f there is any area in life where the devil is seriously causing heavy havoc to people both Physical and Spiritual is in the area of marriage. There is a powerful force from the pit of hell against men and women in the area of marriage. The force has made many people doubt the existence of God and made them believe that God does not answer prayers. Many have said all sort of prayers and done all kind of fasting, yet no break through, many have received so many prophetic words for their marriage breakthrough, yet no manifestation. Some have seen it either in their dreams or have received revelation about their marriage breakthrough, Yet no answer. One Lady opened up to me one day and told me that she didn't think God knows that she exits. I told her God knows. Another Lady also told me that if God does not answer her prayers and give her a husband before November that year anything she decide to do, God should not blame her. This demon of delay and late marriages has afflicted people with different forces and attacks. There are some who have gone diabolical ways in order to get married. Each time I pray for people that have late marriage I discover so many factors that have caused this delay in late marriages. On the night of 17th October 2008, in my Hotel Room At WINGATE HOTEL Room 201 in Port Harcourt Nigeria, God came into the room with great power. I saw a light come into the room like the ray of a rising sun . The Lord spoke to me clearly



and asked me to look up, what I saw marveled me. I saw people in a deep dark well, they kept trying to come out but they could not, the cry of the people made me weep. While I was weeping, looking for a way to help them, Then the voice said to me help them out. I asked how could I?. The Lord said to me, “you have the power from me, bring them out”. I laid down something like a ladder, while they came out, many of the ladies were on chains as like the chains of slavery. Suddenly, the voice said to me, announce their freedom and declare their blessings. In a loud voice I shouted, you are free in Jesus name, then I heard a voice that echoed Amen. The light suddenly, came upon them and the chains fell out of their hands and legs. Then the Lord told me that many are in chains, hole and darkness of late and delay marriages. He said, through you I will bring freedom to many who are under the bondage of delayed marriages. I know some of you will be asking “what will I do to come out of this problem”? This book in your hand is timely; the book is the need of the hour. This book is born from the womb of the Holy Ghost. If you are able to take what you read here seriously, you will come out with a result. The result is that you will shout like Adam did, at last this is the bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh. It takes the spiritually discerned person to see the level of wicked warfare going against people in marriage. WHY THIS DELAY IN MARRIAGE? Matt 13:25 says “ while men sleep the enemy sow tare among the wheat and went away”. While you are sleeping the devil is busy working, planting bad seeds that will grow to cause delay in your marriage. The more you sleep spiritually, the more the attack on your marriage breakthrough. There are people whom the enemy has stolen what belongs to them while they slept. Do you know when you are holding an object in your hand while you sleep, that object will fall off. There are people who have lost their marriage and their future



husband while they sleep spiritually. I was once touched by a young lady’s story that was engaged in marriage, she went on announcing her marriage plans to friends and people. Getting set for her traditional marriage which they did but on getting to church marriage, the marriage could not hold, till today the young man never married her but got married to another lady. While she slept, she lost it. I was preaching in a place in Delta State in Nigeria a lady came and told me to pray for her marriage, while I was about to pray for her God told me to break the yoke of any charm holding the young woman. I told the lady to leave and go to her village because her man was about to marry another lady. People have manipulated him and God told me that if the man will see her that charm will be broken. And it was so. Immediately the husband saw her the force departed from him, they later came to me for deliverance prayers and at the end they got married. If not for God, she would have still be praying for her husband when the one that came her way has been stolen by the enemy. If a young man proposes to you for marriage and you, please do not go and sleep. This is a serious moment to be spiritually alert in prayers, it is not time to relax. Get ready to break the yoke and take what belongs to you. Oh! I know of a young beautiful lady each time a man proposes to her and she accept, when they go for Genotype test, both of them would be AS. Without her knowing that it was a demonic remote against her marriage until I met with her, God so kind, she is married today. The yoke was totally broken. Romans 13:12 say “the night is well spent let us lay aside all the wok of darkness”. THE SIGNS OF LATE AND DELAY MARRIAGES A lot of ladies that are having the problem of late and delay marriage are wallowing in ignorance of spiritual and satanic strategies. If you are able to discern or diagnose your problem the solution will be easy.

