. put f Clean and peel from 12 to into a saucepan with 1 gallon 14 Potatoes. of Breadcrumbs 2 ozs.-Mix the Cocoanut with the bz&mIrwbs. of Nutter or Albene 2 ozs. Steam hour. f Boil from 10 to 15 minutes. otherme very hod with Method. a sprig of Mint and a little Salt. slice and add~them d ~ ~ o n ~ t -let it boil after t h e Eggs are added. O f ButkP Pepper and Salt 2 hard-boiled eggs 1 beaten-up Egg . 1 lump of Sugar. OE s u g a r A T h e grated rind of l Lemon 2 Eggs 1 breakfast.-Stew the Tomatoes. TOMATO AND EGG SAVOURY. add the Butter aftd Seasoning. lngred. to 2 hours. a Mint. a little f over a pan of Boiling Water. dessicated Cocoanut 12 ozs. 9%- Ingredients $3 M e t (Awamgsd for s i x &mms). cut into shreds. Stir all together and steam in a buttered basin or mould From 2 to 3 hours.

-l lb. add the Haricot Stock. served. well brushed over with Egg. Put into a hot in the oventillreadytobeTime : 101to .and. .-The Pancakesshouldbemadetheprevious day. Toasted.sredients.BROWN GRAVY.&sSPROUTS. enu No.--l ST OF THE Take 12 Potatoes.l5 minutes.Melt the Butter in a saucepan. . COFFEE J E L L Y HIPPED CREAM. of Sugar 3 ozs. j t 1 p' : i'@ethod. e t h d of Preparatian. a littlemore of T. of Nutter or Butter . and bake.oast OF Boiling Water.strainandrubthrough andCarrot. Ingredients. season and fry in thin Pancakes till lightly brown$d.just sufficient Water to enable the pasteto be+@U'ed out. of Brown Haricot Beans. 2 Spanish Onions Take 5 lb. and peel Washl$! ' 1 oz. Mushroom Ketchup. of Mtashroorns 2 om.. Ingredieutts. %r. Salt and Browning. 6 ozs. of Corn Flour 8 pint af Cream Pastry.-4 ozs. 23 BROWN HARICOT SOUP. ~ 1 Carrot 2 or 3 drops of Browning 1 tablespoonful of Mushroom Ketchup PASTRY. I. Strainandrubthrough a sieve. s and fry in Butter or he Pancakes into pieces. stir in the Flour to thicken and serve hot. Boil 2 hours. OP THE OTHERPART Z lb. stirring all the time. put it into the Butter. ~ COFFEE JELLY. fork. then add the Milk. of Coffee 19 pints of Boiling Water 3 ozs. B&$sS. MUSHROOM PIE. Granose Flakes.ii i MASHED POTATOES. a pie dish till three parts own Gravy.--. to which @iftle Salt has been dish and keep added. of Brown Haricot Beans Method. p l BATTER 2 teacupfuls of Flour 3 beaten-up. of Butter 1 good-sized Onion 1 pint of Haricot Stock Salt 2 or 3 drops of Browning 1 tablespoonful of Flour I II l Ingredients Iul.Boil a sieve.-I oz.-l lb. put into a pan with 1 quart :fif . if necessary. Ingredients. of Brussels steam for & hour. that havebeen steeped over night. steep@ve. Brussels Sprouts. of Flour '. . put then Sprouts3h Water. strain. of Nutter or Albe&? 1 teaspoonful of Baking Bqwder 2 pint of Cold Water A pinch of Salt t L ~ :" j I' . I (Arranged f o r six fiersom) BROWN HARICOT STOCK. into the Boiling Water along with the Onions 2 hours.ibto the Flour. I & teacupfuls of Brown Gravy Pepper and Salt Method.Boiling Water.::Cook till tender.Eggs 1 teacupful of Milk Method:Mix the Flour with the Eggs into a smooth Batter. PepperandSalt. add the Baking Powder and Sa&. Sippets of Toast. Mashed Potatoes. Serve Sippets with Granose Flakes. of Butter into and a little Pepper and Salt. Cut up the Onion.-Put the Haricot Beans. then add the Browning. Cold and in a basin and mash with a when thgpoughly clean put a pa& of Boiling Water. .lF. Cover with . MUSHROOM PIE. +.-Rub the Nutter orAlbene thoro$gh. I BROWN HÁRICQT SOUP. ' ' Pepper and Saltto taste 2 quarts of Boiling Water Method.r-nightin Hot or Cold Water. Ingredients.

while boiling. wash thoroughly rzrnove any portionsthat are bad. .pourinto a mould lined wetted with muslin. of Flour with a l'Me Cold Water stir it into the Milk to thicken. CHOCOLATE CREAM.VEGETABLE OYSTER SOUP Granose Flakes. put into an enamelled saucepan with 1 quart of Boiling Water. +--'-- Take 12 Potatoes. whip the whole till quitestiff. and after mixing 1 oe. remeve the muslin and sprinkle with dessicateci Cocoanut. QUAKER QAT RISSOLES. a littlePepper and Salt. put into a para of Cold Water for 1 hour. and. Cream. ie Stewed Celery. B Take 4 heads of Celery.of thick Cream Method.-Dissolve the Chocolate i'n the Milk by warming. ket the Soup boil till it thicken.M. Potato Rc. of Powdered Chowlatie 1 tablespoonful of Milk l+ 02s. turn out. POTATO RICE. Dessert. serve in a hot dish. STEWED CELERY. stew 1 hour or t411 tender. grate on a vegetable grater and put into the Boiling Water and boil slowly till quitetender. Serve on Toast. Iagredielats. stirring the while.thenaddthe Milk. al-low to stand l 2 hours.-l oz. add 1 oz. Ingdierlzts. of Castor SUgaF 19 pints . Take 1 pint of Milk and put it into the saucepan with the Celery. steam h hour. mix this with the Cream and Sugar.-Remove the outer skin and motlets from the Salsify. the Flour previously mixed to a cream with a little Milk. put through a masher. Sippelts of Toast. VEGETA3LE OY!3TB€? SOUP. CHOCBILATE CREA.--l quart of Grated Salsify 1 quart of Boiling Water 1 pint of Milk 1 cup of thin Cream Pepper and Salt to taste 2 tablespuonfuls of Flour Method. of Butter.

of good Cooking Apples & &dPe & o. Toast. Butter a pie dish and put the Macaroni and isfull .-Stew alltogether till tender and serve a in hot vegetable dish. strain and rub through a sieve. reheat and serve very hot. . Tomato Onion and Stew. Dessert.--l 6 02s. of Nutter or Albene 1 teaspoonful of Baking Powder lb. s%----- Take 1 2 medium-sized Potatoes. Granose Flakes.-R~bthe Nutter or Albene thoroughly into the Flour. clean and bake in the oven 2 hours. add the Milk. (ArraGged for six $ersom). PASTRY. of Tomatoes 2 Onions 2 ozs. ' dngredients.QUAKER OAT SOUP. ITzgredients. MACARONI C H E E S E . Season. ' l Ingredients. of Macaroni 1 quart of Salted Water 3 ozs. lngredients & Method of Preparation. ~ 2 ozs. AND :APPLE TART..-2teacupfuls of Quaker Oats 3 Spanish Onions 2 Turnips 2 quarts of Boiling W a t e r 11 pint of New Milk Pepper and Salt to taste Method. Baked Potatoes. core and cut the Apples into slices. add the Sugar.-Bqil theMacaroniintheWater tilltender. Ingyedients. of Butter to Pepper and Salt taste Method. pour intothe dish and finish by sprinkling crumbs the over top and bake a nice brown. TOMATO OXIONSTEW. and the takes Drain add Cheese. el .Servein a napkin on a hot dish. add the Baking Powder and Salt with just sufficient Watèr to enable the paste to rolled out.-+ lb. stew in a pie dish with the Water. QUAKER OAT SOUP. BAKED POTATOES. then put a layer of good Pastry on top to cover and a light bake brown colour in g hot oven.- 1 lb. of Flour MACARONI CHEESE. of grated Cheese 1 Egg l teacupful of Milk 1 breakfastcupful of Breadcrumbs A pinch of Salt % pint of Cold Water Meth~cl. boil till tender. well beaten up. / APPLE TART. with ilk.-Put the Qats Into the Boiling Water along with the Onions and Turnips.-2 I~zgredie~ts. then mix Cheeseintoit in layerstill t h theEgg. be Met?zod. of Sugar 8 pint of Water lbs. This usually half-an-hour.

Y d) .w u T3 4 Q B w z R w .

-* lb. if necessary. or it may be served with them. SAVBURY SOUP. peel it Potatoes. t h e hours. medium-sized Take a Cucumber. roll in Flour and fry in hot Nutter or Albene.putagainintothepotwith the Vegetables including the Shelled or Dried Peas. or half and half. V E G E T A B LP I E . essest. E steamed Potatoes. Cucumber. clean carefully.-% lb. of Nutter or Albene A pinch of Salt 2 pint of Cold Water &lethod. Granose Toast. of Rice Rind of 1 Lemon 1 Egg 2 lb.--Boil the Savoury Onions the and in 1 hour. Ingredients. Ingredients. bring to the boil stir ring A richer sauce be may made with all time. make into balls. of Flour A pinch of Salt A little Pepper pint of Milk +& a e t h d . A little mayput centre Jam be in the of each of the . or the s a m e quantity of Dried Peas steeped overnight in Hot or Cold Water Pepper and Saltto taste RICE BALLS. of Egyptian Lentils l+ pints of Boiling Water 1 large Carrot 1 Parsnip 1 Turnip 4 Potatoes 3 Onions 1 teacupful of Shelled Peas. SAVOURY SOUP.-l lb. I i W/lethod. the Milk instead of Water.tzts.-Rub the Nutter or Albene thoroughly into the Flour add the Baking Powder and Salt with just sufficient Water to enable the pasteto be rolled out. strain and rub through a wire sieve. i 1 Í 4 BUTTER SAUCE. .od. Take 1 doz. portions of Savoury leftfrom previous dinner 3 Onions 1 quart of Boiling Water l pint of Milk Water for Meth. lngredie. Steamed RICE BALLS. or bake quickly a light brown.--IBoil the Lentils in the Water for 15 minutes. Ingredients. Sugar and Lemon Rind . of Breadcrunlbs 1 pint of Milk 2 quarts of Cold Water J am Ne$hod. of Sugar 2 Ib.. Steam fr hour. add t h e Milk and. sprinkle a teaspoonful of Salt over them. of Butter 1 oz. put and over a pan of Boiling a steamer Water and steam 5 hour.l PASTRY. 1ngredielzts. STEAMED POTATOES.-l I oz. rub through a sieve. latter having been stewed in Boiling Water 1% Season and put into a pie dish. of Flour 6 ozs. balls they before are rolled in Flour and fried or baked. -Mix these into a smooth paste and place in a sauce pan with the Cold Water.d. STEAMED CUCUMBER.--IPut the Rice into the Water and when it has come to the boil strain and add the Milk. peel put and into over a saucepan of Boiling Serve with Butter Sauce. 1 teaspoonful of Baking Powder 4s (Arranged for six $ersons). Cover with Pastry and bake a light brown. Water. more seasoning.-Any VEGETABLE PIE. Flakes.

