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GROS VENTRE MYTHS AND TALES. Wonofffanh . Part HI. of Natural Vol. I. KROEBER.ANTHROPOLOGICAL PAPERS OF THE American Museum History. May. L. BY A. NEW YORK: Published by Order of the Trustees. 1907.

r|sl t^l x\h ..

... Nix 'a^t toses his Eyes Nix 'a"t kills his Wife Nix 'a^t and the Bear-Women Nix'a^t and the Dancing Ducks Nix 'a"t's Adventures With the Mice's Sun-dance (a) With the Women who loused him (5) With his Daughters (c) With the AVoman who crossed the River (d) With the Sleeping Woman (e) With the Buffalo he called anil the Rabbit (/) One-eyed Owl and his Daughter The Man who went to War with his Mother-in.. Introduction' .... Part III. . .. . 14... Nix 'ant Nix 'a^t Nix VH Nix Vt and the Mouse and the Mice's Sun-dance eats Fat eats Hiitceni liird 10.. .• . . . 16. 7... 13.law The Kit-fox and the Ghost .. 2. 20. Kroeber. 15. 9. The Making of the Earth Origin Myth 3. the Bald Eagle. 18.. ...ryc/ 0' ANTHROPOLOGICAL PAPERS OF THE American Museum of Natural History Vol. Tebiaanta". 17. Nix'a^t obtains Summer and the Buffalo Nix'a^t is taught to call Buffalo nd N "t 57 59 59 59 61 65 67 68 68 69 8. . By a... 5. Nix'a'H and the with the Large Arrow 11. 6.....\GE Myths and Tales 1. CONTENTS. 55 . L. I.. 69 69 70 70 70 71 71 71 72 73 74 74 75 75 76 77 77 82 Found-in-the-Grass Clotted-Blood . 19. . . 4. GROS VENTRE MYTHS AND TALES. 12. P. the Two Women.

The 46. 108 30. and the Black Dog Man born from a Horse Woman and the Horse Little Girl who was married by a Bear Young Man who became a Water-monster Woman who was recovered from a Water-monster Woman 112 112 112 113 113 114 115 Man who killed Hawks Man who was killed by Man who was killed by a Bullet-hawk a Bald Eagle Woman who Woman who tempted and betrayed her Brother-in-law tried to betray her Brother-in-law 115 117 117 117 118 118 119 Bad Wife Man who acquired Invulnerability Man who recaptured his Wife Woman who married the Snake Indian Woman who revenged her Brothers . 28. The 48. Moon-Child 90- 22. 38. P. [Vol. 33. 120 122 125 126 128 130 . The Boy who was White-Stone raised by the Seven Bulls 27. The Women \^'ho married the Moon and a Buffalo The Women who married a Star and a Buffalo The Deserted Children The Girl who became a Bear Shell-Spitter 94 97 100 101 102 105 . 31. 25. The 44. The 42.. The 43. 34. The Abstracts 35. The 49. The Origin Cave of the Chief Pipe Separation of the Tribe of the Buffalo The The 36.\GE 21.. The 39. The The 37. 26.. The 45. Yellow-Plume and Blue-Plume The Swallows and the Snake The Origin of the Tsooyanehi Degree of the Dog-dance 109 111 111 32. The 50. I. The 40. 29. . The 41. 23. 24.56 Atithropologica! Papers American Museum of Xatural History. The 47.

1903). ' G. though it is to be remembered. The Gros Ventre myths and important stories tales herewith presented do not exhaust the traditions of the tribe: they include.^ such notes have not been added to the present Gros Ventre traditions. Morris K. of the well-known imitation of the host by the trickster in various ways. of the deceived blind man. that some of the northern Arapaho deny this to be a story of their tribe. however. A. or buffalo and corn women. One surroimding the Gros Ventre — also very seven heads is most of the Plains tribes is almost certain to exist. the majority of the more and are probably representative of the mythology and tales of the tribe. tribes to among them. Kootenai. It is very probable that some of these stories will be found among the Gros Ventre. of — being common to the Arapaho. of the young man who disguised himself us a woman. L. An account of the origin of death similar to that known to them. The story of the likely exist would expect the same of the story of the woman and the dog. at the Fort Belknap Reservation in northern Montana. a favorite Eskimo and northern Athabascan tradition. Anthropological Series V. but references have been made to the corresponding Arapaho versions. and then buried in a pit by her. but which have not yet been found among the Gros Ventre. Kroeber. and cut off seven heads. are the story of the origin of death. Among the more important Arapaho traditions and episodes which have a widespread distribution. Traditions of the Chicago. Arapaho (Field Columbian Museum 57 . of the diving through the ice by the trickster to obtain food in imitation of his host. as part of the work of the ISlrs. under which the comparisons will be found. They were collected in the winter and early spring of 1901. As a larger body of Arapaho traditions has been published with extended comparative notes. Publications. of the turtle's warparty. and the well-known Plains story of the buffalo and elk women. in this connection. Naturally there are many similarities to the Arapaho traditions. Dorsev and A.INTRODUCTION. The story of the girl who was born from the foot of a young man exists among the Gros Ventre. but was not obtained. and Sarcee. Jesup Expedition. of the woman who married a dog. of the young man who was tempted by his sister-in-law.



Anthropological Papers American



Xatural History.


Of the more important stories and incidents occvirring Gros Ventre collection, but wanting in the larger Arapaho

in the present
collection, the

mentioned: the separation of the tribe while crossing the the very widespread incident of the hero who is swallowed by a monster,

may be

and and


him by

cutting his heart

raised by buttalo-bulls; the tale of a

a hostile tribe to marry a

who is abandoned by his parents, young man who enters a tent among and the tale of the bad wife as told by the

the boy

most common distribution North America, but that so far have not been found among either the Arapaho or Gros Ventre, are the story of the theft of light or the sun of the theft of, or some other means of obtaining, water; of the supernatural


of the mythical incidents that have the

in central

being that has been w^ounded by a


being, so that a


only can extract the weapon;
of water or a

of the person or pursuer

human medicinewho crosses a

chasm on a


usually of the crane,




of the hero

drunk by a

who transforms himself into a leaf or small object, which is woman, as whose son he is reborn; of the bathing women

with bird-skins, one of



captured; of the

visit far to

the east to the

— one

sun; of the unfaithful wife
of the


has a snake or water-monster as her lover,
northeastern America;


i)ersistent traditional ideas in


conception of the origin of mankind or the tribe from the lower
visit to

world or successive lower worlds; and a tradition of a
recentlv alive or

the land of

the dead, other than in stories told as the actual experience of persons



Kroeber, Gros Ventre

Myths and




The Making

of the Earth.
person sent the Duck, the Otter, the
All the other animals lost their

There was water everywhere.


Beaver, and the Turtle to dive for earth.

They had to come up again. But He dived, and brought up the Turtle said, "I am the one who can get it." mud. When the person scattered the mud, earth was made. He made He also made the mountains by pouring a little earth from his hand. streams and trees. It is not known who he was. Perhaps he was Nix'a'H.^
breath before they reached the bottom.

Origin Myth.

The people before the present people were wild. They did not know how to do anything. Nix'a"t did not like the way they lived and did. He thought, "I will make a new world." He had the chief pipe. He went
out doors and hung the pipe on three sticks.


picked up four buffalotimes and shout


he put under each of the sticks on which the pipe hung, and

one he took for
three times.






will sing three


have done these things,


kick the earth, and



come out

of the cracks.



be a heavy rain.



be water over

the earth."

times, he shouted three times.

Then he began to sing. After he sang three Then he kicked the ground and it cracked.

The water came out, and it rained for days, and over all the earth was water. By means of the buffalo-chips he and the ])ipe floated. Then it stopped raining. There was water everywhere. He floated wherever the wind
took him.
All the other birds

For days he drifted thus. Above him the Crow flew about. and animals were drowned. The Crow became tired.

tales here recorded were obtained from seven informants, tieen designated as follows: Bill Jones, one of tlie oldest men of the tribe, Nos. 5, 18, 25, 41. Watches-All. an old woman, Nos. 26, 28, 30, 32, 33, 39, 40, 45-50. P Flea, a yonng man, Nos. 2-4, 20-23, 29. Q Blackbird, an old man, Nos. 1, 6, 16, 17, 38, 42, 43. .A.ssiniboine, a yoiuif; middle-aged man, Nos. 14, 15, 27, 34, 35, 37, 44. Paul Plumage, a young man, Nos. 7, 19. S Black Wolf, a middle-aged chief, No. 33. It will be seen that the traditions told by Flea, one of the youngest of the informants, are Nos." 7 and 19 were obtained as texts in Gros Ventre. of a higher character tlian the otliers. All the others were reconli'd in English. The Gros Ventre distinguish between myths and tales, which they call ha''tii'a"tya° and waa"tsea'a" respectively. The first thirty of the following traditions may be regarded as myths; the last twenty, as tales. The present myth is by informant Q. Compare Traditions of the Arapaho, op. cit., tales Nos. 1, 2, 3, 6, and "note, p." 6. Pronoimce x like German ch or Spanish j; to, like English ch: a, as in English bad; a° (nasal a), like French an; a", similarly nasalized; g, like English th in thin; 6, nearly as in

The Gros Ventre myths and

who have





It flew

Anthropological Papers American Muscinn of A'aturnl History.



about crying,

Three times it said this. "AHght on the pipe and each time was allowed to

one position.

cried a long time,

am becoming tired. I want to rest." had said so three times, Nix'a"t said, rest." Repeatedly the Crow cried to him, and Xix'a"t became tired sitting alight on the pipe. He cried. He did not know what to do. After he had he began to unwrap the chief pipe. The pipe contained
father, I




selected those with a long breath to dive through the water.

Large Loon (biias^eiby^ii). The Loon was not alive, body wrapped up in the pijie. Xix'a"t sang, and then commanded it to dive and try to bring mud. The Loon dived. It was not halfway down wlien it lost its breath and immediately turned back. Then Nix'a"t It came up almost drowned at the place where Nix'a'^t was. Then the Small Loon dived. It took the Small Loon's body and sang. nearly reached the mud at the bottom. Then it lost its breath and went up again, and, nearly dead, reached the place where Nix'a"t was. Then he took the Turtle (baii'n). He sang and it became alive, and he sent it and it dived. Meanwhile the Crow did not alight, but flew about crying for rest. Nix'a'H did not listen to it. After a long time the Turtle came uj). It was nearly dead. It had filled its feet and the cracks along its sides with mud. When it reached Nix'a"t, all the mud had been washed away and it was nearly dead. Nix'a"t said, "Did you succeed in reaching the mud?" The Turtle said, "Yes, I reached it. I had much of it in my feet and about my sides, but it all washed away from me before I came to you." Then Nix'a"t said to it, "Come to me;" and the Turtle went to him. Nix'a'H. looked at the inside of its feet and in the cracks of its sides. On
First he selected the

but Nix'a"t had

the inside of



he found a




scraped this into his hand.

JNIeanwhile the

Crow had become

very tired.

"I by

when he had
this little

scraped the earth into his hand, began to sing.
times, he shouted three times.

After he had sung three

Then he




that I have in

my hand

into the water.

little let

there be enough

Then he began to drop it, and closing his hand carefully. And when he had dropped it all, there was a little land, large enough for him to sit on. Then he said to the Crow, "Come down and rest. I have made Then the Crow came down a little j)iece of land for myself and for you." and rested. After it had rested, it flew u]) again. Then Xix'a"t took out from his pipe two long wing-feathers. He had one in each hand, and began to sing. After he had sung three times, he shouted three times, "Youh, hou, hou," and sjiread his arms, and closed his eyes. When he had done this, he said to himself, "Let there l)e land as far as my eyes can see around me." When he opened his eyes, then indeed there was land. After he
a strip of land large enough for me."
into the water, opening



lived alone there. Wlien he had finished making these shapes. He made woman. tears He tried to think how he could get water. op. p. cit. "This rainbow is the sign that the earth will not be covered with water again. For the The idea of the recession of the water before stretched arms. Then he sang three times and shouted three times. No. Nix'A^t. footnote. Compare Arapaho. it will mean tliat the rain has gone by. This 1 Told by informant P. "If you are good and act well.. 6. the Bald Eagle." He cried. That is why human beings are animal that had helped him for and arrows men. The pipe he gave to a tribe which he called haa'ninin (the Gros Ventre). and note. there will be no more water and no more fire. Now Nix'a'^t was thirsty. and said to them. 2. the Tebiaa"ta^ ("cut-off-head") of One morning. 61 had made the land. 15. He decided to make persons and made it into the shape of a man. p. Nix'a"t called the world Turtle because the Turtle was the to make the world. you will see the rainbow. he kicked the ground. Nos. the world had been burned. tent. He became tired of being alone with the Crow and the pipe. Gros Ventre Myths and Tales. 299. One was the to get older.] Kroeber. Then he made more figures of earth. After he had shouted. and when you see it. the Two AND ^VoMEx. animals and men. a large river was flowing. front of the tent she found a fat deer. They made a large spring in front of him. . 5." Long before the water rose. Then he said to the people. p. 6. he named the tribes of people and the kinds of animals. He shed tears. he closed his his pipe eyes. and also the shape of a him. There will be another Avorld after this one.^ 3. Tebiaa^'ta^". When he thought he had enough persons. 1. earth is The reason why men are dark in color is that dark. This now is the third life. and told scattered. Then he thought. Then he showed them the rainbow. compare also Arapaho. sisters lived in There was a lone other young. "I will cry. and in No. and there were living pairs of beings standing before animals. 129. He went about with and with the Crow. until he had many men and women. freshly killed and untouched. He took earth. Thus he made rivers and streams. Then a stream ran from the spring. While he cried. previous race occurs in Arapaho. Two it. one knew that them went out two women In wood." He told the ])eople to separate in pairs and to select habitations in the world for themselves. His dropped on the ground. When he stopped crying. Then he made bows them how to use them. 6. there was no water anywhere. he made animals of all kinds in pairs. He did not know what to do to get water. 3.1907. Whenever you have rain. No. They were all that there was to be seen in the world.

say to him. and is the one whom you ought to have for your best wife. and smelled about to find where the women had gone." He jumped out of the tent. be your best wife. and after a time found it again. If it is he. so that he will lose our tracks." He went The two bones looked like women. "Roll to my younger sister. What shall we do to escape him? Do something supernatural. "Pity me.'" At night Tebiaa"ta'^ came to the tent. He went to the side where untouched. Only the awl he arrived. He looked for it. "When Tebiaa"ta" comes in. and told it. of happened every night. As soon as he had gone.62 AnthropuliHjical Papers Atnerican Museum of Xatural History. Let her be your best wife. for the older wife does the work for the tent and for her husband. The fourth night the two women watched. He found their trail. it will go hartl with us. They looked bac-k constantly. will She It I said to him. "Perhaps it is Naxaa"tsts' ('with-projecting-teeth. my younger sister. He violently disappeared. and rolled after them. "I will try to delay him so that we shall leave him far behind us. which they had come. from the direction One of them said to the foggy before Tebiaa"ta". for he is powerful. You should have her for your best wife. They were already far away. and said. The older stuck an awl in the ground on the side of the tent where she had her bed. wliich pierced his face so that he cried out in pain. the older sister's awl Avas. Then they saw him coming once more. "I worked hard bad that you did not touch it. fearing that he would follow one to strike her. Siie knows best how to work. and followed them.' " The younger sister stuck a quill-flattener (isowa") at the side of her bed. The head is pursuing us again . I." "I will try something. The woman them. "Oh. and said to it. "When Tebiaa"ta» comes rolling to you." Then Tebiaa'Ha" became angry. angry.' another name for Tebiaa^ita")." Then there was a fog between them and the head. I will kill you." Then he began to roll to the younger sister's bone. mside. the two women began preparations to fiee. looked. He became It said to him. my older sister. [\'ol. he saw the deer lying there. "You will not escape from me. rolled am to young." said the older. to kill this deer for you. "Roll back to my older sister. She is young. and better able to move around quickly. Let it be in Then. other. tell him. It is When gone." In the middle of the night they saw a person rolling a dead deer toward them. The other woman disappeared at the same time. The women had and the quill-flattener still were there. One them said. When he came near they saw that it was Tebiaa"ta" indeed. 'Go to my younger sister. Then the older sister said to the younger. what shall we do! Tebiaa'Ha" is rolling on our trail. 'Go to the older woman. W'hen he had pulled the awl from his face he said. and he struck the awl. and he lost their trail and strayed from It. they saw^ him rolling. and can do more work about the tent. After he had left the deer he went off again.

" "Yes." he said." bleeding. Then he "What He is the person's is "Tebiaa"ta". Finding no man. had never been combed. Then he thought. As ^oon . he hummocks. and smelled. "I will go full of spines. between him and us. Tebiaa"ta" came up. and they followed did so. Let there be a river between us and the head. When they reached him they said. man. It was very difficult for him to pass. W'hen Tebiaa'Ha" came. I have done all. Both of them said. and the head went on again. They shall not go to the sky. he said. and rose-brush as thick as can be." there be thick thorny brush. He was all scratched when he got through." "Yes. and the younger one said.1907. When Tebiaa^ta" got into the valley.] Kroeher." "Run around me four times. they have just pa. was such struck the Let there be a deep ravine so that it will be long before he passes through a valley him behind us. I But loosened the knot of hair on his forehead. he stop])ed. We are running for our lives from the person who pursues us to kill us. he The head went on. I will try." said the man. overtake them and kill them. Her younger sister said." said as he of sight. "I can do nothing more supernatural. "Please ])ity us. Then he really rolled but he was and coming. They saw him the cactus-spines. so that we may hummocky. "My older sister.ssed by. so that Tebiaa"ta" will have great difficulty in and thorny brush behind them. "They never went by here. through. He said to himIf they do. through it. am getting tired. for if they go to the sky. "These women will not hide in a hole anywhere." he said." As they ran. name?" he asked. He hid one of the women under each arm. and the long before he crossed. they went by. "I will try again to bring something between us and the head. After a while they saw him on their trail again. They said He is more powerful than L It to him. the came back was out to the "Yes. Then the older sister begged the there were a river Then younger to use her supernatural power to delay the head. He tried extended indefinitely. We must try to run. 63 What shall we do to flee from him ? leave Now it is your turn to do something supernatural. and along passing through. I shall not be able to reach them. It was women had got far ahead. He liad his iiair in a large knot above his forehead. The women were already far away." said the older." Then there was a dense cactus behind them. they saw a man sitting on a high bunk. I shall self. Gros Ventre Myths and Tales. He stopped and pulled out all the women again. The hair covered him entirely." "That bad. it let I do something supernatural again! "I will try. Let it be boggy and it. tracks." will try. Let there be cactus as thick as can be. When but it Tebiaa"ta" reached the cactus." After a while the women saw him again. That is the one place in which I cannot kill them. and bounded back and stuck in the swamp. to roll around. "Have you seen my prey going by here?" "Yes." Then there behind them.

women. Hot stones were lying in a small pit in the . I The Eagle said. Tebiaa"ta" is pursuing them. Whenever the head nearly toviched the Eagle. "Go in at the entrance." The head was now close at the Eagle's tail." To the other one he said. the man said to the women. Now j ( each of you get on one of the a my wings and shut your eyes." where there is a Bald Eagle. the boy at the back of the sweatand cried. but he very powerful. swam under emerged. lying flat on their backs." they said. Perhaps he / will help Then prey Tebiaa'Ha'^ is. came up fiew after dived into the water. and I will cut willows and build a sweat-house. house put down his robes. I. "Run over you. The boys asked him. He flew swam again. Therefore. "Tell me The head looked around and saw the women's tracks. "Stay here at the door and hold it up. this time where my Eagle. Below where they were His two sons were It was Nix'a'H's tent." said the man." Four times he cried it. Then he gave each of his boys a club. The Eagle flew in. What are you looking at above?" friend the Eagle." and saw them looking up in the air. and covered them with robes. Tebiaa'^ta'^ was caught in the sweat-house. my younger sister. there was a tent. off. "Now. The older sister said. down from underneath / bank where he had been long distance. He nearly he came too near." "I am sorry. "pity us. He is dodging about. and cried "Wuvm!" "Father. gather wood as fast as you can." came back and "I have told you.64 / y Anthropological Papers American Museum there. "Stand at the back and hold up the robes there. why did you say that?" "I like to say that. strug-gling. and flew it. looked But he saw nothing. and followed ( ' / j j j j I them through the water and the air. bent them round. On each of his wings sits a woman. Also gather stones. Nix'a"t stood at the entrance of the sweat-house." The their trail. Thus they fought and dodged for a long time. Nix'a'^t said to him." sitting." Nix'a"t got willows. Then the Eagle heard him and came flying down. come down and sweat in my sweat-house. looking iip into the sky. and out again. \Yo\. the Eagle swooped aside. They began to see what was going on there. because you boys "Father. He said to one." said Nix 'a'^t." They reached the Bald as you can. because we are poor: try to save our lives. "Tebiaa'Ha'^ Nevertheless I will try to do something for the Eagle and the is powerful." you. try to run as hard Tebiaa"ta" is on our trail again. of Natural History. He went outside. lay down on his robe. Tebiaa"ta" came / there. and then light the wood and heat the stones in the fire. said to him. He caught the Eagle. "Go around me four times. The other one closed the door. "Bald Eagle. "Bald Eagle. and fly out at the other end. When boys stood at their places. He folio ^^ved them again. up. my sons. As soon as he had gone through. we are looking at your say it. is I will help will try to save you from Tebiaa'Ha". the boys cried "Wuuu!" Nix'a"t heard his boys crying "Wuuu. dived into the water.

what are you crying about? j)arents can hardly sleep. went. "Yes. a chief's son. 33-35." should like to see the bare ground. Nix'a'H there lived an old woman who kept the buffalo. 5. you must tent say. The people had nothing. "Why do you not try to do something to obtain food?" "We cannot do it. I should like to see the bare ground. for I am tired of play- > Told by informant P. unborn calves. for I am to tired of the cry. 124. also." Then the boy stopped crying. No. Whenever the head pressed against the robes. I am the boy by the shoulders and said." "Would you tired of playing I to see the I ground bare?" I "Yes. But he said no word. 81-124. His father thought he would invite all the camp to ask the boy why he cried. steamed inside. There is only one old woman who has food. No. Perhaps he will persuade the boy to tell why he is crying. jxjor child.] Kroeber. and cry. you must say nothing. and said. but continue to cry. He is wise. 6. 65 centre of the sweat-house. He took the boy in his Your aniiS and said. snow. All Then the boy ran to his father's asked him why he cried. 6. 'I should herds of buffalo and the bare ground to play on. just old enough to speak. was killed. and the people had nothing to eat. She is very stingy of it. let could play on "When I you go. There was deep snow.1907.'" and began crying continually. Compare Arapaho. The Magic Flight is found also in No." Then he called. because you continually cry. Nos. "I cry because I am hungry. He cried in day and niglit. am to be- coming so that on the snow. Gros Ventre Myths and Tales. Nos. I want you to tell me what it is. "Child. Nix'a"t was on his way. Walking about said." At some distance She gave no food. Compare note to Arapaho. Thus Tebiaa^ta'^ last he was killed. 27. he got nothing to eat. 35. he saw a boy. the boys struck him Avith their clubs. When your kin ask you. going visiting. . At The Eagle sat there breathing hard. it." they said. To whatever tent he He asked them." said the boy. "Well. and should like to see large herds of buffalo. "I will try to make the old woman give up her food. "Nix'a"t!" and Xix'a"t came in. like to see large Only when come and ask you. See." He took the camp. You must be crying about something that is very hard. ipursuer. Nix'a^'t obtains Summer and the Buffalo. 5. "There are no buffalo. Then he thought. you must run your father's tent. He asked But the boy never answered. are you hungry?" Inmgry. We starve. "I will ask Nix'a'^t. He arrived at a camp.^ 4. I should like to eat back-fat (nanii) and man the man after men to come. 26 for the calling back of the The pursuit by a round rolling object is found in Arapaho. 6. "Would you like like to see large herds of buffalo?" I "Yes. in the top straight Xix'a"t poured water through a small hole It on the hot rocks.

