Qualified 3rd PARTY MLM Company


Powered By: TeamVinh.com International “V” From The Desk Of: Vinh H. Le, Chairman – TeamVinh.com International “V” After a 3-Dimensional Due Diligence and Qualifying of subject 3rd PARTY MLM Company, you are going to be VERY pleased with the absolute outcome and nonArbitrary conclusion. It’s CEO: Mr. Steve Gresham and I have bonded cohesively and among V’s several important 3rd PARTY MLM Company Qualifying Parameters; sequentially, this CEO-To-CEO relationship is the very first element required to ensure SH’s proper integration into V. VITAL NOTICE: To ensure that you are placed in its Powerful 2x15 Forced Matrix – Correctly; DO NOT ENGAGE OR SIGN UP UNTIL YOU ARE SPECIFICALLY INSTRUCTED TO DO SO BY THE V SYSTEM. I want to humbly announce that the: Qualified 3rd PARTY MLM Company is: Savings Highway or “SH” And before all of the details of SH are outlined, I want to emphasize that the average total “start up cost(s)” of a typical MLM Company is at least $500. But you don’t get “V” with it! And you rarely get to “save” any money with the MLM Product. For example; to my knowledge, every “popular” MLM company listed to follow averages at least $500-$1,000 USD in start up costs for their “best business package”: i.e. Amway, World Ventures, Trump Network, Herbal Life, etc. AND of course you will have to spend additional TIME and money (ongoing - monthly) to try and build it on your own and be subject to a 99%+ Failure Rate. Next, please make a strong note of this::: In terms of “costs” and overhead - if you are not using the SH product and is just simply engaging with SH on the business side and to have V propel your SH account and to create and grow your SH income; then your “savings” from usage of the SH product would be of course “zero”. However, for V Members that actually use the SH product, the average monthly savings is at least DOUBLE the monthly costs! Which easily can more than offset the expense and overhead of the SH business position. *The cost of SH’s “Ultimate” Package and Position is: $149 per month.

Wait  a  minute…$149  Monthly  Cost?!      

Have  No  Fear!    V  to  the  Rescue  !    
  For  details  on  Savings  Highway   compensation  plan,  visit:     http://TeamVinh.com/sh/plan.asp     The  great  feeling  of  a  new  “life”  will  be   brighter  and  brighter  as  your  Downline   grows  systematically  via  VPAK   fulfillment(s)  for  you  and  for  everyone  in   your  Downline.         The  SH  Compensation  Plan  consisting  of  15   Levels  payout  can  pay  over  $100,000   monthly  and  the  entire  qualification  is  met   with  only  2  Personal  Referrals  which  will   be  fulfilled  for  you  with  your  2  VPAKS.    
So your total business start up costs (V propelling SH) are:

I. II.

Registration and two VPAKS with TeamVinh.com for under $240 and; $149 per month with SH, which totals under $390 for a Turn-Key and Automated International Business propelled by V.

As your 2 VPAKS are fulfilled with 2 BonaFide Paying Members (Personally Enrollees “PE”), your Downline will start to grow in real Commissions AND Residual Income from SH. And as those 2 PE’s have their 2 VPAKS fulfilled with Bona-Fide PE’s, your Downline will continue to grow systematically and with “no holes” in your SH Matrix, which optimizes and maximizes the SH compensation plan – for you. By the way, how much MORE would you have to pay for a traditional business overhead i.e Restaurant, Gas Station, or a Franchise? That’s right, you would have to pay significantly more for a far less upside than your business with V. ***And did you know that historically, within 5 years average, about 90% of Restaurants and typical businesses fail? With V, no one will have any reasons to leave or “drop out”, which makes the “attrition” rate extremely low. I want to very strongly state to all of you that as of right now and at this very moment in business history, there is no better known business situation and structure in the World that is better than: V propelling SH.

Neither I, nor any of my high level Leaders knows of anything better – today. This is speaking in terms of the most affordable business that is ultra low in risk, truly international, lowest of conversion “resistance”, and with the highest probability of success and with perhaps the highest upside potential in any business that we have ever come to know about. And it’s all happening right here in V. The Revolution is here. [The] most Valuable PreLaunch in the Network Marketing History. Again, congratulations for discovering V.

