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Friend to Friend Newsletter June 2012
The Traditiona l British Holida y
Do you remember the typical British holiday? It was usually at a famous seaside resort in July or August when the school holidays were taking place. A lot of fun could be had at the famous Punch and Judy shows or also a favourite activity for the a donkey ride on the children and parents alike. beach. Sometimes, dad even got buried in the sand. Traditional things to eat were Candy Floss and a Some of the favourite resorts stick of rock with the sea- were places like Blackpool, side resort’s name all Bournemouth, Scarborough down the middle of the and so many more too numerrock. Not good for teeth! ous to mention. And the weathBuilding sandcastles was er? Well usually wet but we didn’t care as we always had lots of fun.

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Denby Dale June and Walking Group Rag Rugging at Kirkroyds Holmfirth Project Group Geoff has reached his peak




Holmfirth Project 1st June Holmfirth Project 15th June Old Meltham History Group Fund Raising Group/Food Safety Training/ Honley Marsden Diamond Jubilee




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Denby Dale June Meeting
This month, Mrs. Priestley, a long time National Trust member came to remind us of the NT properties in Yorkshire. She had slides to show the superb views and buildings that belong to the NT. Fountains Abbey was the most prominent one as it has a lovely Visitor Centre with the most important cafe and refurbished toilets, grounds and lakes to walk round (I always think water makes a difference) and also it's up in't Dales. Of course there are picnic areas at Brimham Rocks and around Malham tarn, but not this 'summer' thank you. Our nearest one, Nostell Priory, has had a makeover in ths stables and that has a nice easy walk around the lake side. Some good ideas for outings there. After a quick quiz to test our knowledge of the Royal family, Vicki from The Kirkburton Centre came to inform us of some courses she runs to get us up to speed on the computer. There is a beginners course and a more advanced one, so no-one misses out. There was a bit of discussion about ipods and ipads but it was never really sorted. So, quick quiz winners were Tony Fisher and Joan Aukland and the raffle prizes went to Joan Aukland and Joyce Brook. Julie Barber

Denby Dale Walking Group
It's a good job that some people are good at making up a 'plan B' and that they know their way around. Unfortunately this week there was a transport mix up so our quick thinking leaders soon came up with another idea - How about Pennine Garden Centre instead of Greenhead Park? No problems there. Of course we had to have a bit of exercise before the tea and cakes, so we wandered down through Pilling House and the over the tracks to Station Road where volunteer drivers picked us up in their cars and wafted us on to Shelley. Lucky with the weather again we seemed to be always standing under the right cloud. Sometimes there was a bit of wind-chill and at others it was warm, but no rain! Suits us. Roll on Old Moor Julie Barber


Rag Rugging at Kirkroyds Infants school
We made a great creative start this month with our new project working together with the Kirkroyds Infant school, year 7 children in Holmfirth. We will now continue to meet weekly with two Friend to Friend members, a volunteer and 6 different children, to produce the Olympic rings in a rag rug using old cut up tshirts. When we have finished in about 13 weeks’ time, the rug will be displayed in the school. We have had a great response from the children who have enjoyed learning a new skill. Most of them have commented, that they would like to stay all night in school to carry on working on the rug.

Holmfirth Project Group - Meeting at Holmfirth Library
The group wanted to meet people from the community and arranged a meeting at Holmfirth Library on 19th June 2012. The 1950’s clothes including a wedding dress and two veils and tiaras were on display with mementoes lent by members and others from the 50s. Friend to Friend members dressed up in their tiaras and some visitors were interviewed and recorded. Photographs taken by members will be on display on our web site along with examples from the interviews in due course. There was plenty of conversation and a lot of laughs. Thanks to everybody who came and to the library for playing host.

Geoff has reached his peak!
We would like to extend a huge congratulations from Friend to Friend to Geoff Taylor - one of our volunteer walk leaders for Denby Dale and bus driver for many of our group’s trips out, and his family on ‘bagging’ the Munros. A Munro is a mountain in Scotland with a height over 3,000 ft (914.4 m). They are named after Sir Hugh Munro, 4th Baronet (1856–1919), who produced the first list of such hills, known as Munros Tables, in 1891. A Munro top is a summit over 3,000 ft which is not regarded as a separate mountain. As of the 2009 according to the Scottish Mountaineering Club, there are 283 Munros the most well known is Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the British Isles, with an altitude of 1,344 metres (4,409 ft). Geoff is now a ‘completer’ that is he has now climbed (bagged) all 283 Munro Peaks – well done to him we wave our walking sticks in salute to your fantastic achievement.


