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Electrolube, a division of H. K. Wentworth Ltd is a leading international manufacturer of electro-chemicals for electronics and industrial manufacturing. Additionally, Electrolube has an unsurpassed reputation for the manufacture and supply of specialist lubricants to the automotive, industrial and domestic switch manufacturing sectors.
Research and development, quality control and environmental concerns are fundamental to the Electrolube philosophy of providing the highest level of customer service. This is achieved both direct to manufacturers and via a worldwide network of subsidiaries and distributors.
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The continued Global Expansion of Electrolube and its innovative range of environmentally friendly products prove that the total capability and dedication to customer care combine to create a winning formula.

Electrolube’s products are specified and widely used for the manufacture and maintenance of electrical and electronic components and assemblies in the following market segments:

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All Electrolube Packaging is multi-lingual, and its international network of field service professional and specialist distributors are connected directly to the UK Technical Service Department, meaning that professional assistance and advice are always available.

Clean, Protect, Lubricate
Electrolube’s wide range of high performance chemicals are used extensively by international electronics and manufacturing industries.
Demand for production materials in convenient packaging has led to the development of a wide range of versatile delivery systems and pack types that are filled at our manufacturing sites in the UK and China. These include aerosols, pump sprays, syringes, tubes, pens, sachets and small tins. The majority of Electrolube products are also available in bulk packaging for manufacturing. The world-renowned Electrolube quality can be found throughout its environmentally friendly product portfolio.

Mission Statement “To strive to exceed our customers’ expectations with innovative new products and the highest possible levels of customer service”

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*Easy to use ‘product selector charts’ are available for each product group. All the products in this catalogue have both technical and material safety data sheets available from your local Electrolube office or agent. Many also have NATO stock numbers.


leaning S yste cil C m en St 2 www. Such residues. could cause issues with adhesion and possibly affect the performance of the protecting media applied. In industry today. many manufacturers are turning to ‘no clean’ processes. In the ‘no clean’ process the solids content of the flux is lower than traditional types. solder and adhesive residues. however they still contain rosin and activator which are not removed prior to the next process.electrolube. specifically within the rapidly expanding electronics industry. along with any other unwanted elements collected due to the missing cleaning .Cleaning Flux Ÿ Removal Metal Ÿ Degreasing Flammable & Non-flammable Ÿ Bulk Ÿ & Aerosol Water Ÿ & Solvent Based Cleaning is an essential process within electronics manufacture and has been used for many years to remove potentially harmful contaminants during PCB manufacture. The purpose of cleaning. such as coating or encapsulating of the PCB. implying that cleaning is not required after soldering. is to essentially improve product lifetime by ensuring good surface resistance and by preventing current leakage leading to PCB failure. and other more general contaminants such as dust and debris present from other manufacturing processes. specifically within the rapidly expanding electronics industry. Ultrasonic Clea nin gS tem ys The purpose of cleaning. Such contaminants include flux. is to essentially improve product lifetime by ensuring good surface resistance and by preventing current leakage leading to PCB failure.

a major component of smog. damaging forests and vegetation. Electrolube. spray under immersion or dishwasher type application. As environmental concerns heighten the transition to solvent-free and low-VOC materials continues to increase. non-flammable solvent cleaners and nonflammable fluorinated solvent cleaners. nonflammable and fluorinated cleaners. Primarily developed to replace ozone depleting chemicals as well as offering a solution to reduce solvent emissions. Whether it be ultrasonic. due to their ozone depleting potential. Electrolube’s Safewash range is the most effective family of water-based cleaners available on the market. low/non-VOC and very low toxicity. chlorinated solvents dominated the market.” The emissions of VOCs have to be controlled due to their effect on the environment and human health. in particular.electrolube. Such pollution can have many detrimental effects on the environment. Electrolube flammable and non-flammable solvent-based materials are single stage cleaners characterised by relatively low levels of toxicity. domestic and medical sectors. Waterbased cleaning has several advantages over solvent based cleaners including non-flammable . Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs are carbon based compounds which vaporise easily at room temperature. The Safewash Range The Electrolube Safewash range is the most effective family of waterbased cleaners available on the market. as a responsible manufacturer. flammable. can provide both water-based and solvent based cleaning solutions for a wide variety of applications in the automotive. however they are essential for cleaning assemblies with unsealed components or water sensitive devices. however. Specialist equipment is generally required when using solvent based cleaners in high volume production. or having a corresponding volatility under the particular conditions of use. continually exceeding customer’s expectations throughout this period of change. the range provides superior cleaning performance to both military and commercial standards at minimal cost. Traditionally. Electrolube offer a diverse range of solvent based materials including flammable. identifying the correct water-based cleaner for the specific job is essential.01kPa or more. good materials compatibility and a wide range of flash points and evaporation rates. There are many applications for cleaning. they have been replaced by a more diverse range of solvent cleaners. Continual investment in research and development facilities allows Electrolube to remain at the forefront of cleaning technology. This category is now typically divided into three subsections. military. which states that a VOC is “any organic compound having at 20°C a vapour pressure of 0.Cleaning Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs are carbon based compounds which vaporise easily at room temperature. aerospace. VOCs when not managed properly can also cause health problems. Solvents Solvent cleaners are fast evaporating organic materials. They are more clearly defined by the EU Solvents Emissions Directive. low odour. VOCs contribute towards the formation of ground-level ozone. 3 www. all of which depend on the type of equipment available.

l Excellent materials compatibility. l SWMP has enhanced performance properties for more stubborn deposits. l Removes dirt and grease deposits. metals and elastomers. Can be used prior to plating operations as a micro etching process. low odour. l SWAS is similar to SWAJ but with enhanced cleaning performance. SWAJ is also used extensively to clean flow solder jigs or pallets to remove the build up of flux deposited throughout the wave soldering process. SWAF/SWAP | Low Foam Safewash l SWAF and SWAP have been designed as an extension to the Safewash range where low foam properties are required. l Low toxicity. l Can be sprayed. spray and in-line machines.electrolube. l Low foam and low odour. l Excellent plastics and metals compatibility. easy to rinse. l Can be used in automated screen cleaning equipment. such as dishwashers and in-line machines (spray in air machines). l Fully biodegradable. l Suitable for use via high pressure application. l For use with ultrasonic and pressure spray systems. SWAT | Safewash Total l High solvency for efficient removal of contaminants. l SWAJ is specifically formulated for safe cleaning of all metals including aluminium. l Excellent degreasing properties. SWNP/SWNS | Safewash Neutral l Neutral pH for cleaning even the most sensitive surfaces.Cleaning The Safewash Range SWA/SWAJ/SWAS | Safewash 2000 Range l The original Safewash (SWA) is ideal for removing flux residues and many other cleaning applications which do not contain sensitive metals. l Low foam. l SWNP has been designed to remove any dust and grease from the LCD surface. l All are low odour. SWMN/SWMP | Safewash Mechanical l Designed to clean and degrease mechanical parts. designed to be diluted with deionised water. l SWAF is supplied as a concentrate. non-hazardous and for use in batch cleaning systems using ultrasonic’s or spray-under-immersion. l Excellent compatibility with plastics. stencils. l For removal of reflowed solder pastes and fluxes. l SWAP is a ready to use version which includes a corrosion inhibitor for sensitive metals. Cleans flux residues and no-clean flux to military cleanliness standards. l Suitable for a wide variety of application methods. SWAC | Low Foam Concentrate l Designed to be diluted with deionised water. copper and brass. l Developed for the LCD and OLED manufacturing processes. misprinted PCBs and accessories. l SWNS has been designed to remove any excess resin residues. l Non-flammable. dipped or brushed or used in batch cleaning systems. l Non-hazardous with very low odour. l Surfactant free. SWAX | Safewash Extra l For removal of solder pastes and surface mount adhesive from . 4 www.

