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Engineered Specification Products Inc.

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Engineering Consultant & Manufacturer Representative

Neil Dennis

Sales Consultant & Manufacturer Representative

Bender - Industry Leader in Isolated Power Systems for the Medical Industry
The Power in Electrical Safety

Manufacturer of Isolated Power Systems Equipment for ORs and Surgical Suites

Benshaw - A World Leader in Mission Critical Motor Control & Protection

Manufacturer of LV & MV Motor Controllers, Full Voltage & Soft Start Solid State Starters & VFDs

Power To Deliver

Manufactures Padmounted SWGR up to 38 kV, Medium Voltage and Low Voltage Dry Transformers

Federal Pacific - Dry Type Transformers & Medium Voltage Switchgear

Manufactures LV Switchboards, Panelboards and PV Solar Interconnect Equipment, Custom Equipment

Myers/RSE-Sierra & RYCO - Low, MV and Multi Metering Switchboards(RSE in AZ only)

Manufactures Medium Voltage, Liquid Filled Power, Pole and Pad Mounted Transformers Up To 38kV

VanTran - Liquid Filled Power, Pole Mount and Pad Mount Transformers

Manufactures Full Range of MV, Metal Enclosed, Metal Clad SWGR, and Large Array of Custom Products

PCI, Division of ROMAC - Powerhouse, Switchgear up to 38kV

Manufactures the OPTIMIZER reduces electrical Current Total Harmonic Distortion and improves the power factor to 99.9%, Hi Efficiency and Harmonic Mitigating Transformers

Synergy Energy Inc. Helping save energy and improve their Power Quality

Remanufacturer of Electrical Equipment, Over Current Protection Devices, MCC Buckets, and more

ROMAC - Used and Remanufactured Electrical Equipment (Member of PEARL)

Manufacturer of Enclosed BPSs, Pullouts, and Manual Transfer Switches

Boltswitch Bolted Pressure Contact Switches and Pullouts

Manufactures Inverter Skids, Switchgear, Marine Grade Aluminum and Stainless Steel Enclosures

Gavan Graham Electrical Products - Switchgear, Custom Products

Power Design Inc. - Fiberglass Enclosures with Sectionalizers, Junctions Manufacturer of UV stabilized Fiberglass Enclosures for Electrical applications

Your Switchgear ,Transformer & Motor Control Solution

Phone (480) 445-9370

PO Box 71848

Fax (800) 986-2042

Phoenix, AZ 85050

Toll Free (888) 261-6389