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Minister Carlot refutes Phocea allegations
By Jane Joshua PaPua New GuiNea
Prime Minister, Peter O'Neill, has refuted media allegations linking his government to Phocea fugitive wanted in Vanuatu, Pascal Anh Quan Saken, arriving in a Boeing 737 jetliner which made an unexpected illegal landing at Jackson's Airport, last Friday evening and informed the incident is under probe by Police, Customs, Civil Aviation and Immigration authorities. "Whether the passengers are internationally wanted persons for alleged crimes will be made known after the investigations. Similarly, we will know what type of cargo is aboard that aircraft after the probe,” he said. In his statement of which Daily Post has a copy he said, "To link that aircraft's unexpected illegal landing, its passengers and cargo to anyone including my ministers and myself is utterly and absolutely false. "These allegations which obviously are speculative and designed to smear our government are not supported by evidence and therefore are not true, period.” The PNG Prime minister said he has not received a report of the investigation yet but is aware of the incident. He appealed to Papua New Guinean social media commentators and mainstream media workers and organisations to be responsible and truthful when commenting or writing about national issues. Meanwhile sources from Papua New Guinea informed the PM O’Neil also held a Press Conference 3pm yesterday over the issue. Also yesterday afternoon the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in Vanuatu issued a clarification statement labeling the allegations against Foreign Affairs Minister Alfred Carlot as “highly politicised...which the media appeared to have demonized the mission without substantive issues and unfortunately linking it to Phocea registration”. Minister Carlot said the trip to PNG had nothing to do with Phocea and there was no arrest in Port Moresby as implied. Rather he travelled to PNG from Brisbane with the PNG Foreign Minister and were both received by Protocol at the airport, a courtesy appreciative by the MOFA. The minister said he was not aware meetings were being arranged for two PNG Ministers whose names are “now known” and advised the media against making incorrect statements which could have diplomatic repercussions. “The MOFA is seeking every available window of opportunity to advance the work of the Foreign Service, amidst the budgetary constraints and negative allegations,” he said. “It is appropriate for new missions to be opened in strategically new areas. Ni-Vanuatu officials must be posted in our overseas missions. “These are important work that must be achieved by the ministry and as a Foreign Minister, I have to be proactive and seek innovative ways and partnerships to achieve these objectives on behalf of our Government and people. “I am working for the national interest and I have nothing to do with Phocea registration.” He reiterated Mr Pascal Anh Quan and Mr Henry Charles Saken had diplomatic appointments which followed the normal legitimate processes of the Government through the Council of Ministers and their diplomatic appointments were given by the Government and where there are outstanding international contributions that Vanuatu owes some international organisations such as the UNESCO, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has to find ways to seek financial support from certain people appointed as our diplomatic representatives to assist the Government , so new projects could be opened up for Vanuatu. >>To Page 2

My suspension is politically motivated: Kaloran
By Godwin Ligo The DirecTor of PorTs aND
Harbor, Morris Kaloran, was suspended by the Public Service Commission last Friday. He confirmed to Daily Post yesterday afternoon that he received his suspension letter last Friday and the PSC appointed Glen Takau as Acting Director of Ports and Harbor for a six-month period. On the question of what were the reasons for his suspension, Mr Kaloran said the reasons given in his letter of suspension were the same that he was suspended for in his previous suspension. “It’s the same false allegations that I was suspended for previously which include the Tug Boat Roimata that went to Fiji for repair and maintenance, the MV Malekula running aground on Erromango and the light house. It’s all politically motivated,” said Kaloran. Asked to explain what exactly he meant by his suspension politically motivated, his reply was: “It’s all to do with the issue of the Mega Yacht Phocaea. The government wants to release Phocaea but with my presence as Director of Ports and Harbor and applying the Vanuatu Laws that we just cannot simply release Phocaea like that without applying the laws and procedures of the country make them find a way to remove me and appoint someone whom they can use to carry out their agenda on Phocaea,” defiant suspended Director of Ports and Harbor Morris Kaloran told Daily Post. He said his suspension is pending to an investigation concerning the same allegations he was suspended for previously. “It’s the same allega tions concerning the same issues I was suspended for before. Those allegations were already dealt with by the Public Service Commission and now I am being suspended for the second time for the same allegations which to me is clearly politically motivated because of the issue of Phocaea which I had maintained the stand that the Yacht cannot leave the country without the authorization of the governing authorities of Vanuatu under the relevant laws of the country. “So to me I maintain that my suspension is politically motivated,” said Kaloran.

[ 2 ] vanuatu Daily Post | Tuesday January 22, 2013

Local News

Report on PIO then Border Control Boss in dilemma
By Len Garae Officer in charge Of BOrder
Control at Port Vila International Airport, Esrom Namka Loughmani, has written to the Chairman of the Public Service Commission, Holi Simon to seek advice in line with the Public Service Act, on the legality of his alleged internal suspension by the Principal Immigration Officer, Francois Batick. His personal file shows that he was appointed by the Public Service Commission in its meeting No. 20 of November 30 of 2011, (Decision No.37-20-2011 approved of his transfer pursuant to the new Immigration Act) to the post of Airport Vila Officer in Charge with the Department of Immigration. He says as he was appointed to his post by the Public Service Commission then he believes that it is only logical that only the PSC can suspend him if he has breached any of the legal provisions. The Officer in Charge Airport Border Control left the country on August 26 of 2012 to attend a seminar in Hong Kong and another officer, Moses Banga became Acting Officer in Charge from August 26 to October 21. On his return from Hong Kong the OIC was allowed ten days off duty by the PIO and he resumed his duties on October 29, 2012 not knowing that Airport Border Control ‘A’ Shift Superviser Moses Banga was already appointed by the PIO as Acting OIC until further notice. It meant that OIC Loughmani was replaced in that position. Loughmani recalls, “I was shocked and confused and personally queried about the appointment at the Immigration Head Office, only to be told by the Deputy PIO that he was not aware of such an appointment but that he would consult the PIO on it and get back to me”. Without getting any satisfactory answers to his queries, Loughmani applied to take his outstanding annual leave. His application was not responded to and he personally queried about it and was told it was not approved but that he could take 19 days off. Meanwhile the PIO appointed ‘B’ Shift Supervisor Christopher Reynolds to replace Banga while he was on leave last December. This is the dilemma facing the original OIC of Airport Border Control, Esrom Namka Loughmani as he goes to and fro to find out where exactly he is supposed to be employed in the workplace among his work mates. Asked if he is on a half salary, Loughmani says he continues to get his full salary. “As my last resort, I have already gone to seek legal advice with my lawyer and he says we have a case to present in court. If I do not get any satisfactory answer to my queries then I would have no choice but to start legal proceedings against the PIO,” he says. Sources from within Immigration have said Border Control Officer Godwin Jacob who was one of the signatories of the damning report on the PIO has already been sacked. The PIO has made it clear he won’t react to our story.

