Studies state that India will be the fastest country in production as well as consumption by year 2015, and the expected growth rate will be in-between 20-22 per cent. The total world tile market is 8,515 million sq metres and out of that 65 per cent of the market is in Asia, which is growing at higher base in terms of production and consumption. The top three countries of world in manufacturing and consumption are China followed by Brazil and then India. Indian market is the 3rd largest market in the world in terms of production and consumption and will be at number one by 2015. The Indian tile Industry despite an overall slowdown of the economy continues to grow at a healthy rate of 20 per cent annually - that means 98 million sq metres is added every year. Ceramic Industry principally requires two major raw materials i.e. Feldspar and Clay. Both are abundantly available in and around Gujarat and nearby state of Rajasthan. But, due to presence of non organised mining industry there is significantly low supply as compared to the demand. Also, the two-fold increase of industry in last decade has changed the ratio of demand and supply of raw materials. Surely the raw material would become costly year by year and we expect organised manufacturing with the new policy on mining. The manufacturers will have to do inward integration by investing in mines and explore the mines in organised and systematic method using heavy machineries and equipments. Small time unorganised manufacturer who would not have access to such mines would surely have difficulty in getting good quality and reasonable price raw materials. As we look at future of the industry, in my opinion, stronger growth is predicted from 2012 onwards. However, this is dependent on a stronger economic development and an upturn in new house building activity. The overall market for ceramic tiles is set to increase by more than 20 per cent from 2012 onwards. The demand is anticipated to increase in 2012 and ceramic tiles market is expected to see increased sales on Y-O-Y. This represents a recovery period, following the economic downturn that negatively affected the Indian ceramic tile market in last few years. (Source: www.projectstoday.com/PTspecialfeatures).


The market shares are 35%, 53% and 12% respectively for Wall, Floor & Vitrified/Porcelain tiles. The tiles are available in a wide variety of designs, textures and surface effects. They cater to tastes as varied from rustics to contemporary marble designs in super glossy mirror finishes.The ceramic tiles industry in India has followed similar trends internationally which have been characterized by excess capacities and falling margins. Countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Vietnam are setting up their own plants. China has emerged as a major competitor. Producers from Spain and Italy have the advantage of lower transportation costs while exporting to USA and Germany. In India, the per capita consumption is as low as 0.30 square meters per person compared to China (2 square meters per person), Europe (5 to 6 square meters per person) or Brazil (2.5 square meters per person). Rising disposable incomes of the growing middle class and 40 million units of housing storage hold out a great potential. A major change that took over the ceramic tiles industry, was the introduction of vitrified and porcelain tiles. These new entrant product types are said to be the tiles of the future. Internationally these tiles are already the major sellers. This category of products account for 13% of all organized sales in this industry. ABOUT KAJARIA Within 11 years of operation, Kajaria has moved very close to its vision of the company has its corporate office at New Delhi and Regional offices at Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Mumbai and Chennai. Today Kajaria is a well established name in the corporate world. From a modest beginning of 3,000 sq.mts per day, the company today produces over 33,000 sq.mts of tiles every day, clearly demonstrating Kajaria growing strength over the years and also indicating rising customer preference for the brand. Manufacturing, standards, technology user trends, competitiveness, customer preference all have played a vital role in shaping Kajaria success story. Besides this, the company enjoys a reputation of rendering products that's at par with international standards. Kajaria has always been alert to changing market trends and preferences, by producing tiles in myriad designs and colours‟. Infect Malaria is the only tile company in the country to have an impressive range of over 400 designs with a many as 50 different variation in Group 5 category, demonstrating out commitment towards customer satisfaction.


