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1. A round wire has 250,000 CM. find its diameter in inches a. b. c. 1/3 d. 3/4 2.

2. In the American wire gauge as the number of gauge increases the diameter of wire____ a. increases b. decreases c. does not change d. become twice 3. An ampere is how many ab-ampere? a. 0.1 b. 0.2 c. 0.3 d. 0.4 4. A total of 0.8 kg of water at 200C is placed in a 1 kW electric kettle. How long a time in minute is needed to raise the temperature of water to 1000C? a. 4.46 min b. 5.32 min c. 6.34 min d. 4.56 min

5. The resistance of a material depends upon: a. The area of cross section and the length of the conductor b. The material of the conductor, its area of cross section and length c. The nature of the material of the conductor only d. The area of cross section of the conductor 6. A certain wire has resistance X. The resistance of another wire identical with the first except for having twice its diameter. a. X/4 b. X/2 c. 4X d. 4X/9 7. A given wire has a resistance of 17.5 . If its length is 560 m, how much length must be cut-off from the wire in order to reduce its resistance to 12.5 . a. 160 m b. 170 m c. 145 m d. 155 m

8. A copper wire of unknown length has a resistance of 0.80 . By successive passes through drawing dies, the length of wire is increased to 2.5 times its original value. Determine the new resistance value of its resistance. a. 4 b. 3 c. 5 d. 6 9. The resistance of 120 m of wires is 12 . What is its conductance? a. 0.0521 mho b. 0.083 mho c. 6 mho d. 12 mho 10. In a five color coded resistor, the forth color represent the__________? a. 4th digit b. tolerance c. Multiplier d. temperature 11. The inner part of the atom is________ a. Neutron b. proton c. electron d. nucleus

12. The electron in the outer most shell of an atom is called as____ a. Free electron b. Valence electron c. flow Electron d. outer electron 13. The resistance of a wire is 126.48 ohm at 100 0C and 100 ohm at 300C. Determine the temperature coefficient of the copper at 00C a. 0.00427 b. 0.00615 c. 0.0256 d. 0.0356 14. A coil of copper wire has a resistance of 5.46 at 750 C what will be its resistance at 250 C. a. 4.586 b. 4.84 c. 5.02 d. 4.35 15. A kilometer of wire having a diameter of 11.7 mm and a resistance of 0.031 ohm is drawn down so that its diameter is 5mm. what does its resistance of the bar. a. 0.013 b. 0.928 c.0.017 d.0.072

16. A load of 10 ohm was connected to a 12 Volt battery. The current drawn was 1.18 A. What was the internal resistance of the battery? a. 0.35 ohm b. 0.20 ohm c. 0.25 ohm d. 0.30 ohm 17. The voltage at the terminal of the battery falls from 9 V on open circuit to 6V when a resistor of 10 ohms is connected across its terminal. What is the internal resistance of the battery? a. 5 ohm b. 4 ohm c. 3 ohm d. 2 ohm 18. A 100 watt bulb draws 0.833 A and a 200 watt draws 1.666A when connected across a 120 volt source. If the two bulbs are connected in series across a 240 volt source what is the common current in amperes. a. 2.51 b. 2.11 c. 1.11 d.1.52

19. The hot resistance of incandescent lamp is 10 ohms and the rated voltage is 50 V. Find the series resistance required to operate the lamp from an 80 V supply. a. 8 ohm b. 10 ohm c. 6 ohm d. 4 ohm 20. Three resistors of 10, 12, and X ohms are connected in parallel across the current source of 8 A. Determine the value of X if this resistor draws 2.5 A? a. 10 ohm b. 11 ohm c. 12 ohm d. 13 ohm 21. A 12 V battery of 0.05 ohm resistance and another 12 V and 0.075 ohm resistance supply power to a 2 ohm resistor. What is the current through the load? a. 5.85 A b. 5.63 A c. 5.72 A d. 5.91 A

