Outlander: Outlander, published in 1991, is the 1st book in the series. (Published as Cross Stitch in the UK.

) This book introduces the main characters of Claire Beauchamp Fraser and Jaime Fraser, and is set in 18th century and 20th century Scotland. OUTLANDER (published in the UK under the title CROSS STITCH) is the first novel in the Outlander series. Frankly, I’ve never been able to describe this book in twenty-five words or less, and neither has anyone else in the twenty years since it was first published. I’ve seen it (and the rest of the series) sold–with evident success–as <deep breath> Literature, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Historical NON-fiction (really. Well, they are very accurate), Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Military History (no, honest), Gay and Lesbian Fiction, and…Horror. (Really! One of my books beat both George R.R. Martin and Stephen King for a Quill Award in 2006.) Anyway, the only way I’ve ever found of describing this book to anyone is to begin telling them the story. So here goes…. In 1946, after WWII, a young Englishwoman named Claire Beauchamp Randall goes to the Scottish Highlands with her husband, Frank. She’s an ex-combat nurse, he’s been in the army as well, they’ve been separated for the last six years, and this is a second honeymoon; they’re getting re-acquainted with each other, thinking of starting a family. But one day Claire goes out walking by herself, and comes across a circle of standing stones–such circles are in fact common all over northern Britain. She walks through a cleft stone in the circle….and disappears. Back into 1743, where the first person she meets is a gentleman in an 18th-century army officer’s uniform. This gentleman, Jack Randall, looks just like her husband Frank–and proves to be Frank’s six-timesgreat-grandfather. Unfortunately, he also proves to be a sadistic bisexual pervert, and while trying to escape from him, Claire falls into the hands of a gang of Highland Scots, who are also trying to get away from Black Jack Randall–though for other reasons. In order to avoid being handed over to Captain Randall, Claire is obliged to marry one of the young clansmen. So she finds herself trying to escape from Castle Leoch and her Scottish captors, trying to get back to her husband Frank, trying to avoid being recaptured by Captain Randall–and falling in love with Jamie Fraser, the young man she’s been forced to marry. The story rolls on from there… What I used to say to people who saw me sitting outside a store with a pile of books and asked (reasonably enough), “What sort of book is this?”, was, “I tell you what. Pick it up, open it anywhere, and read three pages. If you can put it down again, I’ll pay you a dollar.” I’ve never lost any money on that bet.

a budding botanist. who was a Captain in the Army in the 18th century. where Claire sees the lack of modern technology and roadways. Scotland." and that her legs are bare. Frank is fascinated. who is. which everyone calls a "shift. a nurse in the British Army during World War II. although the unusual ritual is of interest to her. . Struggling to make sense of her surroundings. Unfortunately for Claire. incidentally. waking to the sound of battle in the distance. She is then forced to travel with them through the Scottish countryside.PLOT SUMMARY Claire Randall is a practical woman. have recently reunited and are enjoying a second honeymoon in Inverness. She is saved by an unknown Scotsman who knocks Randall unconscious and takes her with him when he rejoins his party who have been rustling cattle. At this point she meets members of the Clan McKenzie. and our Hero. she takes a detour through woods suddenly thicker and younger than they were. Assuming it is a reenactment or a movie set. She begins wondering exactly what has happened as the "costumes" and weapons are very realistic. who she treats for a dislocated shoulder. As a history professor. investigating an ancestor named "Black Jack" Randall. Jamie. Claire. she bumps into Captain "Black Jack" Randall. He shows her a group of standing stones on the hill of Craigh na Dun. is particularly captivated by the flowers and herbs she finds. Jamie's shoulder had been dislocated during the fight with the English under "Black Jack's" command. Jamie. Frank's six times great-grandfather and body double. The buzzing gets louder as she approaches but makes her disoriented and she blacks out. who were separated during the war. Claire realizes she can hear a buzzing noise from the stones and investigates. physically. Claire reduced the dislocation (using her 20th century medical knowledge) upon seeing his companions about to force the shoulder back into place. an action that would have crippled him. and further puzzled by the reactions to her dress. Frank tells her that a group of local women will be enacting a pagan ritual and that the local vicar's housekeeper is one of them. Frank. Claire doesn't understand the situation. Claire tells Frank and they go to see it after seeing Loch Ness. She and her husband. Randall has earned the "Black" in spades and detains her. Claire rides with one of the younger Scots. They married there and Frank combined their holiday with some research into his family tree. asking why she is travelling alone in a "state of undress" and concludes that she is a prostitute. Still befuddled. Returning the next day for a particular plant that interests her. While on the honeymoon. Claire goes plant-gathering with an amateur botanist while her husband meets with another historian.