SPLIT PEA SOUP.--Stew the Celerytill tender . add the Seasoning and little more Water or Milk if too thick. then add the Butter and the Flour previously mixed with a little Cold Milk and stirred till it thicken . put into a junI$&. the Milk that has been warmed. and serve with the Fritters. Steam for 3 hours. Steani from 8 to 2 and a teaspoonful of Salt.White CELERY ITTERS FR or Brown Toast.-3 + of Flour teaspoonful of Baking Powder 3 Eggs. of French Plums .-l lb. &~g~edienfs. STEAMED CARROTS. CELERY FRITTERS. : 1 tablespoonful of Stone's Essence -FL " of '.-Put the Pl&s into the Water in a basin or double saucepan with or without the Lemon Rind. Boiled Potatoes. I%gredients. 11zg~edients. GranoseFlakes. Iwmdie@+-& -' Ingre&ients. SPLIT PEA SOUP. Clotted Cream Method. fry in tablespoonfuls in very hot Nutter Should take about 10 minutes enough cover to them.--l quart of Lukewarm Milk . If Lemon Wind has k e n added. r 3 s JUNKET AND CREAM.-cook theOnionintheStock till tender. q d i and peel. _ ~ i l . if necessary.. put over a saucepan of Boh-g Sauccpalnwith C o l d w a t e r not qni. Methsd.. pint of Celery Stock 1 Onion 1 oz. if necessary. stirringallthetime. Method.make a Batter according to instructionsgiven below.cleanedand cut into small pieces 1 quart of Boiling W a t e r Pepper and Salt to taste MetlTzod. a : -*FF L / f 8 + Rennet A little grated Nutmeg lb.1 pint of Cold Water 2 s t r i ~ s Lemon Rind if preferred of PB. stir a few tiqìes and set aside to cool. 11 1 2 tablespoonfuls of Castor %gar .andadding a little Milk. J . of Butter 1 oz.-l WET CELERY SAUCE.toasted. of Potatoes. of §plit Feas 3 Onions Z quarts of Boiling Water Pepper and Saltto taste Take 31bs. add a little Seasoning.-2 i'-. remove before serving. % a put back into the saucepan. strain and rub through a wire sieve. STEWED FRENCH PLUMS. Take 8 young Carrots. STEWED FRENCH BATTER.&owl with the Sugar.--6&~. Steamed Carrots. When cold sprinkle a litt12 kiated Nutmeg and put spoonfuls of Devonshire Cr&h here and thereover. . (Arranged f o r six persons). JUNKET A N D CREAM. Water. well beaten A little Milk QZS. of a n hour. to make into a Batter. Method-Mix the Flour and Balring Powder with the Eggs. . ". I PLUMS. put into a wash scrape and them. Ingredients.: l . of Flour A little Cold Milk Pepper and Saltto taste \ &fethod. ~ CELERY SAUCE. put the pieces into it and or Albene.--Put the Split Peas and Onions into the Water and boil 2 hours . Boll from 20 minutes to Q hour. add the Rennet. BOILED POTATOES. -2: I heads of Celery.

m 1 saltspoonful of Celery . RICE FRITTERS. Ingredients. Baked RICE CUSTARDS. peel and put into a shallow dish w i t h 1 . of Breadcrumbs Pepper to taste . of Sugar 1 pint of New Milk A pinch of Cinnamon the Milk. pour into well-buttered Custardcups and bake in a slow oven. Cook sufficiently till done. Sippets of Toast. add 1 oz.%od. adding the Chopped Parsley and the Breadcrumbs. or Celery Salt..--Boil the Chestnuts till the outer and inner skins can beeasilyremoved..-Boil the. 3fr Ibs. turn out into a basin. Baked Potatoes. of Chestnuts 2 Onions 1 head of Ce1ery. of Rice 1 quart of Salted Water 1 tablespoonful of Chopped Parsley 3 Eggs 2 ozs. Parsnips.ddients. slicing anOnionand 1 hour. the and Boiling Water. a . Clean and peel 6 young Parsnips. of Potatoes. Milk andChoppedParsley. put into a shallow dish with 1 pint of Milk and fr pint of Water.-% lb. adding the Sugar and Nethod. of Ground Rice 2 ozs. scattéring it over the Potatoes.CHESTNUT SOUP. Salt 1 pint of Boiling Water 1 pint of Milk 1 teaspoonful of ChopRed Parsley Pepper and Salt to taste.putinto a saucepanwith t h e Onions. of Butter. Time required BAKED PARSNIPS.Vethd. add then the a sieve. Met.-l& ozs. . oz:of Nutter or Butter. BAKED POTATOES. a little Pepper and Salt. fill with Cold Water a n d cook slowly.little Pepper and Salt. In. RICE CUSTARDS. Time about 10 minutes. Take. -- s - o Preparation.-Boil the Rice in the Water till it is absorbed.send bake from 1+ t o 2 hours. . Add the Pepper andfry in boiling hot Nutter or Albenetill of a nicebrown colour.Ricein C-innamon.-& lb. CHESTNUT SOUP. Use 1 tablespoonful for each Fritter. Celery. Granose Flakes. Break the Eggs and thoroughly mix with the Rice. Ingredients. RICE FRITTERS.rubthrough Season to taste and serve with hot Granose Flakes. f (Arrangedfop six persons).

with just sufficicnt Water to enable the paste be rolled out. Ingredients.-3 Turnips Q dozen Artichokes 6 Potatoeg 3 Onions 1 oz. bake in a shalh1v plate with an undercrust only. till Stew tenderandservein a hot vegetable dish. of Flour 6 ozs. 2 ozs.toasted.Brown Bread or Toast.s.od Potatoes. very hot. CRANBERRY P I E . rubthrough n sieve. CHEESE SOUFFLÉ.:. i \ i . rollin Eggand Flour nd : fry ira Nutter or Alberne. T U R N I P SOUP. CRANBERRY PIE.w. Skewed Tomatoes. add the Sugar and Flour.-l 4ngredients. Ingredients. to Irtgredients. of B. A pinch of Salt 2 pint of Cold Water &Jet?zod.. Make into Cab.-ocrumbs. Balls.SeasoningandBrowning. CHEESE SOUFFLE. of Cheese 3 beaten-up Eggs 1 teacupful of Milk Pepper and Saltto taste Method-Butter a pie dish and grate the Cheese into &'then pour the beaten-up Eggs and Milk upon the Cheese. a n d 2 E. of Butter 1 tablespoonful of Mushroom Ketchup Pepper and Salt to taste A little Browning 2 quarts of Boiling Water quart of Cranberries 1 pint of Boiling Water 2 cupfuls of Sugar 8 cupful of well-sifted Flour Method--StewtheCranberriestill broken. add the Baking Powderand Salt. of Nutter or Albene 1 teaspoonful of Baking Powder Method-Boil all together the in Water. of Tomatoes. 1 tablespoonful o f Chopped Parsley.Ketchup.4 ozs.. strain and r& through a sieve. of Coo'.-Rub the Nutter or Albene thoroughly into theFlour. STEWED TOMATOES. which must thorough!y be other ir:mixed with the gredients. Season and bake in a gentle heat €or 20 minutes OP Q hour.-l lb. Potato POTATO BALLS. Pep:>:-:*a n d Salt t o taste.Granose Flakes. Take 1 Ib. Take 1 lb. put back into the pan and add the Serve Butter. a lititle Pepper and Salt and a pat of Butter. PASTRY.

strain. Onions and Breadcrumbs. It mustnot beallowed to boil OIT it wilk curdle.BROAD BEAN SOUP.-Z ! ozs.-l l oz. CUSTARD. Beat the Eggs thoroughly. SWEET MACARONI CUSTARD. Potatoes Steamed in their Skins. S W E E T MACARONI. MOCK TURKEY.-l Ingrdients. sliced 2 quarts of Boiling Water 1 pint of Milk Pepper and Salt to taste Method. mould into the shape of a vegetable marrow. add the Sugar and bringt o the boil. (Arranged f o r six persons). Milk Ingre&ents. quart of Shelled Beans 1 Turnip 3 Onions. Ingredients. Steamed Cauliflower. of Macaroni 1 pint of Milk A little grated Lemon Rind A pinch of Cinnamon Prtgredients. of Butter Ingredients. of Breadcrumbs 2 grated Onions 2 tablespoonfuls of Chopped Parsley 1 tablespoonful of Thyme 3 E%@ 2 ozs. . . wash and put into the pan of w a t e r with the Salt (one teaspoonful) Turnip and rub a Onions. &ethod. Cook for 31 hour. put back into the pan. A P P L E SAUCE. of Bread.stir in theFlour. WITH Dessert.-"ake a good large Stuffing with the Parsley. ToastedGranoseFlakes.stirringwhile doing so. MOCK TURKEY WITH APPLE SAUCE. of Sugar I O Z .-Peel. bind all together with the Eggs. Thyme. through sieve.--Boil the Macaroni till thoroughlyswollen and tendep in the Milk to which the Lemon Rind and Cinnamon have been previously added.-14 Ibs. Lay on a custard dish and serve with Hot Custard poured over. put back into thepan. core and slice the Apples. add theMilk and Serve very hot.-Melt theButter.Frieddice Method. bake a nice Serve with Apple Sauce. simmer gently.--l pint of Milk 5 lumps of Sugar 2 beaten-up Eggs Method. till reduced to a pulp. put into a baking tin with the Nutter or Albene and brown.--6 'large Apples pint of Water 1 oz. Serve very hot. and when the Milk has boiled pour it uponthem. Pngredients. of Butter 1 dessert$poonful of Flour 1 teacupful of Milk A pinch of Salt Method. BUTTER SAUCE. reheat andstir till it thicken. basting it well while cooking. BROAD BEAN SOUP. of Nutter or Albene rWefhod.-Put the Milk into a pan. add the Sugar and Butter and beat all together.-Fick and shell the Beans. put into a saucepan st~rr~ng frequently with the Water.addthe Season and stirtill it boil.

'I x .

