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Fellowship Christian Church

"roiay in thetown o{ Davi| has bornto you; a Savior been heisChrist Lord." the Luke2:11

23'4,2012 December Worship Service Welcome PraYer and

(nexl-Michoel Plett)

Sing CongregationaI ing Announcements &Offering Kid'sKorner

(Jon.8rh Mel Pleitl

(SpeciaI Number)
F Dec.30-Kelsey iesen

Reading Scripture
Luke l -14 2: AlvinKroeker
Reime0 {nexi-woyne

News" "Joyous

5unday School
News& Notes
. greetings Checkout the Chrislmos from thot ore on the bulletin SBC boord. . Christmos Service, Eve 7p.m. verse, Comepreporedfo shoreo fovourite song,poem,story whotever, or Also, bringo cqndleio porticipoie in the condle lighlservice.

Church Cleaning
Mel &Vi

A littlechild, A shining star. rude, A stable Thedoorajar. Yetin that place, 5o quie, forlorn, | , a tl IneHoPe arl or Theworldwas born. -Anonymous-

PRAYER REQUESTS 2OI2E'IAC - Conodo Associole Misions Allve) . George& PoffiNickel(lnnerCfi Youth -Proy o Chrislion io community developin lhe NorthEnd. for Somonyof ihe youthneed the doy-lo-doysupport you will lhoi community bdng.Thonk for yourproyers.