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Economic, political and communicational power of the social media


November 16, 2012

16:30-17:00 Registration 17:00-17:20 OPENING CEREMONY (Large auditorium) Speakers: President of Organization committee dr. Mato Brautovid Representative of Department of Communication science Representative of the University of Dubrovnik 17:30-19:00 PANEL1: GOVERMENT, ELECTIONS AND SECURITY (Large auditorium) Moderator: dr. Domagoj Bebid E-Participation and Greece - the time before and after the economic crisis Dr.phil. Papadopoulou Dora, Democritus University of Thrace; Greece The use of Twitter at 2011 Turkish general elections by the party leaders and its members Gnseli Bayraktutan - Bakent University Faculty of Communication, Turkey

Mutlu Binark - Bakent University Faculty of Communication, Turkey Turul omu - Ankara University Institute of Social Sciences, Turkey Burak Dou - zmir Ekonomi University Faculty of Communication, Turkey Gzde slamolu - Gazi University Institute of Social Sciences, Turkey Asl Telli Aydemir - stanbul ehir University Faculty of Communication, Turkey The potential and limits of facebook and other social media in anti-corruption campaigns of civil society organizations: Case of Bosnia and Herzegovina Dr. Zarfa Hrnjid Kuduzovid, University of Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina Usage of Social Media by Political Actors: An Analysis on the Usage of Twitter by Leaders of Political Parties in Turkey Dr. Hanifi Kurt, Faculty of Communication, Ege University, Turkey Dr. Sibel Karaduman, Faculty of Communication, Akdeniz University, Turkey Examples of the most effective communication of mayors of European cities via social networks Dr. Domagoj Bebid, University of Zagreb, Croatia Communication Aspects of Official Web Pages of Split-Dalmatia County Cities Dr.Meri Maretid, Split-Dalmatia County, Croatia Josipa Cakta, Split-Dalmatia County, Croatia Zvonimir Mimica, Split-Dalmatia County, Croatia Impact of Social Media on National Security: Threats and Opportunities Dr. Marijana Musladin, University of Dubrovnik, Croatia The Role of the Internet in Social Revolution: Belgrade and Protest 96 Dr. Rita M. Csap-Sweet, Department of Media Studies, University of Missouri St. Louis; USA 20:30-23:00 Opening reception (Restaurant Mimoza) November 17, 2012 09:00-10:15 PANEL2: ACTIVISM AND SOCIAL MOVEMENTS (Large auditorium) Moderator: dr. Viktorija Car Social Media Revolutions: A comparison between Egypt and Moldovas online social movements Bogdan Ivascu, National School of Political Studies and Public Administration, Bucharest, Romania

Digital Activism: Real, Virtual or Surrogate Civic Engagement? Dr. Viktorija Car, University of Zagreb, Croatia Neven Benko, University of Zagreb, Croatia Traditional or virtual? The media chosen by the Israeli tent protest movement and its relations to the respondents' level of involvement and activism Dr. Amir Hetsroni, School of Communication, Ariel University Center, Israel Hila Lowenstein, School of Communication, Ariel University Center, Israel New technologies and civic engagement Dr. Dragan Dalovid, Megatrend University, University of Belgrade, Serbia 10:15-10:30 COFFEE BREAK 10:30 -12:30 PANEL3: COMMUNICATION, JOURNALISM AND MEDIA (Large auditorium) Moderator: dr. Mato Brautovid Alternative Journalism Movement in Opposition to Mainstream Journalism: 140journos as a Tweet News Platform Dr. Murad Karaduman, Faculty of Communication, Akdeniz University, Turkey Impact of Social Media on Television Media Beatrice Zll, University of Zagreb, Croatia/Germany Decreasing public media increasing alternative information (changing structure of media and the political system) in Central-Eastern Europe Dr. Jzsef Herman, Hungary Evaluating the usability of Croatian media mobile apps Dr. Mato Brautovid, University of Dubrovnik, Croatia Low-cost real-time monitoring of public opinion using readers' comments on news web portals Duje Bonacci, School of Croatian Studies, University of Zagreb & Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of Croatia, Croatia Journalists' perception of the significance of social networks in the production of media contents Dr. Ksenija lof, Croatia Slobodan Hadid, Croatia Zlatko Herljevid, Croatia

Local online journalism: Online media in Dubrovnik Anuka Fjorovid, University of Dubrovnik, Croatia 09:00-10:15 PANEL4: EDUCATION, SCIENCE AND LITERACY (Room 122) Moderator: dr. Natalia Stagl karo Facebook in foreign language teaching and learning Ariana Violid-Koprivec, University of Dubrovnik, Croatia Jelena Dubid, University of Dubrovnik, Croatia The Language of New Media in EAP Silvija Bato, University of Dubrovnik, Croatia Perica Domijan, University of Dubrovnik, Croatia The impact of social media and media literacy in today's society Darja Ganik, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia Using 'new' media in communicating science: scientific journals, popular science magazines and daily newspapers practice Dr. Blanka Jergovid, Croatian Radio, Croatia Ifigenija Raid, University of Zagreb, Croatia 10:15-10:30 COFFEE BREAK 10:30-13:00 PANEL5: RELIGION, ETHICS AND LAW (Room 122) Moderator: dr. Majda Tafra Vlahovid The rise of the Internet based religions new media consumers as the new believers Dr. Ana Martinoli, Faculty of Dramatic Arts, University of Belgrade, Serbia The impact of social networks on the daily lives of Croatian users Silvio op, Croatia Communicative power of social networks: Contribution to the critique of contemporary narcissism Dr. Divna Vuksanovic, Faculty of Drama Arts, Univeresity of Belgrade, Serbia Social and cultural aspects of virtual communities and computer-mediated communication Dr. Anita Jeliid, University of Dubrovnik, Croatia The communicational power of hitchhiking Facebook fan pages

Dr. Szymon Zylinski, Journalism and Social Communication Institute of University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, Poland The role of advocacy in the new model of corporate communications Dr. Majda Tafra-Vlahovid, University of Dubrovnik, Croatia Ethical challenges and virtual power of social networks Dr. Mirjana Nikolid, Faculty of Dramatic Arts, University of Belgrade, Serbia Social Media and Management: Ethical and Legal Considerations Dr. Ghislain Deslandes, Law, Economics & Social Sciences Department, ESCP Europe, France Dr. Marie-Pierre Fenoll-Trousseau, Law, Economics & Social Sciences Department, ESCP Europe, France The social media and their moral dilemmas Dr. Dejan Donov, Institute for journalism, media and communication, University of Cyril and Methodius, Macedonia

13:00-13:30 PANEL 6: FINAL DISCUSSION (Large auditorium)