STEAMED D PUDDING WITH RAW O R SHIRE CREAM.F R E N C H BEAN SOUP. 3 Serve with Raw or Clotted Cream. Fry a nice brown in Nutter o r Albene. 2 pint of Water Mefhod. then rub the Nutter or Albene thoroughly into it. FRENCH BEAN SOUP. Boiled French Beans. Potatoes bakedin their Skins. Reheat and serve. rub through a sieve. TOMATO CUTLETS. + Ingredients. put into thepan of Water. Onion. J3etJzod. of Flour 6 ozs. of Nutter or Albene 1 teaspoonful of Baking Powder .Spinachand Onions.-% of a pint of Italian Peeled Tomatoes 3 ozs. now put the Darnsons. Breadcrumbs. grated A pinch of Sugar and Salt 1 saltspoonful of Lemon Thyme A little Flaur.-Mix the Baking Powder with the Flour.-l& lbs.. POTATOES I N THEIR SKINS. the put shelf of the oven and bake 2 hours. of Butter A little Pepper 2 quarts of Boiling Salted Water fiJefhod. BOILED FRENCH BEANS. lay buttered paper over and steam hours. ToastedGranoseFlakes. strain. remove the and ends Potatoes. TOKrIATO CUTLETS. of Damsons $. Salt and Lemon Thyme together a stewpan in m and bring to the boil.sized Beans.--1169ix the Tomatoes. into a gallon of BoilingSalted Water to which a pinch of Sodahas beenadded. of Sugar !i teacupful of Water PASTRY. es§ert. Semolina. put back into the pan with the Butter and Pepper. (Arranged for s i x Persons). of Semolina 2+ ozs.addtheParsley. k%gredàents. hgredients.Boil from to 2 of an hour. Pour or spoonful out upon a floured board. Well greasea basin with Nutteror Albene a n a line it with the paste. BAKED Take 2 lbs. Sugar and Water of Bread. of French Take 14 medium . Allow to simmer €or half a hour stirring all the time to prevent burning. . of Spinach 1 STEAMED DAMSON PUDDING. of French Beans 1 oz. Sugar. cook 1 hour. of Parsley 2 Onions 2 ozs. l oz. l lb. of Breadcrumbs 1 large Spanish Onion. flatten with a knife and when cold flour the top and cut into the desired shape.-2 lbs.coverwiththeremainder of t h e paste. add the Water gradually and roll outon a paste board.-Wash the Beans and cut them ud small. wash lay and on cut in a slanting manner.

Ingredien$s. of Flour $ lb. LEMON TARTLETS. dPzgredients. into tins. of French . -_ Ingredients. for 2 hours. *--od of Preparation. Boil from -$ t o 9 hour.ents. Bake in a slow oven . . put-into a saucepan the with erandSugarand allow tosimmer till themasstheconsistence of honey and quite smooth. Take 2 lbs. according to size 3 Onions 2 ozs. of Butter 9 lb.Potatoes baked intheir Skins. 2 THE PASTRY. of Castor Sugar The Yolks of 3 Eggs The Whites of 2 Eggs The grated rind of 1 Lemon The juice of 1%Lemons Method. and bake in a quick oven for 15 minutes. add grated the Lemon the Rind Lemon Juice. cut into rounds the size of tartlet press the tins. of Nutter or Butter 1 teaspoonful of Odin 3 quarts of Boiling Water Pepper and Saltto taste Method. BROWN T U R N IS O U P . Replace each top and bake l hour in a moderate oven. slice the Onions and put them and the into a frying pan with very hot Nutteror Butter and fry a nice brown. Sippets TOMATOES WITH of Brown Toast. Ingredients. BROWN TURNIP SOUP. - RICE PUDDING. POTATOES IN THEIR SKINS BAKED Take 14 medium sized on Potatoes. theM put l teaspoonful of the Lemon Cheese into each and serve.washandlay oven and the shelf of the 2 hours. Boil hours.-Mix well and roll out rather thinly. Sugar and Milk into a piedishwith a little grated Nutmeg on top. Mix the other ingredients thoroughly and fill the Tomatoes with the mixture.-Cleanse the Turnips thoroughly.remove the ends and a slanting manner.--$ or 6 Turnips. of Nutter or 1 teaspoonful of Baking Powder 5 tablespoonfuls of Cold Water dkgethod. LEMON TARTEETS.-Cut the tops carefully off the Tomatoes and scoop out the interior.--3 tablespoonfuls of Rice 1 tablespoonful of Sugar 4 breakfastcupfuls of Milk Grated Nutmeg Methhod. TOMATOES PROTBSE WITH STUFFING. Put into a jar. P Toasted Granose Flakes. peel and cut into Turnips slices. FEPOTOSE STUFFING.+ lb.-2 ozs.--ll dozen good-sized Tomatoes 3 tablespoonfuls of minced Protose 3 large boiled and mashed Potatoes 2 tablespoonfuls of Breadcrumbs 1 tablespoonful of chopped Sage 2 grated Onions I tablespoonful of Nutter Pepper and Salt to taste jd&od. Remove and put into the Boiling Water along with the Odin and Seasoning. y Ingyed. put into a gallon of Boiling bake Salted Water to which a pinch of Soda has been added. Serve very hot. Boiled FrenchBeans. RICE PUDDING.BOILED FRENCH REANS. (Arrangedf o r six persons). . 1. THE LEMON CHEESE.-Put the Rice.--Beat the Yolks and Whites of the Eggs together. .

Roll on out a paste board.-No. of Nutter or Albene 3. Take clean 14 or 16 Potatoes of thoroughly. Egg and bake 20 minutes in a STEAMED POTATOES. Now put into a pan in which the Nutter or Butter has been melted. of Vejola. greased tin. of Nutter or Albene 6 ozs.Hetktod. Boil 4 hour.cover. Sugar and Water into a pie dish.Menu. .stripandcutintomediumsize. a tablespoonful of Salt and a pinch of Soda. of fresh Tomatoes OT tin of Italian peeled Tomatoes Pepper and Salt taste to * + PLUM TART. taking care that it does not burn. and cook all together slowly with the lid on. of Boiling Water.-l% lbs. Itzgredients.. Steamed Potatoes. ToastedGranoseFlakes.. Parsley and Thyme.-Rub the Nutter or Albene thoroughly into the Flour. P L U M TART. cover with the paste and bake 20 minutes or hour. season and allow to stew for 15 minutes. into put a pan of them. etc. addtheSeasoning. add the Baking Powder and Salt and just sufficient Water to enable the paste to berolledout. of raw sliced Potatoes 1 lb.FriedDice SAVOURY RAISED Boiled Cabbage. of Self-raising Flour. of Flour 6 ozs. I . of Chopped Onions 14 ozs.andstew for hour. PIE. in all. teaspoonful of Baking Powder A pinch of Salt 2 pint of Cold Water . Dessert.CleansetheCarrot. of Bread. BOILED CABBAGE.pourthecontents decorate the top. thoroughly cleanse in plenty water and chop very small. then fry the Vejola. brush with brisk oven.cleanand peel quarters. Shake the pan frequently to prevent burning When the Vegetables are quite tender pour theBoiling Water over. of Plums 2 ozs. dngredients. 1 lb. HERB SOUP. etc. APPLE CHARLOTTE. fry the Onions and Potatoes together in the Nutter or Albene.Parsnip.--l small White Cabbage 1 Carrot 1 Parsnip 1 Turnip ' A few sprigs of Parsley 2 Leeks 1 Endive A little Thyme 1 stick of Celery 2 ozs.-Cut the Vejola. and a 2 pint of Clod Water.-4 ozs. into put a steamer a saucepan of Boiling Cold Water with then Salt. of Nutter or Butter 2 quarts of Boiling Water Pepper and Salt to taste Methsd=---Take the Cabbage. peel and remove al1 outside portions of Leeks and Celery that not good. +Pngredients PASTRY. Steam fr hour. 35 HERB SOUP. Method.Turnip. over into a saucepanwith 1 gallon Water. (Armnged for s i x #ersons).Leeks and Celery in like manner. a little Salt. Time to cook. about 1 hour. of Sugar sprinkled over A little Cold Water -7 PASTRY. Endive. are then grate on a vegetable grater or chop finely. of thepanintothis. Protose or Nuttose lb. add the Tomatoes. P u t the Plums. till the whole is a nice brown colour. a Method of Preparation. of Nutter or Albene. P . into dice. Bngredients. 6 ozs. Take 2 Cabbages. SAVOURY RAISED PIE. line a loose-bottomed Have ready a paste made with 1 lb.

I SCOTCH LEEK SOUP. of Butter Pepper and Saltto taste 1 pint of Milk Method-Clean the Leeks thoroughly. Time about 10 minutes. allowing 1 tablespoonful to each fritter. cover the Water and with the paste and bakein a quick oven. P. Potato PIE.-Put the Chestnuts into a pan of Water.--6 Leeks 3 ozs. Eggs and Baking Powder. of Nutter or Albene 8 teaspoonful of Baking Powder A pinch of Salt 2 pint of Cold Water 1 MetAod. strain. GREENGAGE FRITTERS. If intended for a raised pie. Cooked Potatoes. strain. Cool< from 15 to 20 minutes or till tender. season with Pepper and Salt.MakeintoCakes.-Halve and stone the Greengages. Wash 2 lbs. which must thoroughly be mixed with the other ingredients. add the Milk and Butter. of Flour 3 Eggs 1 teaspoonful of Baking Powder lbs. halve. PASTRY. BRUSSELS SPROUTS. 20 decorate top brush the and with Egg. but do not burn.outs in Cold Water. adding the Baking Powder and Salt. of Brussels Spai. POTATO BALLS. removing any portions that are bad. cut into small pieces and cook 1 hour. and when thoroughly clean put into a pan of Boiling Watet: t which a little Salt o has been added. make a batter of the Flour. + Ing~edients. ToastedGranose Flakes. . put the Greengagesinandfry a nice brown inNutter or Albene. Mix well with roll out. ripe Greengages 2 ozs. Sippets of BrownBreadFried. Bake minutes to hour. Serve very hot. CHESTNUT FIE. tablespoonful of Chopped Parsley. of Scotch Oatmeal 34 quarts of Boiling Water 1 oz. Pepper and Salt to taste. Ingredimts. Now put the Haricot Stock into the frying pan. rollin EggandFlourand fry in Nutter or Albene. I.-2 + &lethod.--Rub the Nutter or Albene thoroughly into the Flour. fr lb. of Shelled Chestnuts 2 Spanish Onions l + pints of White Haricot Stock Pepper and Salt totaste Metltod. of Breadcrumbs. 1utgrredie. shell and Cut the Onions into thin slices and fry a nice brown in Nutter or Albene. Time 20 minutes. ' SCQTCH LEEK SOUP. of Flour 6 ozs. rub through a sieve and put back into the pan alongwith the Oatmeal which has beenpreviously mixed with Cold Water. add the Chestnuts and allow to simmer for f0 or 15 minutes. Boil 1% hours. boil hour. put in the ingredients. Take 1 of Ib. and throw the water away. lb. and 2 Eggs. cover. the ingredients should be allowed to cook till they thicken. 2 ozs. Balls. If a raised pie line a loose-bottomedtin that has been greased. season. If an ordinary pie.o . CHESTNUT Brussels Sprouts.tzts:l GREENGAGE FRITTERS.

