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Today, when we Indians celebrate our Republic Day with much enthusiasm all over the world, I am very much glad to present this special supplement from before you. The patriotic fervor of the people on this day brings the whole country together even in her essential diversity. I am very grateful to all our readers for making us,, a highly successful web portal for expats. Our efforts are fruitful only because of you, our readers. As per California based Alexa global web site ranking report, is one among the top 50 web sites browsed in the state of Kuwait. Ipsos MENA, – a leader and forerunner of internet-based research in Europe, Middle East and North Africa, research report on the ‘Internet usage in Kuwait 2012’ shows that ranks number one among the portals in Kuwait browsed by expats in this country. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for all the support for helping us reach this level. Over the last 13 years, we have strived to introduce various sections which the large Indian (diaspora) community living in Kuwait has appreciated to be very useful, informative and enjoyable! We always try our best to give prominent coverage to news and views on Asian expats communities here. I am happy that our off-line activities, last year, were very well accepted. The first ever IIK Diwali Mela organized by was a grand success. People enjoyed the real Mela in Kuwait. Seminar by world renewed Memory Guru Dr Biswaroop Roy Choudary, Seminar by Mind Trainer Dr Jitendra Adhiya and others were well accepted by the community. Our Young Reporter programs have helped to hone the skills of many young writers from the community to bring out their creativity through various articles. The articles written by our young reporters are rich and vibrant. We recently launched a platform for the women in Kuwait under the banner IWIK (Indian Women in Kuwait). I promise you that this platform will be a great meeting point for the Indian women to interact with like-minded women. Many offline activities are lineup for the coming year under the IWIK banner. This supplement is a pure collection of selected articles from our readers expressing their salutation to their Motherland on its 64th Republic Day celebration. I would say, the content is rich and vibrant, thanks to all our contributors. To encourage our readers, this year also we are conducting a Mega Quiz sponsored by Kuwait’s leading super market chain Gulfmart. There will be weekly winners and the Mega winners at the end of the month will get a laptop. I take this opportunity to thank His Excellency Mr. Satish C Mehta (Ambassador of India, Kuwait) for all the support and encouragement which he has extended to the Indian community in Kuwait. We are equally grateful to our advertisers for their immense support. Kudos to the IIK team for working diligently and getting this supplement out on time. My sincere thanks to Mr Surya Prakash for his stupendous support and also thank all the writers who contributed their articles for this supplement. A special thanks to our marketing associates M/s Lemonade International whose support to IIK is invaluable. This issue of “Maa Tujhe Salaam” features the spirit of the Republic Day while paying tributes to all India soldiers who lost their lives while protecting our great country. We look forward to your continued valuable support and contribution. Together we will make it happen. Jai Hind!! Sunoj Nambiar

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On this important day in 1950. the Government last year announced a slew of policies like permission for foreign investment in multi-brand retail sector.Ambassador’s Message for the India’s Republic Day On the occasion of the 64th Republic Day of India. Even as India is attracting foreign investment. availability of skilled and talented manpower. India has also stood for peace and harmony around the world. is receiving the highest priority. We manufactured 20 million vehicles of all variety and exported about 3 million units last year. and a dynamic private sector hungry to grow is contributing to India’s emergence as a major manufacturing hub. India today is the third largest economy in the world in terms of purchasing power parity. India is endowed with a large middle class that is creating a huge domestic market. justice. The day is not far when India would become the knowledge capital of the world. with more than half of its population in the working age group. rule of law and secularism. Indian companies have been reaching out to the world with the purpose of investing in various sectors. in the last two decades. In the last 5 years almost US$ 500 billion was invested in infrastructure and in the coming 5 years we plan to invest almost a trillion dollars of which half would be by domestic private sector or foreign investment. Besides physical connectivity we are also creating electronic connectivity. unity in diversity has been our leit motif. secular and democratic Republic. India is fast emerging as a key centre for research and development. We now have the third largest pool of qualified scientific and technical manpower in the world. Our companies have appreciably invested overseas in 5 w w w. As envisioned by our founding fathers. A large domestic market. I convey my warm greetings and good wishes to all Indian nationals in Kuwait as well as to our Kuwaiti and other friends. In fact. speech and choice. Creation of infrastructure. Our IT and IT Enabled Services sector. freedom of thought. Our emphasis on promoting science and technology is paying handsome dividends. Political consolidation in India was accompanied by efforts to transform our agrarian economy into a modern economy. as a result of prudent economic policies and management and attractive investment policies. It has stood the test of time and India has blossomed into a participatory and caring democracy. Besides being the world’s largest democracy. essential for economic development. with a revenue of US$ 100 billion last year has elevated the country as a software giant and a global outsourcing hub for business and knowledge processes. i n d i a n s i n k u w a i t . To give an example. there is hardly a major international automobile company that does not or is not planning to have a manufacturing plant in India. India is amongst the few countries which can develop and launch its own remote sensing satellites or has full spectrum of nuclear technology. allowing Qualified Foreign Investors to directly invest in Indian equity etc. To encourage foreign investment in the country. This demographic dividend is expected to significantly contribute to India’s growth in the coming years. We are one of the fastest growing telecom markets in the world with a mobile phone user base of over 929 million (second largest in the world) and over 137 million Internet users(third largest in the world). languages. attractive policies. ethnicities and cultures coexist peacefully. It is also one of the youngest nations in the world. It is one of the most preferred destinations for foreign investments. India has averaged a 7% growth. c o m Table of Contents . India is also one of the most diverse countries where many different faiths. the Constitution of India came into effect and India became a sovereign. investment up to 49% by foreign airlines in the Indian carriers. second highest among major economies. Despite economic downturns in various parts of the world. Our Constitution encapsulated our values and beliefs of equality. raising the foreign investment cap in insurance sector to 49%.

The outsourced service centers for passport and visa services have been functioning satisfactorily. Besides. The over 650. Prominent among these in the last year included those by Minister of Overseas India Affairs Mr. close and growing. Vayalar Ravi. Our engagement has been multifaceted and continues to grow. Our relationship extends beyond historical and cultural linkages to encompass political. Kuwait was honoured with the coveted Pravasi Bharatiya Samman award on January 9. diseases. especially in eradicating poverty. India deeply values the contribution of its nationals in Kuwait. and our emphasis on building convergences and consensus have helped us play a key role in addressing international challenges as well as promoting peace. acquire knowledge and technology. 2013 by our Rashtrapatiji in recognition of its services. institutional mechanisms like Joint Working Groups on Labour. Our community’s contribution to the development and prosperity of Kuwait is appreciated. global economic crisis. Employment and Manpower as well as Hydrocarbons were convened last year. T. The Embassy has been consistently trying to improve the quality of its services to the Indian community in Kuwait. India-Kuwait trade increased by 43% in 2011-12 and reached a record US $ 17. It has a reputation for being industrious.the last few years through mergers and acquisitions or via direct investments. I would like to take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude for the benevolence bestowed on the Indian community by His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmed Al Jaber Al Sabah. In the area of foreign policy. climate change. Swarnjayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojna etc. progress and prosperity globally. and for the goodwill of the friendly people of Kuwait. We have been an integral part of each other’s life and consciousness for generations. and energy & food security. I have started an ‘Open House’ every Wednesday where any Indian citizen can meet me 6 w w w. I am delighted that the Indian Doctors Forum. It is the largest expatriate community in Kuwait and is present in practically every segment of society. India seeks mutually beneficial relations with all countries in the world and towards this end. A Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation in Health was signed in April 2012 and the first Foreign Office Consultations between the two countries took place in May 2012. medical tourism. India has consistently been among Kuwait’s top trading partners and recent years have witnessed new opportunities opening up in sectors like human resource. an optional paid courier service facility for home-delivery of processed passports to the applicants has been initiated and this has been well-received. trade and economic interests. i n d i a n s i n k u w a i t . Ahamed. and regional disparities. High-level visits and other exchanges between our two countries have provided the platform to further strengthen bilateral relations and explore new avenues of cooperation. from May 2012. disciplined and law abiding. While our successes have been many. social inequalities. we are fully mindful of the enormous challenges and expectations that remain to be addressed. is working with them on issues of common concern like terrorism. India’s relations with Kuwait are longstanding.5 billion. talented. In addition to the daily “Consular Open House” at the Embassy during which a senior consular official could be met without appointment. Minister of State for External Affairs Mr. malnutrition. Rahul Gandhi.K.000 strong Indian community in Kuwait plays an important role in bilateral ties. c o m Table of Contents . and leverage international brand names. attain economies of size and scale.A. and illiteracy as well as eliminating rural-urban divide. Nair and Mr. E. The government has initiated a number of social development programmes aimed at inclusive growth like the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme. Advisor to Prime Minister Mr. Besides. which has helped them access high-growth markets. Both sides have been working closely to further intensify engagements at all levels. the Amir of Kuwait. Our strength in IT is being leveraged in transforming governance and implementing schemes. MP. hospitality and IT. Our experience of tackling developmental challenges within a democratic framework.

On this joyous occasion. Jai Hind! HE Mr. It will be our endeavour to upgrade our services to the Indian community and respond to their expectations. free legal advice clinic and employment contract attestation system. I wish every Indian in Kuwait good health and prosperity. as we commit ourselves anew to serving our people. I also take this opportunity to convey best wishes for the continued good health and well-being of HH the Amir. and the larger cause of humanity. 7 w w w. c o m Table of Contents . In addition. Satish C Mehta. labour complaints desk. toll-free 24x7 telephonic helpline. the Embassy’s “Indian Workers Welfare Center” set up in September 2009 has been providing the much needed support system to our workers with its help desk. HH the Crown Prince. free accommodation. Ambassador of India to Kuwait. and the friendly people of the State of Kuwait. our motherland. HH the Prime Minister.without an appointment for any unresolved matter. i n d i a n s i n k u w a i t .

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Bring back the spiritual and moral values in each family. All the recent news coming from our great country poises this question in everyone’s mind. Today world has made progress in terms of intellectuality and has advanced in sciences. the criminal mentality will disappear from the root itself. 9 w w w. Family has a unique place in Bharatiya social order and a woman has the pivotal role in the well-being of the family.Is She Safe? Deepika Nambiar We call her “Bharat Mata “or “Mother India”. History has many lessons where we learn to protect our great mothers and sisters. The study of moral and ethical values makes us a perfect person. Education must aim at the holistic development of an individual. Delhi Gang Rape Case is one case that has pulled the whole world’s attention towards India. but the big flaw is that there is a lack of spirituality and morality among the generation. Can’t we change the current state of affairs with more sense of belongingness and with more spiritual and moral guidance? In the present scenario. Questions have arisen in the minds of the people on women’s rights and their safety in India after such heinous crime was committed. We must impart Spiritual education for purifying the mind and purifying our thoughts. our responsibility should be for training young minds and inculcating values in them. Our great traditions have a beautiful concept of Family. We can proudly keep our tradition of “Mathru Devo Bhava” and respect Women. i n d i a n s i n k u w a i t . where a person’s morals are dwindling. We consider her as our Mata. We have many women who have fought for our country. Now the big question arises. If the government also steps in promoting our spiritual tradition and moral values then surely we will see the golden age where women and girls are respected and protected. Our great nation has and is still a beacon in these two fields. India is a country where Goddesses are worshiped. We respect them all as our Ma (Mother). Is She Safe?. who is responsible as well as sensitive towards the needs of others. This was abounding in our ancient scriptures. Finding violence against women and girls in such a great nation as ours is quite pathetic and hence the situation does need attention from both the general public and the powers that be. The government should strongly consider the promotion of spiritual knowledge since its schemes have far reaching effects. It can issue decrees to bring in some changes in the education system in the light of this concept. Spending even 1/10th of what is spent on the control of crime on the propagation of spiritual knowledge. c o m Table of Contents .