"You are a scabby dog indeed! You are not a dog at all. but I am Nix'a'H. The little girl dog. Tie him outside. Now Nix'a'H knew what to do. and killed her. "No. "Get an people old man to cry out. Let me go!" Then the girl went there. the old woman struck her on the back of the head with her hammer. Soon a young buffalo-cow came out. only to the nearest tent.66 Anthropological Papers American Museum of Natural History." After a time their meat was all gone.said to the dog. Nix'a"t ing in the deep snow. Nix'a"t has found out from the boy what he wants and what he cried for. You would not believe me. and he grew fast. Nix'a'H was in the camp. The girl raised this. and cried no more. and said "I will raise him." Taking her hammer. She now thought that he was really a dog. You are •Nix'a'H." Then Nix'a'H said to him. The old woman had begun to like him. don't. Soon he was able to carry a load of wood on a travois. He is very deceitful. and he became fat." she said. It is your own fault." So the girl tied him outside. You are Nix'a"t. Many other buffalo tried to come out. I. "You said to the boy's father. but fed him well. You shall eat calves and fat from the back. take a pinch from it. One day the girl took him far out into the Avoods with her." said. she saw the dog." "I will not go far. Sometimes she still said. shall have what and shall play on you want. She allowed him to come into the tent with them." Penem monstravit et ei raptje Puella fortiter clamavit. But at times she still looked at him suspiciously. "You look like a dog. want to go to the camp-site to pick up things that But the old woman said. the bare ground. with loose hanging ears. At last the old woman began to think that he was really a dog. "I told you he was Nix'a'H. "Avia. The old woman ."' little He remained at the camp-site after the people had left it. I want to raise him to be my dog. . I have found a poor scabby dog. and his scabs fell off. and the dog saw a hole beyond. Then the The dog was moved camp. They pulleil out the young cow." The boy was satisfied. 'Let the people move into a elsewhere. Init the girl and the old woman put the skin down again. By the skin curtain there was an old greasy skin sack. and Nix'a'H changed scabby." Then she said to her grand-daughter. I He said to the girl. me a dog." She took him back with her. have been lost. "Grandmother. and skinned her. [Vol. The dog was there with them. When she arrived. and throw it outside. Just as she emerged. Nix'a'H mecum copulat!" The old woman answered. The dog saw the old woman go to this. " Grantlmother. I do not want you to take this dog into the tent. Then he turned into Nix'a'H. but you are no dog. The girl used to take him with her into the woods. At the back of the tent hung an untanned buffalo-skin. "No. The old woman who kept the buffalo had a little grand-daughter who worked for her. "You vim thought attulit. She pitied him. Thereupon there was no snow about the door. who wagged his tail at her.

Ni. inquinavit. He sang fom* times." Then the buffalo would come running toward him in strings. the peoj)le saw the bare land and herds of buffalo. Then the boy's father told an old man to go out large herds of buffalo. The last one to emerge was a bull. corpus retraxit. ita ut Nix'a"t sub ventre celatus Thus he passed ran." Thus Nix'a"t obtained buffalo and killed a cow and took the unborn calf.Ot is taught to call Buffalo. Nix'a"to displicebat.1907. man. approaching him. Compare Arapaho. Every- where the snow disappeared. indeed. and was summer. The fourth time the buffalo did not stop down on him. Told by informant M. Nos. "Nix'a"t has come back. When the bag was emptied. off. Gros Ventre Myths and Tales. and sing. Then he and will cry. and said to him. 32. lepus qui venisset sisset abiit.x'a'H released the ran and entered the tent. be so. drove all the buffalo the curtain. sat Sing it only Soon he down and all sang. exsiliit. and cuberet. et ut lepores interficeret pedibus togam protrivit. threw her the bag. . The man gave him the song. A sit use off". Compare No. He reached their camp at night. 122. To-morrow you will see summer and is what you asked for. 15. Sed solum toffam 1 foedavit. she ran towards them. testes suos tactos sensisset. when he was visited and had no food. When she arrived." "That is all I summer." He has brought some parts of buffalo to show that there was a strong Chinook wind. "Where is the tent of the boy's father?" Being shown it. Nix'a"t ejus in testiculis adhsesit. Nix'a"t denique cum emerlay Lepusculos qui profugerunt inquinans peperit. Nix'. would go on a down. Togse margini lapides imposuit. he went there and entered. wanted from you. he it out by the old woman without As the buffalo threw out what was in the bag. wisiiing to learn the song. following the trail of the people. but said. 133. "Here Now eat it. "Do not certain liill. when you need buffalo. and Arapaho. Then he asked. and cut the cow's back-fat and the tongue and some of the entrails. and said.^ That night 5. Ssepius ita cum accideret. out." Nix'a"t started Then the buffalo came toward him in strings. called the boy. Xix'a"t came to him and cried. He carried this meat on his back. Taurus cum being seen. That is why now we sometimes get the Chinook winds. he went back to the old woman. Next morning. Cum ano solum eminente cum eo copula vit. it too often. eos in est. bai'king. and. Nos. 67 girl. He seized the bag and ran into the hole behind There he turned dog again. You will see herds of buffalo and the it summer to-morrow. " Hi'itana" wu'katyli.^ - Told by informant P.] Kroeber. 33.

they said. ita ut Nix'a"t penem vagina? inserere cum vellet se Nix'a"t Iffisit et clamavit. Xix'a^'t axd the Mouse." answered." said to him. he felt himself falling.68 Anthropological Papers American Museum of Xatural History." In spite of all his care. "Indeed! feel I must be near the with his feet. ab mure ut penem ad eam portaret petiit. "Ejus virginitatem Nix'a'H violat. Xix'a^'t and the Mice's Sun-dance. Puelltie mater malleinii portans ad eum decucurrit. and said. cum femiuam trans flumen dormientem vitleret. In dorsum eum river." He a sun-dance. "Look out. larger." on each side of him. And he continued to about him When he touched something he said. Adhuc puellfe concubebat. liut he caught the other and lay with her. "Ya! This must be the place. you?" "I am a willow. . Nix'a"t was travelling. As he went. 29-31. it "Who you?" "I am a cherry-tree. and he floated down the stream. and saw the mice holding at a distance. As he looked in. sed terrfe asperse parti anteposuit. "What are you?" he asked. river.^ 7. When he sat down. and the mice scattered and ran out. He could not even see. Nix'a"t because he did not know what to do. Compare Arapaho. One of them went ashore. of the sunof the Then he stopped. and said." said Nix'a"t. he heard the noise to hear where the noise it. dance. "What are 1 From informant Q. I. "I allow only girls to get me. and I was looking for it Then he looked into the skull. He came floating to where there was a camp. off. As soon as the others saw him seize her. I must be very close to the river now. began to cry. "Become it larger!" Then it grew As often as he told it to stretch. he said to the hole through which he looked. Again he felt something with his foot. Then it splashed. he heard the noise of the dance clearly. He got up and wandered are He struck something with his foot. "Indeed! I "What are you?" must be very near the and went on. skull. stretched. As soon as the swimmers saw him. He wanted dance elk- came from. they ran back to the camp. [\'ol. it "I am a cottonwood. People were swimming there. "Indeed! Then he walked very carefully. Finally he succeeded in thrusting his head through. there comes a bax'aa" (watermonster). there lay an down on it. He sat could not discover Where he stood." it said to him. G. Mus penem transportavit." said Nix'a"t." and all ran on the bank. Nos. Then his head stuck fast in the skull. he Then two girls went into the water said. and caught his horns. When he had floated near them. Then they pulled him to shore." omnes clamaverunt.

Diu edebat. Perpetuo altius jactus est. it He ran as hard as he could. Cito diarrhoea afflictatus est. Nix'a'H radices quje hiitceni appellantur edebat. but could not escape the arrow. 8. and Arapaho. Nos. Compare Arapaho.^ dixit. est." and the arrow came flying. alioquin diarrhceam segrescas. "How much Then he does one bite off you when he meets you?" Nix'a"t bit off as "A much fat. vim majorem heatl. 60. He met it repeatedly. Cum sum pulsi sunt. Then at last the Bird shot farther. went ahead down until at last stream. footnote Pronounce tc like English ch. 53. and again met the all all. Compare No. The arrow struck the rock and turned it over. but again bit off he could He asked it and was told swallow. Nix'a"t met a Bird which had an immense arrow. Compare Arapaho. Denique dum semper tumulum et ascendit. the same. Tandem mulierem liberosque suos omnibus cum rebus familiaribus in se ponere jussit ut terra retineretur. Sed cum iterum crepuisset omnes surcreparet. p. I will shoot you with it.^ eum circumdederat quasi insulte tumulo 9. Xix'a^t and the Bird with the Large Arrow. got up and ran. 1. piece only. 52.] Kroeber. ran. 34. but could not catch Nix'a^t dat. Nix'a^t eats Fat. Inquinare continuavit donee defluxus institit. Tantum navit in inquinavit ut abire coactus Iterum cum inquinaret tanta inqui- excrementa defluxerunt ut eum abegerunt. No. for I will kill you if you stand so near. 69 percussit. "Tua percussio meis impetibus in filiam tuam The place where you can kill me is in the middle of the The woman struck the top of his head. and dodged. It shot past the ' 2 3 From informant S. crepuit.^ 10. He little asked. Several times he stopped. Nix'a"t went off. so that it rolled on Nix'a"t." But the Bird always told him." as he could. Nix'a"t found some fat floating in the stream. All the women pursued him. turned. saying that it was not able to use the arrow. Tum sursum jactus est. Nix'a"t was frightened. and broke the elk-skull. At last the Night-hawk came flying by. "Well. He could not get out. . he swallowed it Tum abiit. 15. Gros Ventre Myths and Tales. but I came nearer and nearer. At last the Bird said. Xix'a^t eats Hiitceni. He took refuge behind a rock.1907." Xix'a"t him. "Go tiiinking he had gone far enough. He taunted it.

Nix'a"t took and said. it broke the rock." The fourth Then the stranger motioned with a stick as if women. 17. with only the following differences. Nix'a^'t loses his Eves. Compare Arapaho. The myth and Ventre as of Nix'a'H's diving for the reflection of fruit in the water. he struck fell his wife on the head. Compare Arapaho. and gave them wives. Nos. Then he met a Nix'a"t motioned. "Come here. Nix'a"t got up. he cried. and his eyes successfully left until thev swelled. He went on with his new wife. new power. when fourth man who was crying for his wife. [^ ol. 13. I. Nix'a^'t axd the Bear-Womex. While the Bear-Women were eating little own children. he put tliem back in his head. He gave one of Then she turned into two time. and gave the man one of the women. Then 12. He him and returned to him. "You must do tried his this only when it is necessary. to strike his wife. and Nix'a"t asked it to lend him its eyes. crying for his wife. and begged the Bird. He climbed on top of the and from there for the 16.- Nix'a^t kills his Wife." did he pulled the Night-hawk's mouth The Night-hawk came to you do that to me? I was very wide open. and a third.' 11.70 Anthropological Papers Aynerican Museum of Natural History. . and Nix'a"t was able to find his own. Then After a time they remained in a tree. "Why do you cry?" for He was accompanied who has died. It told him. dropped the berries down inside. of his adventures with the Bear-Women. Nix'a'H met a Bird that was sending its eyes into a tree. found their 1 berries. A man came by his Avife. and asked. and doubled her. it. He found another man. Nix'a'H was out on the prairie. The Mouse lent him its eyes. thev sent one 19 and 33. until at last it gave him the power. to him. Xos. "Why Then comfortable tnider the rock. not plums. and struck his wife he had motioned four times. girl out to get ^ wood fire. rock. him." he said to the Bird. venting wind each time. among the Arapaho. A INIouse came to him. Then she dead. Then Nix'a"t was glad. and." Nix'a'H went off. The fourth time. them to Nix'a"t. Nix'a"t told him. who had died. "I am mourning my wife. He found a man crying for his dead wife. he struck her. He could not get them back. Then he cried. But He soaked them in water his own eyes had already shrivelled on the tree. Then he motioned four times. is found among the Gros Nix'a"t tent.

Now he has a feast." Then he if said." Then he sang. He made them all stand in a circle and close their eyes. In all other details. "Nix'a"t sleepy. But he always came back skull in order to look about." He found only bones. Then he ran. then to the another. and cottontail-rabbits come here! I will make a dance for you. He coughed. INIeanwhile he sang. I think I Then he w^ent to sleep. "Nix'a"t always accomplishes what pleases him. *'You must keep your eyes shut when you dance. the noise 26. eum refrigeraret. He said. Nix'a"t was out on the prairie. (a) Nix'a^t's Advextures.] Kroeber. "Wake me any one comes. He sat with his head down. Then he came There he stopped and thought what to do." Then he heard a noise. With the Mice's Sun-dance. He ran one way. "AH ducks. He said.^ 14. all "Now around. also 50." Then the birds came flying to him. Then he threw wood into the door until it was blocked. and smoke-birds. "Nix'a°t is at the end opened its eyes and saw him. Suddenly he stood up. is missing. and they danced. Nix'a"t said." The dialogue about the flint-birds." Then he made is a fire. He put the ducks and prairie-chickens and rabbits that he had killed into the ashes under the coals. Xix'a^'t axd the Daxcixg Ducks. the Gros Ventre version resembles the Arapaho. They smelled around. 49. and children. He said. Nix'a"t was going along the river in the thick timber. "I told you to move and wake me if any one came. 2 Compare Arapaho. . same place. women. to an opening in the woods. will sleep. Compare Arapaho. "I have made you eat your own children. No. He began to break the birds' necks. Ano jussot. Told by informant R. 71 Nix'a"t said. He shouted loudly. 27.1907. He There were men. fire-birds. and saw people dancing. He looked I shall have a feast. He stood on a was under his feet. Ano suo dixit.^ 15. Then looked 1 in. the meat. They ate all At last Nix'a"t woke up. and suum anum Tantum dolore aft'ectus est ut ano eminente cuberet ut ventus attrivit." There was nothing left. "As you dance. * 'There must be a camp near by." He took a firebrand. Wolves and coyotes came. Nos. and the rabbits ran up. calling. "I will get it. you must not look!" At last a little prairie-chicken dancing It flew up crying." and went out. listening. prairie-chickens. and left only the bones. Gros Ventre Myths and Tales. you all!" Then the remaining birds all flew off and the rabbits ran killing away. Nix'a'H is always fortunate.

Then women were. he found he said. he liked the dance better. became large enough for him to look in he continued to look. She said. He said." Then he came to the small willows. until the elkThen he got up and ran off. eyes. hole stretched over his head. Then he covered himself with mud. "I wish there were a hole I could enter. "There comes the fool! He has been doing something again. He came out on the other side." to a birch. each other. Thev were mice dance. "I will give beads to to women and girls who were bathing. He At to stretch wider. 7. He said. He At last he cut off all his hair. to the river. "Now I am near the river. I. They told him. They pulled the skin of his fprehead up. and asked them what they were He said. As he went along he saw two pretty thing they are doing. Then he said. The Mice ran He wandered about. Xix'a"t watched the with both his tokl the hole last the He i\s Avanted to see. Nix'a"t could not get his head out from the skull. and set it on fire. His wife saw him coming. and bushes what they were. The burrs made his hair legs. He said. They bite his lice." not want to He said. always doing such things. whomever pulls me ashore. He came to sageThen he came to a large Cottonwood. "That is the kind of tree with many kidneys on young Cottonwood. and then he fell down He went down with the current. he went back to where the them (b) With the Women ichn loused him. looked white. Then he sat up. 72 Anthropological Papers American Museum of Xatia^al History. They went off. stretching out their laps. He blocked the entrance with wood. "That is a nice He pretended to scratch his head and catch and "I have too many lice.] running after him. crying." he said. satisfied. Then he said. contracted around his neck. "Do you louse me?" They said. and went home. ." [The tale continues like No. Then he was filled his and hair with them. Why do you not dig him out ? Then you can pound him to pieces.'^ Then there was a hole and he went in. all the women skull is split from his head.. Then he abused Nix'a"t. When "I am still at a distance from the river. "Yes. stretch." Then all the women crawled into the hole. He asked this the trees brush. Next he came to a He found white clay. and told him to lay his head on their Soon he went to sleep. [Vol. They took burrs. out." Then he came it. and laid it He took a stick. He came floating the bank into the river. He put some over his right eye. that were making the sun-dance. Then he went on young women. It He continually told the opening of the skull to stretch wider.'* could hardly close his eyes. He wanted It to get to the women inside. Then he smothered peeled the bark off so that it across his arm. "He is doing. then to a rosebush." Then they sat opposite to sat lousing each other.

Nix'a"t and painted the tent. Do not be ashamed. and Put me into that crooked tree daughters. "Old woman. Then he came and sat on the hill near went out. sleighs of ribs. He is the one your father mentioned. Then he said. "He looks like my father. it He and lay in the tree for four days. and call all the coyotes and wolves. and bring him in. me. When his wife and his daughters heard what the wolves howled. He carries a sharp tomahawk (kaahaanou). remained out four days more.'" Then he kissed AYlien he his wdfe." she "Both of you go and take his robe." She went and told her mother. Do not tie me: only wrap me in my robe. 'Your wife is dead. would not eat." The coyote sat down and howled until they all came. which I made for my scrapers. His wife and daughters mourned for him. Give them to no one but him. 'We have eaten Nix'a'H. I want them buried with me." Then he became worse. and scattered them about. his robe white. He put white clay over his right eye. and put up a tent for him. Then he slept Avith them both. He cheek. Gros Ventre Mijths and Tales. one on each side of him. "He in is looks like the man said. 73 At last she was at a little distance. and he too Avas a fine-looking man in the day. Take hold of it on each side. said. Now Xix'a'H seemed nearly dead. he began to cry harder. and put those things in with here." and he ran into the brush." Then the two girls went out and brought him. They buried him as he Then he said.1907-1 Kroeber. that my father was telling of. Nix'a"t broke all the He broke and scatskeletons that were there. were unmarried. "We have eaten Nix'a'H. became impatient and went out to him. The two girls were very One of the two beautiful. wolves. After he had been at his tent a while. (c) With his Daughters. called tered the im])lements that were buried with him. and the girls sat by him on the bed.'" Then he said to the Then they howled." She could . He They and became very thin. The woman looked out and saw him. also covered a scar on his Then he made himself a pointed tomahawk. There is a man called One-eyed Owl. They cried. One of the girls She saw him. The woman put up a tent for him. under his right eve. At night they lay down. There are those skinand stone hammers. "Those bad people who visited me! They told me. I shall leave you soon. one on each side. Thus they did many nights. He always has white clay Give over his right eye. him both my daughters when he comes. they screamed and cried. Then she saw a scar girls noticed that at night he was not good looking. he pretended to be sick. "Now howl. and young and pretty. and thought. she said. had said. Nix'a'H "Howl. Then a coyote passed. "That the one. and died. He had two daughters.


Anthropological Papers American Museujn of Natural History.



not help thinking




"I think






married us," she said to her mother.


foohsh one!

dead," said the woman.

Several times the

said the

who has Your father same to her




one night the


raised the tent-door a



was Nix'a'H!




how you
and he ran

Nix'a'H, to marry your daughters?"

She ran

to get a club,





ivho crossed the River.

Then he continued
overtook her.

to go.

He saw



going in his direction.



pretended to

be a woman,

"^^here are you going,


friend?" he said.

are you going?" she said.

husband beat me antl I am going away. Where "My husband beat me too, and I am leaving Let us go together," said Nix'a"t. Then they went together. They


like a

to a river.



said the


"No, you go





they both lifted up their dresses.

"Oh! your

legs look

man's," said the woman.

"Have you never heard

of the



look like a man's?" said Xix'a"t.


longius in

introiissent, vestes altius levaverunt.

"Nunquam fama


"O, clunibus viro similis es!" dixit feminam accepisti cujus clunes viri illis

simihe essent?" dixit Nix'a'H.



transiissent penis

Xix'a'Ho e

manibus prolapsus aquam percutiens sonum dedit. He picked it u]) hastily. "What did you drop?" asked the woman. "It is too bad! It was a love-root. I am sorry I dropped it," said Nix'a'H. When they had crossed, subito penem ei monstrans, "Aspice, amica!" Nix'a"t dixit. £xterrita in terram cecidit. Ad earn adiit libidinamque explevit. Turn
iterum profectus



the Sleeping


He came to a camp. He looked into a tent and saw a pretty woman asleep. He went in, sat down, and waited for her to wake up. When she did not awake, he went out, and, cum excrementum in extremum
baculi cepisset, put

on her

she did not


lectum inquinavisti."
times he

Then he came in once more and coughed. Then he pushed her thighs, saying, "Surge, At last she awoke. Then Nix'a"t pretended that


he was about to cry out, but the


hastily told him,







to call out loudly, "Hjiec femina

lectum inquinavit,"

sed summissa voce susurravit.

"Si taces,











dormiunt," mulier


Nix'a"t libidinam explevit.


Kroeber, Gros Veyitre

Myths and





the Buffalo he called




He saw a man sittmg on a high bank. He had two round rattles. He sang, and struck the rattles on the ground. Then the buffalo came in strings on each side of him, and fell over the bank and were killed. Then Nix'a'H cried. He said, "Pity me " The man said, "What do you wish ? " Nix 'a"t cried louder. At last he persuaded the man to let him have the power of calling the buffalo. The man gave it to him, saying, "You must not use the song for nothing. You must only use it when the camp is very hungry." Then Nix'a"t went oft'. Soon he began to try his power. He sat at the edge of a bank, and sang and rattled. The buffalo came in strings, and fell over the bank. He left them and went on. Three times he called the buffalo. When he called them the fourth time, the buffalo came and
he went on again.


His legs were hanging over the



pushed him over the bank, and


on top of him.


ejus solus eminuit.

Lepus advenit


cum anum


After a time he

saw a Coyote.

cum eo "Come here.


Nix'a^t lay there.

Coyote," he said.



it?" asked the Coyote.


the coyotes

The Coyote went on
ate the buffalo,

hill, and howled. All and dragged away the bones,

and wolves," said Nix'a"t. the coyotes and w^olves came,
until at last



He went





he looked back, he saw

rabbits scampering away. little He said, "Good!" He was pleased. Three times he saw rabbits run off. Quater cum inquinare pararet, he picked up rocks, spread out his robe behind him, and weighted its edge with rocks. Tum inquinavit, and suddenly jumped out from his robe. "I will get you this time!" he cried as he stamped about on his robe. Then he lifted up the edge and looked under. He thought he had killed rabbits, but there was only excrement. His robe was soiled. He began to run

toward camp as hard as he could, crying loudly,


out, all!


enemy pursue me!
hastily told

Mount your


Inquinantes Piegani


Celeriter nisi venietis,

mounted, rode, came


togam meam inquinabunt!" The people and found him toga inquinata. "I


to hurry," said Nix'a"t.^


One-eyed Owl and

his Daughter.

A man

lived alone with his family.
I die, let

He had

a pretty daughter.




daughter marry a one-eyed

man who

has white

I Obtained from informant R. Compare, for the first episode, Nos. 7 and 13, and Arapaho, Nos. 49, 50, 52, 53: for the second, Arapaho, Nos. 53-55; for the third. No. 16, and Arapaho, Nos. 42, 43: for the fourth and fifth respectively, Arapalio, Nos. 36 and 37; for the sixth, No. 5, and Arapalio, Nos. 32, 33.


Anthropological Papers A)nerican



Natural Histonj.

[Vol I,

clay on his eye."

Then he pretended



told his wife,



dead, do not bind


up, but lay


on the prairie."

Then he seemed

to cUe,

and she put

liim out





called the wolves,


to howl,


have eaten the person here."


gathered bones and

He Avent away, painted one of his eyes white, laid them by his l)lanket. and came to his own tent. His daughter, coming out of the tent, saw him, and told her mother, "There is the man that my father wanted me to marry." Her mother said to her, "Let us put up a tent for him." Then they put uj) a tent, and the girl married him. He always went off in the morning and came back at night. Then the girl saw that he had a scar, which her father had had. She said to her mother, "He looks like my father." Her mother said to her, "Tie a string from your bed to mine, and pull it when he enters." At night he came, and the girl pulled the string. Then the woman came from her tent and found her husband. She beat him nearly to death/

The Man who went



with his jNIother-in-law.

There was a camp-circle. A man went off. At a distance he built two brush shelters. The next day he came back. He sat in his lodge and did not speak. His wife asked him, "What is the matter?" He did not answer. She asked him again and again. At last he said, "I saw many men going to war with their mothers-in-law in order to steal horses for them." Then his wife said, "I will ask my mother to go with you." She asked her mother, and her mother consented. Then they started off to-

They came to the place gether, the man riding in front and she behind. where he had been, and each slept in a shelter. In the morning the man went out as if to look for tracks. When he came back he said, "I cannot find the tracks of the people I saw. I do not know where they can have gone." Then they staid there over night again. The man had put stones near his bed. He threw them at his mother-in-law's shelter. Soon she said, "Some one is troubling me here. There is a ghost about. I^et me come into your

she was lying.