of Asparagus. boil hour. of New Potatoes cleanse and thoroughly scrdpe. New RHUBARB FOOL. drain. of Flour 1 teaspoonful of Odin Pepper and Salt to taste Meth!Od. add the Butter and Seasoning. Onions. and placein the oven to keep hot. Wash drain and all the Vegetables. add the other ingredients and serve in a tureen. of Butter f teaspoonful af Mace l teaspoonful of Flour 1 teacwful of Milk Pepper and Salt70 taste eithsd. trim. rub through a siéve.-l oz. dice of Bread. stirring thoroughly. in very tie bundles and put into a pan of Boiling Water. set aside till cold. while this is being done mix the flour with a little Cold Water or Cold Milk. bring to theboil stirring all the time. Be careful to Put notburn. of Flour PASTRY. i Method-Rub the Nutter or Albene thoroughly into the Flour adding the Baking Powder and Sait. boil till tender but not soft. add 1 teaspoonful of Salt and boil from 10 to 28 minutes. such as Potatoes. 1 Ingrediertts. I i= l WHITE SAUCE.-The Vegetable Stock is the water in which Vegetables have been boiled. I (Arrmged for six persouts). of Butter l Onion with 5 Cloves inserted into it 2 02s. of Flour A pinch of Salt A little Pepper 8 pint of Milk dMkthod. of Butter 1 oz.. RHUBARB FOOL. Hngredientsis. of Nutter or Albene 4 pint of Cold Water A pinch of Salt much Rhubarb as will make 3 pints when cut up l teacupful of Water l teacupful of Sugar 3 pint of Cream Nethod-Cut the Rhubarb into small pieces. Take 3 lbs. about t dessertspoonful into each casement.Potatoes. Time required 1 hour altogether. CHICKEN DANISH PATTIES. 8 teaspoonful of Baking Powder 6 02s. Mix welí with the Water and rolí out. Cook till tender then add the Flour. etc. Toasted Fried Granose Flakes. l Ingredients.-l teacupful of shelled and grated Walnuts L 1 dngredients.-Put the Milk into a pan with the Onion and Mace. of Butter 1 oz. Remove the Onion. m&iePzts. ---9 % . the Stock.-1 lb. Now cut into rounds with a pastry cutter andmake a smaller circle in the centre with aneggcupbutdonotcutthrough. Serve with Bread Sauce.-l quart of clear Vegetable Stock 1 tablespoonful of Chervil 1 tablespoonful of Spinach 1 tablespoonful of Parsley 1 tablespoonful of Sorrel 1 oz. when the centre will be foundto beraised. scrapetheremainingwhite portion clean. into put them a saucepan of Cold Water s ~ a r b e l y enough to cover. DANISH C H I C K E NP A T T I E S WITH BREADSAUCEAsparagus. stir in the Cream and grate a little Nutmeg over thetop. + ASPARAGUS. boil 10 minutes.. BREAD SAUCE. l ~~ Take 2 lbs. of Breadcrumbs I saltspoonful of Mace Pepper and Salt taste to NEW POTATOES. Cauliflower.- ~ C H E R V I L SOUP. Odin and Seasoning.Removethiswith a knife and fill up with the mixture.-l pint of Milk 1 oz. a Serve in a hotdishwith littleMeltedButterand if desired 1 teaspoonful of chopped Parsley sprinkled over. CHERVIL SOUP. fry in very hot Nutter or Albene. Method. Simmer till tender. place on a piece of toast previously dipped the in Asparagus Water.-Mix the ingredients together in a saucepan. lay in a hot dish and serve White with Sauce. add Sugar and Water. chop themfinely and put intoa saucepan with the Butter.-As . Dessert. take out with a slice. leaving the stalks from 5 t o 6 inches in length. rediefits.-Put the Nilk on t o boil. ~ 1Q teacupfuk of Breadcrumbs 1 grated Onion g 02. Leeks. l I ients &J Ibdethod of Preparation. stir into the Hot Milk. Time required 10 to 20 minutes.

Ingredients.-I oz. set it on the fire or stove to heat.scrape o r peel. put it intoa pan along with the Sugar. put buttered paper over and bake 2 hours. STEAMED POTATOES. Time required (ct) to boií 15 minutes. put into a pan with 1 quart of Boiling Water.Hetbtod.-Take half of the Milk. FiGQk Stock. of Sugar 3 Eggs 3 Q Z S . SaPt Flour to thicken. and fry as pancakesin hot Nutter a golden brown.--Peel. pour into \ the pan.3 lbs. then halve and quarter themandlayin a pie dish with a pat or two of Butter and a little Dredge Salt. . ' Irtgredie?zfs.Water. BAKED PARSNIPS. (b) to fry 10 minutes. with Flour. -~ 4 * clean thoroughly. steep overnight in Hot or Cold . Turn out and mix with the Eggs. ~ s ~~~~~ ~~~~~~ Take . STOCK. Breadcrumbs and Seasoningtogetherand fillwith the Mixture. of Rice Flour 9 pint of Milk 3 ) OZ§. Serve with e i &. 3 large Parsnips.Sprinkle with Castor Sugar and serve.---3 ozs.Take wash. Sage. GROUND RICE PANCAKES. tie together.efhod. Time required hour. peel and put into a steamer over a saucepan of Boiling Water. Mix t h e Onions.BROWN GRAVY.a sieve. BROWN HARICOT Take 3 Ib.. scrape and remove the seeds and fibres from the inside of the Marrow. of Butter I good-sized Onion l pint of Brown Haricot Stock Salt to taste 2 to 3 drops of Crosse and Bíackwell's Browning X tablespoonful af Flour ce the onion and. "4 1 . bring to the boil. stirring all the time. 2~ ~ ~and rub through . Mix t h e Rice Flour with the remainder of the Milk. of Potatoes. Time Fequired about 2 hours. Butter. Bake in a quick ovm tiif1 tender. wel1 beaten. of Brown Haricots. flour. cut lengthwise.Unite t h e twe portions. of Breadcrumbs Pepper and Salt to taste .

--$ ozs. rubbing through a sieve. Add the Toma€oes. using a smaller cutter or hot Mutter OP with the espoonfuf to each. Simmer f& 10 minutes. and when melted stir in the Corn Flour and add the Tomatoes and Seasoning. Peel and wash the Onions and put into a pan of Boiling -Water along with the Haricots. Season and serve. -shaping them into rounds : do t h e same fop the inner crrcle. boil till Green Peas. Next take the Mushrooms. Stewed Celery. of Patna Rice 2 pints of Boiling Water lb. Cut the read for the outeror larger circles with a Pastry Cutter. rub Butter into a pan. This usually to requires about 9 hour. of Butter 6-8 slices of Bread froma half-quarter Loaf TOMATO SAUCE PATTIES. Put ~~~~~~ ~~ --+--- 3 quarts of Boiling Water Pcpper and Salt to taste L'tPefhd. .-ht the Brown Haricots into Boiling Waterand allow to soak overnight. boil for 14 hours. thoroughly cleanse and in the Butter. Strain. Boil 15 ~~~~~~~~~. MUSHROOM SOUP.SAVOURY PATTIES. Chip Fried Potatoes.put into the saucepan fry with the other ingredients. of Tinned Tomatoes 1 tablespoonful of Tomato Sauce 4 tablespoonfuls of grated Cheese Q teaspoonful of Marmite Pepper and Salt to taste 1 oz. LViarmite. Now put the .-Cut theOnionsupsmallandputthemandthe Tomatoes into a pan with the Water. Method. and it may be necessary add a little more Water. Tomato Sauce. through a sieve. taking care t h a t the contents do not burn. the Butter and *Seasoning. ~~~A~~~~ Metha>d.--Dut the Rice into the pan of Boiling Water. With Fried Sippetsof Toast. peel. soft andtilltheWateris absorbed.strain. two tablespoonfuls of: the Cheese. SAVOURY PATTIES WITH BR Iagredients.

r. 5 x ?l .

C A U L I F L O W E R SOUP. ToastedGranoseFlakes.FriedDice

of Bread.





Baked Tomatoes. Potatoes. Baked


Ingredicdss*--.l oz. of I3atter 1 oz. of Flour A pinch of Salt A little Pepper fr pint of Milk




Parsnips 2 quarts of Boiling Water l dessertspsonful of Salt 3 Eggs 3 tablespoonfuls of Breadcrumbs Pepper to taste


Method-Clean and scrape or peel the Parsnips, put into t h e Water with the Salt and boil from l & to 2 hours, Strain and mask with a fork adding a little Pepper, Eggs, d l beaten. Mix theBreadcrumbsandthe and fry in hot Nutter or Albene, allowing one tablespoonful t~ each fritter. Time required 10 minutes,

Nlethsd.--Niix the Flour and Sugar, beat the Yolks of the Eggs and add them along with the Flavouring, then the Whites beaten to a stiff froth. Mix all well together, shape rolls, into cover. with grated Almonds, or Almondsputthroughthenut mill, and babe in a moderake oven from 10 to 28 minutes. 1



of Bread.







Ing~edie~;ks.-3Spanish Onions 1 Sprig of Mint 3 tablespoonfuls of Symington’s Pea Flour 2 quarts of Boiling Water 1%pints of Pepper and Saltto taste Blethod.-Pt>ut the Onions and Mint into the Wafer and boil 14 hours, strain and r u b through a sieve, add the Pea Flour previously mixed with a little, of the Milk, then thé remainder of the Milk and the Seasoning. Stir till it thicken. Time required from 5 to 10 minutes after the Milk is added.

Take 3 QZS. of Riceandput into a pan with l quart of Boiling Water, stir constantlytillit come tothe boil, and allow to boil till all the Water is absorbed. Time required 1 hour. Arrange round the Curry.


Take 8 good-sized Lettuce, trim outer leaves remove and stalks, wash carefully, boil in two quarts of Boiling Water, with 1 dessertspoonfu1 of Salt added, for 4 hour.

Take from 12 to f 4 Potatoes, wash, peel and put into a steamer over a pan of Boiling Water. Sprinkle a little Salk over steam and 4-hour.



l -


weight of 3 Eggs in. Butter Flour and Castor Sugar A pinch of Salt

Parsnips 3 Carrots 3 Potatoes 6 Artichokes 6 Onions 7 tablespoonful of Curry Powder II dessertspoonful of Flour Salt to taste S pints of Boiling Water ethode-Clean thoroughly and peel or scrape the Vegetables, slice and put into the Water with the exception of the Onions and boil f o r l + hours. Fry the Onions a golden brown in Nutter or Albene and add to the other Vegetables.Season with Salt. Now mix t h e Curry Powder and Flour with a little Cold Water, add ancl stir till the contentsthicken.