Kajaria also continued to improve its communication process with architects, Builders, masons and interior decorators and designers in order to update their products information and provide them convenient access to its diverse brands, designs, and colours. Using the effective technique of sampling with frequent and regular communication through pamphlets, products folders and catalogues helped to keep the Kajaria brand on the top of mind scale among the priority target customers In addition, the company emphasis on participating in national and local exhibitions also enabled it to enhance its visibility and reach on a continuous basis, throughout the year. This also helped to inspire and influence product usage at a more rapid pace becoming a leader worldwide. Kajaria Ceramics has grown at a breath taking pace during the last decade in turnover, profits and foreign earnings. With the tremendous spurt taking place in the realm of information technology, Kajaria is reaping the benefits from the new medium, by hosting its own website on the internet. The Kajaria website provides wealth of information on its entire range of wall and floor tiles, borders including detailed information on the various specifications. Exquisitely designed, the website contains the full range of visually appealing graphics on designs, colours and size. With access to this facility, customers can avail the tremendous benefits of e-commerce of Kajaria tiles, and even place their orders for quick delivery.


To maintain a leading position as suppliers of Ceramic Wall & Floor Tiles the company utilizes its capabilities and resources to expand the business into allied areas and other priority sectors of the economy like housing projects etc…

To ensure a dynamic growth by enhancing the competitive edge of Kajaria Ceramics Ltd.

To provide a reasonable and adequate return on capital employed, primarily through improvements in operational efficiency, capacity utilization, productivity and generate adequate internal resources to finance the company’s growth.

To build a high degree of customer confidence by providing increased value for his money through international standards of product quality, performance and superior services through dealer network.

To enable each employee to achieve his potential, improve his capabilities, perceive his role and responsibilities and participate and contribute positively to the growth and success of the company. To invest in human resources continuously and be alive to their needs.

Achieve technological excellence in operations by development of indigenous technologies and efficient absorption and adaptations of imported technologies to suit business need and priorities and provide the competitive advantage to the company.


1988. The company has also been given OHSAS 18001 certificate by M/s. which is the latest.000 The company set up a green field Plant at Village Gailpur (Rajasthan) of 70. customers and the country at large have from Kajaria Ceramics Ltd. 1998. 99 which has resulted increase in capacity from 80. Since then. Spain. The total present capacity of the company is 170. The company had started the commercial production on 12th August.To fulfil and comply the relevant legislation regulations and the expectations which employees. Kajaria Ceramics is the first ceramic tile company in the world to get this certification. Kajaria has an all India network of 600 dealers. The Certificate has been given for the commitment of the company for fulfilling international standards in Occupational Health and Safety Management System Specification. Germany. The company has also been selected as one of the top performing Global Growth Company from India by World Economic Forum in 1997. Kajaria is selling 80% of its products to the retail consumer and 20% to the projects. The company is marketing its products since inception under the brand name of Kajaria which is a well-known brand within the industry in India and abroad. Since last year company has franchised exclusive 5 . 1985 with an object of setting up Ceramic Tile Plant with an initial capacity of 12. Both the Plants have adopted single firing technology (Monoporosa technology).000 MT at Sikandrabad (U P) in technical collaboration with Todagres SA. The company carried out the modernization of its existing Plant at Sikandrabad in January. During the year the company has also been accredited with the “ISO 14001” certification for the Environmental Management System for manufacturing Ceramic Tiles. the company has expanded its capacity at its existing location for floor tiles twice during 1990-91 and 91-92 by 14. cost efficient and more productive technology. TUV Suddeutschland. Kajaria is the first ceramic tile company in India and may be 5th in the world accredited with ISO 9002 certification for its quality system.000 MT to 90.000 MT. 1 preferred company for ceramic tiles in India.000 MT capacity for the manufacture of Monocuttra Wall tiles in March. The company was incorporated in December.000 MT and enhancing the life of the Plant. The company is the No.

Australia. It displays the mock bathroom & kitchen with various combinations of tiles. combinations & laying techniques. Sri Lanka. UAE. Bahrain. The company has opened 11 retail European styled showrooms located in various parts of the country.tile Shoppe & tile galleria on all India bases. Kajaria Ceramics has also opened a showroom in Melbourne. It helps in selection of the product/ design for the floor & walls. The company has won 7 exports award including the National Export award given in May 2000. which advise on sizes. The company is the largest exporter of ceramic tiles from India and accounts for 40% of total exports of ceramic tiles from India. Saudi Arabia and Oman. The Company’s exports are mainly to Australia. 6 . These also have customer support staffs.