HERE ARE SOME SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS 1. SPIRIT OF DISTRESS. When you discover within you that you are always worried and lack peace within you. You live a life of isolation among people, you are not happy even when you see or hear that people are getting married. It is a clear indication that you are under attack of satanic force to stop you from getting married. 2. CONSTANT BREAKING OF ENGAGEMENT. Some people mysteriously break or lose people that are engage to them. Like seeing someone that is engage to you sleeping around with other ladies. At the end the engagement is broken. When this is constant your marriage life is under attack. 3. MYSTERIOUS HATRED. This occurs when the man who proposed to you, disappears and refuses to call or send you mails. There is danger! 4. HOOKED BY PREGNANCY This occurs when the person who proposed to you ends up with a story that he pregnant another lady, and decides to settle down with her. There is danger! 5. SEX IN THE DREAM Sex in the dream is demonic, such experience can stand as a demonic barrier between you and your husband to be, if nothing is done urgently you and the man will begin to see faults in each other, and at the end, the marriage will be shattered. 6. SWIMMING, BATHING, SEEING RIVERS IN DREAMS. Those who swim or bathe regularly in dreams are generally victim of disappointment in marriage.





MISSING ONE'S PERIOD IN THE DREAM. Those who miss their period in dreams are being reminded that they have something to do with a spiritual marriage, which will not allow them to get married on earth. 14.

remoted your marriage in the physical in the spirit. It must be broken. ONLY WRETCHED PEOPLE ASKING YOUR HAND IN MARRIAGE. Whenever you see wretched people come to ask for your hand in marriage, People that hardy feed themselves, your marriage life is under attack. 15. WHEN ONLY MARRIED PEOPLE COME TO ASK YOU FOR MARRIAGE. Whenever you notice that only married people are the only one coming to you for marriage and some of them will be asking you to be a second wife or asking you to have babies for them. Something is wrong. It must be broken. 16. PLAYING WITH SNAKE IN THE DREAM. Snakes are messengers of demonic forces. Do you often see snakes coiling around you the dreams? Be sure the yoke must be broken. 17. CONSTANT FEELING THAT YOU WILL DIE AFTER MARRIAGE. If you constantly feel that you will die if you marry or there will be a tragedy it must be broken. Because it will keep you from getting married. 18. NO PROPOSAL For a lady to go through a long period without receiving any marriage proposal means some spiritual forces have placed her marriage on hold. They will block any marriage coming to you. 19. TERRIBLE AND IRRITATING SKIN RASHES Whenever a spirit husband has contact with a lady’s human flesh. The lady suffers terribly, it scares away any man coming. They always block marriage proposal. It causes delay of marriage. Some


PREGNANCY IN THE DREAM. Those ladies that always see themselves pregnant in the dream is a sign that you are married in the spirit world, and it will be difficult for them to get married on earth. Under attack.


BREAST-FEEDING BABY IN THE DREAMS. Those who regularly dream of breast-feeding babies are victims of late and disappointment in marriage, because someone is responsible for the children. He will not allow anybody to take you away from him on earth.


BACKING BABY IN THE DREAM Those babies may exist in the spiritual realm. And will not allow you to back anybody in the physical world


SHOPPING WITH A MAN IN THE DREAM. Those who dream and see themselves shopping with a man should realize that they are married to a male partner in the spirit. They will not allow you to marry any other man on earth. They are wicked and jealous.


SEEING A MAN SLEEPING BY YOUR SIDE IN THE DREAM. If you are a lady and you keep dreaming of a man sleeping by your side. You are married in the spiritual realm, is a yoke that must be broken.


MARRIAGE IN THE DREAM Whenever you see yourself getting married in the dream you should know that spiritual marriages are real and is terrible. They have



of the rashes generally defile medication. Some terrible are pimples. 20. BEING PROPOSED BY THOSE INTERESTED IN SEX. Many ladies have thrown the idea of getting married over board because they are surprised that in spite of being believers, everyone proposing to them are only interested in sex. It is dangerous. 21. VICTIMS OF PERSISTENT RAPE. Most of the time, when a lady is always on the attack of rape. There are some demonic forces behind in order to cause disappointment in marriage. Any where they are, people always plan to rape them. How many times have you been raped? Something is wrong. 22. FIANCÉ IMPREGNATING ANOTHER LADY Many relationships have been cancelled and weddings called off when the man that is supposed to marry a lady pregnant another lady. And the previous marriage plans cancelled. This is a strange occurrence. If it has happened to you more than two times. You need serious prayers to break the yoke. 23. DEATH OF SPOUSE WHEN MARRIAGE DATES HAVE BEEN FIXED. It is a disaster when the partner dies mysteriously after the wedding has been announced. That demonic forces do not allow your physical marriage to stand or take place. When you notice it, seek for serious liberation because it will prevent men coming to marry you. Is a deadly sign. 24. DEATH OF HUSBAND NEWLY MARRIED WHILE PREGNANT OF FIRST CHILD. Some husbands die when their newly wedded wives are pregnant with the first child. Such attack is being carried out against the lady to abort her joy and keep her miserable. The spiritual husband that did it will vow that the man who dares to marry her will pay with his life.

