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Sneer sentence examples

Sneering face and made a movement with his hand. Sneer at people hanging england flags from their windows, would they? It must be done on the young man's money. ' ' quite a model son, ' said carver with a slight sneer. The people stood watching, and the rulers even sneered at him. Within its shade we'll live and die, tho cowards flinch and traitors sneer, we'll keep the red flag flying here. Sneer of cold command did, however, come to mind. Sneering down from another position. Sneer at anyone dull enough not to have a company car. In 1826, he gave evidence to a parliamentary commission on railways at which his blunt speech and dialect drew contemptuous sneers. The whole article is just sneering from on high. Sneer at everyone few scientists are quot sur les. Well, love can save us from the bitter sneer of envy and the ridiculous swagger of boastfulness. Our father could not sneer, least of all at the blunders of a child. Sneer at these early ideas and theories. Next chance meeting finds the best punk sneer in bradford, ' dave wilcox ' . And do n't sneer at conventional worship and preaching. Sneer at others efforts and sacrifices! So-called " edit wars " dominated the online discussions, biases were legitimized as " another point of view " and specialists openly sneered. Sneer at the man who prefers the labors of mental abstraction. It often sneers at potentially life-saving non-pharmaceutical cancer remedies put forward by doctors, like dr. vernon coleman.

Wisdom sentence examples

Wisdom of hindsight it's easy to look back and point a finger of blame, but at whom? Recent comments melandsimon is yet to impart any wisdom unto the gathered masses. Hit with an conventional wisdom you'd states provides insurance the first major. Wisdom sayings. The employer can extension of the underwriters rmis wisdom the problem of. Wisdom of the egyptians, he would have produced a rather clumsy account of creation. The accumulated wisdom of parents, gained over many years, is completely overlooked. Whether you're studying for a masters, pgce od phd, how about sharing some of your worldly wisdom with the jcr. Wisdom literature in proverbs. The employer can extension of the underwriters rmis wisdom the problem of. The consequence of fools despising wisdom and discipline has been great on their own lives, schools, society and family life. A person who is lit from within, reflecting the natural worlds ' own luminous, infinite wisdom. Sudden and rapid death during psychological stress: folklore or folk wisdom?

There is a divine element to it whereby god will dispense wisdom to those who diligently seek it. However, recent research has thrown doubt on this accepted wisdom. However, in so doing, lord goff may have introduced a high degree of uncertainty to the previously perceived wisdom on false imprisonment. We need to ponder the divine wisdom in this. She's renowned for leaving no received wisdom untested. The treasury book ignores critiques of the prevailing wisdom.

Pneumonia sentence examples

Mortality rates in patients aged less than 65 years with a primary diagnosis of community acquired pneumonia. Pneumonia in the lungs, or from the heart due to congenital heart disease. Knowing the symptoms of community-acquired pneumonia could also minimize ill health, says help the aged. Pneumonia injections because his immune system is weak. Two days later the patient was severely unwell with aspiration pneumonia. Diagnosis to diagnose pneumonia, your doctor will ask you questions about your illness. Pneumonia in adults admitted to hospital. The optimal treatment duration has not been established in ventilator-associated pneumonia. Pneumonia viruses. Vaccines are now available which will provide effective control of the most common bacterial and viral causes of calf pneumonia. Captain fitch caught pneumonia, from which he died on 1 november 1918, at american lake, washington, usa. Pneumonia in one patient, acute myeloid leukemia in two, reduced thyroid reserve in 21. Appropriate statistical tests were made to compare the incidence of nosocomial pneumonia in the two groups. Asthma after childhood pneumonia: six year follow up study. It also infects adults causing pneumonia ( which is often fatal in elderly subjects ). A small percentage of elderly people with lobar pneumonia die very quickly. To prevent pneumonia there is plenty of air movement over the ewes but no drafts. Causes of enzootic pneumonia enzootic pneumonia in calves is a multifactorial disease. Pneumonia associated with five respiratory pathogens in a group of steers. There are vaccines that can help protect against pneumococcal pneumonia - the most common form of pneumonia.

Attic sentence examples

We have a converted attic with 2 further bedrooms. On the bare wooden floor in the dusty attic, leo taps. Attic bedroom of a house in golders green. The second floor attic conversion has three beds suitable for children.

The condition of the book itself is terrible, and the pages smell like something out of my grandmother's attic. Attic of the house in which she works. Attic for 25 years. The family-style hotel is a 4-story building ( elevator is in the house ), including an attic. Sara loses her beautiful room and her fine possessions and moves into the cold, dark attic. Attic conversion has three beds suitable for children. Attic of the building where otto has had his business. But we don't have an attic she said well, she wouldn't know, would she? Additionally, a large storage attic is found above the garage. Attic room above a friend's antique shop. It appears somebody used the attic for wood working. The youngs and their family lived in the converted attic, where canon willis had kept a huge train set. Attic window are the arms of sir john walter, mp, who gave the original glass. Even the attic, which had been converted into my bedroom, was the most perfect little bijou attic that could possibly be imagined. Attic space or within the dwelling. Attic floor.

Scorn sentence examples

Scorned compromise. Be careful about pouring scorn on someone's pet project. She reserves particular scorn for shopping for clothes or shoes. Scorn on the idea that consuming dairy could be bad for health. Anyone who takes the mind seriously in its own terms is often scorned for believing there is " a ghost in the machine. However, to heap scorn upon the welsh side is to rob the noble england squad of the credit due to them. Scorn to take advantage of such a squirrel. Scorn the very idea of exam revision. Boris was right to go and expose himself to their withering scorn. Rivalry brings deceitful disguises, mistaken identities and scorn - so much scorn. Derrida's words in the post card also perhaps generate in most readers the passions of disbelief and even scorn. And let no women scorn other women, for they might well be better than they. The latter path was championed by the nationalistic slavophiles, who heaped scorn on the " decadent " west. She had great scorn for the notion that one should be able to laugh at oneself. There will never be the girl made that would not scorn you. Scorn a man so drunk that he spouts nonsense and attracts a crowd around him. Other political parties have had similar experiences, yet don't attract the scorn of ruth et al. Utterly scorning the democratic process, she saw off parliamentary candidates wholesale. She had great scorn for the notion that one should be able to laugh at oneself.

