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Contemporary Political Theory
VInod & dESHPandE This well-researched text elucidates the evolution of political ideas in the recent past and their background. It brings out the epistemological and methodological debates within the discipline and social sciences as a whole, and incorporates the latest developments. The book also analyses the ideas of modern Indian thinkers such as Savarkar, Nehru, Lohia, Ambedkar and Jayaprakash Narayan. Primarily intended for the postgraduate students of political science, this book would also be useful to the aspirants of civil services examinations.

Competency-Based Human Resource Management
Kandula This book comprehensively dwells on all the aspects of competency-based Human Resource Management, and its relevance in various industry verticals. Organized into five chapters, the book focuses on the tools and techniques to judge core competencies amongst employees. Beginning with the fundamental theories and definitions of competency, the book goes on explaining the mapping methods like Repertory Grid, DACUM, and competency card sort activity. Benchmarking competency models and assessment tools are also dealt with in detail. The concluding chapter elaborates competency applications to Human Resource Management in the functional areas of recruitment training and development. The book serves both as a textbook for management students and as a reference book for working HR professionals.
` 350.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4705-2

` 525.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4713-7

Manual for Solar Photovoltaic Technology and Systems
SolanKI This comprehensive training manual discusses the various aspects of solar PV technologies and systems in a student-friendly manner. The text deals with the topics covered, their measurements and applications in SPV systems with plenty of illustrations. The text is supported by a large number of solved and unsolved examples, practical information using numerous diagrams and worksheet that help students understand the topics in a clear way. The text is intended for technicians, trainers and engineers who are working on solar PV systems for design, installation and maintenance of solar PV systems.
` 525.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4711-3

Strategic Credit Management in Banks
PoPlI & PuRI The objective of this book is to impart knowledge of credit management from inception of credit application/proposal till disbursement. It exhaustively covers deployment pattern of bank credit, various types of facilities granted by the banks, principles of sound lending, examination of legal capacity of the customers, process after sanction, i.e. documentation, analysis and interpretation of financial statements for arriving at a lending decision, prudent assessment of credit limits, financing parameters for small, medium and large-industrial enterprises. It also includes chapters on export and import credit and nonperforming accounts. The book will therefore be of immense value to postgraduate students of management and practising managers.
` 350.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4704-5

Business Ethics and Value Systems
MRuTHYunjaYa This comprehensive and well-organised book deals with some of the basic issues associated with business ethics and value systems. It presents more than forty live cases that show a cross-section view of different types of unethical practices, and model ethical codes for a few professions. Primarily intended for the postgraduate students of management and commerce, the book can also be used beneficially by practicing professionals.
` 525.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4631-4

Information Sources, Services and Systems
SInGH This book provides the overviews of different types of reference sources, such as encyclopaedias, directories, yearbooks, dictionaries, geographical sources, biographical sources, statistical sources, handbooks and others. It is specially designed to cater to the needs of the students of BLibSc and MLibSc of various universities and institutions for the papers of information sources and services. This book will also be very useful for teachers, working librarians, information scientists, and informational professionals in general.
` 525.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4639-0

PHI Learning

System Simulation, Modelling and languages
PannEERSElVaM & SEnTHIlKuMaR Designed as a text for undergraduate students (B.Tech./B.E.) of Computer Science and Engineering and IT, Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics Engineering, and postgraduate students (M.Tech./M.E., M.Sc.) of Computer Science and Engineering and IT and Industrial Engineering, as well as for Bachelor and Master of Computer Applications (BCA/MCA), this well-organized book gives an in-depth analysis of the concepts of system simulation modelling and simulation languages. This book, which discusses in detail the fundamental and advanced concepts of simulation, is reinforced by several real-life Case Studies, solved examples, and chapter-end questions.
TBA • ISBN 978-81-203-4706-9

advanced Control Systems
SaRKaR This book describes the control systems, system components and their functions. It gives an overview of different types of industrial controllers and discusses the various forms of state space modelling. The book also deals with stability analysis defined by Lyapunov and digital control systems. It is meant for the undergraduate students of Electrical Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Instrumentation and Control Engineering, and Electronics and Communication Engineering.
` 350.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4710-6

