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Mild Steel Plates

Steel Grade: ASTM A 36

Manufacturers : Bhilai Steel Plant ,Bokaro Steel Plant , Rourkela Steel Plant.

GRADE ASTM A36 or Equivalent SAE-AISI 1018 CPercentage 0.26 Mnpercentage 0.75 Maximum - P 0.040 Maximum - S 0.050 Other Cu 0.20

Mechanical Properties
GRADE Yield Strength (MPa [ksi]) ASTM A36 250 [36] Tensile Strength (MPa [ksi]) 400-550 [58-80] min. 200 mm 20 min. 50 mm 21 Minimum Elongation Percentage Harness (Brinell) 150-180

Tubes: While A36's tensile strength limits its use as rebars for reinforced concrete and
masonry, A36 tubes work well as basic support structures. Because hollow pipe offers more strength per unit mass than a solid member, A36 tubes stand easily as columns and supports for billboards, road signs, and lampposts. A36 tubes also serve as casing pipes, encasing and protecting underground utility lines. However, with casing pipes for load-bearing concrete pilings -- such as those used for bridges and building foundations -- higher-grade steel is recommended.

Wide Flange Beams and Structural Tees: Wide flange beams and structural tees are
support structures distinguished by their I- and T-shaped cross-sections, respectively. Designed to provide maximum resistance against shear and compressive stresses and against bending moment, wide flanges and structural tees are ideal for beams and columns in structures that bear heavy loads. A36 I- and T-beams are used widely for bridges, roads, and many outdoor

applications. While equally suitable for small- to medium-scale building construction, A36 beams are not recommended for very large buildings such as high rises, where their poor hightemperature performance could constitute a major hazard in case of fire or high heat.

Angles and Channels: Angles and channels, structural steel members with L- and [-shaped
profiles, respectively, often serve as bracing or finishing elements. A36 angles of varying configurations are commonly used as trimming for floors and doorways and as weatherproofing material. Steel angles also provide sturdy bracing for a variety of purposes, including shelves, desks, bleachers, workbenches, work cubicles, and public restroom stalls. A36 channels can bear heavier loads than angles and serve both as light framing and as beams or girders. Steel channels are also often employed as supports for loads hanging from roof or floor frames.

Plates and Sheets: A36 steel plates, usually measuring to 2 inches thick, play an important
role in construction, industrial, marine, and military applications. They are used in the construction of stadiums, airports, warehouses, railway stations, ships, offshore facilities, military vehicles and buildings, and pressure vessels such as boilers and gas tanks. A36 steel sheets, on the other hand, are choice material for air conditioning units, road signs, and building cladding. Perforated A36 sheet metal also works well for soundproofing, screen doors, filters, vents, and animal enclosures.

Steel Grade: BS-4360 Grade 43A

Manufacturers : Bhilai Steel Plant , Bokaro Steel Plant , Rourkela Steel Plant.

GRADE BS-4360 Grade C - Percentage 0.25 Mn-percentage 1.60 Maximum - P 0.050 Maximum - S 0.050 Other Si 0.50

Mechanical Properties
GRADE BS-4360 Grade 43A Yield Strength (MPa [ksi]) 275 Tensile Strength (MPa [ksi]) 430-510 Minimum Elongation Percentage 21 Harness (Brinell) 160


BS-4360 Grade 43A is used for national and international standards for

various engineering applications such as equipment manufacturing, industrial fabrication, kilns and gates for hydro projects, crane girders turbine runners, etc.

Steel Grade: JIS G3101SS400

Manufacturers : Bhilai Steel Plant , Bokaro Steel Plant , Rourkela Steel Plant.

GRADE JIS G3101SS400 C - Percentage 0.15-0.20 Mn-percentage 0.50-0.80 Maximum - P 0.050 Maximum - S 0.050 Other Si 0.15-0.30

Mechanical Properties
GRADE JIS G3101SS400 Yield Strength (MPa [ksi]) 235 -245 Tensile Strength (MPa [ksi]) 400-510 Minimum Elongation Percentage 20 Harness (Brinell) 160


This JIS G3101SS400 Steel Plates is one of the most widely used grades of steel

plate. It is used in practically every industry and its applications are too numerous to mention. Chapel Steel stocks a wide range of sizes in all of our warehouses. SS400 is a type of steel sheet under JIS standard which is used to build ship, bridge, belongs to high strength sheet. Also it is use in Low and middle pressure fluid transportation pipeline, Casing Tube, Boiler Pipe, Petroleum and natural gas industry, Chemistry industry, Electric industry etc.