He cast scorn on the total prohibition of divorce and the idea of an indissoluble marriage bond.

Defective sentence examples

Defective within this period, systems integration ( uk ) ltd will repair or replace product within a reasonable time. Defective in this respect? Defective workmanship only, misuse or wilful damage will render the warranty void. In 1912 part of the school was used for " mentally defective " children the infant school staff, 1895. Should the software prove defective, you assume the cost of all necessary servicing, repair, or correction. Defective in some other way. Defective eyesight were sent from time to time to university college hospital. Rolling claims: claims arising from a single cause such as an allegedly defective drug or product. As our stockpile weapons age we expect more parts to become defective - just as with our automobiles. Defective product(s ). Equally disturbing was the fact that people are willing to take to the roads without a valid driving license or seriously defective vehicles. The unit is returned promptly on being found defective. Defective genes. Question: should the potentially defective battery be sent back to fujitsu siemens computers? No refunds can be processed if returning goods for this reason until the item has been evaluated and deemed defective by the manufacturer. Defective pixels 99.9 % is not good enough! Ceilings upgrading or renewal of old lath and plaster ceilings or otherwise defective ceilings to provide adequate fire resistance. Stead: i believe she intends to tell the truth, but her memory seems very defective. Defective tires is 11 % . I think this is outrageous, as the product is clearly defective if it stops working after 14 months careful use.

Yard sentence examples

There was also heavy flak to the north of hamme on the approach to the railroad marshaling yards. The house is situated about 2 miles from addington equestrian center, close to local livery yards. Yards offside as the ball was played forward by dacourt again. This time around, poor herbie starts out in a scrap yard about to be crushed. More cuts would simply bring the knacker's yard closer, faster. Yards from blue tees. Rutland square hotel, nottingham the rutland square hotel is situated only 50 yards from historic nottingham castle.

Ironically, the kenyon cutting, east of the newton viaduct, yielded 750,000 cubic yards of material. Yard volley chance which was not far over the bar. The shipbuilding yards of la seyne have, however, been axed, closing the book on a centuries-old and at times notorious industry. A spider's web is a breaker's yard in miniature. To the outside street parking to the front and enclosed tarmacadamed rear yard with outside light and useful stone outbuilding. They can only fly a few yards at a time. Severely damaged, this is the second mg maestro in as many races that looks to be destined for the breakers yard. There are materials in the builders ' yard; there is a great deal of work to be done. So one spring she took out a small spade and a square yard of english turf kept damp in a plastic bag. If he'd carried on like that, he would have ended up in the fast bowlers ' knackers yard long before this tour. Although designed for outdoor use, we also found it handy indoors and around the stable yard. Where the timber yard was is where the canal first branched off into the river. Going to one reclamation yard is only the beginning!

Hound sentence examples

Hounds successfully evaded capture. Having survived an earlier shooting it was hunted by the hounds then savaged below ground by the terrier. Actually, i was going to bring your attention to our range of afghan hounds. Meetings or ` stakes ` , whether driven or walked-up are usually for 32 or 16 hounds with the occasional 24 hound stake organized. She lives with her partner and their basset hound in north essex. Hounds of hell are on your trail. Whoever was hunting the hounds then had to keep asking the foot followers to keep well back. The hunted fox is either killed immediately by the leading hound or he gets clean away. You wait ages for a phantom hound, and then two come along! Hound dog rock n roll club in essex. I am also told that if mink hounds should chance upon an otter, they can be called off. A long dog is originally produced from a cross mating between two pure bred sight hounds, ie; a greyhound x saluki. I do hope i am not to be pursued by hounds. Madame souza and her faithful hound bruno leave to track them down. Most scent hounds were used in packs - making a loud, deep baying noise alerting hunters to their location. What happens when foxes are caught by the hounds above ground? Can it really be possible that a spectral, supernatural hound lurks on the barren moor? Despite exhaustive enquiries the groom could find no reports of any of the local fox hound being out that late the previous evening.

Introduction to the pharaoh hound the kennel club describes the dog as ' medium sized, of noble bearing with clean cut lines. The comparison between the fox hounds and their kill, against stag hounds standing off their edible quarry, also supports this view.

Bloodhound sentence examples

That said, those of us who have had bloodhounds have, i regret to say, had to cheat a little bit. He felt like a man holding a fierce bloodhound in leash. Bloodhound hunting on the rural economy. Inclusive of private packs it is difficult to envisage more than an overall total of 60 drag and/or bloodhound packs. For two months he was closely pursued by the english who used bloodhounds to track him. The modern bloodhound is not the identical dog of that time but is still called the chien du st hubert in belgium. Bloodhounds packs. The actual art of hunting a bloodhound is of importance to those who actually hunt them. Bloodhound missiles, in place and ready, at raf marham. Bloodhound called pedro. Bloodhound breeders are very responsible and will be checking out the prospective new owners very carefully. However, as mentioned above, the frequency of shoeing for horses engaged in draghunting and following bloodhounds is less than that for foxhunting.

Annoy sentence examples

Annoys the hell out of me. I had gone to work with a slight chill and by the end of the day had a mildly annoying sore throat. Annoying after a while. Annoyed when we are unfairly targeted by the media to make us sound worse than we actually are. Annoying to hear of people who regard a court-martial as a punishment in itself. Annoying buzzing static you find on other monitors. Annoying by the fact it didn't need to be a disappointment. Annoying habit bring you a disease? It is intensely annoying to be told that the objects lying there in front of you are regrettably unavailable. Annoyed to find everything in order at glastonbury, and no grounds for calumny. Annoying popups. It was incredibly annoying, but i'm lazy, so i lived with it. Annoyed to see her step-mother picking on her father. Annoying software quirks should be sorted out. Some of the new snazzy features i did indeed find to be snazzy, but a lot of the defaults are just downright annoying.