After a time he again threw stones to where She said again that she Avas being disturbed, and asked, dormiamus." Iterum assensus est. Tum se frigere questus est.


Mulier rogavit,


parte friges?"



Iterum rogavit,



Nullus cognitum habebit.

Die mihi qua parte


"Hie, tange,"





Dixit, "Inserere ut calescat volo."

Muliere assensa penem


vixerunt donee mulier filium peperit, postquse

42, 43.



From informant Q. From informant Q.

Compare No. 15, and Arapaho, Nos. Compare Arapaho, Nos. 39, 40.

"Yes. He came near. A man "Has that jHTson been here?" to her. "I 'Something smells here. saying?" here." Then she took 1 From informant M. He stopped and sniffed." And surely. somebody came there." said the Kit-fox. he called to the ghost. Then she thought what kind of plate to use. and after she in!" "Indeed!" he said hud cooked she gave him the food. I said. do not cause him to enter. She took off one of her moccasins and gave it to him as a plate. ." Then she continued to give him other ])lates." Then she changed the plate. "AVhat were you "No. camped alone. "Now. As he went. Sometimes he made as if to enter.1907. but the woman would not say anything." he told her. and he said the same thing to her. and he did not come in. Found-in-the-Gr. he smeh something that stunk. that ])erson came there again. "Very nearly." he said to his wife. "If a person comes while I am away. when he was away. and almost The Kit-fox ran into a hole just as the ghost caught the end it and pulled off. When bad at distance. and the person merely walked around the tent. In the morning he would go to hunt. and asked the evening he her.^ tail Then the ghost pursued him. but his wife said nothing. of his <?ried.\ss. do not ask him to come in. until she had used all the plates and dishes. and told him. but again he said. The odor eame buried in a tree. "Come Then the man came in. from a dead person the dead person He went along a path in the woods. He made as if to come in. After a time the Kit-fox came out again and 19." she told him. She did not know what to give him. you must not tell him to enter. Kit-fox went oft'. Then she took off one of her leggings and used it as a plate. The Kit-fox and the Ghost. 'It smells like and asked. and in came back. After he was gone some time. Then the woman could restrain herself no longer. but he said. Then he opened and shut the door several times." Then he went hunting again. you said sweet-grass about something bad of me. 77 18. Then she thotight." he said to her.'" "I said smelled good. "It stinks. "That is not the kind of plate I use. he came. The Kit-fox started. but he did not." The some ghost at last allowed him to go. "I will try my dress for a plate." Then tree it came dowTi from the "No. "Even if he is just about to come in. "That is nearly it. Gros Ventre Myths and Tales. She cooked for him to eat. The said. even if he seems about to come in.' " caught him. Then her husband retiu-ned. The Kit-fox said.] Kroeber. "That is not the kind of plate I use.

you must say.^ this woman he had cut o})en. "I told her so. Our father far away.78 off Anthropological Papers American Museum of Natural History." "Come." his younger brother said to him. he became fright- Then she lay ened.' and. "That is it. husband of this woman who had ])een ripped open. "Nii^a'". but the one who was looking at the arrows most closely he caught. He had difficulty in persuading him. "I beat you. 'Let us play together. must when you beat him." he told her. the arrows were scattered about gather them up and put them back into the this repeatedly. let us play." he said Then he went inside. and spread to her. When she did not come out. Going out doors. "You need not touch me. He dismounted and threw off his meat. he went out and lay down on And indeed Ka'a"en soon called. as I did Soon after. Then he drew out one of her children." he told it. his arrows were scattered about. he watched for those his face who took his ari'ows out. I will make you a bow and became arrows. [Vol. sometimes called Niica'" " second." they said. for you smell like your father. 'Look close!' When you say that to him. when he heard them say it again. She was pregnant. he cut her open. and they remained together." When he had told his son what to do. like your father. he got up and ran into the tent. "Well." if given tlie name Ka'a"en. I will go out I am trying to catch when I caught you. crying. it out for flat him as a plate. He went out on the prairie and cried. "Look. he went out and disappeared. returned from the hunt. the tent. I will your younger brother. not. her dress. "Xii^a'". to himself. He cried when he saw his wife lying dead on her back. There she lay at the back of the tent." Nii^a'" told "No. I. After he had done After a time the man who was the this. After I begin to cry. When he came back to Then he put his arrows back his tent. After the man had eaten. Then. is While he he heard a child speaking." he said to it. he sounded as if he were far It said. and threw it to "Ka'a"en will be your name. look at it closely. He mourned day and night. lay off"." "No. my son. I will come in. the other and threw it away. Tlie younger is. You smell him. "That is very nearly it. . and his wife did not appear. "Let me go. do again. One of the boys escaped. come his face and began to cry. I do not want to. She had been with twins. because say to your younger brother. quiver. is 1 The older of Gros Ventre twins. He continued to When he had done It Whenever he was away. into the quiver. the I will man it said. Then he drew out the door. you my son. The The man said." they said to each other. child scratched him and cried." Soon he again heard children speaking. here! Let us play! Our father is crying at a distance. and said." he told him. boys. You can always shoot with them. be quiet. on near the tent and began cried. to cry. I want you to live with me." he said on her back and made a plate of her belly." Then the boy quiet. "Nii^a'" will be your name.

"Look out. "Now. there was no longer anybody there. lie ran toward their tent. they went out to cut grass at the lake. He made bows and arrows for both of them." said his father. Ka'a"en shot upward four times." Then the man got up and ran into his tent. my mother!" Then he said to his brother. Then Ka'a"en said." "No. a child cried. want to shoot this bird. When Ka'a"en Ka'a"en saw just got in. When Ka'a"en beat him. Then she took Nii9a"^ home. my son. "I beat you." the old woman said to herself. Then Nii9a"^ said to his them. He was blown far away. and as he shot he said. When the women of the camp had put up their tents. when they had started to return." Nevertheless. my mother!" Whencaught him. never pick up an arrow after you have shot tliey when you are Then when had shot went shooting. Then he quieted down. There was a was blown." and he went to one side. one of his arrows. Nii9a'" ran back and took it. it. When he had grown up to be a boy. Just as his younger brother took hold of the door. As soon the dust rose behind them. and when each had shot up four times. the wind it. "Step aside. their father said to the boys. brother. the sweat-house shook. Found-in-theI found it in the dry lake as I was cutting grass for bedding." Then the old woman raised him. It was there that he came down. they never picked up their arrows after they Once. Then Ka'a"en shot up." out shooting. "I am glad to find a child. Gros Ventre Myths and Tales. After a time." Then Xiiya'" shot up. blew him away together with camp near the place to which he . As she cut it. They carried it home on their backs. my sons. Grass will be his name. I "My older brother. and you can always shoot with them.] Kroeber. 79 At last he came in." Then he did as his son told him. I will make you a bow and arrows. An old woman went out while the rest were already coming back. ever they shot. He cried and scratched. When she got to her tent. Near where they were going sat a bird. she said. "Now it is your turn. "Now. "Be cjuiet. "Let me go!" You will live with me. Thus they restored their mother to life.1907. and they playetl together. A dry lake was near the camp. I will go back and pick up one of my arrows. and Nii9a'" followed him. his father Just as he was about to escape. look out. they had used up all their arrows. he said. it. a man who had pretty daughters that were not married. look out. Then she saw a bunch of grass. calling. make a sweat-house and lay our mother down in it. "I am glad that there is some left. our as he took father told us never to pick up our arrows after we had shot them. I will have it for my grandson. When she reached the lake. look out. look out. and Nii^a"^ four times. Then Ka'a"en said to him. their mother ran out from the sweat-house. and said. Thus their father caught them both. father. "Look out. "I found this child to have for myself. Then she went to it and began to cut it. There hay Xii^a'" looking closely at the arrows." she said to herself. I will cut it.

a trap. grandmother. "it must be he who stole my jiorcupine. Not very long after me: here is a quill." He went back." said Found-in-the-Grass." This she said to the man. stole his porcupine. and when she had made it. it as he had set it. I think somebody stole the porcupine from "Indeed!" she said to him. what he was too young "What do you want a wife for? You cannot even keep yourself clean. to him." for." "Grandmother. Found-in-the-Grass said to his grand' mother. Then it became night." his grand- "No. to only a bird. and said to his grandmother. the Crow went out flying. a time there was a famine." he had told her that some one had robbed him." she said. and looked at the traps of all." her yovmger sister Thus the Crow and Found-in-the-Grass were married. Then he thought." Then she he trapped it. the Crow and Found-in-the-Grass must each marry one of of my daughters. it and went out with it. The younger said." Thus she spoke about Found-in-the-Grass. "Cry out. He was gone a long time. said to an old man. He has a big and has mucus on his nose. He stole it from my grandson. just as it was beginning to be light. Take this quill and show it to that man. "Found-in-the-Grass is the one I will marry. [Vol. for he has a large nose. 'The Crow will go after buffalo. I. "Yes. will marry my daughters. is I would not marry the Crow. then. which his daughters. and he the younger one said. you must make me a trap and I made him a trap. the father of those two young women. The Crow who said that is a porcupine-quill. "Grandmother. But first of all. He says. "Build an enclosure. but Found-in-the-Grass came and looked at his trap. After said to her. "Well. you two wants to marry Foimd-in-the-Grass ? " he said to The oldest one said. But a porcupine-quill lay there. 'Any one that may catch a porcujnne. In the morning all the young men got up and went to look at their traps. and flew off". "I will not marry him. Then the Crow stole it." Thus But the older one said to her. "Here I came to show it to you. and his hair is sticky is and tangled." ) 80 Ahthropological Papers American Museum of Natural History." The old woman took the quill and showed it to the man. or any two young men that may catch porcupines. When he had examined all the traps." he told her. "Cry out. The Crow said to an old man. belly. an old man cried out." Thus he told the old man. he took He set it right in the trail. and this was the only one that succeeded in catching a porcupine. "The Crow is the one who has succeeded in trapping a porcupine. Then all the young men set traps. mother said will set it. "Make me He made her laugh. He found left a quill."' Tell them that. "Who would want belly!" "Who would . trying to do I will also trap porcupines. he went to the trap that Found-in-the-Grass had set. "It must be that somebody has stolen it. marry him. grandmother. Well. "The Crow the one I will marry. that Found-in-the-Grass with the big marry the Crow! He is only a bird with a big nose.

He is perfumed. the people said. While she was killing them. the one with the big nose? You should not let him out of your sight. His quiver was of otter-skin. 81 In the evening he came flying back alone. when lie comes in. Your husband the Crow cannot do that!" But her older sister said. and to right there the buffalo followed him over the bank. her older was there. he ran to where the enclosure was. fattest of all. arrows. her older sister said. Then he went home to call his wife to shoot the buft'alo in the enclosure." Then Found-inthe-Grass and his father-in-law went hunting. "Xow go up on this hill and watch me from there. you wife of the bigbellied child with the dirty nose? Why do you leave him? You should not let him out of your sight. Soon he reappeared." After she had killed all the buft'alo that were in the enclosure. "Go and vour go with to hunt. but ' will go to get buft'alo. he went down (into a gully) out of sight. After he had burned it. I As soon as he started. After a while Found-in-theGrass said to an old man. Then his wife shot the buffalo. father that I Then he want him sent his wife to her father. he is a good-looking yoimg man.'"" Thus he tell told \ the old man." "No. and.1907. When they had gone. He to says. As soon entered. that is scabby. Found-in-the-Grass said to the people. "What do you want to kill them for? If you want to do the killing. As soon as he appeared. "Let me have the bow: let me do the shooting. When he had done this. "Make me an enclosure. Now "I flew everywhere. "^Yhere are you going." This one that he called Then and all scabby was the in-the-Grass. "I want you to cry out." Then they had made their enclosure in vain. his grandmother. sister When as she she entered her father's tent. bow and But he had jumped one side. It is for "Do not take for your own the one my grandmother to skin. The Crow had failed. Then he and there in pairs on top of each other. and all the buft'alo followed him. Found-in-the-Grass placed them here went there and began to gather buft'alo-chips. together skinned the . He i dropped out of sight. buffalo stood all about. Thus Found-in-the-Grass satisfied the ])eople's hunger. you should kill them with your husband's. he went towards the wind to cause the buft'alo to smell it. Found-in-the-Grass all had made a large enclosure for the buffalo." he said to his wife. Found- and his wife. Gros Ventre Myths and Tales. he came back and saw no buffalo. When he had covered the large flat here and there with chips. In the evening he goes out when it is dark he comes in again." said her younger sister. her sister came to her and said." There was a large flat place. the people began to butcher. : jf ^"^ Found-in-the-Grass said to his father-in-law. the big-nosed Crow's.] Kroeber. "Foundin-the-Grass is not the kind to be changed in the night." "And what are you doing here? Whv do you leave your husband the Crow. My husband is changed every night. Then he took a buft'alo-chip and burned it.

She was the only one of the daughters who cared Sometimes she stole food for them." The young woman went over.s. The son-in-law would go hunting and take the old man with him. him. they > From a te. WV will cook this blood." Then the olil woman took it out from the kettle. astrous consequence of shooting an arrow. No. 141. and drove the buffalo under a steep bank. scabby one. and the old man had only the blood which he had hidden. There was an old man who had four daughters and a son-in-law. "I wish you would do to in-law saw him do this. The where a buffalo that had been shot fell. They ran away wounded. she threw the blood in. and died. "Take the child out. He picked up the blood and put his it into his quiver. It will be our son. gut with the blood which we have obtained. and put filled it on his wife's' back. blood ran down all over her. Thus Foundcut the gut. pretended to Then he down." he said. The He told his youngest wife. 6. The son-in-law was bad. tent and see what the child If it is is. They lived in another tent. "I did \\'hen down. It was a boy. "Run to the son-in-law heard the child crying. and he When he cut it. I. If old enough. law gave him no meat." his sister-in-law said "Yes. they had finished butchering. He and his wives never lived with the old man. His sisterdress and red leggings. but his son-in- got only bones to boil for the marrow. For tlie dis- . compare Arapaho. Then he told his wife." he Just as she started to go.s. me as you did to your wife.^ 20. 142. "Get blood. was. I took a thorn out of my foot. As his daughters grew up. I want to marry her when she must throw him away and kill him. his wife was wearing a red robe and a red The blood had changed to clothing. Compare Arapaho. in-the-Grass ridiculetl his sister-in-law. "Carry home told her. through the lungs had coughed out a piece of clotted blood. "What did you pick up in that place?" The not pick up anything. [Vol. his son-in-law married them until he had all four. came to man. The The old old man man did all the butchering.82 Anihropolofjical Papers American Museum of Natural History." The When the water boiled. your younger sister. following fall their tracks." The young man kept it all. is it is a girl. Once they went old hunting. a boy. No. "Put a kettle on the fire. The old man said. Then old woman did so. He this filled a gut with blood. they took the meat home. I fell son-in-law asked old man said. She asked her parfor the old people. The son-in-law shot several. 19-143. Clotted-Blood. That is why I came. and I will do to you as I did to to him. When he and his son-in-law came together again. and came over to him.xt obtained from informant S. he stabbed the gut in which the blood As soon as he had cut it. a child cried." Then she got blood and put it on her back.

and called. "He has gone The woman told what her mother had said." He himself Avas hiding. Clotted-Blood shot him it in the right side. stretched. man was frightened. . and when I find him I will kill him. Gros Ventre Myths and Tales. The man jumped he tried to pull back. and put an arrow on bow." The old woman swung swinging it. "Hold it. drink it. "Yes. I go whenever he tells me. 83 ents what the child was. When she swung him the fourth time." At night the son-in-law sent one of his wives to tell the old man to be ready to hunt the next morning. the farther it stretched. The man stopped. looked at him. The old woman cried back." Clotted-Blood said.'" on the southwest side of the tent on the northwest. The son-in-law sent one of his wives time. near." He rolled up liis sleeve. there is my brotherin-law. laughed. Then he told his father. treated I have been waiting a long time to see you. AYhen she swung for the second it began to talk. "Make me a bow from the last rib of a buffalo. Then the son-inwill find law said. Then Clotted-Blood stood up beside the old man. he jumped off. it He could not [)iill out. and said. then swing it at the northeast. When out the arrow. "Well. Let him see it. say. You have his my father badly. the child at the west (right) of the door. He made them well. else I will kill you before him!" Now the man was very close.] Kroeber. "Take some of this refuse over and let the old woman girl. I am your brother-in-law. The young man asked him. "I IJlood him.When are you and your son-in-law going hunting?" The old man said. The more he pulled. Clotted-Blood said to him. "Swing the child that the child was supernatural. and hold it up so that he can see you had alrciidy killed a fat buffalo. but you must The young woman went back and told that it was a The man said. then (to the right of the door).1907. "Look about you for the last time." man to come." Then the old man made the bow and arrows. The man saw the buffalo. "What are you eating there? Drop it I" The old The man said. "Take this kidney and eat it. it the third time. then at the southeast. 'It is The old man said to her. at the left of the door. Very early the next morning the old man and Clotted-Blood went out. at the northwest of the tent. \Vhile she it was the child began to laugh." Clotted- came man. When she swung it became a large boy. to tell the old ahead. Then Clotted-Blood shot him in the other side. He Avas a fine-looking young man. and nearly let the kidney fall. "Hold it fast and eat it!" Again the man ordered him to dro]) it. lying behind the buffalo." The old man knew He said to his wife. who nearly jumped off the swing. and make me four arrows from the necktendons of buffalo. so that she will have milk to raise the child. Clotted-Blood ordered him. a girl. Turn around." Clotted-Blood had said to the old man. old eat it. and put stone points on the ends of the arrows. ". "I do not know. before I kill you. " It is a boy.

" "Do not go. and threw everything into the fire. "Wliich of your four daughters tried to help you?" son-in-law was very wonderful. I. Then he went far back. But the is No one ever returns." Clotted-Blood did not care. Then he tried to go He had to pass by the tree. He cut off an arm. When he had burned up the dead man altogether. The arm spoke: "You can go to no place where I will not get you. and he jumped back." When he tried to pull out the arrow. Only the youngest woman and her child he did not kill. He told the people. were inside. as he had the man's. "Go back where you came from. there are man. all Then they went into the man's tent and took the property. The old man told him. and ran. The others never helped me. it fell and broke. will tell you all the dangerous places. by that tree is killed. "I will go visiting. a tree. Clotted-Blood took them all out." bridge which was supported in the middle by a . some were only bones. Then he killed three of the women and their children. I "My do not wish to do it." said the old Clotted-Blood. You will not need You have plenty when you get back. it stretched. He burned the bodies up. Even while he was dyings he continued to speak: "You cannot escape me. Then he made a motion to go under. fell Then he down. I will "Well. it. The tree nearly fell." said the young man." said Clotted-Blood." and threw it into the fire. Why did you let this tree kill you? You should have known Then he came to a You are not children." Then it. He caused those who were not dead to live.84 Anthropological Papers American Museum of Xatural History." "There is the tree. he asked his father. do this. "Cut The old man refused. they started to go back. "My " youngest daughter is the only one that ever loved She alone helped me. Then again he made a motion to go past. He said. The boy had killed him. Then the I old him. [Vol. Some were dead." said many tribes. Then he burned the tree. off the legs and arms of the dead man. Clotted-Blood was a down feather floating in the air. Clotted-Blood told him. that kills them. will We will leave this meat. and he was a man again. There is something young man was determined to go." Clotted-Blood told his father to get wood and make a large fire. When he was under the tree. He could not pull it out. but jumped back. Then near He came it. The tree had been hollow. killed It lit on the ground })eople it The had Some were not yet dead. You cannot get where I will not find you. Then Clotted-Blood said. Clotted-Blood asked the old man. better. in the land besides "My father. "If you will go. He saw tree the tree. trail man said to The first Every one that passes on the started. The around It was impossible. The me. are there any ])eople you?" "Yes. The old man made a fire. He cut off the rest of the limbs. They had plenty to eat." he began to sway. old man said.

85 step on it. he made himself go down feather. and made motions as if resisting. seized the old woman from behind. "Old woman. and some were only bones. "Well. Then he went on. fast as he could walk. and and consumed. my grandson. the bridge gave way. I have been wishing for a long time to see you. Then he put the dish on a large it pounded to it with mauls. Then he turned to himself again. come out with your dish. and lit behind her. Three times he stepped on it and the bridge went down. I wish to be drawn by it. He went in and found old woman. Each time. "Bring your dish and point at me." Then the people sang for him. "Pity me. She said. Then he turned the dish toward her. As he went. and said to the wolf. The bridge went down and never Whenever he Then he stepped on it as if buffalo-head. His father had told him. wolf fell dead. The first tent was an old tent outside the camp-circle. I have heard that you draw people toward you. "Indeed you are wonderful! You are really drawing toward him as open. He was really drawn by the faster. what are you doing here? an . and the leaped. "Even if you stand far away. Clotted-Blood went Some Avere alive. broke up. whose chief was a large Bull. When he came near. You sing and I will dance. She said." Then at last she brought out. and when they struck the dish they were burned. Without stopping. and the bridge went down. Then he came to a great wolf. The fourth time. It drew them toward it." "My Inside he found people. his throat." continued to play with her. She had a large wooden dish which she heUl up toward people. some dead. When he jumped. he walked out on it. and began to turn the dish toward her. "Now draw me in. the wolf will suck you towards him." Then Clotted- Blood stood at a distance. said. and danced. and came out with the peo[)le. my grandson!" dish.] Kroeber. He came he came to a large camp." said the old tell it woman. Then he reached up and cut it off. and reached the land on the other side of the water. the wolf Then Clotted-Blood jumped high and pierced the heart. The young man walked toward him." Then the wolf began to suck. it she was drawn into rock. He pretended that he was being drawn along. he jumped. Just as the bridge began to sink. Gros Ventre Myths and Tales. Then he cut the sides of the wolf open. " Ix't us dance. "You are the old woman who destroys people with her dish. He went toward the old woman and called. He went with his mouth and jumped down some nearly dead. which was blown over her head. me toward you!" he The wolf lay there right on. it Clotted-Blood continued to her. He met an old woman. emerged. grandson. he turned into a \ He He flat said. He tied a knife to the top of his head. and burned it. he pricked the heart.1907. Above him he saw the heart hanging and beating. tried to to cross. Then he said.

wish to try man the one v. and charged again. "Where is there another camp?" She told him. He said. he was a man. Cook for me. he was a man again. Go back." When the Bull learned that he was in camp. What is it you refer to?" When he had eaten. Wlien he reached the camp. jumped over him. I. and when it reached the ground." But Clotted-Blood started. "Give me to eat. The Bull fell. all were afraid of him. When the Bull had only one thing left to bet with. pity you. you will never go away alive.hom have come to see. Next time. He had everything prepared for playing. have heard of that swing. At once he ran for his l)ow. Then Clotted-Blood turned to down and flew entirely over him. "That I it is what it. He has killed all that was dangerous on the way. him win everything except his bow and four arrows. as they ran after it side by side. Clotted-Blood turned down feather." Clotted-Blood said. "There is one down stream. Do not go there. He was wondering what to do to wound him." Go back before they fiiifl you have come here. I am hungry. "There is one who has a swing at the river." said the Bull. I am hungry. "He is the one I came to see. but he said. and Clotted-Blood cut him to pieces. the powerful rnill. for the Bull was altogether of bone. lit behind him. As they ran. When it lit." The old woman continued to urge him to go back. "To whom do you refer?" asked Clotted-Blood. Then a crier called to the camp. That is why The Bull charged again. He won everything the Bull had. The people are free again. it is what makes me angry. The people are powerful. to a said. The Bull's horn was broken. he became angry. he sent for him. He turned his head. As ClottedBlood flew up. and tossed him. he was more angry. he went into an old tent. This place I is dangerous. but is have never swung. He asked her. "That The old woman urged him again to go back. following the wheel. and tossed the young man again. ClottedBlood went to him." Clotted-Blood gave all his winnings to the old woman. He kills all that swing with him. Then he began to win. "When one does that to me. He has killed the powerful Bull. the old woman told him. "Clotted-Blood has come." I Then Clotted-Blood I I said." When That was found out that . The Bull's other horn was broken. I want. He charged. Then is she told the one I him about came to see. it is what makes me still more angry. "Cook for me. If they find you here. Clotted-Blood le. he turned to down. hooked the young man. He was impenetrable. he snorted. They played with a wheel and sticks.86 Anthropologicol Papers American Museum of Natural History." Clotted-Blood said. Again Clotted-Blood turned to a plume. An old woman "There is my grandson Clotted-Blood! You had better go back. and shot him in the anus. The arrow went in out of sight. I Avill not go back. "When one does that to me. The Bull was accustomed to gamble with any one that came." said the Bull. [\'ol.