A Freelance writer. Mother and above all a Home Maker. i n d i a n s i n k u w a i t .com and also for Timesofindia. She is the one who protects our family and full fills all our family needs. She needs respect and safety in this world. Member of IWIK Team Larin Manohar VII E . c o m Table of Contents . A Business Management (BBM) Graduate by education from Mysore University. Let us all do our bit to eradicate the question from our minds Is She safe? Deepika Nambiar .com.A Woman is a Sister. Wife. It is our responsibility to make her feel safe and proud of what she is. Daughter.ICSK Amman Branch 10 w w w. She does regular contributions to the news portal IndiansinKuwait.


there are several ways in which one can keep up with knowledge. Friends are the next best source of which can provide free opportunities to listen to several such thought leaders. knowledge acquisition can also happen through informal mediums of interaction with colleagues. etc. But sometimes competition can hold back colleagues from genuinely sharing all knowledge that they may have. Today.R. how are we performing when it comes to honing our knowledge and qualifications. However. c o m . The choice can be either the printed books or e-books that one can download and read in devises such as Kindle. working in respectable positions in various industries. interacting with thought leaders (like Mr. A further step in the process is to cultivate the habit of reading latest books on topics of one’s interest and professional relevance. Magazines will be the next additional step and here the choice gets wider as well. There are general business magazines as well as professionally oriented magazines that can provide excellent source of knowledge. Business associates can be very productive when it comes to knowledge sharing as it can also lead to money making. business associates and thought leaders. the context of discussions amongst friends mostly happens to be social and entertainment issues rather than professional issues. Finally.Keeping up with Knowledge-The Key to Success! M. engineers. Such qualifications can help Indian professionals in the Gulf to grow either organically (within the organization) or inorganically (finding another better job). Further enhancing one’s qualification is a great idea – especially if it can lead to some good MBA or other related post-graduate attainments from reputed universities. more important is to continuously keep oneself updated about various trends in the professional space. This will enable one to perform better in the job and help achieve growth and impress the seniors. It is a commonplace to see newspapers as a good starting source for knowledge acquisition. Besides. we can see several professionals like doctors. Office colleagues form the first leg since we interact with them on a daily basis. i n d i a n s i n k u w a i t . Narayana Murthy of Infosys when he recently visited Kuwait) can be a completely different experience. In today’s technological world. earning reasonably well and yearning to grow and achieve even greater heights. But such opportunities are rare. as it provides instant information in a very interesting form. The next higher step for knowledge gathering will be reading good blogs. On the other hand. Blogs are a key source of knowledge within the social media space and offer excellent breadth and depth of choices. A key question here is. 12 Table of Contents w w w. There are several webcasts that are available (www.ted. chartered accountants. Thought leaders can teach you in 45 minutes what it will otherwise take months to gather and understand. Raghu The profile of Indian expats in the Gulf is slowly changing from a purely blue collar workforce to a balanced workforce with executive positions in the middle and senior level in several banks and other companies. friends.

ICSK Amman Branch 13 Table of Contents w w w. M.R. it is a combination of formal and informal channels that need to be used to acquire and enhance one’s knowledge. experience and position in the company. Here is a simple chart to see where you stand regardless of your age. Supriya Shukla VIII G . Raghu: CFA. It is essential to realize the importance and measure oneself on this parameter to attain higher success. c o m . FRM is the Head of the Reasearch Unit and Senior Vice President at Kuwait Financial Centre MARKAZ.At the end. i n d i a n s i n k u w a i t .


ICSK Amman Branch .Reuben Kaniyakanil Thomas IX B .

i n d i a n s i n k u w a i t .Sustainable Development-Human issues and possible solutions Dr. This article is an attempt to answer these two questions. For any developmental activity in the society. c o m Table of Contents . Sustainable development rests on three pillars: Social. Environmental and Economical. The biggest issue is human issue. It is necessary that everyone should understand the following table clearly. to some extent for developing the social capital. Many have not understood the meaning of “Sustainable development”. Primary Issues for Sustainable Developments What is the primary issues for sustaining a healthy earth? D Is it scientific? D Is it because of resources? D Is it lack of understanding of the meaning of “Sustainable Development? D Is it social and human issues? Scientific issues can be solved since the earth has enough skillful scientists. The 16 w w w. For many countries. Development is needed. 1987). S. Example: The dying factory in and around Tiruppur. Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs is called Sustainable development (World Commission on Environment and Development. But it must be sustainable. Main Principles of Sustainable Development Two obvious principles of sustainable development are D The harvest rates should be equal to or less than the regeneration rates (sustained yield). D The waste emission rates should be equal to the natural assimilative capacities of the ecosystems into which the wastes are emitted. the importance is given to a large extent for developing the economic capital. Environmental capital is our planet. It is hence necessary to educate them. Tamilnadu. Few countries suffer due to lack of resource. Neelamani Introduction What is sustainable development and why it is important. but very less extent or no importance is given for environmental aspects. resource is not an issue.

General Eisenhower D To tackle climate change you don’t have to reduce your quality of life. tries to reduce the carbon foot print D People who knows about the problem but no commitment/willingness to solve or reduce carbon footprint D People who do not know the sustainable development issue clearly The following long term result of environmental degradation must be known to everyone:- D The inability to sustain human life. Unless due importance is given for environmental capital. drought at many places and flooding at many locations.economic capital is profit from the business and the social capital is the people. No one wants to initiate change as it’s not easy to convince others to implement and adopt. D On a global scale. Thought Provoking Proverbs on Sustainable Development D Because we don’t think about future generations.Ken Livingstone. D People who knows about this topic. it implies EXTINCTION for humanity. There are differing views of Scientists on Global warming and its impact on sustained life:- D Many believe that the GLOBAL WARMING is mainly due to anthropogenic effects D Many do not believe this. It is already proved that anthropogenic effect accelerates the global warming. increase in the frequency of cyclones etc which are the added catalyst for slowing features for the sustainable development. 2007) 17 w w w. or finally it will not work at all . c o m Table of Contents . Earth is dynamic and every creature depends on the mercy of nature and its resource. proper implementation etc also affect the sustainability effort Solving these issues takes time and will happen. strives to solve. D Change – It’s hard to move from our traditional way of functioning i. its well being. Mayor of London (foreword to the Mayor’s Climate Change Action Plan. Some of the Hindrances for Sustainable Development D Cost – Implementing sustainable products involves additional expense. Sustainable products are costlier and consumers prefer the cheaper non sustainable products. the lifelong benefit we receive from healthy earth and the meaning of sustainable development. i n d i a n s i n k u w a i t . they will never forget us .Henrik Tikkanen D The world must learn to work together. sea level rise. economic and social capital cannot be sustained. but you do have to change the way you live . The immediate focus must be on educating mankind on Environment. comfort zone. Type of Mankind from the Perspective of Sustainable Development There are three types of mankind from the perspective of sustainable development. D Lack of Sustained effort – Sustainability efforts start with a bang but other activities take precedence and it is put on the back burner D Ownership – Lack of self ownership among individuals D No Long term approach – Lack of planning.e.

He has coordinated about 50 research projects and 50 consultancy projects. c o m . His hobby is sports.Terri Swearingen D Treat the Earth well.Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862) D There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth. 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 for his distinguished scientific contribution and achievements. Kuwait. Bonn Germany during 1996 to 1998. M.Old Kenyan proverb Conclusions Focus is needed on the following aspects to advance towards Sustainable Development: D Education on Sustainable development D Change at individual level D Promise and actions from individuals for low carbon foot print D Adoptation to the policy of Reduce/Reuse/Recycle D Participation in the technological development/use of pollution free energy (Solar panels on the roofs of each houses) D Simple lifestyle (Walk or cycle for short distance/two wheeler for long distances/rare use of four wheelers) D Innovative cost competitive scientific solutions for various issues related to sustainable development (Ex: Ground recharging to reduce water scarcity problems) D Special training for decision makers Dr. in Marine Technology from IIT Kharagpur and Ph.1955) D Plans to protect air and water. if you haven’t got a decent planet to put it on? . His specialization is Coastal and Ocean Engineering and environmental issues.D Without environmental sustainability.Marshall McLuhan D We are living on this planet as if we had another one to go to . We are all crew . but be careful: it is also our garbage can .Stuart Udall D The whole world is our dining room. India from 1990 to 2003. He was bestowed with the Scientific Achievement Award by Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research during the year 2009-2010. He was teaching at Indian Institute of Technology Madras.Tech. economic stability and social cohesion cannot be achieved Phil Harding (2007) D I am I plus my surroundings and if I do not preserve the latter I do not preserve myself . Neelamani is presently a Senior Research Scientist and Program Manager for the Coastal Management Program.D. wilderness and wildlife are in fact plans to protect man . He was the recipient of the Alexander von Humboldt Post Doctoral Research Fellowship offered by the AvH foundation. S. It is not inherited from your parents. it is borrowed from your children .Spanish philosopher Jose Ortega y Gasset (1883 .Ashleigh Brilliant D What good is a house. Asia and USA for conferences and for delivering invited lectures. i n d i a n s i n k u w a i t . from Indian Institute of Technology Madras. He has visited many countries in Europe. He was graduated with BE (HONS) in Civil Engineering from Madras University. 18 Table of Contents w w w. Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research. He has more than 250 scientific publications in reputed international Journals and conferences.

Manova Elizabeth VIII D .ICSK Amman Branch .


i n d i a n s i n k u w a i t . There is a subtle attempt by most of us to delink our bond with our great nation at an international meet. But who will bell the cat? It is each of us. Staying away from India for about a decade brought about more bonding to his country. It is wisely said. He voluntarily guides both children and adults in the art of public speaking. “Ask not what country has done for you but ask yourself what you can do for your country” is very much apt and more so now in these present times of globalization. He began to share what he is doing in order to preserve the rich culture his region has. Conveniently we forget at that very time that we are belittling a great nation that has withstood the onslaught of many invaders is a growing powerhouse in spite of its diversities in language. India needs to pull up its socks implies each of us Indian citizens have to pull up our socks and work hard to make India shine. The trouble starts when comparison begins to highlight the negative issues of one’s own country.EACH OF Us INDIAN CITIZENS Surya S. our professional skills can be put to use for such a noble aim. the artifacts of high antique value many homes his region possess. He has shown me a way what I could do for India. Yes in the present times India needs to literally pull up its socks. I have witnessed this unfortunate trait in most of us Indians. culture.abdulkalam. He is also an editor for some public portals. Instead we are eager to support the other country’s opinion on our system of education. If this kind of attitude to serve our nation wherever we are is instilled in each of us then we can be rest assured that the Golden Age of India is very soon to be achieved. Any country has its own issues to be dealt with. India has to deal with negativities with sternness implies each of us Indian citizens have to deal with negativities with sternness. com could assist us is thinking what or how can help in building a stronger India. Gandhijis’ quote. “A country is made of people” – When they move out of our country they should be more responsible for preserving our Heritage Surya S. Our personal skills. our system of government functioning. Prakash A person can make the best use of the available resources and the circumstances he is in and come out successful in life or he can complain and complain and be a mediocre or a failure in life. c o m Table of Contents . All it requires is a serious thought from our side. Prakash is an engineer by profession and a passionate public speaker. India need to tighten its belt implies each of us Indian citizens should resolve to tighten our belts and work towards the progress of our country. He is using his professional skills and computer skills to achieve the above objectives by attracting like-minded persons. our system of public utilities. He is a motivational public speaker and has been invited by many alumni associations in Kuwait to deliver motivational speeches on Stress Management. Sites like www. Work Ethics. The attitude in each of us is the primary ground from where one should begin. 21 w w w. Each of us NRIs can do something for our respective native places with a broad view of keeping India’s image in mind. He said educating the younger generation is a sure way to make his dreams come true and to that effect his focus is on children also. tighten its belt and deal with negativities with all sternness and forge ahead making some bold steps to betterment of the Indian society. The choice is left to the individual. Being a wide traveler. Recently I had a very interesting conversation with one of my NRI friends whom I respect for his intellectual level and integrity in his character. He is presently mentoring English public speaking clubs for children. religion within its own boundaries.