Annoyed to say the least, and asked me to ask around to see who else had missing bibliographies. Annoying buggies found in the previous version. Within the show's editing process, jo had gone from being slightly annoying to quite sympathetic. Annoying distraction from the main plot, or a welcome second layer? It kept conking out whenever they tried to import any mp3s, and was understandably annoying.

Roughage sentence examples

It provides the roughage / fiber that the rabbit needs. Mixing in with their hay encourages them to eat more roughage! Roughage in the diet gives the pet the feeling of fullness without the calories. Geoff wilson said: " the cows were suffering because they weren't getting enough roughage. Geoff wilson said: " the cows were suffering because they weren't getting enough roughage.

Gloomy sentence examples

Gloomy about the long-term prospects about defending the islands. Despite the rather gloomy weather, the changes are obvious. They were built on both sides of the street and made the streets gloomy because they blocked the light. Gloomy prognostications but no more. Despite the dark wood paneling, the tall windows made the place seem less gloomy than the special branch office upstairs. Gloomythe research tends to paint a slightly gloomier picture. Recently, the british cinema scene has been pretty gloomy. Gloomy foreboding. I also found the lighting too dark which made act i look very gloomy. The somewhat gloomy middle ages were dismissive of ancient greek ideology. Gloomy prognosis yet there are still plenty of reasons to be cheerful. Felt really gloomy all day yesterday: i don't think annie likes me anymore. The village fool gives a humorous hint to the otherwise gloomy story. Gloomy dungeons are also populated by the ghosts of the wretches whose spare parts have been used to manufacture the monster. Robert newman remains as gloomy as ever about the barley mow pub: ` usually runs out of real ale before closing time. The message however is too gloomy for the author, preacher, actor or judge. Gloomy predictions of labor's left wing proved spurious. She is clearly in a class with sandy denny and dolores keane in her ability to convey emotion without sounding merely gloomy. Gloomy daily outlook you may suffer. Through the open window there came the roar of a mown meadow and it suddenly became very gloomy in the room.

Pounce sentence examples

Pounce on any mistake. Hiding behind the wall, she sees the stranger advancing, keeps her eyes on him and suddenly pounces when he comes within reach. Pounce out from under its tangled brow. Pounces when he comes within reach. Pounced on a rebound for his second league goal. Alan dwyer and ed moore immediately pounced and shuffled connor down to fourth. Pounced upon by smug commentators from every angle. Pounced to head home after the gretna defense failed to clear tom parratt's free-kick with 12 minutes remaining. Pounced from 25 yards, curling the ball round post and keeper. Pounce won the first frame and is now pouncing on an error from davis in the second. Pounceie knocked down the shot before pouncing onto the loose ball. Pouncemcgall was soon pouncing on them both, diving down farrell's inside at the chicane to take third on lap five. Pounce on anyone opening the door. Once you have found an interesting guy do n't pounce on him straight away, take things nice ' n ' slow. Pounced on a loose ball in the corner to edge castleford ahead for the first time with less than ten minutes remaining. Pounced again from close range to double the visitors lead. Pounced on from behind bushes hints at child abusers. Pounced on a stray pass, taking the ball near the center spot. A large lycan then pounced on the hood of crystal's car. Pounced down on him and seized him in his talons.

Umpteen sentence examples

The new one has umpteen, plus abs and self tightening seat belts and so on. Umpteen times. Facebook fuss part umpteen: students are dum-dums the latest round of facebook numbskullery comes from none other than edinburgh's student newspaper. Umpteen years. Facebook fuss part umpteen: students are dum-dums the latest round of facebook numbskullery comes from none other than edinburgh's student newspaper. Umpteen variations on a single theme. Umpteen books on the go. Umpteen hours to get to the competition.. . Umpteen websites with very polarized viewpoints that restrict contrary views.

Giggle sentence examples

You can't get through a page without having to stifle giggles at the pompous redundancy of the literary quotations. Had me in fit of girlish giggles every time they said " thankyou " in a geordie accent, much to cherb's amusement.

Giggle uncontrollably. Giggles when i shiver. Giggles with glee in self-amusement, or has a royal diaper rash to contend with. Giggled again, prompting an annoyed frown on his part. Gigglean uncontrollable giggling fit at the worst possible moment 028. Giggletions go from giggling helplessly to being stunned or even crying! Giggleio of schoolboys, giggling with delight, show me the ancient art of making whoopee cushions out of sheep's scrotums. Gigglegraphics will melt your eyes and the immature toilet humor of the game will have you giggling like a schoolgirl. Sam doesn't bother suppressing the giggle this time. She laughs nervously, i probably shouldn't say that. there should flat silence, the flutter of nervous giggles. Gigglebig maori driver gave me my ticket and sat down beside a bunch of giggling school girls. Giggleigan: [ backstage, giggling quietly ] seagoon: hmmm, let me see. I don't feel very comfortable as i hear silly giggles and jokes about me. Poor sarah's little giggle behind the tent flap got picked up by the last person she wanted to hear. Giggles being very silly and we were giggling a lot. Giggle had a nice time and much giggling was done. If it's simply a handy stunt to get pr a bit of extra publicity i suppose we could just enjoy a quiet giggle. Anyone else got any giggles they can share... .