inflicting suffering on the people. turn went on the swing again. On a tree that leaned it come to him over a steep bank there was a swing." said Clotted-Blood. When he was near the water. Below there was deep water. But do not people there are powerful. Then he came this place there to the camp and went into original here repeats the dialogue between an old woman's tent. Then the man cut He allowed himself to fall into the water. Clotted-Blood him there . and Clotted-Blood fell. happily from now. it Then swallowed But knew the man. Clotted-Blood said. he turned into a down feather. it. Clotted-Blood made answer. "Now you man. He has killed the man with the swing and his supernatural animal. started." Then he swung. saying. "Tell him to come to swing. He Then a crier called out to the camp. Then to play at kicking Clotted-Blood put a limb of a cottonwood under the his robe. he cut the rope. 87 he was in the camp. There he stood as a man again. Xow it is my turn. Inside of it he found people whom straight into the water-animal's mouth. It is you who have to the man. man. "Clotted-Blood has arrived. "Is go. When he was above the water. it He swung him." Then he went whom I wished to see. is it not ? Let us continue. We The will live Clotted-Blood asked the old woman.1907. is him. on the swing. He caused those to the who came. Clotted-Blood swung liim hard. I shall make you suffer." He swung him hard. Now it is your turn. and the other's foot pierced it Then stood there. "I have found you out." Then the man went on. and when he was far out. [The him and the old woman. "Down the river. and he fell. Then he went back. there another camp?" and She said. Gros Ventre Myths and Tales. Then he came out. in Clotted-Blood said. They and he proved superior leg. He said to the man." Then killed he shot an arrow into his side and another into his other side. A large water-monster spirit of the (bi'i^a" or bax'aa"^) in the water. hovered. He came back "Let us continue to enjoy ourselves by swinging. people in order to feed them to this animal. man kicked at him with his sharpened Clotted-Blood threw the a large cottonwood-tree left stick out. Then the man swung Then he said. He is the one to soon. and lit just across the river at the edge of the water. It was blown along by the wind. In the top of stuck this man. He went back it had eaten. I him. Then Clotted-Blood in "It is much Get pleasure to swing. Then he swung the The man swung him.] Kroeber. "Good! this good. him to shore. This was the guardian man that was had the swing. "It shall is good. leg." come. He fell the swdng. been him. he cut the swing. The man fell into the deep water." "I am travelling in order to see such places. the I will man Avho swung people sent for him." your turn swing. He cut up the animal.] In was a man with a sharp with him. and brought to Clotted-Blood." We are free again. played. and said to him.

and with thunder and light"Oh. he sent for him. he told to He told her to ask him go to a rocky precipice w4iere birds that had suitable feathers lived. He came in full. mother ning. He took the Whenever they opened it their eyes. He did not know ready for feathering. Then he cut up their skins into thongs. He has killed every dangerous being^ Then Clotted-Blood asked his way to the next camp from the old woman. and he comes with heavy hail and thunder and lightning. put the fat of the bears in with bearskin thongs. rained and thundered. Then and it my father is very powerful. I wish you for my son-inlaw." Clotted-Blood said. for I am poor.] to another old woman's asks tent. it thundered. The bears came out and rushed at him. bill twisted the bird's again. and When he had made his arrows old blushed. "Yes. tying the whole together with the home. "How does cloud up when your mother comes?" he asked. carried his wife." he said. was the morning star. Clotted- . yes! your mother is very powerful. his father-in-law first wished him to get Clotted-Blood went. lightning flashed. and there was lightning. Anthropological Papers American Museum of Xatural History. man was frightened. He killed them all. and shot. and." is The Bird said. "How does cloud "The clouds are Avhite when your father comes?" The when my father comes. and twisted it. Then he it twisted the bill of the young male. he went into the nest and sat with the young birds. He at He knew once what the light was." very powerful. it it. Clotted-Blood took his bow and went toward the thicket. "Clotted-Blood has killed the one that kicked." We are free again. "You are wonderful little birds. and that he must go to a certain light that was shining. He told him to go to a certain thicket. Then he them do something that will kill them. Then a crier called to the camp. I. So he got it and brought it back. Soon the sky was clouded is over. He made a big bundle of the cherry-sticks. "I have been waiting for you. Clotted-Blood went there and found a nest with two young ones in it. Then daughter to send her husband to get feathers. "A chief gives his daughter to those who come visiting. He said to him. and asked him. little female by the bill. and terrible. that he has met. avoiding them. [The to original repeats the incident The old woman told him.. Then his father-in-law sent him to get sticks of cherry-wood for arrows. and twisted he saw a black cloud coming. a bin-ning coal. Whenever they moved. Then he sent it to his father-in-law by The what his to say. Bird said." Clotted-Blood said. There he had four bears that killed all who came. 1 am glad to have a wife."^ After he had been given the girl. His wife told Clotted-Blood what her father wanted. My She comes with hard rain.88 to starve. for "Oh." When the chief learned that Clotted-Blood was in the camp. He watched them. It jumped about." said Clotted-Blood. all yes! your father his nose. "It clouds up very dark. [\o\.

" he said. but they could not move. Then he went back. and arrow snapped back. my arrows." had a horn. attacking him. seized the arrow. and the thunder roared. I will kill you. I will kill you. Clotted-Blood said. Then Then they ceased the rest charged. Six of them charged it. "Very well." he said to his wife. cautiously." Then he shot the six. and rushed up. and lengthened. One of them made medicine and charged at the rock. His He told him to father-in-law was angry because he overcame everything. If you are powerful." He approached them very One of them charged on him. an old one. Let me Blood went into a cavity a white cloud speak to you out. the ground. charged. and pulled back with all its force. It Then he shot his arrow into a solid my arrow went half in. "What are you doing there among my children ? Go away! You will make me angry. Each of the bulls If you cannot loosen it. Then he wrung their necks and took their feathers. until all seven had broken a horn. "Very well. I will not destroy you will let us live. "There are seven buffalo-l)ulls." you altogether." first. Then the old female Thunder spoke to him from the cloud. and shall live. until the "Pity us! W^e will give you our power will if Blood for I said. and took their horns in his robe. he could hear the roar of the hail. and the buffalo struck at him with his sharp horn. He said. Clottedget him flint for arrow-points. The place was under a high cliff. and broke his horn. He gave the horns and the sinew to his father-in-law. They said." be some thunders. "I will kill you all. but he left the young ones. Then the female came down. There was a large rock that rose a little above the ground. Gros Ventre Myths and Tales. Then his father-in-law told him.1907. he saw come very quietly. Only this old one knocked the rock out. and the buffalo's horn was broken. and came down violently. and she was dashed on the rock. Then the male Thunder went pulled it far up. and killed them. I want the sinew of their shoulders to put on Clotted-Blood went and saw the seven bulls. Then only a down feather flew there. and she seized the arrow. Clotted-Blood said. and broke their He knocked the rock loose. "I will not kill you if you can knock this rock out of Nevertheless they saw him. The two Thunders were not dead. horns. That is why there still are thunder and lightning. He cut the sinew from their shoulders. He stood still. "Take these feathers to your father. Then she took them. and he was dashed against the rock. When the shower was over. you will flat be able to pull rock. 89 in tlie rocks." ClottedBlood came out from the young birds.] Kroeber. "If you can pull it out. The old man was very much frightened when he saw the feathers of the powerful birds. Go and kill tiiem. Then the seventh. Then he went home. He struck it. you can kill me. I But Clottedwill leave your young ones so that there need your feathers. still . and the lightning flashed. The arrow stretched.

they make faces. . they look just as if they were looking beautiful.90 AnthrnjxAogical Papers American Muscion 0/ Xatural History. The women in the water are the most When they look at me. would surely kill his son-in-law. "My son-in-law is indeed a He has killed everything he has met. for the first part of the story. When he found he could not keep away. Tell him he can wife. which he always wore tied at the back of his head. also 132." The old man was angry. They were the eyes of a water-monster (bi'i^a") He tried to go aside. "The women outside of the water and outside of the brush (human females) The Sun said. . "My father-in-law. "Take this water and these He had thought the water-animal have them. himself. His father-in-law continued to shoot imtil all his arrows were only four Then Clotted-Blood took his bow and He had arrows and a down feather. Now i will kill you. night his father-in-law sent him to When he came near get water at the river." ever they look at me. Nos. 5. and he At fallen. Now He you turn will die. I did not He went outside. Then he filled his robe with it for his father-in-law. the flint was exposed. They are not pretty: they are the worst-looking women in the world. He filled his bucket. destroy your beings. for tlie sliarpened leg.^ 21. Clotted-Blood the river he . saw two lights. No. I think them the most beautiful women on earth. AVhere it had there a man. took a bucket. my son-in-law! You have killed all my powerful beings (nana'Uil'i^ihii)." Then he went powerful man. and he stepped aside. and took them back with him together with the water. 129. and the wind from the falling bank blew it away. The ^Nloon said. He turned into a It lit. Why do you want to kill me?" The old man shot at him." Clotted-Blood said. :Moox-Child. "No. No." to pieces Then he shot. for tlie tasks set by the fatlier-in-law. 57. He said. Blood went. feather. cut off its He told his horns. but the animal drew him. "My father-in-law. Whenare the prettiest down below. "Come to kill him out. 131. The Frog has long > From informant P. 133: for the swing. killed his father-in-law. 139-143. The INIoon said. He meant the Frog. The Sun and the ]Moon disagreed al)out women. 130. horns to your father. and stepped on the middle of its head. into the ground. Now have I in my turn will shoot. Nos. they are not. He took his bow. the cliff fell.stood When he stood at the place. you have been shooting at me much. The cliff was all down. 108. Compare. He said. [\'ol. I have waited for in this a long time. He went out and called. "You think the Frog is a pretty woman? You surely have poor judgment of women. 109: for the thunderbirds. I. he took its horn. Nos." at their own people. You and killed many men. Arapaho. The arrow went arrows. cut him and burned him up. gone.

The woman said. will The Sun wife." the Frog did little. "My mother. but remained outside. I will go to the earth and get the Frog. and. So their mother-in-law had two daughters-in-law to use for her work. down from each side of But while she chewed it. and gave one When she had woman and one to boiled it.stead of chewing the paunch. Then one day she cut it lioiled the thickest part of a paunch. and large himpy do I not think one hke that pretty. The man said. That is your daughter-in-law. it kept climbing up. "Very well. the Frog. During the night the ^Nloon shone. she saw a young man standing He . for she had good teeth.1907." said. As soon as she came out. When th(> woman had climbed up to the hole. She could not satisfy herself. The and the porcupine went in through this. my I daughters-in-law. Early in the morning she took a rawhide rope and told her sister-in-law to come with her to get wood. "I will kill this porcupine. With each leap. When he disappeared early in the morning. The Frog.said to her. she hopped along. They both went to the woods. The Frog was sitting beside the Sun. rested. The woman that he had chosen was troubled all night. and in!" the woman sat down ne. in. took a piece of charcoal." said the Moon." Then his mother was silent. 91 eyes. I le^s. Whenever she was sent anywhere. have the one that makes the mo. tree Whenever she rested only a Thus continued to do until they reached the sky. to come in. "My mother. The Sun got the Frog without any trouble. her blackened her mouth. we will compete As soon as I have set. with spots on her back.xt to the Moon. and brought he-r up with him during the night to his mother's tent." in this. and. what a fine-looking daughter-in-law I have! Come Then the girl went in.st noise in chewing it for my best Then the woman was the best. bring her up here to be my she climbed after it." she said. they saw a porcupine. "Wliat ridiculous thing is that?" He said. went. he went inside. for I want to use its quills for embroidery. be still. "Let us go to my mother's tent. When they came among the trees. "I want you to eat this paunch. ask your daughter-in-law Then his mother went outside. "Oh. "Well.] Kwi'bcr^ Gros Ventre Myths and Tales. Then his mother asked. The porcupine it. daughter-in-law. it Several times little dis- she could almost touch tance above her. their mother-in-law she sometimes startled her by her hopping. The Moon did not like the ." She pursued it. The woman did much for her. When the mother-in-law forgot that she had a Frog as a daughter-in-law. when the porcupine ran up a tree. she urinated." They at the side of it. "Xow." \\ill She made much noise saliva ran in chewing. and could not sleep. he went to the earth. She did not know what troubled her. She is green. she called gladly. to the in two ])ieces. when they arrived at the tent. The woman reached to a hole in the sky. and selectetl a woman on earth. The Frog hopped.

and she to the ground. my grandchild jVIoon-child ? "Yes. and every night he went and stole from it. Frog. He lived with her. Then she caught the boy. the Frog shall always stick to your face. The boy was already old enough to talk. When he went hunting again. dirty one!" Thus the ]Moon spoke to the Frog whenever she was sent on an errand. feeling lonely. She could do nothing. "Because you do not like her. Frog. mother. and when There was a field near by. swinging." "Come and live with me." 92 Anthropological Papers Ayncrican Museum of Natural History. the woman went out on the prairie. but killed the do not touch the boy. she would go out on the prairie and cry. At last the Sun could hold his j)atience no longer. She tried repeatedly to leave her boy. end around her Then to the she descended. and began to twist the sinew into a long string. If they see vou. "When The I drop you. she saw people and the things she used to see. it is I. do not leave me behind! Take me with you!" and tied the other Then she took him. It belonged to an old woman. As soon as he was gone. He picked up the Frog. is sent to go. Once she found the hole through which the Moon had taken her up to the sky. straight on the woman and and strike her head. Whenever you move. Her husband went hunting again. but he begged only hops and urinates. She missed what she had planted. I want vou to work about the tent. my grandmother. If you go there. When her husband the Sun was hunting. When she looked down. his He dropped fell the stone. She went back" to her tent. he played about her. and came back. She hung helpless. . she left it out on the hills. He said. for she had no knife. Then he did what she asked. I. she prej^ared to go to the ])Iace where the hole was. and watched. his sister-in-law. Then the Sun took the JVIoon's wife. but whenever he was out doors he spoke with his father in the sky. {\o\. his wife At last he came to the hole. and threw her against the Moon's face. down end he looked for her everywhere." Then he went with her. Then he took fall a stone and spit on He it said to the stone. Once the old woman warned him: "Do not go to that place. she "Please. When her husband the Sun missed her on arriving at his she got tent. She tied the sinew rope to a stick. her. Tiien he it." string broke. woman. When her husband went hunting again. boy remained near mother. The woman ditl not like the country in the sky. climbing of the string. When was about as high above the earth as a tent. chest. There are only pretty girls in it. saw hanging below. you urinate. When she had finished it. she down with her hands. she told him to bring her all the sinews in one buffalo. "Wherever the Frog You should not move at all. She spoke very kindly to him: "Is that you. The woman had had a son by the IMoon. But he forgot one sinew. only her bones remained. The Even when she was rotten. But I will have your wife. you will see a tent." That is why there is black on the moon.

"Is that you." The boy said. "Very well. he went back to his grandmother. But when I tell myths. "You will live ground. I will play with you. she began to jnit wood into the fire. in that direction. He felt it. 93 they will invite you to come to them." Then the girls lay down as he told them. "We want you to tell myths. She said. She said. While he was telling myths. he stuck an arrow up "Will you come . pretty girls playing outside the tent. Just as he got to the last one. to go there. it is I. and play with flat You are so "Yes. "Yes. he found a tent. he decided to go and at least look at the tent." After he had killed the snakes." he said. in my grandchild Afoon-child?" "Yes. will off their heads.1907. indeed. however. I do not allow people to lie on the bed in the usual way. He had put the flat rock under him for his seat. and see what kind of a tent it Then he went Moon-Child?" us. Thus they continued to push each other toward the fire. and went imderground." said the boy. At last the old woman became tired. because they are very beautiful. This old woman had always Meanwhile the boy never forgot what stolen from his grandmother's field. him. and as each one touched him. "When persons come into my house. but continued to tell myths until all the girls went to sleep. she ])ushed him toward the fire. and he began to tell mv'ths. When he went to sleep. *'Is that you. and he threw her into the fire. One of the girls turned into a snake." he said. As soon as they Then. She told iiim to watch the field closely." rock and put it tent. I play with them after they have eaten. An old woman stood there." The boy said. he went around and cut overtaken some day. While he ate. As he talked. watching." Tlien they wrestled. When he came to the embraced him. It smashed its head on the stone. She made a large fire. the snake had said to him. the girls Then the boy went to them." them said. She said. The all girls were lying with their heads on the logs along the Are. she turned into a large snake and went underground. you can select one of us to be your wife. You will be able to do nothing but go to them. and she gave him food. Then he took One of out his knife. edge of the beds around the He went on talking. "Come handsome! If you wish." Then the boy wondered why his grandmother told him not was." The boy answered. Then he guarded it. and have something to eat?" she asked. he saw very saw him. They said. I want them to lie with their heads toward the fire. lie went in. He held her there until she was consumed. He turned aside. As he walked around it. "Yes.] Kroeber. He picked up a away out of sight on his body. Instead of following her warning. will be You cannot always iiave stone for your You under- be caught somewhere. she "Take me for your wife. When she thought he was getting out of breath. he felt the snake try to dash up into his body. Gros Ventre Myths and Tales. and kissed him. they said. and put their arms around said. "You seat. I will come in.

at last I have you. and the girl gave birth to a boy. When she was about to deliver.^ crawled about under the bones. or "No. "You thought you would kill me. You will out of breath. fall on my face. He continued to lie there. "No.94 Anthropological Papers American Museum of Natural History. fell and the arrow arrow tried to snake was But it could not fall. pregnant. and shot into the boy's anus. The girl became Her mother asked her what made her belly swell. Compare Arapaho. "If the snake comes. They were following the trail of the camp. 137. "No. Now you will die. You were deceived." As the boy rose from his bones. Nos. He said to his father. you are dead yourself. After a time he had become nothing but bones. I do not think I will die." The camp moved. The It tried several times. . indeed. and partly uncovered itself. The snake was in him still. He caught the snake and cut it to pieces. the boy stood up alive. and note to No. just as he had been before. but said that she was sick. [Vol. She would not acknowledge. Then the others came. and at it went to find 22. I do not think you will. A boy and a girl were lovers. become hungry. The snake would not leave him. close. and he woke and got up. Then they left it. The child cried and struggled." Then the Moon made last a cold rain. He stuck the arrow tightly into the ground. Then the jNIoon wondered where his boy was." The boy lived some time with the snake in him. his mother at the same time also got up alive. I think you will go out from me before I am dead. "I have had a lover and am pregnant. 134-138. shelter. Then he died. they stopped." Thus the snake said to the boy. Instead of killing me. The Boy who was raised by the Seven Bulls. One went to the wallow in order to wallow in it. "Well. until ' From iuforinaiit P. "Do something for me. of lying on the ground so long. she told her mother. Her mother dug a hole in a buffalo-wallow. But he fall. as I am tired of lying. and went to sleep. You said I would not catch you. 339. He heard a sound he did not know. put the child in. and you will leave me. p. This is the last you will live. Seven old Buffalo-bulls were near by. There was a camp. and covered it with earth. When the rest of the camp was out of sight. Then. I am ashamed. I. and she and her mother fell behind. Let us throw the child away. and said to it. The near his head. He never saw him going about any more. She was in great pain. Then it made a dash. He said." The boy said. At last the boy was tired answered." The snake said. But one night he Avas very sleepy." on him. the snake came. I will remain in you until you die. The snake came to where he was lying. The snake As soon had gone out from him.

"Let us Then the first Buffalo began to boy all over. They carried him into a herd on their backs. and also tied feathers to their tails. he was no longer a baby. they carried him over the country. Then know what with us?" "No. his fathers told him to kill his game himself. tie knots in the long hair of their manes. Thus he was happy. One of the young Cows came running to him. One of the Seven Bulls told the young man. and used the points and edges for a knife. Gros Ventre Myths and Tales.] Kroeber. As he wallowed. "I heard that the Seven Bulls had a good-looking young man. but they did not become angry. They got Bulls did not know how to kill a cow for him. told him. Then his fathers took him He kept only young to a large herd in which there was a powerful Bull. this. the boy very much. He bow. mane. and killed her with their horns. and looked They pitied One of them said. Shape the wood into a bow and Then cut sinew. Are you he?" she said. Make also seven sticks of Season these. In the middle of the herd he would jump oflF. he would fasten the feathers there. he drove him away. Then the Bulls told him to make a He knew They it nothing of the life of his tribe. He played wnth his fathers. seven were there. 95 at it. and twist it into a bowstring. he licked the licked him. and use the sharp edge to cut her up with. Bulls told his him to climb found him." The boy broke rocks. When the boy had finished his bow and arrows. "Go Cut into the woods and cut a piece of cherry-wood. a cow among themselves. "Will you eat grass "What do you eat?" "I do not know. found feathers. They found the child it.1907. Each in his turn." "You are indeed handsome." Bulls thought the boy hungry. and kill the cow he thought the best. and to hold on to The it. but a boy." When they reached the place where the herd was. Cows in his herd. arrows. cannot eat the boy said." The boy did all Then they told him how to attach feathers to the arrow with sinew. and Bulls watched the young man closely. and never became angry at what he did. "They eat buffalo. W'hen he him to eat. Then another one on the Bull who had they went to give I off. Do not the boy in play cut thongs of rawliide even go near the Cows. for he had much to eat. they saw the dangerous Bull. therefore they instructed him. and how to break flint into shape for arrow-points." Then she began . Whenever any Bull approached. it all it. They told the boy. for the Bull is jealous and powerful. "You must be very careful when we come to this herd." wallow." At first the said the boy.One of the Buffalo said. but did not They asked him. The Seven But he escaped from them. He lived with them until he was a young man. "Break a stone. Sometimes and tied their feet together. When The seven had licked him." They planned. The Bulls loved cherry-wood for arrows. or you may lose your life. "Yes. went toward the herd. first raise We will have all for our son. . so long.