05% for vitrified tiles produced by Kajaria Ceramics Ltd. The vitrified tiles are highly resistant to staining due to their very low water absorption but they are not stain proof. body stains etc. rustic unglazed. The modules of Ruphere for fired tiles is upwards of 400 kg/sq.VITRIFIED TILES • Vitrified tiles consist of a body made of very good quality ceramic raw materials like potash and soda felspar. • Due to their almost complete vitrification the vitrified tiles absorb no water and are completely frost proof. • Types of Vitrified Tiles 1. In order to close even these small fraction of pores they can be given a treatment of polishing with nano materials which closes the pores at the surface giving good improvement in surface gloss and making the surface almost stain proof. which is pressed into tile shape and fired in the kiln to result in almost zero porosity. zirconium opacifiers. and for polished tiles upwards of 350 kg/sq. china clays (white firing). Unpolished Vitrified Tile 2. double charged. super white or colored. due to their very low water absorption. develop very high mechanical strength. good fired color plastic clay. higher than glazed floor tiles. polished or satin or lapatto or even glazed. The maximum water absorption is 0. cm. • The vitrified tiles. quartz. Polished Vitrified Tiles (PVT) UNPOLISHED VITRIFIED TILES 8 . Glazed Vitrified Tiles (GVT) 3. cm. soluble salt printed. • • Vitrified tile body may be normal ivory.

These are basically used for paving outdoor spaces and smaller formats with patterned surface designs are very popular. GLAZED VITRIFIED TILES Vitrified tiles may also be glazed and decorated by printing in the same way as ceramic tiles and a very wide variety of surface textures. They are the same tiles as Durato.These are the tiles which are not given any surface processing after firing. finish and appearances can be produced by having multiple applications on the glaze line. POLISHED VITRIFIED TILES: Vitrified Tiles. They may only be sized. But in a tropical country like India there is no advantage of vitrified body characteristics in GVT because what the customer uses is the glaze surface. may be polished to get a mirror like finish akin to natural granite in beauty and grace. Polishing also may be done in many ways: 9 . if required by the customer. after firing. The reflectance values obtained after polishing are 60-65%. As complete air removal has taken place from the body and the raw materials are also very pure in the vitrified body the resulting glaze surfaces are very smooth and aesthetically pleasing.

• Lapatto polish is done on rustic surface. This is performed using special abrasives.7 mm of thickness and any decorations has to go beyond this depth in order to be visible after polishing. CERAMIC GLAZED WALL TILES 10 . When tiles are polished after firing about 0. DECORATION OF VITRIFIED TILES Soluble Salt Printing: Just like the ceramic glazed tiles the vitrified tiles can also be decorated by printing but printing on vitrified tiles is performed using soluble salt paste instead of ceramic stains because there is a polishing operation also in the process which removes about 0. The surface is very smooth like satin but not glossy.-1.5-0.• • • • • Full polish Satin polish Lapatto polish Full polish is done on tiles having plain surface and results in highly smooth and glossy finish which is commonly sold as polished vitrified tiles in the market. Nano Polish: Nano polish is in fact the process of coating nano materials on to the polished surface (glossy) of tiles to close the exposed pores due to which staining occurs. After printing with soluble salts enough water is sprayed on the tiles so that the water dissolves the salts printed on the tile surface and travels deep into the thickness of tiles up to a depth of 2.5-3. After nano polish no staining is observed on the tile surface incidentally nano polish also helps to improve the gloss values to 90% plus.00 mm. Satin polish is obtained when the polishing process is interrupted halfway.5 mm the print is left which is enough to ensure the life of the print for several years certainly much longer as compared to glazed tiles.5-0. The elevated porting on the rustic tile surface is polished to half the depth.6mm thickness is shaved off but still about 1.