P.S. Now that you understand the general aspect of Savings Highway, I want to really emphasize on several more (comprehensive) strong points in terms of SAVINGS with the usage of the SH Product. So here are more powerful examples of the SAVINGS of SH usage, which is outlined from the CEO, Mr. Steve Gresham himself:::

  Getting  Free  Gas,  A  Free  Vacation,  and   even  a  part-­‐time  or  full-­‐time  income   from  home!     Please  read  on  to  find  out  why  there  is   Valuably  -­‐  a  NO  COST  essence  to   Savings  Highway…  

From  the  Desk  of  Mr.  Steve  Gresham,  CEO  –  Savings  Highway:  
1) Understand  that  it  actually  costs  you  nothing!   This  is  one  of  the  main  points  everybody  needs  to  understand  about  Savings  

Highway:  It  actually  costs  you  nothing.    Even  when  you  pay  for  your   Membership,  it  can  be  a  tax  write  off  for  you.    As  a  matter  of  fact,  by  paying   for  your  Membership,  you  probably  have  just  been  able  to  save  $400  -­‐  $600   this  month  on  Taxes!    Ask  anyone  if  they  would  hand  you  $149.99  in  order  for   you  to  hand  them  back  $500.    What  would  they  say?    Absolutely  Yes.  Well  that   is  exactly  what  happens  with  Savings  Highway!   2) JOB  or  NO  JOB?   If  you  currently  have  a  Job,  you  can  now  go  to  your  payroll  department  and   request  to  modify  your  W-­‐4  Form.    This  is  the  form  where  your  "Allowances"   are  listed.  Now  that  you  have  a  Savings  Highway  Home-­‐Based  Business,  you   can  take  the  number  of  allowances  listed  on  your  form  and  add  2  to  4  more   allowances.    This  will  immediately  increase  the  amount  of  money  you  bring   home  on  your  next  check.       This  is  provided  by  the  Government  to  assist  you  in  starting,  owning  and   operating  your  own  home-­‐based  business.    Most  people  will  start   bringing  home  an  extra  $100  Weekly  on  their  check.    So   congratulations,  your  tiny  $149.99  business  just  made  you  money   already!    Once  you  are  making  a  profit  with  your  Savings  Highway   Business,  simply  go  back  to  your  payroll  department  and  remove  those   allowances  to  reduce  your  tax  liability  at  the  end  of  the  year!     (Note:    We  are  not  giving  Tax  Advice,  but  merely  illustrating  a  scenario   that  may  be  possible.  Please  consult  a  qualified  CPA  for  all  Tax  Matters.)     If  you  do  not  have  a  job,  you  can  also  save  big  on  taxes  on  profits   earned  in  your  home-­‐based  business.         You  can  now  start  writing  off  portions  of  your  Rent  or  Mortgage,  Cell   Phone,  Internet,  Computers,  Telephone,  Office  Supplies,  Dining,   Clothes,  Travel  and  more.    Basically  anything  that  you  use  for  business   can  now  be  a  tax  deduction  that  puts  money  in  your  pocket.  Most   people  can  save  between  $3,000  and  $6,000  a  year  on  taxes  with  legal   home-­‐based  business  tax  deductions.         Even  if  you  never  referred  anyone  to  buy  a  Membership  and  never   made  a  dime,  you  would  pay  $149.99  /  month  for  12  months.  That's   about  $1,800.    And  how  much  did  you  save  on  taxes?  If  you  save   $5,000,  then  you  profited  over  $3,000  on  taxes  alone!         Big  Realization:    Understanding  this  part  of  the  home-­‐based  tax  system   means  that  "UNCLE  SAM"  has  in  essence,  "PAID  FOR"  your  home-­‐based   business  and  actually  put  more  money  back  into  your  pocket!    You  are  