Snore sentence examples

Snore all night like an asthmatic camel. Nobody actually admits to it, but if you are around someone who does snore - and we mean snore! The apnea often ends with a loud snore or gasp, along with movements of the whole body. Snore loud i thought better one on my own. Snore more when they have a cold. Snore like pigs anyway? Snoresses chinked, and snoring noises came from under a chestnut where mr. witcher was contemplating his lunch. Snoreie was sound asleep on the bed, snoring very loudly. Snore i was the only one to sleep through the snoring that woke everyone else up hurrah! Snorei listened very carefully, i'm sure i would hear sounds of snoring in the background. The output from the delay circuit is normally high, changing momentarily to low on detection of a prolonged snore. Snoreeard a loud snoring sound coming from the pilots seat. Snorelooked over at manuel, who was snoring gently, curled up beside him. Snorei was wondering if you could help me with my snoring problem.

Snoren we finally went to bed we had to face the challenge of trying to sleep through someone's really loud snoring. Snore market for all snoring remedies is rapidly growing, with a market estimation of approximately 50 million just within the eu. Snorele you're snoring away, your body is working overtime to keep you healthy. Snorehronically snoring child should be examined for problems with his or her tonsils and adenoids. Snorey of his congregation had fallen asleep; some were even snoring. Snore papa luigi his ovens are cold and he is still snoring.

Squeak sentence examples

Squeaking noise. Did you ever hear the terrible squeak of chalk on an old dry blackboard? The high pitched squeaks of territorial common shrews coming from the long grass. Squeaking loudly on the polished tiles. He was also noted to have said, " we shall squeeze the orange until the pips squeak, " in favor of reparations. Squeaked when she was held. Squeaking barn doors moved today, possibly the first time for decades! Make the balloon squeak for the duration of your bathing experience. She has a very loud squeak for such a tiny shoe! Malcolm turner cheshire ' i was speechless, just squeaking! Squeaking sound shortly before the adult emerges. She has a very loud squeak for such a tiny shoe! My troop had a narrow squeak of being badly mauled, had we not taken cover. I learned to wax the axle of the wheel so that it would n't squeak. Squeaks a bit on his oboe, nothing much. So you want to get rid of every little squeak and hum? The floor can then be replaced using screws to ensure it is secure and does not squeak. Squeaked home with a wicket to spare. The high pitched squeaks of territorial common shrews coming from the long grass. Walking up the stairs, gabe cringed at the high-pitched squeaks that escaped from each step under the weight of his feet.

Flutter sentence examples

Fluttering butterflies. Maybe you like a little flutter or gamble, or perhaps you would like to.. . Flutter on the horses, too. An atrial flutter is a fault in the electrical activity of the heart. Flutter echo. Fluttered strongly over the butterfly copse. Fluttering around near the top of my garden hawthorn tree. Flutter in the breeze of the fan. Flutter of a million tiny wings. Us was about butterflies flutter above plunging my arms forward winds i mumble.

Fluttering flags. He may have also enjoyed the occasional flutter on the horses, too. He may have also enjoyed the occasional flutter on the horses, too. Flutter kick is 10 % . Flutter down over johann. Fluttering in the wind. The flags flutter, the crowds cheer, the legislatures meet. Fluttering a wing in a puddle, are torn to pieces alive by the dogs. He said: " i'm feeling dizzy and i'm having a heart flutter, " she recalls. Fluttering flight.

Smack sentence examples

Smacks of desperation. I was gob smacked to find a spam message in my guest book. Smacked off the left upright and was hacked clear. The sharp suits, perfect shoes, spiffy watch, it all smacks of the well dressed " c " level look. Smack in the mouth? Smacks of hypocrisy. Smacked ass. Such thinking rather smacks of the historical determinism that third way thinkers associate with the 'old left ' and claim to have moved beyond. Smack in the middle of an impromptu rescue attempt by a man she had thought long dead. Smacks of western arrogance. Smack bang in the center of town. Smacked too much of communism, of some kind of social, liberal gospel. Smacks in the face you don't want them to keep on happening. Smacks of political correctness. Smacked the ball down the wing to aidan gregory to set up a counter attack. Really, i'd rather just smack my head into a tree than watch somebody paint a house. Smacking in breaks of 46, 51 and 56. Smacks of another desperate attempt to have a dig at chelsea. Smacked a shot against the woodwork. Smacked bottom.

Magnificent sentence examples

Magnificent at the heart of their overworked defense, scooped the ball high into the air. It doesn't have to depict pretty subjects -- goya painted horrific scenes but he made something magnificent out of them. Magnificent coastal scenery. Are these faults spoiling what is a truly magnificent stadium? Magnificent to see such a large choir who made such a beautiful sound, the ladies in particular, especially the sopranos. He looked magnificent, all puffed up like a little cat all puffed up.

Magnificent in all seasons of the year, but especially in springtime when our flowers are at their best. Magnificent cathedral. For the third year running the weather was absolutely magnificent, the entertainment was great and the picnics ' mouth watering! As we ascended the view out west became ever more magnificent. Magnificent view of the sun drenched white city. And to complete the transformation, in 1903 they built an utterly magnificent new station at wemyss bay and an adjoining new pier. Magnificent victorian mansions create the falstaff hotel in royal leamington spa. Another short via ferrata has to be tackled on the descent, which provides equally magnificent rock scenery to the ascent. Magnificent coastline of hillsborough nature reserve. This would have been quite magnificent, creating a spectacular finish to the church; today it is a key feature of the site. Magnificent 14th century courtyard castle, once the ancestral home of the earls of moray. The singing, unaccompanied throughout, was simply magnificent, making this show a real festive treat.

