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Asia Pacific Edition: 2012 Q4

Net-Access N-Type and S-Type Cabinets are an expanded offering of network and server cabinets that incorporate innovative, industry leading thermal and cable management features that help reduce cooling energy costs. N-Type Cabinets will begin shipping starting October 1, 2012 and replace current CN Series Cabinets. Offered at competitive price levels, S-Type Cabinets will begin shipping starting December 1, 2012 and replace the current Net-SERV Cabinets.

New Net-Access Cabinets QSFP+ to SFP+ Hydra Assemblies Fiber Patch Field Protection Cover Opti-Core Patch Cords & Duplex Clip 2 & 4 Post Rack Standoff Brackets Cat 6 & 5e UTP Jack Modules Net-Contain System + Sliding Door Cisco 2 Post Rack Switch Brackets PViQ Networked Power Outlet Units Opticam Fiber Connector Termination IndustrialNet 8-Port DIN Rail Patching Industrial Automation 4 Post Rack Noise Shielding Solution Bulletin Harsh Environment Labeling Solution Extended Rating Raised Panel Labels Localized 30min webinars for partners Micro Data Center White Paper Chiesi Group Case Study Elmhurst Memorial Case Study ASEAN & AU Regional Partner Summit India participates in BICSI India Product Discontinuation Notice

To meet the needs for migration from 10 to 40 GbE, Panduit offers QSFP+ to Four SFP+ Direct Attach Hydra Breakout Cable Assemblies. As part of the Panduit High Speed Data Transport (HSDT) solution, these passive cables provide a cost-effective solution for interconnecting high speed 40 GbE switches and servers to existing 10 GbE equipment. The 40 GbE QSFP+ end operates as four separate 10 Gb/s channels, which are connected to four 10 Gb/s SFP+ equipment ports. The four 10 Gb/s SFP+ ports can be

located on the same switch/server or four different locations within the same rack. Each hydra breakout cable includes Panduit Tak-Ty Hook and Loop Cable Ties, which are adjustable to control the breakout point for maximum flexibility.

The front manager protection cover mounts into a variety of Panduit racks and cabinets including 2-post and 4-post racks, Net-SERV and Net-Access cabinets. It directly supports Opticom, Mini-Com, and QuickNet FAPs, adapter panels, and cassettes. The front manager protection cover:

Minimizes the potential for connector damage and fiber attenuation; protects front patch field Labeling card is included to provide identification of ports

D-rings are included to facilitate horizontal cable routing and management.

Opti-Core LC Patch Cords with mSFP duplex clip are used in Storage Area Networks (SAN) inside the data center on Brocade's new 64port, 8 Gb/s Fibre Channel blade for the DCX switch frame. The 5.25mm center line LC duplex clip:

Enables mating to the mSFP form factor transceiver

Extends the reach of Panduit's LC connector line with this new, high-density application

Deep, high capacity vertical managers require that horizontal managers and strain relief products are installed at the proper depth on the 2 or 4 post rack to be effective. Three new standoff brackets with depths of 1.6 inches, 2.9 inches, and 5.3 inches were designed to match the mounting locations of the PatchRunner High Capacity Vertical Cable Manager. They provide the proper rack standoff to fully utilize horizontal managers, equipment, and strain relief products. When used in conjunction with 1, 2, 4, or 8 RU metal filler panels, they allow power or communications cables that extend outside the rack to be protected.

Category 6 and Category 5e 28/30 AWG UTP jack modules are now available. Performance levels are designated by a green or yellow wire cap which is compatible with conductor insulation diameters of 0.025 in. max. and overall cable O.D. 0.120 in. to 0.185 in.. These jack modules terminate to 28 AWG solid/stranded and 30 AWG solid, 100 ohm twisted pair cable.

The Net-Contain System separates cold and hot data center air streams to and from equipment. It manages airflow at the source and increases CRAH unit cooling efficiency. The Net-Contain System leverages existing data center cooling and equipment fans to move the flow of exhaust air and cooling air, reducing energy costs and noise levels. This passive system contains no moving parts resulting in a more energy efficient solution than comparable forced-air options. New dual sliding doors mount to either Net-

Access or Net-SERV Cabinets and can be installed in either a 4 ft. (1200mm) or 6 ft. (1800mm) aisle with integral low profile ceiling structures available in 600mm, 700mm, and 800mm widths.

Switch brackets, exclusively for Cisco N2K, N3K, 5010, 5020, 5548, and 5596, can be used in applications that require switch mounting in a conventional 2 post, 3 inch deep EIA compliant channel rack. The brackets and the switches consume no more RU space on the rack than the switch alone. Conventional vertical and horizontal cable management can be used on the rack along with the brackets and the switches.

These units are designed for the Cisco 7.5 kW power supplies employed in the Nexus switched product line (7009, 7010 and 7018). The PViQ POUs integrate with the Panduit PIM Software Platform to enable intelligent management of the in-cabinet power usage. This system helps to quickly identify and resolve power issues, find and reclaim available or underutilized power capacity, and automate collection of real-time and accurate power information. They mount vertically or horizontally to the Net-Access and Net-SERV Cabinets or Panduit 4 post racks

Panduit is offering an additional fiber optic connector termination tool. This economical tool is used with Opticam fiber optic connectors. It offers the same mechanism as the original Opticam tool but does not offer the built-in visual fault locator. Installation instructions are included to ensure continued high-quality terminations.