• The wall clay body is generally porous having water absorption of more than 10%. their landed cost etc. The wall tiles glaze is completely stain proof. The wall tile glaze can be transparent or opaque. silica sand. calcite.• Ceramic glazed wall tiles consists of a body made of ceramic raw materials like ball clay. and hospitals. • The wall tile body may be white or red color. • • • • • • Wall tiles glaze can be matt appearance or glossy but in both cases it is fully vitreous.e. there is no problem if glazes with higher PEI grouping are used on walls but that is not necessary from the point of view of technical requirement. The wall tile surface can be plain. If the wall tiles are used on floors the durability of glaze cannot be ensured. felspar. having lower abrasion resistance for the reason that wall tiles are not subjected to wear in their service life due to abrasive action of human movement over them. The selection of body depends on availability of body materials. rustic (or textured). and coated with vitreous glaze which may by glossy or matt. In both the cases the mechanical properties relevant to the customer are same. wollastonite etc. local red clay. • • • Wall tiles may be decorated by printing with ceramic color. Technically. As the glaze on wall tiles is completely vitreous they are very hygienic and widely used in pantries. CERAMIC GLAZED FLOOR TILES 11 . Wall tile glazes are softer i. The wall tiles glazes have an abrasion resistance of PEI-Group 2 or lower. dry applications or third firing. nursing homes. Bigger format tiles may be supplied after squaring and champhering in order to improve the size tolerance of tiles.

• • • • Floor tiles glaze can be matt or glossy but in both cases it is fully vitreous. their landed cost and economics of cost of production. • • The floor tile body is also porous but to a lower extent as compared to the wall tiles. talc etc. red burning clay. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 12 . silica sand. Floor tile glazes are harder in comparison to wall tile glazes i. The selection of body pnmarity depends on the availability of body materials. • The floor tile body may be white or reddish color. felspar. and coated with a vitreous glaze which could be of glossy or matt finish. 5.e.• Ceramic glazed floor tiles consist of a body made of ceramic raw materials like ball clay. floor tiles are applied with glazes which are PEI group 3 and above. The floor tile surface can be plain or rustic (textured). In both the cases the mechanical properties relevant to the customer are same. having higher abrasion resistance for the reason that floor tiles glazes are subjected to abrasion due to human movement over them. The floor tile glazes can be transparent or opaque. Generally. The water absorption of floor tile bodies is generally in the range 3-6%. The floor tile glazes are fully stain proof.

LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY: 1. Secondary Data: Company websites. who were dealing tiles and 50 respondents filled questionnaire were collected. magazines. Data were collected from the dealers of tiles and the customers who use Kajaria 6. While collecting the primary data. Coimbatore. The present study is based on both primary and secondary data. journals.0 version. SAMPLING METHOD: A probability sampling method was used for the study. SAMPLING FRAME: Sampling frame consisting all the tile dealers in Coimbatore city. DATA ANALYSIS 13 .OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY: • To identify the dealers’ perception on tile attributes. with special reference to Kajaria ceramics limited. The survey was restricted to Coimbatore city only. METHODOLOGY: A structured questionnaire was circulated to 50 respondents. DATA COLLECTION: Primary Data: A structured questionnaire was used. SAMPLING TECHNIQUE: A simple random sampling method was selected and used for the research study. test results were obtained with the help of SPSS package 16. the researchers visited tile dealers and also met the customers who were visiting at the showrooms. (Source: Address list provided by the company). SAMPLING SIZE: 50 tile dealers in Coimbatore city. 2. Data was analysed to arrive percentage analysis for the various tile attributes and dealers perception.

PERCENTAGE OF DEALERS SELLING KAJARIA TILES EXCLUSIVELY Chart 5. PERCENTAGE OF KAJARIA DEALER’S 14 .1 INFERENCE: It is inferred that only 12% of the respondents are selling Kajaria Tiles exclusively.