Heads of schools conference targets leadership values within educational institutions
By Glenda Shing Minister Of finance,
Charlot Salwai, also the acting Minister of Education has officially opened the Heads of schools conference this week which gathers together Heads of Schools, Principal Education Officers (PEOs), Zone Curriculum Advisors (ZCAs) and senior ranking officers within the Ministry of Education. In his address to these key people within the education sector, Director General, Jesse Dick highlighted some of the outcomes they expected to understand and possess at the end of the conference. He pointed out that either as a school principal, a ZCA or a PEO, each one must be able to identify for themselves what roles they are supposed to play within the institution they are looking after, and should be able to learn how to master these roles. “You must learn to understand the skills and attributes that you as leader in an education institution should require. You must also learn to be an empowering and responsible leader in your institution,” the DG said. He even reminded them of the practical techniques that they should use, and even though some of them are experienced principals in school, the DG said they should learn to delegate their powers to their colleagues. “How to run meetings in schools, provincial or national level and how to resolve conflict whenever they arise under your discretion and you should be able to tackle them.” It was revealed during the opening of the conference that according to a survey carried out by the Ministry of Education, lack of standard and leadership values in schools contributes to the poor performances of students in schools. DG Dick therefore pointed out that having a positive leadership status in schools is one of the positive factors that should contribute effectively on the improvement of the performances of students, and that the Heads of education should consider seriously. Meanwhile, minister Salwai called upon all the heads of schools to identify and tackle issues that are affecting the learning capacity and quality education of students throughout the country.

Ten women to contest Shefa Provincial Council elections
By Len Garae a tOtal Of
ten wOMen

proposed candidates have agreed to contest the Shefa Provincial Government Council polls next month pm February 12. Secretary General Michel Kalworai has described the statistics as a positive step in the right direction towards getting voters especially women voters to start hav-

ing faith in their own women candidates to vote for them. Unlike other Provinces where their councils give the public the freedom to decide who to elect to the Councils, Shefa Provincial Council has reserved 25% on the 18-council seat on the Council for women. The number of seats reserved for women is five. The Shefa Provincial

Council has been a staunch supporter of CEDAW especially to empower women to take active part in the economic development as well as political decision making in the Governance of the country. Shefa’s decision to set up markets throughout the Province and leave the management of the markets entirely in the hands of all women committees reflect its commitment to promote women up the ladder of economic and political success.

Minister Carlot refutes Phocea allegations
>>From Front Page “There is no private political matter being discussed. It is to do with our national interest abroad and I am simply doing my duty as a Foreign Minister,” he concluded. “If there allegations against the Sakens, because of the clearance and registration of Phocea or of the chartered aircraft to Port Moresby, then it is a technical matter that requires effective compliance by them. But under normal international diplomatic custom, once a State gives a diplomatic appointment to a person, then it has an obligation to ensure they are given the support necessary to do their work and even to travel with ease. This is normal. “It is unfortunate that there are elements in Vanuatu who are demonizing such missions as private and personal. And the allegations from the media have been enormously corrupted and poisoned by personal and political motives.” He assured the MOFA will continue to execute and defend Government policies with the aim of promoting the national interest and he met the Prime Minister yesterday to discuss the achievements of the mission.

Shefa targets priorities this year
By Elton Barley s hefa P rOvince t OurisM
Office will focus only on some of its prioritised strategies in this year’s plan. The province’s Tourism Development Officer, Ms Kathy Stephens says the reason for this is that her office has a tight budget and so they will focus mainly on some high priority strategies this year. Some strategies which Shefa Tourism Development Office plans to target this year are “undertake a review after the first quarter, and each six months thereafter, to ensure timeliness are on track and review if necessary,” conduct


Courtesy Vanuatu Meteo Office Call 22932
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meetings on a regular basis, include other key agencies as required, encourage landowners or representatives of involved areas to form a network aimed at cooperative approaches to tourism experience development, issues management and establish airport information service
General situation:

and booking centre on site. Also on the list of their ‘things to do’ this year, is they will continue to conduct tourism awareness workshops in the province, keep providing advice to existing operators, conduct tourism awareness in Shefa high schools, support Vanuatu Tourism Office (VTO) in regional trade shows
Forecast for today:
Mostly fine weather over group though evening showers possible over the interior of big islands. Light to moderate east and southeasterly winds prevail throughout.

and promote website through articles, information distribution, trade shows and media and trade familiarisation programs. Ms. Stephens says focusing on these priorities does not mean they will stop working on other pointers on their list.
E/SE winds 12/17 knots over all open coastal waters of Vanuatu with light to moderate seas to 1.0 metre.

A surface trough further north of Vanuatu, slow moving. Meanwhile a high pressure over Tasman Sea extends a weak ridge to the southern islands.


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vanuatu Daily Post | Tuesday January 22, 2013 [ 3 ]

Local News

Lab technicians testing flour for iron
By Elton Barley l aBoraTory T echnicians
from the Food Technology Development Centre and Analytical Unit (FTDC- AU) from the Ministry of Trades, Commerce, Tourism and Industries are currently running test on flour for iron. Acting on a request from the Department of Customs, the technicians are checking if imported flour are fortified or simply, contain the right amount of Iron as it should. The FTDC- AU manageress, Mrs. Ruth Amos, explains that according to Health Laws all flour and rice that enters the country must be fortified or have the right amount of Iron. “The purpose of the iron is to strengthen our blood, but plenty mothers and children don’t have Iron so are getting Anaemia, or as we say in Bislama, nogat inaf blad,” says Mrs Amos Mrs Amos says they are also testing for Iodine or salt in all imported foods ensuring that they contain it as required by the Health regulations.