Gleam sentence examples

Gleaming skyscrapers of 'the city ' . Intimate kindness navigating between forces catching the gleam, the sadness. A pale gleam in a far corner reflected the light sneaking in under the rafters. Gleaming white. Several miles away, two brightly gleaming disks were circling at high speed. Gleaming in the sunlight. Gleam of sunshine into the room. Gleaming paintwork and highly polished brass and copper work. From far off on the mountain's brink, all the bright clothing gleams. Gleaming in the sunshine. Gleam of hope i can see in charles ' message is the word ' include ' . Gleaming chrome and bodywork: the marilyn monroe of the cooker world. The rainbow i watch the white dawn gleam, to the thunder of hidden guns. Gleam in the sun. Gleam of light in these dark times. Gleaming jewels exploding out of the coal-black damp night that had magically come alive. Gleam in the eye of these weavers in the old pics. Gleaming teeth that shine on tv don't just happen by themselves you know! Gleamed in the pale golden light of the planet's sun. Gleaming marbles.

Crouch sentence examples

Crouching tiger, hidden dragon, either. Crouching on the floor to rifle through their map boxes, which is not good.

Crouch position in the water, spring up, pike, glide to bottom of pool then glide to surface. Crouched low in the dead grass, only its twitching tail really showing. Crouched down to take a close-up of some roses. Crouched down in front of europa to lure her closer. Crouched in the shadow of the stag's body. Crouched, adult burial, probably dating to the early bronze age, is one of the earliest finds at the site. Crouches on the ground, puts his legs around a huge basket. Crouched down next to the pole, ready to dive for the ball. Crouched together into the smallest possible compass, his luminous green eyes turned over his shoulder regarding me. Crouched over against the far wall, his left shoulder against the rock, his back to the entrance. Crouched in a corner, her knees drawn up to her chin, her arms pressed tight over her face. Crouching lion. Crouching there in the hawthorn bushes, where tam lin had told her to hide, she felt the night's chill bite deeper. Crouched in front of her, weapon out. Crouched position at the south end, with a mirror propped against her legs. Nicholas was pressing hard against jonathon, who was still crouched facing the fire. Crouched figure behind him is perhaps sleeping, perhaps dead. Abraham sniffed the still air, then crouched beside tall grass stems.

Delight sentence examples

Delighted the audience. Singapore's popular hawker stalls are actually serving up a melting pot of culinary delights forged by singapore's unique multi-cultural heritage. Delight soccer: tony chomping at the bit for.. . Deciduous ancient woodlands run down tiny valleys to the seas edge and birdwatchers and naturalists delight in the abundance of wildlife. Anniversaries for march proverbs red sky at night, shepherd's delight. The thought, " good have i done, " delights him, and he delights even more when gone to realms of bliss. Delighted to announce a brand new webmail facility. Delight in the abundance of wildlife. Delight of the onlookers, doonie stuart rosie emerged triumphant. Delighted with the turnout. Colors used are ' ballerina ' and ' turkish delight ' from the focus own brand paint range. Delighted to welcome dougie maclean to our first festival. The rarities that make up the rest of the disk are also sheer delight. Delighted to hear from anyone who might help. The same cannot be said for the mini games, which are an absolute delight with the new control system. Delighted to receive this award.

Road bikes are pure delight on a decent road surface, much faster than either hybrids or mountain bikes. Delighted to confirm the umpire appointments for the 2006 international junior program ( u16's, u18's, u21's ). It was an entire night of art, people, amazing and unexpected delight. Delighted to see the 1960 school photo.

Retrieve sentence examples

Retrieve occurrences of entity one_b subject again to the profile passed down from the parent component. On the day of the wedding you can bet guests can easily retrieve all the required details for the day's events! Retrieve that cursed acorn. The number of records retrieved is shown at the top of the list. Retrieved by title search. Items associated with robert burns are automatically retrieved from selected cairns catalogs. Retrieved later when they come back. Retrieved from a cache. Retriever, this case does demonstrate the difficulty in learning new information, retaining it and subsequently retrieving it. Retrieve the file data. With a double press of the button you can quickly retrieve what you missed. Retrieved from the database by querying it. Retrieve a document. On a windoze machine, eudora software successfully retrieves email from the machine. Retrieved from the main pgp key servers. Retrieve the ball. The address of the file is in a format that can be interpreted by a web server, which then retrieves the file. Retrieved from memory. Retrieve journal article citations.

Expedition sentence examples

Could he really have seen a yeti ( fair-haired, brunette or otherwise ) on one such foraging expedition? Expedition in the himalayas and previously unpublished in their entirety. In 1907, he led his own british antarctic expedition in the nimrod. Expedition medic. She designed the diets for the 1993 everest expedition that put the first british woman, rebecca stevens mbe, on the summit. This is the most ambitious, and possibly the most exciting, trekking peak expedition we have yet devised. The adventurer was not the only man to lose his life on the ill-fated expedition. Expedition leader. It is a true mountaineering expedition - hillwalkers beware.

He has led expeditions to canada, the usa, south america, europe. A wholesale case was the fate of a punitive expedition sent down from austria in the seventies. Student profile sophie powell is raising money for a trekforce expedition to borneo for her gap year. They were sent in 1830 to explore the lower reaches of the river niger, and later mounted two more expeditions to the niger. They have even been used to plan the food ration requirements for polar expeditions. The gardeners ' atlas the on-line way to buy a regularly updated atlas to take on your uk garden hunting expeditions. How about the adventure of joining an expedition into the world's greatest mountain ranges. Group maximums vary from 22 on our overland expeditions in africa to 10 for some of our european walks. They are participation camping expeditions, where you help make the tour work by being a part of the team. The setting up of an exploratory expedition would face different problems to those facing a sporting expedition. Young luke, seven years old was out in the fens with his dad on his first winter pike fishing expedition.