22 w w w. c o m . i n d i a n s i n k u w a i t .

A Tribute to Indian Mathematicians
Reshmy Krishnakumar
The year 2012 said goodbye with a very positive and proud moment for all Indians, especially the ardent lovers of Mathematics. On 30th December, 2012, “The Hindu” daily came up with a report stating that the American mathematicians solved Ramanujan’s “deathbed” puzzle after long ninety years of research. It is known that, a letter sent to his mentor Prof. G. H. Hardy by Ramanujan from his deathbed, contained some mysterious functions. Be it a ‘hunch’ of Ramanujan at the deathbed, as they say, or be it a new visualization came to his mind all of a sudden, it is a fact that the world now accepts that his formula was right and valid even now, to explain the behaviors of ‘Black Hole’, the latest addition to the world of mathematics by an Indian. The journey of ‘Mathematics’ to its present form has accepted a lot of contributions from Indian mathematicians from time immemorial. Mathematics always had a close relation with Astrology and Astronomy from the beginning. Or we can even say that Mathematics was just a computational tool for Astronomy for many years. However, the subject owes us for the contributions right from the basic ‘number system’, introduction of ‘zero’ etc., to the most advanced theories. Archeological investigations at Harappa and Mohanjo-Daro has come up with evidences of well formulated and accurately marked measuring equipments of length and weight. The remains of the great Indus-Valley Civilization unveiled the existence of a well-informed community whose architecture seems to have followed a strong base of measurements. Isn’t it quite astounding that this existed in 2500BC? Further, the Vedic Era which followed the Aryan invasion has left evidences of proper usage of Mathematics and Geometry. They were not researchers on mathematics, but were priests and intellectuals and this know-how was used as support in Astronomy and Architecture. Moreover, there existed ‘Sulba Sutras’ which were texts dated from 800 to 200 BC and is believed to hold even the well-known theorem generally credited to Pythagoras! Interestingly, on contrary to today’s usage of Mathematics worldwide, our ancestors used it profoundly with ease to solve the functional issues faced by them in their religious and social life. Till the time when researchers turned up with a more detailed study on Jainism, the contributions made by Jain Cosmology were not revealed properly. Recent studies has thrown light on the magnificent theories developed during the period of Jainism which includes the concept of ‘Infinity’ and the ‘Order of Infinity’ which corresponds to the ‘Cardinality of a set’ in modern mathematics which was documented only in 19th century. Of course our religion, astrology and astronomy were the motivating command for us to develop mathematical methods. Third century BC witnessed the formulation of ‘Brahmi Numerals’ in Indian mathematics for the first time, which after various phases of changes, took the present form. Apart from the nine symbols used for the digits from 1 to 9, it used different symbols for ten, hundred and thousand. The concept of place value was not incorporated in the beginning. The history of Indian mathematics is incomplete without referring to the ancient existing mathematical manuscript in South Asia, the ‘Bakhshali Manuscript’ written in “Buddhist hybrid Sanskrit”. This is considered to be used in the early centuries of Christian Era. Written in verse, together with explanations, the topics treated in it include ‘Arithmetic’ including fractions, square roots, profit and loss, simple interest, the rule of three etc, ‘Algebra’ and ‘Arithmetic Progressions’. The Bakhshali Manuscript employed a decimal place value system with a ‘dot’ for zero. The classical age of mathematics owned two Mathematics and Astronomy Research Centers at Kusumapura and Ujjain. This era witnessed many eminent scholars who contributed to the subject development. The prominent names includes Aryabhatta, Brahmagupta, Varahamihira, Bhaskaracharya, Mahavira, etc. Aryabhatta led the researches at Kusumapura while Varahamihira led those at Ujjain. Apart from the contributions including modern theory of eclipses in astronomy, Aryabhatta had the solution of linear equations, value of sine function in trigonometry, the four digit value of 23

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‘Pie’ etc in his credit. Later in the 7th century, it was Brahmagupta from Ujjain center, who documented the concept of using ‘zero’ as the 10th numeral and the concept of ‘negative numbers’. The mathematicians who came to the scene in 9th century, based the works of Aryabhatta, Brahmaguptha and Bhaskarka as their subject of research. Mahavira, from present Karnataka, was the one to compile GanitaSara-Sangraha based on the work of Brahmagupta. Prominent mathematicians of the following centuries were Aryabhatta II, Vijayanandi, Sripati, Brahmadeva and Bhaskara II. In 14th century, Madhava from Kerala, invented the modern Taylor series for some trigonometric functions and a more precise approximation to the value of ‘Pie’. Both the concepts were not known to Europe till Newton and Leibniz presented them, many years after Madhava. Among the eminent mathematicians lived in the modern age, the prominent names are Srinivasa Ramanujan, Harish-Chandra, and Manjul Bhargava. Though famous for many of his contributions, Ramanujan is always remembered for his discovery of arithmetic theory of modular forms. It is worth noting that he did significant works in mathematics without any formal training in pure mathematics. In 1916, he started working on the Pie function. Following his findings Hecke developed the modern arithmetic theory of modular forms. In recognition to his contributions, Government of India declared his birthday, 22nd December, as National Mathematics Day. Even after being a physicist by profession, Harish-Chandra worked on the representation theory of the group SL2(C). His acquaintances with Wolfgang Pauli made him attracted to mathematics. He was the faculty member at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey. He was so scrupulous and unlike other eminent mathematicians, he treated the theories in general rather than being specific. As a tribute to his contributions, Indian Government named the Theoretical Physics and Mathematics institute as Harish-Chandra Research Institute. Comparatively younger blood, Manjul Bhargava, born in 1974 discovered a composition law for ternary quadratic forms in his doctoral thesis. Bhargava, is currently Professor of Mathematics at Princeton University. His findings has sowed the seed for a theme of mathematical study for the coming decades. India is rich with its mathematical heritage. The need to preserve our ancient mathematical manuscripts should be attended seriously. Our tradition should be honored and they need to be studied with utmost care and should be made available to the world of mathematics.

Reshmy Krishnakumar is working with Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) as Research Assistant. Having done her post-graduation in Statistics, she worked as lecturer at St.Teresa’s College, Ernakulam, until her relocation to Kuwait. As a freelance writer, she is contributing to various magazines, blogs, and websites. Her passion includes classical dance, writing poems in Malayalam and Hindi. Member
of IWIK Team


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w w w. i n d i a n s i n k u w a i t . c o m

Here I would like to share a very beautiful passage which I read in Shiv Khera books titled ‘You can Win’. shooting have become regular features of newspaper and media. It has indeed become a trend among most of the media to highlight such news in order to increase their TRP and readership. Crimes such as stabbing. And mind you this was held on a working day and not on a weekend. commitment and patriotism are considered old fashioned by some. It was indeed a proud moment for me. Mishrief. The father was reluctant a bit initially but joined us. 26 Table of Contents w w w.Today the values such as responsibility. rape. Slowly I realized the activities are more oriented towards parents. I realized that his dad hadn’t a vehicle and hence they were walking all the way to the main street (which was quite a distance) to hire a cab. they pick them by default from television and other such undesirable sources. I don’t know of any time or culture in history that did not respect these values. Infact the magnitude of such crimes have gone to such level that they have become headline features in most of the media. This in all has becomes a vicious circle.Action Speaks Louder Than Words Crawford Wilson D’souza When I took admission for my daughter in a school they told me that we are “more activity oriented” school. It was the key factor for my choosing the school. They have stood the test of time and will be here forever. Our current generation who are very much addicted to media savour these news and subconsciously accept such immorality and such atrocious crimes as their values and their actions are inturn influenced by these values. such as what they watch. Later I heard my daughter telling her friend that we should always help the people in need. c o m . On our way back home from the sports club I noticed a kid being dragged along by his parent. not to take part in sports but to physically wake up their kids at 6 am and bring them to the ground at 6. These values have the same meaning in New York as in New Delhi or Newzeland.45 am and later on pick them by 12 noon. They are universal. mentally and many a times (or should I say most of the time) financially. i n d i a n s i n k u w a i t . just like my Dad. killing. whom do they learn from? And when we don’t teach them values. Since the kid was wearing the school uniform.’ I want you to ponder on what values you are imparting to your child. We had to drop them at 6. No wonder society gets messed up? What our society values today is quite evident from the everyday news which we get through the media. child abuse. I guessed he was from my Childs school. Are we monitoring our actions as well as theirs. These may be old values but they are certainly not obsolete. I did not realize that such small act of kindness would leave such an impact on my child. Out of courtesy I stopped my car near them and asked them to hop in. It is true action speaks louder than words. Most of the activities requires parents involvement physically. Parents were supposed to be involved physically. A point to ponder: If we do not teach values to our children. One of such activity was the sports festival which was organized at the Yarmouk sports club. I volunteered to pick up my daughters friend also. read or do. We are imparting values to our kids by our action. So always remember what you do while your kids are around as it could be a lesson they learn for life. molestation. .45am and pick them up at 12 noon. integrity.

The other day I was driving my car with my friend sitting next to me and my kids in the back seats. Keep going there is no camera ahead” I immediately replied there is no camera ahead but there are cameras sitting on the back seat. Ahmadi. 27 Table of Contents w w w. Kuwait. As we were approaching the traffic signal which was on orange and going to turn red. D’souza of Class II. Remember a change in attitude in every Indian will make our great India even greater and very soon our nation can become a beacon to other nations not only materialistically but also in a higher dimension of love and tolerance.If each citizen takes up this role of a moral inspector seriously then I assure you that this world will be indeed a better and safer place to live in. Section A of FAIPS. c o m . I put my breaks and my friend shouted “Come on. i n d i a n s i n k u w a i t . Jessica F.