Minister Toara Daniel Kalo (l) listens to the appeals of Port Vila Mayor Olul

Mrs. Ruth Amos showing the experiment in FTDC-AU lab

Port Vila Mayor Olul calls on Minister to reinstate councilors’ privileges
By Jonas Cullwick T he M ayor of P orT V ila
C i t y, Re u b e n O l u l , h a s appealed to the Minister of Internal Affairs, Daniel Toara, to reinstate the privileges of the councilors of the municipality. He made the request while welcoming the minister during his visit to the Town Hall Monday midday as part of the Minister’s visit that also took in the Departments of Labour and Immigration. Mayor Olul alleged politics was the reason for the suspension of his council for almost a year during 2011 and 2012 adding that the council has been reinstated, but he would like Minister Toara to re-instate the privileges of the councilors. He also complained to the minister about what he saw as a serious break down in cooperation between the councilors and the administration staff headed by those in Public Service posts such as the Town Clerk and the Accountant. “I wish to thank you for your visit and I would like us to work together to advance the affairs and services of the Port Vila Municipal Council,” Mayor Oul said. The Minister responded saying the decision by the Government to make the Town Clerk and the Accountant positions public service posts was to lessen the financial pressure on the councils. And that in future it is planned to also make the Town Planner a Government paid position. “I understand the council was suspended for issues that were not directly yours, such as the outstanding bills of the council totaling over Vt1 billion, which I know began with the previous mayors and councilors,” Mr Toara said. He agreed his ministry and the municipal council needed to work together to keep Port Vila the doorway it deserved to the twice voted happiest place on earth. The minister then met the councilors and the staff of the various departments and units of the municipality before ending his visit. Before that, in the morning the Minister of Internal Affairs visited the offices and met the staff of the Department of Labour, headed by the Commissioner of Labor, Lionel Kaluat, and the Department of Immigration, where he was shown around by the Assistant Principal Immigration Officer, James Narwayeng, and the Principal Passports Officer, Henry Tamashiro. It was the minister’s first visit to these departments and offices under his responsibility since being appointed Minister of Internal Affairs in December.

Chinese technicians to conduct feasibility study on Malapoa College: PM Kilman
forMer and currenT sTudenTs,
parents and teachers of the prestigious Malapoa Secondary College have welcomed the long awaited affirmation from Prime Minister Sato Kilman that the Vanuatu government will address the run-down Malapoa college buildings with assistance from the Chinese government. PM Kilman formally revealed this when he signed off three important documents with China’s vice Minister of Commerce Zhong Shan prior the ground breaking ceremony on the construction site of the National Convention Centre early this week. The economic and technical cooperation agreement committed the Peoples’ Republic of China to (I) Vt900 million assistance to the Vanuatu Government (II) a package to extend the office of the Prime minister to cater for more staff and; (III) An agreement for Chinese technicians to undertake a feasibility study which will pave the way for a Chinese aid funded renovation of Malapoa college. “We all know the current run down state of the buildings,” he said. “We have approached the Chinese government and they have generously agreed to assist.”

PNG was sent letter from Brussels about details of flight
By Gorethy Kenneth PaPua neW Guinea’s office
in Belgium, Brussels, only sent a letter to the PNG officials on January 11, advising of the flight details carrying Vanuatu’s diplomats all the way from Mali. A Mr Kapi Maro, from the PNG office in Brussels, wrote a letter on January 11, 2013 and sent it to Samuel Pulup, Director-General PST – Division. Mr Maro advised that the office received a request from the Vanuatu office in Brussels, detailing the travel arrangements of two diplomats and for the office to check and approve the request for the Sekan brothers who travelled on UN diplomatic passports issued in Vanuatu. Their visit was from January 17-20. No further information was given, according to a brief obtained by the PostCourier. This is where the trip all began. On Thursday, January 17, the private plane, call-sign NIIIVM, with the two Sekan brothers, three crew members, including a female and the pilot, travelled 22 hours to get to Port Moresby’s Jackson’s international airport, landing at 8:15pm. According to information supplied to the Post-Courier, the plane belongs to the International Jet Club Limited, a UK-based company, but the flight originated in Dallas, then over Cape Verde to Mali, then Gan in Maldives and finally to Port Moresby. The Post-Courier was alerted an hour after the plane landed – basically because the Airport Operation crew (Customs and Immigration) were caught off guard. They had packed and were about to leave when the plane landed and taxied to the parking bay. According to information supplied by Jackson’s airport operation personnel, one body guard and the advance team arrived on Wednesday from Hong Kong on a commercial flight. Vanuatu Foreign Minister Alfred Carlot and the Foreign Affairs Secretary arrived on Thursday morning via Brisbane. On the same flight with them were PNG’s Foreign Min-

ister Rimbink Pato and Stateowned Enterprise Minister Ben Micah. The plane arrived on Thursday night. And on Friday morning two more Vanuatu officials arrived in Port Moresby. The crew members stayed at Airways Hotel while the two passengers – the Sekan brothers – joined the Vanuatu Foreign Affairs team at Holiday Inn. Airport operations officials told the Post-Courier on Friday morning that police were already alerted about the mystery plane by their intelligence sources. Police picked up everyone on board the plane for interviews that took place all day on Friday.
PNG Post Courier

World Bank organises Clinic and Project launch to tackle Climate Change resilience implementation
The World Bank

The Minister of Agriculture's official vehicle in an accident, Minister Kalfau Moli was not in the vehicle as it was driven by another person while the minister was reportedly on Santo.. Pic Malz Namak

organising an Implementation Support Clinic and the Launch for the Increasing Resilience to Climate Change and the Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction in Vanuatu today. Starting January 22-24 and February 2 -13 the Clinic and Project launch aims to provide the implementing Ministries, agencies and Project Management Units (PMU) s with an overview of Bank Operations and hands-on assistance on current project issues to facilitate implementation of both at ongoing projects and projects in the pipeline.

The clinic will include expertise from Washington and the Sydney Hub and will focus on all aspects of project implementation including a brief overview of the project cycle as well as legal procurement, disbursement and financial management requirements at different stages of the project. The success of the clinic will depend on active involvement by the participants who, we expect will come prepared with problems and issues faced during project preparation and implementation so the team can jointly resolve them during these sessions.

[ 4 ] vanuatu Daily Post | Tuesday January 22, 2013

Saken Saga

Saken brothers known for drugs, arms trade: Interpol
By Todagia Kelola The Two Saken broTherS,
Vu Anh Quan and Charles Henry who are connected with the suspicious plane are known for their involvement in drugs and arms trade, according to Interpol and transnational crime officials in the Pacific. The two brothers are naturalized citizens of Vanuatu but are of Vietnamese origin. According to PNG police, they became aware of the Saken brothers’ activities both in Vanuatu and throughout the world through Interpol and other law enforcement agencies, particularly Transnational Crime setup in the Pacific, of their involvement in drugs and arms trade, especially where there are rebellions and insurgency activities. In their assessment of the incident, the aircraft landing in PNG has triggered off many outstanding allegations against the two Saken brothers and the current Vanuatu Minister for Foreign Affairs Albert Calot who is engrossed in an ongoing political power struggle in Vanuatu. Police in their brief said: “The fact that the two Saken brothers were uplifted from Mali is very suspicious as this country is currently going through an open conflict and rebellion. “What is more interesting is a large Boeing 737 aircraft is ideal for carrying firearms or other illicit contrabands. “It is alleged that Mr Quan has travelled extensively into many hostile and trouble hotspots in the world and thus has been implicated in illegal gun running and drug trafficking activities in the recent past, especially in the Golden triangle area in South East Asia and in Central and South America. Thus it is obvious Africa is now his main focus. “What is more suspicious is that they did stop over at the tax haven country of Maldives for re-fuelling purpose as indicated by the pilot. “However, it is highly probable that any illegal proceeds may have been banked on this island to avoid being detected once they entered PNG, or to stopover in Singapore or Australia.

