The Brain Eating Surgeon

Written By Akinbiyi Babarinde



INT. APARTMENT ROOM - NIGHT A worn out poster sits in the cold dark room of Zack Withers, light shimmering on the surface reveals Lisa Grey to headline a weekend of Jazz Music at the Aeolian Concert Hall tomorrow. FADE OUT FADE IN INT. AEOLIAN CONCERT HALL - THE NEXT DAY Zack gives his ticket in, it's accepted and ripped apart

INT. AEOLIAN CONCERT HALL - CONTINUOUS A packed up hall sits listening to Lisa as she performs on stage, in the crowd sits an attentive Zack, anxious waiting for his moment with Lisa FADE OUT FADE IN INT. BACKSTAGE AEOLIAN - LATER Zack enters the scene very nervous, walking toward Lisa's dressing room he gets stopped by a security guard but Lisa recognizes him and allows a quick visit, he composes himself and presents Lisa with flowers...she accepts them places them into a vase, she looks back up at Zack waiting for him to say something, he tries on lean on a wall and slips, he stumbles forward, his glasses begin to steam, he's sweating so he removes his glasses, in the act of wiping his glasses he causes the flower in the vase to fall, water's everywhere and the flowers are on the floor, apologizing; Zack starts picking up the flowers and Lisa begins to laugh, as he gets up to attempts to ask her out on a date, Damien walks in. Damien is approaching both of them and before Zack could say anything, Lisa apologizes and walks toward Damien. Zack's left holding a single flower, watching Lisa hug Damien before they both leave holding hands. Zack looks down and there's a drop of tear FADE OUT


FADE IN Out of spite and jealousy, Zack decides to go after Damien's brain, he's now taken on his brain stalking/eating persona Grundy, he's a very different person and is almost unrecognizable, right now he's tailing Lisa and Damien to their date... EXT. BEAVER STRT - LATER Zack spots Lisa and Damien eating inside Uncle Tom's Diner, picking up a newspaper, he enters the diner.

INT. UNCLE TOM'S DINER - CONTINUOUS Taking in seat unnoticed, Zack (Grundy) orders tea and opens up a Newspaper, he spies on the couple through to cut out holes in his newspaper. As the couple leave, Zack ready's himself, he notices they hug and parts ways, he heads out the door with the intention to follow Damien. FADE OUT FADE IN EXT. STREETS - EVENING After very carefully trailing Damien , Zack (Grundy) passes an alley, and sees this as an opportunity to lure Damien, he calls out and gestures as though someone's in need of help in the alley opposite him, Damien unaware of what's going on rushes back to Zack (Grundy) and follows him to alley, Damien walks forward and gets hit on the back of the head. FADE OUT EXT. ALLEY - EVENING Projected shadows on the wall, displayes Zack (Grundy) at work, he seems to be wearing "surgery gear", pulling his gloves tight he begins, he unscrew the top half of Damien's head like a screw nail to a wall, with a screw driver...he then scoops out his brain and throws its contents into a blender, he also adds other liquid substances into the mix and blends...In one full gulp he drinks the content of the blender, screwing Damien's head back on, he walks away cuddling his blender. The scene ends with a shot of Damien sat on the cold wet floor, with a violated look on his face. FADE OUT INT. AEOLIAN CONCERT HALL - MORNING


Zack gives ticket it in, it's accepted and ripped apart FADE IN INT. BACKSTAGE AEOLIAN - LATER Zack walks up to Lisa overflowing with confidence, he's never been this confident in a long time, so he asks her out on a date, blushing...she accepts FADE IN INT. STAGE AEOLIAN - LATER A Romantic meal for two has been set up, and it's on the stage Lisa previously performed on...It's very minimalistic, with one rose on a table and a red glow highlighting it... everywhere else is dark, and the only people the couple can see are each other, apart from when the waiter occasionally comes in to serve them, as the date goes on Zack seem less and less interested in Lisa and more interested in seeing the waiter walk in, Zack keeps calling him back for little unnecessary things...he begins to notices what he's doing, but for some reason he has no control over it, he tries to calm himself down by drinking. The scene ends with Zack's final drink FADE OUT FADE IN INT. APARTMENT ROOM - MORNING It's the morning after and Zacks in bed with the waiter. The camera pans the scene, Zack's deep asleep but, as the camera continues the waiter is revealed to be sleeping next to him staring lustfully as Zack sleeps, the camera continues and shows the blender on the window seal, it continues through the window towards the Concert hall (Aeolian), and just outside it, there's a Newsstand, with Newspapers headlining about Damien Sabien revealing to be gay.

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