Sector Advertiser Advertisement Complaint Action

Food & beverages

GlaxoSmithKline Horlicks Consumer Healthcare Cadila Healthcare Hindustan Unilever

The print advertisement claims “1 health drink, 5 proven benefits”, “Clinically proven” ...“Making Horlicks India’s only health drink & shown to improve five signs of growth in children”, which is false and misleading

The Consumer complaints council (CCC) noted five of the seven claims did not follow the guidelines prescribed by ASCI. The complaint was upheld. The CCC concluded the scientific data did not support the claim. The complaint was upheld. The complaint was upheld. The CCC noted the advertiser’s assurance that they had stopped the advertisement

Personal Care

Everyuth The advertiser claims the product “is the only one to have Natural Fairness active, mini capsules that clear the skin and make it look Face Wash fair” Pepsodent Expert Protection Toothpaste VLCC Health Care Shape Up VLCC Shape Up Waist and Tummy Trim Gel The complainant got the impression from the print advertisement that she does not need to use dental floss or mouth wash as the product claims to provide the same benefits

Health care

VLCC Personal Care

The advertiser claims VLCC Health Care Shape Up “tones waist The complaint was upheld in just three weeks”. This needs to be substantiated The advertisement claims “It complements your regular exercises like walking, dieting, stretching, etc by melting stubborn fat round the waist & tummy area”, The advertiser should provide supporting technical data, details of tests/trials conducted, with comparative data in substantiation of these claims. The advertiser claims Sky Academy is “India’s No. 1 air hostesses/flight stewards training institute & offers 100% job placement”. These need to be substantiated The complaint was upheld


Sky Academy

The complaint was upheld


Dainik Bhaskar Group Max Life Insurance Sahara India TV Network

Divya Marathi

The brochure claims Divya Marathi “No. 1 in terms of circulation copies.” Neither has the advertiser given a reference to any source, nor are the figures supported by the audit bureau of circulation

The complaint was upheld


Shiksha Plus II child plans Sahara Q Shops

The advertiser claims Max Life has “lowest child insurance The complaint was upheld plan in insurance history’’. This needs to be substantiated. The TVC shows are using fear and scare tactics to sell such products, already adulteration-free. The CCC took heed of the advertiser, which said TVC had been discontinued in August