?V”Etlzcsd.--Beat the lfltter to a cream? add the Eggs, well beaten, and the Salt, Sugar and Flour, previously well mixed together. Mix thoroughly. Butter some cups or tins and half fill withthe mixture. Bake lightly in a brisk oven. Time required 10 to 20 minutes.



Toasted Granose Flakes. Fried Dice of Bread,

Now make the


Ingredients.-+ lb. of Flour

Fried Cucumbers. Steamed Potatoes.
- h

2 lb. of

Nutter or Albene A pinch of Salt Q teaspoonful of Baking Powder 5 tablespoonfuls of Cold Water







Method.-Rub the Nutter or Albene thoroughly the intoFlour, Baking the add Powder, Salt Water, and eut. roll Grease a basin with Nutter or Albene, line it with the Pastry, put in the ingredients, cover with Pastry and steam 23 hours.

(Arrctnged for six persons). GREEN CORN SOUP.

Ing~.edienks.-l tin of American Green Corn 18 pints of Boiling Water 19 pints of Milk 2 Onions 1 oz. of Butter Pepper and Salt to taste M e t h ~ d . - - P ~ t theOnionsintothesaucepanwiththe and Milk, the Butter and Seasoning. Cook ij hour; . addthe Corn and cook 15 minutes longer. Seme very hot.

Take 2 Cucumbers, peel Take 12 or 14 Potatoes, and cut them into circles of clean,peelandputtheminto a steamer over a pan of equal thickness, beginning at the thicker end, wipe them Boiling Water. Sprinkle a dry on a clean cloth, dredge Salt them little over and very steam 6 hour. with Flour, fry in hot Nutter or Albene, turning


tillremove browned, when them with nicelyslice a done, put on a piece of white paper to drain, dust with a littlePepperand Salt and p i k high on a hot vegetable d$~. Time required to fry 10 minuBeS.



lb. of Meatose 2 Onions 4 Potatoes 1+ saltspoonfuls of Odin Pepper and Salt to taste Q pint of Cold Water




CUSTARD PUDDING. Hagredients.-l pint oî- Milk 1 tablespoonful of Flour 4 Eggs 4 o r 5 drops ofEssence Vanilla
HetJmd.-Whisk the and Eggs stir the gradually Flour into them, then add the Milk flavoured with Vanilla. S t i r kvell. Butter a basin that will just hold the mixture, pour this into it, tie a floured cloth over and plunge quickly into Boiling Water, turning the basin round for a few minutes to prevent the Flour settling in for 9 hour, turn out of t h e one place.Boilslowly basin and serve with garnishingof Raspberry Jelly.


eatose into small pieces, chop the thePotatoes,addtheSeasoning, and water.


Take 6’large Onions. of Sweet Almonds Nethd. of Bread. -“ J -S 3 .-Cut the Onions veryfinely and put theminto a stewpan with the Butter. wrap each in k piece of paper. the and mix these together the withBreadcrumbs.-Beat the Eggs well. 2 Onionsand l Turnip (peeled). sprinkle with Salt. add the Milk. BAKED SPANISH ONIONS. wipe carefully. Put into small buttered moulds or teacups. a clean. TAPIOCA SOUP.cutinstrips. put back into the pan alongwith theTapioca and Milk.-2 Steamed Potatoes. Boil 1 hour and strain. over the pudding. Waked Spanish Onions. WHITE SAUCE. then the Breadcrumbs and mix thoroughly. Time required 3 hour. i 2 small Onions ozs. wipe Take 12 o r 14 Potatoes. simmer till the Butter is nearly dried up. peel andputinto a with a cleancloth. DARIOLES OF EGGS. Seasoning and the Yolks of theothêrtwo Eggs. / (Arrczttged f o u six $ersom). Turn out.Saltandsteam 9 hour. stir in the Flour. M&hod. boil the whole gently till it thicken.-2 teacupfuls of Breadcrumbs 2 Eggs Ingredielzts for six &rioles : 5 Eggs 4 ozs.-5 QZS. of Breadcrumbs l Tomato (peeled) l teaspoonful of Parsley Pepper and Salt taste to 3 tablespoonfuls o White Sauce f --Boil 3 Eggs for 10 minutes. ’ . of Tapioca 2 Onions 1 Turnip 1 pint of New Milk 2 quarts of good White Stock Pepper and Saltto taste Method. Ingredie?zfs. 1 tablespoonful of Castor Sugar 9 teacupful of Milk 2 tablespoonfuls of jam 8 oz. stir till it boil to prevent burning. Flour I pint of New Milk Pepper and Salt totaste essert.putinto pan of Boiling Water along steamer over a pan of with a dessertspoonful of Boiling Water.takeout. put a preserve Q€ any kind on top and standing up all BlanchedAlmonds. STEAMED POTATOES. Time required about 2 hours. n Ingredients. season and as already use mentioned. put the mixture into it and bake 4 hour. Boil 1 hour. bake in a moderateoven for 2 hours or longer. 1 and chopthem finely. cove:yB with buttered pager and steam20 minutes. Season and serve. chop Parsley Tomato. ToastedGranoseFlakes. THATCHEI) PUDDING.FriedDice D A R I O L E S OP: EGGS. Serve either in their skins with a little Cold Butter or with Brown Gravy.-To make the Stock take 2 quarts of ‘Boiling Water and into this put 2 tablespoonfuls of PearlBarley. add the Sugar and Milk. White Sauce.TAPIOCA SOUP. To blanch Almonds the pour Boiling \Vater over them. Well butter a pie dish. of Butter 1 6 teacupful of THATCHED PUDDING.

cleanse the Vegetables thoroughly and peel or scrape them.-3 'l I Ingredienfs. l . and clean and bake in 2 hours.till Cook tender.I I L E E M SOUP. strain and rub through a wire sieve. over. Leeks 8 teacupful of Oat Meal Pepper and Saltto taste 2 quarts of Boiling Water Hetktod. slice and put into the Water along with other the ingredients: boil 2+ hours. then slice and boil in l+ pints of Boiling Water for 18 hours. of Butter 1 lb.-Clean the Leeks thoroughly. of Brussels Take 12 medium-sized Sprouts in Cold Water Potatoes. LEEK SOUP. SAGO PUDDING. putthemixtureonthiswiththe -other pancake. andputon a plateto cool.-Fry the Onion in the Butter. Serve in when thoroughly put oven clean the a napkinon a hot dish. into a pan of Boiling Water been t o which a little Salt has added. PQTATOES BAKED THEIR SKINS. along with the Peas that have been steeped overnight and the Tomatoes. Now make the Batter. Dessert. IngrediePzts. mixing the and Flour Eggs thoroughly together and fry in two Pancakes. of Breadcrumbs Vegetable Pulp made from 1 Carrot 1 small head of Celery 1 Parsnip 1 Turnip 2 Potatoes 1 breakfastcupful of Tinned Tomatoes Q teacupful of Dried Peas 2 Raw Eggs Pepper and Salt to taste Method-Butter a pie dish and put into it the Sago. Butter.-Put all together into from 2 to 3 hours. BRUSSELS SPROUTS.--l lb. PPzg~edients. Shape as Cutlets and put into the oven to reheat before serving. of Prunes 2 lb. then add 2 . strain into the pie dish. ToastedGranoseFlakes.PotatoesBakedintheirSkins. Time to cook l* hours. removing any portion that is unfit for use. Warm the Milk to which the Lemon Rind has previously been added. (Arralzged for six gersons). Two tablespoonfuls of Flour 2 Eggs & tablespoonfuls of Sago The rind of half a Lemon grated 2 tablespoonfuls of Sugar 1 quart of lVTilk 1 oz. FRENCH CUTLETS.Frieddice of Bread. 1 x STEWED PRUNES. grate a little Nutmeg over the top and serve. +-- Ingredients & ethsd of Preparation. Lay one on a plate. mix with the Breadcrumbs. SAGO PUDDING. Onions. of Butter and l pint of New Milk Let all come to the and serve veryhot. a double saucepan and cook . S T E W E D PRUNES. Time 18 to 15 minutes. boil FRENCH CUTLETS. IN Wash 2 lbs. Ingredieats. BrusselsSprouts. Seasoningand Eggs. of Butter Nutmeg grated A little Onion 2 ozs.-l2 flethd. Stagar and Butter. of Sugar 1%pints of Cold Water t FORTHE BATTER.

boil 2 hours. bring to the boil. EGG AND CUCUMBER SAVOURY. Strawberry Cream. Butter and Seasoning. Flummery. Onions. Lemon Sponge. New Potatoes. 1902. of Butter Pepper and Salt totaste Met7zzod. roll in Egg and White Breadcrumbs and fry a light brown in very hot? Nutter.) Reheat and seme. Red Currant and Raspberry MalvernPudding. ' savouriles. Orange Jelly. Nuts. TomatoSauce.---Q pints of Milk 7 ozs. of Butter Pepper and Salt to taste 3 ozs. baking care nottoburn. Serve with Parsley Sauce.uits.--2 pints of Milk 2 kabtesgmsnfuls of Chopped Parsley Z+ ozs. Prune Stewed Pears. MOCK WHITE FISH-Parsley Sauce. . Apple essert. I PARSLEY SAUCE. STUFFED TOMATOES. &lashed Turnips. Whortleberry Malvern Pudding. MACARONI A LA TURQUE. . §Weets. Put the Potatoes through a masher while hot and add to the Rice.i e - LENTIL SOUP. of Egyptian Lentils 6 Onions 3 Turnips 1 Parsnip 1 Carrot S quarts of Boiling Water soup. put back into the pan along with the . when cold. Brown Gravy. add t h Vegetables.Milk. MOCK WHITE FISH. PRO3%SE CUTLETS WITH WED CURRANT JELLY. of Ground Rice 2 ozs. Broad Beans. I@redieutts. Zn~rdhts. Mix the Flour with a little Cold Milk or Water and addthis to the contents. Mace and other SeasoningCook 15 minutes. Fruits. August 4th.-3 Ibs. P%gredie-lzts. cut into cakes with a round cutter.Strainand rub through a sieve. Ketchup. VegetableSalad. Dutch Fruit and Cream. Pine Raspberry deffy. of Flour to thicken Methtod. Bisc. Chunks. Green Peas. Serve in a hot tureen.-Take: the Lentils. Parsleyand Seasoning. VEGETABLE PIE?.--Put the Milk into a pan with the Butter. of Butter 2 grated Onions 1%teaspoonfuls of Ground Mace 18 boiled Potatoes Pepper and Salt to taste 3 Eggs Breadcrumbs Method. Belstone. . add the Butter. Pour into a shallaw dish or on to a flaured paste board and. Baked Potatoes. 1 teacupful of Tomato Ketchup 1 quart of Milk 3 ozs. Junket Salad. L E N T I L SOUP-Toasted Granose Flakes.--Put the Milk QII to boil and thicken with the Rice. wash and put them into a very Iarge pan with the Water.. stirring well to prevent boiling. Mould. .Ingredients d 3 OF VEGETARIAN DINNER Served to upwards of 50 People at Dartmoor Mouse. Time required l 5 to 20 minutes.