By now. therefore makes her feel guilty that she must deceive him. she is rescued by Jamie. he takes her to the stone circle and tells her to return to Frank . Just before her escape. after being told by Claire and Grannie McNab of Ronald's abuse of the child. the clan's lawyer. knowing he must be worried sick. (In 1743. The Scots are suspicious. due to her work as a healer.The Scots return to their home. she thinks. Thrown into a hole with another accused witch. one of his tenants. that Claire is telling the truth about the stones. Unfortunately nothing can be proved and after seeing a letter Colum is writing. through her plans to get back to Frank. Geilie Duncan. that the only solution is to make her a Scotswoman by marriage. to let Claire be questioned. Dougal tells her to wed Jamie. . After an argument ensued by Dougal and Jack. Wanting to learn more of Claire. to await trial. Claire tells Dougal she can't marry anyone. Claire's healing skills as a 20th century nurse save Jamie repeatedly but as the story progresses. Dougal takes both her and Jamie. on Jack's further request. When questioned by the laird. and jealousy towards her lead to a charge of witchcraft. after all. saying it's easier to call her a witch. she realises when she is for the first time: 1743. The Scots see Claire as a "Sassenach" -. but admits she isn't married. Lallybroch. Castle Leoch. wondering exactly who she is. She gives in and marries Jamie in the same church—much to her horror—where she married Frank. luggage. ignorance of local superstition. Shocked by Claire's explanation. He is over the moon with her decision to stay and he takes her to his home. on the yearly rent collection on the lands of the MacKenizie. but suggests other men when she refuses. Claire's marriage to Jamie. Angry that Jamie. she is determined to return to the stone circle and Frank. As life continues at Castle Leoch. Claire—impressed that Jamie insisted on finding her a decent gown to marry in and demanded a private room in which to consummate their marriage—has grown fonder of Jamie and the friendship she feels towards him. and servant when they were attacked. Colum mac Campbell MacKenzie. Jamie leaves her there to decide if she wants to return to Frank or stay with him. she isn't yet even born!) Dougal ignores her. she realizes that Geilie Duncan is from the future too. Dougal refuses. seat of the Clan MacKenzie. she initially tells him she can't as he won't believe her.seeing for himself. When Jamie asks her to explain. He is informed by Ned Gowan. insists Rabbie become a stable-boy at Lallybroch. Claire claims she was sailing to France to visit relatives and lost her gown. Jamie has a price on his head and is betrayed by Ronald McNab. over Jack's mistreatment of Claire. but their happiness doesn't last. Jack Randall wishes to talk again to Claire and seeks her out.an outsider to Scottish Highland culture and an Englishwoman to boot—though she earns their respect.

Claire reveals that she is pregnant with their first child. At the last. practical. and by 18th century standards. James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser ( Jamie ) : Claire's husband in the 18th century. a former suitor of Jamie's mother. principled. soon. Characters in "Outlander" Main Characters Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser: The story's protagonist. At Ste. He describes her marriages as something she should leave in God's hands as nothing can be done about them. rescue Jamie. and her personality is warm. Anne de Beaupre's monastery in France. as she and Jaime emerge from the healing waters of a sacred hot spring under the Abbey. compared to repairing the damage done to his mind.she was christened Catholic but not raised as one . Italy. . will they go "to France. forced to survive in a strange land as best she can. that she should decide.and receives absolution from a friendly monk. Anne's. Aided by Sir Marcus MacRannoch. In The Outlandish Companion Gabaldon says he is partly based on the character of Jamie McCrimmon from Doctor Who .Jamie is held at Wentworth Prison and sentenced to hang. Ellen MacKenzie Fraser. Jamie. but discovers broken bones are simple. Jamie is intelligent. A strapping young Scottish redhead with a complicated past and a disarming sense of humor. Jamie's relatives and men employed by Sir Marcus. Claire. Claire tries healing Jamie. A history professor with a deep interest in his genealogy and heritage. however. Claire is a gifted natural physician. where Jamie's uncle is stationed as Abbot. who had worked for MI-6 during WW II. educated and worldly. but in the 18th century. she marries Jamie Fraser. Claire learns more about her faith . cursing him with the "gift" of knowledge that he will marry and have a son but will die before the child's born. Frank Randall: Claire's husband in the 20th Century. She patches him up and they escape to Ste. Jamie tells Claire that his life is hers. or even back to Scotland?" for "[they'll] need a place to go." Whilst at the abbey. a nurse in WWII who finds herself in the Scottish Highlands circa the mid-18th century. and independent. Sadistic Jack Randall is also at Wentworth and takes the opportunity to torture Jamie. Jack agrees and in revenge. promises Jack that he'll sleep with him if he lets Claire go. He describes her as a shipwrecked traveller. In the 20th century. As he recovers. she was married to Frank Randall. giving him the date of his death. Claire tells Jack she is a witch.