dry surface Harmless to most .electrolube. especially fibre optic cables l l l Instant drying with almost no aroma Leaves no residue Supplied with brush and extension tube DGC Non-flammable Degreaser l Degreaser and electronics cleaner l Fast evaporating l No rinsing required l Versatile. low odour Concentrate only version is available in a trigger sprayer (ARW500ml) l l l Economical and re-usable Extremely absorbent Packed in a re-sealable gripper bag which protects against contamination CCC Non-flammable Contact Cleaner l Ozone-safe l Non-conductive with high materials compatibility EWI IPA Electrowipes l l l Impregnated lint-free pads Conveniently packed in dual sachets Ideal for cleaning all types of connectors and cables. leaving a residue free finish Non staining.Cleaning ARW Aerowipes l Large impregnated lint free wipes l Remove uncured and semi-cured adhesive and polysulphide sealants ECW Engineers Cleaning Wipes l High quality cloth with exceptional wet and dry tear strength l l l l Water-based. dirt and most fluxes l Completely residue-free l Highly flammable – not to be used on live equipment 5 www. non-corrosive and safe for use on all types of electrical circuit FLU Fluxclene l l l l Fast drying solvent cleaner for efficient removal of flux residues after soldering Leaves a perfectly clean. rubbers and elastomers Aerosol versions available with or without a brush applicator l l Plastics-safe Supplied with brush and extension tube ECSP Electronic Cleaning Solvent Plus l Very fast evaporating cleaning solvent l Removes grease. entirely non-hazardous Fast evaporating.

electronics grade IPA Suitable for all electronic and PCB cleaning Cleans thoroughly to a perfectly dry and residue free surface Effective and economical in use SSS Screen & Stencil Solvent l Non-flammable solvent for cleaning of screens and stencils l l l Excellent solder paste and adhesive removal Non-foaming and biodegradable Use with ECW025 LFFR Lead Free Flux Remover l Fast drying solvent cleaner l For quick removal of lead free solder/paste residues. rubbers and elastomers 6 www. oil and light organic contaminants Non-smear and non-toxic Wipe clean with a lint-free cloth (such as ECW025) l l l Highly effective and economic to use Re-textures rubber rollers Strong solvent which should be tested for plastics compatibility before use IPA Electronic Cleaning Solvent l l l l High quality.electrolube. dry surface Harmless to most plastics.Cleaning FRC Non-flammable Flux Remover l Effective on ‘no-clean’ fluxes and many water based fluxes and pastes l l l Quick drying and residue free Plastics safe Supplied with brush and extension tube GLC Glass Cleaner l Silicone-free allowing use on PCB production guards PRS Printasolve l Removes ink (solvent or oil based) from most surfaces l l l Excellent cleaning of grease. grease and oils SSW Screen & Stencil Wipes l l l l l Superb cleaning power that removes pastes and adhesives Leaves screens and stencils clean and dry with no staining Large size (20x28cm) Convenient 100 wipe tub dispenser Low odour l l Leaves a .

flux residues and acrylic conformal coatings Leaves clean. May also be used to clean grease and general dirt Fast.Cleaning SWA/SRI Safewash & Saferinse l SWAJ in an aerosol formulation for bench cleaning PCBs VID Magnetic Head Cleaner l For use on all magnetic tape heads l Quick drying. effective foaming action Use Saferinse (SRI) after cleaning to give final polish Biodegradable and 100% ozone friendly ULC Ultraclens l Highly penetrating cleaning solvent for removing heavy deposits l l Excellent cold cleaner for electronics and engineering Offers low flammability and low odour ULS Ultrasolve l Fast drying solvent for quick and efficient cleaning of electrical equipment l l l Excellent removal of grease. oil. including bulk.electrolube. 7 www. dry surface Compatible with most plastics Various sizes are available for most products. leaving no residue l Good plastics compatibility l l l l Removes fluxes from .

Tests must take place to ensure that the coating retains all required properties throughout the duration of the required use. coolants.Conformal Coatings UL. Electrolube can offer both transparent and pigmented coatings to improve or camouflage the appearance of printed circuit boards. Board Layout The design of the board should include consideration of the placement of components that should not be coated. The range of products currently available comprises acrylics. mould growth and electrical failures such as current leakage. such as military. salt spray. and IPC-CC-830 approved Ÿ MILremovable and solvent resistant coatings Solvent Ÿ Silicone. Conformal coatings can be used in a wide range of environments to protect circuitry from hazards such as moisture. water-based and non-VOC coatings. it is imperative that the most suitable coating and method of application is chosen. particularly in safety critical areas. Application of Conformal Coatings In order to achieve the best performance. Ÿ VOC Non Ÿ trace to aid inspection UV Ÿ Thinners and masking products Ÿ Conformal coatings are designed to protect printed circuit boards and related equipment from their environment. The coating should exhibit high dielectric strength. silicones. The use of conformal coatings is important in automotive underbonnet applications. chemicals (e. fuels. Application Method Conformal coatings can be applied via spray. aerospace and industrial applications. Electrical Requirements Conformal coatings form a protective. in turn enabling designers to meet the demands of miniaturisation and reliability. Typically applied at 25-50μ . Working Environment The coating must be suitable for use under the required operating conditions. Polyurethane and Solvent Free Acrylic. etc. Rework and Repair If the assembly requires repair then consideration must be given to the ease of removal of the coating. peelable coating masks and thixotropic materials for the effective coating of lead ends. The protection provided by conformal coatings allows for higher power and closer track spacing. the minimum required can be determined from the inter-track separation and the potential difference between adjacent tracks. The main questions which need to be addressed during this selection period are. Electrolube is among the world’s foremost experts in the formulation and application of conformal coatings designed to meet international approvals (including European and American military specifications).electrolube.) and high temperature. Selective spray equipment or the application of a peelable coating mask can be used to help avoid the coating of such components. these coatings ‘conform’ to the contours of the board allowing for excellent protection and coverage. These include thinners and removers. The correct method and conditions should be assessed for each application. The range also includes a number of ancillary products to complement the use of our conformal coatings. dip or brush methods either by manual or automated application. polyurethanes. This can prevent corrosion. Careful consideration of the advised humidity and temperature conditions for the selected coating should be taken for both application and curing stages. ultimately extending the working life of the PCB.g. insulating layer. 8 www.

