PROVIDED BY THE RECORD-KEEPER, MANDELBROT HORNSKIPPER III ---------------------------------------------------------------<kiki> I had a few ideas...

Related to the site, I thought it might be ideal to add boards specifically for projects. also, perhaps boards based on the specific godforms, if there is still the plan for emphasis on it. also, tag searching for the archive. And better organization for the archive than we've previously had. <chovexano> thanks Nyte <Case> nice one - good to know someone has some ideas, or this was going to be one short meeting <kiki> brb <Nyte> IQ tests to be able to post <Laptop_Deffy> IQ is bullshit though <Nyte> your mom is bullshit <chovexano> those sound like good ideas kiki, the site has a custom media library, i've been considering writing a custom pdf library, it's just using a downloaded addon just now, which i don't think supports tags <Case> I have no idea what being in the DKMU means to me - I dont post on the forum, i dont go to the meetups because i live so far away, and i seldom discuss magic with other DKMU people because the chat room is always dead when i go on it <Laptop_Deffy> that maybe so, but atleast she's not a whore <Nyte> is that why you have an appreciation for whores? <chovexano> but i think i could extend the media library to do PDFs and tags, which would make all the media taggable, don't know about forum posts, i don't think SMF supports it but it might be doable somewhere down the lines <Nyte> we should have a wiki <Laptop_Deffy> yes and based upon my experience your mother was fantastic <Case> yeah, OF has a wiki, why shouldnt we? <Laptop_Deffy> before she had that painful pinksock incident <Laptop_Deffy> wiki requires user generated content <Nyte> people should be able to put hashtags, third party software should search them <Laptop_Deffy> and why, are our ways that confusing that a wiki is required <chovexano> i'd imagine there'll be a place for the dkmu godforms on the forum, but i don't think much has been done on the structure, we still need to work out the scope <Nyte> so you have seen her more recently than I have. did she warn you about that nasty strain of herpes? <Laptop_Deffy> yeah, what a thing to do to your mom, I mean seriously

<Laptop_Deffy> what a cad <Nyte> it was revenge for birthing me to this world <Cappuccino> sorry guys <Cappuccino> i really have to go... <chovexano> that's ok, thanks for coming <Cappuccino> byeee <chovexano> see you <Cappuccino> i want this logs...see you next time <Cappuccino> kisses from italy <chovexano> <3 ciao :D <chovexano> uhm, so, hashtags <Cappuccino> ciao :) <Cappuccino> <3 <Case> what does a hashtag do? <chovexano> tagged content is a good idea, there should be some way to integrate tags all over the site but it'll be a bit of work * Cappuccino has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client) <Nyte> hash tags tell search functions that what follows is a keyword <chovexano> well, hashtag is probably the wrong word :P that's more specifically a tag on twitter, but metadata tags do tell search engines what they're looking at <Nyte> true, it just seems everything is using hash tags these days <Case> excellent - lets do that then <chovexano> so, it's good for search engine visibility, and linking your content to other bits of your content <Nyte> also for looking for things related to a specific concept <Case> oh, right <chovexano> might be tricky to integrate everything but I'm pretty sure it can be done without too much work <Case> i see we ditched the whole karma thing - thats a good move <vortex7> yeah are we going to have those status boxes like on the old site? <vortex7> people's level of posting displayed is retarded <Case> are meetings usually this productive? <kiki> back. and exactly # are big for getting more views. <chovexano> they can be edited out, and just display name and avatar <kiki> wiki may be good, we had discussion on that last year, I was going to head it up, but it was a total pain trying to get information from ES and the others. <kiki> I was thinking maybe instead of a wiki, we could do a newbie guide.