Computer Concepts and Management Information Systems, 2nd ed.
jHa The book, in its second edition, precisely addresses the need of management students to acquaint with the basic concepts of computers, information technology and information system. The book provides readers with information pertaining to database concepts, networking essentials, web concepts and phases of system development life cycle. The business processes such as Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management and e-Commerce are also introduced in the second edition. Thus the book can be regarded as one-stop compact teaching–reading resource for getting started with topics relevant to development of IT solutions.

` 195.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4707-6

computer science and engineering
Cloud Computing-Based Projects using distributed architecture
daS GuPTa, et al. This book serves as a guide to design and develop cloud computing-based software projects using distributed architecture. It discusses the theory, upcoming technologies and development tools for the development of two software projects—Outstation Claim Management System (OCMS) and Retirement Benefit Calculation System (RBCS). Primarily intended for the undergraduate and postgraduate students of computer science, computer applications and information technology, this book can also be used by professionals for enhancing technical skills.
` 425.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4671-0
Cd RoM InCludEd

Software Project Management: A Concise Study, 3rd ed.
KElKaR This well-established and highly appreciated book, now in its Third Edition, continues to build on the strength of the previous two editions. While retaining many of the existing topics, Professor S.A. Kelkar, with his wealth of experience and expertise, gives an uptodate analysis of the subject, incorporating several new topics. Intended as a text for undergraduate and postgraduate students of Computer Science and Engineering, and Information Technology, this concise and compact book would be extremely useful also to the postgraduate students of Computer Applications and postgraduate students of Management specializing in IT.
` 275.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4702-1

Fundamentals of Strength of Materials
CHandRaMoulI This book provides comprehensive coverage of the fundamental concepts and all the key topics of interest in Strength of Materials with an emphasis on solving practical problems, from the first principles, related to the design of structural members, mechanical devices and systems in several fields of engineering. The book is intended for the undergraduate students of Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, Aeronautical, and Production and Industrial Engineering.
` 525.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4672-7

Introduction to Fuzzy logic
SHInGHal Designed primarily as a text for senior undergraduate students of Computer Science and Engineering, and postgraduate students of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, the book clearly explains the theoretical aspects of fuzzy set theory and fuzzy logic. In the process, it discusses arithmetic operations on fuzzy sets and fuzzy relations including membership functions of fuzzy sets, fuzzy databases and their applications. The book is fortified with many worked-out examples.
` 150.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4699-4

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social Work
Community organization and development: an Indian Perspective
PaTIl The book deals with different aspects of community organization and describes in detail the process of community development. It dwells on the concept of community mobilization covering needs, benefits challenges related to it and explains different models of community organization for bringing social change. Besides, the book focuses on conflict management in a constructive way and suggests that conflicts, if dealt proactively, can bring positive changes and harmony among people. The book is intended for the undergraduate and postgraduate students of Social Work.
` 195.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4694-9

Essentials of Physics (Volume I and Volume II)
WaGH & dESHPandE

` 395.00 only

` 495.00 only
ISBN 978-81-203-4643-7

ISBN 978-81-203-4642-0

organizational Behaviour: Text and Cases
CHITalE, et al. This book underlines the fundamental concepts of Organizational Behaviour, and its application in the Indian organizational scenario. The book is organized in 29 chapters—the concluding chapter is devoted to cases from various Indian industry verticals. The focus of the book is largely on various aspects of organization, such as its structure, its HR policies, international Organizational Behaviour and Corporate Governance and its role in determining the ethical norms for an organization. This book is designed for the postgraduate students of Management and Commerce. Besides, it can be beneficial for the Managers and Executives, to help them tackle Human Resource and other organization-related problems.
` 450.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4696-3