lubricants and chemicals associated with most aerospace and automotive applications Fluoresces under UV light for ease of inspection Extreme operating temperatures Cured coating can be removed with SCC3 Remover Gel (DRG) NVOC Non VOC Conformal Coating l l l l l l l l Excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates Wide operating temperature range Resistant to mould growth. isocyanate and phenol free Wide operating temperature range UV trace to aid inspection Excellent dielectric properties l l l l Transparent version (DCA) is UL approved Red version (DCR) available for camouflage Excellent chemical and solvent resistance May be soldered through for rework DCA-FD Fast-Dry DCA l l l l l l Touch dry in 20 minutes Increased solids content gives 35% greater coverage per litre compared with standard DCA Resistant to most . silicone conformal coating l l l l Good temperature range and dielectric properties May be soldered through.Conformal Coatings APL Acrylic Protective Lacquer l Offers excellent adhesion to all substrates FSC Flexible Silicone Coating l Solvent removable.electrolube. allowing easy repair UV trace for inspection May be removed with solvents such as Ultrasolve (ULS) l l l l Good adhesion and humid ageing properties May be soldered through safely Wide operating temperature range Excellent surface resistivity CPL Clear Protective Lacquer l General purpose coating for PCBs giving high quality glossy finish HPA High Performance Acrylic Conformal Coating l High performance flexible acrylic coating l l l Ideal for protecting ferrous metals from corrosion Good resistance to humidity Resolderability through the lacquer l l l l l Approved to US MIL-1-46058C UV trace for inspection Excellent dielectric properties Resistant to mould growth May be removed with solvents such as ultrasolve (ULS) DCA/DCR SCC3 Conformal Coating l High specification flexible modified silicone resin conformal coating LFCC Lead Free Conformal Coating l l l l l Compatible with lead free flux residues N-Methyl pyrrolidone. excellent solvent resistance Contains a UV trace for ease of inspection Eliminates many costs associated with handling hazardous products NVOC 200ml aerosol NVOC-HV High viscosity NVOC-GL Coating gel 9 Also available in the Non VOC coating range: www.

spray or brush applied coatings PUC Polyurethane Coating l Good mechanical strength l Excellent adhesion under all climatic conditions WBP/WBPs Aquacoat Plus l Water based coating l Excellent solvent resistance.Conformal Coatings Various sizes are available for most products. isocyanate and phenol free Wide operating temperatures UV trace to aid inspection www.electrolube. leaves no residues l Does not dissolve in solvents or contaminate conformal coatings TFCF Fluorocoat Surface Modifier l Thin film coating offering excellent moisture resistance l l l Assemblies can be coated without masking Coating is removed by light mechanical wear. including bulk. ideal for connectors Contains UV trace for easy inspection l Suitable for use with dip. NVMC Non VOC Machine Cleaner l Designed to be used before and after NVOC – Non VOC Conformal Coating RST Resin Stop l Provides a non-stick coating l Silicone free l Dry film – eliminates unwanted transfer l Multiple release cycles l Reduces the frequency to clean mould tools etc l l l Very low vapour pressure Low odour Prevents machine blockages PCM Peelable Coating Mask l Flexible latex for masking components TFA Toluene Free Acrylic l Toluene free product l Fluoresces under UV light for ease of inspection l l l l Manual removal. leaving no residue Solvent resistant and does not contaminate conformal coatings Dries at room temperature High film strength. does not break easily l l l l Wide operating temperature range Excellent dielectric properties Highly resistant to mould growth Cured coating can be removed with Electrolube Ultrasolve (ULS) PCS Peelable Coating Mask Synthetic l Thermal cure l Ammonia free l Manual removal. dielectric properties and resistance to mould growth l l l l 10 Fluoresces under UV light to aid inspection Wide temperature range -55°C to +130°C Excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals Resistant to mould growth l l l l Very low VOC contents N-Methyl .

offering superior chemical and water resistance to the polyurethane . vibration. variable shore hardness and short pot life. including. Resin and hardener are supplied in separate containers. moisture. Polyurethanes are used for their flexibility. The Electrolube range therefore offers many resins of varying hardness. react to form polymeric materials. Resin Packs – small scale production/prototyping/field application These contain resin and hardener. Resin packs are available in varying sizes. Epoxy resins are much harder materials. If equipment is not available the quantities of each component must be weighed accurately. By careful formulation the properties of the cured resin can be tailored to meet individual customer requirements. This avoids the user having to weigh materials to the correct ratio. The clip is removed and the liquids must be thoroughly mixed within the sealed bag. The majority of Electrolube resins are two part systems that when mixed together in the correct ratio. viscosity and gel time as well as differing electrical and thermal properties. Bulk Resins – high volume with automated equipment. Resin Kits – medium to high volume without automated equipment The resin and hardener are supplied in two tins matched to the correct ratio. matched to the correct ratio.electrolube. Sufficient space is left in the resin tin to allow the addition of the hardener and subsequent mixing. separated by a removable clip. 11 www. The two materials must be mixed together in the correct ratio. thermal or physical shock and general contamination. When mixing is complete the corner of the pack is cut off and the mixed system dispensed. preferably utilising a proportional mix and dispense machine. The extensive Electrolube product range consists of polyurethane and epoxy resin systems designed for general use and for specific customer applications. Resins can form a complete barrier against such environments offering superior performance to conformal coatings under extreme conditions. The resin and hardener are contained in a single pouch.Resins UL Ÿ approved Potting / encapsulating Ÿ jointing Cable Ÿ and protection Sealing Ÿ Bespoke and ex-stock Ÿ Resin systems are designed to protect and insulate electrical and electronic components from the threats of harsh and challenging environments.