Do you have such people around you or are you a victim. Think about this why is it that since then, is now about five to six years no marriage again, only people who want to have sex with you and go. Seek for liberation. For the yoke must be broken. 25. LOST OF JOB IMMEDIATELY SOMEONE PROPOSE TO YOU. There are some immediately someone proposes to them for marriage, the loss of job will eventually affect that relationship. That demon will use that to shatter that marriage plans. It must be broken in Jesus Name! 26. CALAMITY, FIRE DISASTER, MOTOR ACCIDENT, IMPRISONMENT, DEPORTATION, ASSASINATION WHEN MARRIAGE IS ABOUT TO TAKE PLACE. Some people under the yoke of disappointment of marriage do witness the cases like these. As soon as someone gets into your life and proposes marriage, the next thing is either he is face with the case of deportation if he is abroad, motor accident, assassination, fire disaster, either shop or business offices. Such attack was sent by monitoring spirit watching over your life. They must pack out of your life in Jesus Name! 27. FAULT - FINDING There are people when a man proposes to them, they discover they will be finding fault in the man. Sometimes in dreams she will be shown negative things about the man. They will be showing her that the man is keeping another lady. They will make her frustrate the man until he leaves. Is a yoke that must be broken. If it continues like this no husband will settle down with you or such a victim under such yoke. 28. COMPLAING AND NAGGING There is a kind of nagging force that is sponsored by demonic forces.



Whenever you see a lady standing on in the shop or office or working place of your fiancée anger comes up, you start shouting and wrecking even in the public, making the lady to be disgracing the man. This is a marriage she has not entered but she wants to control and frustrate the man. I have met this kind of victim times without number. It prevents her from marrying. This is demonic, the yoke must be broken! 29. INABILITY TO CONTROL EATING, SMOKING, AND DRINKING HABITS. There are some ladies the enemies have planted the habit of smoking in them, there are some the habit to drink alcohol. This was projected in order to prevent her from getting married. It must be broken. 30. INABILITY TO CONTROL SEXUAL THOUGHTS. Most of the things you accept as common experience in life are products of reactions from demonic world. Some people struggle with uncontrollable sexual thoughts. Every time their minds are occupied by it, they look for sexual film, look for sexual pictures, for sexual magazines, and look for sexual dresses. It will send men away from such a lady. Spiritually, is a blockage. 31. ALWAYS CHANGING HUSBAND OR SUITORS. (E.G FOUR CHILDREN FOR THREE DIFFERENT MEN). Some ladies change suitors as shoes. They move from one man to another like butterflies. At the end are different fathers for each of her children. Since that demonic force is there it will be hard for a man to settle with such a lady. That yoke must be broken. 32. ALWAYS TIRED WHEN YOU WAKE UP. A lady that always gets tired whenever she wakes up has one thing or other in the spirit world. When you wake up worn out and tired, it

show that certain spiritual power has got you involved in some activities in the spiritual realm. Some dream of violent sexual assault and they wake up with serious body pains. Is a projection, it makes them indecisive or make choices that will not be good for them. 33. SPIRIT THAT SAYS MEN ARE NOT RELIABLE. Some people go about saying they have lost interest in marriage because men are not reliable. Those who have hatred on opposite sex are victims of delay in marriage and disappointment in marriage. Seek for liberation. 34. ALWAYS REJECTING YOUR PARTNER'S SUGGESTION. Whenever you discover that you always reject every idea he brings, Or you are not happy with your spouse, there is a demonic attack of late marriage. 35. VOICE TELLING YOU TO QUIT YOUR RELATIONSHIP. There are those who often hear voices telling them to quit their relationships. You are a victim of spiritual demonic attack. Some have listened to that voice and they have lost it all. And till date they are not married. Attempt to go back never worked. Seek for freedom. 36. SPIRIT TELLING YOU TO STAY SINGLE. Many ladies have concealed the idea of not getting married because of voices telling them to remain single for fear of marriage problem. When you come across somebody saying such things, she is under an attack from the pit of hell. Something is projected to her in the spirit realm. 37 PERSISTENT BEATING OR MOLESTATION BY YOUR SPOUSE. You started with him in peace but later he starts beating you up. Easily become angry when he hears your voice. He will be telling you to leave his house. There is a demonic attack on your marriage life.