Mystery plane has not breached laws, left PNG
By Gorethy Kenneth PaPua n ew G uinea ’ S
government agencies yesterday ordered the release of the controversial private plane because they said there were no laws breached and that they complied with all the requirements. The plane left Jackson’s airport last night at 7 o’clock for Singapore, together with Vanuatu Minister for Foreign Affairs and his Foreign Affairs Secretary and advance team together with the Sekan brothers. PNG Customs Commissioner Ray Paul said yesterday that Prime Minister Peter O’Neill had advised the line agencies involved, especially Customs to make a statement on the whole issue. There was a meeting late yesterday by PNG Customs boss Ray Paul, Acting Foreign Affairs Secretary Ambassador Lucy Bogari and Chief Migration Officer, Director General Immigration, Mataio Rabura, on the matter. “PNG Customs was verbally informed of its arrival by the Air Niugini Operations staff (Brian Foremat) at 1700 hours which is approximately three hours and 30 minutes prior to arrival,” Mr Paul said. “The full 100 percent search of the aircraft revealed nil findings of Customs interest in areas of contraband, cash or arms,” he said. “The investigations revealed nil breaches of Customs laws even though there are controversies relating to the two persons of interest and their luxurious travel into the country on chartered private jet and their intended business in PNG.” Mr Paul said that Customs had maintained surveillance on the foreign aircraft that was parked at bay 1 of the Jackson’s international airport until the plane’s departure last night. “Based on findings, Customs is satisfied that all its clearance formalities were fully complied with and that outward clearance will be granted after consultations with other relevant stakeholders,” he said.
PNG Post Courier

Part of Saken's CV “It is no wonder they had Port Moresby.” to fly eleven hours direct into PNG Post Courier

Police probe finds case of ‘no serious criminal’ nature
By Todagia Kelola PoLiCe in PnG

Vanuatu minister pays visit to US envoy
By Gorethy Kenneth VanuaTu’S f o r e i G n
Minister Albert Carlot and his team, including two diplomats came to Papua New Guinea to pay a courtesy business call on the new United States Ambassador Walter North. This is from Papua New Guinea’s acting Foreign Affairs secretary Ambassador Lucy Bogari yesterday who was asked about why the alleged controversial private jet trip came straight to PNG (Port Moresby) and not to Vanuatu. “The reason why they came, according to the diplomatic note that we received from the Vanuatu mission in Brussels via our mission, was that they were coming here to meet with the Foreign Minister for Vanuatu who was here in PNG for some meetings that they had arranged with the US Embassy in Port Moresby,” Ms Bogari said. “The US Embassy is also responsible for the Vanuatu Government. It’s concurrently accredited to the Vanuatu Government so they had gers were free to leave the country. Ironically an hour after the respective departments made the announcement clearing the aircraft and its passengers, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill released a media statement saying a full investigation would be done into the “unauthorized landing” of some business to do with the US Embassy,” she told the Post-Courier. She could not further comment on the matter. Chief Migration officer Mataio Rabura could not comment also. But late yesterday, the Post-Courier, with the help of Vanuatu Daily Post, contacted the Vanuatu Government. Prime Minister Sato Kilman’s officials relayed a message that they were not aware of the visit by Foreign Minister Alfred Carlot to Papua New Guinea. They advised the Post-Courier that the Prime Minister of Vanuatu will make a full statement today. The Vanuatu PM’s officials said the PM was a strong People’s Progress Party leader back in Vanuatu and would institute his own investigations on the whole saga. Minister Carlot and his team refused twice to comment and talk to the PostCourier – first at the Holiday Inn and secondly at the Jackson’s airport over the weekend.
PNG Post Courier

conducting their investigations found that there are no serious criminal matters involved except for breaches in Customs and Immigration and Civil Aviation laws. In their overall brief by Commissioner Toami Kulunga the only clear possible charge after police investigations were conducted at the Police headquarters on the afternoon of 18th January 2013 would be the illegal

landing of the aircraft with no prior knowledge of the respective authorities including Customs Immigration and Civil Aviation Authorities. The flight path of the aircraft although suspicious and is obvious that the Saken Brothers were picked up in Mali West Africa after the Aircraft and its crew flew out of United Kingdom. The five men party left Mali for Maldives a Tax Haven country in the Indian Ocean with the Pilot and the crew saying that

they stopped over to refuel for the next eleven hour flight to Port Moresby. From the interview at the Police HQ Konedobu, Vu Anh Quan the elder brother continued to say that they were here in PNG to meet up with Foreign Minister Albert Calot who flew into Port Moresby via Brisbane on PX Flight No. 004 on Wednesday 16th January 2013. They were scheduled to meet up with the New Ambassador of the United States of

America on Friday 18th January 2013 when a combined Customs and Police personnel entered their rooms at a Hotel and picked them up for interview. The combined Customs police and Civil Aviation team searched both the Aircraft and Crew hotel Rooms and found nothing contrary or illegal as allegedly reported to authorities of a possible arms or cash stashes in the aircraft. Their diplomatic passports were confiscated by police but were released upon the advise from the OIC Transnational Crime Unit in Vanuatu.
PNG Post Courier

International flight zips through Jackson airport untouched
PaPua new Guinea
authorities late night released an aircraft and its Vanuatu diplomat passengers despite recommendations by Police Commissioner Tom Kulunga for the aircraft owner and crew to be charged. The top cop said the aircraft owner and crew can be charged under PNG customs, immigration and civil aviation laws. The Boeing 737 owned by British firm International Jet Club Ltd flew into Jacksons International Airport at 8.30 pm last Thursday, its unannounced landing and the disembarking of its two sole passengers – Vanuatu diplomats Vu Anh Quan Saken and Charles Henry Saken – catching airport staff including PNG Customs off guard. The pair, who are brothers of Vietnamese origins, had Vanuatu diplomatic passports and were picked up in Mali, West Africa by the aircraft and its crew with a stopover in the Maldives before

Mystery flight

they arrival in Port Moresby, PNG. During interviews at the Royal PNG Constabulary (RPNGC) Headquarters in Port Moresby, the brothers said they flew into Port Moresby to meet Vanuatu Foreign Minister Albert Calot, who had flown into the PNG capital a day earlier. A brief into the aircraft’s arrival prepared for the police minister by Mr Kulunga points to Mr Vu Anh Quan’s activities in Vanuatu and how he facilitated support for the island nation’s current government, headed by Prime Minister Sato Kilman. Mr Kulunga had recommended that a full investiga-

tion be conducted into why the aircraft was allowed to land, a hefty fine be imposed on the aircraft owner and those involved, and Vanuatu citizens involved be charged and asked to leave PNG. Mr Kulunga’s brief to the police minister also highlighted the roles of PNG Foreign Minister Rimbink Pato and State Enterprise Minister Ben Micah and how they accompanied Mr Calot to Port Moresby from Brisbane, Australia. However a meeting yesterday between the Department of Foreign Affairs, PNG Immigration and PNG Customs concluded that no PNG laws were breached and the aircraft, its crew and passen-

a chartered aircraft. Opposition Leader Belden Namah has called for the sacking of Mr Pato and Mr Micah, saying he personally saw the two ministers in the company of their Vanuatu colleague at the Jacksons International Airport VIP lounge.
PNG Post Courier