Reginald Wakefield: Vicar of the parish. Murtagh Fitzgibbons Fraser: Loyal member of Clan MacKenzie/Fraser." According to Jamie Fraser. a bit nosy Rev. He is Frank's ancestor and a British army officer. Crook: An elderly man who first shows Claire the stone circle of Craigh Na Dun . took Jamie on as a foster son for a year as a teen. biological father of Colum's son. sworn to protect Jamie since he was a baby Other Characters by time Inverness 1945 Mrs. which she is pregnant with when thrown into the hole as a witch—her pregnancy wins her a brief reprieve on her death sentence. He was born Sept. Becomes pregnant with Dougal MacKenzie's child. the black refers to the colour of his soul. being from the future. He suffers from Toulouse-Lautrec Syndrome Dougal MacKenzie: Colum's brother. has four daughters. knows that he will die April 16. and he shelters Jamie and Claire from the English threat. Wakefield. Baird: Proprietor of an Inverness Bed & Breakfast where Claire and Frank have a second honeymoon following WWII. Geillis/Geilie Duncan: Wife of the procurator fiscal. consultant to Frank. Arthur Duncan. 1746 at Culloden. and the murderer of her husband. approximately 5 years old (and who will become a primary character from Book 2 onwards) Quentin Lambert Beauchamp (deceased): Claire's "Uncle Lamb. a time-traveler from the 1960s. A Jacobite. who serves as the literal and figurative "body" of the pair. 1705." an archeologist that raised Claire in various locations around the world Mr. Hamish. and acts like one. He is also Jamie's maternal uncle. who believes that she is a witch. He also fathered another son with Geillis Duncan.Jonathan Randall: The primary villain of the story. 3. adoptive father to Roger Roger MacKenzie Wakefield: The adoptive son of Rev. since Colum's health meant he is unable to lead the clan into battle. amateur historian and genealogist. has knowledge of herbs and plants. He is also known as "Black Jack. Colum MacKenzie: The Laird of the MacKenzie clan. Dr. and Claire.

Charles is his heir King George II: English monarch (House of Hanover) Rupert MacKenzie: Loyal member of Clan MacKenzie. the Stuart Pretender. Mrs. bastard son of Lord Lovat and a serving girl Hamish MacKenzie: Son and heir of Colum. wears a patch over his missing eye Laoghaire MacKenzie: Young girl of 16 with her eye on Jamie. the procurator fiscal of the village of Cranesmuir . Jenny.Ghost : A highlander ghost. son of Letitia MacKenzie Gwyllyn: Welsh bard. Angus Mhor: Beats Jamie (when he takes Laoghaire's punishment). Claire jealous of this . helps Colum with pain by giving him massage Davie Beaton: (deceased) Healer of Leoch. Claire has to choose between marrying Rupert and Jamie. mother of Hamish by Dougal Alec McMahon MacKenzie ( Auld Alec ): Master of Horse of Castle Leoch. who encounters Frank days before Claire goes through the stones. Jamie's second cousin. a Druid who predicts Claire's "love of two men" Scotland 1743 Prince Charles Edward: "Bonnie Prince Charlie". husband of Ellen MacKenzie. although sired by Dougal. presumably Jamie. and Willie. although not a particularly good one. Graham: Reverend Wakefield's housekeeper. Castle Leoch Letitia MacKenzie: Wife of Colum. Claire takes over his surgery Brian Fraser ( Black Brian ): (deceased) father of Jamie. entertainer/singer of Castle Leoch Arthur Duncan: Husband of Geillis.said "leary". first mentioned when we learn Dougal is a Jacobite King James: Exiled Scottish monarch whose court is in Rome. member of Clan Beaton.