<Nyte> meh, newbie guides are for nubs <kiki> i have ideas on what to include if anyone is interested in that, and I would be willing to write it or to put it together. <Case> does anyone know how much traffic the current site gets from non-dkmu people? <Case> awesome Kiki <vortex7> like bots lol <vortex7> some of those intros <kiki> case, I don't have exact numbers or anything, but most of the contact I see outside of the site from non-dkmu core, is mainly about LS. <Case> i tried searching online for death by lollipop and just got loads of medical reports about people choking on candy <kiki> lol <Nyte> dying by lollipops is an important social issue <Case> lol <Laptop_Deffy> like the occupy movement <Laptop_Deffy> oh wait nvm <kiki> Chov, I like the new site layouts, is there a mobile version? I'm sure I'm not the only person who mainly accesses the net through their phone. <chovexano> there will be a structured PDF library for stuff, but a wiki is another beast entirely, we can do both <Laptop_Deffy> why not ftp <Laptop_Deffy> so people can upload as they please <vortex7> yeah mobile would be nice I am doing this through my phone right now <chovexano> the site _should_ work on mobiles, it's all html and javascript, no flash <Case> cool <kiki> how is it on loading on a mobile though? <Laptop_Deffy> bet it won't work on my phone Chov <kiki> and the forums? the ones we have now are a pain on my phone. <chovexano> but, report any bugs and I'll do what I can, I've tested on android 4.0.3 <vortex7> give me the link i will tell you right now <Nyte> Rotary phones do not have web access Deffy <Laptop_Deffy> make the site work on this <Laptop_Deffy> <Laptop_Deffy> and I'll consider you a god Chov <chovexano> or for the forum <vortex7> it looks good and loads fast my droid sucks too <Laptop_Deffy> but do we really need forums?

<Case> i dunno - i never look at them. only reason i use the site is to acces chat <kiki> I rarely go on the forum. or the FB group... <Nyte> agreed, forums are a bit outdated <kiki> I do search tumblr tags weekly though.. <Laptop_Deffy> fuck tumblr <Case> i used to look at them, but they seemed so full of just random batshittery i gave up <Laptop_Deffy> none of that hipster bullshit here * kiki shrug <kiki> I love tumblr. <chovexano> forums can be good for projects and stuff, do agree that they've been on the decline for a long time <Nyte> there is a lot of fucking on tumbl <kiki> and wordpress. <Laptop_Deffy> but chov, you are assuming people are actually participating in projects for longer than a week <kiki> perhaps we could switch to a format similar to the two, then have tagged searching, so people could go through it like that? IDK... <vortex7> yeah kiki you're surprisingly productive for all the kids you have to manage, <kiki> I know <.< I don't sleep that much. <Nyte> kiki is like cocaine with a body <chovexano> if not a forum, what though? there are still folks who're not sold on social networks, and i think we need to accomodate them too <Laptop_Deffy> fuck them <Nyte> mailing lists <Laptop_Deffy> get off their high horse <kiki> true chov.... I don't agree that forums are on the decline either. OURS is, but I see a lot of activity on the PD's and OC's as well. <Laptop_Deffy> can't please everyone so fuck the haters <Nyte> haters gonna hate <vortex7> so the new site will be all fresh though correct? <Case> DKMU is practically humming along, compqared to OF <kiki> yes vortex, I think that is the goal. I heard there will be an archive. <vortex7> maybe there should be an in house audit regularly to clear out dead topics <chovexano> yeah, it's an empty forum just now <chovexano> there will be some threads saved as PDFs from the old site, which Alysy is working on <Nyte> by clear you mean move to a searchable archive? thanks for volunteering

<Case> auto archive things older than two weeks that arent still receiving views and posts * Deffy (Deffy@shadowlord.god) has joined ## <kiki> I have some of my personal thread content on my blog as well. <Deffy> but there aren't boobs <Deffy> so that doesn't get peoples attention <Case> Deffy, you dont half talk a load of bollocks some times <kiki> I have thoughts on content for the site as well... whenever we get there, get my attention :P <Nyte> I like this idea of boobs for content... <Deffy> now that sounded creepy <Case> how many sub-forums do we need on the main forum? Are we still going to have all the dumb-ass boards, like big toe and the like? <chovexano> well, where are we on the forum thing? Keep using a forum format or look for something else? <Deffy> yes <Deffy> we need over 9000 subforums <Deffy> every thread will be it's own subforum <kiki> I like the forum format. adding tagging would make it better imo. <Nyte> yes, we could work like reddit, or 4chan <Deffy> fuck those niggers <Deffy> if we're trying to be like someone else then we already suck at life <Case> i reckon we should keep the forum concept, trim down all the sub forums so that the site makes more sense to new people, and have a better search facility <Nyte> just because YOUR boyfriend's name is Life... <Deffy> that was a fucking gay comeback <Deffy> how sad <Nyte> bigot ;) <Case> i give up * chovexano has kicked Deffy from ## (chovexano) <chovexano> so * Deffy (Deffy@shadowlord.god) has joined ## <Case> someone please give me admin powers? <vortex7> you two go bang each other already the sexual tension is horrifying. <chovexano> lol <Deffy> eww <Deffy> no <chovexano> ok, so, forums, for boards, i guess minimal is more accessible <kiki> sub forum ideas: projects board, LS board, general chat, magic technique- break down into chaos, discordianism,