-Put the Haricot Beans into saucepan with 2 quarts a of Boiling Water. boil Ifr hours.-l lb. Serve with Red Currant Jelly. turn out upon a floured paste board and. then the Water. adding a little Slice t h e Vegetables and add them along with the 1% hours. Butter. boil 4 hour. EGG AND CUCUMBER SAVBIJRY.--3 hard-boiled Eggs 2 good-sized CUCbdmbers 2 grated Onions lb. of minced Protose 1 lb. of Butter taste Pepper and Salt to AJstlzod.--l Ib. PASTRY.VEGETABLE PIE. of Breadcrumbs Pepper and Salt taste to EggandBreadcrumbstodip in before frying Method. Pizg~. Now putin the other ingredients. of Butter 2 beaten-up Eggs ethod. Strain.-l PROTOSE CUTLETS. round the dish. put back into the not along the with other ingmdients. Ingredients.d serve in a hot tureen. place ina buttered tin and bake fr hour. of Nutter 4 ozs.Shelland cut the Eggs into circles. slice the Cucumbers and addthesealongwiththe Onions a n d Water. and roll out on a floured paste board to the required thickness. steeped overnight 6 Onions 4 teacupful of Tomato Ketchup 2 ozs. cover with pastry and bake from 20 to 30 minutes. cut iato three corneredpieces. Time required 10 minutes. of Breadcrumbs Pepper and Salt totaste Method-Cut the from Tomatoes. till tender. tops the scoop out t h e interior of each carefully to prevent breaking and asidesauce. Now put back intothepan more Boiling Water if necessary. according to the oven.-Put the Butter into a pan. dip in Egg and Breadcrumbs and fry a light brown. ~~~~~ GRAVY. Ing'redie. or. and Brush over witH Egg.PepperandSalt. rub through a sieve. STUFFED TOMATOES. the Seasoning and the beaten Eggs.rzts. Boil Ketchup. add the Ketchup and boil 10 minutes. -Put Iagredients. add these.edients. put for Now mix the other ingredients together thoroughly. Add the Peas. of Brown Haricot Beans 2 Onions 1 @z. dngredients. put a dessertspoonful into each.of Butter i teaspoonful OT ~~~~~~t~ $ Pepper and Salt to taste 1 dessertspoonful of Tomato Ketchup Method.Strainand rub through a wiresieve. when cold. of Butter 1 grated Onion fr lb.-Z dozen of Sound Tomatoes 3 Eggs 2 tablespoonfuls of Parsley l* O Z S . being carefulnottoburn. . A little Salt the Protose into a pan with the Marmite Stock.-Rub the Nutter and Butter thoroughly into the Flour. Cover ornament. IngrediePzts. cut diamond-fashion. add the Baking Powder and Salt.andputinto a large pie dish . Serve with Brown Gravy. steeped overnight 2 Carrots 2 Parsnips 2 Turnips 4 Potatoes 1 breakfastcupful of Peas. give 2 or 3 stirs and serve with toast. lb. of Butter 1 teaspoonful of Baking Powder l Q pint of Cold Water Method. of Brown Haricot Beans. Cook 1Q hours.-Pta% the Beans that have been steeped overnight into 2 quarts of Boiling Water. bring to & boil a. of Flour 4 ozs.--l lb. of Mashed Potatoes 1 tablespoonful of chopped Parsley 2 grated Onions 1 pint of Marmite Stock (1 teaspoonful of Marmite toa pint of Boiling Water) 1 tablespoonful of Mushroom Ketchup 8 ozs. add the Onions. and bake a light brown.

Shell 8 peck of Beans and put into pan of Boiling a Water -about 2 quarts with J dessertspoonful of S a l t a n d a pinch of Soda.-% lb. wash and peel them. press down with a heavy weight.-Boil the Macaroni in the Water till tender. Remove with pinch of Soda. of Butter2 ozs. peck of Peas. b MASHEDTURNIPS. Take i doz. the Radishes round the dish. worth of Mustard and Cress B btamnch of Red anci White Radishes basin with Butterand cthod. Take Beetroot. of Macaroni MACARONI A LA TURQUE. of New Potatoes.Ingrediem%. mix thoroughly. well with a fork. which should be placed on a large dish or sou^ plate. +t NEW POTATOES. GREEN PEAS.Serveinhottureen. and set aside to cool. put into an enameldishalongwith 2 sliced Onions. a tablespoonful of Sak kaas dessertspoonful of Salt. Turnips. rub. VEGETABLE SALAD. put f a plate on top. Serve with - Metktod. Pepper and Saltand 2 W S .-The ~~~~~ TOMATO SAUCE. Serve in a hot tureen. followed by t h e peeled andthinlyslicedTomatoes. topsandinterior of theTomatoes. Boil hour. BAKED POTATOES. of Butter. Cook 20 minutes. RASPBERRY AND RED CURRANT MALVERN PUDDING. H~zgredients. Pour at once into the basin.thicken mixed with the Cold Axilk. put back into thepan. Take 4. put intopan a a Boiling Water. 1rtgredients. put into an enamelled pan along with the Water and Sugar and boil 5 hour. next the Whipped Cream and serve. of Pea Flour Q pint of Milk Pepper and Saltto taste Me%ktod. cover with additional slices s Bread. into put a bowl Mant and a lump of Sugar. and arrange tastefully the sliced Whites of the hard-boiled Eggs. of Sugar 1 o z af Butter Slices of Bread Whipped Cream IngYedienk-1 Cucumber 1 Beetroot 2 hard-boiled Eggs 2 Lettuces 4 Tomatoes 2d. Mustard Cress the and standing up between. then place it in a bowl along with the other ingredients. add the Tornato Ketchup with Pea Flour previously andSeasoning. shell. When cold turnout on to q dish and pour over first the juice that was squeezed out on oressure.--Take the portions of the Tomatoes that were puton one side and place in the Water with the Onions and Butter.hour. 9 lb. . strain.clean. Remove the stalks from the -Raspberries and Red Currants. wash and scrape.Repeattill the bowl is nearly filled. slice and add this. Take 4 lbs. Cover with Water and bake 18 hours. of Butter. already referred to 2 pints of Boiling Water 2 grated Onions3 tablespoonfuls of Tomato Ketchup 7) 16 ozs. BROAD BEANS. and on the top put Lettuce and Tomato. remove from the pan and put through the Nut Mill or chop very finely. a been added. scarcely enough to cover them. put intoa buttered basin andsteam 2 hours o r bake 12 hours.-Peel the Cucumber and slice it thinly so as to cover the bottom of the salad bowl. a sprig of a skimmer. Mash Cook from 20 minutes to 4 with 2 ozs. then a layer of well-washed Mustard and Cress.--ll pint of Raspberries f pint of Wed Currants 1 pint of Water 3 ozs. Stir till i k boil aad in tureen. of Potatoes. Take 4 lbs. add a little f S a l t a n da small piece of Mint. and the Yolks of the Eggs rubbedthrough a fine gravy strainer over the top. of Breadcrumbs 3 pints of Boiling Water 2 grated Onions 2 heaped tablespoonfuls of Chopped Parsley 2 hard-boiled Eggs that have been put through the Nut AMill 3 beaten-up Eggs Pepper and Salt to taste ethod. Cleanse the Lettuces thoroughly. and after chopping finely make these the next layer. the previously cooked for 2 hours and unbroken.-Well grease a good-sized of line it with slices Bread abouta 2 inch in thickness.'through a wire sieve.addPepper. peel and boil in 1 gallon of and into put a pan with 2 Boiling Water t o which 'r quarts of Boiling Water.

skim well. then put into pan with the thinly peeled Rind a and Juice of the Lemon and the Sugar. Now strain through muslin. the other ingredients are addedand the whole well mixed together and boiled 1 minute. add the water by degrees to make the scum rise. of Gelatine or Agar Agar 4 ozs. OZ. remove the peel and pour intoa basin adding the Strawberry Syrup. of Devonshire Cream and 3 tablespoonfuls of New M i k Whisk well. till stir dissolved. On the occasion referred to in this and the recipes for the making of Strawberry Cream. O Z . S e r v e soon. the peel of 2 Oranges and that half a Lemon. boil the Sugarin the remainder till it is thick Syrup. of Prtgrediemts. Now put the Gelatine in or Agar Agar. beat up the Yolks of Eggs with the Raisin Wine. of large Plums peeled and sliced 2 ripe Apples peeled and sliced 4 large Bananas peeled and sliced 4 lb. peel the rind of the Lemons very thinly and squeeze out the juice. Agar Agar Iceland Moss or 9 pint of Cold Water 5 QZS. which I dislike. then into pour a wet mould. then the Gelatine or Agar Agar which has been soaking is now put into a saucepan over thefire and. Whisk the Cream and pour the other ingredients gentlyon to it. STRAWBERRY CREAM.-Soak the Gelatine or Agar Agar in Q pint of Cold a Water. if the former add 2 tablespoonfuls of New Milk. WHORTLEBERRY PUDDING. Agar Agar or Iceland Moss in the Water. b ~ Ingdieaqts. a r e used and the method of proceeding is exactly the same as for the previous pudding. peel the Rind Q€ the Lemons finely and add this with the Juice and the Sugar to the Egg Mixture . of Loaf Sugar The Yolks of 4 Eggs 2 pint of Raisin Wine 2 Lemons 9 pint of Water Method. Cream use 6 ozs. of Gelatine. Between each sprinkle Sugar freely till it is all used. LEMONSPONGE. Pears. Plums. Any jam will do to make the Syrup by rubbing it througha hair sieve with a little Water. " hgredients. When beginning to set. stir ' occasionally nearly till cold. put lightlyi n t o a glass dish. add the Juiceof the Oranges and Lemon.-& ORANGE JELLY. Agar Agar or Iceland Moss ira the Water. but so far ithasnot provedsatisfactory. Agar Agar or Moss into a pan along with the rind and juice of the Lemons and the Sugar. Now put the Gelatine. Stir till dissolved. of Loaf Sugar 6 Oranges 1 Lemon 1 pint of Water 1 wineglassful of Cold Water Method.--5 t oz. IcelandMoss or Agar Agar 4 lumps af Sugar The Rind and Juice of 1 Lemon 4 pint of Cream % pint of Strawberry Syrup 13.-* For the making of this pudding 2 pints of Whortleberries. ought to have. oh Gelatine or Agar Agar 8 oz. Ingredients. * Gelatine. of Loaf Sugar 2 Lemons 2 Whites of Eggs Method. strain through a wet mould andturnout when muslin. Place on of the fire for a minute.-1 oz.-Soak the Gelatineor Agar Agar în the Water. Dutch Flummery. Take lb. Ingwdients. FRUIT SALAD. Orange Jelly. strain and allow to remain tillnearly cold. DUTCH FLUMMERY. of Devonshire or Raw Cream. Gelatine was used. stirring all the time. pour into wet mould and set aside till cold.-Take a large glass dish and put the fruit in alternate layers it into in the following order :-Orangesp finishing with a Bananas. add the whites of the Eggs wel# beaten. put into a basin and whip briskly with an egg-beater.--Soak the Gelatine. when dissolved. whisk all together for10 or 15 minutes when it: will be of the consistencyof sponge. a Colour with Cochineal. leavhg it as rocky as possible. Castor Sugar Whipped Cream or Glacé Cherries Method. 1 lb.W H I P P E D CREAM. I was anxious to substitute Agar Agar for the Gelatine. For t h e Whipped Cream or Glack Cherries on top. Boil 2 or 3 minutes.-l i c . and put. It sets well and makes a nice tasty dish but has not the firmness thata s p ~ l t ~ g e . layer of Oranges one and o€ Bananas.-Soak the Gelatine. I '1 L I Oranges peeled and sliced veryfinely 3 Pears peeled and sliced ' .putinto cold. wineglassfuls of Cold Water Nethod. Apples. Raspberry Jelly and Prme Mould.

