Society and Moral values

Society comprise of people living around. It is said that man is a rational animal and because we are gifted with the rationality that is to think in that sense, persons are superior to other living beings. Because of this rationality man always progressed and discovered innovates on account of which progress in the field of Science, economics, politics etc. has been made possible. Today society left far behind the old traditional culture, ethics and morality and perhaps for this reason today our society is prone to more problems and conflicts of interest which has resulted in disturbing the peace, tranquility and harmony which otherwise considered as sine-quo-non of a given society. A progressive society brought with it a very fast and busy life also problems associated with multiple competitions; man is compelled to keep himself in the mindset of competition and this force person to violate morality and moral values. A person does not have time to regulate his life according to natural principles, in order to acquire fast reputation, money and fame he adopt shortcuts in life and in the process invite problems for himself. The moral values are very important for a person to live a peaceful and meaningful life but the value of morality is losing ground and are kept on the back sit, people do not have time to ponder over importance of moral principles and therefore they do not keep interest in finding a place for this values in their day to day life. Today society is witnessing a multiple crimes, white colour criminals some how manage to stay out of ambit of the criminal laws. Whatever laws we are having and whatever system which is prevailing in the society finds its helplessness to book the criminals and the overall peace in the society is at stake. This is because today society do not take interest in moral values and day by day giving prime importance to the materialistic world we do not have peep inside our heart but people are always fascinated by the beauty, money, luxuries what they see outside and fall prey

character is more important then cleverness and ultimately heart of a person keep an edge over brain if we understand the purpose of the life. we should always remember that if society wants to remain in harmony and peace. Ultimately he either lives for himself or used that money for the benefits of himself. This all happens because he never gives due important to moral values and ethics. It will not be over emphasizing if I state here them and adapt illegal methods to acquire this beautiful things what they see outside and as a result spoiled their life by inviting miseries and problems. we should be natural as far as possible. Self-restrains are important in life. ultimately we should remember that we all are human beings and humanity is the great policy. we will be always on the proper track. this opportunity should be utilized properly we should understand what we have to do. limits are important parameters for us observe. whether if they adopt the path which is followed by them will make their life meaningful which should not be forgotten that human life a precious gift given to a mankind by God. Nature is the biggest teacher. misunderstanding etc. creed and different religion. hate rate. We have to keep under control the vices like ego. attitude is very important then ability. today people in the society realize this and instate of running after the vices should think and practice the good virtues and then only a peaceful society can come into existence where everybody will respect each other. Temptations may come but a self restrain can guide us to a respectable life and ultimately we will have every reason to be happy at the end. son will . In society we will find persons with different culture. cast. all religion leads us towards peace. affection and respect. It is heart time indeed. morality is important then modality. World is very beautiful we have to make it more beautiful by given to the people in the society love. how we have to do that and why we have to do that. he lives as if he will never die and he dies as if he never live. to think about the society around us their way of life. today everybody strike to earn money and whatever he earns finally he spends for his sickness. harmony and ecstasy.

respect his parents. and in this way we can hope seeing the haven on this earth. student will respect his teachers etc. Shakunta Gurav .. Written by ….

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