INDIA : A New Global Destination for Education Parimita Barooah Bora Across the world. educated in India are working in every nook and corner of the world. While the country had 20 private universities prior to 2005. there is a need to make education broad based.Sharda University (has established itself as a high quality education provider with prime focus on holistic learning and imbibing competitive abilities in students) and many more in the list. according to the findings of a new report. allowing foreign institutions to setup campuses within India. Today. For example Shiv Nadar University(an international. Teerthanker Mahaveer University (has made extensive collaborative arrangements with leading national and international institutions to ensure quality). i n d i a n s i n k u w a i t . India has become a popular global overseas education destination that offers great value education. D The new generation of English speakers in India has given a new identity to India. D More than 20% teaching facilities in US Universities have their under graduate degree from a university / institute in India. In addition. Private universities in the country have more than doubled in the last six years. Large numbers of Non Resident Indians. Battling immense odds and alien conditions they have emerged triumphed and done proud to India. Cambridge and Oxford-the model international universities. India is fast becoming a global destination for higher education that is on par with major educational institutions around the world. Private universities are not only instrumental in providing important succor to the system of higher education but also bring about excellence in education and make the students on par with their foreign counterparts in knowledge skill and information-like the students of Universities of Harvard. A good yardstick of the quality of education at many Indian institutions is that students studying at these institutes in India are regularly and increasingly getting global attention and attractive international job offers from multinational corporations looking for talent. These universities are playing a crucial role. Today Indians are dominating the various global industries. The growing number of American Call Centers in India is a testimony to India’s American English accent and proficiency. India is seen as an education powerhouse. apply each year to Indian universities and colleges. D Indian educated entrepreneurs have not only proved their mettle in India but abroad also. Their success has changed the way the world looks at India and has gone a long way in redeeming India’s image abroad. This is a strong sign of India’s effort to lure students from around the globe and stop Indian students from going abroad. The Indian education system is credited for producing this new breed of successful professionals. D Over 100 of the 500 Fortune companies recruit from Indian University campuses. multi-disciplinary research university) . the fast integrating world economy and corresponding rise of student mobility have made studying in India an attractive option. Also in the recent times the Indian government has eased restrictions and made favorable changes in its legislation. people from different countries come to India because the cost of education is very competitive and the quality is very high. 29 Table of Contents w w w. c o m . Global recognition of Indian Education system : D Professionals indifferent fields. that figure surged to 107 last year. as well as foreign students. There is no doubt that in a country like India with a large population. Yale.

D English being the medium of instruction in most education institutions gives students a good reason to consider studying in India and it remain India’s edge in the world. world class research institutes like IISc and TIFR. currently Parimita Barooah Bora is a stay-at-home mom. she taught for few years until her relocation to Kuwait. The winds of change are beginning to blow and we need to welcome and encourage them with open hands. D India’s colonial heritage includes English as one of h official languages of the country and that makes it multiple times easier for International students to learn as well as adjust socially in the country. i n d i a n s i n k u w a i t . She likes to share the experiences of her life as a freelance contributor to various newspapers. magazines and websites. Member of IWIK Team 30 w w w. literature and the arts India attracts International students with a thirst to learn for the innumerable learning opportunities it offers. as a freelance writer and teaching children in the evenings at home keeps her busy. Parimita Barooah Bora is a onetime lecturer. c o m ICSK Amman Branch . D Right from biopharmaceutical companies like Biocon that are setting new milestones in research. Having done her post graduation in English. Now.D The country has demonstrated a capability of producing eminent and competent technocrats who have been responsible for many innovations not only in India but all over the world. professional institutions like the various Indian institutes and the ground breaking work being done in music. Education and Travel n Tourism.

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and in the law of nature always making it all alright in the end. till a decade ago... There are some confusing thoughts which have plagued my mind since my teenages. looking at the larger and the whole universe. Could you perhaps begin with giving us a few signals that confirm our earlier assumptions that ‘goodness triumphs over evil’ or that the ‘oppressor just cannot escape unscathed in life’. Abandoned by you. I know that there are traces of you still left in some hearts and in some actions. We do need blankets of reassurance. the cruel demons go through their lives unscathed makes our simple minds conclude the inevitable. the caps. and maybe sprinkle a little remorse and a dash of sanity. You may wonder as to. as most of us seem to be on the verge of. and that ‘justice finally prevails’. life is increasingly becoming difficult in our society? The crosses. No matter where I look. you have preordained it all. And yet. I find shocking heights of insensitivity. It is our Republic Day. swearing to live by your ideals day and night. God. the rings. in every heart presumably. Everyone is discussing you. Navniit Gandhi Dear God. How. The queues outside your alleged dwelling places have never eased up or subsided for hundreds of years. Betrayed by you. Not many of us are happy. in the notion of natural justice.. Some of us. who are not yet mentally and emotionally dead. c o m . Ooh! But there are such fewer and fewer instances of sanity and magnanimity and selflessness that hope is eclipsing fast. You are there in every house. reading you. the degeneration in our mind and conduct is accelerating unabated. in its sweeping tentacles? Hope. and yet those very hands commit rapes. then aren’t you more sensitive than us? Of course. How does it feel to watch our country from up there? You must be looking at the larger whole picture. but then somewhere you know it too that you have not been all that just either. and continues to be highly intolerant of any act or speech against what you have supposedly prescribed. kill brutally and those very minds plan ugly acts and heinous crimes shamelessly? Where are you then? The cold wave of apathy and hard-heartedness is turning colder. and hence. always believed in the power of goodness over crass behaviour. today. Yes. isn’t it? Your will is presumably our destiny. the beads can be seen on everyone. though. and hence this ‘finally-writing-to-you’ endeavour. truly happy most of the times. You are the Creator. You may blame us.It’s Time you Intervened. ‘who is this tiny weasel trying to teach me about running the affairs of the universe?’ Actually. with all the ugly happenings. feel betrayed too. hold us accountable. Surely. isn’t it? Then. Do you feel ashamed? Disappointed. it hurts terribly now. i n d i a n s i n k u w a i t . You must curb the brazenness a little and the shamelessness too. God. Are you happy and comfortable up there with 32 Table of Contents w w w. Am getting proven increasingly wrong. aren’t you a little tired—watching this gory bloodshed and cries of pain and anguish and this total collapse of human values? If the injustices perpetuated and the unfair outcomes are giving us this terrible sinking feeling. I had. We also want the sun to shine again on our land. But. you have not given up. perhaps? Or has the sense of despair caught you as well. God. isn’t it? You know it all. on the whole universe would be nicer. There seems to be no one in-charge. the threads. you must be feeling sick in the stomach. worshipping you. The fact that the oppressors. Dr.. It’s time you intervened. dear God? Crores of you are living amidst crores of us in this country and yet.

c o m Table of Contents . published by Better Yourself Books. Her latest book is titled: My Page for Tonight. presently based in Kuwait. till date. Mumbai. On behalf of beings that are still human. Dr. peacefully! If we must make this world a livable place. i n d i a n s i n k u w a i t .all the endless wailing and crying and petitions you must be bombarded with? Enable us to live sensibly so that you live amidst us. Member of IWIK Team 33 w w w. She has authored 3 books and written several articles for newspapers and magazines. Please intervene and give us the strength. Navniit Gandhi is an academician and author. dear God. we can do it together. to be united inspite of all our diversities Yours expectantly.

that is why I brought all halal for your friend”. He chatted with my son and his wife showed my wife every corner of her house. They too grew. Mirza Umair Beg Soon after leaving University real life started. Joshi interrupted him and said. Joshi introduced him as his friend Syed. I don’t know whether words are greater or the thoughts are greater. It was just luck the phone number I got long ago worked. He opened the door a man entered with big Tiffin in his hand. c o m . “I knew what you meant. “Hello.” I said. I looked at Joshi. and I got so busy that there was no time to look back what I left behind.” few second’s silence covered the long thirty-five years of my life span when Narendra Joshi and I departed from each other. “I meant bread without any lard in it”. We visited him and there suddenly I thought to meet my classmate who lived in Philadelphia. the beauty of Indian culture has no boundaries. “Ya Joshi” and rest was the old warmth of friendship.Down the Memory Lane Dr. but the next moment we were talking as if we were never been away. and the bell rang. We reached his house. In the midst of all clamor door bell rang. The weekend was fixed to see each other. and the time came when my son went to Pittsburg USA for studies. I got married and got children. Syed smiled again and said. Syed read my face and smiled. his face was shining with the colors of our century’s old civilization. 34 Table of Contents w w w. Someone picked the phone. he brought halal food for us. What? I was a bit surprised because Joshi knew I enjoyed vegetarian food as much as non-veg. We were very excited. “Your friend yesterday was looking for halal roti in the shop”. met and hugged each other for long time. “Hello Joshi. The moment overpowered both of us. i n d i a n s i n k u w a i t .

com info@federalkw.Tel.federalkw.: +965 24313441 .: 159/116 www.

They offer promises and they promise to offer again and again. A 23-year-old woman was savagely attacked and raped by a group of men inside a moving bus and her male friend was beaten up senselessly. i n d i a n s i n k u w a i t . our lifestyle changes. Life turns to different stages and in every stage. protest against Govt. Battered and bleeding profusely. This is not the first time in India. newspapers and social networks. We lost the value of life when we replaced our noble culture with the arrogant culture of Europe and America. Some incidents and stories prompt us to emphasize on educating people how to live morally and gently. Throughout all discussions in Television channels. What we were having was good for us even though it was tough to practice but what we are following is easy but bad for us. a woman is being raped but this is the first time country witnesses such a great protest upon this issue. we must rethink of the present condition of our nation.00 pm on 16 Dec 2012. we would be in a non returnable state to the origin. in Delhi. that took place at 11. Once we realize the consequences of adopting strange cultures absolutely. they were dumped near an expressway in Delhi.Morality in Modern Life Nazar Thekkath Valappil. Morality is an action which is done with the intention of doing good – Mahatma Gandhi. made my eyes wet many times and I myself in my solitude applauded together with the crowd. The one and only solution to this problem is to be righteous ourselves than expecting others to be righteous. What would have happened if there were no specific ethical standards in this world? An interesting fact Indians understood after four or five decades after British left is that ‘freedom’ means everything and it has no limit or restriction. The youth of Delhi protested in the capital city under no banner and almost all Indian citizens shared their grievances through social networks. we started utilizing our freedom to criticize the rulers. the Capital city of India. Media named her ‘Nirbhaya’ (fearless one) after she died after a few days of her survival in ventilator at Delhi hospital first and Singapore hospital last. express our harmful views. The below story which is an extract from a PowerPoint presentation. 36 Table of Contents w w w. Political parties in India regardless of ruling or opposing have or reserve no word called ‘ethics’ in their agenda. where they were found by a passer-by. As a result. As India was growing step by step. Being moral in life is helpful not only for us but for others too. In short. We say an idea can change our life and we murmur that even thousands of ideas will not change our substandard politics unless there is a change in the minds of politicians. c o m . We had come to sacrifice one more daughter of our nation to realize that we are not safe in our country either by law and order or by our own custom. question the police. degrade nation and national leaders and at last to freak and streak. In the light of Delhi Gang rape. We all know a well known quote ‘Politics is the last resort of a scoundrel’ and Indian politics makes this quote meaningful in all the aspects. our culture also was growing in equal to western culture.. mainly two things were derived out from the people one as demanding the change in dress code of ladies and the other for seeking stringent punishment for the rapists. This brutality made people to think of what they are practicing in public. everywhere we witness many people applying a very bad strategy of ‘becoming rich at others’ expense’.

hailing from Kakattiri.ICSK Amman Branch 37 w w w. a boy tripped and fell. Sueha George IX A . we all know that the most important thing in life is much more than winning for ourselves. At last the author adds: People who witnessed this still talk about it. A candle loses nothing when it used to light another one. did a few somersaults and started crying. The other eight heard him crying. All of them! A girl with Downs’ syndrome sat down next to him.. The whole crowd stood up and applauded.). ‘’Feeling better now?” Then all nine walked shoulder to shoulder to the finish line. The most important thing in life is to help others win. Palakkad (Dist. i n d i a n s i n k u w a i t . c o m Table of Contents . A freelance writer regularly writing in IIK. hugged him and asked. They stopped and came back…. drawing and photography. why? Because deep down inside us. The gun fired and the race began. nine athletes. Jai Hind… Nazar Thekkath Valappil is a MBA Finance professional working in Kuwait since 2005.Sometime ago. all mentally or physically challenged. And the applause lasted a very long time. Passion on writing. Not everyone was running. were standing on the start line for the 100 m race. They ran in threes. It may mean even slowing down or changing our own race. Kerala. but everyone wanted to participate and win. They slowed down and looked behind them. Happy Republic Day…. at the Seattle Olympics.Boolokam and other social networks.

ad t. ay ss W pre . ha tta b -S Al h hu St. 12 .Gr. Tijaria Commercial Tower St.. Sharq Tel: 22435301 . The Uniform People ‫بها�سني‬ ‫املالب�س املوحدة اجلاهزة والتف�صيل‬ ‫من اإخت�صا�صنا‬ ‫�شركة‬ Umar Bin Al-khattab St . 2 & 15 Farwaniya Tel: 24314839 .com Sharq Khaleejia Complex Farwaniya Dhow Tower Al K Soor St. Sears ar Bin Lulu Hyper Market Bh Um City Center Ministry of Interior Tra c & Emigration Dept.1122 .22433552 | Fax: 22407940 AL .Galleria Comp. Shop No.24318720 Website : bhasinuniforms.Dajij Area .BHASIN co. M ub Parking ar ak ay ress W Centerpoint Awkaf Complex M ub ar ak Soor rS E mail : bhasin@bhasinuniforms.Bldg . Flr. aS Kuwait Bussiness Town Sixth Ring Road Kuwait Finance House asi nC o.Bl. Al K ab ee Sulthan Center Ga Al K i Ex zal ab ee rS t. Galleria Complex Gaza li Exp Bhasin Co.

