ENGLISH IV First Quarter Examination I. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. LISTENING.

DIRECTIONS: Listen and note important details as your teacher reads to you the selection. Answer the questions that follow by encircling the letter of your answer. What phenomenon has started overcrowding in the city? a. factories b. call centers c. urbanization d. schools What problems were caused by the overcrowding of the people in the city? a. housing and sanitation b. unemployment c. drugs d. crimes How did graduates address their unemployment problem? a. They offered voluntary work b. They put up business c. They got married d. They applied for work abroad How did hungry children address their hunger? a. They bullied other children b. They resorted to drugs c. They worked d. They went to school How could the government most like solve this problem? a. More jobs must be available b. Factories should be put up c. Financial assistance must be given d. Unemployed graduates be sent abroad What does exodus pf more and more people from far flung barangays to the city mean? a. People travel from place to place. b. People in far flung barangays settle in the city for employment. c. People look for job/employment. d. People go hungry food in the city. SPEAKING/LANGUAGE. Use appropriate idioms in the box to replace each underlined expression. Write the letter of the correct match. b. beat the band c. chew it over d. full steam ahead f. something to crow about g. hold ones tongue


a. acid test e. To a “T”

_________ 7. Students solve the problem with maximum power and speed. _________ 8. Both of you fit perfectly to the qualifications. _________ 9. A mature person knows how and when to speak in times of heated discussions. _________10. Our most important test of worth is what we become. _________11. When we work, we must always do it to the extreme. _________12. Your group mates and I think carefully and slowly about our project _________13. Education and not material things is an exceptional accomplishment. III. READING. Read the selection, and then answer the questions that follow. Write the letter of your answer before each number. 1. I had just returned from work, tired and not feeling very well, and here I was writing, sipping a cup of tea and humming to myself. 2. My mother said, “If you don’t feel so good, why don’t you go up to bed?” and I replied, quite truthfully, “It makes me feel better to sit here working.” 3. This is the beauty of doing work you enjoy, so that while it is a chore in one respect, it is a pleasure in another. 4. And I earnestly urge all young people contemplating their careers to keep in mind that nothing in work is finally rewarding unless it is work you probably would be willing to do for nothing if you could afford to. 5. This is the final test for lifelong congeniality in a career; of no matter what sort. 6. Money is not the most important thing; fame is fleeting and uncertain; even status is irksome and uncomforting. 7. All that remains in the end is satisfaction – and occasionally delight in the performance itself. 8. Do not do what does not please you for it does not pay no matter what the material rewards may seem to be. 9. The pot of gold that appears to be gleaming at the end of the rainbow is less pleasurable than the rainbow itself. 10. If you engaged in work like, even the drudgery and boredom involved in it seems worthwhile. The best recipe for a long and happy life is to be able to approach each new morning with anticipation and zest for the job whatever it may be. _________14. The author’s purpose in this article is to _____________. a. advise b. describe c. entertain _________15. The article is written in the first person point of view because ___________. a. The narrator is an outsider who describes the character as “she” or “he”. b. The narrator is a character in the selection and uses “I’. d. inform