Local News

vanuatu Daily Post | Tuesday January 22, 2013 [ 5 ]

The devil in “FAUXcea”’s details
By B. J. Skane Panama Canal doCuments
and a French Polynesia clearance now to hand show that “Phocea”’s belated clearance into Port Vila several days after she arrived on July 14, 2012 wasn’t the first time fake registration details allegedly contrived for the vessel by Pascale Anh Quan Saken were used. Events of last week in Papua New Guinea involving Saken indicate it will probably prove not to be the last. The documents from Panama dated May 15/16, 2012 and French Polynesia dated June 14, 2012 clearly show “Phocea”’s nationality was claimed to be Vanuatu and her homeport, Port Vila. Of course neither ever was. But since the papers an agent provided for the yacht upon its arrival in Panama looked like permanent International Registration to all but someone very familiar with Vanuatu’s domestic registration documents, officials and even the skipper of the vessel could not be presumed to know otherwise. And in fact, while “Phocea”s ‘registration’ has been proved to be a forgery, there were for many years hundreds of yachts and other pleasure craft toodling around the world’s oceans using nothing other than Vanuatu domestic registration as issued by the VMA and which pertained only to vessels operating within Vanuatu’s EEZ. That is another story that should have had much more attention paid to it at the time, but I digress. Back to “Phocea”. It is surprising that Canal officials didn’t pick up on the one very obvious discrepancy within the information provided to them: a Maltese radio call sign with Vanuatu nationality. Uh uh. Whoops! But then, how many people off the top of their head know that Vanuatu call signs begin with YJ and simply cannot be 9HA3051. Her tonnage is also wrong, 299 tons on the false Vanuatu registration all her legitimate registrations going back to 1976 when she was launched show it to be over 500 tons. And yet another discrepancy is her sudden change from a Commercial Cruise vessel on her Luxembourg registration to “pleasure yacht” on the forged Vanuatu documents when she was, and still is, listed on the Internet as available for charter. It has been suggested that the cost of keeping and maintaining a vessel like “Phocea” in any Mediterranean port would run upwards of 100,000 Euro’s (over Vt12 million) per month just for ‘parking’. As well, a commercial vessel is required to maintain a full crew at all times…also very expensive. Maybe Mr Steven Rosenblum, who sources close to the “Phocea” say they are 99% sure still owns her, isn’t doing so well financially that he wouldn’t like to save a few million Euro’s a year by having her hang out for virtually free in the South Pacific and Asia for a while as “Blue Gold”, the other big blue boat in Vila harbour, has allegedly been doing the past few years. However, if these errors in the forged document had been noticed at the time “Phocea” transited Panama Canal she might have been stopped in her tracks right then and there and we wouldn’t be having this conversation, so to speak. But she wasn’t and on she sailed to French Polynesia where another oddity that should have been noticed wasn’t - the vessel’s last port of call. Balboa (Panama) is much more the normal ‘last port of call’ for vessels arriving in French Polynesia than any Mediterranean country. “Phocea”s inwards clearance to French Polynesia lists San Remo (Italy) as her last port of call – as did her Canal clearance. But they cannot be both the same. San Remo is in the Mediterranean Sea thousands of miles to the east of Panama, the slice of land that separates it from French Polynesia and through which the Panama Canal passes. It is possible to avoid the Canal on a voyage between San Remo and French Polynesia by routing via the southern Capes of South America (Cape Horn) or Africa (Cape Aghullas). But either is a much, much longer route, fraught with significantly more danger than a passage across the tropical North Atlantic and through the Canal to the tropical South Pacific and not one a yacht would routinely take. In fact it’s not

one any ship that can fit through the Canal has routinely taken, except recently for soft adventure type cruise ships and over adventurous yachties since that incredible waterway joining the Atlantic with the Pacific was opened almost 100 years ago in 1914. Battling southern ocean storms and swells if it isn’t necessary doesn’t make either economical or physical sense. One would have thought that the French Polynesia officials might have at least asked some questions as to her route the answers to which might have raised an eyebrow or two and led to some further investigation at that point. But they didn’t. These discrepancies are all small fry issues maybe, but the devil in the detail is what so often trips up people whose enterprises may not be strictly straight. Eventually it was the keen eyes of Vanuatu officials that caused a hiccough in whatever was the “Pacific Plan” for “Phocea”. Now that PNG authorities are involved in the “FAUXcea Farce” as a wag here in Port Vila has aptly termed it, it will be interesting to see how many more small devils come to light. There probably will be many and they will likely lead to much larger ones before the final curtain comes down.

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[6] VANUATU DAILY POST, Tuesday 22nd January 2013

vanuatu Daily Post Tuesday January 22 2013 [ 7 ]

Voice of the People
Letter must be less than 300 words.Every one has the right to express an opinion without fear of persecution. All letters must give your full name, adress (not PO Box) and a daytime phone number for verification. Letters emailed must be from a confirmed address. Your name will be kept confidential if requested. Letters may be edited for space and legal issue. The opinions expressed here are not those of Vanuatu Daily Post. The Editor reserves the right to decide whether to print or not.


PO Box 1292, Port Vila fax: +678 2411 email: letters@dailypost.vu

Removal of Police Service Commission
Dear Editor, I am writing this letter in regards to an email sent by the chief of staff of the Vanuatu Police Force, Mr Ron Tamtam, to the Director General and the First PA in the Prime Minister’s Office regarding the above matter. The email he sent shows vividly that he wanted the chairman of the Police Service Commission to be removed from his position. I want to appeal to the police executive (high authorities) that why haven’t they taken this issue into great consideration in disciplining the Police Chief of Staff? What he’s really doing is wrong trying to remove the Chairman of the Police Service Commission (PSC) (whom is above him) from his position, though he didn’t have the power to or authority to do it. This is very disrespectful. His action displays insubordination to his superior which is a very serious allegation. With the same tactics he made previously when Joshua Bong was removed from his position as Commissioner of police and was suspended. If authorities are continuously blindfolding themselves and not cautious enough in realizing his nuisance, his actions will dramatically cause unnecessary expenses in the force for civil claims. This is a very serious matter why shouldn’t he be suspended? There are no valid reasons in keeping him with all these little tricks he has been playing, the Acting Commissioner should do something to solve this matter of misleading the force. If such practices were continued without any actions taken it clearly demonstrates that discipline in the force is only for some people which is really not fair at all. Police force will not be able to develop if we are not cautious enough to handle such situations. Anonymous