PERSISTANCE MENSTRUAL PAINS. It is normal for some women to experience menstrual pains, but when it becomes acute and an air of mystery. There is a demonic attack against your marriage. It must be broken. SYMPTOMS OF PREGNANCY WHEN NOT PREGNANT Some ladies, immediately a husband is about to show up they will start having symptoms of pregnancy pains at the breast and other parts of the body. This is a demonic arrow to hinder your marriage in the physical world. It must stop. JOB SEPARATION. There are ladies as soon as someone proposes to them. That man will be transferred to another city in order to separate her from the man that wants to marry her. It must be stopped by fire. TERRIBLE AND MYSTERIOUS ANGER. There are ladies as soon as someone ask for their hand in marriage. The projection of Satan appears with anger on them and all the time they are always angry with a lot of complaints. It must be stopped by fire. DIFFERENT COLOUR DURING PERIOD. Instead of the normal red blood which women see during menstrual period. Some ladies change in colour, which is not normal it is an arrow from the enemy. It must be stopped. STRONG TIE TO MOTHER/FATHER. There are ladies that have this kind of delay and disappointment simply because they don't want to leave their fathers or their mothers. It is demonic and it must be stopped. ALWAYS HAVING A DREAM THAT YOU CANNOT MARRY. If you have been informed in the dream that you would not marry in life such a dream must be taken seriously. It is a demonic projection. It must be stopped for your marriage to come true.














OCCASIONAL MENTAL TROUBLE. Some ladies always have mental illness. This normally comes to them few times in a year. Ladies who have this case hardly get married it is from the pit of hell. And if you must marry, it must be stopped. FEARFUL THOUGHTS WHEN ALONE. Some ladies can hardly stay alone for a few minute before their hearts are bombarded with thoughts, evil actions often follow such evil thoughts. Deliverance is seriously needed. If their marriage is to made possible. PEOPLE SEEING STRANGE OBJECTS WHEN IN THE DARK. As soon as some people step into dark areas they see strange objects and beings, but the moment they step out of the dark, the strange objects disappear. MOVING OBJECTS. There are those who usually feel invisible object moving in their bodies. The feeling often becomes so terrible that they feel like brushy off such object if they could get hold of it by hand. HEARING VOICES CALLING YOUR NAME. There are ladies who normally hear their names being called but when they turn, they would not see anybody around. It is a voice from the spirit world, if the voice calls and you answer and turn, they will turn your marriage back. It must stop. DISAPPEARANCE AND REAPPEARANCE OF INNER WEARS. When you start noticing some mysterious disappearance of your properties such as underwears, money, or other dresses and it will re-appear later, it is dangerous. SINGLE PARENT SPIRIT. Some ladies that do have delay in their marriage use to have a single parent spirit; this is when either the father or the mother is late. Sometimes when they marry, it does not take time before they lose









their husbands, and become single. It is always hard for them to get another husband. It is terrible and it must be stopped in your life. LACK OF SUBMISSION: When a lady finds it difficult to be controlled she only believes in her own way. It is a demonic projection to hinder her marriage. MULTIPLE OPERATION. It is always a demonic projection when a lady goes for a multiple operation; it is an assault from the kingdom of Satan. Just to prevent her from getting married. MULTIPLE TRAGEDIES. When there is a demonic arrow against a lady’s marriage, some people have theirs manifest in form of tragedies all the time, some times falling from motorcycle; accidents of cars, leg injuries, fire disasters etc it needs to be stopped ADULT BED WETTING A good number of ladies grapple with bed wetting even when they are above the age of thirty. They bed wet almost on daily basis. This is to disgrace them before anyone that will come to marry them. It is an arrow from the pit of hell. It must stop in Jesus name. LUSTFUL SPIRIT: This occur to a lady that any man that come across her will like to sleep with her. She is always under fear when any man comes close to her. Even men who are able to be their father always take advantage of them. Some, their blood brothers sleep with them, some their fathers lust following them. Lady, if you discover this you need to come out of this, for you to settle in your marriage. CARELESS POSITIONING DURING SLEEP There are ladies who sleep carelessly they almost look naked when they wake up. They don't like it when they wake up. They always fill shameful when they sleep together with other people. During that

period a lot of spiritual manipulations has be perform on her, the lady needs serious liberation THE ENEMY BEHIND YOUR MARRIAGE DELAY, DISAPPOINTMENT AND FAILURE There is an raging enemy raging with wicked agenda, he is out to destroy without mercy. There are enemies that have vowed to destroy women and ladies with great potentials. There is also an enemy that has turned the mighty to dry leaves. This enemy has stolen more blessings from people than any other enemy. He has delayed, destroyed and scattered a lot of people's marriage future. This enemy will not mind to organize sudden destruction. Their great rage is going on against ladies waiting for husbands. The enemy has released terrible spirits of marital frustration. He tries to make you unhappy for not getting married. The enemy has made it that anyone looking forward to building or marrying will fight difficult battles. Know this that the reason why the enemy is stopping you from getting married, is because, marriage is the foundation of home. Which is a nation within a nation, which is a republic within a republic? The enemy has arranged yokes, burdens, bondages, strongholds, curses and covenant of frustration. Many will not fulfill their plans and have their way forward. That force must be cleared off in Jesus Name. Amen! There is an anointing coming on you, to break the yoke of delay and late marriage. God is about to set you free and anoint you to set others free. This book is like a spanner in your hand or screw drivers use it and get your result, the devil is a liar, you must get married. You cannot read this book and apply all the principles and stay for a year without getting married. I see you rising in your spirit to tear the enemy apart. Any force that has being following you, will be a thing of the past. Be ready to take the fire, be ready to take the anointing and go for total liberation.