Chart 5.2 INFERENCE: It is inferred that only 10% of the respondents are dealing with Kajaria Tiles. YEARS OF DEALERSHIP WITH KAJARIA 15 .

Chart 5.3 INFERENCE: It is inferred that out of 65 tile dealers in Coimbatore. only 6 dealers are dealing with Kajaria Tiles. PERCENTAGE OF DEALERS SELLING BRANDED TILES Company name 16 Percentage .

Kajaria Johnson Somany Nitco RAK Others 14% 30% 20% 10% 14% 12% Table 5. FLOOR TILE FLOOR TILE –DESIGN ATTRIBUTE RATING GIVEN BY DEALERS ON FLOOR TILE DESIGN 17 .4 INFERENCE: It is inferred that less than 15% of the dealers sell Kajaria Tiles and 30% and 20% of the dealers sell Johnson and Somany tiles respectively.1 Chart 5.

5 INFERENCE: From the above chart it is inferred that Somany leads in standardised design tiles and Johnson leads in customised design. FLOOR TILE –FINISHING ATTRIBUTE RATING GIVEN BY DEALERS ON FLOOR TILE FINISHING Company name Kajaria Rustics 80% 18 Glossy 60% Polished 83% .2 Johnson 90% 83% 86% Chart 5. When compared with Johnson tile Kajaria is rated low in the tile design rating.Attribute Design Finishing Material Kajaria 88% 80% 82% Table 5.

Johnson Somany Nitco RAK 82% 86% 78% 76% 82% 87% 78% 73% 81% 83% 74% 76% Table 5.6 INFERENCE: From the above chart it is inferred that Somany tile is rated high in all the three finishing parameters. FLOOR TILE –MATERIAL ATTRIBUTE RATING GIVEN BY DEALERS ON FLOOR TILE MATERIAL Company name Kajaria Vitrified 75% 19 Ceramic 90% . Kajaria stands last in glossy finishing parameter.3 Chart 5. Though Kajaria rated high in polished finishing parameter it stands last in glossy finishing parameter.

COMPARISION WITH JOHNSON IN FLOOR TILE Attribute Design Kajaria 88% Johnson 90% 20 .7 INFERENCE: It is inferred that Kajaria tile leads the rating in ceramic type tile but is rated low in vitrified tile type.Johnson Somany Nitco RAK 82% 79% 78% 80% 83% 75% 78% 79% Table 5.4 Chart 5.

5 Chart 5.8 INFERENCE: It is inferred that Johnson tile is rated high in all the three finishing parameters in floor tile. WALL TILE WALL TILE –DESIGN ATTRIBUTE RATING GIVEN BY DEALERS ON WALL TILE DESIGN 21 .Finishing Material 80% 82% 83% 86% Table : 5.

9 INFERENCE: It is inferred that Kajaria is rated first in wall tile with both in standardised and customised tile design. WALL TILE –FINISHING ATTRIBUTE RATING GIVEN BY DEALERS ON WALL TILE FINISHING Company name Rustics 22 Glossy Polished .Company name Kajaria Johnson Somany Nitco RAK Standardised 92% 83% 71% 73% 74% Customised 86% 73% 73% 80% 70% Table 5.6 Chart 5.

Kajaria Johnson Somany Nitco RAK 92% 81% 78% 80% 74% Table 5. Kajaria stands first in glossy and rustics finishing parameter. WALL TILE –MATERIAL ATTRIBUTE RATING GIVEN BY DEALERS ON WALL TILE MATERIAL Company name Vitrified 23 Ceramic .10 INFERENCE: From the above chart it is inferred that Kajaria tile is rated high in all the three Finishing parameters.7 92% 84% 76% 78% 72% 88% 81% 76% 74% 70% Chart 5.

8 90% 80% 75% 70% 74% Chart 5.Kajaria Johnson Somany Nitco RAK 88% 84% 72% 84% 74% Table 5.11 INFERENCE: It is inferred that Kajaria tile leads the rating in ceramic type tile and vitrified tile. COMPARISION WITH JOHNSON IN WALL TILE Attribute Kajaria 89% Johnson 86% Design 24 .

