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Restoration Council of the Shan State The 13th Annual Meeting Headquarters, Loi Tai Leng Dated : 19th

January 2013

“Meeting Statement”
1. With regard to the ceasefire agreement between Restoration Council of the Shan State and President U Thein Sein government, it will be maintained so that it is not first broken by the RCSS. 2. Anti-Narcotic Division of RCSS will cooperate with President U Thein Sein government and UNODC to prevent the danger of illegal drugs. Crops substitution will be used for the development so that the farmers growing opium will not depend on illegal drugs for their livelihood and become slave to illegal drugs. 3. RCSS will build close relationship between RCSS, political parties and every resistance group to solve problems through negotiation. 4. To expand businesses of the Council for effective use in its national struggle. 5. To encourage the freedom of people to legally and freely work for their livelihood.

Central Executive Committee Restoration Council of the Shan State