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LONG BEACH, CALIF., WED., APRIL 25,1973 Classified HE 2-5959 Phone HE 5-1161


Grisly finds of body parts

Big awaited in White House
WASHINGTON (UPI) President Nixon, described as "very angry" because his second administration's image has been tarnished by the Watergate case, was reported near a decision today on a major staff shakeup as fresh reports surfaced of possible While House involvement. Administration sources gave the "very angry" description of Nixon's attitude, although he made Easter weekend telephone calls from Florida to some top aides whose names have been mentioned in allegations of planning or coverup of the bugging plot. "The important thing," White House press secretary Ronald L. Ziegler said, "is to get to the bottom of the Watergate. The President intends to do that." investigation of how much White House staffers were involved, in the scandal, these were among developments: The New York Times said summaries of transcripts of some bugged telephone conversations at Democratic headquarters at the Watergate were sent regularly to the White House. The Times account quoting federal investigators said the identity was not learned of who received the reports at the White House.
Rep. Alphonzo Bell, RCalif., says the Watergate bugging incident is "one of the most shocking things I have come across in my political life." Bell, former Republican state chairman and national committeeman, told newsmen: "I have never heard of anything like this. Watergate is doing a terrible thing to us. I think that anyone found guilty must be prosecuted to the full length of the law." Bell said he did not believe President Nixon had any advance knowledge of the incident. '

Kissinger bids anew for peace

WASHINGTON (UPD In an apparent effort to keep the Vietnam ceasefire agreement from completely falling apart, the White House said today Henry A. Kissinger and Hanoi's Le Due Tho would return to Paris to discuss violations of the pact. White House sources said the meetings would begin about the middle of next month. To lay the groundwork for those sessions, William Sullivan, deputy assistant secretary of state, and North Vietnam's foreign minister, Nguyen Co Thach, will meet Friday morning in Paris. State Department sources said Sullivan planned to depart tonight.