in  PROFIT  even  if  you  never  refer  anyone  and  even  if  you  never  used   any  of  your  other  awesome  money  saving  benefits!     Once  people  understand  this,  a  light  goes  on  and  it  makes  it  easy  to   refer  others  as  well.    To  qualify  for  these  home-­‐based  business  tax   deductions,  all  you  must  do  is  show  an  intent  to  profit.    Just  be  able  to   document  at  least  3  to  4  hours  a  week  of  building  your  business.    This   could  be  sending  emails,  attending  a  call,  listening  to  a  recording  of  a   call  or  meeting  someone  over  lunch  to  discuss  Savings  Highway   (another  tax  deduction).    And  don't  forget,  you  may  be  able  to  write  off   your  Membership  Fee  as  well!    Again,  make  sure  you  speak  with  a   qualified  CPA  on  tax  matters. 3) Thousands  in  Additional  Savings:   Your  Membership  has  real  value.    These  are  programs  people  pay  for   separately,  but  they  are  all  included  with  your  Savings  Highway  Membership!   Now  you  have  access  to  Amazing  Savings  Programs  that  could  help  you  to  save   Hundreds  or  even  thousands  above  your  Tax  Savings.     Whether  you  or  a  family  member  need  to  go  to  the  Dentist,  you  are  buying   groceries,  dining  out,  shopping,  going  to  the  movies,  or  you  need  assistance   with  Legal  matters,  your  car  breaks  downs,  someone  steals  your  identity,  you   are  buying  flowers  or  a  gift,  or  you  need  to  travel  or  even  go  on  vacation,  we   can  help  you  to  save  big  money!         Savings  on  all  of  this  and  more  is  now  available  to  you  inside  your  Savings   Highway  Members  Area! 4) IT'S  LIKE  SEVEN  COMPANIES  IN  ONE!   How  much  would  you  pay  to  join  and  get  the  benefits  of  7  Companies?    Well   look  at  it:     Travel  Company:    $350   Legal  Company:  $100   ID  Theft  Restore:  $15   Roadside:  $50  -­‐  $100   Personal  Development  Company:    $100   Grocery  Savings  Programs:    $100   Health  Savings  Company:  $100   Marketing  System:  $50   ============================   TOTAL:    Separately,  you  could  pay  almost  $1,000  to  join  and  receive  the   benefits  of  all  these  companies.    But  with  Savings  Highway,  you  get  it  all  for  a   Tiny  $149.99!!!    And  with  just  2  or  3  referrals,  you  can  be  in  Monthly  Profit  

and  never  pay  again.    Not  to  mention  receiving  Free  Gas  and  a  Free  Vacation!     SEVEN  COMPANIES  FOR  THE  PRICE  OF  ONE!!!     With  Your  Membership,  You  Receive:     1.      A  Shopping  Club   2.      A  Travel  Club   3.      A  Legal  Club  /  ID  Theft  Restore   4.      Groceries,  Dining  and  Entertainment  Savings  Programs     5.      Personal  Development  &  Marketing     6.      A  Health  Savings  Program  (Doctors,  Dental,  Vision,  Prescription  and  More!)   7        A  Roadside  Assistance  Program                          It's  All  Included  for  YOU!     If  you  have  a  Membership  with  a  Legal  Plan,  a  Roadside  Plan,  a  Health  Plan,  a   Travel  Plan  or  a  Personal  Development  Company,  you  may  want  to  drop  all  of   them  right  away  because  this  is  all  included  in  your  comprehensive  Savings   Highway  Membership.    These  benefits  can  easily  save  you  more  money  than   your  Membership  Costs!        

Let's  look  at  a  few  of  examples  of  potential   savings  and  earnings  you  could  enjoy:  
  Annual  Savings  /  Earnings  Examples  with  Savings  Highway!     The  following  are  examples  only  and  not  meant  to  be  any  guarantee  of  savings   or  earnings.     Ronnie  Jacobs       Tax  Savings:    Saved  $3,800   Grocery  Savings:    Saved  $350   Dining  Savings:    Saved  $200   Roadside  Assistance:    Saved  $100   Dental  and  Vision  for  3  Children:    Saved  $600   Doctor's  Visits  for  Family:    Saved  $200   Received  a  Free  Vacation:    Saved  $700   Received  Free  Gas  Cards:    Saved  $150   Bought  3  Magazine  Subscriptions:    Saved  $35   Bought  Flowers  for  his  wife:    Saved  $10   Stayed  in  a  Hotel  for  5  nights:    Saved  $120  