arkness is a powerful weapon that hinders identity and also hinders manifestation. Gen. 1:2 says “Darkness was upon the face of the deep”. When darkness is upon a person it hinders that person's manifestation. Note the statement, Darkness was upon! There are families, that darkness is resting upon. There are ladies that darkness is upon. Gen. 1:3 God said “let there be light, and there was light”. After going through this work and you apply what is in it. Expect God to speak to you in your dark moments so that light will come. That darkness that covered your marriage must be cleared so your light will shine. No matter who you are, how good you are, how beautiful you look, how tall you are. If there is darkness upon you, people will not notice you. Even when they see you, they see a different you and they would leave, why? because there is Darkness upon your life. God is about to bring out your identity, God is about to change your situation for good. From the day you pick this book expect your light, expect your marriage, expect your freedom, whatever covers your identity must be cleared off in Jesus Name. In Oct. 2007 I was in a programme in Abuja, after the programme a lady came to me and ask me to pray for her, that she was 37yrs of age and has no husband, that she had done chief brides maid for seven of her friends and after the wedding at least five people would come to seek her hand in


marriage but she would not see them again. I look at her and prayed for her and commanded every darkness following her to clear and turn into light. I asked her to fast and pray and raise an alter, which she did. At the end of 21days of her prayers, one among those people that proposed to her, she usually see him along their street and greet him every day because the young man works in a Bank. She said that day the young man saw her, and was asking her when did she come back. She told me that, this is a man I greet almost every day. When she told him that she had been around. Well at last, they both got married but the issue is that darkness delayed her marriage cause delay and disappointment. Any darkness that covers your marriage must give way, must bow, shout fire! fire! Shout fire yaya! Gen. 1:4 says “And God saw the light that it was good and God divided the light from the darkness”. Another word for divide is separate, call out. In other words, God will separate you from delay and disappointment in marriage, he will separate you from the pains of not getting married on time. You will soon smile in Jesus name. Job 29:3 says “By his light I walk through darkness”, with the light of God darkness has no place to block your marriage. The book of Joel 2:31 talks about the day that sun will turn into Darkness. We see it today in the life of a lady, who appears beautiful as the sun but is turned into darkness. The Darkness has prevented people from seeing her good for marriage. I was invited for a crusade in the city of Abidjan. It was during the deliverance section, that I met a lady who told me that any man that have sex with her dies either a day after or two days after, but one thing is sure that the man must die. Any hope of marriage for such a person? If not for Jesus, their was a complete cover of darkness on her. Have you ever asked? Despite the effort you put in place to do good people don't see it, it is because your identity is hidden. When your identity is hidden, you will remain in prison of lack of marriage and delay in marriage. Joseph had identity to become a prime minister but he was locked up in a



prison. There are some girls or ladies that have the star to give birth to president of nations, governors managers, chief executive of companies but they are in-prisoned in darkness, and that has kept them out of getting their husbands, if darkness is covering you, you are in trouble. I had a testimony of a pastor who for years could not make progress in his ministry until he fasted with serious prayers, on the last day of his fasting, God showed him thick cloud of darkness that covered his church and told him to command light to shine in the church. As soon as he did, the darkness departed. The next day sixty new members came to the church. During the interview of welcoming new members, one of the ushers asked one of them why all of them came in one day. One of the new comers told the usher that since you people have changed the church from white garment church that is why we decided to come. This church was not a white garment church but the devil hid the identity of the church and was showing people outside that this church was a white garment church, thank God for the pastor that discovered the issue and went into prayers. May be you have been complaining about lack of husband and marriage disappointment, have you prayed over any darkness on your head on your sisters or the entire family? If you have not, don't read this book to the end without you moving into action. One lady once asked me “why is it that any man that came to me would only have sex with me”. Before the end of the month, he would not pick her calls again? That is complete darkness. One lady also asked me why is it that men will come around her but none of them will open up to say anything about marriage but they keep following her. Total Darkness. There was this woman that notice this problem in her daughter, the only daughter. Any man that followed her to their family house never settle down to marry her. One day she called me on the phone and told me that she is planting a seed of two hundred and fifty thousand naira in the widows and