has a secret connection to Jack Randall. sees Claire with a Waterhorse. but is killed by Claire. Jamie has a Bible belonging to him. first person to welcome Claire and Jamie back to Lallybroch . accuses Claire of witchcraft The tanner's lad: Boy whose ear is nailed to the pillory as punishment Ned Gowan: Lawyer from Edinburgh.Father Bain: Priest of Cranesmuir. but the arrangement didn't work out. Jamie feels he owes Alexander a debt. Claire's lawyer at her trial for witchcraft. The Duke of Sandringham: "old Willie the arse bandit". Claire feels a connection with it Harry: Redcoat deserter who threatens Claire and Jamie while they make love in a (not so) deserted glade. Alexander William Roderick MacGregor: (deceased) Prisoner who hanged himself at Fort William (after being raped by Randall). He tries to rape Claire. testifies against her at her witch trial Waterhorse: the Loch Ness monster. able messenger. Jamie's friend Malcolm Grant: Conducts a raid on the MacKenzies along with his two sons Peter: Drover. his connection with the Jacobite cause is never discovered. works for Colum. though it would seem he is a secret Jacobite Janet Robinson: Had an abortion by using a potion Geillis concocted. testifies against Geillis Lallybroch Jock Graham: from Murch Nardagh. Return to Castle Leoch and Cranesmuir Malcolm Grant: Once to marry Ellen MacKenzie by suit (arranged marriage). no longer a MacKenzie ally. Encountered on the road Horrocks: English deserter who knows that Jamie did not shoot the SergeantMajor Hugh Munro: Licensed beggar (due to torture at the hands of the Turks).

born August 1741 Mrs. Lost the lower part of his right leg. often drunk and beats his son. Jamie is also given refuge at his home. after an infection of a grape shot wound received during a battle at Daumier (with Fergus nic Leodhas) Young Jamie: Jenny and Ian's oldest son. his cattle are later used to help break Jamie out of Wentworth. named for his uncle. disgusting. below the knee. Eldridge Manor. mother of four sons and sixteen grandchildren Rabbie MacNab: Grandson of Grannie MacNab. a big. Crook: Housekeeper at Lallybroch Willie Fraser: (deceased) Jamie's older brother who died of smallpox at age eleven Grannie MacNab: Aids Claire and (particularly) Jamie when Redcoats stop by Lallybroch. Martins: Midwife. later betrays Jamie to the Watch and is killed in a fire of retribution by the other tenants of Lallybroch Mrs. married to Ian Murray Ian Murray: Jenny's husband. once an admirer of Ellen MacKenzie . Beaten by his father Ronald MacNab: Father of Rabbie. slow-witted man ("even the whores won't have him") that Randall has with him when he confronts Claire in the cell where Jamie is being held Hector: Finds Claire in Eldridge Wood near Wentworth after her wolf attack and brings her to MacRannoch Sir Marcus MacRannoch: Claire is brought to his cottage. helps deliver Jenny's baby Margaret Ellen Murray ( Maggie ): Born November 1743 to Jenny and Ian The Search for Jamie Robert MacDonald: Member of the Watch whom Jenny and Claire attack and then use to get information about Jamie after he is taken by the Watch Sir Fletcher Gordon: Civilian governor in charge of Wentworth Prison Marley: an orderly in Wentworth. reluctant to give him over to Jamie as a stable lad. Jamie's friend since childhood.Janet Fraser Murray ( Jenny ): Jamie's older sister.

