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Assessment Committee Meeting Minutes

Executive Board
January 15, 2009 3:00-5:00 in Room 3603

Members Present: Claire Stuart-Quintanilla, Jane Reynolds, Marietta McDuffy, Hope

Essien, Stephanie Owen, Lisa Owens, Michael Callon, Lois Collins

Members Absent: Akiza Boddie-Willis

Minutes taken by Stephanie Owen, Recorder

I. Old business
• HLC conference will not be paid for by the district
II. Resource Room
• Still waiting for room to be completed
• Printer purchased already so we don’t have to incur those costs
• CM Winters Palacio, Faculty Development Coordinator, has purchased
files and book cabinets. We will go with her decision as long as we don’t
go beyond the amount we originally agreed to pay for
• Lois will have to get a new cart through Office Depot since Demco is not
a “preferred” vendor
• Will continue to meet in room 3603 until we hear we can move into
resource room
• Vice-President O’Malley contacted Claire to ask if the committee might
be interested in administering the CCSSE
• Jane Reynolds only agreed to it if we had a plan for administering the test,
getting all faculty involved in administering it, and we actually did
something with the gathered data
• General Education programs are only administered the CCSSE, not career
programs. The test takes about 45 minutes and all faculty will need to be
told ahead of time
• Last time it was administered was in 2006 with good results
• Positives of administering it again is because previous results were good,
we have the 2006 data we can compare the new results with, and may
work out since we now have a functioning Assessment Committee. The
results can also be shared with the Retention Committee
• Drawbacks include having the conduct the CCSSE and the ongoing SLP
may be overwhelming
• Action Item: Someone needs to find the 2006 Data
• Action Item: Need to determine who will purchase the test
• So move…Lois Collins moves to accept doing the CCSSE
• Seconded by Marietta McDuffy
• More than ½ of the results haven’t been turned in
• Everyone from General Education turned in scores, but very few from
Career programs did

Assessment Committee Meeting 01-15-09 1

Minutes taken by Stephanie Owen
• Need to find out who administered the test but perhaps didn’t score or turn
them in so we can get them to finish up and turn into Dean Javior
• Phlebotomy has them, unscored
• Radiology did not administer the exam
• Nursing did not turn them into Dean Javior but was told they administered
them. Action item: Need to follow up with nursing faculty
• Mortuary Science says they did them but Dean Javior hasn’t received
• Physician’s Assistant did not administer them
• Renal said they did, but haven’t turned them in yet. Action item: follow
up with Renal faculty
• Child Development, Dean Javior has their results
• Surgical Technology administered but was scored wrong. Results are no
• Respiratory Care, has them, but did not turn into Dean Javior.
• According to Dean Javior, he has scores from 1400 pre-test, but for the
post-test, he only received 500. These post-test numbers may also change
once Dean Javior determines which are useable and which are not.
• Action item: Confirm with Dean Javior who hasn’t turned them in.
• Need to address why there was a breakdown in communication

• Some of the reasons for breakdown in communication:

• Career programs split under two deans: Luc Elie: Phlebotomy,
Respiratory Care, Physicians Assistant, Child Development, and
Business. Michael White: Radiology, Nursing, Mortuary Science,
Renal, and Surgical Tech.
• It isn’t clear on what is the most effective way to communicate with
career programs
• Dean of Instructions suggested before talking with the Career program
Dean, send an email to those who didn’t administer the post-test and ask
them why they didn’t administer it. Also, those who didn’t turn them in,
but have them, encourage them to score and turn them in immediately.
• Have a discussion at the next regular committee meeting on why it didn’t
get completed.
V. Department Assessment Plan
• Each full group meeting will be spent on one component of the
Department Assessment Plan template.
• Need to ask how the committee can assist departments on completing their
department plan.
• Consensus: Everyone felt using the full group meeting, as a
“workshop”/mentorship approach would be best use of time – half of the
meeting time will be used to talk about business, the other half for the
assessment plan workshop.
• Every program needs to be ready to implement their department
assessment plan by Fall 2009

Assessment Committee Meeting 01-15-09 2

Minutes taken by Stephanie Owen
• Action item: Need to exam previous department assessment plans
• Action item: Stephanie Owen will gather some additional department
assessment plans found on the Internet.
• All SLOs should be standardized ones and encouraging everyone to bring
their mission statement and standardized SLOs to first meeting.
• Departments/Programs will work in groups as followed: Group 1: Math,
Chemistry/Physics, and Biology. Group 2: Social Science, English, and
Library. Group 3: Respiratory Care, Radiography, Child Development,
and EMT. Group 4: Surgical Technology, Renal, Phlebotomy, and
Business. Group 5: Nursing, CMA, Mortuary Science, and Physician’s
• Provide assistance through involving Master Faculty and getting speakers
who know about certain components of the DAP template – for example,
getting a member from the Mission Statement Committee to come and talk
to us
VI. Miscellaneous
• By-laws are still waiting to be approved
• Executive Committee election is in April
• Assessment Day materials came in. Will save for the Spring assessment
day. Will discuss this at the next Executive Board meeting
VII. Adjournment
• Meeting adjourned at 5:10.

Assessment Committee Meeting 01-15-09 3

Minutes taken by Stephanie Owen