orphanage we are taken care of. I asked her, the reason for her seed, she said it is for her daughter's marriage problem (Mary). I then sent prayers to her. She told me up to about eleven men have come yet they did not come back again. She said the first day she started the prayer somebody came and held her on her neck and was telling her to stop the prayer. She told me she struggled until she fainted in that dream. She told me that while she fainted a voice called her and told her that because of the seed of sacrifice I will stand for your daughter. The voice now said to her look and she looked and saw the daughter wearing a mask and she started calling Mary, Mary, Darkness covered every where then the young man that held her started laughing and all of a sudden there came a voice like thunder that said I did it before I will do it again. Immediately that young man vanished and she commanded that darkness to depart and it went off. Two days later the cause mate of the daughter came back from Austria and married her. Darkness is bad but you must come out of it in Jesus name, stop and say this simple prayer, Any Darkness around me disappear in Jesus name. Let there be light in my life and let my husband appear in Jesus name. Amen. 2Cor. 4:6 says “for God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness”, listen in the mist of your delay in marriage God is calling out light out of the darkness, your marriage is coming out in Jesus name. A lady told me how she lost the man that she dated for 5yrs, when they hope for the marriage the young man took her picture to their family, they saw her picture, fine and beautiful when they asked for her to come to the village, they went and it became a different story. The family of the young man did not want to see her at all. They said she was not the person they saw in the picture later the young man married another lady. It was in the pains of the disappointment that she met me in my office in Maiduguri and shared here pains. She even told me that this is the seventh time she had that kind of problem. I saw darkness upon her head I took her through processes of fasting and prayer. She sowed a dangerous seed, she works in



the Bank and she is paid a salary of one hundred and twenty thousand naira each month she calculated the whole money for a year and said she was sowing her whole salary for a year. After praying and breaking the force of darkness that was following her, just three weeks, she was sent on assignment to their Bank in Jalingo in Taraba state in Nigeria, there she met the husband, she told me for the first time she went on such assignment and people appreciated her at the end, the manager of the Bank married her. The marriage came from the same village of the former husband. One of the sisters of the former man came for their marriage she called her and asked them of their family and the girl was shocked and asked her how did she know her she told her she was the one 'Ekeme' her brother brought home to marry but they refused him marrying her. The lady said you were not the one, for the person that our brother brought home was dirty, dark, couldn't talk, not you. It was a shocking thing to her when she was sharing her testimony, the devil showed another image to that family. Today she is living in United Kingdom with her baby. Darkness disappeared and her blessing came. Your Darkness must disappear for your husband to manifest. It is well. I met a lady who with tears sheared her terrible experience how she gave birth to three children for two different men but all abandon her and married other ladies. One of them came back and told her that he didn't know what happened to him and made him marry another lady. He came asking her as second wife. It was shocking; the second man came with the same, asking her to be second wife. It was another shock. I was moved to pray for her, as I was to lay hand on her, the Lord gave me a word and I asked her who is Vitus, she said, it was her uncle. And it was the uncle that told her, that he had told the mother that all her children would not make anything in life. I prayed with her few minutes, she fell under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, I just made a declaration for every darkness to depart and let light shine, later when she woke up, she said a shadow as a man came out of her

and told her bye-bye, that same day she told me in the evening she called me that her body is as free as a baby. That now she wanted to sow seed that will counter anything the uncle used against her. She sowed a seed of one hundred thousand naira. My reader the same week, she went to Damaturu in Yobe state. There she got a phone call, it was a young man that came seeking her hand in marriage. She told me and this young man came from Spain, after we talked, because she explained to him about the children and the man told her I saw you in a place in a wedding at Lagos, but I lost your contact, but last week I got it from a friend it was from there I got your number to call. That was how the man explained the way he got her number. They got married, wedded and are blessed with a baby girl living in Spain. But remember it was when the darkness left her, the same week someone was able to get her phone line. Do you know that there are people searching to see you or get your contact phone but the evil of Darkness has hindered them. From now you will get set to cast that evil of darkness out of your way and life. And that lady was 42yrs. God can do yours, wake up. Gen. 40:23 says “Yet did not the chief butler remember Joseph but forget him”. Could you imagine that this chief butler was in imprison and Joseph interpreted his dream and helped him but Joseph requested from him, when you get to the place please remember me. But the man went back to the palace and forgot Joseph. How many men have forgotten you so quick even when you have given them everything you have. Sponsor the man for business, hoping to settle down with him, yet it never be. It is all about darkness, they forgot Joseph but God did not forget him. Listen to me my reader, you are not forgotten, God through this book is about to cause a great change in your life. What is it that has made men that came to you to forget you any how? Why is it that only married men are the people interested in you, when men see you, they shout, call you all sorts of beautiful names but nothing to show for it. It makes me to weep and cry when I see ladies under this great pains and experience, because if they tell