" Then one of them said. I shall not understand shall not know my father and mother. When the young man saw the Bull. When they came near the camp. to your father Go and mother." The . I love you. "You have shown that you think well of what we have done for you. "I will try to heal you. and the young man rode them in turn and played with them. and this one arose sound. them if they talk to me. After he had killed him. "We must save our son. young man's desire. but was disabled. When I will overcome you together with your fathers." They got up and stood around him with their to try to attract the her et earn olfactavit. a servant of the powerful Bull. they all stopped. One of them went out to meet the powerful Bull. I know my people. my fathers. but I do not think so. then* stood the young man. and shot another arrow nearly through him. The Bull said. Perhaps you will kill me. and at last succeeded: he went to Then a young Bull. Then he killed the powerful Bull. but only the white plume flew up in the air. ful Bull broke all his legs so that he Then they went to look for the camp They went one behind the other. and so all went against him. The powerwas unable to move. or I will shoot you. he told his seven fathers. "Get up. they said." Four times he made a motion as if to shoot. The Bull charged on him. he fled. Then the powerful Bull said to the yoimg man. l)ut did not injure him. I shall not like to leave you. went and said." the young man reached his fathers. [Vol. preparing to shoot. and another. Then he went to the other side of him. and said. They said. tails raised. even though we die for it. The Bull tossed him repeatedly. With each of his seven arrows he cured one of the Bulls. "A young man. Now it is time for you to go." The Bull became angry. "It is time for you to go to your own people. We thank you for restoring us to life." He rolled up his sleeve. We cannot change you into a buffalo. "Now it is time for you to be killed. the Bull got up well and sound. He came swiftly to where the young man was standing with the Cow. is with one of your young wives. You are a man. he stopped and said. and had their legs broken. "I do not If I go to the camp. The fourth time. Then the young man took another of his seven arrows. When it came down. He had a white plume on his head. "Your people are very near. "It is useless for you to try to escape.96 Anthrojiological Papers American Mvsetim of Natural History. "I do not think you will kill me." where his parents were." He went to the one who had first found him. and pretended four times to shoot one of the others. I. His arrow nearly went through him. the Seven Bulls. the son of the Seven Bulls. Then another one went. As he was about to leave them. You had better go to them." The young man said to him. drew his bow on him." The young man thanked them for having raised him to manhood. Each of the seven thanked him. We have raised you. Then the young man shot the Bull. and tossed him up.

my mother. saying. . "tiiat. Instead of acknowledging him as her son. you must give her the ball. him following her. one party guessed right. The young man and his mother went there. "My grandparents. want my mother to go with me. "You will will know your are a and mother when you reach are animals. my mother All the other young women were surprised it to see entered the tent." said the young man. She There he saw her father and mother. That is how the young man found his father and mother." When he had said this. They brought me up until I was a man. tli(^ Every morning one of them The oldest was the first to go. all thev continued until were gone. He looked in at the men gambling. White-Stone. "My father.] Kroeber. the young man went in and The man was surprised and got up. is When the ball. You understand the people when they speak to you. "Here the ball.' is she comes to you. You cannot turn you go. grandfather was surprised. Then the others threw the buttons (kaa(. in front of you. it Many young women and stop will follow the ball. crying. she ran home. While he looked. iiimself. She said. ball will roll straight to you." His He had known nothing of what his wife and the daughter had done. sister. gave birth to a child ? After I was born. Seven old bulls found me. Then all three went out and to their and kissed liim as her grandson. Gros Ventre Myths and father Tales. She your mother. into an animal.'" The young man did When he said. When night came. when the people were moving camp." The young woman had come in too. and the man that picked them up was his father. said. I tent.haan) to them. That human being: we is why we tell you stop. Many young men were gambling with hiding-buttons in a tent. you l)uried me in a buffalo-wallow." Then they went out. "How is it that we are your grandparents?" "Do you not know. We Now be will ^Yhen you are near the camp. to leave us. ball.^ 23. the girl When young man had finished telling about stopped crying. and he entered after her. my mother. He also did not return." she was ashamed. Thus When the woman knew that her 1 Told by informant P. and his grandmother took him in her arms young man said. let us go home. 'Here all this. the "Now I will go and look for my father. There were seven brothers and one went hunting and did not return. I am here. 97 Bulls said to him. will playing The up. As soon as he saw this. the camp. He said to them. I am your grandson. Then come pick One is of the young women and to you.1907. Then next old(>st \\ent to look for his brother. and they will understand you. his grandmother spoke.

The boy went to the hill." She made a swing for her baby at the left of the door. I. mv grand. Besides. . She swung the child four times.. When the old woman told the boy so often to meat " carry the bull. The and an arrow of neck-tendons (hityii'ta")." Then she imitated the boy's speech. She had done thus to the boy's uncles." She said. over which they had gone. The boy said. off. After four swings. he shot it. [\\)1." Then the old woman began to speak kindly to him. She said to herself. he saw a buftalo-buU standing." At last she told him." a of a woman made him bow short rib "Nevertheless. "Do not seek them. she had struck them in the back of the head with her cane. His name shall be White-Stone (Na"khaana''"tya"). When he came near. and. her abdomen began to grow larger day by day. He knew that it He took his bow and said to her. Then she put the swing on the other side of the at the northwest corner. Then an old woman came toward him. "Use it anyway. Then Then it began to talk. the southeast side of the tent. After she had swallowed it. mother. This is your last day.. grandmother. swing on the northeast side of the tent. She thought She swallowed a white stone that was near her." The old woman had an iron cane. He up on him. and swung the bal)v four times." entire bull." she said. He killed it. I have nothing Avith which to carry it." "Yes. "You drew blood from my buffalo. "It impossible to carry so heavy a load as the of a whole bull. When she reached him. she went into the hills and cried. " ^ly bowstring is not strong enough. She gave birth to a boy." Use your bowstring. "In what direction did my uncles go?" She said. The boy noticed at was the buffalo that had been the cause of his uncles' deaths. I am glad to see voii bull to your tent on your back. he jumped oft" as a boy. she would kill herself. I want you to carry the bull. after she had swung him four times. He began to cut the skin in order to flay it. you have nothing else. Then the boy asked his mother. started to creep once that it grandmother.son White-Stone ? I have been longing to see vou.98 Anthropological Papcr^i American Museum of Xatural History. "And was she who had killed I want you to carrv the You must be the one who has killed mv am glad that I have found you to-day. she said. at the southwest of the tent. "Yes. and killed them. tent. the child almost jumped she put the swing near the door again. When they had got to her tent and stooped to lay down the load of meat. "I am so glad that 1 have a all brothers had been killed. Then she made a son. 1 uncles. Therefore tell me in which direction they went. The buffalo stood still. "Is that you. I wish to go to that place. and it began to smile. It must be a very dangerous place to which my brothers went. and when he had gone over the top. There was a hill not far from the tent. he became angry. his uncles. or they would have come back. She told him that he must take the is and carry it on his back to her tent. The boy said.

To-day you shall repay the death of my uncles. He said to them. "Do not stay Go back. Bone-Bull's wife?" that The woman pointed her out to him. grandmother. camps of the people were. As soon as the young woman saw him. and another one came He shot up a fourth time and called. I have nothing to carry am glad to see you too. he asked his mother." He took the cane away from her. White-Stone asked. a camp and went into an old woman's tent.] Kroeber. please let "No. "Grandson. White-Stone p('o])le. "Where are we going with this bull ?" "You should know where we are going. After he had brought all his uncles to life." When they were at the tent. When she was filling her bucket. Bone-Bull (i^a'^na^tya*^) is here. He came to am visiting here. "Is that you. the she On me way rest. and here long. White-Stone tent?" "Yes." Do not compel me to carry this I Ijull. became tired. You will have time to rest when you reach the tent. out of the tent. I "Where is there a camp?" She did He insisted. Then he saw his uncles lying around outside of the tent. Then he went and stood at the place where the women got water. As soon as he had entered." Then she asked. Finally she told him where the Then he went in that direction. look out. and he could see the tent move. He also carried his bow. not want him to go away. his uncles back. said. He is very jealous said. and she stopped to unload. "Which of the The bull had women is finely. If you stay "I do not like towards strangers." When the old woman knew that she must carry the bull. he went to her. You are not boys to be killed by an old woman like this.1907. she took a bucket and went for water. Have you a "Take it there. my uncle!" and one of them jumped up and ran out. look out. The old You will get old came here in order to see woman warned him: "Do not go near into trouble with him. caught her around the back. she looked at him and said. and dragged them into the tent. and he saw she was a beautiful Avoman." the tent of Bone-Bull." a beautiful young wife." go home. Then he shot and called out again. After he had dragged them in. You have a belt with Ayhich you can carry the meat. he struck her on the head with her cane. his White-Stone dressed himself head he wore a white plume. I do not wish you to rest. He shot up again." she said. my grandson White-Stone? Where did you come from." Then he took hold of the seven dead bodies. He shot an arrow up in the air. Gros Ventre Myths and Tales. my uncles!" and all four emerged from the tent." The old woman said to him. and where are you going?" "I came from home. look out. long. 99 it to-day. he closed the door and stepped aside. and wanted to rest. I wish to stay. Thus he brought He took them home with him. she "Well. and when it descended he called. with. look out. and began On . and again one of them jumped out. "You are men. and killed her. to you will I have trouble with him. took it on her back. "Look out. "Look out.

and put the body in and burned it to ashes. They were afraid of the l)ull. and arrow For the restoration to life in the sweat-house." she climbed up the tree after it. This arrow went straight to the heart. White-Stone has touched all my breasts." but she did not listen to her. bow of rib. "You cannot escape me. and 119. and WhiteStone with it. young man. 5. After he had killed him. but never reached other it. he said." He hooked White-Stone with his other horn. 6. feeling her breasts. Then she became sad. This horn said the bull. " From to-day you are free. it makes me still angrier. He ran in was so angry.jNos. "You are rising. and hapj^y that White-Stone had killed him. 139-142. the plume on his head flew up. "Bone-Bull. Thus she con- tinued to ascend until she reached the sky. You will not be able to escape me. Arapalio. 1 have killed directions. and shot him in the anus. When the bull had hooked liim. "Why are you sad?" 1 Told by informant P. But White-Stone had been standing still. The horn with which he struck him flew to one White-Stone said. [Vol. Meanwhile White-Stone was standing at one The bull came to him very angry. had the moon my She came near it. broken. She ran back to her tent." The next day. a Buffalo. and White-Stone again flew up with the pliune and lit on the bull's back. No. compare No. and there was a hole in the sky. "Do not dig the roots Then she dug the plant with the blue flower. "I wish I had that smallest star for my husband. and cried." Before this." The Moon told her. broke also. the people did not go out doors in the da}1:ime." he called to White-Stone. The Womex who married the Moon and were lying out doors for at night. the Moon appeared to the women as a porcupine on a dead tree. Two women I (3ne of them "I wish The other said. 6: for the of tendon. "You also cannot escape very far from me. Her husband noticed it and asked her. the myth of Liglit-Stone. and hooked him. said. Then he went to the old woman and said to her. Nos." side. she Avent to dig hiitceni-roots. for a general parallel. No. 40. The bull ran against him. and shot him in the mouth. 81." Bone-Bull came out.^ 24. Xow the people were rid of him. of a blue flower. 85." place. "When persons do things like this. for the child born from a stone. After he had shot him behind. Wlien the woman who had wished to have the moon as a husband saw it. for Bone-Bull. when they were getting water. Then the ]Moon took her and married her. No. "You cannot go very far. Then White-Stone took his bow.100 Anthropological Papers American Museum of Natural History. he built a fire. The woman called to her. The ^Nloon caused the tree to stretch up and up. She looked down and saw her home. . He dropped on the bull's back. Then she had a child. he went in front of him. When the jNIoon went hunting. I. he Bone-Bull. husband.

reach her. Then they looked and saw it also. Then the buffalo butted this tree until it fell on the middle tree. Nos. They ridiculed him. He said. Once she saw a buffalo-bull running They wished by. He became angry. to three trees. At bull last the hunters found her in the middle of the herd. "I made a rope of sinew and a bag of skin. their faces toward the sky. who had wished for a star." Then a star came down and took one of them up. Then he sent the buffalo out in pursuit. 12. "I wish you were • my husband. At last they saw that it was a woman. At last came an old buffalo who was scabby. Only her robe was left in the position in which she had been sitting. "I want that one. The other one remained on earth. The other woman." But they could not He dug a long and excavated under the place where she was sitting. They all watched. water. Then he asked her. He found her woman robe empty." this the With Moon let He said to her. 25. he saw Then he told others. Then the Gopher said." She denied it. Then this tree told the people. 81-84. At last all of them broke their horns. He He went after the other buffalo and brought looked up and saw the woman. having returned through the underground passage. "I want that one." When she went to get and Arapaho. 101 She will told liim that she wanted send you home.]^ They came there 25. The woman had to urinate. One night two girls were for stars. She did not answer. her people. [End uncertain. to return to the earth. He rubbed his sides against the tree. and said.x wno married a Star axd hdng out doors with a Buffalo. "What did you say at night?" Then she remembered that she had wished for the faintest star." and then. Then she An old man with sore eyes was lying on his back. They hooked the tree with their horns until it fell. It fell on one of the other trees. All the buffalo came and went by.] Kroeber. Then the people climbed on that. As he looked up. Then the fell into the hole. "I will rescue her. 144. "Climb on me. restrain herself no longer. He said to her. Compare No. . The woman. and struck her with his horn. She could Tlie urine flowed down on the old bull.1907. Gros Ventre Myths and Tales." Then he took her away. The people were on the prairie playing. and climl)ed one of them. Xo one knew where she was. her down. Then she reached the earth. fled with her father and mother. Then the Bull told her to get up. They would say. "I am the one you wished for." The buffalo all went to strike this tree also. TiTK WoMF. was approached by a buffalowhen she was getting water. them. hole. The tiling came nearer. and returned to a speck. "I am he.

" The pole here!" shouted an old woman loudly from out of the timber. The oldest girl said. some distance. a hole there. here is your tent-pole. Her husband looked for her. The people asked the Badger to woman back with him into He dug underhelp them. so that there will be no trail. Then one of the girls found a tent-pole. "My mother. and only ashes about. I. The man and the woman reached the camp. They could do nothing. and saw her in the to All the buft"alo began hook the it fell. They found that she was an old woman who children went towards her. At last he smclled her. she cried. woman He made Then he took her back with him through the burrow. The woman and her husband climbed a tree. He took the woman back with him. Then one man lived alone. into which she ground to where the fell.102 Anthro])ologicaJ Papers American Museum of Xatural History. All the buft'alo looked up and saw her soaring through the air. Lift the ends of your tent-poles and travois when you go." They found a trail leading across the river. The old woman one little girl them all to slec]^ with their heads toward the fire. and when man. Bull took the the herd.^ 26." He took her with him. Then he went in. he ran about. He seized her by her head. The From informant M. and flew oft' with her. "^rhey went to "Let us abandon the children. tree. Then they sent the Bald Eagle. was. searching. killed the They finally cut the tree down. The Bull stood outside." Then the people went off. They children found the camp gone. They told entered her tent. The people all went to bring her back. the fires out. and wandered about at random. "Bring my tentalong. He tohl her. tree with their horns. Compare note to tlie preceding version. Only who had a small brother pretended to sleep. to play. 1 . and forded As they went the river there. The people could not stop him nor wound him. "Let us go cried. The was. went oft" There was a camp. They saw her in the herd. The Buffalo followed their tracks by scent. After a time the oldest girl amongst The the children sent the others back to the camp to get something to eat. and took her back Avith him. At night they were tired. All the children said. When the Buffalo-bull missed her. looked up. toward the river. Then her brother-in-law fled with her. she saw a young man standing bv the path. followed closely l)y the Buffalo. and found her in the middle Then the Gopher burrowed underground to where she of a buffalo-herd. The woman ran inside a tent. "I am the one you Avanted to marry. Then the woman came back to her people. [^'ol. but could not rescue her. and she hved surrounded by a buffalo-herd. but did not. The Deserted Children. shaking his tail.

woman and always "That went.1907." she said. became red hot. "Ayia. stagmuddy and full of worms. and when she brought it the old woman was glad. 103 woman watched if all were asleep. The old woman said. "Hurry!" Then the awl answered. The old woman said. leaving half of her robe inside the tent." She came back. "Throw in the wood which you haye brought. "Come in .wood. Then the old The the old little girl brought back a load of Cottonwood. She hung her robe on The awl made the sound of the this." flumen fecit. Then the little boy said that he wanted to go out ut I use. then rain-water. said. then sagebrush. then springwater. Then she put her foot in the fire. Now go get wood for me." The willow. Puella anui dixit." The little girl threw it in. fraterculum oportet " Quandocuncjue mingere urinat inciuiuareque. boy qui inquinare conatus est. fled. Then the old woman was glad. is not the kind of little Throw it out. Then she killed the next one and the next one. The little girl brought her riyer-water." she said. "You are my good grand-daughter. "Take old It these out. Then the old woman sent the little girl to get water. carrying her brother on her back. but the old woman always told her. "Now hurry!" Then the old the awl answered again. "Bring her foul. and it "My went out and got grandmother.] Kroeber." The little girl got the water." Then the little in. then. Gros Ventre Myths and Tales. "My grandmother. she stuck an awl in the ground. of wood. saying. my little brother is not yet ready." Again the old woman said. Then the little girl. I have a load girl woman. The little girl She cried and cried. I will bring wood and water for you. Then a bird came is to her told her. and burned through the child's throat. "My little brother not ready." Then woman said. Then she pressed it down on the throat of one of the children. woman "That said. she brought it. but let half of your robe remain inside of the tent while you hold him. go out with your brother. The little girl threw the wood into the tent. "My is grandmother. The little girl jumped up." said the old "Throw girl brought birch. which is mingeret inquinaretque. for she a ghost." "Well. and. Spill it!" nant water. let me liye with you and work for you. which grow on willows." Then the girl took her little brother out. The old woman called. but the old said. Bring another load. That is the only kind she drinks. her to get wood. dragged out the bodies of the other children." Then the old woman allowed her and her little brother to liye. is not the kind of wood I use. Throw it outside." and sent her out again. woman sent When wood I use." "In tabernaculo mingito!" "In tabernaculo inquinato!" "Cum inquinat semper montem fecit. "That is not the kind of water Then the bird told the little girl. "That is not the kind of wood 1 use. "Bring her ghost-ropes (tsookan^ana^tso)." Then the little girl brought some of these plants. When she was outside. taking her little brother.wood. then cherry.

" in a tree and leave them. " Louse me. all They said. He felt folded them together. She brought dead branches. The little bov loused it. "Look at the meat. and was Iving at the edge of the water. the meat was she toki him to look at the Then they had much to eat. saving." They came the girl sai. and do not open your eyes until we the other the surface of the water. Then many The buft'alo. Then thev tied them together. and freed them. and crack them lice were frogs.)ok at the The girl wondered how they fell dead." "I did not Tlicn a man sai(l. remained there. "Louse me. hung them in a tree.l kill you. The people He kept a little fire between his legs. She girl sat down on 'the pile of buffalo-skins. "These dirty lice! She found three mouth!" she said.104 now.l. into mv Water-monster. The bov looked at the dead meat. Four times had cracked one of its lice. He on the more. my younger Then buffalo. and under the surface of the water. I. You cannot escape me by going else I will go outside an." vour "I did not know that had a mother said. I Thev 'T went to their father. "L. had a nephew. Its boy had on a necklace of with your teeth." she said. and . The old woman side. and threw them away. and lay on the ground. "Look she said to her . Anthropohcjical Papers American Museum of Xatural History. The monster the girl cracked a seed. might cut them up. He came up on Then he went under was pursuing The children got off and went on. At last they came to the camp of the ate her." said. [Vol. Then she went drowned her. and the dog became well again." "Let us tie them face to face. his mouth. The woman found a frog. put all over his body. and when he looked at it. An animal with two horns (a " Catch four. and they were all dressed. his eyes." "Go between my horns. and the meat was all cut uj). tent-poles. The dried. t climbe. and and left them.l their grandknow did not know 1 had a son. and there was a tent. Then the ba." bax'aa") lay there. old I will not put them who had here their is deserted them.said. and When they had all gone oft'." said the Water-monster. my brother. came near them.son. The Uttle boy cried an. their uncle. broken at the tent-poles. A small dog with sores to move." She came to the river. She started to go out. little . . She made the plum-seeds.x'aa" . butt'alo bad about what the people had done." and her brother the children. The bax'aa" it had returned." and rotten wood. and came to a large river. left the dog Iving. on the awl. pretended to be sick and unable had hidden a knife. " 1 My mother. cut the ropes. to the skv or bv entering the ground. and they brother. boy looked at the buffalo. "I will kill you. think that her brother have crossed. an. to their parents' tent. and threw it into the river. out with the dog and looked for sticks. went peo{)le The children went on. father.son. the dog went to he children. Then s1k> went sat on them.l the cried. The little girl It said.stepped fled." "1 did not know I had a grandson.l "tree. and hang them out all the fires." said the girl.

The Girl who became a Bear. Then a man came and and the abundance they had.1907. She played with the rest in the brush near the river. and the meat was cut up and the skins taken off. I will play that these are my all little. The women went to take meat. Then they gave them fine clothing. 127. fell mv brother. and went back and told the people. and each one brought back a short rib of a buffalo. Then the girl made fine dresses and herself and the dog.] Kroeber. and there were beds for them.selected two pretty girls and one good-looking yoimg man. "Look at the antelopes rimning." Then they broke camp and travelled. and four bears came loping to her. and married them. He went in and looked. and the girls . The bears went to the meat and watched it. Compare No. " Break camp and move to the children. "All go and bring something to eat. for we are without food. She said to the others. and good. the . and there was a corral full of fine painted horses. "(io outside and look at the camp. "Now we will play bear. and a large fine tent stood th?re." she . and the antelopes of the skins for her brother dead." The children all ran home.sat down by the boy and the old man. There was a large camp.said to each one of the bears. and the man by her. Then the girl tied three together at the top. The dog was an old man. 3. and stood them up. Then the sister told her brother. 128. and went to the camp and . Then she told him to go inside and look about him. and for the dog. and a husband for myself. "You watch that pile of meat. and came to the children.^ They had saw very their tent 27. and Arapalio. Then they cooked and ate the meat. and a bed also for the dog. Xot even the dog would come out. and they all fell dead. Then the boy looked at the woods. Then the people were told. Whoever does not bring the last rib is not loved by her parents." Then she went out. They were Only one was older. and told them to come with her. Then the tent was filled with property. He looked. Nos. Many little girls were playing. Then she called as if she were calling for dogs. smooth brother. and the oldest girl took eight of the ribs. 1 From informant N. there were large straight tent-poles. and told her brother to look at the tent. The girl and her brother would not come otit of the tent. 105 When he looked. my brother. Then the girl said. She said. Gros Ventre Myths and Tales. Then the girl said." The boy went out and looked at the people.same place where they had been tied and abandoned. much food and much property. "I will go out and bring a wife for you." The boy looked. She took them into the tent. but the bears drove them away. and yoti this one. He looked at them again. Then the children lived at this place. .

r IJK' None that fought her. I. groaned and groaned. When they . and flee. Suddenly she turned into a bear. "You must go back. I ean catch you. "Cowr. "My sister turned into a bear.said. and Her make and one tent of them for me. If You cannot go into a hole where I you go into the water. She said. "Yes. The little girl sat by the door. The and went to the dog-hut. that she had not killed her out. exeepting her little who had kill run. I Do go nowhere where cannot catch you. so that . "Take four of the largest tents you ean find.sprawled in pain the bear lay down an<l from her W(nuids. "Sister. the paunch.s American MuHmm of Natural History. she threw between the Bear's legs. must have told you to ask me." Then the went out. So the little girl you." The little girl told you to ask me that? The Bear . except an arrow of tendon. and she would cateh and kill the men 'J'hus she did until she had killed every one in the eamp. The Bear asked her. She said.1 00 A nlhni/jolnrpral 'J'lxii Pnprr." ili<y played hear.saw their little sister going. She rolled and . and sa\v the Bear coming." get jimiper ((. 'Is there any spot in which killed? Is there anything that you?' Ask her that." said. ]iia. but when they found the canii) deserted. go to get water?" Her sister said." But the little girl answered "No. Then they ran along the river. "There is my sister!" The Bear was following their tracks through the water.r. Bear knew She said.she rolled in pain. Sh(> said." it And Then the I cannot girl killed by any arrow fat." Then from her brothers said to her. cover the floor of the tent with ^Yhen the little girl had done all this. you can be Hut first you nuist ask her. "Yes. "Why is the camp empty?" they asked. news. "^Yho Some one nnist have told you. WHien they had gone a distanc(>.ster. white Haws. for wat(>r." little Then left the 15car said. Her six brothers had been away." Then the little girl asked the Bear as her brothers had told her. and when it is hot. h elder sister told h(. Soon the old jiirovvs liear eanie loijing their weapons: (. "I caujiot be killed except in l)e finger of my it hand. I will catch you. Then the girl ran to her brothers. because you have killed every one in can)]).y You ean If you try to escape. "No. and yowtin nicii penetrated her. throw it between her will kill legs as she sprawls. or I will little sister. not try 1o run away. You must it. went back and Then throw the fat on her.'ililtouwuus6o"). Then run awav." eame out. Roast this bufialo-fat il . they were afraid to enter So they lay down behinrl a hill. killed all exeept hc^r little sister. and killed all the people. but you must be quick. Now they eame little girl back. She tin. [\ ol. the little girl looked back. and I thought vou were powerful. they went to meet her. All took up used flubs and spears and arrows. some one only wanted to know it. Her little sister ran home and brought toward the eanip. going through the water. si. I only I wanted the to know. 1 cannot catch you. afraid. and hidden in a dog-hut. littl(> roasted the When about was hot. WMien the people .

