The importance of Nurses’ Training School for a modern Multispeciality Hospital, hardly requires any elucidation. In such a small town like Hardwar, that too in a remote area of India, it is very difficult to get trained and experienced Nurses and it is all the more difficult to retain their services for a longer time with the meagre salary that the Sevashrama can offer. While Uttranchal can boast about having more educated youth than the neighbouring States and yet it being industrially and economically backward, it has very little employment avenues for these youths. Hence, the said Nurses’ Training Centre will very much help both the unemployed youth as well as the Sevashrama, and, at the same time, meet the growing demand of trained Nurses in the country. In fact, the demand, for more and more Nurses aboard, is increasing phenomenally. The success of China’s health programme owed greatly to the availability of not so much doctors as trained Nurses. According to the latest data while the country (India) needs at least 45,000 such female health workers, the availability is a little over 27,000. Accordingly, the Sevashrama proposes to construct Nurses’ Training School as well as a Hostel for the trainees and staff, with all required facilities.

The Sevashrama, is a branch centre of the RAMAKRISHNA MISSION, P.O.- Belur Math, Dist.- Howrah- 711202, West Bengal – which has 110 centres in India and 37 centres abroad (as on March, 2002). Ramakrishna Mission is a Registered body having been registered on 4th May, 1909 as per Registration No.S/1917 of 1909-10, Certificate No.138. Its Ideal is ‘Freedom of the self and service of mankind’ and Motto: (i) Renunciation and Service, looking upon all, irrespective of caste, creed or colour as veritable manifestation of the Divine and (ii) Harmony of religions.

The Hardwar ‘Sevashrama‘ was founded at the behest of SWAMI VIVEKANANDA, the Patriot Saint of India, who became world famous after his soul stirring speech at the World’s Parliament of Religions, Chicago in 1893. One of his direct disciples, Swami Kalyanananda established this Sevashrama in a rented house at Kankhal in the year 1901. It shifted to its own land in 1903 and since then it has made a long stride working ceaselessly in providing most essential services to the local people as well as the pilgrims/tourists, through its two Hospitals, one for Male and another exclusively for Female, as also through its Medical Mobile unit, plying in the country side. The Sevashrama has already completed more than 100 years of its services to this vast region stretching right from the foothills of the Mighty Himalayas to deep inside it. 4. SEVASHRAMA’S ACTIVITIES a) The Indoor Department: The male patients kept in different building blocks, were shifted to a new building constructed during Swami Vivekananda Birthday Centenary in 1963 with 57 beds. For the Female patients, another hospital building, with 65 beds, was constructed in the eighties of the last century. Now the total bed strength of the Indoor Hospital has risen to 150-169, with provision to increase its capacity. b) The Out-Door Dispensary, Emergency Ward and I.C.C.U.: The O.P.D., with Emergency Ward, is already functioning in the new NOPD building. The Emergency ward, working round the clock, has been modernized and its bed strength increased to 10 beds and a most modern four-bedded I.C.U. has been added very recently, spending about Rs.75 lakhs on them.


No.1 6.47.C. e) Ancillary Services: The Sevashrama is running Dairy (average daily milk yield being 266 ltrs per day as against 246 liters previous year) and Agricultural farms to provide wholesome food to its poor patients and inmates. Celltac. the Mobile Medical Dispensary is catering to the medical needs of the impoverished villages covering 150 km around Hardwar. and Sonography departments The Radiology department has two Siemens X-ray plants of 300 and 500 mA capacities.. 6. it took up this scheme more seriously and has since been treating T. a separate T. This service is progressing satisfactorily.81.12.G. (b) Approval of the Indian Nursing Council regarding suitability with regard to physical infrastructure.As early as in 1911 the Sevashrama had built.B. The Sevashrama cannot close its eyes to the suffering of such poor afflicted ones. Due to its constant up-gradation. some other departments have to be refurbished with modern hospital-equipments. are being done in the Sevashrama Laboratory.845 tests during the financial year 2003-04. d) Diagnotic departments: i) LABORATORY All types of Tests in Biochemistry. This requires further and substantial funding. Automatic Hematology.664 in the year 2002-03 and it has been modernized spending Rs. Serology.2 PROJECT PROFILE TITLE: Opening of Nurses’ Training School Prerequisites: The following are the minimum pre-requisites for getting recognition of a School of Nursing offering a Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery programme: a) Procurement of the No Objection/Essentiality Certificate from the State Government. block since it was then a most infectious and devastatingly killer disease requiring separate arrangement. the total number of tests done annually has gone up by 442% during last ten years. Microbiology and Urology. The National Committee of the Govt. showing all round improvement. has Toshiba Ultrasound & Eco Machine and gave 3460 diagnostic test reports during 2003-04. ii) X-Ray and E. (d) The Indian Nursing Council will conduct inspection every year till the first 2 . It undertook 21.U with 4 beds has been added and Laboratory. patients free of cost. 5. AVL Blood Gas & Electrolytic Analyzer. c) Rural Medical Health Service: Started in 1973.O. Emergency Wards have been expanded and modernized.11.B.308 in 2003-04 as against 1. It is now equipped with Hitachi 902 Chemistry Analyzer.25 lakhs with the induction of Automatic Testing equipments. of India was good enough to approve our Rural Healthcare scheme vide its Notification S. Hematology.602 (E) dt. However.58. clinical facility and teaching faculty in order to give permission to start the programme. It did Lab tests of 2. including Doctors and Nurses.784 and it went up to 5. 6. ESR Analyzer. The Sonography deptt.8. approval from the State Nursing Council and Examination Board/University has to be obtained and thereafter the Institution will start admitting the students. In the year 1997-98 it was 2. SEVASHRAMA’S TRACK RECORD: During last five years the total number of patients treated by the Sevashrama rose by 74%. The I. giving them full-protracted course of treatment.1993 and the entire project has been completed. Therefore.791 in 2003-04. (c) after getting the permission from the Indian Nursing Council to start the Nursing programme.C.

