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SOLAPUR UNIVERSITY, SOLAPUR Revised Structure of Syllabus for Semester , Sub:-Geography Class:-B.A.

PART II SEMESTER IV Paper Title:- RESOURCE GEOGRAPHY OF MAHARASHTRA (RGM) ( I. D. S.Paper-II ) Code No: - IOG-2 B Course No-IOG-202B Lecture per week: -4 Total Marks: - 50

Objectives Main Objectives of the course is to Synthesize Students with various factors of Maharashtra in respect of various resource SEMESTER IV RGM Content of Course Sub Topic

Unit No. 1

Name of The Topic

Total Lectures

Soil Resources in Maharashtra

1. Importance of soil resources 2. Major soil types and their distribution 3. Degradation of soil resources 4. Need of conservation of soil and sustainable development of soil resources.


Biotic Resources in Maharashtra Part-I

Forest resources 1. Importance of forest as a resource 2. Types and Distribution of forest 3. Need of conservation of Forest and sustainable development of forest resources.


Biotic Resources in Maharashtra Part-II

Fisheries. Fisheries and Economic Development. 1. Types of Fisheries (Coastal and Inland) 2. Fish production and Conservation


Human Resources in Maharashtra

1. Population as a Resources 2. Distribution of Population 3. Growth of Population 4. Composition of Population 5. Migration of Population 6. Human Resources Development in Maharashtra


Practical (Theory only)

1. Importance of Resources Survey 2. Types of Resources Survey 3. Importance of Population Survey


List of Reference Books Sr. No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Name of the Book & Publishers Name of the Author

Geography of Maharashtra National Book Trust of C.D.Deshpande India. New Delhi. Water Resource Geography and Law Scientific Publishers-Jodhpur Geography and Resource Analysis Joha willey and Sons, New York. Economic Development of Maharashtra ( Maharashtra Economic Development Council) Introduction of Economic Management ,Inter print, Mehta House, New Delhi. Maharashtra in Maps Maharashtra Exploitation , Conservation and preservation A Geography, perspective and Natural Research Use Rownon and Allaheld Towala Economy of Maharashtra Maharashtra Land & People An Economic Review Maharashtracha Bhugol Mehata Publication House Kolhapur Maharashtracha Bhugol Phadke Prakashan Kolhapur Maharashtracha Bhugol A Mega State of Maharashtra Nirali Prakashan Pune Maharashtracha Bhugol Dastane Ramchandra & Co. Pune Maharashtracha Bhugol Aanuvadak M.D. Tavade Maharashtracha Bhugol Nirali Prakashan Pune 1999 Maharashtracha Sadhan Sampatticha Bhugol National Book Trust of India, Navi Delhi C.G. Deshpande A.B. Savadi Shree. Date Santosh Dastane T.P. Patil A. B. Savadi Dr. Prakash Sawant S.H.Deshpande Karve Govt. of Maharashtra K.A.Khatib B.D.Nag Choudhary K.R.Dixit B.Arunchalar Cutter. L, Renwik H.L. D.P. Mathews Bruce Mithel Govt. of Maharashtra