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Kuo | Room 240 COURSE EXPECTATIONS EXTRA HELP: I am generally available during the following times: • before school (Monday through Friday) • after school (Monday until 3 p.m., most Thursdays, all Fridays) • X • C1, 3-4 • A • E E-MAIL: COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course addresses the Bill of Rights, criminal law, civil law, contemporary legal issues and cases, and great trials in American history. Students will participate in mock class trials, discussions, readings and class activities. CLASSROOM BEHAVIOR and EXPECTATIONS: 1. Respect the learning environment 2. Give your full effort 3. Be on time to class CLASS PREPARATION: • A three-ring binder, with loose-leaf notebook paper, that is only for Introduction to Law. A one-inch binder is sufficient. o This binder should be organized so you can effective keep notes, homework assignments, daily warm-ups and permanent information (like this expectations sheet) o You will empty out the binder at the end of each unit and keep it in a permanent file at home. • An assignment notebook • A writing utensil HOMEWORK: Students can expect homework at least once a week. Assignments will be posted on the board and on the class website, and students should record it in their assignment notebooks. Homework is due at the beginning of class on the day it is due. Late homework is not accepted for full credit. If you are absent on the day homework is due, it is your responsibility to turn it in when you return. Homework turned in before 3 p.m. on the day it is due will receive 2/3 credit. Homework turned in the next school day (not the next time I see your class) will receive 1/3 credit. Homework turned in thereafter will receive zero credit. Unless otherwise specified, assignments may be handwritten or typed. If you choose to type your assignments, you are responsible for printing out these assignments. All typed assignments, including homework, must already be printed out before class. I do not print your assignments. No e-mailed assignments are accepted. GRADING PROCEDURES: Grades are determined on a point system, so there is not a set “percentage” that each assignment is worth. Rather, each assignment is given a value. For example, a quiz might be worth 40 points, and the highest possible score will be 40/40. Quizzes will be both announced and unannounced. Tests will be announced at least one week in advance. Any questions or concerns about grades must be discussed outside of class time and after 24 hours have passed. No grade-related questions or concerns will be discussed before 24 hours.

HONORS CREDIT: We will discuss the requirements for honors credit a few weeks into the semester. Please make this decision carefully and weigh your potential work load in the spring semester, including any major research projects or extracurricular plans. The honors project is quite rigorous and will require extended outside commitment. ACADEMIC INTEGRITY: Students are expected to follow the Lexington High School honor code at all times. Please see the student handbook for information on academic integrity. TARDINESS and ABSENCES: Please consult the student handbook regarding the school’s attendance policy. ELECTRONIC DEVICES: MP3 players (such as iPods), cell phones, PDAs and other such devices are not allowed in the classroom and, if seen used, will be confiscated. Cell phones will be given to your dean for the duration of the school day, and you will retrieve it from him/her. CLASS COMMUNICATION: Class worksheets and homework assignments are posted online at It is your responsibility to retrieve lost materials there and to keep up with assignments in your absence. Weekly calendars will also be posted online. I am also on Twitter. This is the place you will find relevant videos and links. Twitter is also the place you can find announcements, for example, in case of snow days. You do NOT need to have a Twitter account; my account is public. TWO FINAL NOTES: This course expectation provides general guidelines for the class, and its contents may be subject to change. I will endeavor to be on time to class, but there might be rare emergencies when I might be late. There is no “10-minute rule” after which students may dismiss themselves. If no teacher appears, one student should go to the nearest office to report the absence of a teacher and await instructions. Any student absence because of alleged “confusion” surrounding a teacher absence will be considered unexcused. (Student/Parent Handbook)


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