e 'el z 35 c z M M 4 x k b * ~n - .

of Macaroni 4 Eggs 1 tablespoonful of Dried *Marjoram 1 tablespoonful of Parsley 1 saltspoonful of Powdered Mace Pepper and Saltto taste to make a good Breadcrumbs-sufficient consistency Method-Put the Butter into a pan over the fire until lightly browned. WhilethisisbeingdoneputtheMacaroniinto a lined pan well covered with water and cook fosr 20 minutes. turn out intobowl. and bake in a good oven for 20 minutes or fr hour. Have ready frying-pan with sufficient Butter to preventsticking. Oranges. Trifle. over. Apples. Use a cake with tin a loose bottom. pour a cupful of Gravy.-l+ e MAN LENTIL SOUP with Toasted Gramse Flakes. Now wash ~~~~~~~~~~~ e sieve. Mince Pies. Mace. Coffee. Christmas Pudding with Devonshire Cream. Peeled Tomatoes Potatoes.lineitwith Pastry. Marjoram. put in the mixture and bake or fry a light brown on both sides. 4 tin Italian. Now add stirringoccasionally topreventburning. cover with Pastry. Cheese and Biscuits. Almonds and Muscatels. Pepper i and Salt. mix with the ingredients a already cooked. fill with the cooked Omelette cut in pieces. WeetS.Method of Preparationa Ingredients. 4 ozs. the Tomatoes. and cook all together for k hour longer. made as directed. the 4 Eggs well beaten the and a hot roasting tin or Breadcrumbs. brush with Egg. ~~~~* N LENTIL SOUP. Cocoa Nut Cakes. lbs. Parsley. afterwards throw this -Water Put the Water mentioned in into an and when it boils put in the Eentiis. grease it wellwith Nutter. e Damson Pickles. decorate in the usual way. . put back into the ~~~~e~~~ Odin and Seasoning and serve. addtheOnions. Brussels Sprouts. cook about 15 minutes. I esserte Bananas. aked Mashed Potatoes. of German Lentils 6 Onions 1 Turnip 1 Parsnip 4 teaspoonful of Odin 4 quarts of Boiling Water Pepper and Salt to taste Pa t'ne Lentils and allow them to so& overnight ot or G d d Water. Apple Comlpote.

kr 'cn cil c ?1 n M W .

-l doz.add the Butter and Seasoning. Bake. They will be fit t o eat in about 6 weeks. Put the fruit into thejar in which you intend keeping it and pour the contents of the saucepan over it. Potatoes Pepper and Salt ethod. Cloves. Pepper and Salt.of Butter cups of fMldk 3 pints o f B o i h g Water ozs. ti41 Ttme required from 20 to 30 minutes. Ingnm%lzts. wipe off the bloom a n d prick each with a needle. SPROUTS. of Sugar 1 lb. (Pf Cheese oz. then boil till tender or till the skin is just cracked. Nuttose. Ib. GO& BAKED POTATOES. of Mixed Peel 2 ozs. Ingredients. of Butter IQ pints of Boiling Water Pepper and Salt totaste Method. of Pine Kernels 6 02s. They go well with any of the Nut -Meat preparations such as Protose. rub through the sieve. add the Butter and Seasoning. cover with Breadcrumbs and put pats of Butter here arrd there on top. I iB. l/I :i 1 l l t l &hod. of grated Apples l lb.Nowputinto a basin.boil from 10 to 15 minutes. of Macaroni 3 ozs. NOW put the Vinegar. M o w t o s t a n d for 24 hours. Meatose. of Bitter Almonds The grated rind of 2 Lemons l teaspoonful of Nutmeg 4 teaspoonful of Spice 2 teaspoonful of Cinnamon 1 saltspoonful of Salt 6 02s.: Ingredients. of Sweet Almonds 2 ozs. Time required from 1. Sugar.-l 9 oz. of Breadcrumbs l lb. Butter a pie dish and put in first a layer of Macaroni. Lastly put in the Milk. thoroughly wash in Cold W a t e r a n d when cleansed put into 4 quarts of Boiling Water. il1. Time II O to 15 minutes. and steam from 30 t o 40 minutes. of Sultanas 1 lb. of Currants 1 lb. of Breadcrumbs epper and Salt to taste + ethod. t o 2 hours.--Put the pulp and topsof the Tomatoes and the Onions into the Water. medium-sized Potatoes 2 Onions 1 O Z . etc. of MASHED POTATOE S. put into steamer over a a pan of Boiling Water.-Peel and wash the Potatoes. put into a very hot vegetable dish and serve. CHRISTMAS PUDDING. of Nutter A very little Water . MACARONI CHEESE.mashwith a fork. which has been previously put through the Ida Nut Mill. Peeland wash theOnionsand put them and the Potatoes into pie dish and fiIl up with a Boiling Water. of Brussels Sprouts. Mace and Cinnamon into a saucepan and boil for 15 minutes. a little Butter. Qowhich a little Salt has been added and a small piece of Soda. of Raisins 1 lb. Cook till tender. of Flour 1 lb. according to size of Potatoes and heat oven.Method. Tie down while hot.put back 'into the pan with t h e Butter. strain.-Take the Damsons or Plums.-Wash and peel the Potatoes and put into a pan OP clean Water. BRUSSELS 1 l Take 4 lbs.-+ lb.--B Ingredients. Bakehour. of Butter doz. andso on till the pie dish is filled. Pepper and Salt and Tomato Ketchup. then oneof Cheese.--Put thecaroniilltothe Boiling -water and let i t til4 quite tender and all the -Water is absorbed..

. z- % M I-” k 3.I z.

. -I 3.r( .c. +. r G I t 8 Q) cd M 2 s n: Y I/) 3: s cd cd Q) 2w C À u a O i3 h c u M Q) ! z P . . . d) . Q) cc t rì a rn d) cd cd d w +. .

I v3 E! Z Z c M +1 F P 3 Q c- l .rs "%I s J.

SUPPER. ? DINNER. Macaroni Cheese Baked Tomatoes Cucumber Radishes Mustard and Cress Prune Tart Stewed Apples Clotted Cream Wholemeal and White Bread and Butter Fresh Fruit and Nuts kitter Golden Syrup Honey Ftwit and Nuts Saturday lirth. Tornata Soup Porridge of Quaker Oats New Milk Fried Eggs on Toast DINNER. German Lentil SOUP Fried Dice of Bread Tomato and Onion Pie Savoury Rice Rissoles with Brown Gravy Steamed Parsnips Steamed Carrots Steamed Potatoes Banana Fritters Stewed Pears Clotted Cream Fruit and Nuts SUPPER. l ’ Protose Cottage Pie Steamed Onions Stewed Apples Pine Apple Chunks Boiled Custard Wholemeal and White Bread and Butter N u t Rolls Fruit and huts j Triscuit N . BREAKFAST.

z .

I l i I PurBe of Green Peas 4 I I I B ì I I ! i' . BREAKFAST.Thursday 76th. I Oat Meal Porridge New Fried Tomatoes and Haricot Wholemeal and White Bread an TriScuit Nut Rolls Marmalade Honey Golden Syrup Fruit and Nuts DINNER.

*... ..... ..... .. . Lentil Green Corn ...... .. .... .. . .. ...... r * L . ....... Asparagus ... ..... . . ...... ....... . . .. . ... . . ..... .. . . Broad . .. ... .. . Maggi's . .. . Menu No ... .. .. .. .. .... ... . . ... ~ ~ .. ... ... 40 37 -29 42 7 33 2 42 3 23 4 35 44 56 7 .. .. .... ... ~ LI ... ... * .2 26 38 39 -9 28 .. z T ~ ~ n~ Whlte . ......*. ....... ....... .... Quaker Oat . German ........ . .. .. f .. o ... ...... . Artichoke . .. . ... .. Barley...... .. .......... . .. . Rice .. 1- l. .... Pea .. Leek .. .. . . ... ... ....... .. .. ... . .. .. 22 Harico22 Byowll...... .. f .. ................ ... .* ............ ... . . Corn Green ..e SOUPS Almond . . . . .. . .. . ... ..... .. __ 7) and Tonlaia French...... ~ ~ ~~ .. . ..... .. ... . . Carrot . . I l .. Cauliflower .... . .. .. Brown *.. t * ' .... Chestntlt . .. . ....... . . ... I .. l L J P I p' . -~ ~~ ~~ ~ .. . . ... .. ............ . 1... ..... ... ... . ..... . ... . Chervil ... .. . . .. Bloomfield . .. .. .. Butter .. ...-.. .. .. . Swiss . .... . .... Potato .. . Marmite . .... .. .. Haricot. . . . ....... . . . .. . .... Bean. I ... Salsify .. French . .. . GermanBean . .. .. .. .. ........ ... .. ... Scotch .... . .. ............. . I I ~ - Green Split ...... ... .. . .... ... . .... . 1 ... r:Egyptian Lentil . ... . . . ... ... .... .. .. ........ ...... ... .. ... White . .. Onion . and Tomato .. Egyptian . . * . .... . ..... ... . ....... . . Mushroom ...... . f .. ... .. .. .. ...... . . .. I .. . . ....... . .. . . .. . .. Savoury . .............. . .... . ..... Pearl .. .... .... ....... .. . ......... ...... .. .... ... 13 41 3 ... .. .. ..... Lentil.... ..... ..Herb .... . .. ... ........ . . ... .......... . ........ .. ... .. .. .. ..... .. 1 iG 32 11 22 25 8 24 27 .. .... .... . Pearl Harley .. . .... ...... .... .Parpip Pea -Flour (Tasty) ..c .... ... ....