DCDC converters and temperature sensors ER2218 Low Viscosity. pyrotechnical cables. . ER1450 White and ER1451 Clear l High water resistance l Excellent adhesive properties l Good electrical properties l Very low viscosity ER2188 Black l DDM free l Flame retardant l General purpose potting resin l Certified to UL94V-0 l For potting and encapsulating applications where flame retardancy is required l Very glossy finish ER2001 Black l Medium viscosity l General purpose l Flame retardant l Excellent insulation properties l Certified to UL94V-0 l For potting PCBs.Resins Epoxy Resins Electrolube also offers an extensive range of bespoke resin systems. large castings. and power supplies 12 www. Flame Retardant Epoxy Resin l Very low viscosity. meets UL94 V-0 l Excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates l Excellent thermal cycling characteristics l Designed for compatibility with reflow applications. diesel sensors and other automotive applications ER2074 White l Thermally conductive l Flame retardant l No abrasive fillers l For potting PCBs.electrolube. pressure barrier sensors. transformers and mould casting ER2195 Black l Tough. temperature sensors. flame retardant. therefore remaining stable for short term. power supplies. high temperature excursions l Good chemical and water resistance ER2183 Black l Enhanced machine mixing and dispensing l l Low viscosity alternative to ER2074 For use with ABS sensors. rotor arm sealing. flame retardant potting resin l DDM free l Excellent thermal shock resistance l Certified to UL94V-0 l For transformers.

certified to UL94V-0 l Soft. re-enterable.electrolube. silicone replacement. certified to UL94V-0 l Thermally conductive l Low water absorption and excellent electrical properties l Especially suited to potting of electrical and electronic devices operating in harsh conditions such as marine. and control units l Ideal for use in potting or cable jointing applications UR5048 Clear Straw l Low viscosity and very low hardness l Transparent – clear to allow fast fault finding l Hydrophobic. automotive and tropical environments UR5041 Black l Ultra-high performance system based on polybutadiene technology UR5528 Black l Durable with a high degree of toughness l l l l High toughness and tear resistance Good adhesion to most substrates Excellent resistance to sea water Properties retained at temperatures down to -60°C l l l Excellent adhesion qualities to substrates such as PVC.Polyurethane Resins Resins UR5097 Black l High degree of toughness l Flame retardant. flame retardant casting resin l Water and impact resistance l Excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates l l Flexible in temperature extremes. alkalis and other aqueous materials UR5044 Blue Opaque l Flame retardant. thermal and mechanical shock resistant UR5562 Water White l Water white transparency. -70°C and +120°C Ideal for prototype circuitry. polybutadiene based resin UR5547 Black or White UR5581 l Semi . ideal for potting LEDs l l l Excellent resistance to yellowing when exposed to UV light Excellent scratch and mark resistance High resistance to weather. water and mould growth l l Low embedment stress Ideal for protecting delicate components from mechanical and thermal shock 13 www. acids and alkalis. ceramics etc Low viscosity allowing ease of application Excellent resistance to acids.

UR5618 Ideal for cable jointing. Resins Cleaners OP9003 Resin Remover l Non-flammable l Designed to swell and soften cured epoxy.Resins UR5604 Black l High performance potting resin with excellent adhesion properties UR5608 Black or White UR5623 l Semi-rigid polyurethane resin with exceptional toughness l l l Medium hardness and long pot life Low mixed system viscosity Flame retardant. polyurethane and other resins and enable their removal from most substrates OP9020 Machine and Resin Remover l A solvent designed to remove epoxy and polyurethane resin in the uncured state l A non-halogenated solvent offering lower toxicity than other halogenated solvents OP9004 Machine Cleaner l Non-flammable l Slow evaporation rate allowing surfaces to be polished clean RST Resin Stop l Provides a non-stick coating l Silicone free l Dry film – eliminates unwanted transfer l Multiple release cycles l Reduces the frequency to clean mould tools etc l l l Designed to swell and soften cured epoxy. tools and jigs Doesn’t corrode metal components Various sizes are available for most products. PCB encapsulation. coil impregnation. certified to UL94V-0 Fast cure version available. 14 . including bulk. certified to UL94V-0 l l l l Excellent adhesion and chemical resistance Flame retardant. polyurethane and other resins and enable their removal from most substrates Cleans machines. casting.electrolube. transformers. alarms and battery terminations Electrolube also offers an extensive range of bespoke resin systems.

ensuring long term reliability and operating efficiency. These advances have resulted in greater heat generation.Thermal Management Non-silicone Pastes Ÿ Silicone Pastes Ÿ RTV’s Ÿ Resins Epoxy Ÿ to 2. have a certain amount of roughness. Metal surfaces. Metal heat sinks are typically connected to components which generate a large amount of thermal energy when in use. The range of applications where the use of a thermally conductive material is necessary has greatly increased as electronic circuits have become more complex and powerful. thermal management products are used alongside. The range of applications where the use of a thermally conductive material is necessary has greatly increased as electronic circuits have become more complex and powerful.K 0. Heat sinks have proven to be very effective over the years however in order to ensure full contact and therefore maximum .8W/m. The use of a thermal paste or adhesive allows such gaps to be filled ensuring complete contact between the two surfaces and in turn more efficient heat conductance. These are used to dissipate such energy away from the device to avoid failure due to overheating. It can therefore be deduced that when two metal surfaces are placed together contact is not 100% and there will always be an air gap between the two surfaces.9 Ÿ Most components have a maximum. Solar panel systems (photovoltaics). effective operating temperature. 15 www. even when polished to a fine degree. is just one example where such heat must be drawn away from the components quickly and efficiently. Failure to maintain the temperature below this level can lead to a variation in electrical properties and overall increased failure rates.

electrolube.K l Wide operating temperature range: -50°C to +130°C l l l Low evaporation weight loss Easy to use and available in aerosol form.K l Wide operating temperature range: -50°C to +130°C HTCX Non-silicone Heat Transfer Compound Xtra l Very low oil bleed l Very low evaporation weight loss l Excellent non-creep characteristics l Wide operating temperature range l Excellent thermal conductivity l Low in toxicity l l Low evaporation weight loss White colour enables treated parts to be easily identified HTS Silicone Heat Transfer Compound l Excellent non-creep characteristics l Wide operating temperature range -50°C to +200°C l l Low evaporation weight loss Excellent thermal conductivity even at high temperatures 0.9 W/m. particularly for larger applications l Low evaporation weight loss HTCP Non-silicone Heat Transfer Compound Plus l Excellent non-creep characteristics l Excellent thermal conductivity.Thermal Management HTC Non-silicone Heat Transfer Compound l Excellent non-creep characteristics l High thermal conductivity 0. 2.9 W/m.K 16 .K HTCPX Non-Silicone Heat Transfer Compound Plus Xtra l Excellent non-creep characteristics l Vibration stable l Wide operating temperature range l Excellent thermal conductivity l Easy to handle and economic in use l Low in toxicity l Light colour enables treated parts to be easily identified l l l Wide operating temperature range: -50°C to +130°C Low evaporation weight loss Easy to use and economic.9 W/m.5W/m. HTCA Low toxicity HTCA Non-silicone Heat Transfer Compound Aerosol l Excellent non-creep characteristics l Excellent thermal conductivity even at high temperatures: 0.