It Their brother answered. and recovered their breath. said. and shot.^ and Tales. Let there be a is all that we can do. They thought her drowned.see her any more. they saw the Bear coming again." Then there was a fire. or. let it be a very The Bear went into the cactas-thickets. "There comes the Bearl" and ran." Then there was a canyon. The youngest brother had a bow made of tendon and an arrow it of the same. "There comes mv sister againi" "What can we do now?" they said. or. and they threw it back.long time. that Then there was timber behind them. if she does pass over them. tliat she cannot come out of it. and began Bear. Then the little girl . Then the fourth brother said." he . and the third brother said. after a long time. us. "Let a river be behind as.said. and quickly ran to it and threw it in the fire again. or. Gros Ventre Myth. They ran on. At last. Now he drew hLs bow at the Bear. "There travelled the entire night. so that the Bear cannot pass through it.' tired. Then the next brother Let it be veri' dense. they heard the Bear roaring there. let her be carried far down stream.1907. "I^t there be a very deep canyon behind as. "Let there be a deep swamp behind Then there was a swanijj. Let them be so that the there be cactus. and they ran again. They could not ." Bear cannot pass over them. long time. Then they started. which the Bear will be afraid to pass through." "Yes. He struck her in the httle finger. We have done what we could. Then they asked again. if she does pass through. so that she cannot swim it.said. " Let much timber be between us and the Bear." they went more slowly. and it will be a ver^. If you the last bn>ther. and and burned her. "Cannot you do something? We are ver\' tired. At last the Bear passed through it and came on They . Whenever a spark flew out of the fire. she died." They went more slowly again.said.tired. They Then the little girl looked back. they stopped. The people were ven. Thas they entirely consumed the Bear. comes my sister I" she said. After the Bear entered it. Th?n they saw the Bear coming again. Then they ran. the Bear came on again. they did not . Then the oldest brother said. and they watched the Bear enter it. and when some of her fat spattered out. I^ooking back. Their arrows had no effect. They went far on. "Cannot you do something? We are ver}. But one spark they did not see." terrible fire behind as. They ran.something. and became very tired. if she does swim it. Then they made a fire .] Kroeber. it roared Hke a bear. . and went on slowly. Let it be ^o large and steep that the Bear cannot descend into it or. we shall surely be killed. "Let Let them be exceedingly thick. They ran. "Yes. if she does descend. Let it be large and deep and ven' swift. so that the Bear will become fast in the bog. He stretched four times. cannot do ." Then there was a river behind them. At last they saw her emerge. 107 to shoot the saw that they couhl not escape her. They said to the fifth brother.see her.

" \'es. When the little sirl came Ijack. then another. "M\' brothers. No."Vraiiaho. lie went to the children of tlu> camp." "Let us see you spit s[)it shells. "Sister. was hurt. and they went to it. ll His tent was old and poor.id. were made them stand facin*! the east. older sister said. Bear was very near. not to tell that she dilTerenees. Nos. and behind them the two next. Compare . "We are looking for Shell-Spitter. and took their shells awav from them." T\w "The was close up. The two stooped. as fast as she could. wondcM-ful. each trying to his tent. There they what she can do. left. We will go above and we will live we lived here alone and without Then she called her oldest brother by name. liear The brothers said. and kicked a string. Aiiottier version. sisters. could not catch them. 105. all our relatives are dead.lOS AnthropoliH/ical Papers AuHrkan Museum Perliii])s in oj Natural Ilistury. 'I'hen them up. 124. and behind him the youngest. 6.'. 'J'hey are Trsa major). 80. Tiic doj^s howled. 'i'he "We will go to There was a man who was poor and who lived inolher. she kicked the ball for herself. to snatch them before the tent. 6. If she did tell. Then I stopped. She cried from pain. 'J'he six l)rotliers l)ccome the Pleiades. It was shown tluMii. Only two brotluM's were kicked the ball twice. Then she We should not be hap])y if said. and." two oldest in front. 35. and hastilv ])icked other. 3.'ive lh(> liiUc f. little ball that she always carried in her dress on a 'i'hen he tiew u|)." Let us run on until will do ran until we ti'et they came where sliall all flat ])lace. 'Hien she did the same with the others. The girls ai'rivcd. 'i'he o'irl "Now we see was tint. little ti'ii-l you not do something? rerliai)s you are al)le 'rh(>y your life you liave dreamed 'I'lie to do sometliino. obtained from inlorniani M. and the Hear came.' 28. The story then continues as above. and she Then. There stood the Loon. "What look for Shell-Spitter. for the so-called Maijic Flight. The Ma^ic Flight is found also in No. Her mother questioned her. just as the Bear reached and hey had all become stars in the sky. and in Arapaho. them. except that her six brotliers f. all the dofjs in tile eamp would howl. but (cu1-oll'-he." "I am he. TIkmv were two girls. "Now my brother. . and asked for Shell-Spitt(>r's tent. 1 From infonnaut R." He had girls lilled his mouth with he took them shells. showed the follow imr The Jiear told her little sister.had seratelied. is He said to them." The girls went inside." t are you girls looking for?" h. and she told. " have another is Hue and large. the fjirl sitting a little at one side of them. ''I'he The Bear iiibiitcivaa" stood looking upward. I His luother was grav-headed. can somethino.'irl a ral)bit to use for its fat in order to burn the bear. whose hack slit. one after the other. lie was he Loon (ce'ibyhi).i"). Arapaho. [\o\." there. I.. she said. her mother tried to make her carry a baby on her back. I have brought you here because there nion^ room to sUhm)." to this it said. and his luother was alone with his old He heard that two girls were looking for (ba\aouu(. Nos. it. Badger-Woman Shell-Spillcr. I her. SlIELL-Sl'ITTKH.- said. She herself was ])ack of them all. and now them out.

When she was asleep. he saw an She went out. it. the other a l)lue one. she saw the people dancing on the Loon's rump. Looking all in. make a fire. The one with the yellow plume rolled at it toward the one with the blue plume. Gros Ventre Myths and Tales. and went to the dance-lodge. dirty boy. Compare Arapaho. and The wheel last The boy with the blue phiine followed At When the boy came come into your tent?" "Dirty boy. Badger- AVoman came out of the hole. "Dig a hole quickly!" She quickly dug a hole inside the tent. and away I am tired chief's it. Nos. I "Come I over! they are sit making the sunto get "Oh!" he presents. edges of the tent. The tent filled with smoke. on whom the people were dancing.wait here while wood. When they stojiped trying to shoot. life. He entered it. he spit shells. On the bed in the middle sat a fine man. The ground but the one around him was covered with them. " Grandmother. She and put logs along the wanted to smother the boy. she dropped into the hole again. For once they ought out. Yp:llow-Plume . Then the girl went back. called to the Loon. He said to his mother. brothers. The boy went inside. and then she followed him. This one threw an old woman. He jumped up." She stepped over the old woman. Spitter. did "I am glad to have you here. 89. said. and not to let those women out. playing with a wheel painted yellow." Then he told her. There were two boys. " I will go out to look. they Shell- who spits shells sits in the middle of the lodge." she answered. and lit it. and called to her "Come out! They and are dancing on this man. "Do these women go Then he went out. "Perhaps this will the wheel rolled into the tent of to the tent. Then the man on the ground.sed it. He killed Shell-Spitter. The people came. but where the bov sat there was no smoke.] Kroeber. the wheel in here. . Looking around. One wore it a yellow plume on his head. got rotten piled I From informant N. singing in ridicule of Shell-Spitter's death. 121." she said. and ran out. he said." it up. They were nii. brought it I go to get wood to in. did this re])eate(lly. sister. that he would not escape. They went inside down behind saw them.wd Blue-Plume." sat Then both went to the lodge.s. Before the people could reach her.^ She 29. kept on rolling. be the last of your Xow. your wheel did not come But come in for a while." He told his mother. Whenever he spit." some one am on the not let bed middle of the lodge. I)ut could do nothing. to sit "Now of have to in the in the middle again. 109 Soon some one dance!" give else. one of the girls said.1907. "I told you to watch. and the old woman guarded the door. She closed the door.

This time she said to him. and again brought clear water.^ should have killed you at once. this time. it into the ground by the she The woman child." "W'e will kill her with a flood of water. you have brought it. The boy came back." She started She lay down to go out and stepped on the awl. and told his brother (the one wath the yellow pliune). for that is the kind of water I use. thinking what kind of water he should to him. she became old woman had not seen it. (3ld there?" "Yes. for water." The boy went out to the stream. dirty boy: you should have been smothered by this time. When he the old woman told him again. thinking as hard as he could. The woman asked again. which was dirty scummy. "Dirty old woman. I water the old So the boy went out. because live. "That is not the kind of water I drink. Now I want you to goThen the boy went for water. and stuck said. Now I will kill you. I use. while I was away. "Are you here. "Are you still there?" and the awl answ^ered." He had left the awl sticking in the ground at the door." went to get another bucketful." with him. I will kill you." said the awl. and the awl gave the same answer. and went no farther. That was the end of her life. "Brother. She tried to kill me." The boy came back. "Why do you talk to me like that. dirty boy?' You were about to be allowed to live. still "Dirty you should have been burned by still After a time she asked again. I was in danger from an old woman. get. got up. The old woman's Then they flooded her house with water. one I "Dirty child. If you had brought me the wrong water again. The When the boy called to her thus. I am The boy sat altogether untouched by the smoke. I am more powerful (holy) than you. I^ it out of old its handle (case?). "You may and Now you may go home. A person above his is head spoke the kind of "Go where the spring and there get water. She looked in She and first saw the boy." The boy ran to the spring. and tent stood in a deep gully. she said. there you are still sitting! You are the have not succeeded in smothering to death. he called. angry. taking his wheel' some distance." "Yes. When the old woman saw the water. She asked are still a fourth time. "That is not the kind of water Again he brought some. and cried back. but somehow I escaped her. . That woman drinks. is." said his brother." The old woman said. Anthropological Papers American Museum of Natural History. Then she said. took door. and the awl answered again. "If you get the same kind of water again. she was drowned." said.110 awl. [Vol. When he was off 1 From informant P. He brought hack clear water." took away the logs with which she had closed the tent. and she told him she did not use that kind. you did not succeed in doing what you wanted. which pierced her foot. "You speaking.

"I will give you a dance. and wondered what it was. and pitied it. but he flew by unhurt. what they were to wear. He went toward it to see. Ill 30. The swallows went and got the tsootsohih'a" (small birds) to help them. 14. 2 The original says smooth-haired. Then they brought the birds called ako'uuhuh'a". but was killed. tried to resist the snake. and in return he pitied the old man. An old man went out on the hills. and into the water dead. The snake breathed yellow him. bax'a'a". it but the snake killed in the Again the swallows flew away. undoubtedly. The old man after a time gave them to another. He saw that it was a dog. The Origlv of the Tsooyanehi Degree of the Dog-daxce. and then blue. The Arapaho Probably long-haired is meant. Compare the Arapaho also call this dancer "shaggy dog.] Kroeber. dead. Then the dog followed the trail of the camp. The snake. but The fifth time. the thunder seized the snake with his it bill.1907. the snake breathed red towards him. . but his shirt is rough with feathers. were killed. No. threw it U[) in the air and cut in two. The dog knew that the old man pitied him. so that they fell A When its the swallows killed mouth and into the water. The night-hawk tried Then the swallows got at to break wind against the snake. in his flight. Then they asked the night-hawk to help them. 1 From informant N. the thunder. is to be conceived as one of the bax'aa" or bi'ica°. He saw something following the trail. and then a bullet-hawk (aiidy'). The swallows flew away and got an eagle to help them. . The bluebirds came. and then the byiitciyeihih'a" but the snake killed them with its yellow Then the swallows went to ask the bluebirds to help them. They left a shaggy ^ dog behind them. fell but the snake breathed hard. and these." Then he told the old man how they were make the dance. The Swallows and the Sxake. it blew something yellow out of the swallows. too. turned did not hurt him. Gros Ventre Myths and Tales. lived. The people were travelling. it and came back. and same way. Then and then black. but the snake breathed. Then the old man went to sleep by the dog. and how they were to dance. There was a high bank where the swallows (byiiteibyi^as^aha") snake went there and ate all the young swallows. the bluebirds got an owl. the yellow came out. be called 'Shaggy Dog' to (tsooyane'hi)." account of the origin of the women's buffalo-dance. the dog appeared to It is to him and said. (another species of small birds) breath. The eagle also fell into the water They got a duck. The dog gave him a whistle and a forked rattle and a head-dress of owl-feathers and a shirt covered with feathers. In his sleep. and so they were passed on to the present.^ 31. and killed them. the supernatural serpent-like water-animals that are the enemies of the thunder.

Separation of the Tribe. American Anthropologist.). went up again. chips (to The bowl of the pipe was to the south. The Origin of the Chief Pipe." much It Then he died. From informants N and 1 T. The old woman went back and chopped the horn out. 163). rained and thundered. some had not yet crossed. and the pipe was buried with him. The horn must have belonged to some animal under the water. Whenever it was given to a new keeper. it was a river. "Do not tie me up. From informant N. 2 . She asked her grandmother. the people took everything away from him. he said. yoiuig man. After this the pipe was handed down from one man to another. a A Before certain tlie man was jealous of young man died. 1892. property. "Chop it out for me? I want it for a spoon. Perhaps it Long ago was a lake. perhaps came together again. When the people hunted Buffalo-trails led near this hole. A little girl saw a horn sticking out of the ice. and jioisoned him. 34. calico of different colors. and there was lightning in the dark. Similar traditions are found among the Sarcee (Wilson. Then blood flowed. [Vol. They were travelling north or south. with the smoke of which to incense the pipe) and sage Under the pipe sat the Around the pipe-stem young man alive. Some had crossed. just as the thunder had taken everything from the man who first received it.- 112 Ay^thropoloyical Pajjers American Museum of Natural History. is To the northwest from the present Gros Ventre reservation there hill. All The people on the two shores never that were on the ice were drowned. p. The thunder had pitied him. was called "chief pipe. Then the little girl began to cry. The ice broke up. He was The people kept away. which began to move. was ^ 33. and Blackfeet (ibid. 32. At this end lay buffalomake fire. 1888). The pipe. and some were on the ice." (on which to lay the pipe) and a bag of red paint. The Cave of the Buffalo. Cheyenne (Grinnell. Do not look at my tent with for four days. they always saw large herds of buifalo. a hole in a The mouth is as large as a house. Report of the British Association for the Advancement of Science." Her grandmother refused. the people were crossing a large body of water. It had taken the tent and the property with It left in their place a pi])e resting on two forked sticks. At last a man died. I. it. It laid inside his tent together After four days a storm came. Then all a cloud came down.

" Then he killed He was deeply ashamed. Soon he The man whom the mare belonged had given birth to the person. waiting for There was a man who had a beautiful wife." When the visitors had left the tent. Sometimes all entered it before any could be killed. When the buffalo were hunted. . From informant R. id fecisses. smoking and talking. Gros Ventre Myths and Tales. walkc^l about. sed canem pro adultera ista habet. est C|uasi fe.] Kroeber. The Womax axd the Black man Dog. "You are a good-looking young man. told by the Arapaho. he went in. called the people. they ran into the hill. ]\lulier dixit. "Ne her.^ It is thought that here that all the 35. The young man outside saw this woman come out and take firewood in." The man Whatever you say shall be done. In his lodge were many people. buffalo have disappeared. mare gave birth to to a person. Homo pro amatore a te eligendus fuit. The young man thought. et Mane manus donee inquinaverim. The general idea is common on the Plains. The ]\Iax borx from a Horse. Canis niger eam secutus est. "I have called all 1 2 who had children by a among the Gros Ventre. Outside an old woman's tent a young lay at night. Pedibus ei blanditus women.1907. it They could hear is the noise of buffalo running inside. Once two brave men went they felt into the cave. Then she came out again and went off ut defecaret. Told by informant R in answer to the question whether he knew the myth of the woman This myth does not seem to be found dog." Juvenis dixit. They had long sticks with which They kept going farther. the sides and top of the hole. and there were piles of manure.^ 30." Mr mulieri suse dixit. They returned. a In spring. 113 toward the hole from all directions. He said to the man. She should have taken one of the many handsome young men for her lover.stinaverit. "Multi said. Then they became afraid that they would not find their way back in the dark. and the hole grew^ larger. in a circle. But she has done something bad. Cum intjuinavisset. longius abiit in Tum canis eam texit. At last they could no longer touch the top or the sides of the cave with their sticks. and you have a beautiful wife." genuacjue descendit. All about. the ground was beaten into dust. and stood about he said to Wlien they had come the colt-person. "Retine! Ximis festinas. "Yes? sunt juvenes. This newly born that human being was like a colt in that he stood up at once and talked. "She is a beautiful woman. when tlie mares foal.

1^ these people in order that you may find your father. Then he saw a person among them. they turned the mirrors and reflected with them. They killed Then one of them said. men to look for buffalo. She was not found. Pubis suae crines equi caudse similes facti erant. were mounted on the fastest horses started toward the herd. The whole camp went there. You must do what I tell you. about him with field-glasses. the people. The wild The person in the horses ran. "I will go to that hill The people sent out two young it. wherever they went. he spoke to me. The Woman and the Horse. The people headed them off. and at last drove them into an enclosure. and said to him. and The one on the hill looked his companion went on with the butchering. they began to rope them. [Vol. . herd was always in the lead. but. horses. horses. looked at every one. He lay down on the ground near her. He had a rope on I was far behind. I saw a large black stallion come. thinking he belonged to some one in camp. The four that that the circle was complete. He thought it was a loose breech-cloth. They asked "Yes. Six of the horses and the woman escaped. They thought that it was something unnatural (kaxtawuu). looking at her. one and were butchering and look around. signalling Then they drew together. With much trouble they at last succeeded in fastening one rope on her leg and one on her arm. I will tell you something. but went back. Long ago the camp was moving. "You but ^vent to him and acknowl- edged him as his son. When I had hold of the rope. She was exceedingly swift. "Look!" Then they went nearer. The people continued to close up on the When they got them into a small space. walked around the circle." young men told what they had seen. they saw people. Then he saw something streaming behind the person. He said. they sur- them had mirrors. At night a young man went oiit." The colt-person got up. Therefore they did not try to disturb the person. young man. are my father. Then the woman spoke: "Listen. "Did you lost his ever miss a person?" An old man said. It is the truth. A man once wife as the camp moved. do you continue to butcher. Then they picketed her at the camp like a horse. I jumped off my horse and caught him. They saw that it was indeed a person. Thereupon the The people thought it must be this All the people mounted their best When All of they approached the place." The man did not hesitate. At Many-Lakes he saw a large herd of wild He continued to look at them. and said to a man. He called his companion. woman. 37. him. horses in order to catch her. When they had gone all around.114 Anthropological Papers American Museum of Natural History. rounded the whole country." He went on the hill.

also No. She showed him all her near by.' is Then I climbed on him. that spotted one. They ran amid flying Let go. They followed and sleep. 107. Then they freed her and the horses." Then she permitted them to come. The little girl told them not to come near. Compare the Arapaho fragment. the woman 38. They continued to go on. and cried.^ The Little Girl avho was married by a Bear." one of them said. and saw a large tent. a little girl A camp moved and the peo{)le's tracks. The people came back looking for her." children. there another one. is "That my on a horse of such a color. there a black painted one. She deer." The bear ai)i)roached her. . He found them and said. "Let us go on followed the trail l(>d my friend. The Youxc. as large as a tree. Two young men who were this trail. and became thin and bony." camp of his people.- 39. I will give you forty persons (you will kill forty enemies). They went outside and prepared to following the to eat. He took them back with him to the "Little children. hill. side. there a black one. At night they would the hill.1907-1 Kroeber. far in the lead. husband. the It still went into a They entered following the through the earth out to the other trail. seven young horses. and she gave them dried meat. 1 2 Told by informant R. She would not allow any one to approach. One day the giants saw that they were to be attacked. He my husband. I have become a horse. and any kind of game. sat down. I am rich. Three times they came. They found a trail. "Stay with me." Then the young man went to his father and told what the woman had said. friends were travelling. So they went back. They all admired the little men. 63. and married her. trail a long time. From informant Q. If dust. have seven children by him. The old man went outside and cried it out to the people. still At last trail. then you you will let me loose. 315 the one that took 'Jump on my back. No. There is one. many of the tribe will die. climb on my hand. Tie a bell will be lucky in getting horses. that gray one. and said. Then the girl began to make a tent. turned into a man. called her was left behind. They had nothing Then they saw a tall person. I\Iax who became a Water-monster. we are starving. I He is me away. set it up. "Pity us. She started to follow At last she stopped. me Let us all go. If you do not loose me. Gros Ventre Mijths ajid Tales. I can kill buffalo. A bear by name." she said of a black horse that was tied "I cannot go back to the tribe now. They made camp close to her. The fourth time they asked her.

You will not l)e poor. They drove them away. With this they built a fire against the side of the animal. I. and saved They kept the men with them for some time. "My friend. He said to his friend. that us. When you go by the water. Then the giants said. Then they saw that it had red meat. "Do not mourn for me. But the one who wanted to eat dragged him to the meat." Then he went home and told the peo})le what had In the morning he was a The next night they slept by a river. Then they saw an animal lying l)efore them. But at last they allowed them to go if they wished. and got wood. " You will be lucky stealing horses. It blocked their way completely. " I will eat some of it. my friend. The visit to the giants is not Arapaho. for they killed the large birds." they said. and killed many of the birds. and that from the middle the animal of which he had eaten. "We are very thankful sort of a fight this we found these little children. and went on. They tried to go beneath it." Then he went into the river. His friend cried for him. Anthrupolugical Papers American Museum of Natural History. my friend. and saw the large birds. and roasted it. Then large birds (biiasooihi'h'a") came and fought them. The giants fell down and of men were inside the tent." "If I do not eat of it. [Vol." said the other. Let us take clubs and go out and kill them. down he was like During the night the other man woke up and that he had horns. At last his friend him eat Then they went on through the cave. "They are only birds. The birds had spears on their feet with which they kicked the giants said. They tried to jump over it.) 116 fight. and held him. also 78. I will die of let if you eat of it." "My friend. The next night he noticed human being again. I reach home. One them The two young "Let us look out and see what is that is carried on without noise. perhaps you will die. hunger before it. Compare Arapaho.. Feed me only with guts. but it lowered its body. in their jugular veins. No. let us return.. looked at his friend. he was fortunate. They went back to the mouth of the cave. entered it." Then they started home. One of them said. and would not allow them to leave. 76. Then the one happened. being striped with white. a chief. Then they slept. . and he became J From informant N. and you will kill persons. He saw In the morning he saw that he was a that his friend smelled bad. but it rose. Go home. man again." "No. They went out. I love you too much. bled to death. ^ Whenever he went to war. feed me." They looked. and travelled home- ward. and one of the men said." said the other. They came to the hole from which they had emerged. You will be rich. who changed at night started to go into the river. The water-animal raised his head out of the water and told him.

and a snake below. Far in the night. the young birds cried. which had become very thin." Then she suckled it. It A man put its head and tail together. a sweat-house and sweat human woman again. 5. me four times. The welling "That is the bax'aa". reached the nest.1907.^ The Max who killed Hawks. Avho had a baby.^ A man Compare. he would on his back. Then rose and approached. "Make Then I shall be changed to a her. Nos. In the evening he finished. The water stirred. Then they went back only a short distance. struck the man with its sharp breast. and slept near the Their horses were a little distance off. wife. The man cried for her. but she and the bax'aa" entered the water with her. woke the man. came nearer the bank. the woman. When the where it welling The water gun. The lower part of her water comes close. the man. Then his wife rose up out of the water. "I pity you." body was like a snake and smelled bad. . The ^NIax who was kh. carrying his baby.ster. and split his head. for the restoration to for the people encircled bv the monster.led by a Bullet-hawk. Then the said to water rose behind her. imtil the man nearly touched it with his he shot. 6. Nos.5- 2 From informant >L ^ From mformant Q. She Load your gun well. 119." Thus he recovered his 41. 23. and went half out of the water. Arapaho. One of the old birds When he flew swiftly down. water. and all day was busy cutting them up. as her." The woman He jumped. wear his robe inside out. Gros Ventre Myths and Tales. killed buffalo. No. He said. I will suckle the baby. but she Ht astride the bax'aa'^. 6 and 74. He accompanied by his wife. climbed to a difficult place to take young bullet-hawks (aadyi).max wfio was recovered from a Water-mox. 139-142. Then on a horse. The Wo. and carried a hatchet saw a hawk high up above him in the air. She was a woman from the hips up. 117 40. if away with The man tried to pull her off. When he point his hatchet at it and the hawk fell down dead. for the recovery of the woman from the monster. who was not asleep. life'in'the sweat -honse. the started to go fast. went to hunt bufi'alo. aiid Arapaho. shoot the place flows highest. The woman came to the bank.] Kroeber. He had killed the bax'aa". saw a bax'aa"^ come out of the water and encircle them.^ A certain person used to 42. "We must jump over it. He returned to the camp. She said to him. The man made the sweat-house and sweated She told her husband. Arapaho. No . completely enclosing them. Then he came back to the place. and it was woman jumped. 1 From informant N.