Holmfirth Project 1 st June 2012
Diamond Jubilee Celebration fort with their outfits and sported tiaras and other headgear prepared earlier. Winnie had This was a very great success on a super banner made from with everyone entering into the 2 tea towels – you wouldn’t spirit of the thing. have guessed. Volunteers worked very hard from early on decorating the Phoenix with lots of red white and blue and our Heritage Lottery banner. Also on display a wedding dress and other 1950s dresses belonging to Marie Beaumont Our members made a real efDavid Cockman showed a DVD with a royal theme – the significance of hats and other headwear - especially the Crown. Our M.P. Jason McCartney and his chief secretary Sally came to join us as did Isobel, Mary Drake’s daughter, Doreen’s daughter and Janet’s friend Doreen. Judy prepared a lovely lunch of Coronation Chicken (of course) and fruit sponge with syllabub. Jason gave the royal toast and Shirley Boardman led us in Rule Britannia. After lunch, Harvey came to sing and play to us music of the 50s. There was some singing along and a bit of dancing. Altogether a memorable celebration of the Jubilee.

Holmfirth Project 15 th June 2012
We were back at work on our Diamond Years project but started off with a DVD David Cockman had kindly put together of photos of the Jubilee celebration. Shirley Simmonds had taken individual photos of the members in their finery and where suitable these will go on the cover of the scrapbooks. David and Jim Robison then talked to us about how they see the ‘tiles’ part of the project working. The purpose of this was to generate ideas about suitable local areas/landmarks/artefacts which members could photograph with David’s guidance. These photos would then be the basis for tiles to be produced with Jim’s help. Jim had brought some examples of his ceramics and David some photos to inspire everybody – which it seemed to do. After lunch we had the great Smartie tube opening – Smarties supplied by Joan and Winnie, Smarties enjoyed and the tubes filled with money. A lot of earnest counting & piling of coins went on. With more tubes still to come back, the total so far is more than £120. So well done everybody. Shirley S also brought along the first of her plants – they all went and raised extra for F to F funds.


Old Meltham History Group
At this month’s meeting we had a cutting and sticking session to fill up our life story books. We also had a quiz on old Yorkshire dialect sayings such as; ‘corfurus intmorning’- or ‘berragerrontbus’. Here’s a Yorkshire poem by Joyce Haigh: Write it down I go t’shops an can’t remember What it wor I cem to buy I stand an think an other folk Just nod an hurry by

Fund Raising Group
Gill Evans, a Friend to Friend volunteer has started a new group that will meet together on a regular basis to raise funds for all the Friend to Friend groups. At this month’s meeting on Thursday 5th of July they will be a speaker from ‘Not just a trading company’, who will speak to the group about selling ethical and fair trade products at events as a way of raising funds. If anyone is interested in joining the group, please ring the Friend to Friend office on 687773 and ask to speak to Jane who will give you more details.

Food Safety Training
Make a list my family sed So as well as I were able I wrote it down an off I went But left t’damn thing on t’table
Friend to Friend will be holding a Food Safety training course on the 23rd of July at the Holmfirth Methodist Church at 9.30 to 4pm. The course is open to all volunteers who are involved with the preparation, cooking or handling of food. If you would like a place then please contact the Friend to Friend office on 687773..

I wrote it on a luggage label An tied it wi some string Upon my bag an do you know I didn’t forget a thing

Honley Group
Numbers were up despite the weather. For starters we had a quiz of the news from the last couple of weeks. I was quite surprised to find that only one person in the room knew of England’s progress on the Euro championship and that nobody knew the name of Harvey Smith’s horse. Acronyms were next on the list. Did you know this one? TEPID Tastes Expensive, Pension Inadequate, Dammit. There were lots of discussions and memories and these were followed up by several humorous poems. Shirley


Marsden’s Diamond Jubilee Celebration – June 7th Hello everyone we do hope that you all enjoyed the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations. It did seem to create a good community spirit with so many people celebrating both at home and at local events. The television coverage of the various national events held in and around London was very good indeed and perhaps gave a sense of the nation coming together to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s long reign.

