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Instructions: Read the heading carefully before attempting the questions. Answer all questions. Time: 30 minutes. SECTION A Sentence Completion 1. Hundreds of citizens showed up to___________ the planning commissions master plan for regional centers, claiming that adding 800,000 additional people to the metro area by the year 2010 would cause overcrowding and gridlock. (A) Vote on (B) protest (C) celebrate (D) view (E) stop 2. Man has no choice but to seek truth, he is made uncomfortable and frustrated without truththus, the quest for truth is part of what makes us ___________ . (A) Noble (B) different (C) human (D) intelligent (E) aggressive 3. In these politically correct times, it has become ___________ to discuss certain subjects at all. (A) Safe (B) eccentric (C) precarious (D) efficacious (E) effortless 4. While environmentalists and NGOs have welcomed the move, there has been strong _______ from many a quarter. (A) Opposition (B) rivalry (C) approval (D) defiance (E) acceptance 5. The condemnatory drivel of critics directed toward Steven Spielbergs latest film attests to the fact that the pretentious critics have lost sight of the purpose of movies:_________ (A) to exalt (B) to correct (C) to mislead (D) to convert (E) to entertain 6. Although prices ___________ during the fuel shortage, the suppliers actually saw___________ in profits. (A) Increased ------ a loss (B) stabilized ------ a boon (C) shot up ------- an expansion (D) fluctuated ----- a deprivation (E) decreased ------ a windfall

Each of the questions below consists of two words that have a certain relationship to each other, followed by five lettered pairs of related words. Select the lettered pair of words.

7. DILIGENT : ASSIDUOUS :: (A) suspicious: reliable (B) cautious: indecisive (C) repentant: innocent (D) peerless: common (E) indigent : poor A

10. LAMPOON : MOCK :: (A) exalt : ennoble A (B) entice : disown (C) prattle : talk (D) entreat : controvert (E) debate : heckle

8. LOQUACIOUS : GARRULOUS (A) harsh : kindly (B) animate : weary (C) gluttonous : disloyal (D) rash : impetuous A (E) blithe : gloomy

11. SMOKE : COMBUSTION :: (A) muster : contingency (B) certainty : apprehension (C) cosmetics : appearance (D) art : painting (E) energy : nuclear fission

9. ANATHEMA : CURSE :: (A) hex : blessing (B) admonition : censure A (C) incantation : discernment (D) theory : calculation (E) conjecture : truth

12. POLITIC : PRUDENT :: (A) portentous : contemptible (B) exquisite : unrefined (C) insulting : reputable (D) disconcerting : embarrassing (E) bucolic : constrictive

SECTION B For the following problems, choose the word most opposite in meaning to the capitalized word.

1. GRATUITOUS: (A) voluntary (E) befitting 2. FALLOW: (A) fatuous (E) opprobrious 3. METTLE: (A) ad hoc 4. SAVANT: (A) dolt

(B) arduous

(C) solicitous

(D) righteous

(B) productive

(C) bountiful

(D) pertinacious

(B) perdition (B) sage

(C) woe

(D) trepidation (E) apathy (D) apropos comment

(C) attach

(E) state of confusion 5. RIFE: (A) multitudinous (B) blemished (C) sturdy (D) counterfeit (E) sparse 6. ABRIDGE: (A) distend 7. PRODIGAL: (A) (B) assail (C) unfetter (B) (D) enfeeble (C) (E) prove provident

bountiful (E) profligate


(D) superfluous

8. REQUIEM: (A) humility (B) prerequisite (C) resolution (D) reign (E) hiatus 9. METE: (A) indict (B) convoke (C) hamper (D) disseminate (E) deviate (D)

10. SEVERANCE: (A) continuation disclosure (E) remonstrance

(B) dichotomy

(C) astringency


SECTION A 1B 2C 3C 4A 5E 6A 7E 8D 9B 10 A 11 E 12 D SECTION B 1. E 2. B 3. D 4. A 5. E 6. A 7. C 8. D 9. B 10. A