Anne de Beaupre Abbot Alexander Fraser: Jamie's uncle (one of six Fraser uncles) Brother Ambrose: Tends Jamie's wounds Brother Bartolome: Monks who observe the Perpetual Adoration Francois Anselm Mericoeur d'Armagnac ( Father Anselm ): Befriends Claire.com) Personal • • • • • • • Legal name: Diana Gabaldon Birthdate: January 11.outlanderthemusical. Franciscan.com The writing team of Walsh and Gibb earlier produced the work "Clarinda the Musical" (www. Introduces Claire to the Perpetual Adoration. Speculative Fiction. Canada and Germany. Historical Fiction. a CD song cycle telling the story of this first book in the series was released under the title "Outlander The Musical". Uses lavender near Jamie (does not know of its significance) OUTLANDER THE MUSICAL On 1 August 2010. There is a website at www. Time Travel. 1952 (age 59) Birthplace: Flagstaff.Arizona.dianagabaldon. Mystery. The CD has been highly successful. The 14 songs were written by Kevin Walsh (music) and Mike Gibb (lyrics) with the words for one of the tracks being provided by authoress Diana Gabaldon. especially in America. Tries to catechize Claire.clarindathemusical.hamepages. and a libretto for a full scale stage musical is currently under consideration by a number of theatre.United States Nationality: American Gender: Female Official Website: http://www.com/ Genres: Fiction.com) while playwright Mike Gibb has produced a string of plays and musical plays on Scottish themes (www. She is later able to tell him her (true) story. helps Claire tend Jamie's wounds A soldier near Wentworth: Claire must kill him in order to ensure their escape from the area The Abbey of Ste.Lady Annabelle MacRannoch: Wife of Marcus. Adventure .

S. took her on." She has also received an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree from Northern Arizona University. Her research topic was. She was an active member of this book-discussion community. they have three adult children. on the basis of an unfinished first novel. Gabaldon's first fiction efforts were posted on the CompuServe literary forum.Unbound This content section has been deprecated." and Ph. but is also part of the main series. 19701973. Gymnorhynchus cyanocephalus). to strengthen her points in an argument with another poster regarding what it feels like to be pregnant.). and are located in Scotland. Doug Watkins. a hangout for people who like books (the forum is still extant. I told . The stories center around a time-travelling 20th-century English nurse (Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser) and her 18th-century Scottish husband (James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser). The Lord John Series is a spinoff from the Outlander books. Scripps Institution of Oceanography. "My husband was mildly put out that I refused to take his name when we got married. 1952 in Arizona. 1973-1975. Arizona with her husband. three of them had made offers on it.community. Outlander. One of the people who read her post was a science fiction writer. in Marine Biology from the University of California. Diana Jean Gabaldon born on January 11.S. He was impressed.A. as it centers on a secondary character from the original series. Gabaldon grew up in Flagstaff. 22. England. in Zoology from Northern Arizona University. but now called The Compuserve Books and Writers Community www. and posted parts of her unfinished novel. and introduced her to his agent. Once it has been emptied this section will no longer appear on the page but the edit history will still be available in the page's history. her great-grandfather immigrated to Arizona from England in the 1860s. 2009. Gabaldon currently lives in Scottsdale. a dormitory on the campus of Northern Arizona University. and within four days.<1> The agent. released on Sept. Her father was from New Mexico and her mother's family from Yorkshire (England). She has received three degrees from two different institutions: B. France. is named after her father. M.D in Ecology from Northern Arizona University. Tony Gabaldon. Note: Diana did not take her husband's name after they married. he sent it to five editors. Dissertation: "Nest Site Selection in Pinyon Jays. "Agonistic Interactions of Hermit Crabs. and America. 1975-1978.S.com/Books. Gabaldon Hall. There are presently seven novels in the main OUTLANDER series. Arizona. San Diego. Perry Knowlton. including AN ECHO IN THE BONE. in 2007. (U. When it was finished.compuserve. the West Indies. Please help us clean up the page by moving the content from this section into other relevant sections. In addition.

that I'd been spelling "Gabaldon" for people for twenty-five years. though. or a starred review in Publishers Weekly ." Awards: * July. In order to receive the nomination the author was required to meet one of several possible criteria. 2006 Diana Gabaldon received the Quill Book Award in 2006 in the category Science Fiction / Fantasy / Horror. which was determined by a public vote on the Internet. * October 10. which was determined by a public vote on the web page of the German publisher.. such as an appearance on the best seller list of Borders Group Inc. 1992 Diana Gabaldon received the RITA Award given by the Romance Writers of America in the category Best Book of 1991 for the novel Outlander. 2006 Diana Gabaldon received the International Corine Book Award 2006 in the category Weltbild Readers Award.him. and I was attached to it.<2> * September 24.

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