Engineering Nature’s design
Fall in love with the world around you For you will become the ‘master of machines’
Thirumavalavan Sampath Mechanical System Design, Indian Institute of Information technology, Design and manufacturing.

Thirumavalavan Sampath, IIIT D&M.

What we see Vs. What its actually is

What do you see?

Thirumavalavan Sampath, IIIT D&M.

IIIT D&M. .Tunnel Boom Thirumavalavan Sampath.

. IIIT D&M.What its actually is!!! Thirumavalavan Sampath.

Why do birds fly in flocks? Thirumavalavan Sampath. IIIT D&M. .

IIIT D&M. .We are not the only engineers!! • There are organisms out there that have already solved the problem that most of the engineers and scientists had spent their careers trying to solve Thirumavalavan Sampath.

1000 years of R&D Thirumavalavan Sampath. . IIIT D&M.

IIIT D&M. .8 billion years of R&D . There are over 30 Million well adapted solutions Thirumavalavan Sampath.3.

IIIT D&M. only 4% being used How does life make things? Life friendly manufacturing process • How do we re-design the world we made? Thirumavalavan Sampath.THE GRAND DESIGN • How do we make things? 96% left over. .

Water Conservation Desalination plant in camel Sahara Forest Project Thirumavalavan Sampath. . IIIT D&M.

City Planning-Slime mold (A rapidly growing amoeba) Thirumavalavan Sampath. IIIT D&M. .

Avoiding Accidents Mimicking Grasshoppers Indians had 9845 accidents in 2011 alone!!! But grasshoppers fly 1000’s in numbers but still don’t Collide with each other Thirumavalavan Sampath. IIIT D&M. .

IIIT D&M.Eco-Conservation Bio-degradable plastics Thirumavalavan Sampath. .

How is eel insulating against its own electric current? Thirumavalavan Sampath. IIIT D&M.Electric eel as Insulators & Bio-Batteries Bio-Batteries that can be installed in Human body. . which can run using the Chemicals in our body.

Our favorite pet too is not an exception Shoes that prevent slipping while walking in ice Thirumavalavan Sampath. IIIT D&M. .

IIIT D&M.Nature’s Sensor techniques Night Vision Dragon Fish Dung Beetle Thirumavalavan Sampath. .

Thirumavalavan Sampath. It is normally bright green.000 pounds. Can carry a load equal to 850 times their weight. equal to 3-4 loaded cement trucks! 2. but turns black when wet. . IIIT D&M. The equivalent load for a 200 pound person would be 170.Humidity detector and material technology 1.

. IIIT D&M.IR detector-Melanophila beetle Thirumavalavan Sampath.

. IIIT D&M.Bio-mimicry in Architecture Turning torso Thirumavalavan Sampath.

IIIT D&M. .Bio-mimicry in architecture East Gate Center-Termite mound Natural Air-conditioning Thirumavalavan Sampath.

IIIT D&M.Power of shape Bionic car Thirumavalavan Sampath. .

IIIT D&M. on turbine blades.Power of shape Mimicking the bumps on the Whale’s fins. efficiency had found to be improved by 15% Thirumavalavan Sampath. .

after mimicking honey comb shape Thirumavalavan Sampath.Power of Shape Wheels that can be driven easily on ice covered area. . IIIT D&M.

Functional modeling • Black box approach Nature Problem Black box Solution Thirumavalavan Sampath. . IIIT D&M.

IIIT D&M. Initially conceptualize your idea using black box approach.Design Challenge Nature is filled with countless other planned. We can follow it up to ‘Thiram’13’ Thirumavalavan Sampath. Choose any living thing you find interesting. . and mail it to me. and translate it into engineering design application. practical ideas which await our discovery. observe its function.

IIIT D&M.Any time Contact No: 9677998744 Thirumavalavan Sampath Thirumavalavan Sampath. .

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