a rawhide bag to hold war paraphernalia. Whoever he is. beautiful. They had tied their horses in the brush so that they would not be seen. and when he comes I will kill him. He refused. While I hold him. Then she said. They went from one to another. and smoke. [\'ol. The stranger sat dow7i. and he was killed. of whom he thought highly. that lance there him and hold him. I want to talk with you and smoke with you. One of them was young and He had a younger brother. A bald eagle it. "Whoever camped here forgot this. I. He will come back for it. I will go with you to your camp. but the (iros Ventre put only one knee on the ground. If I kill him. . They came to a large camp which had just been abandoned. the man up high and dropped him. lit." Then the Gros Ventre held u}) his weapons and each piece of his clothing. The fires were still burning. It contained a shield. There was a man who had two wives. "My brother tliinks too much of me. and I will put down mine. They fled for several days. After we have smoked. Then the other stopped. seize and suddenly The stranger did the same. Then the young man said. He said. He constantly gave him horses and other things. a lance. When the man was near. Then they saw something hanging in one of the shades. 1 He lit the pipe From informant Q." He took his brother's best horses. I will smoke with him. she asked him to be her lover.118 Anthropological Papers American Museiim of Natural History. "Let us elope." But at last he consented. Put down your weapons. and they ran away. When the young woman was alone with the young man. A man and he It carried The Woman who tempted axd betrayed her Brother-ix-law. but I got here too late. I will make a sun-dance and a crazy-dance." Then the stranger said. and asked by signs. 43. you must bring and stab him with it. Then they met. There were a number of shades made of cottonwood-branches. The ]Max who was killed by a Bald Eagle. was catching eagles from a covered pit. I was sent by the people to make peace with you. They examined it.' took hold of 44. He kept only his pipe. "What do you want?" The Gros Ventre said." After a time they saw a man coming on horseback. W^e will wait here. I will try to make peace mth him when he comes. It was an elk-skin case. The eagle seized him with its claws and flew up. "I had intended to find your camp. and laid them down until he had taken off all his clothes. and they themselves were inside the shelter. We will meet in the middle. and a buckskin bag for clotliing. the Gros Ventre came out and made signs for him to stop. "Very well.

followed him. He took her to his older brother. and handed it The Gros Ventre it it. In this hung a mirror reflecting the sun. and followed. night he used his saddle as a jjillow. On an elevation above the camp was a shelter. The Gros Ventre signed to him to put down his weapons. The two men continued to roll about until they came near the place where the young Gros Ventre had left his knife. had a younger brother. a Ute. When the stranger looked in that direction. and stabbed her brother-inlaw. She had fallen in love with the stranger. was back at him and killed him.] Kroeber. The Wo. same time in another direction. and laid down his own.m. held kill it out with two hands. and went out to where the horses were. But she would not bring it. and his spear. She lay down beside him. For this and the following version. He Then He took his robe. Then he made signs to the woman to bring the spear. got his knife. She to the in the back Gros Ventre. He One by one they cut cut off one of her breasts. .' 45. rolling back and forth. she asked the young man to be her lover. No. He told him everything. down to the river. Gros Ventre Myths and Tales. Then he came on top. and was married. He released the other. he mounted a horse and rode She caught a well-broken horse. The older brother said. The Avoman followed him. She came with it. Then he took the woman back with him. it smoked same way. he jumped on him and they struggled. and again urged him. he sprang upon him. Then they came to a deserted camp. his shield. "She ought not to have asked you to run off with her. and said. When he reached him the pipe. and waited. Soon the owner of the mirror came. oft".1907. She only hit the bone. compare Arapaho. 1 From informant R. Late at night he got up and fled. The Gros Ventre repeatedly called to the woman to bring the spear. 119 with a that I flint. They fought. He signed to the Ute that he would give him a smoke." He took her Then he cut off the other. and. in love with his brother. lived away from when her husband A man who the camj). He got on top of the Gros Ventre." The other took the pipe. The Gros using her belt as a bridle. She stabbed him several times in the side and in the shoulder. jumped up.w who tried to betray her Brother-in-law. She did not wound him severely. His wife was to went out refused. She had been watching him. and. holding and smoke it. Then she came up with him. hunt buffalo. whom she thought more beautiful than her brotherin-law. and. off all her limbs until she was dead. pointing at the did wrong. "Take may it you. handed back to him. 114. They saw it. before the other rose to his feet. He did not kill her. At and pretended to sleej).

" The woman for said. and. rubbed it over her face. They are there in the brush. his wife. chewed it. The young man had painted his face black. "There will be time enough to kiss when we get back. "This sun has given me seven persons. and rejoiced. taken her." and she painted her face. They came to the Crow camp. the Crows attacked the camp and captured he came back and asked for her. both of them shot. and got on top of his adversary." The woman went back to the Crow camp. to the woman." he said. I will "Wait here in hiding. took a coal. They them. Then he killed the Ute. He struck one of his arms and broke it. At last she came. . "There are your three brothers and my three. She wanted to kiss him. Then the woman's husband called to her mother. and they are in that place. A man went out with a war-party. but not his wife. But the man himself they could not kill. and entered his elder brother's tent. and scal]:)ed him. caught her. The Bad ^YIFE. "Wait for me will there. who came. "I have come to take you back. While he was away. and as she passed l)etween them. the people told him. said. "How many are there of you? Where are they?" He said. She continued to say. "She The man went back to his soon come here. Then they came back to the camp. I.120 Anthropohxjical Papers American Museum of Natural History. Many women came." companions. but left her to the dogs. There was a camp-circle. and called all the people." Some of the men said. "Bring out your daughter! This is the last day of her life. Then he told how his sister-in-law had tried to seduce him and afterwards to betray him." but some believed her. where a number of men sat smoking. "That woman crazy." When "The Crows have The man said Then he took his three brothers and three brothers-in-law go into the brush. She dropped. Then he and the woman returned. and with him and started out. At last the people believed her. where the women go all to get water I will watch for my wife. Ventre was stronger. The woman followed them. Then he called Then the Gros Ventre pledged a sun-dance if he killed the Ute. shot at six. He went From informant N." Then he antl his younger brother went out of the camp. They is are there in the brush. [\o\. "The sun has given me seven persons. and said. then the other and broke that too. and killed 1 went and surrounded the place where the seven men were hiding." He waited the morning." She asked him. and I will steal something and bring meat six you to take with you. but stabbed him in the side. and told them. They did not biny her. to his six companions. Compare the preceding version.^ 46. The man jumped out. They hid in the mountains in order to avoid the Utes.

Stretch his arms and tie them. and then his face. she put up her tent outside of the circle." whom my woman man went back to his people. the woman on it. pieces. They Whenever they stopped. A crowd followed him in. They asked the old woman and her sons. him her son. Then they dug the holes and stuck up the poles. mounted on the swiftest horse. Gros Ventre Myths and Tales.1907." for he had been hung up naked. believed her. the man's younger brother. Soon all the and joined the Gros Ventre. He took . While they were fighting and killing the Crows." Some of the Crows did not leave him. She called started a fire. Young men took the Blackfeet. and stay indoors. moving camp. and Then she called her sons to smoke with the man. "Why do you remain encamped there ?" They answered. He told in the middle. running ceaselessly. The men They gave him clothes." When the Crows had begun to move. Then he saw the black-painted horse with the short tail. Always camp together at the rear of the camp-circle. they raced their horses to discover who had the fastest. the war-party attacked them. "We are going off somewhere. He was far ahead of the fight. 121 straight to the Crow camp-circle. If the tribe put rocks in a row along the trail which that part of the people in the direction of a horse does this have taken with "What kind always rides a Then he asked his new brothers. wliich stood There was his wife. these to the Piegans. went to the man. "He says you are to dig two holes and Then you set two trees into them.] Kroeber. the Bloods. and went alone to his Crow mother. soon with all Then the man "I is will go back." Then the wife is. cut him down. including even the dogs. at the end from which you have just come. He rode after her and caught up with her. Then she called her sons. He entered the largest tent. you should have told us. and waited Then she ununtil the whole camp. The man made them all stop behind the hill. When she came to the Crow camp. said. An old Crow woman pitied the man. and started against the Crows. "Take all your property inside your tent. he cut tobacco into tribes gathered. "I does he say?" The woman said. brought water. I will return my people in order to get my wife. "She black-painted short-tailed horse which is very fast. took him along mth her hidden on her travois. and the man told them. are to hang him there by the neck. was only looking for the woman. and Thus he says. and the North Piegans (Sarcees). ride?" They told him. had gone. and washed She cooked dried sliced meat and gave him to eat. want to smoke and to drink. little After he had returned. They came near the Crows. Hobble your horses close by. which divides. and hung the man and left him." The Crows asked her. "If you pitied him. and connect them at the top by a pole. "What his wife. said. But the woman continued to say the same until they all believe her." The Crows were just breaking camp. loaded her travois in the brush.

They took the woman off her horse. The man got up and went off." The young bear entered the man's mouth. I. . and threw it on the fire. cut off his flesh and threw it in. We will help you to do something for him. he jumped into the hole. Finally she was burned. and cut off his little finger and threw it to them. cried. but I will help him. I will give him power and make him strong. The old woman was Crow woman and had them build a large fire. "You do not pity this man.^ began to sharpen her knife. The Man who acquired Invulnerability.122 Anthwpolojical Papers American Museut?i of Natural History." As soon as the captured. He gave the snakes even his ears." Then its father and mother said. All the snakes retreated from him as he lay there. 47. Then she tore in two her bell-covered dress. Tlien they threw the woman herself into the fire. He also cut his little finger and threw it There was a poor man. Again he cut flesh from his body and fed it to them. and threw them in the fire. ejus vaginae labia. in a hole. and he will be invulnerable. Then the man went to the river. and the two old ones gave him each one of their claws. and her ears. her bridle and turned her. in-law. Blackfoot Lodge Tales. Then she cut off her breasts." said the old woman. the people stopped fighting the Crows. Compare Grinnell. They gave him the longest one on their feet. He came to where the people were shooting bears in a hole. "There be time when we where we are going. But now he no longer had scars on him. seized her nose. He wandered about. Then he lay down in the den in order to bleed to death there. p. Then he will be unkillable. Then one young snake said." Then the young snake entered the man's mouth and went into his body. and whenever she crawled out on one side they threw her in again. Then the man went away. my will brother- have been longing for you. She went to her. [Vol. Not Arapaho. and went back with her to the camp of the old Crow woman. and the two old snakes gave him each a rattle from their tails. "It is well that you pity him. A young bear said to the others. "I know what to do to her. 39. for that I On the way the woman said. They all went home rejoicing. before he should bleed to death. "Why do you draw back? I pity this man. "Let me kiss you. and made her stand up. You shall go into him and stay in his body. cut it off and threw it in the fire. He cut his flesh 1 From informant N. "We will give him the strength of our bodies. Then he found snakes and fed it to the snakes. A certain young man saw a bax'aa'\ He told the man who had been to the snakes and the bears. Then. He cut himself all over." Then his father and mother said. A great crowd stood about." arrive He answered.

and when I bring him. to jack-rabbits. and again went to where they had camped. he said. Thereafter he w^ould go to war. When the man returned. "I ^vill go to bring back the little boy. were standing about the bank of the the The bax'aa^^ (the said to him. out of the water. The little boy had a sister who was pretty. He continued to do this until he became very rich. killed the water. he heard about this. I will marry this girl. stones. She saw a mouth in the water." said the bax'aa".1907. and hid in the brush. and captured and took away a small boy. and with a large knife cut her to pieces. but the man himself they could not kill. All the people took him and tried to cut and stab him." When her father heard this. Thus the people would Idll him and move camp. "It is well: if . She was old enough to be married. and returned home. and to Then the snakes told him to take six poor people with him. gave himself to eagles. Then they cut him to pieces. river. until horses and much property all of different kinds. and he hooked innumerable horses of different colors. and bring back a herd of horses. Again he killed a woman who was gathering wood. He horned toads. driving the horses before him. They saw many people horses at the lake. travelhng toward the lake. While he was away and the people were hunting buffalo. He seized her. richest in horses). bleeding to death. He rose up alive. Then the man said. Gros Ventre Myths and Tales. the man rose up alive. Spears. Then they went into his the water and lay down. Then he stole horses and a shield and robes. and was beautifully dressed. "I have seen persons in the water. and scattered the pieces about." After man on this earth rich in horses man fed liis flesh to many kinds of ani- mals. When they moved camp.] Kroeber. and riding out. the Cheyenne attacked them. to the buffalo." Then these people six man's companions. A woman came to get wood. "You will be the only this. follow them. He did so and they started out. and where the man had been lying on the bank. " You the water with his other horn. he had a bundle of scalps hanging at his side. When he came back to his own people. and a painted horse stood on the bank. Then he went off again and returned with horses. seven in the party. but he would return to life. He hooked the water ^\dth one of his horns. kill a man or a woman. will not be poor. because he felt bad that this tribe had killed his six companions. He continued to sing his song. and kill one of them. He continued to do this until his feet became too sore to walk. 123 Then the bax'aa"! rose up out of the water halfway. The camp old arrived. Then the bax'aa" hooked in the river. Then he killed many. They cut him to pieces and moved camp. But he would not marry. and aiTows could not hit him or hurt him. He went to where they were camped. They reached a lake. he was now riding a white horse and carrying a shield and spear. and every one watered An woman came and drove her horse into the told the people.

a Cheyenne saw him. The man sent all the rest of the party back with the horses. some meat." in-law. Before he reached the ground. and follow me. She wore The people took a dress covered with elk-teeth. killed buffalo. and when he came to the last one he continued to leap along. He WTnt again to the Cheyenne camp and took two spotted horses. looking for him in vain. "Get seven and place them in a row. and he started. He was painted black. As the boy was very stiff. "Wait for me. When he the man came out of his hole. he turned into a rabbit. Then he heard a sound. and cut the boy loose. Then they went on. The Cheyenne were running all about. carrying the boy with him. His arms were drawn back around the tree. if I miss or stumble. His name was Hat'uxu (Star). in a row. The people were camped. found one. and a shield. He wished for a hole. and captured horses. hunted. Then he ran on and wished for another hole. There he cooked for the boy. and said to him. At last they returned to the camp. The man looked for a suitable pole among those extending over He climbed up. accompanied by a party. and saw the boy tied to the centre pole of the lodge. you can kill me. I will jump from one to another. A tent had been set up for him." Then he went abreast.124 Anthropological Papers American Museum of Natural History. Young men found a herd of buffalo. and they all stopped dancing. and began to cut them up. carrying him as a woman carries her child." killed Then the man started two persons. ahead. he took the cloth that had been hung at the top of the lodge as an offering. and he was hanging at the fork. began to climb down again. At a stream in the mountains they rested. went along it to the tree in the middle. looking for the boy. At last He looked for a buffalo-horn. The Cheyenne were having a sun-dance. The man the chief? "Do not kill me until to-morrow. wrapped him in it. He wanted to kill much. and about it stood many horses of different colors. went into it and covered it with grass. my daughter. he can have out. "Tie all the horses Give away none of what I kill. and he married the girl. said to the Cheyenne. he brings back the boy. He himself went to the Cheyenne camp. As he went. ^Nleanwliile the and staid there that night. resting whenever the boy was in need of it. put the boy into it and covered it with a buffalo-chip. buffalo-skulls . and. the man for their chief. and they started off. The man looked on. Who is Where is the largest tent?" Then he went to the largest tent Next day he told the Cheyenne. Hat'uxu took many horses with him. he washed it in the river. They the lodge." Then they put the seven skulls He jumped from one to another like a rabbit. and I ^\dll bring horses and meat. I. robes. and rings and bracelets." He tied the boy on a horse. "Now come out. and. [Vol. and an old man cried out that they would hunt. and brought a drink to his little brotherHe told the boy. He went back to the boy. He told liis wife.

As he Avent along. against the rest. He threw aside the blanket which they had hung up as a door for tlieir brush hut. 1 Told by informant N. Another woman had been captured at the same time. When Hat'uxu had liis up buffalo. While a man was away. but returned. Then he used the arrows. and went to where the enemy had camped for the night.] Kroeber. and captured at last finished cutting liis liis wife and her horses. There are many fierce dogs among those people. It was nearly dark. and carry the meat with you to throw to the dogs. He told his wife to carry the captured arrows and to collect all the enemy's horses. who had taken her for his -wiie. He returned and found her gone. and climbed a tree. He is sleeping. "Lie on him. "Where is my wife?" The returned woman said. They have fine pipes. which his wife had been carrying. They came to the place where the captured woman lived. said. Hat'uxu came down from his tree. Then the people celebrated over the head he had brought back with him. Gros Ventre Myths and Tales. the enemy captured his wife. "I know where she lives. but he saw her tracks and those of the people who had captured her. Soon he saw the enemy coming. Thus he recaptured his wife. and went inside. . the dogs began to attack him." Then the man got his brothers and his brothers-in-law." Then he told her. he threw each dog a piece of meat. He reached the mountains where he thought he would be able to intercept the enemy. She was gone. and went back to where he had left his wife. Is there any one inside with you?" She I have come to take you back. He came to the lodge in which lived his wife. He did not know to what tribe she had been taken. By next morning he was back at the camp. carrjdng on her back their quiver of large arrows. "I am your husband. and pipe-stokers. and tobacco-bags fringed with bells.^ 48. "There is one. He told his brothers and He liimself went on. first kill a buffalo. If you go there. riding in file. he stuck his knife in scabbard. He had no weapons with him except his knife. Then he said to her. He followed her at once.1907. Then he cut off the dead man's head and took it with him. and they started out. She has two husbands who dress alike. When he entered the village. He killed the man. door. His wife was among them. They all ran off into the brush. Then this man called her to him and asked her. He tied his horses. 125 enemy came. They became quiet. The ^Iax who recaptured his AYife. He saw his wife sitting next to one of the men. for I went to visit her while I was a captive. stood in rows. The lodges brothers-in-law to stay at the river. and knocked softly at the She put out her head.

The Snake came into the girl's Then tent and lay down with her as if he were with his wife in his own tent. a gun. camp of the people. . "No. and also. "Ask she wants to go back to the saddle-blanket. But she did not wish to marry. and otter-skin. made a fire. They came to his brothers and her brothers." The woman asked her. and the man entered and cut his throat. There he camped. but his brother-in-law w^ould not allow them parents gave the Snake horses and clothing. There was a camp. and entered the the other. and I will cut his throat. and gave the Snake liis filled pipe to smoke. ^^'hen they arrived. A man who lived there had a sister that many young men wanted to buy. the people tried to to the Snake. they had remained camped there for some time. He went Then the girl said. and they went out. did not wish to sell her. When it was day. Then they went back kill to the camp. He left the camp with her and his wife. the girl pulled the string. A Snake who was in the He saw that there were only two tents. She thought that her brother had slept with her." from inside my tent to your wrist in your tent. The woman carried the bundle in one hand and the head of the dead person The man threw meat to the dogs again. AYhen the man her heard from if his wife that his sister neither ate nor spoke. horses. he feared them no all longer.126 Anthropological Papers American Museum of Natural History. food to eat. approach him. before tent into which he had seen the woman go alone." Then she went to the other tent and lit the fire there. but the girl said. Thus the man recaptured his wife. She would not speak. and said to her husband. and slept at once.^ 49. In mountains saw his camp. I. the evening he saw a man and a woman go into one and a woman go into At night he came down from the mountains. " You have a brother-in-law: go give him a smoke. Then they ran. Then the man came Then they gave him in too. In the morning. in the other. went toward the mountains. the man's wife the morning star arose. he went out. "Did my brother go out last night?" The woman said. a panther-skin." Then she asked her brother's wife. and together they all fled until they returned." Then it became night. he said. [Vol. "No. The man and his wife were half asleep. The woman in the other tent got up. The girl's 1 Told by informant N. The man gave him arrows. But the girl would not eat." Then she lay on him. x\fter At first the Snake feared him and his wife. brought food to her sister-in-law's tent. Her brother. He took the dead man's clothes and a dress of the woman's that was covered with bells. and rolled them up in his robe. The Woman who married the Snake Indian. "To-night tie a string to bed early.

had been arranged. Compare Grinnell.^ The Snake lived with the saicl. All her husband's female relatives told the Snakes that he would brought her and her husband food. the people tried to kill the man. "Look at the man we tried the camp in the morning. Pawnee Hero Stories. changed their clothes for some that were old and saddled. put on their best clothing. talcing mth them their tent and all their gifts. He has become a chief. crave presents to all his v. They hid all Then thev did the same as when they brush. dismounted. The they went to the woods. he told his wife. Snakes. "I ask will take you with relatives if me to the Snakes. the Gros Ventre other things. After he had lived with the Gros Ventre year. They them horses and many than when they came. 'his horses are bad. "Why 1 From informant N. "He man wore saddled. . back to the Gros Ventre they had more property came to the Snakes. a Snake He is dressed finelv. Gros Ventre Myths and Tales." When everything and his wife with painted horses and other property. Not Arapaho.1907. they said." She said. they Before they reached tlie left. "Look at that woman!" night the man and his wife has married her. The man next summer.'iie's no longer fought each other. a fine buckskin shirt dress and leggings fringed with weasel-skins. 127 He a learned to talk Gros Ventre. into the brush and put on their beautiful man cried out. I will my they will allow me to go with clothes to ask their permission in order that they may give us Her relatives gave their consent. It he cried. Snakes came together and made friendship. and mounted poorlyThen they rode toward the Snake camp. Next summer take his wife back to the Gros Ventre the When man saw them the Snakes also gave made fine clothing. When they thought and came back. they returned in the morning. their property and fine clothing in the camp.' "Very I will well. miserable horses. and gave it to him and his wife. At night the man and his wife went back are dirty. a Now he is a cliief!" kill! "Here comes the man whose mfe they tried to began to put it up. Snakes tried to kill the woman." When they returned to clothes. and put on the dirty clothes. you. they stopped in the woods. They rode painted horses beautifully coming. 25. went to bed without any blanket." Then the to kill' Then the Gros Ventre and the relatives. and the woman's was fine. and see how poor he is!" At everybody was asleep. and presented the Snake take with us. and Gros Ventre ever after. When they started to go When They they reached his clothes did you give her to that man? He is poor.] Krocber. p. The dirty. Then the woman brought her tent and helped her. Then they was very large.

" Then he did not approach. As she went she found pieces of her brothers' At the camp the people had begun bones. "I will do what you wish. "We are going to hunt for the one who Idlled my Then her husband took four good horses. Two of them were killed. left her moccasins. Then her husband said to her." After some days she said. But the sister of the two dead men did not cry and did not speak." Then she went I down." On the third day they saw tents by a river that came wife started alone. 128 Anthropological Papers American Museum of Natural History. He . She told him. fasting. Then her husband brought her to the foot of the mountain. But saddle a horse for me. I do not want you to kill yourself.. Go alone. very thin from fasting. and perfumed It was near sunset. she herself. The woman went among them and danced. and using the spear to support herself. "Pity me. The family hid all their knives and ropes. They followed the river up towards the camp. sweated. Telling her husband to hold the horses ready in the brush. tliis "Go home: your husband to make a sweat-house. She saw a man fill a pipe and extend it to the other men. He followed She stopped. She slept there cried four nights. and have the young men build a sweat-house. [Vol. She knew that this man had killed one of her brothers." she dismounted. Soon they had a sweat-house ready. Then she told her relatives. The fourth night the thunder gave her a short spear. and painted herself. and followed her. and drank. He turned around. and went to the top. She said to him. The father and mother of the dead men cut their hair short. tell He into said to her. "I "wdll kill an enemy. She took hold of him and pushed her. ). I am accustomed to you. and he and his brothers. went towards the camp. The Woman who revenged her Brothers." She said. \ / V Three men went to war. "Stop at once where you are. to dance on account of her slain brothers. Their bodies had been burned. and gashed themselves on the legs and on the body. I am going to a high mounI did not cry or speak because I did not know what tain to sleep there. knocked out the ashes. iVll the people and mourned for them. Her husband came to meet her. young men make it. and let them leave the entrance open for me. Then the woman came. went out to the stream. At times she fell from weakness. She entered the sweat-house. and at once desired her. Afterwards go to the creek and drink. and touched him on the back. She walked off and went into the brush. out of the The woman bathed. turned over his pipe. Let only J. mountains. Do not kill yourself." The man went back and told the young men. I • i I In' the bright moonlight the ) women were dancing back and forth in a row. for they thought she would kill herself. They went and cut willows. put the pipe into its sack. She went to him. and he came up. 50. I. "Go back immediately. There to do.

and struck the skin of the head. She cut head. but in another direction. They did not go back as they had it. Then Four times the camp was attacked. Then band. she took her knife and cut his throat. So this woman avenged the as each one struck it. They attacked the Then the enemy came in order to camp. he painted himself. The woman mounted a swift obtain revenge. . 129" him to the ground. horse.^ 1 Told by informant N. She put them to flight. The people thought she would go But she fought no more. before her. "I bring you a head for you to enjoy yourselves with. two men who went to war were killed. drove them buffalo. "I bring you a head. and overtook and killed many. Gros Ventre Myths and Tales. He let himself fall willingly and she off his lay upon him." Then all and the people took charcoal and grease. When she reached When they arrived. She ran them down like and she drove off the enemy. There they skinned the head. death of her brothers. All next day they hid in the brush. The woman said. short spear. Then they returned home. After the four fights she to revenge them. counting coup. come. ceased." He struck Then they fled. took her and charged the enemy. took off all his clothes. and ran to her hushim she said. and kept the scalp.] Kroeber. the woman's mother ran out and kissed her. wrapped them and the head in his robe.1907.