Corruption has become a form of cancer and has started spreading like a epidemic. Corruption sounds difficult to control but if we all unite we can kill corruption very soon and live in a better India. c o m . Constant income tax raids and investigations on assets must be done. It is very truly said that “Unity Is Strength” . i n d i a n s i n k u w a i t . Everyday. A person who receives or gives bribe is said to be a corrupt person. corruption rules us. it is just a new beginning of justice and a warning to the corrupt people.Kill Corruption-Save India Vijay Anant IIK Young Reporter Corruption means dishonesty by those in power. what is donation nothing but an other name of corruption . but we are still not free from the hands of corruption. For example. JAI HIND! 39 Table of Contents w w w. Corrupt people should be punished severely. Try and achieve 100% literacy in India.Kiran Bedi etc. Nowadays if you want to seek admissions in good colleges you need to pay donations. Corruption is caused by fear. We often blame the government when we see unhygienic circumstances but that is not true. if a police officer accepts money. then if we all unite there is nothing which we cannot achieve. Merit has lost its value. When an elected representative misuses his powers or changes his decision due to certain unfair circumstances it is referred to as corruption. The government is sanctioning financial aids to improve our country but it is not reaching the people because some corrupt officers are swindling it. The only difference is that the British have been replaced by the corrupt rulers. My ideas to fight corruption 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) We should all follow Anna Hazare and support him in this noble cause. Corruption. are trying to fight and kill corruption but are yet to achieve 100% success. All of us should follow the path of honesty and the youth should play the lead role. typically involving bribery. Today there is hardly any field which is not affected by corruption.e. The new name for politics is corruption .To earn high positions in the constitution they bribe the common people by making false promises at the time of election and on coming into position they change their goals and forget their promises. If we all unite we can kill the major problem i. The major problem in India for its present state is corruption. Although we say that India is a democratic country which got freedom 64 years ago. he is said to be corrupt. Lokpal bill is not the end. in the newspaper we see different scandals and scams. Educate the people so that they can choose their right representatives at the time of elections. If the care takers themselves are corrupt then India can never progress. People want to come into power these days not to serve the country or its people but to make themselves rich. Think of it and act immediately. In 2012 India has ranked 94th out of 176 countries in the Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index. Now a days. We should not offer bribe nor should we receive bribe. Have you ever imagined if one person all by himself can get the Lokpall Bill passed at this age. Corruption is damaging the economy of India badly. Even a child is familiar with this word. the fear of losing power. The government has passed several laws but none of them are being executed because of some corrupt officials who have been appointed by the government to ensure that the relief reaches the needy people. Some true patriots of the country like Anna Hazare. Dr. If we find anyone offering or receiving bribe we should immediately inform the police.

Reuben Kaniyakanil Thomas IX B .ICSK Amman Branch .

And bad because of the borders we set up around countries. A job is not in the money that we make rather it is in the service we do to our society and country. For an officer. They have to undergo rigorous training. fighting hard. nor a country. They sometimes lose their lives in this process. around certain sections of people and the destruction that our own brothers and sisters cause to our country. Army service should also be taken into consideration. but he can proudly say that he has done a lot for our country. but they don’t do the duty of standing by the borders of our country protecting us every single day and neither can we. but finally if we settle in another country and forget to give back to our own. i n d i a n s i n k u w a i t . c o m . for our motherland’s protection. India is country that has harbored many cultures. It is not in their shiny uniforms rather it is in the patriotism that is there in their hearts. They stay away from their family. From all the problems. Often. India has gone through a lot of changes. that is what Mohammed Ali Jinnah said about India. we have nothing for our motherland that has made you reach where you are. When I read about the recent killing of the Indian army men at the border. We may become an engineer or a doctor. They are praised and then forgotten like the countless war heroes in our country. these are the real ones. They have worked hard for our protection. Think of those thousands in our country who have been doing this job for the past couple of years. but they are happy. India. but they are ready for it. the youth of our country are more keen in getting well earning jobs than giving back to our motherland. Their conditions of live are tough. maintain their physique and mental prowess and at the same time be ready for any emergency. It is a subcontinent of nationalities”. Some say that being a soldier is not rewarding. Yes. With the republic day of India approaching. From the early Aryan civilization to the British. With this age of globalization and information. 41 Table of Contents w w w. and protect their most respected mother. religions and empires. unheard and even disregarded. there has always been a group of people who has been protecting our motherland from problems outside and within our country. Civil services are an area where our youth should focus more. they are the brave soldiers of the Indian army. Good I say because of the variety of knowledge we have gained. the insight we have procured and religions and cultures that stay in harmony and peace. anytime. The life of an army officer is not an easy one. he might not have a guarantee for his life. It is a job for the brave and dedicated for it is a challenging job. I realized that these men are the ones to be praised. It is not a job for all.The True Heroes Of Our Country Vivek Unnikrishnan IIK Young Reporter “India is not a nation.Indian Soldiers. I felt that we should learn about the lives of these brave young men and women who have dedicated themselves to serve our country. But the fact is. the army officers have done their best to bring the culprits behind them. They did their best to protect their motherland. these war heroes go unnoticed. unlike heroes we see on the screen and in the television. It is such a pride to see the army officers during the parade. good and bad. We have elected our ministers and government. When the terrorists attacked various parts of our country.

The valiant people behind this. For these are the brave men and women. now and then. They can understand the lives that these officers go through and learn to appreciate them. now and then. I salute those officers. Let us respect the people behind this. who protect us.Our country should change its outlook about heroes. let us take an oath to ourselves to return back to our country and understand our real heroes. Their death should not go unwarranted or maybe a small article in the corner of the newspaper. For these are the brave men and women. our government should ensure that they get help and support quickly and efficiently. Our country has provided us with a freedom of choice. c o m Table of Contents . to protect our lives. Heroes are not those who go around shooting people. Our country’s flag flutters. Our army. remains others’ lives. So that safe and sound. This is the least our country can do for those who have protected millions of families across the country. Our country can stand high. i n d i a n s i n k u w a i t . Think about the families of the deceased army officers. not a bit. If the country these officers served deserts their family in the end what is the use of serving the country? I think we should spread the awareness of the benefits of military services in our country and encourage the youth to join NCC and other branches. It is these heroes that need the media attention and the attention of the government. despite having lost their family member. who protect us. rather real heroes are those who keep the peace of this country alive. it flutters. who protect us. now and then. The beautiful tricolor. On this 64th republic day of our great nation. the heroes to be remembered. their pain and suffering. For these are the brave men and women. who protect us. When these army officers die fighting. without depending on others for help. getting fancy cars and getting the girl in the end. 42 w w w. Our army. can live with their head high. dedicated to those brave young men and women. With no fear or any enemy war cry. forever and ever. But these are the ones. Real heroes are those who put their lives in danger. Real heroes are those who have spent their lives away from luxuries of their home and family to fight for our country when needed. Rather it should be brought to the light. the army officers and soldiers who have helped our country in many ways we cannot imagine. Remains safe. For we have the brave men and women. With each passing second. Forever. The government has the duty to ensure that these families. who gave their lives. now and then. Our army. who have to be remembered. Use it wisely and for the betterment of our country. We may not think about them. with each passing minute. Our army. Here is a small poem I have written. I hope our country prospers.

26th January . Bhagat Singh and many other important leaders sacrificed their lives for gaining independence . The parade concludes with a “fly past” by the Indian Air Force. c o m . where the Governor of the state unfurls the national flag .JAI HIND !! Varshni MK IIK Young Reporter 26th January . symbolically saluting the president. Post offices . Mangal Pandey .then the Chief minister of the state unfurls the Indian flag . banks and most business are closed on this important day . It is one among the three national holidays of India . A day when Mother India was completely peaceful . The Republic Day of India shows the true sprit of the Independent India . It was a day in which the Indian Constitution came into force . state and local government . i n d i a n s i n k u w a i t . It has been 64 years since the Indian constitution came into force . Have you got ready for a wonderful masti this Republic day ? What are your plans ? You might know how hard Mahatma Gandhi . School children also participate in the parade by dancing and singing patriotic songs. Celebrations are also held at state level . Lets join our hands and take an oath to keep our Mother India free from all hindrances. Armed Forces personnel also showcase motorcycle rides. Awards and medals of bravery are given to the people from the armed forces and also to civilians. These leave trails of smoke in the colors of the Indian flag. in case he/she is unwell or unavailable for some reason . A day in which the Indian Constitution came into force .at Rajpat before the President of India . All the offices ranging from National . was chosen to honor the declaration of Independence of 1930 . a beautiful day indeed . A day when the people of India danced with joy . Through their struggle Mother India had achieved her freedom from the British rule on 15th August which we call as the Independence day . A day when the young and the old where filled with happiness . Helicopters from the armed forces then fly past the parade area showering rose petals on the audience. Once again my heart most Republic day wishes to all of you !!!! 43 Table of Contents w w w. which involves fighter planes of flying past the dais. Hi my dear readers once again .The main parade is held at New Delhi .