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[8] VANUATU DAILY POST, Tuesday 22nd January 2013

VANUATU DAILY POST Tuesday 22nd January 2013 [9]

[ 10] vanuatu Daily Post |Tuesday January 22, 2013

Post Comics

Regional News

PNG opposition launch detention centre challenge
centre's high fences. The summons asks the court to permanently restrain the PNG government from continuing to detain people at the centre. It also seeks a temporary injunction preventing any more asylum seekers being sent to Manus Island while the case is heard. The National Court is yet to set a date to hear the challenge. P r i m e m i n i s t e r Pe t e r O'Neill has said the detention centre is being run in accordance with PNG's laws. PNG's attorney-general, Kerenga Kua, earlier this month added that asylum seekers had effectively consented to being held in a processing centre. "When they left the shores of their own country, they understood fully well the kind of processing they would have to put through in order to be formally, officially approved as refugees," he said.
-Radio Australia



sition has launched a legal challenge to Australia's asylum seeker processing centre on Manus Island. After promising to launch a challenge, lawyers acting for opposition leader Belden Namah filed a summons with the National Court on Friday. The summons seeks a declaration that the agreement between the PNG and Australian governments to establish the processing centre is unconstitutional because it authorises the deprivation of the asylum seekers' personal liberty. Last month, Mr Namah said people could only be detained for lengthy periods in PNG if they had broken the law. He argued the asylum seekers on Manus Island had not broken any immigration laws so they should not be detained behind the



Tonga acting pm defends local airline competition
ToNGa's acTiNG Prime
Minister Hon Samiu Vaipulu said today that Government's move to introduce two new aircraft from China to operate the domestic service was to provide competition and offer cheaper inter-island airfares. The Acting PM and Minister for Infrastructure in a press conference held at the Prime Minister's Office today said it was government's intention that the management of the new aircrafts would be tendered out while government maintained a regulatory role and ownership of the two aircraft. "It is unfortunate that Chathams Pacific has decided to cease its services in the coming months", he said. He said government had yet to announce plans for the management of the new aircraft but would remain independent of its operation. Plan In the meantime, he believed that a local airline company called Real Tonga operated by Palu Aviation would be leasing two Y-12 17 seater aircrafts from Vanuatu to service the outer islands. Samiu said the first leased aircraft would start flying on March 4, immediately after Chathams Pacific ceased service on March 2. A second aircraft would arrive a few weeks afterward. He said the first M-60 aircraft from China was now expected to arrive in April. The aircraft are 50 seater turboprop-powered commercial aircraft. Government was now making preparations to send crew, including pilots and engineers, to be trained for two months in China and return on the aircraft, he said.


He said that an airline from Samoa had also expressed interest to provide domestic service in Tonga. "The aircraft from China is to provide competition and give people access to cheaper flights because at the moment fares costs around $365 to Vava'u. Even I can't afford it, it's too expensive," he said. Government did not terminate Chathams Pacific services but it was a business decision they made, he said. Chathams Pacific has been Tonga's sole domesic carrier since 2008.
— Matangi Tonga

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VANUATU DAILY POST Tuesday 22nd January, 2013 [11]

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ApArtMeNt for reNt
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sAbriNA ApArtMeNts for reNt
Available now 2x135 square meter apartment for rent with 2 bedroom each at No.3 area. Fully furnished @ a monthly rental of VT100,000 vatu each. Located in a quiet & safe place, shops nearby & 5 minutes drive to town. For inspection contact 7746301/26322 (02/02/13)

3 bedrooM House AvAilAble iN No2.
Partly furnished, good security, renovated bathroom, good location that close to Leader Price etc. 115,000vt p/m neg for long term Contact Michael: 7776767 (24/01/13)


wAterfroNt ApArtMeNt



rooms, 2 bathrooms, on quiet, calm bay in Pango. Sandy beach, close to Surf and only 10 minutes to town. Pool, aircon, security, lockup garage, Tel Sat Connection, TV/ DVD, spa bath Stunning setting, beautifully finished and Balinese furnished.Longterm rentals: VT 255,000/Month or short term rentals: fully furnished including full inventory of linen /crockery. Good for newly arrived or short term contacts call 5554942. ( 11/03/13)

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3 bedroom furnished house for rent at Tassariki, Mezzanine, Toilet & Bathroom, Living Room, Kitchen, Front Porch, Laundry, Air Condition, Hot & Cold Water, own driveway, Fenced and spacious yard. 10 minutes’ walk to USP, 5 minutes’ walk to Tassariki Health Clinic. Monthly rent vt110,000 (negotiable). Contact 5387895

fullY furNisHed studio ApArtMENT
right on the lagoon (Cook’s Avenue, First Lagoon). Suitable for couple or single. Short-term accommodation. 85,000vt/month or daily rate. Includes electricity, water, internet and housekeeping. Contact Jenny 7775044 / 25251 (23/1/13)

for reNt, sHort or loNg terM
modern, Big studio unit Located in the center of the town, with spectacular views over port Vila harbor, Happy friendly environments, Very private & safe, full time security & alarm/Camera system. fully furnished, big fridge, stove, Satellite TV, internet, sofa launch/bed. Suitable for working single or couple, or home & office at 79.000vt+ per month OR short term 30,000 vt+ per week all included. Please email, info@vanuatuholidaytravel.com (1/2/13

, 2 bathrooms, on quiet, calm bay in Pango. Sandy beach, close to Surf and only 10 minutes to town. Pool, aircon, security, lockup garage, Tel Sat Connection, TV/DVD, spa bath Stunning setting, beautifully finished and Balinese furnished.Longterm rentals: VT 255,000/Month or short term rentals: fully furnished including full inventory of linen /crockery. Good for newly arrived or short term contacts call 5554942. ( 11/03/13)

3 brM fullY furNisHed ApArtMeNt FOR RENT: Only 5 min walk to town, good security, spacious living area, large covered balcony with lovely aspect – 85,000 vt/mth – suit expats Ph: 5546112 or7773369 (28/01/13)

3x2 bedrooM

uNits for reNt At


1 bed rooM, tAsAriki
lovely, 1 bedroom with walk in robe, minutes’ walk to USP & shop, quiet location with lagoon views, partly furnished, with fridge, beds, tables, etc...., separate water and electric meters, on street parking . 1 MTH Bound + References REQ - 70,000vt P/M Call 7750812 (25/1/13)

Hills, partly furnished, quiet and off the main road, fully secured with security fence & metal gates, car park @ 38,000vt/unit. Call 5981165/5978705 (19/01/13)

