Patterns of Functioning
Psychological Health
His sister stated that they rate their brother’s health from 1-10 as 10 being the highest as a rate of 5 because he easy get sick and he’s weak and he has a low self-esteem, they also said that their brother had a twin sister but unfortunately his twin died at six years old due to weakness. His father is a farmer, and his mother is a house wife only. They said that he had a chicken pox when he was in elementary, he graduated as computer technician, he works as a driver on a lumber company 2 years ago but he decided to resign because of his health condition, after he works he stayed in their house with his family, he had a living partner, they don’t get married yet because the girl is only 17, if he had a problem he calls to his siblings to get an advice. They also said that their brother doesn’t have any vises, he drinks alcohols occasionally, whenever they had a health problem they consults doctors and “albularyos” because they believe that there are health problems that a doctors can solve and cannot be solved by an albularyo, And there are also health problems that only albularyos can solve. He past time is to watch T.V, to ride on his motorcycle and to play computer games. He usually eat fried foods, he’s not use to eat fruits and vegetables even to drink milk, but he drinks 2-3 glasses of water a meal.

Even if the patient has low self-esteem he has a positive outlook in life, he communicates well with others and interact with the people around him. His family was there to support him with his need and help him to resolve some of his problem.


If they have financial problem they help each other and sometimes they seek financial help to their other relatives. they do not feel that they can do anything to change the course of their disease. They live at Tanauan. certain coping mechanisms are activated to protect the person & provide psychologic homeostasis. if people hold this belief.Each person has certain psychologic needs. pp 272) Individuals with positive self-concept or high self-esteem are better able to develop and maintain warm intrapersonal relationships and resist psychological and physical illness. they stated that their place is congested. When one or more of these needs are is not met or is threatened. They said that their brother doesn’t have problem interacting with others. (Kozier & Erbs Fundamentals of Nursing 8th Ed. (Kozier & Erbs Fundamentals of Nursing 5th Ed. pp 802) Socio-Cultural Patterns Their primary source of income was the work their father as a farmer. which must be met to maintain psychological homeostasis. security & self-esteem. Interpretation: Their family supports each other’s needs even if some of his siblings don’t have a job and their parents and relatives are still helping them financially. particularly those beliefs that determine how they perceive control of their own health care status.) . Analysis: Health beliefs needs to be clarified. (Kozier and Erb’s Fundamental’s of Nursing. such as the need for love. 8th Ed. Several cultures have a strong belief in fate. Her wife lives with them for a month now.

and hoe to respect older individuals.p. (FON. the patient doesn’t go to mass regularly but he believes in God and he knows that God could give him strength for him to face his problems. Support people also provide the stimulus for an ill person to become well again.31). pp 317) . spiritual wellness is “a way of living. They believe in faith healers. a lifestyle that views and lives life as purposeful and pleasurable. Kozier & Erbs 8th Ed.Having a support network helps people avoid illness. Analysis: According to Pilch(1988. Interpretation: The patient’s mother teaches him right values. he’s not a religious person but he believes in God. Their family believes in Albularyos and faith healers.” (Kozier & Erbs Fundamentals of Nursing 5th Ed. that seeks out life-sustaining and life-enriching options to be chosen freely at every opportunity. their mother teaches those right values for them to grow as good individuals. and that sinks its roots deeply into spiritual values and/or specific religious beliefs. he goes to church to attend mass if he has a free time but not regularly. pp 302) Spiritual Patterns They are Roman Catholics.

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