0 W/m.releasing oxime upon cure l Remains flexible and elastic at high temperatures.1 W/m.electrolube.Thermal Management HTSP Silicone Heat Transfer Compound Plus l Superior thermal conductivity even at high temperatures 3.K TCER Thermally Conductive Ethoxy RTV l Single .K TCOR Thermally Conductive Oxime RTV l Solvent free low odour RTV l High degree of thermal conductivity l Wide range of operating temperatures l Moisture cure . low odour RTV l High thermal conductivity l Moisture cure – releasing ethanol upon cure l Good chemical resistance l Remains flexible and elastic at high temperatures l l l Excellent non-creep characteristics Wide operating temperature range -50°C to +200°C Low evaporation weight loss l Good electrical insulation characteristics TBS Thermal Bonding System l Two part epoxy bonding system with thermal conductivity of 1. l l Eliminates need for mechanical fixing by providing a permanent bond Cures at room temperature l Good chemical resistance TCRGUN Application Gun l l Makes application of TCER and TCOR easy Fits the 75ml cartridges 17 www.

Contact Lubrication Extends switch life Ÿ Improves signal quality Ÿ Reduces operating temperature Ÿ Controls switch ‘feel’ Ÿ Prevents contamination Ÿ Silicone free Ÿ Electrolube have been the leading supplier of contact lubricants since their invention by the founder in the 1950’s. They also exhibit a neutral pH thereby avoiding surface corrosion. they allow the current flow. including switches. military. producing excellent performance under all circumstances and preventing the need for expensive maintenance 18 www. They increase the reliability and lifetime of all current carrying metal interfaces. industrial and domestic switch manufacturing sectors. to improve movement and ‘feel’ characteristics.e. Tests have shown that contact lubrication can extend the lifetime of switches by more than 300%. i. significant production cost savings can be achieved by the use of less expensive plastics and contact metals. when considered at design stage. owing to the ‘Quantum Tunnelling Effect’. preventing tracking. aerospace. The effectiveness of even perfectly designed switches can be improved by contact lubricants and. with plastics compatibility. In ultra thin films. combining excellent electrical properties and lubricity. Electrolube has earned an unsurpassed reputation for the manufacture and supply of specialist lubricants to the automotive. The range has been developed over the years to accommodate many advances in such rapidly advancing . connectors and busbars. Contact lubricants are specially formulated greases and oils that reduce friction and enhance the electrical performance of current carrying metal interfaces in switches and connectors.electrolube. between closed metal contacts. Electrolube products are electrically insulative in thick films.

it is important to discuss options with Electrolube at the design stage to ensure that the correct product is selected and properly applied. in turn. This. or smooth and quiet for a luxury car. reducing contact resistance and preventing arcing. whether static or moving. this is called ‘frettage’.electrolube.Contact Lubrication How Contact Lubricants Work Contact technology is constantly developing with new alloys. etc. current. However. causes the formation of high resistance oxide layers and ‘hot spots’ are observed. the small movements of contacts caused by . resulting in new ‘peaks and troughs’ on the surfaces. Additionally the detached metal particles can cause intermittent signal transmission and ultimately switch failure. The way a switch ‘feels’ when operated has become an indicator of quality. This leads to the following problems: Heat Generation If there is insufficient surface contact. they react under arcing conditions to form silicon carbide. particularly within the automotive industry. in addition to their technical benefits. In the case of static contacts. 19 www. As the surfaces fret. these products should not be used in switch assembly areas. Arcing (mini-lightning strikes) This can also occur with un-lubricated contacts. The overall efficiency of the switch will be reduced and can eventually lead to complete failure as the two surfaces weld together. number of cycles and associated plastics. the inability to produce a perfectly smooth metal contact surface. contact metals. it is still impossible to solve the main cause of switch malfunction i. the current is only carried by a fraction of the ‘designed surface area’ and the heat generated will be concentrated at the contact points.e. This exposes surface and underlying metal to effects of oxidation and wear. operating temperature range. suffer from mechanical wear. Electrolube contact lubricants also eliminate the problems associated with silicone contamination. Mechanical Wear Metal interfaces. Among the areas to be considered are. friction causes metal particles to be removed from the peaks breaking through plated surfaces. When silicone is present between moving or vibrating contacts. Finally. Ionisation of the air and the associated rise in temperature causes metal transfer between the contacts. can also determine the ‘feel’ of a switch. These crystals abrade the contact surface and cause electrical breakdown. Silicone Contamination As silicones can “creep” great distances. voltage. providing they are applied prior to the introduction of silicone. in turn. The use of a contact lubricant dramatically increases the effective surface area of the contacts and fills any air gaps. temperature changes. whether it be strong and decisive for the dashboard of a commercial vehicle. friction and wear. eliminating hot spots. Contact lubricants. plastics and customer demands.

Formulated to assist in the removal of tarnish and corrosion l l Wide temperature range Contains a UV trace to allow easy inspection 20 www. busbar joints etc. mildly abrasive card l Cleans. pick-up shoes. connectors and sliprings l l l l Removes dirt and protects from further contamination Reduces contact resistance Improves conductivity Commonly known as switch cleaner CG60 Contact Grease l Extends switch lifetime l Optimal mechanical resistance l Reduces electrical background noise l Excellent plastics compatibility (even with ABS/PC) although testing is always advised. thus minimising the need for re-lubrication Prevents and cures high contact resistance caused by silicone contamination Outstanding compatibility with all plastics and rubbers CG53A Contact Grease l Excellent electrical properties l Ideal for automotive switches l Very good plastics compatibility l Luer lock syringe dispenser l Good high and low temperature performance -35°C to + 130°C EML Contact Cleaner Lubricant l Cleans and lubricates switches.Contact Lubrication CCS Contact Cleaning Strips l Easy to use l Impregnated. rack contacts.electrolube. EPC Electro-Plating Compound l Especially developed for use on electroplating and anodising plant l l l Inhibits against corrosion Improves electrical contact on anode and cathode . refurbishes and lubricates metal contacts CG71 Contact Grease l A blend of synthetic oils l For the protection and cleaning of static and moving electrical arc interfaces l l l l High quality contact lubricant Specially developed to give a consistently low mV drop Exceptional oxidation stability and high temperature silver and copper corrosion protection Low wear characteristics and excellent low temperature performance CG52B Contact Grease l Reduces contact resistance l Suitable for both moving and static contacts of all metal types EGF Eltinert F Grease l Excellent electrical characteristics l Excellent oxidation and chemical resistance l Provides protection to electrical contacts from environmental attack l l l For use at a wide range of temperatures Developed initially for the automotive industry Successful connector lubricant l l l Does not creep.