He pierces himself on one. He gives men the bow and arrow. he escapes the old woman. A A turtle brings him up mud. the Two Women. As they flee.nt drops this into the water. and He predicts another world. the Bald Eagle. and it expands Then he stretches out his anns and the land extends. Turtle brings up a little earth. the Small Loon. He takes the sacred pipe. . and a cactus-thicket to extend behind them. Tebiaa'^'ta^. He builds a sweat-house and calls to the Eagle to come down. the sweat-house Then steam is made in it. There is no water. Next morning it is Nix'ai^t. He cries. He floats on the pipe. Nix'a"t comes to a camp where the snow is perpetual and there are no buffalo. 1. and nearly overtakes him. and make the snow melt with the contents of a bag. Nix'a^t turns into a little dog. summer and the buffalo are about. The Eagle is flies closed around him. and the snow disappears. He pursues the women. the last the bag. His tears make a river. and Nix'a^t. and drives out the buffalo. and causes a flood.130 Anthropological Papers American Museum of Natural History. a thorny thicket. he runs. As soon as the head has gone by them. Nix'a'H resolves to destroy the former race. The head crosses all obstacles. they flee to the Bald Eagle. the Eagle. and the women take refuge with a man who hides them. the buffalo. a swamp. 2. Clinging to He scatters the contents of of the buffalo. He unwraps the They dive. through the sweat-house. Nix'a'^t obtains 4. and the head is killed. Summer and the Buffalo. tells a boy to cry until he himself asks the reason. Nix'a"t's two sons see the contest in the sky. and the bones speak to him like women. The head comes. opens the hole. The head pursues Two women who live alone are head brings the meat. and takes out the Loon. which is found by the grand-daughter of the old woman who keeps He The girl at last persuades the old woman to allow her to have the dog. ABSTRACTS. from which he makes the earth and the mountains. The dog sees the old woman get buffalo from an opening in her tent. "When the head pursues. He makes men and women and animals from earth. There is only water. he turns into seizes the bag. Origin Myth. They see that a rolling They leave awls in their places. 1. The boy does this. and he is thirsty. When the girl takes him away from the tent. Nix 'a. The Making of the Earth. 3. and the Turtle. they successively cause a fog. [Vol. When the girl cries and her grandmother comes. accompanied by the Crow. and tell their father. and flee. when he is to say that he wishes to see bare ground and to eat buffalo. person sends animals to dive. who takes them on his wings. He returns to the camp. to the Gros Ventre the sacred pipe. and the pipe. provided with game. sufficiently for him to sit on.

tries to look in. Nix'a^t mourns for his wife. 10. he falls into the river and drifts to bathing girls. Nix'a^t radices est qu£e jactatur. After a time they do not return. giving Nix'a"t strikes his new wife to make women for The fourth time he strikes her. They pull him ashore. Nix 'a^t. Lepus ciun eo ano copulat. Nix 'a^t. discedit. he smokes them to death. when he takes refuge behind a rock. 13.1907. Nix'a^t postquam pingue in flumine innatans invenit ab eo est donee tantum inquinat ut quasi excrementorum lacu circumdetur. eum Quandocunque crepat sursum Nix'a^t and the Bird with the Large Arrow. he recovers his own. Gros Ventre Myths and Tales. he flees. Nix'a'^t spreads its bill. Nix'a^t is taught to call Buffalo. They overrun him. Xix'a^t muri suum penem penem ad locum asperum ducit penem ad mulierem ducere Mus et Nix'a^t se Isedit.\ts Hiitceni. His head becomes fast in the skull. crepare faciunt. At last the Bird shoots at him. nearly drowns. 7. shoots the rock on him. Pursued by the bears. Nix'a^t eats Fat. Nix'a^'t e. Alcis calva liberatus. and. Nix'a^'t and the Mice's Sun-dance. finding mice holding a sun-dance in an elk-skull. Wandering along. Nix'a^t taunts a bird that it cannot shoot its very large arrow. He cooks their babies. Unam virginum violat. By borrowing the Mouse's eyes. He comes and sends them for the fruit. women A man strikes his wife and doubles her. Nix'a^t and the Bear-Women. to Nix'a'H. . persuadet. The Night-hawk releases him. When they have eaten the children. he kills her. Nix'a"t inquinans lepores ex ano parit. Cum toga eos capere conatur. Emerging at the other end.Women. 6. 11. Nix'a^'t trans axd the Mouse. he takes refuge in a hole. Nix'a^'t kills his Wife. Nix'a^t learns to call the buffalo by singing. 9. Matri ut filiam eripiat venienti persuadet sibi calvam perfrangere. hanc conspurcat. Nix'a^t loses his Eyes. 131 5. Nix 'a"t learns from a l)ird how to send his eyes out of his head. one of the widowers.] Kroeber. diving for the reflection of fruit in the water. and lie upon him. he changes his appearance. to Bear-Women. and comes to the Bear. 12. Persuading them to enter the hole. 8.

The ]\Iax who wext to War with his Mother-ix-law. and returns to his tent. In punishment. He flees. Ad castra currit damans Inquinantes Pieganos se foedum fecisse. OxE-EYED Owl and die. violates one. The wolves devour his feast. At night A man •eo persuades his wife to send his mother-in-law to war with him. and smokes them to death. Disguising himself as a woman. to louse him. eam ((') With the Sleeping Woman. I.132 Anthropological Papers American Museum of Natural History. 15. (/) With the Buffalo he called and the Rabbit. 14. %Aoman whom he meets. Nix'a^t finds mice dancing in a and he other falls into the river. a ghost about et petit ut cum Tum se pvibeni frigere queritur vir. (a) Nix'a^'t's Adventures. Hos capere conatus togam conspurcat. he burns himself. ^Vliile he cooks them. [Vol. his Daughter. they put burrs in his He cuts his hair. Fseces in mulieris dormientis vestem ponit et dedecus patefacere minatur nis sibi amorem concedat. Psene dum flumen transeunt patefactus. flees. and at last his wife discovers him. drawn out by women. V' He pretends to die. pretending that he has been told that was dead. 17. 16. With the Mice's Sun-dance. and persuades them hair. and marries his A man He is pretends to and then returns disguised. marrying his daughters. Then he Nix'ant causes ducks and other animals to dance about him with closed eyes. Nix'a^'t and the Dancixg Ducks. side. is he throws stones at her shelter until she thinks there dormiat. he travels with a violat. (6) With the Women ^cho loused him. and leaves instructions that his daughters are to many a one-eyed man. The buffalo fall on him. persuades the women to enter the hole. He skull. His head becomes fast in the skull. . While he sleeps. covers one eye. Lepus cum €0 ano copulat. The girls suspect him. He makes it appear that wolves have eaten him. he sleeps. He comes his wife to two women. (d) With the Woinan icho crossed the River. emerges on the He is changes his appearance. kills them. Lepusculos Nix'a^t ex ano parit. returns. (c) With his Daughters. He is taught to call buffalo by singing. of whom he seizes and pursued by the women. daughter discovered and beaten by his wife. He enters a hole. et mulieris mater permittit ut penem copulando calfaciat.

and a person enters. Their father warns them not to use their arrows twice. and their mother emerges from the sweat-house. He comes to a camp where a man kills people by making them fall from a swing into the water. He comes to a bridge which sinks with people.] Kroeber. In time of famine the Crow announces that he will bring buffalo. He travels. but the Crow steals it. He is found in the grass by an old woman. Wlien the dead person apHe flees. He allows himself to be drawn. His sister-in-law asks to have the blood made to flow over her. her open. He comes to a woman who has a dish which draws people into it and then consumes them. Her husband his absence. "\Mien it goes down. Grass finds a quill in his* trap. An old man is treated badly and almost starved by his son-in-law. and. A man announces that whoever brings a porcupine may marry his daughters. while the Crow marries the older. and causes the man to fall He into the water. he causes the blood to flow over her. as they terrorized by a bull who gambles with people. but cannot make the water-monster in the river devour him. He is blown away by the wand. Fouxd-ix-the-Grass. and destroys it. and but has the end of his tail pulled off. throwing away the twin boys with whom she is pregnant. Clotted-Blood escapes. who takes him for her grandson. and shoots his arrow a second time. into a hole. The Kit-fox and the Ghost. he succeeds in capturing the other. He comes to a camp which is Clotted-Blood wins. and then cuts the wolf's heart. speak to any one who A man warns his wife not to may come to the tent during After a time she disobeys his instructions. His arrows are repeatedly scattered about his tent. the kit-fox declares that he said that the smell was sweet. Then he causes the old woman to be drawn into the dish. Clotted-Blood. allows himself to be swallowed by the monster. and it turns to red clothing. With his help. 133 18. and finds the two boys playing. which l)lows over the dish. and becomes a young man. in people. The child is swung on four sides of the tent. "\Mien his wife carries the entrails home. Found-in-t he-Grass persuades the old woman to make finds her Found-in-thea trap for him. He turns to a feather and is uninjured. play. shows it. and is thereupon given the younger daughter. The boys tell him to put their mother into a sw'eat-house. Then he kills the . he jumps to He comes to a wolf which sucks the other shore. He burns his body. and comes to a tree that kills people by falling on them. He turns into a feather. as the ghost pursues him. / / dead and goes off to mourn. The two sisters ridicule each other's husbands. He Then he cuts will not eat the food she offers him until she places it on her body. and the bridge does not emerge. He finds and hides a clot of blood. the Bull tries to kill him. Clotted-Blood kills him. WTien the son-in-law again threatens the old man. and is uninjured. but it only dirties her. it A kit-fox coming to a corpse says that stinks. Foundin-the-Grass goes out and brings buffalo. He catches a porcupine. and kills it. which in the kettle turns to a child. They shoot up into the air. 20. and kills all his wives but one. Clotted-Blood turns to a feather. proaches.1907. Gros Ventre Myths arid Tales. nms 19. while the tree falls and breaks. Then he kills the Bull. After a while the younger boy is tempted. He watches. but fails. He catches one of them.

and kills the snake. His arrows warn him of the approach of the revengeful snake. The Bull charges the young man. His seven fathers attempt to protect him. and induces a woman to climb a tree after him. He is sent to a thicket where there are bears. I. When the Old Thunders pursue him. dashed to death against a rock under his seat. They do so. When the girls are asleep. which kills her. he comes to the herd of a powerful Bull. Moox-Child. and takes the Moon's wife. The Sun sees her.134 man. He allows the oldest to live. It is found by Seven Bulls. and escapes. The. The snake is still in him. but he kills her. He is sent to A water-monster draws him towards it. but cannot hurt him. The string is too short. and cures his seven fathers. The snake crawls out. She nearly pushes him into the fire. and recognizes his mother. and the Sun throws her on the Moon's face. She warns him not to go to a tent where there are pretty girls. She makes a long rope of sinew and lets herself down. [Vol. and drops a stone. The mother-inlaw of the two women gives them paunch to chew to see who can make the most noise. where she still remains. but are disabled. but is discovered. Her parents accept him as their grandson. They send him to the people among whom his father and mother live. He cuts off its horns. and abuses the Young Thunders. He comes to a man his sons-in-law. who pity it and raise it. Then he finds his father. he persuades them to pull his elastic arrow. which threatens revenge. his father-in-law attacks him. The snake enters him. and then gives them dangerous tasks toperform. They instruct him to make a bow and arrows. but is the Frog. He comes to an old woman who wrestles with him. he kills them. They charge him. but cannot hit him. One escapes and turns to a snake. and break their horns. He lies still until he is only a skeleton. He gets up alive. Frog chews charcoal. 22. and she hangs suspended. Then he shoots the Bull. but at last he does not wake up. He turns to a feather. She looks through the hole in the sky. When he is a young man. A girl who has had a lover abandons her child. and sees the earth. He is sent to get flint from a falling cliff. Her boy remains near her vmtil he is foimd by an old woman. to a kills He comes man who him to stick fast who accepts young men as causes He in a tree. . One of them turns to a snake and tries to enter his body. Then he is sent to kill seven bulls for their sinews. and the Moon marries her. people by kicking them with his sharp leg. The Sun marries The Moon turns to a porcupine. and kills them. Clotted-Blood kills the old man. Anthropological Papers American Museum of Xatural History. He goes. He comes to the camp. The tree stretches to the sky. and is well received. At last he asks the Moon to cause a cold rain. who is playing ball. and burns him. The Moon abuses the Frog. His mother comesto life at the same time. but kills the rest. The Cows make love to the young man. The Boy who was raised by the Sevex Bulls. because he turns to a feather. 21. Then get water. and are dashed to death. The woman has had a boy. He is sent to get feathers from the thunder-birds. Clotted-Blood is sent to get the morning star. and brings it. \» The Sun and the Moon dispute about the beauty of women. They kill buffalo for the boy. and leaves him to starve. and the Bull attacks him.

erect a tent. but on the third break their horns. As he is invulnerable. and flees.1907. and they emerge alive. White-Stone approaches his wife. The Bald Eagle seizes her. leaving her The Bull finds the empty robe.] Krocber. A dog liberates them. She is told not to dig certain roots. The girl is sent to get wood and water. and climbed three cottonwood-trees. and gives birth to a boy who is called White-Stone. Thus she had done with his uncles. and the bull attacks him. The Badger recovers her again. and saves her life by bringing the kinds desired by the old woman. and pursues with the buffalo. The Women who married a Star and a Buffalo. WhiteStone makes her carry the bull. In the same way he and the girl cut up the meat. Two women and follows it 25. hers. and are killed one after the other. and her parents have fled. abandons little children. He goes where his uncles have gone. She becomes sad. but the old woman is drowned by it. who are starving. and the Moon lets her down by a rope of sinew. when they had reached her tent. The other woman is taken by a bull. There the Moon marries her. The other is taken away by a buffalo-bull. kill the rest of the people who select by looking . Seven brothers go out. Their sister swallows a stone. One of them is married by a star. The children return to the camp. and sees the earth below. and comes to a camp where there is a powerful. except a girl and her little brother. and succeeds in flying away with her. Gros Ventre Myths and Tales. and kills a buffalo. The bull breaks his horns. Two women wish for stars for husbands. One woman sees a porcupine. he shoots upward. but are left tied to a tree. At them all. and take her back. and he grows up. she takes refuge in a tree. Her husband cannot rescue her. She makes him a bow and arrows. White-Stone. The children come to an old woman. 26. jealous. and then at them. The buffalo cut down the tree. An old woman claims it as and orders him to carry it to her tent. The two children cross a river on a water-monster. invulnerable bull. but the Gopher brings her back. A Gopher digs a long hole. she leaves an awl in her place. The Buffalo cut down two trees. but does so. He travels. and White-Stone kills him and burns him. 135 23. Putting his uncles into a tent. and gives them fire. she had killed them with an iron cane. wives and husbands for themselves. and rescues the woman. The woman robe. Coming out of the tent with her little brother. Together with her husband. The boy kills buffalo by looking at them. lying outdoors at night wish for the moon and a star as husbands. The people. and then kills her with the cane. up a tree that stretches until she reaches the sky. The Women who married the Moon and a Buffalo. and. and kill the man. 24. he easily recovers the woman. dress the skins. who says that he is the star she wished for. and night she kills A camp make clothing. The Deserted Children. The Bull pursues. She swings the child on four sides of the tent. come to the children.

she steps on an awl which he has Together with his brother. A young man dies. When the Bear is near again. An old man finds it and pities it. causes her brothers and herself to rise to the sky and become stars. and see the real Shell-Spitter sitting in the lodge and the people dancing on the Loon. The Origin of the Tsooyanehi Degree of the Dog-dance. by kicking a ball. and beside him is the sacred pipe. He is called to the dance-lodge. Separation of the Tribe. but allows her little sister to live with her. and tell her to ascertain from the Bear how she can be killed. throws hot fat on the Bear. which turns into the Bear again. He leaves. and marries them. Two from the people. and forever separating the rest. Her six brothers return. The dog man. The Girl who became a Bear. and flees with her brothers. He is supernaturally instructed what kind of water she desires. kills A kills snake or water-monster young swallows. is A dog pities the old abandoned by a camp. the little girl. The girls follow. birds of various species to help them. She sends him for water. 32. but is killed by being shot in her little finger with an arrow of tendon. a forest. \ I'. The swallows bring all. the gift of the thunder. . When she tries to pursue him. a a horn that projects from the ice. sister. Shell-Spitter. persuades her grandmother to chop The ice breaks. ' 29. but fails. and find the camp deserted. but the snake destroys them At last the thimder the snake.136 Anthropological Papers American Museum of Natural History. and drowns the old left. little girl off As the people cross on the ice. Each of them makes an obstacle to delay the Bear. They make successively a swamp. woman. The Origin of the Chief Pipe. The Loon kills Shell-Spitter. a river. She tries to smother him in her tent. They meet their The little sister. and kills all except her little She attacks and extenninates the camp. I. and the old woman allows him to live. and a cactus-thicket. and with his mother. Yellow-Plume and Blue-Plume. escapes Spitter. Children are playing. 33. 30. One changes into a bear. drowning many people. and is left with all his property in his tent. a canyon. 31. The brothers burn her body. and takes away the tent and the property. A boy follo\\"s his gaming-wheel to an old woman's tent. 27. The young man is seen alive. he causes the water to rise. The Loon pretends that he is Shellgirls come to marry Shell-Spitter. and abuses her. A cloud descends. The Bear pursues. and pursues them. a fire. little girl 28. and gives him the highest degree of the dog-dance to introduce among the people. The Swallows and the Snake. [Vol. Badger-Woman. but overlook one spark.

which overcome them until the young men drive off the birds. When the young men return. and return. One of them. ISIulieris Juvenis nocte mulierem certiorem facit. The man his child to the water. and that she has become a horse. and his wife rises. Gros Yejitre Myths and Tales. They burn through it. buffalo. 37. Equa parit hominem qui quemdam virum patrem sibi esse significat. it. 36. The people are starving. 38. The Man who was killed by a Bullet-hawk. The people surround the herd. by pointing them. his hatchet at A man kills haA\ks 42. eats of the meat. a little girl is left Ijehind. The Man who killed H. A cave in a hill is the entrance to the home of the but do not reach the end. 35. and capture the person. They pass through a hollow mountain. Two young men see a person running with a herd of wild horses.1907. sleep outdoors. and goes into the water. and a woman it. They brings jump over he shoots but the woman sticks fast and is carried off. A man try to surface. but he restores her to human form in the sweat-house. 137 34. The Woman who was recovered from a Water-monster. and reach the giants are attacked by birds.vwks. The Little Girl who avas married by a Bear. cum cane nigro copulantem videt. The Woman and the Horse. Two young men The He turns to a water-monster. 41. 40. His friend becomes fortu- nate. travel. Two men enter it. becomes As a camp moves. 39.] Kroeber.she The Young Man who became a Water-monster. her. She tells them that she was carried off from the tribe by a stallion who married her. their way is blocked in the cave in the mountain by a water-monster's body. A water-monster surrounds them. take young hawks. The people release her. and she gives them food. A bear marries rich. though warned by his companion. The Max borx from a Horse. When the water-monster comes to the His wife has become half snake. . The Womax and the Black Dog. The Cave of the Buffalo. and . virum qui earn occidit. but is A man goes to killed by the old hawk. country of the giants.

dropped. and the A man's wife persuades deserted camp. 45. his younger brother to elope with her. The woman tries to betray him to the Ute. a He becomes invulwater-monster. six companions. He follows. The Man avho acquired Invulnerability. to which a Ute returns. but is A man 44. His wife tells the Crows that he wishes to be hung. and. The Bad Wife. . tries to A woman flees. and then attacks him. He succeeds in killing the Ute. The woman. gotten.man who tempted and betrayed her Brother-in-law. He persuades the Cheyenne to let him try to leap along killed. He is cut to pieces a number of times. They come to a deserted camp. goes to her lodge. The man offers to rescue him if he can have the boy's sister as wife. He He carries finds the boy tied to the centre pole of the Cheyenne sun-dance lodge. He leaps from one to the other. 43. him off. and killed. buffalo. and then leaps upon him. kills seven buffalo-skulls without stumbling. The Gros Ventre gives him a smoke. armed with nothing but a knife. and the woman is killed. Then he brings him back to his tinues running. He and she follows him. and his companions are killed. He finds his wife. Crows. finds the carried to the mountains. Her husband goes to the Crow camp with and she persuades him to wait. flees with her. The Woman who tried to betray her Brother-in-law. They hang him and abandon him. They attack the rescues him and sends him home. The woman is captured and killed. is A woman taken by the Crows. and conHe hides the boy and himself. after he has cut her new husband's throat. He goes to war. They return to the camp. and his wife is captured and people. who flee. and returns with his wife. They reach a camp to get his weapons which he has forThe young man gives him a smoke. The Man who recaptured his Wife. A man's wife is captured. His companions are killed. tries to betray him to the stranger. but is caught. A boy is captured from the camp. 47. and horned toads. rabbits. Then she betrays him to the Crows. At last he returns home. 48. enemy's camp. I. kills one. The Wo. A man returns to the woman is killed. but always comes to life and one of the enemy. 46. tries to carried up. instead of helping her lover. drives away the rest. He goes to kill buffalo. [Vol. He enters the village of her captors at night. A man be sacrifices pieces of his flesh from his whole body to snakes. catch a bald eagle. and marries the girl. An old woman He returns with his tribe. but he succeeds in overcoming and killing his opponent. The Max who was killed by a Bald Eagle. He returns to his older brother. persuade her husband's younger brother to be her lover.138 Anthropological Papers American Museum of Xatural History. bears. by it. He cannot nerable and wealthy. eagles.

Each time she drives them off. Their sister mourns. She sets out . wealth. 139 49. She goes to a mountain and with her husband for the camp She entices one of the killers of her brothers away from the camp. Then she flees with her husband. Next day he shows himself in all his finery and wealth. Gros Ventre Mythfi and Tnies. He appears very poor. and cuts his throat. Then she will fight no more. Two fasts. A 50. The Woman who revenged her Brothers. The next day he reveals his increased The Gros Ventre and the Snakes make peace. brothers are killed. and his wife is abused by the Snakes.1907. The thunder gives her power. Snake Indian visits her at night. A man lives alone with his wife and his sister. The Woman who married the Snake Indian. Then he returns to the Gros Ventre. of the enemy. The enemy attack the camp four times. The Snake lives with the Gros Ventre. The man accepts him as his brother-in-law. The girl has a tent to herself. and is abused by them for his apparent poverty.] Kropber. Then he takes his wife to visit the Snakes.

^J .( ]>' \ H92 7.

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^"^ -. V . ^° V* A -^ 0' . '°"°' °^r. MANCHESTER INDIANA .-*" . ^V'T" N.^ o O w o ' .V ^0 .^' ^v^^/ >^ 'f// "^ ^^^. o V % <^ " .\' V -v-^-^ ^^ '€kw^ . O 0' .

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