Kitchen & Dining Room helper. besides proper sitting arrangement for the students. Medical Faculty. External Lecturers: The external lecturers may comprise of Nursing experts.3. Physical Education/Yoga.3 Action Plan: The Sevashrama will fulfill the above basic requirements for opening the said School and adopt the following strategy for implementing the programme: 6. The physical facilities are listed below: a) Class Rooms: There will be four class rooms. Nursing (Basic)/Post Basic or Diploma in Nursing Education and Administration or its equivalent after graduation. Sociologists.Sc. Cook. Nursing (Basic)/Post Basic.Sc or B. Nursing Serving personnel like Nursing Superintendent. There will be a big table and chair for the teacher and racks/cupboards for keeping teaching aids. Psychologists. the constructed area of the school will be 4000 square feet and the it will be built in a phased manner between first and second year.Sc.2 Physical Facilities: The building profile: For the said School.batch completes the programme. (c) 1 Senior Tutor M. Computer Education.Sc. Gardener and Security Guards 6. Ward In charge or Ward sister. Hospital Dieticians.Sc or B. 3 Sweepers. with built in Black/Green/White Board with desk/dias. Nursing with 2 or 4 years of teaching experience (d) 5 Tutors M. (e) 1 Additional Tutor for Interns with a Teacher student ration being 1: 10. with 6 or 8 years respectively of teaching experience (b) 1 Vice Principal M. working in or outside the institution.Sc. with 4 or 6 years respectively of teaching experience.1 Induction of the required Staff: Initially the annual intake of students will be 20 trainees and for that the following Teaching staff will be inducted: Staff (a) 1 Principal Qualification M. Health Economist/Statistician etc.3. General Educationists including teaching experts in English. with an annual admission capacity of 20 students. The permission will be given year by year until the first batch completes. Besides there will be built in cupboards and racks.Sc or B. Additional Staff for School of Nursing: a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) 1 Stenographer/Personal Assistant 1 Cashier/Accountant 1 Junior Clerk/typist 1 Librarian 1 Laboratory Attendant 2 Watchmen 1 Driver 3 Peons 2 Sweeper For Hostel: Warden (Female). 6. Washbasins 3 . Nursing (Basic)/Post Basic.Sc or B. b) Laboratories: There will be four laboratories as under: i) Nursing Practice Laboratory: There will be demonstrating beds at the ratio of 1 bed: 6 practicing students.