44 w w w. i n d i a n s i n k u w a i t . c o m .

with an unprecedented improvement in our GDP. It is only the proactive effort of each and every citizen that can help us overcome all these difficulties. The system filled with corruption right up to its roots. This cricket crazy nation’s political system world renowned for its gripping screenplay and storyline is the subject of every single newspaper in the world. along with the deafening noise. We are considered as the fastest growing nation in the world. One notices the co-existence of the traditional and the modern. goat. to commemorate India’s Independence from the British. And on this Republic Day. cat.India 2013 Aditya Vishwanath IIK Young Reporter It has been 65 long years since that historic day.the youth. In the neighborhood high-rise glass buildings appear out of nowhere in the middle of the street. as citizens of India must pledge to work towards the upliftment of each and every individual. The simple solution to this extremely daunting task lies in the hands of the most important segment of our population . c o m . after 65 years. Today. employment and development in the past few years. camel. is occupied by the very holy Indian cow. The streets are cluttered with shops and stores everywhere. there will be a number of shortcomings as well. However. a poor cobbler mending shoes on the street and talking on a mobile phone – all this. Also noticed are the huge number of homeless people and beggars on the roads. There are small temples every 10 meters. hen or even a pig. people from all over the world glorify our great nation. we cannot say for sure if we are a developed nation and if we have been successful in combating our socio-economic problems. India. Equal rights must be guaranteed to the girl child. we. numerous people bumping into you and wide array of shops is too much to take in for anyone. 65 long years after we attained Independence. of the rich and the poor. monkey. a vibrant and eclectic collection of people. on our Republic Day. one which cannot be removed easily. India is easily the most vibrant nation in the world. All the remaining space. religions. But we definitely have made progress. 45 Table of Contents w w w. bull. when Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru gave his famous speech – Tryst with Destiny – on the All India Radio. and ensure equality among all people. we can clearly see that we are still faced with an endless list of problems which does not require any reiteration. horse. It is the future citizens of India who will shape the destiny of our nation. if there’s any left. We must encourage and spread awareness about the hazards of dumping wastes and the drastic effects it can have on the environment. probably a new software technology park set up by a foreign company. And it all can begin only with an effort from the citizens. the needy and the poor and to the aged. is this true? To what extent can we call ourselves an independent and developed nation? India is a mixture of cultures. i n d i a n s i n k u w a i t . referring to it as an example of development and touting it as one of the culturally richest nations in the world. buffalo. sheep. And this ominous task can be achieved only if we have faith in our people. One is deeply pained to see small children and old people begging for alms on the street. societies and lives. A Nike megastore next to a paan shop. and a strong dedication and love towards our great country. We are definitely the most culturally diverse and self sufficient nation in nearly all ways. or perhaps the not-soholy stray dog. Today. variety of smells in the air. And with all the benefits of this kind of a culture. Yes. It will take an extremely long time for the government to rectify itself.

Republic Day confers the date on which the Constitution of India came into force as the governing document of India on 26 January 1950. before the President of India. The parade also includes many regional and traditional dance troupes. the Indian Marines and the Indian Air Force’s march in formation. beginning from Raisina Hill near the Rashtrapati Bhavan . It is one of the three national holidays in India. This is the day when regional identity takes a backseat and what matters most is the universal appeal of unity and brotherhood projected by all Indians.symbolizing the cultural heritage of India. Republic Day is a day of the citizen of the country when he is entitled to be ‘all supreme’. who are decked in all their finery and official decorations. New Delhi. Democratic and Republic state. past India Gate and on to the historic Red Fort in the old quarter of the city. where the Governors of the respective states take the salute.feels and achieves. mission. Different infantry. The 26th of January. along the Rajpath. this day is celebrated with much zeal and pride all across the nations and worldwide. rule of law and fundamental principle of governance which forms the true fabric of the great nation India All communities dissolve into the One Nation Spirit in the air! Patriotism envelops the Nation. The date of 26 January was chosen to honor the declaration of independence of 1930 and India became a truly Sovereign. i n d i a n s i n k u w a i t . JAI HIND!!! 46 Table of Contents w w w.” Sree Jawaharlal Nehru has indeed uttered the truth as it is not just 62 plain years but 62 years of vision. Pratyusha IIK Young Contributor “Time is not measured by the passing of years. The Republic Day is also called people’s day! On this day India finally enjoyed the freedom of spirit. Republic Day is also celebrated most majestically in all Embassies all over the world . The sacrifices of all the freedom fighters are evoked in each and every Indian bringing the nationover any other thought in the mind. The patriotic fervour of the Indian people on this day brings the whole country together even in her embedded diversity.Essense Of The Republc Day Of India D. R. Republic Day is one Historical Day that marks this progress. In India.Not only are all the Indian Embassies illuminated lending the respective countries the atmosphere of a fairyland but also. c o m . The main parade takes place in the national capital. Similar parades are held in the capitals of all the states of India. cavalry and mechanized regiments compose the Indian Army. but by what one does. The President of India receives the salute. It traditionally ends with a colorful fly-past by Indian Air Force jets in a Taranga formation. hard work with perspiration and determination.

activists.ICSK Amman Branch 47 w w w. Us. India has a literacy rate of 74.22 crores and 40% of our country is used for the sole purpose of agriculture. larger than most other countries.04%. It is for this same reason that Indians are able to induce respect from all the other countries. i n d i a n s i n k u w a i t . India has over 851. The highest post office in the world is located in Hikkim in Himachal Pradesh. Our labour force is about 40. the first being China).5% of the world’s population.Republic Day Of India Pranav Santhosh IIK Young Contributor Ever since India got her independence from the British powers on August 15th 1947. India ranks 7th in total land area and has 17. She has been struggling to overcome the pitiful condition in which the British Imperials left us. and last but not the least. Indians are on the top position in world cricket. We should be honoured that a country like ours was able to break free from the restraints and hardships set on us and soar high. an age where Indians were no longer under suppression and control by the foreigners. On 26th January 1950. it was the dawn of a new age in India. Benish Mathew V C. the supreme power of our country was handed down to the people’s representatives and India became a Republic. As we are nearing our 63rd Republic Day. All this was possible because of the hardwork and determination of social workers.57 million mobile users(second biggest number of mobile users. c o m Table of Contents . I take great pleasures in expressing my exuberance at the fact that my country is reaching world superpower status. With Jawaharlal Nehru as the first Prime Minister of India. good hearted politicians. Indeed the growth of India has been colossal. the people. Never in their wildest dreams could they have imagined that India would rise up to become the fastest developing country in the world.

i n d i a n s i n k u w a i t .48 w w w. c o m .

Where symbols of love. Rabindranath Tagore has put light on this condition of India in his poem ‘Where The Mind Is Without Fear’. i n d i a n s i n k u w a i t . I aspire India to become a nation which could be held high as a symbol of Liberty. Where diversity prevails. the gap between the haves and have nots should be bridged. Here lies the subcontinent. Where spices and sweets Taste like a magical dream Without India. Where everything from engrossing epics To heroic tales take place. But the recent developments reveal that the present India’s state of affairs is not at a stone’s throw from my dream. The gulf between the rich and the poor is augmenting day by day. Moreover social inequality is significantly prevalent in India which makes the situation more doleful. Equality and Fraternity. thus having a deleterious corollary on our country’s unity. Hence ‘Where the mind is led forward by thee Into ever-widening thought and action Into that heaven of freedom. Such people have to struggle very hard and face asperity to make the both ends meet. Today for a few privileged ones. Of beauty and respect Surrounds you. In my vision of India. Millions don’t get a square meal a day. life is a bed of rose but for the underprivileged ones it is a bed of thorns.India of My Dreams Arunima M. the world is incomplete. We are in a dire need of a kind of socialism in which the poor do not starve on the streets and can be assured of their bare minimum wants and needs. my Father.Indian Community School Kuwait . Nair X D-Indian Educational School India of my dreams is a country devoid of poverty and inequality. all Indians should be given the same token in the distribution of the fruits of our land and labour. Inequality is the root cause of all injustices in our nation. don’t have tidy clothes to wear and even don’t have a proper roof on their heads. Khaitan Branch Here lies the subcontinent. In this poem he points out the narrow domestic walls in India which has fragmented it. Where beauty abounds. I pine India to be secured for all.’ The Subcontinent Jeffrey Jacob X B . We must all work for some type of equality in the country. In my opinion. c o m . Everyone should have enough to accomplish his needs but none should have more to meet his greeds. let my country awake. Here lies the subcontinent. especially women. 49 Table of Contents w w w.

unity. The flag march of the Indian armed forces then follows and the President of India being the commander-in-chief of the armed forces takes the salute of the armed forces. The republic day parade is a display of India’s rich heritage. Every Year the Chief guest for the celebrations would be a Head of the state of another country. occupation and some of the famous tourist attractions of the state. proud. happiness and inspiration. is the 22 to 30 tableaus from different states across India that display India’s rich and diverse culture. Republic Day is the festival that makes every Indian not only proud but also reminds every one of us that it is our responsibility to take part in building a better India by being loyal to our nation. This is an occasion of patriotism. i n d i a n s i n k u w a i t .B Class VIII . The president unfurls the National Flag followed by the distribution of gallantry awards such as the Ashok Chakra and the Kirti Chakra. JAI HIND 50 Table of Contents w w w. Young children who display exceptional courage will receive bravery awards and as part of the celebration they will ride on colourfully decorated elephants and pass through the rajpath. our constitution came into effect on 26th January 1950 and since then Indians celebrate this day as the Republic Day of India. It is conducted on the evening of 29 th January. love. The chief guest this year would be Sultan of Oman Qaboos bin Said al Said. The chief guest is chosen based on the relations between the two nations. It is a display of our strength. The prime attraction of the parade though. The republic day parade indicates the state of the art warfare that India possesses. The beating retreat is the ceremony that officially marks the end of the Republic Day celebrations in India. 26th January 1950 was the day when the seeds were sown for India to blossom into the world’s largest democracy. c o m . Each tableau is beautifully decorated and shows the culture. Bhavan’s Kuwait India is the world’s largest democracy. Though India became independent from the colonial rule on 15th Aug 1947. Every year Republic Day in India is celebrated with much fervor and a grand parade is held in the capital from the Raisina Hill near the Rashtrapati Bhavan along the Rajpath. The celebrations begin with the prime minister paying homage to the Amar Jawan Jyoti at the India Gate followed by the arrival of the President of India along with the Chief guest. peace. The celebrations would last for three days and would conclude with the beating retreat ceremony.Republic Day Venkata Sri Vidya . the third day of Republic day.

After these examples . eat Indian food and speak Indian languages. geographically and biologically. 830 Picturesque monuments which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Navaneeth Krishnan U Std 10 Indian Educational School .Today we find many people spitting out paan near the entrance gate of many a monument . A thousand customs and traditions . we are utterly ignorant about our heritage.It is imperative that we preserve our rich heritage and culture. linguistically . c o m . Indians have an inborn habit of placing the blame on the government for every rising problem! When factories came up in and around Agra . and some others who write utter rubbish on the walls of these ancient monuments.has lost its characteristic shine and has started turning yellow. from tiny insects to the majestic Indian cheetah. In this case . Thank God there is one word symbolizing all these features – INDIA. Yet another case. Kuwait. 8 Religions. culturally . the Mother of all Indian monuments . Fine then … Lets come down to the most basic level – Given a choice of rice . you may wonder – Well . 7 Dance forms . Over the past 50 years . 51 Table of Contents w w w. it’s true ! India is one of the most diverse countries of today’s world . Our Pride. One can accept foreign ways of life WITHOUT FORGETTING OUR GREAT TRADITIONS. But did you realize that you were belittling your own traditional food items in the process? I do not mean to say that one should always stick to Indian clothes . Why? Maybe because it’s a symbol of being modern .not the government. sambar and dal on the first table.Our Diversity. Thanks to these pollutants .Our Heritage . a way of living the 21st century. Mother India does not receive what She expects from Her children. we find that self –centered poachers were the miscreants behind this drastic fall. greedy industrialists are the main culprits .. 114 Languages. After all . the Taj Mahal . To be precise and crisp .. I am neither a hunter nor an industrialist nor a paan-eater . 47000 species of flora and 81000 species of fauna . and Dominos Pizza . Yes . Sadly . Frankly ask yourself – Are we doing our level best to conserve our diversity? Amusingly .. Let us take another case . the fumes that the chimneys spat out dissolved in water and acid rain started occurring . Again . hundreds of indigenous plants and animals have gone extinct in our country . i n d i a n s i n k u w a i t . I am innocent in this regard. “Bharatmata ki jai “ first . our generation carries the future of our country. which would you prefer at first sight? Most of us would pick the second table. There is still time…so lets act before its too late . A wide variety of exquisite delicacies.then comes “USA Devo Bhava” . French fries and Fanta on the second .