ethnogens, shamanism, etc, divination, media magics, what is that thing vinn is doing??? Some kinda guild, it is escaping me, classes, and some kinda board for DKMU topics. <Case> oh, and it works better if you ban someone before kicking them <chovexano> maintainer's guild <kiki> we can also do crossover posts from AAO for this too, which should up its views as well. <Case> minimal is good <vortex7> i don't know that we're going to go that direction kiki once we start doing the mail outs for a.a.o. we most likely will be trimming <kiki> okay. <Case> whats this guild that Vinn is building then? <Deffy> how many people are in DKMU and AAO <kiki> it has to do with helping change areas. <Deffy> what's the percentage? <Case> could we link DKMU board to FB so it informs you when a new post has been made? Like with OF? <chovexano> that's easy enough <vortex7> that would actually be kind of cool <kiki> Case, should be able to with publicize I would think... I have my wordpress, tumblr, and twitters all linked and can do fb if I want. <Case> im more likely to read the DKMU site if i know theres something worth reading there * Drakonach ( has joined ## <kiki> Hey drak. topic so far is the forum, and site stuff. <Nyte> sup Drak <chovexano> evening <Drakonach> hey.. I'll be more or less observer tonight.. got too much going on to really be "active" tonight.. <Drakonach> will try to contribute as capable.. <Deffy> but your a core member, your words have more weight than the rest of us peons <vortex7> *you're <Case> what is all this about core and non-core members? <chovexano> well, i think we're still talking boards, might be good to start with core areas and drill down into sub-boards? <kiki> I really love this post on PD's postergasm page,22007.0. html Could we do one like this? Maybe host all of the images on the site itself... <kiki> could include the media library too. <kiki> Chov, I think you're right on that too. Look at what has been posted the most in each category at this point.

<chovexano> the media library will support that, yes <Case> id say the core members are the ones that can actually meet up, face to face, to do stuff. Rest of the people are hangers-on <Case> i think the media library thing is a good idea <kiki> fantanstic :) Can I get some links for what you've got? I have some time to do that currently now that I can use my computer instead of just my phone. I would be glad to do this and some other things similar to it this month. <Case> basicaly, everything kiki has said is a good idea <kiki> I've been thinking about this for a long time now lol <Sariel> gotta put the kids to bed first..brb <kiki> I agree more IRL meets are useful. They don't always have to be big ones either. I don't understand why we don't have regional meets. <chovexano> gallery system is here: <kiki> There's a lot of people in Michigan's area :P <Sariel> here, gotta put the kids to bed tho. brb <Nyte> I think the website should just be stuff put up by the administrative team, and the group should be an unmoderated, open mailing list. <Case> you should have regular meet-ups, like the various other magical orders have <kiki> Thanks Chov. <kiki> kk sariel :) <kiki> Chov, are you the only one who can add to this gallery? I can round up images for you if you'd like. <kiki> And the videos too. I have a bunch already. <chovexano> if you sign up at i can give you permissions to add content <Nyte> case asked a question... <Laptop_Deffy> and <kiki> K it's done. I agree case. the problem I've had with it is setting a date because no one will commit to coming.. <Laptop_Deffy> just remember you promised me bareback action <Case> meh, i dont mind being ignored - this is about the forum, which ive never been a big part of, and not really about politics or in house arangements, or core members or whatever would be nice to get an answer on who these core members are, why they are, and what it means to us non-core members <Case> Yeah, Kiki - i found that when i was thinking about visiting the States, back when i had money and wasnt on the benefit <Case> so few people could actually promise that theyd meet up with me <Case> in one place