Removed  Previous  Legal  Plan:    Saved  $360   Removed  AAA:    Saved  $100   Bought  3  Gifts  in  Our  Discount  Shopping  Network:    Saved  $100     Ronnie's  Total  Annual  Savings:  $6,825     ======================================     Jane  Harrison     Jane  Modified  her  W-­‐4  Form  at  work  to  add  2  additional  allowances.    She  used   the  extra  income  to  pay  for  her  Savings  Highway  Membership.    She  did  not   use  any  other  benefits,  however,  she  referred  3  Members  who  did  the  same   and  so  on  through  just  a  couple  of  levels.    Jane  was  so  busy,  she  did  not  log  in   or  use  any  of  her  other  benefits:     Jane's  Take  Home  Pay  increased  $550  /  month  ($6,600  /  yr.)   Jane  received  $75  in  Free  Gas   Jane  received  a  Free  Vacation  $650   Jane  earns  $600  /  month  above  her  Membership  Fee  ($7,200)     Jane's  Total  Profit:  $14,525     ========================================     Mark  &  Lori  Jensen     Mark  and  Lori  are  now  retired  and  realized  they  did  not  have  enough  coming   in  to  sustain  the  lifestyle  they  have  enjoyed.  They  learned  about  Savings   Highway  and  got  started.    They  then  started  telling  everyone  they  knew  and   they  referred  10  Members.       They  were  not  very  good  with  computers  and  they  did  not  even  use  many   benefits,  however,  they  did  write  down  their  Legal  and  Roadside  Assistance   Numbers  and  kept  them  in  their  wallets.  They  used  both  services  this  year  and   they  also  used  the  grocery  savings  program.         Then  Mark  bought  Lori  some  flowers  and  some  nice  jewelry  on  their   anniversary  and  he  loved  the  savings.    They  both  became  serious  about  their   Savings  Highway  business  and  now  their  lives  have  changed  dramatically!     They  saved  on:   Legal  Services  /  Advice:    Saved  $800   Roadside  Assistance:    Saved  $200  

Free  Living  Will:    Saved  $100   Flowers:  Saved  $10   Jewelry  Purchase:    Saved  $80   10  Referrals:    $500  Monthly  ($6,000  /  yr.)   Downline  Income:    $2,000  Monthly  ($24,000  /  yr.)   Free  Gas  Cards:    $250   Free  Vacations:    $600   Tax  Savings:    $2,800     Mark  and  Lori's  Annual  Savings  /  Earnings:    $34,840     ============================================     G.  H.  Smith:     GH,  as  he  likes  to  be  called,  joined  Savings  Highway.  He  then  got  distracted   with  several  "get  rich  quick"  schemes  and  invested  thousands  of  dollars.  None   of  them  paid  off.    He  also  never  paid  attention  to  his  Savings  Programs  and  did   not  use  any  of  them.       When  his  car  broke  down,  he  did  not  use  his  roadside  assistance.  When  he   went  shopping  for  groceries,  he  did  not  use  his  coupons.  And  when  his   Identity  was  stolen,  he  did  not  call  his  Id  Theft  Restoration  Service  which  could   have  saved  him  time  and  energy.         GH  did  not  have  any  health  insurance  and  when  he  had  to  go  to  the  doctor  10   times  because  of  an  illness,  he  became  further  in  debt.    When  he  was   hospitalized,  he  owed  $90,000  in  hospital  bills  which  he  could  not  pay.    He  did   not  use  his  Patient  Advocacy  Program,  provided  by  Savings  Highway,  so  they   could  negotiate  a  lower  payment  on  his  behalf.         G.H.  never  referred  anyone  to  Savings  Highway,  so  he  did  not  get  any  free  gas,   a  free  vacation  or  earn  any  money.    He  had  good  intentions  and  wanted  to   participate,  but  he  just  never  joined  any  of  the  daily  live  calls,  paid  attention  to   his  savings  emails  or  logged  into  his  members  area.    He  did  not  listen  to  any  of   the  personal  development  audios  in  his  success  library  and  his  negative   attitude  prevented  him  from  making  decisions  that  would  help  him  to  turn  his   life  around.     He  paid  his  $149.99  for  a  few  months  and  then  he  quit.    His  sponsor  tried  to   help  him,  but  he  would  not  listen  or  engage.    He  was  not  "coachable"  or   "teachable".    There  was  nothing  we  could  do  for  GH  and  that  is  ok,  because   we  can  only  help  those  who  will  help  themselves.    Thank  goodness,  you  are  

