Adam‟s Love continues its success by launching the “We Deserve It” campaign to support all love, promote

safe sex, and encourage HIV testing Featuring “Ananda Everingham” as the new Campaign Brand Ambassador
Bangkok, January 10 2013: The Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre is proud to launch the new Adam‟s Love “We Deserve It” campaign to normalize gay identity, promote safe sexual behavior, and encourage MSM (men who have sex with men) to be aware of their HIV status and have a HIV test every three months. Ananda Everingham and Chaiwat „Tob‟ Thongsang are featured as the brand ambassadors for the Adam’s Love “We Deserve It” campaign. Professor Emeritus Praphan Phanuphak, MD., PhD., the Director of the Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre, shared the annual success of the Adam’s Love campaign, explaining, “We are extremely glad and proud that Adam’s Love continues to play such a vital role in increasing HIV/STI (Sexual Transmitted Infection) awareness. It has changed the face of online communication for HIV prevention among MSM in Thailand. The website stands as Thailand’s most reliable and comprehensive source of HIV/AIDS and STI information and entertainment for MSM in Thailand and beyond. Adam’s Love has been very active in scaling up HIV testing among MSM. Statistics show that 25% of MSM who are tested at the Anonymous Clinic are aware of the project or have been convinced to have HIV testing because of the project outreach, and the website has had more than 400,000 visitors. We have established an innovative online platform and a resource to link MSM to friendly healthcare and support services at the Anonymous Clinic without any stigma and discrimination. We will continue to expand the Adam’s Love project to increase HIV/STI testing and awareness among MSM in 2013 with the Adam‟s Love „We Deserve It‟ campaign.” The latest statistics from the Anonymous Clinic of the Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre shows an increase in HIV testing among MSM except for the 12-18-age bracket. The possible reasons for this are: 1. Lack of HIV/STI awareness and the capacity to assess risk behaviors. Most adolescents feel hesitant to talk openly about their sexual behavior and are often reluctant to seek advice & support. 2. Lack of awareness of anonymous HIV testing locations, especially where age is not a criterion for getting HIV tested. In Thailand, many facilities for children under 18 are required to have a consent form filled by their parents to get a HIV test. In fact, there are places that offer anonymous HIV testing such as the Anonymous Clinic of The Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre. The “We Deserve It” campaign focuses on empowering MSM and celebrating gender and sexual diversity in Thailand. “We Deserve It” highlights that MSM deserve love, affection, respect, a relationship, a partner, safe sex and a healthy lifestyle. The campaign features renowned Thai actors Ananda Everingham and Chaiwat Tob Thongsang as official brand ambassadors. Talking about the Adam’s Love “We Deserve It” campaign, brand ambassador Ananda Everingham said, “I believe Thailand is one of the most tolerant countries in regards to sexual diversity and supports every love regardless of the gender identity. I believe no matter if you are heterosexual or homosexual, everyone has a right to choose your love and your life, but it’s equally important to have safe love and to be aware of your own HIV status to stay healthy and not spread the virus unintentionally to your loved ones.” The “We Deserve It” campaign launch introduces the Adam‟s Love “Condometer” and Condom & Lubricant packages for MSM, plus the Adam’s Love 2013 Calendar. It continues the Adam’s Love Membership program, distributing free “For Men who Love Men” t-shirts and the Adam’s Love Club Card offering a 20% discount for medical services to the first 300 MSM who

get an HIV test at the Anonymous Clinic at the Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre. More details can be found at

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Campaign Organizer: The Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre – the first organization in Thailand to set up an Anonymous Clinic offering free HIV testing for Thai citizens, plus medication, research, prevention, treatment, support and care for HIV/AIDS infected people. amfAR - the Foundation for AIDS Research and TREAT Asia (Therapeutics Research, Education, and AIDS Training in Asia) / the Government Pharmaceutical Organization (GPO)/ M.A.C. Cosmetics Aziam Burson-Marsteller Co.,Ltd. Attitude Magazine Thailand / Hello Bangkok L E D Co.,Ltd. SEARCH (South East Asia Research Collaboration with Hawaii) / the Department of Disease Control of the Ministry of Public Health / AIDS, TB, STIs Control Division of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration

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