<chovexano> that's really deffy trolling, he loves driving wedges between people. i guess there used to be a core, but we're all equals in this thing now :P the dkmu is headless <Case> like, not me having to travel all over the place meeting them one person at a time <Case> cool <Laptop_Deffy> chovexano, I thought that was like my job <Laptop_Deffy> Office of the Insubordinate and all <kiki> yeah Case. I can understand that. Kokabel was only really able to come because we all went to Damien's. lol <Case> cool <Case> one day I'll make it to the States, and back to Scotland, and maybe the middle east, I dunno <kiki> right on <Case> thats the problem with having a results-based group where members are all over the world - individual cabals form and other people feel hard done by <chovexano> i think it is, deffy, lol <chovexano> kiki, try logging in, see if you can edit the galleries now <kiki> okies <Case> wish i still had a coven - id make them all DKMU members and we'd do fun things with doombringer and tri-gag <Case> i still have the LS on the back of my car - might add the web adress too <kiki> heh. <Case> does the glitter bombing you guys do include the web address? <Case> im on the forum too, btw <kiki> usually yes. <kiki> or at least the name, so you can google it. <chovexano> did it sign you into the forum ok? <chovexano> i haven't really tested the login bridge yet :D <kiki> ummm it's not sending me anywhere. <Sariel> ok back. they are sick so I'll be in and out of chat tonight <kiki> ok it says I don't exist :P <chovexano> can you pm me the error? <Case> im signed in just fine <Case> i can see the front page, no problem <Case> oops, no im not - its allowed me to sign on, but im not on the list of active members <Case> its populated the name field with my email address too <chovexano> hmm, ok, the login bridge might need some tweaking <Case> yeah, it allowed me to generate an account, but logged me off when i entered the forum and is advising my account doesnt exist

<Sariel> neet site cho <Sariel> same issue with the forum tho <Sariel> Same problem Case did <vortex7> i used the facebook login option <Nyte> yeah, says user doesn't exist on the forum <Case> registration isnt working at all for me now - wont accept my user name and password, keeps coming back to register page with all fields except email address and password erased <Sariel> nope, still wont let me log in, even though Ive created an account. <chovexano> ok, taking a look into this just now... <kiki> I was thinking it'd be nice to have a section of the site focused on LS, since it is the largest and most well-known facet of DKMU. The information needs to be a bit more accessible. I haven't looked in a while, but I remember it being one of the most frustrating parts of the site for me. <Case> try creating an account again - see if it wont let you now <vortex7> it goes back to my logged in account when i hit register but won't sign into the forum <Sariel> yup, obviously there are still bugs to be worked out <Case> still, its an awesome looking site - much better and shiny <ES_Away2> Back. gonna read up a bit. And yeah, I didn't bother making any accounts yet due it everything being beta, will always be some tweaks needed. brb going to see if I can possibly catch up. <vortex7> see if I hit register again it goes back to my account but forum won't let me in * ES_Away2 is now known as ES_something <kiki> welcome back man. <vortex7> basically read everything kiki and case said <Sariel> the Layout is pretty fluid, I like that. but Its not as easy to navagate as I was expecting <Sariel> hey alys <Deffy> Accounts only promote fascism <Deffy> and I already know you are a Pharisee, ES_something <Sariel> afk a min <Case> i feel like another coffee, but if i drink more coffee i might explode <kiki> lol. I'm gonna go pee. <Sariel> (go ahead and start without me) <ES_something> Pharisee? nah I'm about as anti-Jewish as Vinncent. Almost. <Case> I thought Vinn was Jewish? <ES_something> Irish <Deffy> samething