.. . s . 35 . ... *.. Scotch Leek .. . .. . .. . .. Savoury Eggs . 32 .. e.. Macaroni.. ... *........ 5 >. .. .... Mock White.*s 1. ... . . . .. ... ..... ...... ....... Meatose . ... .. ..... .. . White Fish with Parsley Sauce. 27 .... 34 with Protose Stuffing .... . Dinner for 50 people ... o m ?. Breakfast at Dartmoor House Figh. 19 Goose.. . s.. 4 . .... ... Turkey.. .. ...... Savoury. . 39 36 ". Dinner for 50 people.. SOUffl6 .. . ... Steak 42 . ..Meal.. 7 L ..... .......... 39 Darioles of Eggs ... ...i& . ... . . . . ... .. . . 30 .... ... . IVlacaroni .. .. . .. .... Dinner for 50 people . ........ 39 ... .. .... 9.. 41 Vegetable Curry with Boiled Rice .. . . . ... . . ..... 25 . . Turnip ....... Dinner Xmas . . Swiss Potato . . .s . Mock..... .. . 16 ?... ... 9.. . I 99 9.. 38 . 38 Haricot Beans andTomatoes. ... . 19 ..... . . ... ..... Dinner for 50 people 99 5 . .....) a la Turque with Tomato Sauce.. *.... Xmas Dimer . . 13 1 ..... ... ..... .. .... 21 5 Sausages..... Savoury. Meals at Dartmoor House Protose Cottage Pie with Brown Gravy ... Sausages with Brown Gravy . Marrow .. ..... ..... 28 Cheese. . ... D. . Spinach Split Pea . ... . . ..... .. .... . .... April 1 l t h ... Xmas Dinner . 20 Celery Fritters with Celery Sauce ... Steamed Cucumber with Butter Sauce . . ... 33 Tomato Cutlets . .. . . . .. .. ... ... *. ... .. .... .... Cucumber Pine Kernels and Tomatoes... .. 7' Stuffed Tomatoes. 25 and Savoury Tomato ....... Oyster ....... ...o .. 10 . . 36 Cucumber ... .. . . . . ... .. .... 44 French Cutlets Fried Protose with Tomatoes .s... . ... with Brown Gravy . . Breakfast at Dartmoor House . . .. . .. Meatose Pie . people . .. B ...... ... ...*..." 1 Mince Fritters ..... .. Xmas Dinner ..I .... Toast . . 16 and Egg Savoury ......... 1... 29 ..... . 8 ... . Rice Fritters ..... Meals at Dartmoor House .. Tapioca ~asty (Pea FIO*& Tonlato and Barley .. ...... ... Tomatoes with Fried Potatoes ?? Haricot Beans. 14 **...... 1. . 11 .. Pickled Damsons . f *. . .. . .... ..... Turkey with Appb Sauce . with Parsley Sauce. ... \ . Patties with Tomato Sauce . 2 Spanish Cheese Dish . . ... ... .. ....... .*.INDEX-continued. Irish Stew... with Sauce Tomato .. 14 Stew Irish Cutlets Italian ... . . . ..... .. . 79 . .. . .. ... ....... .... ..... . . ..... .... . Spanish C.... 2 Chestnut Pie . with Red Currant Jelly:'Dinner for i 6 ..a 9. . .. . . ... . with Apple Sauce .-. .. .... .. Sausages withBrown Gravy -.-.. Rissoles with Wed Currant Jelly -*. ........ ...Meals at Dartmoor House ... 37 .. .... ... .._... ....-..... ..Fried.. 22 .*.... .... ...=. .... Brown Vegetable .... .... .... Raised Pie. ... .. .. . Scrambled Eggs .. .o 1 ..... . House . .. .. 4 ... Xmas Diilner . G 1.. 31 . with Brown Gravy..... . .. Menu No....... ....*. ... .. . .. .. and Onion Pie.Dinner for 50 people Daiish Chicken Patties with Bread Sauce ... . . .. Chestnut Pie............. . I .. . Savoury ... 1Meaís at Dartmoor .. . . 19 . . ...... 12 Lentil Fritters ... . ... . *.. .... Omelet . 18 Mock Beef Steaks . . o . .... Goose with Brown Gravy.... .... 85... . .. . .. I. ..... 1 .. .. Omelet ....... . Pudding .. .. .... .. . ..... ..... . ..... Egg and Savoulry .. . Cutlets .. .... . .... .... Pie........ .. ... . . Xmas Dinner .. .. andTomatoes. ..... .-. 7 . ..... . . ... ... .. .. ..... 17 . . .........* 26 ...... ..... 15 Macaroni Bignettes . ...... 23 Mushroom Pie 26 ....... Dinner for people 50 . Menu No.. 24 Quaker Oat Rissoles . 9 ?. . . . .. 15.. .... ....... .. .. Savoury .... ... . . . .. .. 40 Parsnip Fritters with 4VThite Sauce Patties. .... ... a . 36 19 28 22 43 13 G 30 34 10 17 24 Butter Bean Pie ....... 43 Egg and Cucuniber Savoury Dinner for 50 people Eggs. ...... . .. .... ... at Dartmoor H Q U S ~ .9 Pudding -...*.. 31 . ......* . ... ............ Scrambled . . .. . . 3 Cheese.. .... s . 21 . ..... .. . ... Mock.. ..

.... ......... ... 29 ..... I . ~ ~ ~ ~~ m .. . 24 Christmas Pudding with Devonshire Cream. ... Broad Dinner Beans. . .... 28 Cauliff ower. e * . . 33 Cream ...... ... .. . . 21 . ... .. 42 .. ..... . -. f. ... ....... .. . 13 Apricot Preserve Pudding . 40 B o k d Artichokes ... .. . . ..... .* Menu No.. .. 16 . . 28 Cucumber .. .9. . .... f . ...s ...* ... m. .. 43 Tomatoes .. .. 37 roasted in their Skins. 10. .-. i 32..... i. .. .. . Dinner for 50 people ... 23. ... 28 0 1. Dinner for 50 people...... . .. v . Dartmoor Pudding . ... q . .... .... ...... . 44 Cabbage . . ........ . 4. . .... Xmas Dinner ís... 19 Cabinet. ...s. . .I . . ... 1. ..t . . . .. ... 10. . . .. .. . . I .. . Vegetable Marrow .. .. .. 27 Cucumbers Fried ......... l12 Chocolate Crean1 .... . 3 Potato Balls ... 1l . . 25. .. 1s . . 99 .... .... . f .... .*. .. .15.. ..... .. and Raisin Puiding ..... 14 . *... .. . ......... Steamed ... . .... 19. o . .. boiled Dinner for 56) people .. Damsons... ... 34 7... I .. INDEX-continued. . . ... Artichokes....*..... . . with Cream or Sauce . 25 ....f.... Turnips Dinner for 50 people . .. Steamed .... . Parsley Tornato White . . Potatoes. 6.... ... Lettuce . 32... Potato Chips .... .... . . Parsnips ... 42 9.. 28 Plums. e . 15.. . ... 35 7.. . Green Peas Dinner for 50 people . ... Tart .. . . ..... . ... ... ...... . .. .s . Brown Gravy Celery . .. . .. 17.. 1 ... ....... .. . .. .. . . French Beans .. ...I . .. ... . . 24. Fried .. 30 .. .... . .. ........ o . ..20.... .. . ... t..... .. 31 with Melted Butter Sauce .... Corn Flour Shape . . .. 6. ......... . 27 . 3.. 34...I N DEX-co?ztinued. .. ... ... . 14 ... 6 ).... and O... f .... 33... Bread ...... .. . . ... . .. Dimer for 50 people Dutch Flummery Pudding Sauce Fig with Lemon .. .. . .......... . 12..... Steamed D.. . .. .... 24 Potatoes baked in their S k i m 5. Menu No. Dinner Xmas Pudding.. ..... .. 11 Carrots... .. a s. . Rice . . I . 8 .. ... . . . ........ Stewed with white Sauce . 29.... . .. . e ... ... 26 Stewed Artichokes ... . .. ....... .... . . . . a....... . Compote . .. Boiled . 39 .I..... .. .. 21 Steamed ... ... . for 50 people ...... ... 26 ... . f ... . 32 .. 1 . .. 42.. f . Pudding with Raw or Devonsh& .nions .. ... . 10 ..... . ... ..... .... 23’ Coffee Jelly with Whipped Cream . ..-.. . . f ... 7. 17........ ...... 29... . ... . .23.... . 39 ). .... ... German Tart..... Xmas Dinner 22 Cbcoanut Pudding . .. 22. 42 ). ...... . 1. . .. . ... Open . .. 3-0 Cranberry Pie ... 16 St&imë¿f Carrots ~...... .. .. ... 44 ..... 38 ). . ... a . . Spinach .. Custards. 4... 49. ... ... . 2 Mashed Potatoes.... a. .. v . *. .. .. . . Brussel Xmas Sprouts. I . .... s s.. .. 39 . . ....... ..e 1 . .. I .. . . .. m. . 32...40 . boiled .. 9 ... . .. . . **. . 33. .. 26 Cheltenham ?.. Dried Peas ..... f.. 6 ... .. . ... French Pancake with Sliced Lemon and Sugar ... ... 8..1: i-: .... . Xmas D i m e r 4 .. 31... 32 .. . ... . . . .. 21.. .. ..f ... titewed 3 ... ~ . Dinner . 2 Celeri... . .. ?.. Trifle -. Potatoes. .. . .. ... 12...27... 43 Salad Dinner for 50 people .e . Dinner for 50 people 37 9 2s 6 40 ...... boiled C.. Ctlrly Greens .. 22. . Golden Pudding 36 Greehgage Fritters ..*. . .... . .... .... .... . baked .. a .... e . .... ... .. .. . ... .. . 36. 39 Cucumbers.. ... . New... . ... 17.. ... -... Stewed Fr& Salad ..... 16. q .. 38... . baked. s . 35 A&e Charlotte . Almond Pudding . 13 steamed . . 35.. .. ... .... . 7 .... .... .. j. s . 14 Tomatoes . .. .. 1. 25 Ve&able Salad Dinner for 50 people .... 19. L . Rice Damson.. 37 Baked Artichokes . ... . . ..... . 20. 18 Asparagus boiled . 30. .. f . 13 ). 36 77 Chips .. .. ....... .L... . 41 7. Spinach . ... Custard Pudding ..) Spanish Onions . Broccoli ...