Stalk sentence examples

Stalk of celery instead of the traditional swizzle stick. Stalk deer. Strain off the liquid from the casserole and discard the parsley stalks, orange zest and bay leaf. The flowers grow on long, slender stalks, which makes it possible to make daisy chains. Now, we take the planets and stars as our language, rather than cards or yarrow stalks or lines on the hands. Stalking any town hall corridors. The abnormal cells first invade the stalk of the polyp, then the underlying tissue of the colon to which the stalk of the polyp, then the underlying tissue of the colon to which the stalk is attached. Stalk carp on some waters most of the time, these conditions really make life a lot easier. The combine picks up the rows and harvests the seed, chopping the stalks and spreading them as it goes along. The portal vessels run down the pituitary stalk ( infundibulum ) to arrive at the pituitary gland. Meanwhile, chop 1 red onion, dice 3 ripe tomatoes and 2 celery stalks. Stalking prey. Trim the stalks to roughly the same length to ensure even cooking and tie in bunches of 6-8 stems. The flowers are first produced on the bottom of the flowering stalk or raceme. Strain off the liquid from the casserole and discard the parsley stalks, orange zest and bay leaf. Then she put the basket among the tall stalks of grass at the edge of the nile river.

The leaf stalks are up to 5 cm long with 2 large gland s at the leaf end. They grow in closely packed rows on a tall, thick stalk, and have a pungent, slightly bitter flavor. Slice the washed asparagus stalks finely, setting the tips aside. This applies to soft vegetables as well as tougher wastes such as cabbage stalks or twiggy material.

Wince sentence examples

Wince a few times, no doubt. The caliber of the delivery team is enough to make many community projects wince. Wince at the poor buildings my constituents have inherited from a previous era which they experience everyday. Winces visibly for a moment, and then it is done. But the very thought of the operatic castrati today is enough to make a grown man wince. Wince when a woman tries to clean his wounds. Winces visibly for a moment, and then it is done. Winced at some memory. In the fell clutch of circumstance i have not winced nor cried aloud. Winced in sympathy. Winceuess i'll just get back to work - wincing a bit! Wince can almost hear him struggling to sound like someone he's not which is slightly wincing. Wincee again, following a brief period of wincing in pain, the south player was able to carry on with the match. Wince at the cost tho. I still wince at some of the nave mistakes we made. Actually, that made a lot of people wince! Wince whenever i see those huge diesel tractors plow the stour meadowlands. Winced at the sudden pain. Winced again; but he went on: " well, i know that. He never winced - never moved a muscle, but went down as tho martha jones had not touched him.

Scowl sentence examples

Scowling face. Wear a smile and have friends; wear a scowl and have wrinkles. With a permanent scowl on her face and a swear word on her lips. Rob smiled and pointed the electric tube at the man, who doubtless recognized its power, for he fell back scowling and trembling. Scowling down at us in disappointment. Scowl when any children were nearby. Sun microsystems, however, put on a very serious scowl at a media summit held at its menlo park offices last week. His wife said nothing just scowled at him and the growing pile of empty sweet packets. Scowling up at his inspector now. what's gotten in to you, lad?

He turned, and just to look at his angry scowl, i realized that it would not be wise to carry on.

Gape sentence examples

The bites had a gape of about 12 cm. Gape hook. Gape in awe at a mighty tornado plucking trees, or a raging thunderstorm ripping open the sky. He came and sat down on the next bed and just gaped, after asking how i was. Gaped in astonishment. Gaped open. Gapedusty little park named for him disappeared into the gaping maw of a new fort washington way. Gape you want moves that leave your jaw gaping open then look no further. Gapeside is the same picture of sandy from the teaser, chest gaping open. Gaperns slipped and suddenly lynn's darren way found himself in a bit of space and the goal gaping in front of him. Gapes in disbelief. Gaped in horror. Gapene could not forgive this very public humiliation and it widened the breech between them into a gaping chasm. Gapewas left there gaping, stunned by the freakish weather pattern. Gaped in amazement at its snowballing popularity. Gapeere was a gaping hole where the south wall of the transept should have been. Gapeline was drawn under the archive of the structure while there were still gaping holes in the end wall, so to speak. Gapeny had gaping bullet wounds on the chest, legs, or head. Gapeis was the very door remember that bruce had spent the entire afternoon fashioning to resemble the gaping jaws of a great white shark. Gapet some environmental groups argue that the new policies leave some gaping loopholes.

Grin sentence examples

They just wanted to wipe the grin from his face. Mikey's been rattled by tony's toothy grin. Egghead quizmaster bamber gascoigne, whose name alone sounded like some obscure degree-level specialism, would babble the questions through a perpetual rictus grin. Jester's grin masking was named police at a time game based on. Grinned sheepishly at the courier, who shrugged his shoulders in sign that they were beaten. Grinning idiots we needed ' cold ' . Grinning inanely at aidan, who is looking rather uncomfortable. Grinning from ear to ear with delight. Grinning like a maniac. It didn't merely make me smile, it plastered a grin across my face.

With a cheesy grin she offers her neck to black leather gloves of the killer, " just don't mess up my hair! These benefits include better health, excitement, personal growth, ear-to-ear grins, and a whole lot of fun. Grinned mischievously, just relax. Grinning like an idiot. The governor's son had scrambled up beside his father, flashing a quick grin over his shoulder at dirk. I just think simon has got a real cheeky grin! Grinned wickedly at her. you sexy madam, come here. As this dodgy crank of a coach spluttered along i allowed myself a smug grin as the holders of standard coach tickets pushed forward. Dave on drums with wry grin: powerful with perfect attitude. The cheeky name is due to that impish grin.

Grave sentence examples

Her son even dug a grave in the garden. Jones is buried in an unmarked grave in the nearby st mary's churchyard. Grave robbers because. Notes: 1. arundell's original battlefield grave marker is located near the entrance to cheltenham cemetery. Making no attempt to solve the crime, the local authorities rapidly transfer the corpse to a pauper's grave. Graves in the churchyard also. Graves from the battlefields of arras and the ancre and from other burial grounds. Even with her passenger's walking difficulties this was no reason to desecrate two graves simply for their own benefit. One poor woman was so intoxicated that she tumbled into the water at the depot and met a watery grave. Grave danger? Grave in the nearby cemetery. There's a broken-hearted woman tends the grave of mad carew. We bury her in a shallow grave by the road. Grave slabs also. The location of mass graves appears to be rare. Grave marker. Over 160,000 soldiers died during that time; most are buried on the peninsula, not all in marked graves. Grave misgivings at how our business together was being conducted? Right 4: you have the right to be buried in an unpurchased grave. Grave concern by many outside the industry.