Finishing Material 90% 89% Table 5. OUTDOOR TILE OUTDOOR TILE –DESIGN ATTRIBUTE RATING GIVEN BY DEALERS ON OUTDOOR TILE DESIGN 25 .9 82% 80% Chart 5.12 INFERENCE: It is inferred that Johnson is rated high in all the three finishing parameters.

10 Chart 5.13 INFERENCE: It is inferred that Kajaria overtakes Johnson in standardised design whereas vice-versa in case of customised design.Company name Kajaria Johnson Somany Nitco RAK Standardised 90% 81% 78% 85% 89% Customised 80% 90% 76% 80% 80% Table 5. OUTDOOR TILE –LIFETIME RATING GIVEN BY DEALERS ON OUTDOOR TILE LIFEFTIME Tile Life Time Kajaria Percentage 86% 26 .

Johnson Somany Nitco RAK 82% 40% 56% 60% Table 5.14 INFERENCE: It is inferred that both Kajaria and Johnson are almost rated equal for lifetime of the tile. OTHER ATTRIBUTE Company Names Kajaria Replacement Availability 76% 80% Strength 86% Credit Period 73% 27 .11 Chart 5.

Johnson Somany Nitco RAK 60% 53% 76% 65% 81% 78% 78% 75% 80% 70% 74% 72% 70% 70% 72% 66% Table 5.15 INFERENCE: When compared with the competitors Kajaria is rated first in Replacement. Strength and Credit period offered by the company.12 Chart 5. RATING GIVEN ON OTHER ATTRIBUTES FOR KAJARIA Company Names Kajaria Replacement 76% Availability 80% Strength 86% credit Period 73% 28 . Availability of tiles.

13 Chart 5.16 INFERENCE: It is inferred that Kajaria is rated as 76% for Replacement. 80% for Availability.Table 5. RATING ON SERVICES OFFERED BY THE COMPANY Company name Kajaria Johnson Somany 29 Company Service 89% 85% 76% . 86% for Strength. 73% for Credit period.

Nitco RAK Table 5.17 INFERENCE: It is inferred that Kajaria was rated high (89%) for the services offered by the company followed by Johnson (85%) and RAK (82%).14 76% 82% Chart 5. FAST MOVING TILE IN THE MARKET Company name Kajaria Johnson Percentage 46% 38% 30 .

15 Chart 5. CUSTOMERS PREFERENCE ON USAGE OF SPACERS 31 .18 INFERENCE: It is inferred that (46%) of the dealers said that Kajaria is the fastest moving tile in the market followed by Johnson (38%) and Somany (16%).Somany 16% Table 5.

19 INFERENCE: It is inferred that 40% of the customers prefer Spacers in placing tiles. CUSTOMERS PREFERENCE IN USE OF LARGE SIZE TILES 32 .Chart 5.

20 INFERENCE Almost 50% of the customers prefer large size tiles for their flooring.Chart 5. PREFERED TILE SIZE BY CUSTOMERS 33 .

TYPE OF TILE THAT MOVES FAST IN THE MARKET Companies Kajaria Wall Tile 8% Floor Tile 66% Outdoor Tile 10% 34 .21 INFERENCE: Majority of the customers preference 800 x 800mm and 1M x 1M size tile and least preferred is 900 x 900mm.Chart 5.

20% 35 . Johnson tops in wall tile and Somany in Outdoor tile.22 INFERENCE: As a whole the general perception of the dealers results as Kajaria Tops in Floor tile.Johnson Somany Nitco 54% 32% 6% 14% 6% 14% 30% 40% 10% Table 5.16 Chart 5. TYPE OF TILE DEALERS IN COIMBATORE Category Big Showroom Percentage 10.