<Case> oh, right - close enough <Deffy> a boozed up trash race <Case> so, back to the site <Deffy> must be jews because you hate pork <kiki> kk I'm back. <Case> chov - how many people does the site say have registered? Is there anything in the code to say several people have generated accounts? <ES_something> The hashtag & other bits are all Chove's territory.. the ideas are good, all I've done with it so far is graphic design and layout. The forum sections obviously need a good revision from what Sheo put on DBL, which I never really liked all that much. lol <Case> might have to wipe al the users when we move from beta test, anyway <Case> ooh - i love the way it pans out when you move between text, media and forum - very pretty <ES_something> I'm guessing people mean some form of on-site search engine that searches through subject tags. That would definitely be cool. <kiki> yes. <kiki> and then we could have a tag cloud <kiki> idk why but I love those on sites. <Case> cool <ES_something> right <Case> just a sec, moving between rooms, brb <ES_something> like your Newbie Guide (or w/e name is used) idea too. Info in Sigillum has most history & basic godform info covered which can be used. A description of commonly used symbols & w/e else wouldn't be difficult. <Case> thats better - sitting on my bed was giving me cramp <Case> thatd be cool ES - i have no idea who any of the godforms are except LS - having information on what they represent and when they should be used would be very helpful <ES_something> searching for all past LS tag photos and any other artwork would definitely be helpful <ES_something> tattoo photos, etc <kiki> right on. other ideas I have for that is a section on working with godforms, LS, zalty and Trigag in particular, as well as an FAQ of common questions, past workings and results, the LS as a sigil vs a godform <kiki> Yeah I will begin working on that tonight, ES. the photos for the gallery and post. <Case> cool - good work kiki <ES_something> The only big chunk missing from the history aspect is a detailed account of every previous IRL meet and the rituals performed to my knowledge.

<Case> im happy to do whatever i can too - ive worked as a test analyst in the past, would be keen to do this for DKMU site if its helpful <ES_something> aye, sounds good <Laptop_Deffy> so if I post "Pork is delicious" does that mean I will get banned? <Nyte> audio from the ritual at damien's is still up <Case> audio - awesome. I have no idea how any of you guys sound, except for kiki <Case> oh, and i spoke to alysy for about a minute a while back too <Case> video and audio could have its own seperate sub-forum, so you dont have to spend ages searching for them in the general forum area <Case> theres a page called 'all posts music' on FB - it works realy well, everyone posts their video music uploads <ES_something> 1 good post about the deliciousness of pork is completely fine. 5+ posts about it, one after the other, means you need a more articulate data source regarding it :P not the stuff for AAO though. Unless you find a more informative porktastic essay about something a bit more substantial than how delicious it is. <Case> could be something similar on DKMU - rituals or audio only, i dunno * Pythia_Ven ( has joined ## <Laptop_Deffy> see <Laptop_Deffy> there is the Jew coming out <Pythia_Ven> Vinn's already here. <Pythia_Ven> And you. <Laptop_Deffy> and being all "Pork is bad, I'm gonna go read the torah" <ES_something> We know it tastes good. That's like saying bacon is "pretty good", or that boobs are fun to play with. Like we needed to know. <Pythia_Ven> Its only not kosher to catch. <chovexano> this login thing is going to take some debugging, but i think i can get it working <Laptop_Deffy> but not many people are aware of Pig Cracklin and trotters <Laptop_Deffy> because they are ignorant <Laptop_Deffy> and I tried to fight against that <Laptop_Deffy> and show them a real cook <ES_something> The media section won't be much trouble. Just catagorization, with the ability to upload new things. <Laptop_Deffy> and you start spinning your dredial and counting your money before you shut me down