not  like  GH!    ***Vinh’s  Comments:::  With  V  and  because  we  are  (hired)  to  be   doing  ALL  the  hard  work  -­‐  even  this  situation  no  longer  matters!      J   Also,  please  note  that  some  of  the  situations  Steve  mentioned  are  of  course   from  prior  the  integration  of  V.  Everything  is  enhanced  with  the  “marriage”  of   V&SH.     ========================================     Emily  Johnson     Emily  spends  a  lot  of  time  at  home.  She  loves  to  help  people  and  has  made   Savings  Highway  her  chosen  business.    She  contacts  new  people  daily  and   helps  her  team  to  grow.    She  realizes  that  she  is  becoming  debt  free  by  helping   others  save  money  when  they  buy  a  Savings  Highway  Membership.         Emily  introduced  2  new  People  each  month  and  helped  many  of  them  do  the   same.    She  now  has  an  organization  of  almost  200  Members;  and  because  she   introduced  more  than  7,  she  is  now  qualified  for100%  Matching  Bonus.    In   addition,  Emily  introduced  10  Ultimate  Members  and  is  now  getting  a  FREE   CAR  with  Savings  Highway.         She  purchased  the  car  of  her  dreams,  a  Lexus,  she  wanted  for  years.    Now  her   life  has  changed  in  a  way  where  she  can  travel  and  she  now  has  money  to   spend  and  save  for  retirement.    She  even  started  a  college  fund  for  her   Grandchildren.    She  loves  Savings  Highway  and  continues  to  tell  everyone  she   meets,  because  she  knows  it  is  good  for  them,  good  for  her  and  good  for  the   economy!     Emily's  Savings  /  Earnings     Personal  Referrals:  20  =  $1,000  Monthly  (  $12,000  /  yr.)   2x15  Matrix:    $1,900  Monthly  ($22,800)   Monthly  Car  Bonus:    $500  Monthly  ($6,000  /  yr.  )   100%  Matching  Bonuses:  $3,200  Monthly  ($38,400  /  yr.)   Home-­‐Based  Business  Tax  Deductions:    $6,000   Free  Gas  Cards:    $500   Free  Vacation:    $750   Business  Card  Savings:  $50   Legal  Service  Savings:    $600   Top  Ranking  Website  on  Google:    Saved  $2,000   Discount  Shopping  Network:    Saved  $800   Dining  Out  twice  per  month:  Saves  $40  /  month    (Saved  $480)     Emily's  Annual  Savings  /  Earnings:    $90,380  


Identifying  Your  Best  Case  /  Worst  Case  Scenario:     One  of  the  richest  men  in  the  world  said:    When  I  look  at  a  business   opportunity...     1)    I  look  at  the  Worst  Case  Scenario   2)    And  I  look  at  the  Best  Case  Scenario   3)    If  I  am  willing  to  accept  the  Worst  Case  Scenario  in  order  to  have  the   opportunity  to  achieve  the  best  case  scenario,  then  I  do  the  deal!    Thus  he   became  wealthy!     Success  leaves  clues.         What  is  your  Worst  Case  Scenario  and  Best  Case  Scenario  with  Savings   Highway?     Your  Worst  Case:    You  join,  you  do  nothing,  you  don't  use  any  of  your  benefits,   maybe  you  tell  a  couple  of  people  and  they  say  no  and  you  quit.    Then  you   deduct  what  you  spent  from  your  income  taxes  so  it  actually  costs  you   nothing.    Then,  again,  maybe  you  use  a  few  of  your  benefits  and  save  a  good   deal  of  money.    Remember,  the  tax  savings  alone  could  be  more  than  double   what  you  spend  on  your  membership,  even  if  you  never  make  a  dime.    A   $149.99  Membership  producing  $500  in  Tax  Savings  per  month-­‐-­‐-­‐  It's  a   WIN/WIN!    So  you  really  can't  lose.     Your  Best  Case:    You  start  enjoying  and  using  your  benefits.  You  save   thousands  of  dollars,  get  Free  Gas,  a  Free  Vacation,  a  Free  Car  and  you  earn   thousands  monthly  just  by  sharing  Savings  Highway  with  a  few  people  and  you   help  them  do  the  same.         With  Savings  Highway,  your  income  is  unlimited!       Your  organization  grows  into  thousands  of  members  and  you  start  earning   $5,000/  month,  $10,000  /  month,  $20,000...  even  $50,000,  monthly,   potentially.    You  become  wealthy  by  helping  other  people  and  you  feel  good   about  that!    You  also  train  your  mind  for  success  in  our  University  so  you  don't   blow  the  money  you  make.    You  start  focusing  on  helping  others  and  you   become  a  blessing  in  their  lives.    People  love  and  respect  you.    You  become   healthier,  inside  and  out,  therefore  you  are  more  confident  and  more   attractive  to  others.    You  accomplish  your  goals,  take  the  trips  you  want,  help   the  people  you  want  and  buy  the  house  of  your  dreams.    Savings  Highway  has  