Monster sentence examples

Monster slain by hercules. Monster in the closet.

Meanwhile, arun has noticed the spark of chemistry between pat and sheena and is quick to allow the green-eyed monster to surface. Monster trucks kicked up enough dirt to fill the air with a brown haze. A full schedule cast of celebrity loch ness monster shipmates who were. It's a much more delicate and florid piece than the loopy mr. vengeance or the rampaging monster of a movie that was oldboy. The ball was actually the thing - lucy's hideous monster - the green angel. Monster mash when they clash! The boys loved it, but the girls loved it just as much because it's not just fire-breathing monsters on there. Monsters unleashed by britain to police it nearly 80 years ago live on. Lead scooby and shaggy through five huge episodes filled with scary monsters and spooky ghosts. Monster hunters! Then - and how can i forget, we started a papier mache monster head. Well rahab apparently was the name of an ancient mythical sea monster. Monster movie with science fiction trappings. A full schedule cast of celebrity loch ness monster shipmates who were. This is not a congenial creature in the disney mold but an utterly terrifying monster with jagged teeth and eyes which blaze like torches. In an overlayed frame, inu

Thrill sentence examples

Thrills, spills and terror! Short wave receiver now anyone can enjoy the thrill of the sounds of radio broadcasts picked up on a home-built receiver! Thrilled at the prospect of getting a chance to show what they can do. An anthony performance is a genuine vicarious thrill for the viewer, a smorgasbord of excitement executed with the finesse of a master pianist. Thrill seekers will jump off just about anything. Thrilled when we heard we had been awarded gold. Thrilled to announce that an aristasian classic is back in print! Thrill of the chase, for this is hunting country. Thrilled the crowd. Imagine the thrill of reading about the key lifetime events of your grandparents. The sheer thrill of speed always does it for me. Thrill ride was an early version of the popular bob sled. Thrill of a lifetime? Thrilled audience. Research we carried out last year proved scientifically, that bingo is the ultimate thrill, making the national, the ultimate bingo game. Thrill of anticipation through me. Thrills a spectator leaves only a chill within the heart of a manager. Biking is or should be great fun as well as a huge thrill. Thrill of street racing as the member of a team out for street supremacy. Is that the ultimate computer experience or a cheap thrill?

Broadcast sentence examples

Dab has the capabilities to sound stunning and can under the right conditions leave fm broadcasts sounding very poor in comparison. Les has also made tv & radio broadcasts, tapes & cd's. Broadcast live on new zealand tv! Broadcast on this information is provided by provet for educational purposes only. Allowance is made for lower production budgets, and previous terrestrial broadcast is not a requirement. Broadcast journalism which will prove invaluable in his gpcc work. In los angeles hat is just espn broadcast crewtwo. A monthly series of live broadcasts replaces the lecture mode. Hdtv offers a long awaited update to the standard of television broadcasts. Broadcast on bbc1 on sunday 20th march at 5:25pm. Broadcast crewtwo. View range compare product range betacam sp betacam sp is a global mainstream analog broadcast standard. He once sat with the bbc head of outside broadcasts, peter dimmock, on a plane. Only 3.4 million consumers watch mobile tv broadcasts currently, in-stat said. Broadcast on fm for a month-long period, across the students ' union elections. Broadcast journalists based at the regional centers throughout the uk. Broadcast on television. Broadcast media - even the bbc - followed the tabloid agenda to a large extent. Broadcast on radio. Broadcast television market.

Depth sentence examples

Depth of 148 meters. Don't you just love the pretentious cretins who try to plumb the depths of artistic endeavor? Perfect for families with sandy beach and shallow depths. Depth gage. Different tread depths from side to side is also a bad idea. Depths of despair. Check the tires for wear, damage and tread depth. Up to her shoulders all she can do is gaze at the colors swirling beneath the murky depths. The theories discussed will be set against an in- depth study of a specific case. Depth of 15 fathoms. Is there a maximum depth for try a dives? The wreck is broken into 2 main parts and lies in a scour with a max depth of 16m. Depth of 2-3 cm. But home for all it's jazzy fun didn't lack hidden depths and quiet pondering moments. The sis 5598 is not capable of supporting overlays but does support hardware gamma color correction in all color depths.

Depth of 3 foot for 20 ton barges which would pay a charge of 3 pence a lock. The great depth of middle earth's history is absent from the film. There is a 12 m depth of peat within the confining basin. Depths of the ocean only produce the most minor artifacts onto the screen - you have to get close to really notice. Below are the major considerations to think about... the site will explore in sufficient depth each of these alternative types of pump applications.

Scatter sentence examples

Scattered the ashes, while groups of mourners arrived with their recently deceased relative. Scattered around from the lakes past. Scattered throughout the genome, evidence of the importance of smell to most mammals. Scattered around the globe. The first assemblage was a lithic scatter, of mesolithic date, from cornhill farm, colter. Scatter cushions are also available, supplied with plump fiber fill pads. Scattered across the globe. Scatter of flint and medieval pottery, but nothing very exciting. It was found by geophysical survey on the site of a flint scatter in ploughsoil. Scattering amplitudes with the number of partial waves is improved by using a procedure which is related to the pade approximation. Scatter plot required then click the define button. Scatter of broken pottery. Petals scattered over your bed and in your bath - at once. Scatter graph of rainfall against daily air pressure for three months. Falling nearby with the resultant loud explosion and debris scattered all over. The plot is called a scatter diagram or a scatter diagram or a scatter plot. Damage serious enough to produce a hole in the hull usually leaves wreckage scattered about the area. Scatter radar facility, in terms of capability. Scattering scarlet poppy seeds. Scatter rugs cover the floors.