Marsden Friend to Friend had been planning for the event for some weeks. Firstly, we decided to have an ‘indoor street party’ in the Mechanics Institute where we hold our regular sessions. Then the members suggested that we could wear tiaras or crowns at our ‘indoor street party’. We searched the internet for ideas and found some gold coloured card crowns; we purchased 20 crowns in total and we were very pleased with them when they arrived – after all who could resist 20 ‘gold crowns’ for £4.99 (ha ha). The next step was to decorate them with plastic ‘jewels’.

Grace Joyce Liz (Volunteer) We devoted a session to embellishing our crowns and everyone was delighted with the finished result; we think they looked great. Above - Grace, Joyce and Liz model samples of the crowns. They look quite regal wearing the crowns - don’t they! We had agreed to have a buffet lunch at our party and Janet, the manager of the Mechanics, kindly allowed us stay from 10.15am until 1.45pm rather than our usual 10.15 until 11.45. Therefore we had time to decorate the room with flags, bunting and balloons and also the tables with union jack table cloths, serviettes and such like. Everyone brought some food for the buffet and it looked just delicious.

Enjoying our jubilee party lunch


We had lots of salads, quiches, sausage rolls, sandwiches, cakes, cup-cakes, biscuits and Audrey made a superb trifle. The buffet looked really appetising and everyone was soon tucking into the food, we all really enjoyed our celebration lunch - as can be seen by the photographs! Also, there was enough food left for our members to take some home for their tea.

We played background music from the 1950s during the session which was certainly appropriate for our celebration. We knew all of the songs but had fun trying to remember who sang on particular records!

Members enjoying Audrey’s trifle

Cynthia in her ‘jubilee’ tee shirt

The members and volunteers Liz, Shirley and Cynthia had a lovely time. It was a very good way to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. We had good food, good music and good company – what more can one ask for! I am sure that we will all have such nice memories of the celebration. Thanks to everyone for helping to make it such a special session. Finally, a special mention goes to Dorothy who has been ill recently but is now recovering and was able to attend the celebration. It was lovely to see you again Dorothy we really enjoyed your company! Cynthia Phillips
Friend to Friend Unit 8 Bridge Mills Huddersfield Road Holmfirth HD9 3TW Tel: 01484 687773 Email:




Answers to last month’s quiz about the Queen

The Queen has attended every opening of Parliament except those in 1959 and 1963. Why was this? She was pregnant with Andrew and Edward. The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh have sent approximately 45,000 what over the last 60 years? Christmas cards There have been how many popes during the Queen’s 60 year reign? SIX

 

The Queen has sent how many telegrams to centenarians in the UK and the Commonwealth during her 60 years: 175,000+ Royal Yacht Britannia was decommissioned in which year? 1997

 

In 1974 the Queen’s trip to Australia and Indonesia was interrupted and the Queen had to return to the UK. The Duke continued with the programme in Australia and the Queen rejoined the tour in Indonesia later. Why did she return? A General Election in the UK was suddenly called and she had to return to Britain. Why was the Queen’s visit to the Republic of Ireland in May 2011 such an important and historic one? It was the first visit by a British monarch since Irish independence. In which year did the Queen attend her first FA Cup Final? How many ships has the Queen launched during her reign? In which year was the first royal walkabout? 1970 1953 21

   

In which year of her reign did the Queen NOT make a Christmas broadcast? 1969 - a repeat of the film Royal Family was shown and a written message issued. What is the significance of this address for the Queen? 17 Bruton Street, London W1. She was born there. What did the Queen learn to do in 1945? What is the date of the Queen’s birthday? She learnt to drive. April 21st

  

Which item of the Queen’s jewellery came from the Clogau St David’s mine near Dolgellau in Wales? Her wedding ring.


Old Money Quiz Do you remember the days of pounds, shillings and pence? All those lessons at school when we had to remember that there were 12 pence in one shilling and twenty shillings in a pound. The nightmare of maths lessons working out these complicated amounts. This quiz tests your knowledge and memory of our ‘old money’ (and you thought you had put those days behind you). All you have to do is work out the amount for each clue and write it in the boxes opposite, then add up the total. Some of the answers might be slang for a particular coin, others are perhaps a little comic, so beware! One has been done for you to give you an idea. Good luck!

A Stone Poorly Sea Creature Royal Headgear Man’s name Worker of Leather Mode of Transport Type of Pig Jupiter, Saturn, Girl’s name






More Jubilee pictures for you