you what they are passing through and their encounter with men who came pretending as husbands you will weep. A Lady that has kept her virginity for the period of 29yrs. Only for her to lose it to a wicked soul that came pretending to marry her, and afflicted her with (HIV), I encouraged her to pick her drugs at the Teaching Hospital for three months as I seek the face of God concerning her, God is faithful even when we are not, after 3 months we went on in prayers and the whole HIV vanished, later we declared another 14days fasting and prayer against all darkness that is following her. In the mist of the prayer one of the father's wives died and was buried, 3 days later the husband came and she had her marriage. Each time I see her, she would be crying, tears of Joy. One day I visited them surprisingly she started crying again, it was then the husband told me that she told him all we went through during her tough time and how she overcame the situation. They later traveled to South Africa, where she had her first twins babies (a boy and a girl), they named them after my name and my Baby. God will do yours for you. What a God we serve. He is mighty and powerful; I believe that after going through this book, an end has come to the darkness in your life and your family. God will fight your battle for you. You have come to the end of your sorrow and shame, end have come to your tears. Oh how I wish you begin from today to command all darkness on your way to depart. Darkness should not have a place in your life. Darkness should not keep you from having your marriage. Darkness should not deprive your joy of having your husband, fight in prayer, fight to win and you must win. I have a burning zeal in my heart that you are coming out of the problem, the devil must regret trying you in the first place, the solution you need is not far from you, God's power is available for your freedom and testimony.

KINDS/TYPES OF DARKNESS 1. 2. Darkness upon a home, town, or nations Darkness upon an individual

DARKNESS UPON A HOME, TOWN, OR NATIONS Isaiah 60:2 the Bible says, “For Behold, Darkness shall cover the earth, gross darkness upon the people”. When this kind of darkness is upon a home, on a place, you will see the people, like ladies, due for marriage yet no way. You will also discover that hardly do people marry, in a normal way, is either the girls will have about five children yet nobody has paid their bride price, there are some that will be given birth in their parents' homes simply because the darkness of the enemy has covered their identity. I remember how I visited one small clan in Imo state in Nigeria, where about twenty two girls have children without a husband. When I arrived in that clan the evil force that covered that clan came as I was resting to prepare for their prayers in the clan. A woman came up in a revelation and warned me to leave her territory. I asked her what made that place her own; she told me that, she has been there since the era of slave trade, that since then she is the one incharge of the village. Suddenly, I woke up and discovered there was war. I asked the Holy Spirit to lead us. As we prayed and commanded darkness out of the clan and ministered to every lady, we killed eight snakes that day and all the ladies kept talking about a woman that always appeared to them in the dream. After their deliverance, eleven out of the ones that already had babies got married. Within a year all the ladies in that clan that were due for marriage got married. When that darkness departed from them, men started seeing them as good for marriage. One of the sisters that got married told me how the husband told her that people were always scared of coming to marry their clan because people said that during the old time that place was regarded as evil place and are warned not to go there for marriage at all that is evil darkness at work. If




any of them is working on you they must bow out for your star also to shine. When darkness leaves you, your star will start to shine. It must shine in Jesus name. I met a lady that told me that she has lost hope and not interested in marriage again because people regarded them as outcast or “Osu” in Igbo language. This kind of darkness can also cover a land and an individual. I told her that even if men reject her God has not rejected you, if men don't celebrate you why don't you celebrate yourself. I went to them and asked the family the reason for the outcast issue and they told me the true story, how there parents ran to idol to protect them against enemies that were after their progress, we took the family into serious prayers that did not reach 2 hours, three weeks later she called me that she wanted to raise an alter on behalf of the family members which was Two Hundred and Twenty Thousand Naira, on the second month after that ministration seven men came at once for her marriage. She was excited and reported it to me. December 25, 2005 was her traditional and wedding day, it was wonderful. Today she is leaving with the husband at Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. Your own can also happen, do not lose hope. After reading be ready for action, so as to cast out darkness and your light would shine. When darkness is on a home, both you and your sisters cannot see the light of marriage. Darkness is terrible. DARKNESS UPON AN INDIVIDUAL This kind is the most wicked act. Most people are under this kind of darkness, they are all man-made darkness where a woman will tie up ladies, that none will marry except her own daughter. Through fetish powers I once met a lady under such darkness because she fought a man, it was a long story, but after fighting the man, the man told her you will see: the man placed a curse upon her through one native doctor, she did not get married until the age of 42 it was in the cause of my prayer on her that God