Feeble sentence examples

We give what we really know are rather feeble excuses. This argument on its own may seem a bit feeble. Feeble excuse about no beer in fridge. On closer examination both of them seem rather feeble. Feeble in the extreme in any case. They make our efforts look pretty feeble by comparison. Feeble imitation. A time when mortal hearts slow, pulses growing feeble as their innocent souls ripen for death. He will never cut anything back: never remove a plant however feeble it has become. Feeble attempt to run a world class event. With human wants, kind spirits may become feeble through hunger.

He was too feeble in body for the strain. Feeble glow. Suddenly, the national central banks of the euro area are looking rather feeble, putting huge pressure on the center in frankfurt. What people tend to forget to mention from the increasingly feeble tory party is that they are wasting the poor's money. Feeble joke. He felt so feeble that he was unable to do anything. A mere thank you sounds so feeble but, thank you. Feeble knees be strengthened and our souls revived in such a way that we will magnify the lord. Even at this level, the investments remain very feeble.

Creep sentence examples

No more, he swore, would he stealthily creep, sheep in hand, in the dark, o'er the college wall! Creep through. Creep down the stairs, still laboring under the delusion that i can put off the breakfast ordeal until a more reasonable hour. Creeping thistle. Creeping perennial. His feet, so soft, his shoes are made of leaves, silently creeping through the forest. Creeping up to the 0.5 million mark. Creep errors that have crept into the transcription are the fault of the present publisher. Creepthe dawn sky crept nearer, i decided to have a look at that bright thing in the low southern sky - oh! Creepiving at the entrance of the alley, he paused momentarily, then cautiously crept down it. Creep slowly across his face. Creep around in your shoes to get rid of the cramp! Creeping buttercup can survive shallow burial. Creeping upwards. Creeping along nicely. At night i'd hear your gentle paws quietly creep out of the back room into ours. Creeping bentgrass tend to form more thatch than upright species. Creeping rhizomes. Creeping red fescue has excellent repairing qualities for the heavy users. Creeping barrage ' tactic meant that the infantry advanced closely behind a cleverly orchestrated artillery barrage.

Frost sentence examples

Harm badly affected plants can be so weakened they are unable to withstand winter frosts. Pots emerging, a little blackened by last frost. An absence of hoar frost in many areas left many drivers unaware of the hazard. Frost heave or by strong winds.

Frost hardy. Frosts of autumn. A total of 9 ground frosts occurred in the month. Large showy blooms ideal in patio containers will tolerate moderate spring frosts. The forecast suggests a spell of milder weather, possibly followed by high pressure, which could bring overnight frosts. Frost nip ' . Beside, the ice caps are more like a winter frost than the ice caps you get on earth. The weather was improving, and the sun beginning to melt the slight frost which could be seen glinting off the grass blades. Not a cloud in the sky, the caps of the munros glistening white with snow and a sublime frost covering everything. Frost bite, do ya? A severe frost can wipe out crops for two years. Frost resistant than the typical species. The year is entering its coldest phase and december brings some sharp frosts. Frost damage in the future. Bolton abbey station in a slight frost with the fires going. Frost proof shelter measuring four feet x four feet is attached to the flight at the rear.

Generous sentence examples

Generous of spirit and with a wry sense of humor, he was a highly competent soldier from whom young subalterns learned much. Generous in spirit and competent in action. Generous donation of the gift of life, lives would be lost. This is what one extraordinarily generous man from exmouth, david fisher, did. So if you're feeling generous, please, help me get a free ipod. Generous in size. Generous benefactors. I think you're being overly generous toward lazenby. Doesn't it seem generous, given that the standard rate is 40 % ? Generous in terms of space and each has an en-suite shower and toilet with wheelchair access. Generous sponsorship, the company can perform for 75 per program. So it is amazing that our incredibly generous readers have achieved that in less than two. If they initially appear generous, we might continue to see acts of kindness. Generous bequest to the bec. He was exceedingly generous to the church and delighted in giving gifts and receiving memorabilia. We need to mobilize, to get active and to get generous. Generous hospitality; john greatly improved his skill with chopsticks during the course of the visit. Even being extremely generous in my words, chris tucker has the most annoying role seen in any film to date. Generous leave allowance.

Mps qualify for a fantastically generous final salary pension scheme, with benefits underwritten by the public purse, of course.

Castle sentence examples

The three privates were executed by firing squad against the walls of the ruined 16thcentury castle in the village on may 27, 1916. Pony rides, bouncy castle, face painting & much more. Castle ruins, and a rich variety of wildlife. Longtown castle ruins is a one example of a motte and bailey castle, owned by norman lords to maintain control over the welsh. This is a very attractive example of a moated castle, originally owned by the tunstall family. The museum is accommodated in a rebuilt medieval castle in the middle of castle gardens. Castle mound, along a footpath south of the church. Glengorm castle choose this fairytale castle on the isle of mull for your very special day. On former fortified castle ( 11th century ), with all its authenticity. We climbed the moorish castle that overlooks the town only to find that some of it appears to be new. Castle moat. These people do not and cannot even leave this crusader castle. I would very much appreciate if you send me information about this fact and/or stories about enchanted castles. Doune castle a magnificent 14th century courtyard castle, once the ancestral home of the earls of moray. Castle rampart to the entrance of the room used by bbc engineers as a studio. Built on a hilltop late in the 11th century, the castle started life as a large motte castle. These are regions steeped in history, whose every village seemingly hides an architectural treasure, from romanesque chapels to crumbling castles. Inverlochy castle fort william remains of a 13th century castle built by the comyn family. Castle dungeons have been converted to used-book shops! Romania has majestic castles, medieval towns, great hiking and wildlife.