Kitchen and Dinning Hall. wash-basins with running water supply.e. 6. iii) Nutrition Laboratory: It will have facilities for imparting basic knowledge about food and to practice the cooking for the healthy as well as for the sick. with attached toilets etc. cooking stoves. dietetic scales. table.with running water supply. gas connection. c) Auditorium: It will be spacious enough to accommodate at least double the sanctioned/actual strength of students for hosting functions like workshops. f) g) h) Common Rooms: for teaching faculty.1 below) will have 49 beds. Room for Night Duty Nurses. The New Block (Project No. 82 in Male Ward + 87 in NOPD.3. iv) Computer Laboratory: It may be shared with other departments.3 Clinical Facilities Hospital: The School of Nursing will have a 200-bedded Parent Hospital: Note: The present bed strength of the Sevashrama Hospital is 169 (i. Dental. Guest Room. Communicable disease Community Health Nursing: Cardiology. 4 . Pantry. plates. cooking utensils and refrigerator etc.3.4 Hostel: With Recreation room. at least 10-12 sets of all items ii) Community Practice Laboratory: It will have all articles required for practicing nursing procedures in a community set-up. 2 kinds of newspapers and other kinds of current health related literature will be made available to the students. Minor OT. making the total strength to 218 beds a) Distribution of beds in different areas will be as under: i) Medical 40 ii) Surgical 40 iii) Obst. there will be inventory articles. chairs. Warden’s Room and Canteen. 3 sets each of Nursing journals and magazines. examination etc. For this it will have work-tables. Neurology. Further. Oncology. Sick Room. cutlery. d) Library: To start with. trays. Nephrology etc. electric fittings. students and office staff Record and Stores Rooms: for storing records and equipments and AudioVisual aids Garage 6. & Gyne 40 iv) Paediatrics 20 v) Ortho 20 Eye/ENT 20 ICU/ICCU 10 Burns and Plastic 10 b) Bed Occupancy of the Hospital will be about 75% c) Other Specialities/facilities for clinical experience will be as follows: Major OT. Washing & Ironing Room. a minimum of 500 books. and Neonatology with Nursery. Visitors’ room. e) Office requirements: (i) Separate Principal’s and Vice Principal’s offices (ii) rooms for faculty members.

10. 2125 sq m.2 Recurring expenses: i) Staff Salary Staff a) b) c) d) 1 Principal 1 Vice Principal 1 Senior Tutor 5 Tutors Monthly Yearly salary 1.00. Total: 21 beds. Library.000 10. in the second floor.80.000 Rs. Second & Third Floors – Nurses’ Training Centre for 100 students: PROJECT NO.2.5 Total cost of Construction. with Ophthalmologic O.PROJECT NO. fitted with a Bed Lift. as detailed under.5. Staff Salary.25. ii.000 3.per book (average) v) cost of purchasing Equipments for the Laboratories 6. as above.5.00.50/.00.000 30. iii. but for the Trainees’ Hostel.10. Obviously.000 5.000 Rs.P-II) Its execution: The Nurses Training Centre will be housed in the New Block. it will have separate Male and Female Wards of 14 beds each (Total 28 beds) with Doctors room and Nurses lounge etc.000/.40. Gardener and Security Guards iii) Cost on furnishing the School.00. Kitchen & Dining Room helper.000/.20. General Office. Doctor and Nurses rooms etc.000/. 3 Sweepers.T. Cook.1 (Sub-title New Block) The above departments will be housed in a four storeyed building with a covered area of approx. it will open new employment avenues for the unemployed youth of this new but backward State. (as per Encl: No.30.50. The internationally recognized standard ratio of Doctor to Nurse is 1: 2.00. Equipment and Furn & Fixture: 6.00.80. Laboratory. Hostel. Refraction rooms.5 (which means for every two Doctors a hospital needs 5 nurses). Staircase and separate Male/Ladies toilets: i.1 Non-recurring expenses: i) New Block (with Nurses’ Training Centre) 25200 sq ft ii) Add cost of Lift for the new block ii) Construction cost of Hostel with rooms for Warden (Female).12.1. 6. Laboratories and Library etc.000 2.44.. it will have Principal’s. Teachers’ and Students’ common rooms. Its Plan: Besides the 4 Class Rooms and an Auditorium Hall in the Third Floor. iv) Cost for purchasing 500 books and magazines For the Library @ Rs. stores Records rooms etc. First Floor – General and Orthopaedic Wards: Besides an Operation Theatre for Orthopaedic cases.2 – NURSES’ TRAINING SCHOOL AND TRAINEES’ HOSTEL Its urgency: The urgency of starting a Nurses’ Training School has been stated in the introductory portion of this Report. Ground Floor – Opthalmology Ward It will have 14 beds in Male Eye Ward and 7 beds in Female Eye Ward.000 20.1. a separate building has to be raised.000 Rs. Rs.000 1.000/. it will not only meet the growing need of the Sevashrama for the trained Nurses.000 5 .

