ENTER RIGHT. A small figure of a lone astronaut drifts INTO SHOT in the distance. The very faint, ghostly ring of a SOS message is heard. CLOSE-UP of the ASTRONAUT. He is wearing a grimy silver space suit. A small square life-support on his bac has several flashing red lights. His helmet is futuristic and has small LED lights inside that light up his face. The Astronaut is early-30's, several days worth of stubble and loo s deep in thought. EXT. DEEP SPACE. LATER A TRANSITION OF TIME HAS PASSED. The Astronaut continues to float aimlessly in space. The haunting SOS message reaches a pea , before decreasing into silence. CLOSE-UP of Astronauts helmet and face. He continues to stare thoughtfully at the s y. ASTRONAUT (V.O) Here we go…If you’re listening to this, then I am most li ely dead and I have been probably for some time. (pause) This is my last recording, being transmitted on loop on a long-range frequency until my suits batteries run out. The Astronaut continues to drift into space. He slowly chec s the computer on his wrist.

ASTRONAUT (V.O, CONT.) How weird…Just an hour ago I was screaming at the stars (pause) I howled my throat raw in total, utter despair at the thought that I am soon going to die millions of miles from those I love. The Astronaut presses a button on his wrist computer and sighs. Another flashing red light appears on his life-support. ASTRONAUT (V.O, CONT.) The brutal realization of that by the time a passing ship hears my SOS and sends a rescue team, I would be long dead, hit me the







hardest EXT. METEOR SURFACE. SPACE. We see a spider-li e machine drilling into the meteor's surface. The machine is about the size of a bus. A similar-sized space craft is par ed near it. The Astronaut is seen slowly wal ing up to the drilling machine. ASTRONAUT I was outside of my explosion happened. used half my oxygen was out of thruster (V.O) ship when the I had already by then, and I fuel.

Suddenly, a large but silent explosion rips through the drilling machine, some of the wrec age stri es the Astronaut and send him careering into space. ASTRONAUT (V.O, CONT.) By the time I came to, It was too late. EXT. DEEP SPACE. LATER ANOTHER TRANSITION OF TIME The Astronaut continues to tumble through space. A red Nebulae is reflected off the Astronauts helmet. ASTRONAUT (V.O) I finally accepted about an hour ago that I’m alone, and I will die soon, and there is absolutely nothing I can do than accept my fate. The Astronaut become temporarily silhouetted by the nebula. ASTRONAUT (V.O, CONT.) I’m calm. (Pause) I have accepted the fact that at the time of this recording, I will be dead in about ten-fifteen minutes from now. My emergency oxygen is running on its last reserve tan . (beat) I do not intend to die from this type of asphyxiation. I will die on my own terms. (Pause) I do not fear death anymore. The LED lights in the Astronauts helmet briefly flic er. ASTRONAUT (V.O, CONT.) I suppose if you are listening to this you are part of the rescue team that pic ed up my SOS call, right? (pause) Sadly, you were too late. Not your fault.








A slow pause. ASTRONAUT (V.O, CONT.) (Slow, paced) But could you do me a favor, the one last favor of a dead man? CLOSE-UP of the Astronaut's face. He is loo ing emotional, sad. ASTRONAUT (V.O, CONT.) (Almost whispering) Could you pass this next message onto my wife? EXT. WINDSWEPT MOOR. EARTH. DAY We see the Astronaut and a beautiful young woman, SASHA, in each others arms on an empty, windswept moor. A strong is blowing Sasha's hair. They are deeply loo ing at each other, deep in love. The Astronaut is wearing a semi-military style jac et. We JUMP CUT to see the Astronaut with his hand on Sasha's baby pump. She is heavily pregnant. She puts her hand over The Astronaut's and smiles. ASTRONAUT (V.O) (Almost breathlessly) Sasha. (Pause) I now you’re probably listening to this now. It’s probably been a good three or four wee s since I was declared “Missing”. (beat) I’m hoping the team bac on Earth have been treating you OK. I now you’ll get the support you need. I made sure of it if this incident was to happen. The Astronaut slowly isses Sasha, then they rest their heads together, eyes closes. ASTRONAUT (V.O) You can finally leave Earth and go to the colonies, li e you wanted us to do for so long. The Astronaut and Sasha turn slowly. We PAN to see a huge SPACESHIP DOCK, with several much smaller craft flying overhead. ASTRONAUT (V.O, CONT.) Sasha, I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry I put you through all this. I should have listened to you. Sasha rests her head on the Astronaut's shoulder, holding his hand as they loo at the Spaceship Doc .












ASTRONAUT (V.O, CONT.) You begged me not to do another three-month contract, but I signed the dotted line and just wee s before I was due to come home for good, well. (Pause) This happened. CLOSE-Up of Sasha's other hand rubbing her baby bump. An Engagement ring glistens. EXT. SPACE. JUMP CUT bac to the Astronaut floating helplessly in space. He gives a small chuc le ASTRONAUT (V.O) Pretty ironic, huh? INT. APARTMENT. DAY We see a semi-futuristic apartment. Light steams through shutters. Two suitcases by Sasha's feet. We see Sasha arguing with the Astronaut. This is MUTE. ASTRONAUT (V.O) I’m sorry that I didn’t heed your advice about pac ing all our stuff and moving to the colonies and starting afresh, away from all the debt and threats, from the pollution and the unrest We see Sasha almost crying. The Astronaut tries to hold her, but she pushes him off. ASTRONAUT (V.O, CONT.) But I said... The Astronaut pic s up a letter off a nearby coffee table and taps it aggressively. ASTRONAUT (Enthusiastic, frustrated) One more contract, and we'll be fine! Sasha sha es her head, on the verge of tears. The Astronaut stares at her, desperate.€ belly. CLOSE-UP as Sasha starts to rub her baby bump, tears fall down her face. ASTRONAUT (V.O) I new I would miss the birth of our daughter but I wanted us to be able to raise this child on Earth with all our debts clean with this one, last contract.