com . SOB 2X Contact Treatment Oil l Contact oil for switch and contact applications l l l Non-flammable and silicone free Good mechanical properties Reduces arcing and hence contact wear SPG Special Plastic Grease l Synthetic grease offering outstanding low temperature performance l l Excellent compatibility with thermoplastics. including ABS and Polycarbonate. even at elevated temperatures SPG is an efficient mechanical lubricant for plastic-to-plastic and plastic-to-metal contact 21 www.electrolube.Contact Lubrication SGA Special Contact Grease l Effective treatment for all types of contacts SWC Non-Flammable Switch Cleaner Lubricant l Provides protection against arcing and corrosion l l l Reduces contact resistance and arcing of contacts from small relays to high capacity contactors Will not migrate from vertical contacts or surfaces Provides excellent protection against atmospheric conditions l l l l Can be used on live equipment Safe to use on most plastics Contains high quality contact treatment oil Supplied with brush and extension tube SGB 2GX Contact Treatment Grease l High quality. non-melting contact grease ULL Ultralube l Tenacious long lasting and non staining lubricant l l l l Lubricates switches and electrical contacts Reduces contact wear and arcing Good plastics compatibility Applicable for high and low voltage l l l Suitable for use on printer mechanisms. particularly for gold contacts Can be used as a silicone inhibit for relays. etc. Can be used as an edge connector lubricant. etc.

Maintenance & Service Aids Syringes. syringes. galvanising sprays. Freezer Sprays For the identification of faulty components by rapidly cooling components to well below -50°C. test. pens. these products are supplied in convenient packaging. tubes. sachets and small tins. Industrial Maintenance Including. Products are supplied in a range of packaging dependent upon their application and end use. photographic and electrical equipment. Electrolube can provide a total solution for mobile mechanics and service engineers through the wide range available. repair and Ÿ and galvanising sprayssmall scale production Paints Ÿ Electrolube manufactures a wide range of maintenance products to complement the major product groups. General Maintenance Including. enabling safe use on static sensitive components.electrolube. They can also be used to blast off water or solvents for rapid drying. These include aerosols. hard surface cleaners. high quality . polyurethane foam. Whether used by OEMs or subcontractors. tamper evident seals and contact cleaner lubricants. Freezers are available in standard or minimal charging forms. 22 www. aerosols. cyanoacrylate adhesives. wipes. pump sprays. pump sprays. tubes. pens Ÿ Airduster and freezer Ÿ Cleaners and coatings Ÿ Greases and oils Ÿ Thermal grease and resins Ÿ Maintenance. covering a wide range of applications and requirements. Specific products in this range include Airdusters For the removal of dust and dirt from hard to reach places. lubricants and graffiti removers.

apply and wipe with ECW025 l l l Non-flammable. pure compressed gas for dust removal FRE Freezer l Standard freezer for non-sensitive. pure compressed gas Non-flammable Use in short.electrolube. cools down to -55°C Prevents damage to components during soldering MCF Minimal Charging Freezer l Unique additive minimises static build up whist still allowing frost formation l l l l Fast fault finding in electronics Suitable for static sensitive devices Protection from overheating Cools to -55°C 23 www.Airdusters. sharp bursts to avoid can frosting EADPI is the invertible version CTC Carterclene l Heavy duty anti-static foaming cleaner that removes ingrained dirt and grime GDP High Powered Airduster l High powered airduster with powerful initial blast and minimal drop off l l Gives long lasting anti-static properties on glass. pure compressed gas Use to remove dust and dirt from delicate and inaccessible areas Use in short. Freezers & Foam Cleaners Maintenance & Service Aids AFC Anti-static Foam Cleaner l Protects against static build-up l Biodegradeable l Safe on all plastics l Non-flammable l Apply and wipe with Engineers Cleaning Wipes (ECW025) EADP/EADPI Airduster Plus l Ultra high power airduster l High pressure blast for removing stubborn particulates l l l l Inert. electronic fault finding l l l Available in standard and invertible versions Ideal for removing particulates from inaccessible areas on delicate equipment Non-flammable l l l Can aid mechanical shrink fitting . sharp bursts to avoid can frosting EAD/EADI Airduster l Inert. plastic and other synthetic materials Shake well before use.

com . providing long term corrosion protection Loosens seized assemblies and prevents friction noise Ideal for breakdown and maintenance services 24 www.Maintenance & Service Aids Lubricants & Greases ACL Adhesive Chain Lubricant l Highly tenacious l Excellent resistance to water and high temperatures l l Good mechanical stability Good penetration at low temperatures AGC Copper Anti-seize Fluid l Provides anti-seize and anti-corrosion protection l l l l Ideal for use on threaded components High copper content provides effective lubrication Highly water resistant Effective at high temperatures CMO Clear Mechanical Oil l Clear lubricant with excellent mechanical properties DDF Leak Detector l Allows immediate detection of air and gas leaks from all types of pipework and vessels l l l Outstanding penetration characteristics Water resistant Contains Molybdenum Disulphide l l l Non-flammable and safe to use Water-based Contains anti-corrosion agents to ensure that substrates are not affected DAS Silicone Mould Release l Colourless silicone lubricant l Water repellent surface treatment l Ideal for all mould release applications l Very good thermal stability l Reduces surface friction DGT Penetrating Fluid l Penetrates and lubricates mechanical parts l l l Produces a highly water resistant film.electrolube.

bearings. platens. etc. 25 . multi-purpose electrical insulating compound l l l Wide temperature range of -20°C to +200°C (does not harden at high temperature) Fortified with anti-wear and antioxidant additives Water resistant l l l Excellent water and moisture repellency Chemically inert.Lubricants & Greases Maintenance & Service Aids DFL Dry Film Lubricant l High purity PTFE based lubricant l Operating temperature range of -200°C to +280°C MPG Multi-purpose Grease l General purpose grease in a tube for use in mechanical and electrical applications l l l Water repellent with a low co-efficient of friction May be used where silicones or mineral oils are unsuitable Can be used as a cold mould release l l l Wide temperature range of -20°C to +200°C Safe on most thermoplastics Good lubricating and thermal properties EPE Permagard l De-watering and penetrating fluid l Excellent lubricating properties l Loosens seized metal parts l Protects against rust and corrosion OSL Silicone Oil l High quality. plastic cogs and gears etc.electrolube. May also be used as a mould release agent HTG High Temperature Grease l High quality mechanical grease for lubrication and protection SCO Silicone Grease Compound l High quality. multi purpose mechanical lubricant l l l Silicone spray with excellent water repellency Long term lubrication for line printers. odourless and nontoxic Excellent resistance to tracking and corona discharge SPG Special Plastics Grease l l l l Excellent plastics compatibility Offers outstanding low temperature performance Efficient mechanical lubricant for plastic/plastic or plastic/metal friction Ideal to reduce wear in timers. keyboards.