opened my eyes to see, and I saw what happened in her life years ago and asked her because she too has also forgotten, when she then remember and gave me the name of the man. We prayed and broke the Yoke and that was how she was set free. That kind of Darkness could be terrible, this kind of Darkness will make someone to get confused in which way to go. But thank God through the power of the Holy Spirit, that is working more powerful and greatly in our mist today. No wonder 1John 5:19 says, “And we know that we are children of God, and the whole world lieth in wickedness”. There are wickedness from men that brings Darkness on the sons of men. It will make you appear good and beautiful yet nobody will be interested to marry you. It is not beauty that makes people get married, but the glory that is associated with you. There are people you are more beautiful than yet they are all married, and you are not. It is not a matter of beauty, education or your family is rich. But is all about the glory that is associated with you. In Gen. 15:12 About Abraham the Bible says that, “a deep sleep fell upon Abram; and lo an horror of great darkness fell upon Him in verse 13 God now said because of the Darkness know for sure that your seed shall be stranger in the land that is not theirs, And they shall serve them, and they shall afflict them four hundred years. When Darkness is on you, you will be a stranger. Who is a stranger? The one that comes and leaves, a stranger does not stay. Men will see you and like you but the memory of remembering you will disappear from their mind. You will go out with them but for marriage they will not take you it is Darkness. And it says again they serve them, (which means slaves) I have seen girls who when the young man will beat them up to go and they will not go. You will see a situation that the man will wound the girl still the girl will still be running after the man. The man tells her who to call on phone and who not to call. The man tells her when to go out and when not to go out. The man cannot see her standing talking with another man without beating her up at the end of the day. The spirit of Darkness will keep you in pains as a



slave. The man will not value you. I once met a lady, in her own case the man will even goout and bring another girl into the house right in her presence. You will be saying that the girl is a fool, the way you see it is not the way she sees it. She is under the York of complete Darkness. And the Bible says again “And they shall afflict them four hundred years. Can you see why a lot of people stay long period before they got married, a long time of affliction. A long time of lack of true love, true care, true affection, a long period of loneliness, a long period of singleness. Just because of Darkness. You cannot read this book and obey what is here and remain the same you must come out of this darkness of disappointment, delay, and late marriage in Jesus name; by fire by force, shout fire ya ya ya. You can stand in the gap of prayer for anyone you know that is under this gross Darkness. But you know there is a promise that follows it up in verse 14. It says “And all the nation, whom they serve, will I judge”. (Which means God will avenge the Darkness and declare let there be light as he did in Genesis chapter one and there was light. And after ward they shall come out with substance. This is goodnews at last you will laugh, it means that no matter what, all hope is not lost. It means you will come out with substance of marriage, breakthrough substance of love and care. Shout Alleluia, it is your portion. Read the rest of this Book with hope that at last I will testify. In Exodus 10:21-23 the Bible tells us that God told Moses to stretch out his hand toward heaven and bring down darkness upon the land of Egypt, which Moses did, for three days there was darkness upon the land. People could not see each other, nobody got up where he was for the three days. When Darkness is at work, people will not see each other; you will not see your husband and your husband can not locate you. Anything that makes your husband not to see you or locate you let that thing die by fire, in Jesus name. And any Darkness that will keep your husband from rising to see you, anything holding him back should die by fire. Let him come out from

anywhere Darkness has covered him and bring him out for you in Jesus name. In Psalm 18:28 the Bible says “And for thy light my candle, the Lord my God will enlighten my Darkness”. He will turn you sorrow into joy, shout Alleluia. It is real for you in Psalm 107:14 it says “He brought them out of darkness and the shadow of death, and breaks their bands asunder”. God will do it again in your life and He will break the chains of evil, you will no longer remain under that darkness, God will step out for you, God will fight for you. God will grant you victory. He will scatter and shatter darkness completely. You will soon see the light of the day. I release to you as a word of prophecy. Your Darkness is over and your light has come oh? Begin to see your marriage on the way, begin to check the size of your wedding gown, it is over with Darkness, the light has finally shone. The era of men playing with you is over, God is restoring your glory and your light. What you have prayed for, for Ten years is now coming to pass, choose a date for your marriage and your wedding shout a louder Amen, let the devil hear you. In Psalm 112:4 it say, “Unto the upright there arise light in the Darkness”. Light must shine for you. You cannot continue to experience promise and fail God is you light and your hope. Arise and shine, for your light has come. Eccl. 6:4 says “and his name shall be covered with darkness” the reason people cannot even remember your name is because your name has been cover with Darkness. When Darkness seals a lady no matter what she does men will not see her good for marriage. There are people that Darkness has covered their names, their faces and their identifies. Anybody reading this book that the name is covered by darkness, I command light to shine upon that person now in Jesus name. I see God bringing you out of darkness of late, delay and disappointment in marriage. I declare to you that you are now a lamp on top of the table, you cannot be hiding. Begin to manifest from this day as you read this Book, I see power, glory, anointing of change coming into your life in Jesus name Amen.

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