The civilians are also awarded for acts of exceptional bravery. Although India became independent on 15 August 1947. The parade is followed by a range of spectacular displays by the different states of the country. The Governor takes the military salute in the capital of the state.R. Armed Forces personnel also showcase motorcycle rides.C. c o m . These leave trails of smoke in the colors of the Indian flag. Smaller parades are held in each state as well. Republic Day is one of the three national holidays of India. the Navy and the Air force march past in their best.Kuwait Republic day is celebrated every year on January 26 to mark the adoption of the republic constitution. This date was chosen as it was the anniversary of Purna Swaraj Day. which involves fighter planes flying past the dais. Republic Day ceremony begins with the Presidential address to the nation. i n d i a n s i n k u w a i t . The President awards the medals of bravery to the people from the armed forces for their exceptional courage in the field. symbolically saluting the president.Mr. A grand parade is held in the capital. Various folk dances and music are performed to celebrate the occasion. The other two are the Independence Day and Gandhi Jayanthi. Mr. the permanent constitution came into effect on 26 January 1950. India’s prime minister lays a wreath at the Amar Jawan Jyoti at India Gate in their reverence.Manmohan Singh and other eminent leaders of the nation will also take part in the occasion held in Delhi.The Prime Minister. In the various states. the Governor of the state hoists the national flag.Ambedkar was the chairman of the drafting committee. 53 Table of Contents w w w. India’s president takes the military salute during the parade in New Delhi. All Government buildings are illuminated lending the nation an atmosphere of joy and celebration. which was held on January 26. The President of India takes the honour of hoisting the national flag of India. 1930. along the Vijaypath. It took almost three years for the Constituent Assembly of India to finalize the constitution.Indian Republic Day Nikhil George Rosh Class X D . The parade also includes colorful floats from each of India’s states.The Presidential speech would be delivered by the Honourable President. This year the Indians will be celebrating their 64th Republic Day on 26 January 2013. from the Rajghat. The chosen N. as do the school children from various schools in the capital. The different regiments of the Army.Pranab Mukherjee. The parade concludes with a “fly past” by the Indian Air Force. It is the greatest national festival of India. The sacrifice of the martyrs who died for the country in the freedom movement and the succeeding wars for the defense of sovereignty of their country are remembered with utmost respect. Helicopters from the armed forces fly past the parade area showering rose petals on the audience.Dr. A foreign head of state is the president’s chief guest on Republic Day.B.Bhavans.C cadets also participate in this event.

Each display brings out the diversity and richness of the culture of India and the whole show lends a festive air to the occasion. They spend many days preparing for the event and no expense is spared to see that every detail is taken care of.C cadets. 54 Table of Contents w w w. along the Vijaypath. the President comes forward to award the medals of bravery to the people from the armed forces for their exceptional courage in the field and also the civilians. So. The beginning of the occasion is always a solemn reminder of the sacrifice of the martyrs who died for the country in the freedom movement and the succeeding wars for the defense of sovereignty of their country. from the Rajghat. c o m . The parade is followed by a pageant of spectacular displays from the different states of the country. The crème of N. Every part of the country is represented in occasion. the 26th of January was decreed a national holiday and has been recognized and celebrated as the Republic Day of India. the Navy and the Air force march past in all their finery and official decorations even the horses of the cavalry are attractively caparisoned to suit the occasion.C. The parade and the ensuing pageantry is telecast by the National Television and is watched by millions of viewers in every corner of the country. from their practice for the drills. The country finally realized the dream of Mahatma Gandhi and the numerous freedom fighters who. The patriotic fervor of the people on this day brings the whole country together even in her essential diversity. These moving exhibits depict scenes of activities of people in those states and the music and songs of that particular state accompany each display. the Republic Day is celebrated with much enthusiasm all over the country and especially in the capital. who have distinguished themselves by their different acts of valour in different situations. ever since. New Delhi where the celebrations start with the Presidential to the nation. fought for and sacrificed their lives for the Independence of their country. selected from all over the country consider it an honour to participate in this event. as do the school children from various schools in the capital. Then. the essential props and their uniforms. To mark the importance of this occasion. which makes the Republic Day the most popular of all the national holidays of India. In this day India became a totally republican unit. Today. every year a grand parade is held in the capital. The different regiments of the army.The Republic Day Of India Vihitha 5th C Kuwait Indian School 26th January 1950 is one of the most important days in Indian history as it was on this day the constitution of India came into force and India became a truly sovereign state. i n d i a n s i n k u w a i t .

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C. the 26th of January was decreed a national holiday and has been recognized and celebrated as the Republic Day of India. Today. along the Vijay path. which makes the Republic Day the most popular of all the national holidays of India. as do the school children from various schools in the capital.C cadets. The parade is followed by a pageant of spectacular displays from the different states of the country. fought for and sacrificed their lives for the Independence of their country. Every part of the country is represented in occasion. The beginning of the occasion is always a solemn reminder of the sacrifice of the martyrs who died for the country in the freedom movement and the succeeding wars for the defense of sovereignty of their country. the Navy and the Air force march past in all their finery and official decorations even the horses of the cavalry are attractively caparisoned to suit the occasion. the Republic Day is celebrated with much enthusiasm all over the country and especially in the capital. The patriotic fervor of the people on this day brings the whole country together even in her essential diversity. from their practice for the drills. To mark the importance of this occasion.Republic Day K. So. c o m . from the Rajghat. 56 Table of Contents w w w. In this day India became a totally republican unit. Then. Kuwait Indian School 26th January 1950 is one of the most important days in Indian history as it was on this day the constitution of India came into force and India became a truly sovereign state. These moving exhibits depict scenes of activities of people in those states and the music and songs of that particular state accompany each display. The country finally realized the dream of Mahatma Gandhi and the numerous freedom fighters who.Tasneem Banu Xth A. the President comes forward to award the medals of bravery to the people from the armed forces for their exceptional courage in the field and also the civilians. selected from all over the country consider it an honor to participate in this event. The crème of N. the essential props and their uniforms. every year a grand parade is held in the capital. i n d i a n s i n k u w a i t . The parade and the ensuing pageantry are telecast by the National Television and are watched by millions of viewers in every corner of the country. The different regiments of the army. New Delhi where the celebrations start with the Presidential to the nation. They spend many days preparing for the event and no expense is spared to see that every detail is taken care of. who have distinguished themselves by their different acts of velour in different situations. Each display brings out the diversity and richness of the culture of India and the whole show lends a festive air to the occasion. ever since.

c o m . i n d i a n s i n k u w a i t .The Republic Day of India Saliha VII-A: Kuwait Indian School 57 Table of Contents w w w.

i n d i a n s i n k u w a i t . c o m .Table of Contents 58 w w w.

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i n d i a n s i n k u w a i t . Kuwait Indian School 60 Table of Contents w w w.Republic Day Sumaiyah Shabrin IX Std. c o m .

61 Table of Contents w w w. i n d i a n s i n k u w a i t . c o m .

Kuwait. to tell What should they learn and how should they govern What do we want and how stern is that want Lest. Rajesh Verlekar is an active member of Writers’ Forum . Alas On-looking we stood without cementing the gaps The facade fell and The fragile structure collapsed But strive we didn’t to reinforce a patch We then blurred our vision and limped in stance Then failure was imminent in every pulse and gasp We failed to act and that became our great lapse We allowed our leaders to misuse all trust They did not. no sole to find ourselves A silent rage be awakened That will not die nor disappear To awaken the sleeping leaders Of their reality and their course In a tirade of thoughtful march Waste not candle or fuel for torch Let our silent rage roar Like the lightening thunderbolt To tell those spoil-sport That we are near To take them by the gear And drop them out of sphere And so we hear A shout out clear That our Republic treads On the path of a silent rage. then. we take renewed steps for a corrective end There will remain.Kuwait and Maharashtra Mandal .Our Republic in Rage Rajesh Verlekar Years ago when our Republic was carved Fathomable dreams we assumed and formed Long it took to make and build But Alas We failed to strengthen the built No sooner it developed pores and cracks Than. i n d i a n s i n k u w a i t . field the right thought Or showed the right path But we kept on giving them a long rope to catch They blinded themselves They shut their ears And governed through their mutilated selves Isn’t this the time. c o m Table of Contents . one day. 62 w w w. unto us.

हय भल्क की दास्ताॉ मही है चचॊगारयमाॉ कबी इस ऩाय से आई.रगने का क्मों न फअऩने तैमायगन कोगन सॊवाया I आग उठो! साभान रे कन था आॉ अऩने आॉ जाए रे कन जफ बी दस्तक हुई. i n d i a n s i n kकयनेi tहोंगेm u w a . उठो! क्मों न अऩने आॉगन को जाए सॊवाया I फपय बी चरो. उम्भीद को था चना ु हभने उदासीनता नहीॊ. हाय बी हभ हैं हभीॊ फपय यचना है रुआतनज़ाया औय ने एक नमी शु हय हभें भत सभझना फेफस. कबी फहता झयना रेफकन जफ बी दस्तक हुई. झयने. ऩॉछ ु तबी ववश्वास की फकयणें हभें भत सभझना फेफस. उठो! ऩहरे अऩने आॉगन को जाए सॊवाया II सॊवयना ऩहरे भेयी आदतें . उठो! क्मों न अऩने है अफ रुकना कसे हो गवाया? ै भु ौटे दहशत क अरग थे हय फाय े भॊज महज़र तो अबी दय है फकन अफ कसी थकान? फीच यास्ते रे ै चरो. Navniit Gandhi फपय क्मों अऩने ही आॉगन को न अफ तक हभने सॊवाया? सयहदें जफ ख ची गमी थी नमी ॊ एक बमानक भॊज़य था उठ एक बमानक भॊज़य था उठ ड़ा सयहदें जफ ख ची गमी थी नमी ॊ फपय क्मों अऩने ही आॉगन को न अफ तक हभने सॊवाया? उस आग शोरों से हभने हभने सऩनों उस आग के क शोरों सेसऩनों को था फना को था फना े ु ु ु हभने उदासीनता नहीॊ. फेसहाया एक फाय फपय चीय दें गी अॉचधमाया I मॉ तो है साया जहाॉ हभाया रेंगी ु चरो. उठो! क्मों न अऩने आॉगन को जाए सॊवाया I कबीकभजोरयमाॉ. भेये ववचाय भेयी शश य. उम्भीद को था चना सफ़य नहीॊ था तफ बी आसान ड़ा सफ़य नहीॊ थाकन अफ कैसी थकान? मह फीच यास्ते रेफ तफ बी आसान अफ रुकना कसे हो गवाया? ै भॊजज़र तो अबी दयआॉगन को जाए सॊवाया I चरो. भेयी सोच को होगा ु w w w. वन. भेयी सोच सॊवयना ऩहरे को होगा चरो. c o अऩने आऩ से कछ सवार हटे गी जफ . कबी फहता झयना हय भल्क की दास्ताॉ मही है ु भेयी आदतें .अऩना आॉगन सॊवाया जाए मॉ तो है गन सॊवजहाॉ हभाया साया ाया जाए अऩना आॉ मॉ तो है साया जहाॉ हभाया Dr. ख ड़फकमाॉ जफ कयने होंगे अऩने आऩ से ु छ सवार औय फपय एक नमीकशरुआत ु हभकुबी गे जफ नदीमाॉ. ोरे चचॊफगारयमाॉ कबी इस ऩाय हभीॊ आई. कबी उस ऩाय से से ने द्वाय दे श की गरयभा हभ से. भेये63 ववचाय Table of Contents रेंगी ु . कबी उस ऩाय से आगनेरगनेहै कानज़ाया हभीॊ यचना हय साभान रेफकन था तैमाय अऩने आॉगन ोरे हभीॊ ने द्वाय ु दे श की गरयभा हभ से. ख ड़फकमाॉ जफ भेयी कभजोरयमाॉ. उठो! क्मों न क अरग थे हय फाय भु ौटे दहशत अऩने आॉगन को जाए सॊवाया I े कबी ठहया ऩानी. हाय बी हभ हैं चरो. पऩहरे ीरुक हैं ें भस् याएॊ तो अगरी उड़ान से र. उठो! क्मों नसेअऩने आॉगन को जाए सॊवाया I कबी ठहया ऩानी. कबी शशकस्त हभ बी तो अगरी उड़ान ऩहरे रुक हैं ें चरो. कबी शशकस्त हटे गी जफ . फेसहाया कबी शश य.