brick. vinyl and laminates PWB/PVB/PBB/PJB/PRB/PNB High Gloss Paints l Quick drying. universal spray paints with excellent coverage and hardness l l l l Pleasant light odour Contains non-chlorinated solvents Compatible with most plastics and metals Suitable for use in manufacturing. repair.Maintenance & Service Aids Cleaners & Paints ASA Anti-static Spray l Powerful non-foaming cleaner which also prevents static build-up l l Non-flammable Suitable for a wide variety of surfaces DTP Paint Stripper l Extremely powerful paint and varnish remover PGB/PGM Galvanising Spray l Cold galvanisation paint for metal surfaces l l l l Can be used for removing graffiti Suitable for removing varnishes on wood May be removed simply by brushing Not to be used on plastics l l l l Protects against oxidation and corrosion Very fast drying with excellent adhesion properties May be used as a primer for fixing lacquers Available in gloss and matt finishes GRG Graffiti Remover Gel l l l l l High viscosity gelled product – clings to vertical surfaces Low odour. high quality. e. workshop and home Blue Black Green Colours: White Yellow Red 26 www. low volatility – longer contact time Removes graffiti from porous and nonporous surfaces . wood. vinyl Harmless to most plastics and metals Effective and economical in use PNM/PAM High Temperature Paints l Heat resistant paints suitable for objects exposed to temperatures of up to 650°C l l l l Excellent coverage and flow characteristics Rapid drying to a very tough finish Good adhesion and anti-corrosion properties Available in aluminium grey and matt black GRS Graffiti Remover for Sensitive Surfaces l Removes graffiti from porous and semi-porous surfaces.g.g.electrolube.

stainless and heat resistant steels l l l Green or red colours available Supplied with integral brush for easy application BLR available in a syringe l l Allows high speed punching Extends tool life CYL Cyanolube l l l l Fast curing cyanoacrylate adhesive which dries in 1-5 seconds Tear strength 25-30N/mm Bonds most common substrates Adheres well to most plastics LRM Label Remover l l l l Paper label remover Aerosol with brush enables mechanical scrubbing action to aid removal Handy pen version available Harmless to most plastics DB1003/DB2003 Desolder Braid l . effective wicking when removing components NSCP Nickel Screening Compound PLUS l 100% Ozone Friendly l Excellent surface resistivity (0.5mm and 2.00mm l l l l l Enhanced adhesion to wide variety of substrates Fast drying at room temperature Coats complex shapes Prevents static build-up Also available in bulk 27 www.3-0.General Maintenance Maintenance & Service Aids BLV/R Bloc’lube l Tamper evident seal for potentiometers etc HDC Cutting Fluid l Industrial grade metal cutting oil l Powerful lubricant suitable for ferrous metals. at 50 microns). l l l Utilises no-clean flux Economic 3m length Available in two widths – 1.7 ohm per sq.

waterproof layer Excellent for filling and sealing spaces around cables.electrolube. Provides good thermal and acoustic insulation l l l l Excellent mechanical strength Resistant to cleaning solvents Long term stability after cure cycle Syringe can be used by hand or dispensing equipment PBS Antispatter Spray l Prevents adhesion of weld spatter l Suitable for protecting . no clean l Can be used with hot air. mildly activated (RMA type) no-clean flux l l l l l l Non-flammable and silicone free Very fast drying For use with hot air. oil. weld units and tools SMF Surface Mount Rework Flux l Quick drying. grease and will remove general office dirt l l Non tacky and no corrosive residue Very high reliability SCP Silver Conductive Paint l Highly conductive silver loaded paint l Ideal for track repair and pinpoint shielding l l l Fast drying Excellent adhesion to most substrates Available in alternative sizes 28 www. preventing costly replacement Supplied in pump spray Leaves no residue Dissolves ink. window frames. hot gas or conventional soldering techniques Excellent solder ability Zero halide content so no cleaning is required Very high reliability RRR Rubber Roller Restorer l Restores textures to rubber rollers in office equipment SMFL Surface Mount Rework Flux l Quick drying. etc. pipe ducts. hot gas or conventional soldering techniques l l l l Prolongs the lifetime of rubber rollers.Maintenance & Service Aids General Maintenance & Surface Mount MPU Polyurethane Foam l One-part ready to use self-expanding PU foam SMA Surface Mount Adhesive l One part UV resistant system with high green strength and dot profile l l l Cures quickly to form a tough.

pictures etc l l l Volumetric graduation marks on the side of bottle Holds up to 600ml Controlled usage with adjustable spray 29 www. signs. PCBs. .1mm.electrolube.Prototyping & Accessories Maintenance & Service Aids APB Air Powered Bottle l Achieves ‘aerosol’ results without the use of propellant PDN Photoresist Developer l Safe aqueous alkaline developer to be used in conjunction with PRP and other positive photo resists l l 300ml HDPE bottle holds a maximum 200ml of fluid Compatible for use with IPA and aqueous solutions CPL Clear Protective Lacquer l General purpose coating for PCBs giving high quality glossy finish PRP Positive Photoresist l Fast drying positive photoresist in an aerosol l l l l Ideal for protecting ferrous metals from corrosion Good resistance to humidity Resolderability through the lacquer Available in pen form for easy and direct application l l l Used for reproduction of circuits. develops using UV or sunlight Ideal for prototyping DEI Demineralised Water l Provides a final polish to circuit boards and assemblies that have been cleaned and rinsed in tap water SGL Silica Gel l Non-indicating silica gel sachets used to protect assemblies from moisture ingress l l Ideal for use with Safewash Suitable for use in trigger spray bottle (TSB000) or air powered bottle (APB000) l l Inert to most non-aqueous chemicals Available in 10g. 50g and 100g sachets FCC Ferric Chloride l 250g pack makes 500ml of Ferric Chloride hexahydrate TSB Trigger Spray Bottle l Re-usable bottle for spraying various solutions l Used for etching copper clad boards to produce PCBs. signs and diagrams Fine resolution down to 0.

