XXX Apartments

Episode 6: The MILF Next Door!
Every guy in Satnam College is jealous of Aman Sharma. He’s getting great grades, the teachers love him and oh yeah… He’s also nailing the newest hottie in college. After being encouraged by Aman, Neha has gained confidence in her beauty and has started coming to college in sexy clothes and has become an instant hit. But back at home Aman may run into some trouble as Neha’s hot mom, Mrs. Mehra has found proof of Aman and Neha having sex and corners him one day to find out what his intentions are concerning her daughter. Read on to find out how Aman convinces his girlfriend’s hot mom that he is suitable for Neha. Check out the new issue of XXX Apartments – “The MILF Next Door.”

It had been a week since Aman and To see the full episode. Go to Neha became a couple. As expected; all the guys in college were envious of Aman. Ankit and two other guys were sitting around a desk in the classroom. All three were looking sideways with jealous looks and muttering. “Can’t those two get a room. Sharma sir barely left 2 minutes ago and they are doing it again.” said Karan. “I’d rather they stay here all day. At least then I can keep staring at her all the time.” said Nishant. “I still can’t believe that she is the same girl we knew a week ago.” said Ankit as he shook his head. Neha was wearing a really sexy top which showed off her ample bosom and tiny skirt which showed off her sexy ass. She was sitting in Aman’s lap while he sat on his desk (which was in the back of class)and they were kissing passionately. She had her hands rubbing his cheeks while his one hand was wrapped around her waist and other hand on her thigh was very close to her skirt’s end.

Ketan sir was a fat bania type looking guy. “Shhh…Stop it.” grinned Aman as he cupped her ass. Aman was kissing her neck but she pushed him away and got off his lap. He was standing in front of a blackboard with number of equations written on it. Suddenly she looked over her shoulder towards the front of the class. He looked towards the class pointedly . “Get back to your seats. Ketan sir is the booming voice of Professor Ketan.” came To see the full episode. As the class progressed the attention of the students dwindled. I’m enjoying making the other guys jealous.Neha broke the kiss but had a look of extreme passion on her face.” said Neha. Her tongue was hanging out a bit and strands of saliva were connecting her tongue and his lips. At the end is written in big writing “So X =?” on the board and circled. “Aman…everyone is …watching us…” said Neha in a whisper. class.kirtu. “Let them watch. Go to www.

“Ok miss Mehra. Come to the board. Aman was lazing in the back of the class and smiled when he saw the reaction Neha was getting today. “Wow… This image will be burned onto my mind. “I know she is my student. Go to www. Ketan sir’s face was sweaty and he was flustered and thinking while wiping his forehead with a napkin.” thought Aman with a smile. Ankit had his eyes popping out while he was looking towards the board.” called out Neha to her mom. They entered the living room of Neha’s house. To see the full episode. “Sir…Sir…” shouted Neha and her hand went up in the air. She’s got beauty and brains.“So who can solve this one?” asked Mr. Later that Evening… Aman and Neha were walking into the house with shoulder bags over their shoulders.kirtu.. This is too much to bear. Aman and I are going to study in my room so don’t disturb is for an hour. Ketan.. All the guys of the class who were half asleep just a few minutes ago were looking with wide eyes towards the blackboard. but by god. .com The entire class’ eyes were focused on Neha’s sexy body while she solved the question on the board.” thought Professor Ketan. The cocks of all the guys in the class jumped up erect at this sight. “Mom. we are back. When she stretched her hands upwards to write on the upper end of the board her breasts jiggled softly and when she dropped her chalk and bent over to get it she gave the entire class of her sexy ass which was barely covered by the thin red thong she was wearing.” 2 Minutes Later.” thought Ankit. Neha was in the front and Aman in the back. “That’s my girlfriend.

” said Mrs. “Thank you Aman. That’s the last box. Mehra as To see the full episode.” said Neha as she left. that place is at the other end of town.They were holding hands and smiling.” said Aman. “Sorry Aman. While this mother-daughter argument was going Aman was checking our Mrs. You must be tired Neha walked out of the house. “Wait a minute. I’ll get you some lemonade. I’ll help out your mom and then head back home after that.” complained Neha. I need your help getting some stuff out of the store-room. Go to www. “There you go bhabhi. I’ll give you a call when I get back. He was sweaty and looked upwards while placing down the box. She stood in a sexy pose with one hand twisting a strand of her hair(hair was falling over her one shoulder) and her other hand on the hips. . “And Aman beta. “’Studying’! Ha! She’ll have my clothes off and her lips on my cock the instant we’re inside her room. “No problem Neha. don’t go home right away. Mehra who was standing before him. Mehra.” said Mrs.” thought Aman with a smile. I need you to go get me a necklace I ordered from the jewelers.”-“Wait in the living room. I’ll be back in a few hours. Mehra as she walked into the living room from the kitchen. She was wearing a pink bathrobe.” said Nisha Mehra with a mischievous smile on her face.kirtu. It will take me ages to get back from there.” 15 minutes later… Aman placed a big box on the floor in front of Mrs. “But Mom.

“Don’t you think I should get to know more about the guy who is dating my daughter?” “Y-yes… bhabhi…” stuttered finger. “I can see what Neha sees in you. So I think I need to . You lifted all those heavy boxes without even breaking a sweat. “Mmm… Do you go to the gym Aman.” Her words made Aman gag at the lemonade he was drinking in shock. Any woman would be attracted towards a fine young man like you. “After all I want Neha to be with the right kind of guy. “Oh god she’s so HOT. She bent forward a little more and the gown slipped down her shoulder’s a little and she shushed Aman’s lips with her To see the full episode. She had a naughty look on her face.” said Nisha with a smile. She’s sat beside him and started stroking his cheek.kirtu.Soon Aman was sitting holding a glass of lemonade and she was sitting just beside him with her legs crossed and her sexy thighs all revealed to him. “Oh shit! Bh-bhabhi… I’m sorry. I came back home earlier than usual yesterday and heard your and Neha’s moans coming from her room. I can’t believe she is Neha’s mom. “Ahh… Bhabhi… I’m not seeing her. The top of her robe was also open a little to reveal more of her cleavage. I mean nothing …errr… Neha is not…”-“We are not…a couple… or anything.” said Nisha Mehra as she stroked his arm. Go to www. “No… bhabhi…” said Aman a bit embarrassed from her touch.” thought Aman. Aman wasis looking towards her face with apprehension.” said Aman. Neha and I we’re dating and… and…” muttered Aman. “Don’t lie you naughty boy. We are just friends.

com for full episode Share this story with your friends.test you to see if you are the right guy for my Neha.” How will Aman get out of trouble this time? Will and join to get a hold of the newest Issue of XXX Apartments – 7 – “The MILF Next Door” Go to www. You can mail them this file or just give them this link: .kirtu. Mehra be mad that Aman has been fucking her daughter? And what kind on test does she have in mind to test if Aman can date Neha? Just visit www.

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