become  a  way  of  life  for  you,  Saving  Money,  Helping  People  and  Becoming   Debt  Free!     Knowing  that  your  Membership  can  help  you  to  save  more  than  it  costs  on   just  taxes  alone,  look  at  your  worst  case  scenario  and  your  best  case  scenario   and  make  the  right  decision  for  you.    What  will  you  do?    Will  you  take  action   and  get  busy  helping  others  to  save  money  too?    And  when  will  you  do  it?     Right  now,  you  have  an  Amazing  Opportunity  in  front  of  you.         Just  like  so  many  others,  you  too  can  start  getting  Free  Gas  Cards,  a  Free   Vacation,  get  your  Membership  for  Free,  Start  enjoying  Tax  Savings,  save   money  on  things  you  already  spend  money  on,  receive  great  personal   development  and  help  other  people.    Most  importantly,  you  have  a  system  to   get  out  of  debt  and  become  100%  Debt  Free.    Just  imagine  being  able  to   travel  the  world,  having  money  to  help  your  church  or  favorite  charity  and   having  money  for  retirement  to  enjoy  your  life.     Imagine  being  totally  financially  free,  driving  the  car  you  want,  living  where   you  want  in  the  house  you  want  and  not  worrying  about  paying  the  bills.    This   can  be  your  reality  when  you  take  massive  action  now!     Who  do  you  know  who  would  want  to  save  money,  get  free  gas,  a  free   vacation  and  earn  an  extra  $2,000  or  more  monthly?     All  you  need  to  do  is  make  a  list  of  your  first  20  to  30  people  and  share  Savings   Highway  with  them.    If  you  share  it  with  just  20  people  and  90%  of  them  say   NO,  you  can  still  become  wealthy!    And  of  course,  be  sure  to  use  your  sponsor,   our  live  calls  daily  and  your  website  to  assist  you.     Truth  be  told,  even  if  all  20  say  no,  which  is  doubtful;  you  can  still  become   wealthy  because  there  are  millions  of  people  who  DO  WANT  to  save  and  earn   money;  and  you  can  even  get  leads  (Prospective  Business  Partners)  from  us  to   talk  to.    It  is  getting  easier  and  easier  to  succeed  with  Savings  Highway   because  the  demand  for  saving  money  and  making  money  is  growing   exponentially.         By  using  your  benefits,  you'll  be  able  to  save  money.    And  by  sharing  Savings   Highway  with  a  few  good  people  who  become  your  business  partners  and   assisting  them  in  doing  the  same  and  so  on,  you  can  earn  thousands  monthly   just  by  helping  others  to  save  money  too!     That's  called  leverage  and  LEVERAGE  =  WEALTH!        

Remember,  it's  only  2  to  qualify  for  all  15  levels  of  pay  and  it's  only  3  to  be  in   profit  and  receive  your  Free  Vacation!    This  is  the  simplest  and  most  lucrative   plan  in  the  history  of  home-­‐based  business.  It  was  built  for  the  masses  with   the  mission  of  helping  1  million  families  to  become  debt  free.         Make  the  decision  right  now  that  your  family  is  going  to  become  one  of  those   million.  Start  spreading  the  word,  attend  our  live  Q&A  Calls  held  7-­‐days  a   week  and  take  advantage  of  any  specials  going  on  to  help  you  become   successful.    Don't  let  life  pass  you  by.    Get  on  the  Savings  Highway  and  get  on   the  road  to  your  Financial  Freedom.     Success  is  a  decision.    Make  that  decision  right  now.  Save,  Share  and   Prosper!!!     You  can  do  it.  We  can  help.    Get  into  action  and  start  referring  others  today!     Love,  blessings,  respect,  honor  to  you  and  your  family.     Respectfully,     Steve  Gresham,  CEO  


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