Sasha and the Astronaut stare at one another. Slowly, Sasha removes her engagement ring, places it on the coffee table, pic s up her suitcases and leaves.

After staring in anguish, the Astronaut aggressively swipes a vase off the coffee table. Its smash brea s the silence. EXT. DEEP SPACE. The Astronaut continues to drift in silence. ASTRONAUT (V.O) I've been mining for years, but it's only now that I can truly appreciate how beautiful our galaxy is. (Pause) If only you could be here Sasha. (Chuc ling) You never had the legs, or stomach, for space travel. A long pause. CLOSE-UP of the Astronaut's face. A single tear falls down his face. The LED's of his helmet flic er again. He presses several buttons on his wrist computer. ASTRONAUT (V.O, CONT.) Sasha, my darling fiance, please bring our daughter up well and tell her how much I loved her before even meeting her. (Pause) My biggest regret is that I’ll never see her, how beautiful she will be and how I’ll never be able to tell her how proud she ma es me to be a father. The Astronaut continues to tumble into space. EXT. WINDSWEPT MOOR. EARTH. DAY CUT TO the same scene as before. C/U of Sasha staring deep in the Astronaut's eyes. ASTRONAUT (V.O) And you Sasha, my biggest regret is that I can never see your blue eyes againEXTREME-C/U of the Astronaut brushing a strand of Sasha's hair behind her ear. She smiles.






ASTRONAUT (V.O, CONT.) (Saddened) I thought I could do this for us, but I could not, and I‘m sorry. (Beat) I’m so sorry.

ASTRONAUT (V.O, CONT.) -that little smile you give when I would tell you a rubbish jo e. I’ll never feel the softness of your s in or the gentle squeeze of your hand in mine. EXTREME C/U of Sasha squeezing the Astronaut's hand. EXT. DEEP SPACE. The Astronaut is sweating now. His eyes are closed in concentration, in deep thought. ASTRONAUT (V.O) Sasha, I love you and our daughter with every fiber of my body. (Pause) I’ve made many mista es in my life, but you stuc with me through thic and thin, never strayingINT. APARTMENT. KITCHEN DAY CUT TO the apartment, different day. A Non-pregnant Sasha and Astronaut are in the itchen. The Astronaut is opening cupboard and after cupboard. All are empty of food. ASTRONAUT (V.O, CONT.) -even when the going got so tough we didn’t now where our next meal was going to come from. The Astronaut opens the fridge. Empty. The Astronaut closes it, defeated. Sasha wraps her arms around him, smiling. He starts to smile. They passionately iss. ASTRONAUT (V.O, CONT.) That was one of your redeeming factors. You could always ma e me smile no matter how bad life got. He lifts her up onto the counter, both loc ed in the throes of passion. She starts to unbutton his shirt. EXT. DEEP SPACE. LATER A Long period of time has passed. The Astronaut is sweating heavily now. The LED lights of his helmet flic er once more, then go out. ASTRONAUT (Breathlessly) Well, I suppose this is it. I can feel the air in my suit thinning with each breathe, I probably only have a few minutes left, so here











goesThe Astronaut presses a button on his wrist computer. A few tears fill his eyes. ASTRONAUT (Sha ily) Please don’t be sad Sasha, (beat) Move on with your life and put you and our daughter’s happiness and welfare first. (Pause) You are the best thing that ever happened to me. Never forget that. The Astronaut nearly crac s. It ta e a few seconds for him to compose himself. He ta es a few deep breathes but ends up coughing. A few moments of silence. Composed. ASTRONAUT (Quietly) So than you Sasha, than you for ma ing my life so wonderful. The Astronaut smiles, a few tears rolling down his chee s. He sighs. He then chec s his wrist computer. ASTRONAUT (Smiling) Right then, I thin this is it. (Pause) It’s funny how at the very end I feel so at peace. I wonder if this is what terminally ill people feel, this feeling of control and acceptance that this is the end. EXTREME-LONG SHOT of the Astronaut drifting in space. ASTRONAUT (V.O) I spent my whole life wondering how I would die, worried that it could come any moment. But here I am, embracing the fact that my destiny, my end, is in my hands. (Pause)I believe that this was my fate; to float endlessly into the void, to see the endless beauty of the universe, and then accept my end and greeting death li e a friend. INT. ASTRONAUTS HELMET. SPACE. POV POV shot from inside the helmet. We see space from the Astronauts POV. We also see a small photo next to the visor of Sasha.










ASTRONAUT (Sha ily) I will remove my helmet any second now, and let the vacuum of space do its wor . EXT. DEEP SPACE. We see the Astronaut sha ily press buttons on his wrist computer. He is openly crying now. ASTRONAUT (Tearfuly) I ta e granted that in these last seconds of life...the last thing I will see is the countless stars surrounding me. The Astronaut, presses one final button. The eerie SOS call begins again. The Astronaut, composes himself once more. His hands slowly raise up to each side of his helmet. ASTRONAUT This is it. Here we go…Sasha... EXT. DEEP SPACE. LATER EXTREME LONG SHOT of Space. The Astronaut is merely a tiny blac silhouette in the distance. He continues to float aimlessly. We continue to hear the eerie SOS call FADE TO BLACK







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