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The Supreme Court of India has pronounced its majority judgement on the Writ Petition of Narmada Bachao Andolan in December, 2000 allowing the construction of Sardar Sarovar Dam as per the Award of the Narmada Water Disputes Tribunal( NWDT). 10,799 project affected families have been allotted house plots and 10,207 families allotted agricultural land up to September, 2000. Catchment area of 1,34,832 ha. has been treated up to November, 2000. Compensatory afforestation work has been carried out in an area of 45,551 ha.

NARMADA CONTROL AUTHORITY CONSTITUTION, FUNCTIONS AND COMPOSITION In pursuance of the decision of the Narmada Water Disputes Tribunal under Clause XIV of its final order, the Government of India framed the Narmada Water Scheme, which, inter-alia, constituted the Narmada Control Authority and Review Committee, in 1980, for proper implementation of the decisions and directions of the Tribunal. The Narmada Control Authority has been vested with powers for the implementation of the orders of the Tribunal with respect to the storage, apportionment, regulation and control of the Narmada waters, sharing of power benefits from Sardar Sarovar Project (SSP), regulated release of water by Madhya Pradesh, acquisition of land likely to be submerged under the Sardar Sarovar Project by the concerned States, compensation, resettlement and rehabilitation of the oustees, sharing of costs and implementation of the environmental safeguard measures. The Authority is headed by the Secretary, Ministry of Water Resources, Government of India, as its Chairman, with Secretaries of the Union Ministries of Power, Environment and Forests, Social Justice and Empowerment and Tribal Welfare, Chief Secretaries of the four party States, one Executive Member and three full-time Members appointed by

SUB-GROUPS/ SUB-COMMITTEES The Authority had constituted the following discipline based sub-groups : Resettlement and Rehabilitation Sub-group under the Chairmanship 1. Union Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment. or the Secretary to the Government of India. the Sardar Sarovar Project and other project related matters were discussed. Narmada Main Canal Sub-committee under the Chairmanship of the Executive Member. Environment sub-group under the Chairmanship of Secretary. grant stay of any order of the Authority pending final decision or review. MEETINGS The Narmada Control Authority held two meetings during the year in July and November. In urgent cases. Union 3. 2. Narmada Control Authority. Narmada Control Authority. Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment. on an application of the Government of any party State. 2000. Narmada Control Authority. one meeting each of Rehabilitation Committee. 4. The Review Committee of the Narmada Control Authority (RCNCA) headed by the Union Minister of Water Resources may suo-moto or on the application of any party State or Secretary to the Government of India. 2000 in which issues relating to resettlement and rehabilitation. Ministry of Environment and Forests. Member. Union Ministry of Environment & Forests. review any decision of the Authority. Hydromet Sub-group under the Chairmanship of the Executive 5. RESETTLEMENT AND REHABILITATION ACTIVITIES The Resettlement and Rehabilitation Policy for the affected persons of Sardar Sarovar Project (SSP) is based on the decisions and final orders of the Narmada Water Disputes Tribunal (NWDT) Award. Rehabilitation Committee under the Chairmanship of Secretary. Power Sub-committee under the Chairmanship of Member (Power). environment. the Chairman of the Review Committee may. and four part time Engineering Members nominated by the party States. of Secretary.the Central Government. as Members. Considering the . Two meetings of the Resettlement and Rehabilitation Sub-group. Environment Sub-group and Narmada Main Canal Sub-committee were held up to the end of December. 6. Ministry of Environment and Forests.

Compensatory afforestation work has been carried out in an area of 45551 ha. if any. In the Sardar Sarovar Project. electrification.799 families and agricultural land has been allotted to 10. In addition. taken by the Sardar Sarovar Project for submergence and . transit sheds.34. etc.832 ha. 2000. A management information system using a computer network with participating States and the coordinating Ministry of Government of India is being developed in the NCA. 2000. productive assets. all the three participating States have formulated their own policies which contain more liberal provisions than those envisaged in the Narmada Water Disputes Tribunal (NWDT) Award. out of the total targeted area of 1. and employment to some of them. Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment. Draft guidelines for conservation and development of Fisheries in the reservoir. religious places. tree platforms. has been treated upto November. streams and rivulets are on the anvil.180 ha. for catchment area treatment of directly draining subwatersheds. a Rehabilitation Committee headed by Union Secretary for Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment also makes field visits to the submergence villages and R&R sites and the observations/ suggestions of the Committee are being complied with by all the party State Governments. Out of a total of 40. insurance cover and civic amenities like primary schools. Relevant environmental action plans are also in place and at an advanced stage of implementation. an area of 1. can be managed with the help of safeguards being implemented. Further studies to firm up to mitigative measures are continuing. chaired by Secretary to the Government of India. wells. and with a view to improving the living conditions of these people.79. panchayat ghar. dispensaries. ENVIRONMENTAL SAFEGUARD MEASURES All studies relating to the clearance of Sardar Sarovar Project and Indira Sagar Project have been completed. The studies so far conducted have shown that the positive impacts. house plots have been allotted to 10.835 project affected families (PAFs). against a total target of 46.943 ha. hand-pumps. This work is being done in lieu of 17.socio-economic and cultural background of the population being displaced.358 ha. The project affected families are also provided subsistence allowance. The R&R progress is being closely monitored by an effective and impartial monitoring machinery known as the Resettlement and Rehabilitation Sub-group of NCA. ex-gratia. children park.232 families upto November. rehabilitation grant.

