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Complete with have /has:


1.Tom not been to Scotland. 6.Mary.. lost her umbrella. 2you finished your task? 7...the sun come up? 3.They..gone to the theatre. 8.The children .found the puppy. been to London? 9. been a vegetarian? 5.We .never eaten Italian food. 10.I not worked since April. (10x1p=10p) II. Encircle the right answer: 1.I .today. 4.She him for a long time. a) have not worked a) has seen b) worked b) has not seen 2. We .a new lamp. .to your boss? a) have bought a) have written b)did not buy b) has written. 3.He .five letters yet. 6.They justthe test paper. a) has not written a) have finished b) have written b)finished 7. already the book? a) chose b) have chosen (7x2p=14p) III.Answer with YES/ NO: SENTENCE 1.Have you written a poem? 2.Has she bought a dress? 3.Have they been at school? 4.Has he seen this picture? 5.Have you learnt your lesson? IV.Complete the dialogues: YES ANSWER Yes, I have. NO ANSWER No, I havent.


Example:Have you bought this book? Yes, I have. 1.Has he sold his bike? Yes, he. 2. Have they watched this film? Yes, they.

When did you buy it? I bought it last week.

When heit? Heit two weeks ago. When ..they.this film? Theyit last Sunday. (6x1p=6p)

V. Write the verb tense for each verb: present/present perfect/past .1.calls ....... 2. called present perfect.. 3. has called .4. lived... 5. havent lived..6. live .7. has built.. 8. buildspast..9.built present 10. drinks11.drank.12. has drunk 13dont make ......14. didnt make..... 15. havent made .16.spoke..17.have spoken..18.speaks 17.didnt buy ..18.buy19.has bought 19.have met. 20.meets. (20x1p=20p) VI.Turn the following sentences into negative and interrogative? 1.He has just drunk a jug of milk. 2.We have written two poems until now. 3.I have joined the sports club. 4.She has already eaten a piece of cake. 5.They have never been to the North Pole. (5x2p=10p) VII.Write a page in a diary (no more than 100 words)! (20p) (10p for free)