2-county search I launched

By STAN LEPPARD Staff Writer

THE ANNOUNCEDetective W. Johnson carries the bag to an MENT of the meeting be- ORANGE COUNTY SHERIFF'S deputies re- awaiting squad car accompanied by Detecmove what they described as pieces of a tween Kissinger and Tho, chief negotiators of the human body found wrapped in a green tive W. Stansbury (far left) and Deputy Vietnam settlement, came plastic bag early today and dumped into a Coroner K. Kennings. -Staff Photo by KENT HENDERSON a day after the United trash bin behind a Sunset Beach bar. States formally accused Hanoi of committing "numerous and extremely ZIEGLER was asked' serious" violations of the today about published reagreements and of ports that Nixon was told preparing to open -new as early as last August infiltration routes into that aides might be impliSouth Vietnam. cated in the bugging. North Vietnam also has "Any suggestion that the charged the United States President had knowledge and South Vietnam with at that time or that some"flagrant violations." "working or rently is zoned for general penny arcade." one warned him in this By MARY NEISWENDER persons In making the U.S. acresiding within 300 feet of commercial enterprises matter is not correct," Staff Writer They promise that, The Washington Star- cusations, Tuesday, the Operators of Ringode- the property who do not (C-3) but, the owners point other than the game itZiegler said. News, a Nixon supporter State Department said Zicglcr said that as of in both 1968 and 1972, pubscribed by owners as a object to Ringo being out, ''allows such 'busi- self, there will be no live mid-day there was "no lished a lengthy editorial Hanoi's allegations were game of skill and by po- operated there." nesses' as billiard parlors, entertainment, no alcohol"utterly groundless" but lice as gamblingare change" in the status of calling on Nixon to fire The building, formerly bowling alleys, slot car ic beverages served and that the United States no seeking a special use perstaff. In response to a immediately staff memracing and marble and no minors allowed. by a THE GAME, according question, he said "no bers including his clos- longer felt bound by the mit from the city's Plan- occupied contained beauty ball bearing machines 6,725 agreement because of ning Commission to begin school, resignations have been est aides who were inNorth Vietnam's failure to play in a fire-ruined build- square feet although two similar to that found in a (Turn to Back Page, Col. 3) submitted." He sidestep- volved in any way in the it comply with it. ped a question whether Watergate. ing at 2680 E. Pacific stories in height, story contains only one White House Press Nixon had asked for any The Washington Post Secretary Ronald L. Zie- Coast Highway. and will have 90 seats for A public hearing has players. Parking spaces, resignations. said the Nixon re-election gler said Sullivan and With Nixon now conbeen set for 9 a.m. May 3 (Turn to Back Pg., Col. 1) Thach would seek "to pre- in the city council cham- the petitioners said, would ducting his own, personal' be available for 136 cars pare a review of the bers. the parked implementation of the Meanwhile, four city de- atmajority valet 2675 E. the site, at Paris agreement and of partments have reported Secret Witness inform- 1 rect" and cheeks out in appropriate measures to they have no objections to Pacific Coast Hwy., and ant LIR-379 has solved a all details. However, he bring about the strict, Ringo operations at the in a lot on the east side of Lakewood murder that added, further corroboraimplementation of the site. Police officials, how- Molino Avenue . between has plagued sheriff's tion is needed. Coast Highway agreement." LIR-379, who will be ever, have formally serv- Pacific St. homicide investigators for and 17th eligible reIN ITS announcement of ed notice that they do not In requesting the zone almost five years but ward on for a $2,000 the conviction of Friday's Sullivan-Thach condone the "game" and exception, the petitioner the detectives need some suspect located in the meeting, Hanoi's diplo- consider it .in violation of claimed there was neither more help. The.murder was that of case, is urged to telematic mission in Paris the California Penal Code property nor a building phone said it was a move "to governing gambling. available in the city's 22-year-old Army Sgt. 436-2526Secret Witness at for further inforA partnership of Sper- Pike-area prepare an examination amusement Louis Dennis Carbo, shot mation on what is needed of the application of the ling, Sperling and Altman zone with sufficient size Hazy subject by detectives. Paris (peace) treaty and of Los Angeles, owners of of vehicles I have heard that these new smog devices for nitro- appropriate measures to the building, petitioned for the numberanticipated and patrons gen oxide emissions that we must soon put on 1966-70 ensure strict application for the special non-con- by Ringo. 1 cars will ruin the engine. of the accord." forming use permit to "The structures that I also understand they reDiplomatic observers "establish, operate and are available on the duce gasoline mileage. saw the high-level action maintain an amusement Pike," the petition exAre these reports true? as an indication that the skill game known as plained, "are subject to to death in his home at M.C., Norwalk. cease-fire accords might Ringo in a C-3 zone." condemnation or will be 4532 Pixie Ave. by an inTwo completely dif- be in danger of crumIN ADDITION to paying shortly." truder he surprised when ferent systems for reduc- bling. a $35 application fee, the The property sought for ing nitrogen oxide emisAdministration officials applicant also submitted a the Bingo-like game cur- he returned home from a By DENISK KUSEL bachelor party at 3 a.m. sions have been approved have been saying that any list of 64 signatures of Staff Writer on Aug. 3, 1968. The gunby the California Air Re- breaches of the Jan. 27 man darted into a bathPredictions that the energy in the U.S. State sources Board. Both will agreement by the United room when Carbo entered price of gasoline could Department, who said the tl '"^O reduce gasoline mileage. States such as suspenPrice the front door, and fired rise as high as 70 cents administration's ne svstem |.d F^ ^ ^* > which is sion of American minethe fatal shot when the per gallon in the South- Commission simply would based primarily on dis- sweeping operations in victim attempted to force land this summer were not allow a hike in gasoconnecting the vacuum North Vietnamese harthe bathroom door open. dismissed flatly as exag- line prices as drastic as spark timing advance de- bors were part of a Sheriff's homicide geration Tuesday by one some 30 cents a gallon. vice, can cause possibly concerted administration detectives said at least of the Nixon administradamaging engine overAkins, attending a heating under prolonged (Turn to Back Page, Col. 3) meeting of the American An $80,000 cabin cruiser Avalon Municipal Hospi- two men have worked tion's top oil experts. The prediction, by a Institute of Chemical high speed or heavy load, was destroyed by fire and tal for treatment of a constantly on the case since that date, but have Southland independent oil Engineers in Los Angeles, ARB engineers say. Vacusank off Catalina Island sprained back. TO, j today, but two occupants um spark advance disconThe men said their fire- been unable to pinpoint a company president, and said such a price j u m p FIND IT; * its rebuttal by a White "simply won't happen. nect systems made by the escaped serious injury, fighting efforts were in suspect. On last oil advisor wen 1 Echlin Manufacturing vain, and they radioed a 15, LIR-379 Sunday, April House the latest round of "It would be pure Interesting disclosures the Coast Guard said. telephoned the part of Co., Carter Carburetor, Clean Air Research Co. and in the story of the three The blaze broke out in "May Day" call before profit," he said. And a Contignitron Co., have been approved by the ARB de- Nixon brothers.Page A- the engine section of the evacuating in a wooden Secret Witness desk witli claims and counter-claims profit of that nature, he spite the reservations of ARB's own engineers. The 12. 50-foot Voyager at 1:25 dinghy, according to the information about the old clouding the possible ef- intimated, would not be fects of a potential sum- tolerated either by the murder. a.m. about three miles off Coast Guard. state engineers testing the devices submitted to the .Sheriff's Sgt. Edward mer fuel shortage. board for approval have found competitive units made BridgeA-19. the east end of the island. The crew of a passing Franzese said the inforThe independent compa- government or consumby Dana Corp.'s Perfect Circle Division and STP Corp. CarltonB-l. An Avalon Harbor fireers. clearly superior. These devices, which rccirculatc ex- Classified-C-3 to 11. fighting unit raced to the fishing boat, Frankie Boy mation supplied by LIR- ny official, who asked to The independent ' oil haust gas back through the engine, showed much less ComicsA-26. scene but was unable to II, heard the Voyager's 379 is "absolutely cor- remain anonymous for company official said, fear of reprisal by major tendency to overheat the engine, reduced gasoline CrosswordA-26. contain the flames, which distress call from two oil linns which supply "We're scared. We're mileage loss and cut nitrogen oxide emissions more Editorial-B-2. consumed the vessel ami miles away, relayed it to him with gas, also charg- faced with massive do-. than the spark advance disconnects. Most of the de- FinancialB-6, 7. caused it to sink within an the Coast. Guard, and picked up the men at ed that big oil interests surcs of our stations. In vices approved to date will cost $35 installed. The new Jeane DixonA-2S. hour, officials said. arc artificially creating many locations, we're just devices must be put on 1966-70 cars over a 10-month L.A.C.-B-3. Rescued were owner about 2 a.m. TONIGHT ANDTHURSOAY plain out of gasoline. the shortage. Robert Cornelius, 43, a Coast Guard spokesmen period starting July L Life/styleA-17,18,19. L.B. AREALate night "We still have a few That charge was flatly building contractor of 5412 said the two men were on ObUuaries-C-3. W. 96th St., Inglewood, a fishing trip and had sail- and early morning fog, denied by an official of trickles coming in," he RobesonB-3. Wrench control? and Lewis Hono'a. 4X., ed from Marina Del Rcy otherwise fair. Low 55. Standard Oil of California, added, "but don't mention Arc there any provisions for do-it-yourself mechan- Shipping table-C-2. who added that such our name, or I'm afraid 10423 Burin Ave., Ingle- Tuesday afternoon. They High 72. SportsS-l to 7. MOUNTAINS-Fair. ics to install the new nitrogen oxide emission control charges arc "deluding the we'll be cut off completehad planned to anchor for wood. Thetcrs-A-24,25. devices? If so, how would one get the installation certily. This is a scare techpublic." Honca, who slipped and a night of fishing off San Low 30. High 72. Telcvlsion-C-12. DESERTS-Fair. Low fied? D.I., Long Beach. It was .1. E. Akins, head nique to force us out of fell while fleeing the burn- Clemcnte Island before Weather-C-2. The kits should be available for retail sale through 48. High 95. of the office of fuels and business." ing ship, was taken to sailing on to San Diego. Wilson-A-24. Continued on Page A-4, Col. 1