House for reNt
Three Bedroom 2 bathroom water front house at Tasiriki. Fully furnished or unfurnished, Tiled throughout, and air conditioned. Double carport with your own private boat ramp, White Sand beach and lovely covered BBQ areas on the water’s edge. 2 Min walk to Port Vila international School. Available short or long term from 220,000vt per month. Phone 7763774 for an inspection. ( 19/01/13)

1 bedrooM

Luxury appointed 1 + bedroom apartments to let. Sleeps up to 3 fully furnished and self-contained to an executive level, Pool, a/con parking. Some with magnificent labour views. From 5,500 per night for short term or minimum 5 ngiths, 125,000 per month long term. Contact 25462/25460 or 7776476 for viewing. (26/01/13)

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l ookiNg

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VANUATU DAILY POST Tuesday 22nd January 2013 [13]

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For sale
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losT pHone in FresH waTer 3 area. samsunG
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FHyundai sTarex Bus

in Good condiTion , (24/01/13)



service with 2013 Permit. Price: 400,000VT, Contact: 5686054

with dark green lenses was lost at Sunset Lagoon Pool at Iririki Island Resort on Friday 28th December 2012. A BIG reward will be paid by returning the same to Guest relation Manger / Duty Manger, Iririki Island Resort or contact 23388 Thank you. (11/1/13)

nina ricci readinG sunGlass

[14] VANUATU DAILY POST, Tuesday 22nd January 2013

What is the Stretem Rod Blong Jastis Partnership?
The governments of Vanuatu and Australia have established the Vanuatu Law and Justice Partnership Stretem Rod Blong Jastis (Partnership) - which commenced in March 2012. The Partnership, managed by GRM International, seeks to strengthen the law and justice sector as a whole and also to build the capacity of agencies in the formal justice sector.

What does the Paralegal Program Administrator role involve?
From 2013, the Partnership will be supporting a Paralegal Program that will enable law students from the University of the South Pacific (USP) to work within formal legal offices during their final two years of study. GRM International are seeking a highly motivated and self-driven Paralegal Program Administrator to provide support for the implementation of a paralegal program. Key deliverables of the Administrator will include (but are not limited to) the following:      Identifying formal legal offices within the law and justice sector who wish to participate in the program. Developing an MoU between the USP School of Law and the participating agencies. Developing a selection process for the paralegal program. Developing monitoring tools for student placements. Providing pastoral care to students who are selected to participate in the program.

Public Notice From: Principal Immigration Officer To: Public
The Public is notified that the department of immigration has changed its policy on the processing of visa applications. The public is informed that all visa applications and processing is no longer handled by the department. All visa applications and processing will be handled by a person whom the Principal Immigration officer has designated as an immigration officer under the Immigration Act of 2010. The public is advised to direct all visa enquiries and visa applications to the designated immigration officer located in town and can be contacted on tel: (+678) 5625247 Email: vanuatuvisa.application@gmail.com

The ideal candidate for this role will have demonstrated skills and experience in consultation, management and drafting of documents. The ability to provide mentoring to participating students is critical. The Administrator will be based at the USP School of Law and will be engaged on a part-time basis (2.5 – 3 days per week) up to 31 May 2013, with high possibility of an extension until at least 31 December 2013.

How to apply
To receive an Application Package, including full copy of the Terms of Reference for this role, email Joanna Garae on joanna.garae@vljp.com.au or call us on 29941.

Applications are due by 5pm, 11 February 2013

Stretem Rod Blong Jastis is managed by GRM International on behalf of the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID)

Apco Coatings (Vanuatu) Limited, a leading paint manufacturer and equal opportunity employer is looking for an experienced & qualified Sales Manager for Vanuatu unit. This is a senior position with a responsibility to run the unit with minimum supervision and would suit a person with a Bachelor Degree in Engineering & additional qualification in Business Management with minimum 20 yrs of work experience at management level preferably in Paints & Hardware industry. Applications with Resume should be received not later than 25/01/13 via email to sanjay.ambasht@apcocoatings.com or to PO Box 253, Port Vila

Night Cleaner, Vanuatu
    High profile international organization Location - Port Vila 10 hours per week - Monday–Friday, 5pm–7pm Friendly & flexible work environment

About us Save the Children is the world’s largest independent child rights development organisation, making a difference to children’s lives in more than 100 countries. From emergency relief to long-term development, Save the Children secures a child’s right to health, education and protection. About the role The position of the Night Cleaner will:  Ensure the tidy and timely physical maintenance of the office. Remuneration will be negotiated based on skills and experience. Selection Criteria       Good attention to detail. Ability to work autonomously. Experience in similar role or duties. Displays commitment to, and is an advocate for, Save the Children’s purpose and values in all interactions. Takes pride in the quality of their work. Professional appearance and telephone manner.

Manager Audit & Comptabilité
Compétences recherchées :  Francophone maitrisant aussi l’anglais  Diplôme d’étude supérieur en comptabilité et niveau avancé avec MYOB et/ou CIEL, et/ou NAVISION  Maitrise totale des états financiers, des débits et crédits comptable  Capacité à interagir directement avec la clientèle Si ce poste vous intéresse, veuillez envoyer votre CV par email à


Vanuatu’s fastest growing plumbing business requires an experienced plumber. The successful applicant will have at least six years experience and extensive knowledge in water and drainage. Call Smiling Steve at South Pacific Plumbing 7107575

For a copy of the Position Description, or for more information about this role contact hillary.sogari@sca.org.vu How to apply Please forward your application with your CV and a letter addressing how your skills and experience meet the selection criteria. Male, female and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply for this position. Email your application to applications@sca.org.vu before COB 27 January 2013. Only those applicants who are successfully shortlisted will be contacted. All staff are required to undergo a police check before commencement of employment.
We work with children, communities and governments all over the world and we believe in the right person for the job regardless of where you come from and how you identify yourself. We need to keep children safe so our selection process reflects our commitment to ensuring that only those who are suitable to work with children are considered for these posts. All successful applicants will therefore be required to complete a Police Check and must sign onto our Child Protection Policy and Code of Conduct.