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. 65 w w w....... ा आया हॉ ु पर तझे प्यारे वतन............. तेर भीनी ख ऱाया े े कतरा-ए-खॊ में ज तुझ.....वतन...... ददऱ में निपा ऱाया हॉ े और ते े नाम पे याद में होता कहीॊ जब कोई रजश्न तेरी ऱहराता नतरॊ गा हैहै कहीॊ एक ननहाॊ पे ऱहराता नतरॊ जऱा ऱाता और तेरे नामसा ददया ददऱ मेंगा है कहीॊ हॉ पर तुझ प्यारे वतन.. चऱा आया यॊ तो ुझे ु त दर................ करक तुझे प्यारे ुझ.. बहती ते गॊ सरताज ु उन नज़ारों दहमाऱय..... चऱा आया हॉ पर त बह प्यारे बहत दर.... ु जब कोई जश्न तेरी याद में होता है कहीॊ पर तुझे प्यारे वतन..प्यारे वतन प्यारे वतन Umesh Sharma यॊ तो बहुत दर.. में री भीनी है त ब करक महफ़ है ननहा........... ददऱ ी में निपा िब हॉ ु परे महफ़ज त वतन... i n d i a n s i n k u w a i t ..... है रा गा जमनाबना े आॊ ऱगताे तऱे. भऱ कहाॊ पाया हॉ मेरी हर साॊस की रफ़्तार में पोशिदा है त तेरऔर चऱ क है दहमाऱय... c o m Table of Contents ... उमेि िमाा उमेि िमाा Umesh Sharma is a Mechanical Engineer by profession..... बहुत दर.. एक ननहाॊ े सा ददया ददऱ में जऱा ऱाता हॉ पर तुझे प्यारे वतन... He writes poetry in Hindi and has published a collection of his poems ëYe Aashianí in 1999.. He is also one of the founder members of Writersí Forum Kuwait and currently holds the position of General Secretary in Associations of Indian Professionals. भऱ कहाॊ पाया हॉहॉ ु पर तुझे प्यारे वतन. अपना ऱटा बना ु और ऱगता है पे मैं ददऱ. तेरे आॊचऱ क तऱे... अपना ऱट उन नज़ारोंे प्यारे वतन... तेरा सरताज आया हॉ पर तुझ पे मैं ददऱ..... बहती है गॊगा जमना े ु कतरा-ए-ख में रफ़्तार ते पोशिदा खुि मेरी हर साॊस ॊ की है ननहा.

our country is very fortunate As every heart is carrying a pendant of love As we wander sitting afar Like the flow of the Ganges and Jamuna Love and good conduct is our heritage As our leader is like an Angel We ignore what others think about us As it is paramount to be an Indian True that India is enriched by brotherhood Today we have no hesitation to say We must lit candles of love And shower ourselves in the rain of love By swear O’ my beloved country With your name we earn appreciation Today I have to say few words O’ countrymen We must feel the sorrows and pain of each other And gather those scattered pearls of friendship Together we live forever as an Indian. 66 Table of Contents w w w. Mr.Watan Syed Qamar Minto Yes. Syed Qamar Minto is an Industrial Safety professional. i n d i a n s i n k u w a i t . He is currently holds the position of General Secretary of Writers’ Forum – Kuwait. c o m .

c o m . i n d i a n s i n k u w a i t .67 Table of Contents w w w.

Khaitan Branch World’s largest democracy With leaders known for their bureaucracy Also do we have great leaders of the past. Whose memories will long last Different cultures we share But for one and other we care Our culture is a treasure that no one can measure See the beauties of our land And the historic monuments which stand grand Proud to have one of the wonders of the world Our Nation’s pride cant be told Our Nation’s glory is indescribable Our joyful hearts uncontainable Proud to be an INDIAN We love motherland INDIA!! 68 Table of Contents w w w.Indian Community School Kuwait.Our Motherland India Rhea Sharon X C . i n d i a n s i n k u w a i t . c o m .

a beautiful country where I am from And where people live together in harmony.Indian Community School Kuwait . i n d i a n s i n k u w a i t . Josh X C . The country with the second largest population Open to all as a touristic destination And is also a cricket crazy nation. India the birth place of Gandhi Who proved to the world through his Ahimsa That the problems can be solved through non-violence. c o m Table of Contents . the origin of Yoga A complete exercise for the mind and body Which is suitable for everybody. India the land of Ayurveda And also different forms of Veda. A country which is secular even with its many religions And is well known for its art forms and festivals. India.My Country India India the land of diversity Where people live in unity And is also the largest democracy. India. A land of many languages Which has been used for ages. Khaitan Branch Likhitha Jayalekshmi VIII D .ICSK Amman Branch 69 w w w.

a wonder of the world. your army dies in war. Invaders: even then. Here is a wide variety of agriculture. c o m Table of Contents . Khaitan Branch My India and this is the rarity. this is my India 70 w w w.Indian Community School Kuwait . some are rich. As your power is on the wane. My leaders were assassinated. with a beauty of the pearl. i n d i a n s i n k u w a i t . Khaitan Branch Adeeb X B .Indian Community School Kuwait . and were eliminated. India: who are you? Invaders: I am the one who invaded you before. With people belonging to different cultures. as sky is the only limit for me. Even if you think to repeat. Invaders: but your people do nothing but litter. Only here do you find unity in diversity. I am on the move.Listen To Me Invaders India: I am the only country. India: the blood from their corpses forms my boundary. It has Taj Mahal. Compared to me … Anas X B . Invaders: but still there is a not a drop to drink. My resources may become exhausted. and on diwali lighting the diya. With people celebrating different festivals. India: I have lot of resources. India: I am second from first in population. My soldiers might have died But your fear. is my power. Invaders: the blood is dried and it is giving us a warm welcome. India: leaders have emerged from me. but litter. Invaders: they only are frantically exhausted. You will face a thrilling defeat. India: I contain army that does not involve malpractices. Invaders: they emerged. For challenging me. this is a beautiful gift of nature. India: I might not be able to spare water for my men. My men may do nothing. which got an ocean with its name. some are poor.

Ni. Re. To my motherland. Blooming flora and fauna. Ma. A polished diamond. Pa. Ga. Yet I still remain unearthed Passion within and pride off shores my country. From many a lips I flow. Khaitan Branch Himalayas – The Abode Of Snow I am stretched afar. Madhavika X B Indian Community School Kuwait . but not old Become I the voice of epics Speaking the language of the heart. 71 Allen Thampi X C Indian Community School Kuwait . So Am I. I am the mighty Himalayas. So Am I. I am the mighty Himalayas I bring rich heritage. And a consoler of Swati Thirunal I control Mudras. I am like the Ganges. And am the soul of Bhava Integrated with my siblings like the tabla and veena Come and gone have they who nourished me. So Am I. A natural artist. A new form of salvation that I behold A companion of Thyagaraja. Beside my piedmont plains. Sa…. Emperor of mountains. I am the mighty Himalayas. In my never ceasing thala Cherish I her great tradition. I breathe life to the Ganges. That’s not the only thing about me I am an artist. That never withers with age. i n d i a n s i n k u w a i t . De. Khaitan Branch Table of Contents w w w. And tall above the skies. As she flows through my ranges. Sink into my depths and you’ll discover in me. Standing miles long..The Classical Music Of India Sa. c o m . I rise up high. ancient.

Being plucked out by the second. And every right. By none other than your children. Since you have been a democracy. Amman Branch Oh Mother India. After six decades. Indian Community School. social equity. Your green hairs. Oh Mother India. How great to see you now. Soaring through the clouds. c o m Table of Contents .Mother’s Suffering Mothers Caring Shebin Thomas John IX B. As we. More and more. You have no safety. Through many sacrifices. Integrated Indian School 72 w w w. May you have peace. Oh sweet Mother. Nor does your children. Till then. Vanishing by the second. As you become old. Reaching great heights. More and more. Through long years of suffering. Rights we have won. Receive our independence. Until your death. As you love your children. We see that you. How great to see you. Oh Mother. Development. i n d i a n s i n k u w a i t . Through our own lives. How great to see you now. As you received your independence. You have not yet received every thing. along with you. Through independence. We have received rights. The soil from your feet. By your own children. Have had years of freedom. You are being harmed. Through many struggles. But Mother. May you have a peaceful life.


. All the leaves and flowers that bloom in the monsoon season. My motherland.. my nation the country of unity and jubilation. c o m . i n d i a n s i n k u w a i t ... Sukhveer. my nation..My Motherland India!!! Fatema. fought for our rights and freedom.. India. India. Bhagat Singh all together with the father of nation.. Rampurawala Indian Community School Amman Branch. the land of pain the land of spices and the land of rain. My motherland. Ali Asger. the dreamland of all where Taj Mahal and Qutub Minar fascinates us all. Integrated Indian School 74 Table of Contents w w w. the wonderland. Visualising the colours and flavours enhancing the beauty of the country.. Chacha Nehru. The land of sacrifice. the loveliest country which is filled with joy and beauty.... does not hold any responsibility for the w w w. W.Rashed International Shipping Company Alghannam Tires Center Company WLL (Auto 1) Mohamed N.L.We Sincerely thank our advertisers: Wataniya Gulfmart Morad Yousuf Behbehani Oriental Restaurant Al . i n d i a n s i n k u w a i t . Al Hajery & Sons Co. Ltd (Indomie) Caesars Travels (Cox & Kings) The Oriental Insurance Company Limited Qatar Airways Kuwait Automotive Imports Company (Apollo & Eicher) Bhasin Co. c o m views expressed here .L Shifa Al Jazeera Medical Center UAE Exchange Air India Waves Printing Press Special thanks to All Writers for their contributions IIK Young Reporters ICSK Amman Branch ICSK Khaitan Branch Integrated Indian School FAIPS (DPS) Kuwait Indian School Indian Educational School Gulf Indian School Indian English Academy School Carmel School Magazine Designed by: Lemonade International Disclaimer: The 75 views expressed in the articles published in this Supplement are strictly personal and reflect individuals opinion.

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