electrolube.Product Index CODE The Safewash Range SWA/SWAJ/SWAS SWAF/SWAP SWAC SWAT SWAX SWMN/SWMP SWNP/SWNS Cleaning ARW CCC DGC ECSP ECW EWI FLU FRC GLC IPA LFFR PRS SSS SSW SWA/SRI ULC ULS VID Conformal Coatings APL CPL DCA/DCR DCA-FD FSC HPA LFCC NVOC NVMC PCM PCS PUC RST TFA TFCF WBP/WBPs Resins ER1450 ER2001 ER2074 ER2183 ER2188 ER2195 ER2218 UR5041 UR5044 UR5048 UR5097 UR5528 UR5547 UR5562 UR5604 UR5608 OP9003 OP9004 OP9020 RST Thermal Management HTC HTCA HTCP HTCPX HTCX HTS HTSP TBS TCER TCOR TCRGUN PRODUCT PAGE CODE Contact Lubricants CCS CG52B CG53A CG60 CG71 EGF EML EPC SGA SGB SOB SPG SWC ULL PRODUCT PAGE Safewash 2000 Range Low Foam Safewash Low Foam Concentrate Safewash Total Safewash Extra Safewash Mechanical Safewash Neutral 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 Contact Cleaning Strips Contact Grease Contact Grease Contact Grease Contact Grease Eltinert F Grease Contact Cleaner Lubricant Electro-Plating Compound Special Contact Grease 2GX Contact Treatment Grease 2X Contact Treatment Oil Special Plastic Grease Non-Flammable Switch Cleaner Lubricant Ultralube 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 21 21 21 21 21 21 Aerowipes Non-flammable Contact Cleaner Non-flammable Degreaser Electronic Cleaning Solvent Plus Engineers Cleaning Wipes IPA Electrowipes Fluxclene Non-flammable Flux Remover Glass Cleaner Electronic Cleaning Solvent Lead Free Flux Remover Printasolve Screen & Stencil Solvent Screen & Stencil Wipes Safewash & Saferinse Ultraclens Ultrasolve Magnetic Head Cleaner 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 7 7 7 7 Maintenance & Service Aids AFC Anti-static Foam Cleaner CTC Carterclene EAD/EADI Airduster EADP/EADPI Airduster Plus GDP High Powered Airduster FRE Freezer MCF Minimal Charging Freezer ACL AGC CMO DAS DDF DGT DFL EPE HTG MPG OSL SCO SPG ASA DTP GRG GRS PGB/PGM PNM/PAM PWB/PVB/PBB PJB/PRB/PNB BLV/R CYL DB1003/DB2003 HDC LRM NSCP MPU PBS RRR SCP SMA SMF SMFL APB CPL DEI FCC PDN PRP SGL TSB Adhesive Chain Lubricant Copper Anti-seize Fluid Clear Mechanical Oil Silicone Mould Release Leak Detector Penetrating Fluid Dry Film Lubricant Permagard High Temperature Grease Multi-purpose Grease Silicone Oil Silicone Grease Compound Special Plastics Grease Anti-static Spray Paint Stripper Graffiti Remover Gel Graffiti Remover for Sensitive Surfaces Galvanising Spray High Temperature Paints High Gloss Paints Bloc’lube Cyanolube Desolder Braid Cutting Fluid Label Remover Nickel Screening Compound PLUS Polyurethane Foam Anti-spatter Spray Rubber Roller Restorer Silver Conductive Paint Surface Mount Adhesive Surface Mount Rework Flux Surface Mount Rework Flux Air Powered Bottle Clear Protective Lacquer Demineralised Water Ferric Chloride Photoresist Developer Positive Photoresist Silica Gel Trigger Spray Bottle 23 23 23 23 23 23 23 24 24 24 24 24 24 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 26 26 26 26 26 26 26 27 27 27 27 27 27 28 28 28 28 28 28 28 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 29 Acrylic Protective Lacquer Clear Protective Lacquer SCC3 Conformal Coating Fast-Dry DCA Flexible Silicone Coating High Performance Acrylic Conformal Coating Lead Free Conformal Coating Non VOC Conformal Coating Non VOC Machine Cleaner Peelable Coating Mask Peelable Coating Mask Synthetic Polyurethane Coating Resin Stop Toluene Free Acrylic Fluorocoat Surface Modifier Aquacoat Plus 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 White Epoxy and ER1451 Clear Black Epoxy White Epoxy Black Epoxy Black Epoxy Black Epoxy Low Viscosity. Flame Retardant Epoxy Resin Black Polyurethane Blue Polyurethane Clear Polyurethane Black Polyurethane Black Polyurethane Black or White Polyurethane Water White Polyurethane Black Polyurethane Black or White Polyurethane Resin Remover Machine Cleaner Machine and Resin Remover Resin Stop 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 14 14 14 14 14 14 Non-silicone Heat Transfer Compound Non-silicone Heat Transfer Compound Aerosol Non-silicone Heat Transfer Compound Plus Non-silicone Heat Transfer Compound Plus Xtra Non-silicone Heat Transfer Compound Xtra Silicone Heat Transfer Compound Silicone Heat Transfer Compound Plus Thermal Bonding System Thermally Conductive Ethoxy RTV Thermally Conductive Oxime RTV Application Gun 16 16 16 16 16 16 17 17 17 17 17 30 .

Notes .

Notes .

H K Wentworth Ltd is still a private company owned by the Kingsbury family and run by a small group of Executive Directors. AF International The market leading brand of advanced cleaning products for computers and communications equipment in the modern working environment. agriculture. Henry found himself developing new ideas to make the manufacturing process more successful. automotive and manufacturing industries. From this was born a range of contact lubricants. With vast experience and knowledge in the electronics field. The H.000 sq. ft. K. soil contamination and erosion. along with waterproofing technologies for many materials. . Our comprehensive range of products are manufactured in a fully EN ISO 9000-2008 accredited site which is in excess of 52. Wentworth Group Electrolube Europe's leading manufacturer of electro-chemicals for the electronics. Research and Development is key to our business. Wentworth Group In 1956 Henry Kingsbury formed Kingsbury Components which manufactured volume controls. EuroChemi Provides innovative high-tech chemical solutions for niche applications in the fields of cleaning. K. He invented a specially formulated oil which had the ability to lubricate electrical contacts and moving parts. The experience and knowledge within our research and development division enables H K Wentworth to create a constant supply of new innovative products for industry and also provides a service to our customers solving unique problems. which then grew into the diverse product portfolio available from Electrolube today. the railways. This oil not only solved many problems it also extended the life of the contacts.HK Wentworth The H.

UK Headquarters / Manufacturing Electrolube UK Kingsbury Park Midland Road Swadlincote Derbyshire DE11 0AN United Kingdom Tel: +44(0) 1283 222111 Fax: +44(0) 1283 550177 Email: info@hkw. Shunyi District. South America and Australasia. 101300 Peoples Republic of China Tel: +86 (10) 89475123 Fax: +86 (10) 89475077 Offices can be found in Europe. Mauhwa Industrial Park. Distributor: ELPRODCAT_09/GB-1 . Caida 3rd Street.2. Nancai Township.electrolube. USA. Beijing. Caiyuan Industrial Representation and distribution can be found China Office / Manufacturing Electrolube China Building No. See our web site for more details.

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