22. A lead storage battery is rated 12 V. If the internal resistance is 0.01 ohm, what is the maximum power that can be delivered to the load? a. 1200 W b. 3600 W c. 7200 W d. 1800 W 23. A variable resistor R is connected in parallel with a fixed resistor of 1.25 ohms. The combination is then connected across a 12 V battery with internal resistance of 0.25 ohm. Solve for the maximum power that can be delivered to a resistor R. a. 130.20 W b. 115.52 W c. 120.21 W d. 142.42W 24. What is the value of R in Kohms to be connected in parallel to 75 kohms to reduce the value of total resistanc to 10 Kohms? a. 11.7 b. 15.7 c. 7.5 d. 12.7

25. The resistances X,Y & Z are connected in parallel across 120 V source. The total current of the circuit is 12 A. The resistance Y is twice the value of X and resistance Z is thrice the value of X. Find the value of Y. a. 40 b. 33 c. 37 d. 25 26. A total current of 60 A is divided among 3 parallel branches having resistances of 10, 6 & 12 ohms respectively. What is the current that flows through the branch with 10 ohm resistance? a. 17.1 A b. 28.6 A c. 14.3 A d. 42.9 A 27. How many calories does an electric heater of 100 Watts generate per second? a. 10 b. 1000 c. 23.88 d. 42.25 28. How is the storage battery rated in capacity? a. Volts b. watts c. amperes d. ampere-hour

29. A 12 volt battery has 50 amp-hr capacity. The internal resistance is 0.1 ohm. A 5 ohm load is connected for 5 hours. How many ampere-hour are still left? a. 28.51 b. 41.24 c. 38.23 d. 35.92 30. Three resistors of 10, 20 & 30 ohms respectively are connected in delta. Determine their equivalent resistance in WYE connection. a. 3.33, 10, 5 b. 5, 10, 15 c. 6, 8, 10 d. 3.33, 5, 8 31. The length of time between a point in one cycle to the same point of the next cycle of an AC wave is the______? a. Frequency b. period c. magnitude d. polarity 32. In an experiment, a sinusoidal wave form is observed to complete 8 cycles in 25 msec. Determine the frequency of the wave form. a. 320 Hz b. 200 Hz c. 40 Hz d. 64 Hz

33. The wavelength of international distress of frequency is 600 m. What is the equivalent frequency in kHz? a. 200 b. 300 Hz c. 400 Hz d. 500 Hz 34. If emf in a circuit is given by e = 100 sin 628t, the maximum value of the voltage and frequency is______? a. 100 V, 50 Hz b. 100 V, 100 Hz c. 50 V, 50 Hz d. 50 V, 100 Hz 35. A sinusoidal voltage wave has an RMS value of 70.71 V and a frequency of 60 Hz. Determine the value of the voltage 0.0014 second after it crosses the t axis. a. 70.71 b. 100 V c. 50 V d. 141.42 V 36. The resistance of the conductor increases when a. Its length increases b. Its area increase c. Both length and area increases d. specific resistance kept constant

37. The curve representing ohms law is a. Parabola b. linear c. sine function d. hyperbola 38. The voltage applied across an electric press was reduced by 50%. The power consumed by the press will be reduced by a. 25% b. 50% c. 75% d. 30% 39. Magnetic lines of force are called a. Hysteresis b. current c. flux d. magneto motive force 40. Permeance is analogous to a. Conductance b. resistance c. reluctance d. none of these

41. The energy stored in an inductor is given by a. 2LI2 joules b. 0 joules c. N/I joules d. LI2 joules 42. No voltage will induced in a coil when current I is a. Switched on b. switched off c. reduced d. constant 43. Whenever a conductor cuts magnetic flux, an emf is induced in that conductor. This statement is known as a. Joules Law b. Faradays Law c. Coulombs Law d. Newtons Law 44. While comparing magnetic circuit and electric circuits, the flux of magnetic circuit is compared with w/c parameter of electric circuit? a. Emf b. resistance c. current d. conductance 45. A natural magnet is called a. Steel b. lodestone c. magnetism d. soft iron