* Pythia_Ven is now known as Venenum <Laptop_Deffy> as you jews are want to do <ES_something> lo Ven <ES_something> Still reading up btw, but think I saw everything major. <Venenum> So someone want to bring me up to speed? <Case> are we allowing anyone to upload material to anywhere on the site, or will it be up to moderators to load such material up? <vortex7> deffy and nyte were flirting with each other and we decided hashtags are important <Venenum> how late am I? <Nyte> nah, we were flirting with you vortex ;) <Case> and we kinda beta tested the new site and managed to kill its registration engine <Case> almost two hours, Ven <Venenum> no shit? So not long enough to miss much, then. <ES_something> Case: the problem with that are the sections being filled up with crap via other examples that are 100% open w/ those options. So idk. New material will no doubt find it's way onto it in either case. <ES_something> I would imagine that a ton of cats would begin to pop up. <ES_something> Moderators are obviously needed <Sariel> =^..^= <vortex7> lol cats <Laptop_Deffy> what's wrong with cat pictures <Nyte> cats are old news, rabbits are the new lolcats <Laptop_Deffy> that's something a fascist would say <Sariel> =>.<= <ES_something> W/ the forum, signing up will require the approval of a mod/admin. Why? Look at the bot problem over at DBL. So that may help in other regards as well. <Laptop_Deffy> you aren't a fascist right <Sariel> not that I know of <vortex7> lol at the bit intros, do you like to golf? <Case> keep the number of moderators down too - just a couple of people, not the entire cast of DKMU. OF works well in that regards - few moderators, dedicated users and the ability to flag crap posts and bots <ES_something> aye agreed <Sariel> just no scarlets k? <Case> Chov, cant you just uplift the code for registrations from a forum of yours that actually works, or are you re-writing everything <Case> ? <ES_something> no scarlets or helmuts

<chovexano> it's a different forum system <Case> i see <Venenum> so this is all website stuff happening today? <ES_something> looks like it, nuts and bolts, yeah <chovexano> OF uses PHPBB, this one uses SMF. I need to update some code for the login bridge to work <chovexano> just testing right now tbh lol, the login isn't working, i won't have time to fix it tonight, maybe not til wednesday <Laptop_Deffy> then who is going to entertain us <Sariel> lol helmut was hilarious <Laptop_Deffy> helmuts = funny <Sariel> I can haz ice magic? <ES_something> Chove: I'll get onto finishing up things too so you're not lonely :P <Nyte> Sariel, you are in the land of ice and more ice. <Sariel> lol <Sariel> no kidding <Sariel> It keeps raining ice this week too <Nyte> eww * Drakonach has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client) <Sariel> well it is winter silly <Sariel> It's gonna precipitate something <Nyte> winter needs to go back to snow <Laptop_Deffy> fuck snow <Sariel> I like snow <Sariel> not that much tho <Case> move to new zealand - wonderful suny summer weather here <Laptop_Deffy> for now <ES_something> Kiki: Message me on FB or email about working on the newb manual & w/e else, and Chove too. <Sariel> i wish..hobbits live there <Laptop_Deffy> snow is ok until you have to drive in it <Sariel> I want to live in the shire <Sariel> drive? <ES_something> Kiki: new is: <Sariel> pooh. that's silly. <Case> you can - its called Dunedin <Sariel> you are a mage, why not levitate? <Laptop_Deffy> FAA regulations <Laptop_Deffy> have to set up a flight plan everytime <Laptop_Deffy> too much paperwork <Sariel> there is a noob manual? <Sariel> teleport? <Laptop_Deffy> plus a car gives me a back seat to bang bitches in

<Sariel> eew <Laptop_Deffy> so it's all good <Sariel> so what is this meeting about again? <Laptop_Deffy> forums and banging in the back seat appearently <Case> so, to sumarise, chov is going to work on the website this week, kiki is going to give all her material to Alysy to mess around with and we'll all meet up in a week or so to see how its all gone? <ES_something> works for me <Case> oh, and can we please have a 'back page' button so you can go back to older pages youve viewed? <kiki> kay <ES_something> Been almost 3 hours, if that's it for the meet then I'll post logs again. let me know. <Case> im in Media at the moment and theres no clear way on how to return to the forums again, other than the main button * vortex7 has quit (Quit: Yaaic - Yet another Android IRC client - <Laptop_Deffy> I'll have the authoritive transcription <ES_something> Case: clicking the header goes back to the main <Laptop_Deffy> so no one can doctor it for their own anti-pork agenda <Case> the symbols at the top could tell you what they are when you hover over them too <Laptop_Deffy> fascist <ES_something> you got my email deffy :P