Medium Shop Small Retailer 40.98% Table 5.23 INFERENCE: At present focus is given to Big Showrooms only .17 Chart 5. CUSTOMERS PREFERENCE TOWARDS SQUARE AND RECTANGULAR SHAPE TILE SQUARE Vs RECTANGULAR TILE 36 .Kajaria ceramics can concentrate on Medium sized retailer and Small retailers also.82% 48.

24 INFERENCE Customers prefer more than 80% for squared tile rather than rectangular tile.Chart 5. 7. 37 . SUMMARY OF FINDINGS This section deals with the Dealers Perception on tiles based on various attributes their preferences towards tile products and the researcher found the following facts:  Out of 60 dealers only 6 dealers are dealing with Kajaria tile products. The perception of the customer is wastage of tile is less in square tile compared with Rectangular tile and more over designing in square is easier than rectangular tile.

 Kajaria was rated 89% in company service (high) compared with other companies.  In all three parameters Johnson tile was rated high in floor tile. 86% in companies’ strength and 73% in credit period.  It is found that 40% of the customers prefer spacers in placing tiles.  In other attributes Kajaria is rated 76% in replacement.  In floor tile Kajaria rated low in finishing attribute but it was rated high in material attribute. and material 89% in all the three attributes.  Almost 50% of the customer prefer large size for their flooring .  In outdoor tile both Kajaria and Johnson were almost rated equal for life time of the tile. Kajaria is rated first in design 89%.  Perception of customers is less wastage in square tile rather than rectangular tile.  Kajaria was rated first as fast moving tile in the market.  In outdoor tile design attribute Kajaria overtakes Johnson in standardised design 90% whereas vice versa of customised design.  Majority of the customers prefer bigger size tile above 2M *2M. Johnson tops in wall tile and Somany tops in outdoor tile. finishing 90%. Less than 15% of dealers are selling Kajaria tiles.  In floor tile design attribute Kajaria was rated high with 88% as compared with other companies.  As a whole the general perception of the dealers results Kajaria tops in floor tile. and the most preferred is 800*800mm. 80% in tile availability. KAJARIA PERFORMANCE CHART 38 .  In wall tile.

RECOMMENDATIONS AND SUGGESTIONS • The company can appoint more dealers of Kajaria with other tile dealers in Coimbatore. (Location: Flower Market. Thadagam Road and Avinashi Road) 39 .Attribute Standard Design Customised Design Rustic Finishing Glossy Finishing Polished Finishing Vitrified Material Ceramic Material Tile Life Time Floor Tile Wall Tile Outdoor Tile : Must Improve : Doing Good : No information 8.

The company may focus in advertising and the contribution towards the dealers then Kajaria will be continue first place in future. which will make the company to compete in the international market. so the company can focus to improve these above attribute. • • • • When compared with Johnson. • In company service Kajaria is rated high. Working on the outdoor and wall types of tiles. In outdoor tile the company is rated good in standardised design when compared with Johnson. Kajaria is rated low in floor tile attributes. Though Kajaria is rated good in standardized design tile. • The awareness about Kajaria brand tile among the customers is lacking compared with other tile companies. the company can focus more on the customised design in outdoor tile. Aggressive marketing and campaign will increase the company’s market share. 40 . so that the company can capture the tile market of the other competitive tile companies. it was found that the Johnson tile company is occupying half of tile market of Coimbatore. • The company can concentrate more in dealership and the lacking attributes of the tile. the company should create awareness about Kajaria direct with the customers. replacement. if the company contribute more quality of service to the dealers the company will be rated 1st in which compared with other tile companies. strength and credit period.• The company can improve its floor tile in certain parameters like design and finishing. Though the company rated high in material attribute the company must improve themselves in the other attributes. • Although the company tops in floor tile it is rated low in wall and outdoor tile when compared with other tile companies. company can focus in replacement and availability of the other attributes of the tiles. Though the company stands good in availability. • It is stated that Kajaria tile is the fastest moving tile in the market. • From this research.