Operators renew efforts to launch Ringo gaming



Homicide investigators were embroiled in a macabre jigsaw puzzle across three Southland cities today as hacked-up human parts packed in green plastic bags continued to turn up. The latest grisly find came early today when a Sunset Beach resident poking around in a trashr bin behind a Pacific Coast Highway bar in search of unusual bottles found a green trash bag containing a human leg. Los Angeles County Deputy Coroner David Katsuyama, called to the scene by Orange County sheriff's investigators, said the leg matched parts of the body of a young male Caucasian found stuffed in green plastic bags in one Long Beach and two Wilmington locations Sunday. An unidentified Marine made the first gruesome discovery at 2 a.m. Sunday on the Terminal Island Freeway. He found a plastic bag containing a right leg and foot, lying in the slow lane south of Anaheim Street. Los Angeles police found the second bag at the Pacific Coast Highway on-ramp of the Terminal Island Freeway at 5:30 a.m. It contained the victim's arms, with the hands severed, officers said. At 10:25 'a.m. Sunday, police made the third find near Alameda Street and Henry Ford Drive in Los Angeles. It was a bag containing a human torso. Following the discovery at Sunset Beach today, sheriff's Cant. James Broadbelt said it was obvious that more than one body was involved and "definitely indicated" that all the butchery was linked to one killer. The Sunset Beach find came shortly after daybreak today as resident Tim McAuliffe, searching for bottles to make ornamental cut glass, looked in the bin behind Broom(TurntoBackPg.,Col. 1)

Oil expert disputes price boost claim

,000 bo at burns, sinks off Catalina