The text presents careful analysis of the developments of basic concepts for the beginners. It is written in a way that stimulates students and creates a sustained interest in Physics. The exercises are provided in three different categories, namely, as questions, as problems, and as multiple choice questions. The first category of exercises contains thought provoking and descriptive questions; the second category involves numerical computations and the third category of exercises, of multiple choice questions, provides the reader with a flavour of the currently popular mode of examination. Intended for the introductory-level college physics courses, it will also be an invaluable resource for the students preparing for various competitive examinations—engineering and medical entrance exams and olympiad.

some recent releases in management

Corporate accounting, 3rd ed.
GoYal & GoYal This book discusses different types of shares and modes for issue of shares. It covers in detail various modes of issue of debentures and redemption of debentures. The cash flow statement and the difference between cash flow statement and fund flow statement are also discussed in detail. This book is based on the curriculum of B.Com Pass course of Delhi University. However, as most of the topics are common to the courses followed in other universities in India, the book can be used across India. In addition, it would be useful for professional courses such as CA, ICWA, and CS.
` 450.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4627-7

Customer Relationship Management: Concepts and Cases, 2nd ed.
RaI This thoroughly revised and enlarged edition brings to light the latest developments taking place in the area of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and focuses on current CRM practices of various service industries. The book adds five new chapters on several important topics such as Research Techniques and Methods in CRM, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Loyalty, Service Quality, and Service Recovery Management. It also provides 16 Case Studies with critical analysis of different industries to help the readers understand the subject. Primarily intended as a textbook for the students of Management, the book would prove to be an invaluable asset for professionals in service industries.
` 395.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4695-6

PHI Learning

releasing soon
CISSP Rapid Review
GIBSon Assess your readiness for the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) exam—and quickly identify where you need to focus and practice. This practical, streamlined guide walks you through each exam objective, providing “need to know” checklists, review questions, tips, and links to further study-all designed to help bolster your preparation.

CompTIa Security+ Exam SY0-301—Rapid Review
GREGG Reinforce your exam prep with a Rapid Review of these objectives: • Network security • Compliance and operational security • Threats and vulnerabilities • Application, data, and host security • Access control and identity management • Cryptography
T.B.A. • ISBN 978-81-203-4714-4

T.B.A. • ISBN 978-81-203-4715-1

documents, Presentations, and Workbooks—Using Microsoft® Office to create content that gets noticed
KRIEGER Get expert techniques and best practices for creating professional-looking documents, slide presentations, and workbooks. And apply these skills as you work with Microsoft® Word, PowerPoint®, and Excel® in Office 2010 or Office for Mac 2011. This hands-on guide provides constructive advice and advanced, timesaving tips to help you produce compelling content that delivers—in print or on screen.
T.B.A. • ISBN 978-81-203-4719-9

Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010—Creating and Implementing Real-World Projects
MaSon, et al. Build effective solutions for real-world business scenarios—using out-of-the-box tools in Microsoft SharePoint Server, SharePoint Foundation, and Office 365. Each chapter in this hands-on book focuses on a single business project, using a standard approach to guide you through the solution-building process from start to finish. Apply your skills as a SharePoint power user or site administrator—and get started now.
T.B.A. • ISBN 978-81-203-4717-5

recent release
Microsoft Windows® 8, Step by Step
RuSEn & BallEW
Experience learning made easy—and quickly teach yourself new ways to work with Windows on your PC and touch-enabled devices. With Step by Step, you set the pace—building and practicing the skills you need, just when you need them! v Explore the Start screen and use touch on tablets v Connect your home network, email, and social media v Customize your experience with cool apps v Manage photos, music, movies, and connect to Xbox® v Organize file and folders: store them in the cloud v Help secure, troubleshoot, and tune your system
` 695.00 • ISBN 978-81-203-4700-7

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