They studied at Beijing University. The phrase “ earnestly urge” in sentence 4 suggests ________. I shudder (to think/thinking) that I almost lost everything in the stock market. b. Class Adviser Nasipit National High School Nasipit. Tiguman. Write it as standard business letter. beauty b. Enjoy your work to be truly happy in life. personal essay _________17. The article is written by three different persons. d. 35. career b. work __________20. The article is told from the mother’s point of view.       Respectfully yours. Use the Full Block Style. 37. uncertain d. Balanghig. d. _________18. Barangay 6 Nasipit. The word in sentence 6 means that means “irritating” or “bothering” is __________. money d. autobiography c. They can give you information regarding my character and work attitude. Agusan del Norte August 9. ability to be satisfied b. (To marry/Marrying) a knight in shining armor is the dream of many girls. Purok 3 Jail Road. 34. fame c. Think that work is rewarding and pleasurable. deserve for power c. Aquino Avenue Butuan City I have already asked permission from my high school teachers to use their names as references. We must consider congeniality in our career. a. _________16. Gapas. Enjoy the material rewards from work. Agusan del Norte Mrs. The writer compares a rainbow to ___________. The Personnel Department Jollibee Corporation J. The main idea of the article is ____________. a. suitability to one’s need __________23. a. boring b. Agusan del Norte Leo Wilfredo A. comforting c. The problem has been fixed. irksome c. uncomforting __________22. Your name Sir: I am willing to come for an interview at any time. a. anecdote b. fame c. WRITING. The opposite of the word interesting as hinted in the last paragraph is _____________. c. Sharon volunteered (to help/helping) the student with his math. The article is an example of a/an ___________. 36. Think work is like a rainbow. urgently demand d. . Fill in the blanks with the appropriate connector inside the parentheses. (25-32) 8 points. biography d. Principal Nasipit National High School Nasipit. pleasing __________21. Ivy B. You may resume (to answer/answering) the telephones.. We dislike (to drink/drinking) soda from a can. I have learned from a very reliable source that your establishment needs a waiter. The pronoun It in sentence 3 refers to _________. conveniently rewarding d. a. a. work d. Agusan del Norte   I don’t have any experience yet relative to the job I am applying for but I am will to undergo training or briefing. 2006  V. 33. blindly request b. sincerely wish c.C. gleaming d. fleeting b. Arrange the following jumbled parts of an application letter. 38. Congeniality suggests _________ a. (To study/Studying) at Beijing University was a dream come true. English Teacher Nasipit National High School Nasipit. a. career b. Cesar V. chore c. earnestly require __________24. the phrase “pot of gold” is compared by the writer to __________. rainbow __________19. Please use my address above to contact me. Please consider me as an applicant. a. Mr.c. career IV. GRAMMAR. money d.

A man like the stone can be self-sufficient d. 41. still c. during sunrise d. runs 50. A man like the stone can be contented. How Happy Is the Little Star By: Emily Dickinson 1. Caring c. “ and forget about it. 3. What character trait of the doctor could be inferred from the selection? a. you’ve got to help me. dances b. d. Humorous 48. a. 2. What feeling is expressed in the poem? a. clean b. happiness c.” 47. 42. b. imparting humor C. What does the last sentence connote? a. The trees are in their autumn beauty The woodland paths are dry Under the October Twilight The water mirrors a still sky Upon the brimming water among the stones Are nine and fifty swans 44. What time of the day is referred to in the stanza? a. All of the above. appreciation B. 8. The last two lines prove that _________. VI. Encircle the letter of your answer. LITERATURE DIRECTIONS. 7. My wife reminded me (to go/going) to the doctor’s office today.39. Inspiring the depressed 49. 40. I would like (to thank/thanking) everyone for this award. after sunset b. A. 10. 43. I normally avoid (to eat/eating) unhealthy food. c. 9. How happy is the little star That rambles in the road alone And doesn’t care about careers And exigencies never fears ----Whose coat of elemental Brown A parring universe put on. confusion d. what is the synonym for the underlined word? a. Read the selection below and answer the questions that follow. pouring 45. “Doctor. 4. wanders . during daylight 46. plays c. And independent as the sun Associates or glows alone Fulfilling absolute Decree In casual simplicity -----d. A man like the stone can be happy. spilling d. what should I do? “Go home! The doctor replied. Lousy d. Sharing knowledge c. a. Giving of advise b. “the patient pleaded with His physician “I’m suffering from amnesia. sadness b. She paid the mechanic (to fix/fixing) the car. This store prohibits (to loiter/loitering) anywhere on the premises. after sunrise c. 6. Cheerful b. As used in the poem. The little stone does not care about ________. 5.

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