500/84.000/1.600 74.200 54.000/.000 60. the Sevashrama has to remain dependent on the generous public. Hence.600 74.000/1.37 lakhs.A 1 Cashier/Accountant 1 Junior Clerk/typist 1 Librarian 1 Laboratory Attendant 2 Watchmen 1 Driver 3 Peons 3 Sweepers 2 Liftmen 2 Warden (Female).1. As such.000 28.800 54.000 Additional Staff for School of Nursing: 1 Steno/P. Besides. it has already earned the necessary expertise to run and manage Hospitals. Besides.000 30. 9. which is running about 14 Indoor Hospitals.000/2. is already encumbered with debts of over Rs.500/2.200/1. 65. it is capable of undertaking more responsibilities in the medical field with the unstinted cooperation of the generous public.30 lakhs and Doctors’ Quarters (six flats) worth Rs.000 1. 101 Out-patient Dispensaries and 40 Mobile Medical Units all over India and abroad.000 64.000 48.000 60.000/5. For all these reasons the Sevashrama requires sufficient Funds urgently.800 48.91. threatening depletion of substantial funds. it is backed by a big organization (Ramakrishna Mission). substantially and fill up the vacant posts in various departments causing further erosion of funds.64. In the absence of any financial backing of the government agencies (the State Govt.500/5.600 INSTITUTIONS CAPABILITIES AND HUMAN RESOURCE a) Capabilities: The Sevashrama is in the medical field for more than one hundred years. FINANCIAL CRUNCH: It has already spent a substantial amount (collected from the generous public) for the construction of the New Hospital buildings and some-what equipping it with modern facilities and hospital equipments.1 Additional Tutor for Interns with a Teacher student ration being 1: 10. The construction of an Overhead Water Tank at the cost of Rs. has already been completed. Of course. It is also running 5 Nurses’ Training Schools. it shall have to induct more Doctors / Specialists and other Para-medical staff to make this Project work at its peak.500/2.200/43.000/1. SEVASHRAMA’S CREDIBILITY/ACCOUNTABILTY/TRANSPARENCY 6 .000 84.3506 Crore) or any corporate house and due to sharp fall in the interest earnings. 8.000 3.000 28.800 8.000 24. Now the cost of every goods and services is increasing at a much faster rate in comparison to the cash inflow.000/7. ii) a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j) k) l) m) n) o) p) 7.000 5. the Sevashrama has to hike the Staff Salary immediately.000/60. The Sevashrama is already feeling cash strapped.55. 2 Cook 3 Kitchen & Dining Room helpers 3 Sweepers 1 Gardener 2 Security Guards 5.200/4. b) Human Resource: The Sevashrama has in its roll 20 (including honorary) Doctors and Specialists and about 230 Para Medical Staff and they are all resident and full timers.20.800/1.55.

iii) Sevashrama’s accounts are regularly audited and printed in its Annual Reports. it is also registered by the Govt. All such donations will be formally acknowledged with thanks. No. For this a Marble Plaque can be fixed above the concerned Bed engraving the name and wishes of the Donor. CONCLUSION: The Sevashrama is soliciting financial help from generous and kind-hearted people to overcome the present financial difficulties and to run its Charitable Hospital smoothly. providing quality and continuous services to the poor 246141.3 lacs so that this capital amount may be parked in any interest bearing investment and its accruals utilized in providing free treatment to the occupant of such a patient bed. and 244985 or Fax No. as detailed in Sr No. ii) In recognition of Sevashrama being a Charitable Hospital.6 above. the Sevashrama will be too pleased to name the entire Ward in the name of the Donor or his/her near and dear or rkmhdr@sancharnet. 10. 2004 ( Swami Nityasuddhananda ) Secretary 7 .vsnl. if any Donor bears the entire cost of the construction of any Ward. Similarly. 11. Donors’ Interest: The pleasure of serving the poor and hapless cannot be quantified in any term. These Reports are circulated among all concerned and they remain preserved right from the year 1904.6. However. any Donor can create Bed Endowment by donating atleast Rs. (01334) 244984. drawn in favour of ‘Ramakrishna Mission Sevashrama’ to: The Secretary Ramakrishna Mission Sevashrama Kankhal Hardwar 249408 (Uttaranchal) INDIA. under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (the Regd.5 & 6. Email address: rkms@del5.i) The Organization has been recognized by the Government as a non-sectarian and philanthropic institution since its inception. it has been authorized to collect donations and provide benefit to the Indian donors U/s 80G of the Income Tax. All donations may be sent by crossed dt: December. if any further information/clarification is required. Therefore. the Secretary may be contacted by Phone: (STD 01334) 244176. being 136690012) and so it is authorized to collect Foreign Contributions. However.

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