The IndustrialNet 8-Port DIN rail mount patching products consist of a fiber optic enclosure which provides 360 protection for fiber optic terminations and a copper patch panel which allows for cable entry from top or bottom. These provide efficient deployment of copper and fiber patching in control panels and zone enclosures with convenient DIN rail or wall mount installation. The 8-Port DIN Rail Mount Solutions:

Accept up to eight single Mini-Com copper and fiber modules

Port count matches commonly available industrial network mini switches

The industrial rack allows industrial Ethernet users to incorporate best practice equipment management and cable management techniques developed for use in data centers. The industrial rack is used in the Micro Data Center (MDC), defined as the area in the manufacturing environment where the necessary compute, storage, and switching (exclusively for manufacturing) reside. In addition, the industrial rack allows users to

follow Ciscos recommended Converged Ethernet I/P architecture for manufacturing; including demilitarized zone (DMZ), with firewall appliances and redundant compute and switching.

Panduits innovative noise shielding solution is a six-page product bulletin is now available illustrating how the Shielded Wiring Duct and Noise Shield route, separate, and shield sensitive wiring from noise emission. The shielding provides up to 20dB reduction in noise, or 90% noise voltage reduction, which is equivalent to 6 inches of air spacing, effecting valuable panel space savings of up to 40%. SAWDCB23 can be ordered through Customer Service.

Key Customer Benefit: OEM and MRO users can ensure compliance with military and industry requirements when printing fluid-resistant, heat shrink labels using Panduit resin thermal transfer ribbons. Applications: For use in transportation and rail markets, as well as other applications where exposure to harsh chemicals is a concern. Solution Sell: Can be printed using the TDP43ME printer with new ribbon part number RMER4BL-C. See online catalog for more details.

Raised Panel Labels are now qualified to withstand up to 20 years of outdoor UV exposure. This makes them the perfect solution for solar and other applications

requiring exposure to harsh environments. An electronic specification sheet (WW-IDSP65), two sample bags (RP-SAMPLE and SBAG-IDSOLAR), and a technical data sheet are now available.

In October, Panduit will be launching a localized bi-weekly 30min long webinar series for all partners in the Asia Pacific Region. These webinars will be conducted in English, Chinese, Korean & Japanese languages. Each webinar will be solution focused on the following industries. - Enterprise - Data Center - Industrial Automation - Electrical Watch out for our webinar invite in your mailbox soon!

A well designed Micro Data Center (MDC) protects the integrity, availability and confidentiality of control and information data. It facilitates the connectivity from the plant floor up to the enterprise giving greater visibility into the manufacturing processes to identify problems, optimize processes and plan for the future. Download the white paper to learn more about Micro Data Centers in an Industrial Automation (IA) environment and the benefits of deploying this technology.

Do you want to provide your customers with a reliable architecture that will improve their network availability and scalability in a virtualized environment? Read this case study to find out how Panduit was able to assist Chiesi Group with building a new research and development center to realize its goal of enhancing growth and business efficiency.

Elmhurst Memorial Healthcare (EMHC) opened a new hospital in 2011, featuring the latest in advanced medical technology. The new EMHC Case Study focuses on how Panduits enterprise solution is enabling that technology. The case study can be ordered through customer service as CPCS29--SAENG.

ASEAN & Australia combined Regional Partner Summit From 28th to 30th August 2012, Panduit ASEAN & Australia combined efforts to host their first Regional Partner Summit together in Shenzhen, China. More than 100 participating partners took part in this event over 3 days and the summit was held at the Grand Hyatt, Zhenzhen. Event Pictures can be found on the Asia Pacific Facebook Page

Panduit participates in 2012 BICSI India held at Bangalore Panduit India participated in BICSI India held at NIMHANS Convention Centre, Bangalore on 24th & 25th Aug 2012. The theme for this years conference was Trends and Technologies for the future. A short video clip of BICSI India Conference 2012, is now uploaded and you can watch this on YouTube by clicking on Event Pictures can be found on the Asia Pacific Facebook page.

The following part number series will be discontinued. Per Panduit Standard Return Material Policy (RMA), the part numbers being made obsolete may be returned at no restocking charge provided a Return Authorization has been issued by Panduit and the material is returned by the date listed below. After this date, the part numbers being made obsolete will no longer be returnable to Panduit. LS9 and LS9Q Hand-Held Printers Discontinuation Effective: August 12, 2012 Product may be returned until: September 28, 2012 Replacement Part Numbers: Please promote the LS8E and LS8EQ printers which offer more capabilities and versatility PMR5, PMR7 and PMR40 metal surface raceway system including channel, fittings, surface mount boxes and faceplates Discontinuation Effective: August 31, 2012 Product may be returned until: December 28, 2012 Replacement Part Numbers: Please promote the comprehensive line of nonmetallic surface raceway system Panduit Net-Access Power Outlet Units (POUs) PV12LN and PV12PN Discontinuation Effective: November 1, 2012 Product may be returned until: January 1, 2013 Replacement Part Numbers: QZ1B1L2BN30P1 and QZ1D2B2BM30P1 QuickNet Plug Pack part numbers QPP6**, QPP8**, QPP12**, and QPPR6S** Discontinuation Effective: Immediately

Product may be returned until: July 10, 2012 Replacement Part Numbers: Enhanced QuickNet plug packs QPPN6**, QPPN8**, QPPN12** and QPPNR6S**

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