Naskah Drama Malin Kundang dalam Bahasa Inggris

Once upon a time, there lived an old woman with her son, named Malin. They lived suffered and hanged with the forest yield. Mom : “Malin, come here son, help me to carry this firewoods.” Malin : “Yes mom, wait a minute.” (Malin helped his mother) Malin : “Mom how long will this last? I want some change.” Mom : “I don’t know malin, we must be patient and don’t stop praying to God.” Malin : “Mom, I have an idea, would you let me go away to change my fortune? Who knows I will be a rich man.” Mom: ... Malin and his mother come back to the home, but his Mother just kept silent about his idea. After they had ARRIVED AT HOME Malin : “Mom, how about my idea?” Mom : “I think it’s not good idea my son, because if you go, who will Watch me here, don’t you love me, Malin.” Malin : “But mom, if I don’t change my fortune when will it last? I Promise mom, if I Could be a rich man, I will come back. Just relax mom, I will talk to Dayat,Dayat will watch you until I come back to home.” Malin’s mother couldn’t forbid what Malin want. So, she Agreed With Malin’s idea. Mom : “Alright, it that you go away, Malin! But don’t forget me. And remember your promise” Malin went to Dayat house for asked him to watched Malin’s mother until he came back and asked Dayat his planed to went away for change his fortune. Dayat is best friend of Malin. They always be together. Dayat : “what happen, malin?” Malin : “tomorrow I want to go away for change my fortune.” Dayat : “what? if you go, who will Watch your mother here.” Malin : “for this I come to you, I want to you watch my mother until I come back, please.” Dayat : “yes, certainly. My message for you, don’t forget we in here, Malin.” In a next day, Malin’s mother accompaneid her son to the harbour... Mom : ” Take care your self, and hurry up come back! Malin : ” Yes mom, please pray for me, so that I can be a rich man. And You Dayat Please take care my mother until I come back.”

He had promised to come back. Malin’s mom very miss her son. If that something Happen. Dayat : “Don’t sad. we will start tomorrow. how about Dua Angsa Island? Ningrum : Okay my husband. mom very concerned about Malin’s life. Mom : “Dayat. I am afraid if Malin not come back. Dayat.” In the village. do you look for my dad? Malin : “ehmmmmm. Don’t sad again mom ” After Malin has became a rich man. I don’t know.” Finally. Dayat?” Dayat : “yes. the captain called malin.” : “good bye my son.” One day. Don’t be concerned. Mom. Now I must marry with Ningrum. the Captain gave him a job as crew. A few years later.” Ningrum : “thanks for your information.” Mom : “yes. now. In the ship. I will be a rich man. I am a rich man.” Ningrum : “hy. Malin went for sailing with a rich man. They are a romantic couple. He worked without know tired. The captain has the beautiful daughter. Be patient. Dayat always give support for Malin’s mom that Malin will came back and was a rich man.shall we go on trip to island for honeymoon? Malin : That’s good idea my wife. my honey.” Mom : “I am tired. And mom afraid if Malin not came back.” : “Good bye. what about you think? Ningrum : My husband. I can buy everything with my money. Dayat. mom. I am tired for waiting Malin come back. They are very happy. I agree with you! Malin : Okay! if you agree. We never get a news about Malin. Malin : “She is very beautiful. Her name is Ningrum.” Malin : “you’re welcome. I like her and I must marry her. Malin married with the captain daughter. Malin : Hello. where is Malin? I miss my son. Mom. I promise. She is very beautiful. Malin will come back.” Dayat : “I trust mom. . Malin has became a rich man Malin : “haha.Dayat Mom Dayat : “Don’t worry Malin. Mom tired for waited Malin came back. I’m in here. Malin active worked so much. Ningrum.and Malin received the job. Be careful. because he will rised Malin’s job become as captain in that ship. Mom : “are you sure. Malin will come back and be a rich man.Malin always think the owner’s daughter. Maybe he is go to kitchen. Mom. Malin.” Dayat : “don’t be afraid. I will take care your mother.

My mother isn. When arrived. that’s Malin..” And Dayat accompanied Malin’s mother to her son. Malin. I don’t have best friend like you.” Ningrum : “Who is that old woman.. don’t touch me!” Malin : “Don’t touch her! You are dirty.! Ningrum : “argh. Malin’s ship stop in an island to top up Their supplies... Mom : “Malin.. impossible I can’t forget his face. Malin go out from his ship. Do you remember about your promise? I’m your mother!” Malin : “Who are you poor old woman? I don’t know you.” Malin : “I don’t know who are you and the old woman. my husband?” (Malin can’t answered Ningrum’s question) Ningrum : “who is she.t dirty like you.” Dayat : “remember your mother. who is her? Is she your wife? She is very beautiful. She is always wait you to come back.” (Malin dragged his mother be rude until his mother drop down) Malin : Don’t call me as your son. that Island was Malin’s village. Malin and his wife sailed to Dua Angsa Island. If the Mom know about this news. I have reveal and raise you. Remember your promise. I’m your mother. Malin’s mother meet his son. On their way. He has become a rich man now!” Mom : “Are you sure that you look is Malin?” Dayat : “Yes.. I still remember his Face. malin. go away now. please accompany me to go there. You disobedience to your mother..!” Ningrum : “Hei you. Dayat : “Mom... my son.. Go away now!” Dayat : “MALIN! Do you forget your mother? Do you forget me..Mom.. your best friend? This is your mother.” Malin : “I don’t know. son? I am your mother. When Reached There.... Dayat is very happy about Malin came back.. her skin can be dirty too!” Ningrum : “Who is that old woman? Is she your mother? She is very dirty..” Mom : “can you remember me..” Mom : “Malin. We must go from this place.” .” Mom : “If you right.. Malin. I must tell it to his mother.. Fortunatelly. I’m sure mom. Dayat : “ Malin.!” Mom : “Malin.” Dayang : “you’re evil..” Mom : “I’m here Dayat. my wife. my husband?” Mom : Malin. Malin my son! Malin. Malin come back. my wife.!” Malin : “Go away.” Dayat : “Mom.! come on... Is that Malin? Yeah. Dayat saw Malin in the harbour..!! Mom : “Malin. dirty old woman. she was happy.. Malin.” Dayat went to house for ask Mom about Malin came back.come here.” Ningrum : “yes.... please. Malin..Tomorrow... my husband.

I curse you.. how could you say that? I can’t take his any more.flash of Lightning coming to his body.?? What’s happen to you.. Turn into a stone... The End . That’s result if we rebellious to our parents especially to our mother. my husband? Why.....(After pushing his mother away.. suddenly coming storm destroying Malin’s ship.! My God..!!! Ningrum: What’s happening.... And. I’m sorry. Ship. Malin came back to his ship) Mom : Malin. Malin: What’s happening? My body..!! After that... I’m sorry mom...crew and his wife sunk down to boottom of the sea... Don’t leave your mother Malin. I can’t move! Mom.. Malin..??!!MALINNNNNNN!!!!! And Malin became a stone when he was begging to his mother...