residential colony. A hump of 3. all the three party State Governments have constituted independent Grievance Redressal Authorities (GRA) to find out whether resettlement and rehabilitation measures as mandated by NWDT award have substantially complied.02.420 ha. an action plan has been prepared and preventive and curative measures are being implemented in the project and command areas and at rehabilitation sites as far as the health related issues are concerned. retired Chief Justice of Mumbai High Court. While the GRA of Gujarat is headed by Mr.0 m. to 85. Epidemiological surveillance studies are also making progress.D. in the hon’ble Supreme Court. mainly seeking a comprehensive review of the Project. Kurdukar. A three Judge Bench of the Supreme Court heard the matter since then. respectively.031 ha.07.0 m (which remained at EL-80. a Writ Petition (Civil) No. 319/ 1994 on the Sardar Sarovar Project. Desai. CASE AGAINST SSP IN THE HON’BLE SUPREME COURT On 15.945 ha. an area of 42. Compensatory afforestation work has been carried out in an area of 70.456 ha.05. the GRA’s of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra are headed by Mr. The Apex Court pronounced . high humps necessary for the safety of the dam. The Hon’ble Court vide its order dated 19. Justice G. height was also constructed on top of the raised height of the Dam for the safety of the structures during large floods. has been treated upto November. Justice S. Retired Judge of Supreme Court. This work is being done in lieu of 41.3 m. saddle dam and approach roads. Retired Chief Justice of Patna High Court and Mr.1999 permitted the State of Gujarat to raise the level of the dam to reservoir level 85. out of a total targeted area of 73.3 m vide earlier directions of Supreme Court) excluding the 3 m.G. 2000 till 09. Justice P.04. for catchment area treatment of directly draining sub-watersheds.resettlement and rehabilitation in Maharashtra. On the directions of the Hon’ble Court. 2000. Baseline data have been collected. and the final orders were reserved. against a total target of 80. Accordingly.P. Sohani. with the Union of India and the four party States as respondents. dam. the Government of Gujarat raised the height of Dam (Block 30 – 46) from 80. the Narmada Bachao Andolan had filed. The case was heard by the Hon’ble Court continuously since February. used by the Indira Sagar Project for submergence.2000. power house complex.1994.325 ha.0 m.2000 and the court directed the GRA’s to submit an interim report with regard to their findings concerning R&R measures on or before 01. In the Indira Sagar Project.

2000. BHEL.85 crore for implementation of Real TimeData Acquisition System (RTDAS) Network comprising 26 Remote Stations (RS) and aMaster . 12.its majority judgement (three judge bench is divided by 2 : 1 i. comprising time of day metering system has been awarded to M/s INTRAX. 3. The court has also directed the NCA to draw up an action plan for the construction of the dam and related relief and rehabilitation measures within four weeks from the date of its judgement. The Environment Sub-group also would give clearance for further construction of dam at each stage beyond 90 m. two in favour and one against) on 18. A contract was signed with M/s ECIL inSeptember.e. 6 months in advance) in respect of each stage.2000 and disposed off the Writ Petition. All the equipments for this package have been received and installation has been completed. The time frame decided by NCA envisages the completion of R&R of balance Project Affected Families (PAFs) and construction of dam in four stages i. 2003. which shall be given in consultation with the three Grievance Redressal Authorities. and on the clearance by the R&R Sub-group of NCA. air-conditioning. EL 110.11.0 m and FRL 138. ENERGY MANAGEMENT CENTRE AND HYDROMET NETWORK The Narmada Control Authority has planned the setting up of an Energy Management Centre at Indore at a cost of Rs.0 m. EL 100. The total work was divided into four packages. The construction of the dam was permitted upto plus 90 m and further raising of dam will only be pari-passu with the implementation of R&R measures. As per this decision the construction of dam shall continue as per the award of the Tribunal. EL 121.68 m by June of 2002. respectively. Package-III comprises allied equipment for the Energy Management Centre.69 crore for monitoring the sharing of power generated at Sardar Sarovar Project by the Party States. Packages I and II comprising Micro processor based remote terminal units and personal computer based Data Acquisition System have been awarded to M/s. 2004 and 2005.e. multi-channel voice logging recorder etc.e.0 m. the issue related to preparation of R&R Action Plan/ Time frame was discussed in the 61st meeting of NCA held on 17. Package IV. The related R&R activities for each stage shall be completed by December of the previous year (i. like diesel generating set. The supplies of equipments under various packages have been completed and their installation is under progress. Almost all the equipment for Packages I & II have been received and their installation is in progress. In compliance to above directions. 1996 for an amount of Rs.10.

and 15 out of the 26 Remote Sensing Stations hasbeen energized to receive the data through INSAT-2-B. . and the remaining 11stations are also in the process of installation/ energisation. depending upon their configuration. The share contribution for establishment of Hydromet Network is given presently on the basis of the adhoc formula.rainfall. radiation.Control Centre (MCC) located at Indore. till the issue is finally resolved by RCNCA. The MCCat Indore has been established. evaporation. Madhya Pradesh.The Remote stations. relative humidityand ambient temperature and transmit the same. construction of buildings for staff quarters/ office complex and setting up of Energy Management Centre is to be borne out of the Narmada Control Authority fund. REDRESSAL OF STAFF GRIEVANCES No staff grievance is pending in the Authority. contributions to which are made by the participating States of Gujarat.The software for the Water Management System for flood forecasting andintegrated reservoir operations in the Narmada basin is being developed. via INSAT-2-B to the MCC. willautomatically collect various hydrometeorological data such as water level. TheProject is at an advanced stage of implementation and is likely to be testedduring the monsoon of 2001. Maharashtra and Rajasthan equally. BUDGET AND FINANCE The expenditure incurred by the Authority on office expenses. wind speed and direction.