This study is taken up to 41 .9. At this backdrop newer introduction of tile design and variety is the current requirement and a challenge for tile manufacturers in India. This is because of the rapid growth in real estate and construction industry. megamalls and industries. This growth in construction industry has a dependant demand on tile requirement for households. CONCLUSION It is estimated that the tile market in India is expected to be in exponential growth for the next five years.

Suitable recommendations and suggestions are provided that would help to improve these attributes mentioned and in-turn the company can overcome its current drawbacks in tile attributes. The study was taken up for Kajaria ceramics limited. APPENDIX 1 QUESTIONNAIRE 42 . Based on the data analysis. I personally thank Mr. to know about the Coimbatore market and dealers preference in Coimbatore city.identify the dealers perception on their tile attributes in Coimbatore region. incorporation of the recommendations made will push the company to position themselves in International market. At the same time the company must also focus on to improve on wall tile and outdoor tiles. it is concluded that there is no doubt that Kajaria is playing a major role in tile market in India. it was found that Kajaria tile is doing well in the Coimbatore market in floor type tiles in particular. Regional Manager for his support and guidance. Senthil Arumugam. This project helped me in meeting the dealers and gain good knowledge about marketing of tiles and tile market. Finally. Further. I thank Kajaria Ceramics Limited for permitting and giving me this opportunity which was a wonderful experience for me. it is suggested that creating awareness through advertisements about Kajaria tiles among the customers will help to improve the market. Last but not the least.

How Many Companies are you dealing?(please tick) a...RAK f.A STUDY ON DEALERS’ PERCEPTION ON TILE ATTRIBUTES.Good 3. .Are you a dealer of kajaria Yes/No If yes how many years ___________ . COIMBATORE Criteria Standar d Kajaria Johnson Somany Nitco RAK others Design Customised Rustics Finishing Gloss y Polished Material Vitrified Ceramic DATE: ..Somany c.Are you selling kajaria tiles exclusively Yes/No 5.Nitco e.Neutral 4..Very poor Floor Tile: 43 . Very good 2...Dealer Name: 2.When you established your company____________________ 4.Poor 5... Kajaria b.johnson d.Location: 3.. Rate the company tiles based on attributes given in table 1..others(specify)_____________________ 7.. 1.... WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO KAJARIA CERAMICS LIMITED. in which division KCL /VITRO / KW 6...

Wall Tile: Criteria Kajaria Johnson Somany Nitco RAK others Design Standard Customise d Rustic s Finishing Glossy Polishe d Material Vitrifie Ceramic d OTHER ATTRIBUTES: Criteria Availability Strength Replacement Credit period Kajaria Johnson Somany Nitco RAK Others 44 .

Are bigger size tiles are accepted by consumer’s .Very poor Kajaria Somany Nitco Johnson 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 9.Rate the following company service on the basis Given Below: 1.Nitco d.Neutral 4.Criteria Kajaria Johnson Somany Nitco RAK others Material Standard Customised Tile Life Time Outdoor Tile: 8.Among these following four brands which brand tile moves fast in the market? a.Very good 2.Do customers like spacers’ Yes/No 11.Good 3.Somany 10.Poor 5.above 2x2 Yes/No If yes . Johnson b. please specify size ____________________________________ 45 .Kajaria c.

12.Which sort of tiles moves fast in the following companies.Your Suggestions to improve tile quality: _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ 15. please tick Tile Type Wall Tile Floor Tile Outdoor Tile Johnson Nitco Somany Kajaria Others (please specify) 14.Why consumers selecting Square tiles instead of Rectangular tiles? _____________________________________________________ 13. For Official Use ___________________________________________________________ Thanks For Your Valuable Time 46 .

com www.com/tilemarket www.somany.business.slideshare.kajaria.com/ceramic-tiles-industry-in-india www.com 47 .com www.highbeam.net/ResearchOnIndia/ceramic-tiles-market-in-india www.projectstoday.com/content/research/kajaria www.com/PTspecialfeatures www.com www.business-standard.johnson.rak.icctas.APPENDIX 2 REFERENCES: www.

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