Save the Children Australia in Vanuatu, Titanium Building, Tassiriki Road, PO Box 283, Port Vila, Tel: +678 22794, Fax:

VANUATU DAILY POST | Tuesday, January 22 2012 [ 15 ]

Sports News

Torba mo Santos i openem sekon leg wetem ol win
Harrison Selmen i ripot s antos hemi daonem as
Concord long 4-3 mo Torba hemi smasem nogud Vaom long wan hae sko blong 3-0 long las Sarere. Santos hemi pleiem fes gem ia wetem stael, taem hemi mekem bigfala win ova long 10 man As Concord tim wetem 7 man nomo insaed long fil. Fes haf i lukim Santos hemi openem sko bifo As Concord hemi ikwalaes. Nomata we olgeta i stap wetem 6 pleia nomo wetem wan kol kipa yet oli hollem taet As Concord long 1-1 long fes haf. Long sekon haf, Santos hemi kam insaed wetem 2 moa man mo inkrisim sko i go antap long 4 bifo AS Concord hemi save kam bihaen mo finis long 3 poen nomo. Santos hemi stap sendem wan woning long ol nara tim se hemi redi blong givim wan strong jalenj long sekon leg ia. Long nara gem long 3pm i lukim Torba hemi kam blong smasem nogud Vaom long 3-0. Long fes haf Torba hemi stap lid mo enjoyem lid long 1-0, bifo long sekon haf oli addem tu moa poen i go insaed, blong putum faenol sko long 3-0.



2 of Fiji Sevens team barred from NZ
Two members of the Fiji Sevens squad have been told they cannot enter New Zealand for next week’s Wellington Sevens. Both Mosese Saunivanua and Emosi Mulevoro are serving officers in the Fiji Military Forces. Since military commander Voreqe Bainimarama staged a coup in 2006, New Zealand has refused to let members of the military and their families into the country. Fiji media reported that the two were dropped from the side because of the sanctions. It could not be confirmed whether they had made formal application and been refused, or simply had not applied knowing they would not get in. New Zealand has recently allowed some relaxation of the rules and allowed an ailing military appointed cabinet minister here for health treatment.
Fairfax NZ News



Cyclist accuses footballers of drug use
Retired cyclist Oscar Pereiro has sensationally claimed that some high profile footballers have used performance enhancing drugs throughout their careers. Pereiro, winner of the 2006 Tour de France, spoke out after Lance Armstrong’s admission that he used prohibited substances during his cycling career, with the Spaniard claiming that football is not immune to drug-related controversy. The 35-year-old joined Spanish Segunda Division B side Coruxo in 2010 after retiring from cycling, scoring two goals in two appearances, but believes some of the world’s most reocgnised players have used drugs. “There was a player who had transfusions to improve their performance and is idolised today,” Pereiro told Cadena Cope. “There was a player who used a growth hormone and is idolised today. “If we give the same treatment to cyclists and to those in other sports, one is doped up to their eyeballs and the other is someone who works for their club. “It’s not about defending cycling and throwing s**t at other sports, but I wish you [the media] would give the same treatment to other sports when you recognize certain things. “The day I’m paid ¬1 million, like many have been paid, I’ll say yes or no [about whether I’ve doped or not].” Romania international Adrian Mutu was suspended for nine months in 2010 after testing positive for sibutramine, an appetite suppressant.

Spirit 08 blong missim seves blong kapten mo difenda, Tambe
Harrison Selmen i ripot Vanuatu nasonal
defenda mo Port Vila Futbol Assosiesen klab, Spirit 08, defenda ,Meren Tambe, hemi bin brekem raet leg blong hem long Sandei las wik long w a n t u n a m e n hemia stret long Loltong Vilij, Pentecost. Ripot long wan sos long Loltong i konfemem se Tambe hemi bin brekem leg blong hem afta long wan 50-50 jalenj wetem kipa blong nara tim. Gem ia hemi faenol blong Huhugaituva Helt Senta tunamen. Tambe hemi bin joenem tim blong hem long Luganville taem oli bin kasem faenol blong tunamen ia. Ripot i talem se Tambe hemi brekem leg blong hem long fes 15 minit nomo taem ol ofisol oli mas stopem gem long Helt Senta long Abwatuntora bifo oli flaem hem i kam long Vila yesterde long Vila Central Hospital. Ripot we Daily Spots hemi kasem se pleia ia hemi bin ko long Pentecost blong spendem krismas be afta we tunamen ia hemi tekem ples, hemi bin pat tu blong tunamen. Tambe hemi bin wan impoten pleia blong Spirit 08 and absens blong hem long tim long Port Vila Shield tunamen bambae i kostem Spirit 08 bigwan, from Tambe nao hemi kapten blong tim mo semtaem hem nao hemi stap ankarem difens blong tim, mo risal blong hem nao i lukim oli bin mekem gud long jampionship afta we oli bin stap topem bifo Amicale i winim.


Ballack: Guardiola didn’t trust Chelsea
Former Chelsea midfielder Michael Ballack has suggested Pep Guardiola lacked “trust in the club”, backing the Spaniard’s decision to join Bayern Munich next season. Ballack’s comments follow similar sentiments from former Chelsea coach Ray Wilkins, who claimed the ruthless approach of owner Roman Abramovich is putting potential manager’s off moving to Stamford Bridge. Having played for Chelsea from 2006-2010, and calling Munich home for four years prior to that, Ballack believes Guardiola made the right choice by ending his yearlong sabbatical to become part of the Bundesliga. “If you want to work as a coach for longer term you need consistency, trust in the club and also the environment around the club,” Ballack is quoted as saying in The Sun. “Maybe that is a point why he didn’t sign [with Chelsea]. But it is also a big challenge as a coach. It’s a fantastic signing for Bayern and for Pep Guardiola as well. “Nobody in Germany expected him to sign. It shows the Bundesliga has grown a lot in the last few years and his decision looks like it’s not all about money, he is a coach with a philosophy.”

folem aksiden we i happen. Follem aksiden ia tufala kapten blong tim oli kam blong disaedem se bam-

bae oli serem nomo fes mo sekon praes we i stap. Afta long insiden ol ofisol oli bin muvum Tambe i go



Library moves Armstrong books to fiction section
Lance Armstrong is not the only one who has found himself in a bit of a pickle lately. Spare a thought for poor librarians the world over. The disgraced cyclist’s own confession that his “inspirational” story is a lie has left many, including at least one staff member at Manly Library in Sydney, scratching their heads about whether Armstrong’s books should be re-categorised in the fiction section. A casual librarian placed a tongue-in-cheek sign in the library on Saturday saying that all of Armstrong’s non-fiction books, including Lance Armstrong: Images of a Champion, The Lance Armstrong Performance Program and Lance Armstrong: The World’s Greatest Champion, “will soon be moved to the fiction section”. The sign, which concludes with a smiley face, captured the attention of several book lovers who snapped photographs and posted them on Twitter. They quickly caught the eye, and now the library’s sign has featured on the websites of the Daily Mail in the UK, and USA Today.

Amicale FC Manejmen, pleia mo sapota oli wantem talem bigfala tankio i go long MP blong Port Vila, Moana Carcasses Kalosil from sponsaship blong 20 Lotto bol. Donesen ia i kam long stret taem from tim i stap pripea blong Port Vila Shield O League we i stap kam. Amicale i stap wishim MP Carcasses gud lak long karia blong hem long politik long yia ia.

[16] VANUATU DAILY POST, Tuesday 22nd January 2013

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