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Seeking a career in a well-known organization where in I can leverage my work experience and utilize my strengths, skills and educational background to add value to the company.

• • • • • • • • • • • Quick learning. Positive Attitude. Understanding expectations. Teamwork. Time Management. Working under pressure.


Good Communication Problem Solving Confidence and the spirit of challenge. MS Office. Good knowledge in Internet.

2005 - 2008 B-Tech, Bharath University Major –Mechanical engineering. Diploma, SSM POLYTECHNIC Automobile engineering Technical High School Leaving Certificate, Kerala Automobile 7.1/10 CGPA 58%

India India


2000 - 2001



Electives taken at Engineering Course:
• • • Renewable resource & Energy source Principles of Management Total Quality Management & Reliability Engineering

Curriculum Projects:
1. Design and Fabrication of Box Jig A Box Jig is a special device that holds, supports, or is placed on a part to be machined. It is a production tool made so that it not only locates and holds the work piece, but also guides the cutting tool as the operation is performed. Box jig is a jig which is made some what in the form of a box and encloses the work, thus permitting guide bushings to be places on all sides and also making it comparatively easy to locate and securely clamp the part in the proper position for drilling. As a rule the piece to be drilled can be inserted only after one or more covers or leaves have been swung out of the way. 2. Fabrication of Electric car The project is a fabrication an electrically charged car mainly for industrial purposes as well as for physically challenged person. This is designed in such a way that the cost for running forty kilometers would be around one rupee. The operating cost of the vehicle is reduced because it does not contain much mechanical parts and the maintenance will be less. The sensor will make the work and operation easy for physically challenged person. The speed and acceleration can be controlled by hands for those who do not have leg. A Permanent Magnet Direct Current motor is used for running the car. The motor can be rotated in forward and reverse direction and a toggle switch is used to change the polarity. The motor runs with the help of battery. There are four 6V, 7 AH batteries are connected in series. The speed can be varied by varying the supply voltage. The speed selection relays are used to increase or decrease the supply voltage by connecting the batteries in series.

(Dealer of Eicher motores) Junior Supervisor • Job card writing • Analyzing Compliant • Warranty period checking India May08-Nov ’08 ALKRAFT THERMO TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD-CHENNAI Quality control/Quality assurance Engineer trainee • Supplier quality assurance • Advance product quality control • In process quality assurance/quality control • • Receiving inspection assurance Final inspection assurance India Key Responsibilities • 5s maintaining principle Personal     Date of birth: 25 March 1985 Nationality: Indian Marital Status: Single Language known English.Using turbocharger in an engine CERTIFIED COURSE Level-ll in the following methods as per ASNT SNT TC 1A RADIOGRAPHY TESTING ULTRASONIC TESTING PENETRANT TESTING • MAGANETIC PARTICLE TESTING PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Apr. Date: MOHD.SHAMEEM –P . Malayalam.2004Apr. Permanent Address Pallikkal (H) Kurrupath kondotty post Mallapuram dist-kerala 673638-india Declaration I hereby declare that the above mentioned information is correct to the best of my knowledge and any discrepancy found is to be held against me.Presented Seminar: .Using Airbags in an automobile . Tamil Passport Details F0602275 Date of Issue – 09/09/2004 Date of Expiry-08/09/2014 Interests   Reading travel magazines.05 Key Responsibilities • • • AUTOMOTIVE MARKETING PVT LTD. Traveling. Hindi. about latest trends in the society etc Driving.

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