Mali and the War on Terror in 2013

You know that I will always have a great admiration and respect for the Motherland of Africa. The Motherland gave my ancestors their birth plainly speaking. Therefore, it is our responsibility to learn about the cultures in the four corners of the world with an open mindedness and a strong since of emotional maturity. Mali has been center of education with its ancient university in Timbuktu. It has been the home of complex, stable black African Kingdoms from ancient Mali to Songhai. It has a huge role in Islamic history and the history of spirituality in general. The Mali situation is an overt example of neo-imperialism by the West, even by France. The northern region of Mali has been exploited. A U.S. trained military officer named Sanogo launched a coup in Mali. So, the Malian military tries to control the nation more regardless of democratic processes. The northern region has a huge influx of weapons. The French launched a military intervention since they felt that the UN didn’t act fast enough in trying to get at the root of the crisis. Even the UN resolution wanted an African force led by Africans, but the France did its own thing. Military intervention readily cause more challenges in various nations. Today, were have thousands of Malian human beings being forced out of their homes. Hollande is not a true socialist. With his actions, he is true neo-imperialist. Not to mention that British RAF aircraft is backing the French military intervention against Islamist rebels in Mali.

The West is playing ethnic and religious groups against each other as a means to promote the war on terror among many ways. France and America are in unison on the issue of Mali. France expressed support for the assault on Libya, but it is striking unilaterally against so called “Islamists” in Mali. Mali was once a French African colony. France was at first the most aggressive nation in calling for a NATO war against Libya in 2011. America gave logistical support to Libya as a means to create the war in Africa. If the U.S. didn't have the refueling tanker aircraft and awesome infrastructure of U.S. Navy carrier groups, NATO's eight month assault on Libya wouldn't have taken place in the first place. France is committed to putting at least 2500 ground troops in Mali. America is supporting this action. The Tuaregs are being scapegoated for the massive terrorism in Mali. The war in Mali comes as a fruit of the Euro-American aggression against Libya. The reality is that the Taureg human beings suffer extreme poverty. That is why some Africans came into Libya as a means to gain employment. Some of the Taureg worked with Libyan security services. The Tuaregs went home south when Libya's government was brought down by NATO and its allies. Africom grew in influence now.

later this year. They want to stabilize the corrupt regime in Bamako. So. arrives to hold exercises with military units from 35 African countries. What is next is Algeria.This is a global threat and it will require a global response… that is about years. French troops are in Mali. France wants to expel the Tuareg and the Islamist fighters from Mali. Last month. because of civil war and Washington directed drone strikes. Many Euro-Americans want to have a military intervention in Western Africa and beyond. iron. and other precious stones. France should get out of Mali and allow the Malian human beings to handle their problems with real cooperation from other nations in a peaceful fashion. which is currently spearheading the war in Mali. Mali has Africa's third largest gold production.. bauxite. French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian defined his aim in Mali as “the total re-conquest of the country. Syria. Let us not forget that al Qaeda was created by bin Laden (who was a CIA asset for decades since the CIA aided him in his fighting the Soviets back in 1979). The reactionary African bourgeois leaders are not representative of real black African revolutionaries at all. These imperialists don't quit. Mali is being invaded by French imperialists. The traitor to his own black people named Thomas Boni Yayi sent a congratulatory salute to French imperialists for sending its young men into Mali. America is having a 3. and Libya too in recent years. manganese. The France now in January of 2013 has caused mass bombings of cities in northern Mali. Emira Woods is an expert on the subject of Mali and geopolitics in Africa. rather than months. The France and the Anglo-Americans want to control more geopolitically of African lands from Mali to Libya. We are approaching the 100th year anniversary of World War I and still we have world imperialism. Somalia is still an impoverished country. Now. Mali has uranium. The former Pentagon . but Mali has a lot of natural resources. This has killed and wounded hundreds of civilians. These are the French military occupiers.. British Foreign Secretary William Hague wanted Somalia to be an example on how imperialists will handle Mali. France says that they want to free Mali. which is led by the military junta of Captain Amadou Sanogo. It is a historical fact that many African elites are serving the interests of Europe not the interests of African human beings in the world. France. ". diamonds. There is the recent news story of so-called Al Qaeda linked terrorists kidnapped American hostages in Algeria.The Malian Army collapsed when many Taureg soldiers defected to the rebels. France has attacked the Ivory Coast. Algeria has thrown open its airspace to French warplanes bombing Mali. plans to expel Tuareg and Islamist fighters from Mali to pursue its agenda. Kansas. Algiers signed multi-billion-euro contracts with France during Hollande’s state visit. even decades. The Brookings Institution company man named Bruce Riedel said that Algeria will be next to fall in August of 2011. France wants a stooge regime in Mali as a means to gain more corporate profits & a puppet regime. One leader admitted that. Now.” using troops provided by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). This is real. She is a co-director of Foreign Policy in Focus at the Institute for Policy Studies.” British Prime Minister David Cameron said over the weekend.500-member combat brigade from Fort Riley.

Washington and Paris according to the Times wanted to court Algeria as a means for them to give them help in Mali. “We also have counter-terrorism units in the Agadez region. Togo.counterterrorism official Rudolph Attala said that the West wants to end the Al-Qaeda network in the Islamic Maghreb. There was the recent bloody hostage taking incident and siege at the Armenas gas facility in Algeria where over 80 human beings were killed. Those two events “in addition to launching the ‘Serval’ operation in Mali have significantly increased risk factors for French installations. HRW said that the Tuaregs and Arabs are being targeted. Official spokesmen at both Areva and the French Defense Ministry refused to discuss the new military deployment citing security concerns. When the French commandos are sent to the uranium mines in Niger. Nigeria. They are a minority ethnic group in Niger. It is hypocritical for the French government to claim to be socialist. France recently invaded Mali with over 2. These Euro imperialists use the guise of fighting against Islamist "terrorists" as an excuse to control resources in their former African colonies. France is showing colonialism period. The EU appointed French Brigadier General Francoiss Lecintre is the commander of a mission to send 250 military trainers to Mali in February. including industry and mining in the region. As for the Arabs. I don't want the Tuareg to suffer this evil genocide. but they are not superior to my black people at all. The yellow cake from Niger's uranium ore have been used to create France's nuclear bombs and fuel for its nuclear reactors (that account for over 75 percent of the country's electricity). it just the documents the overriding economic and geo-strategic motives behind the French military intervention in Mali. but has announced it will unblock € 250 million in aid for Mali that was frozen after the military coup in March 2012. supported by six combat helicopters and reconnaissance planes. “It’s true that the terrorist threat has increased today.” said the officer. “For now. One Niger army officer told the new agency that there were security arrangements in place that had been agreed to with France and imposed after the September 2010 kidnapping of 7 employees of Areva and one of its contractors in the northern Nigerien town of Arlit.” Niger was colonized by the France until Niger created its own independence in 1960.000 troops from the Foreign Legion in January of 2013. Officials from Niger deny any knowledge of the dispatch of the Special Forces commandos. There has been radiation contamination of areas in Areva. On Monday about 200 French soldiers from the 21st Marine Infantry Regiment.” one official told Reuters. Some want America to give military aid to France as a means to dominate Mali. thirty miles south of Diabaly. The infantrymen had set out at dawn from the nearby government-controlled town of Niono. There are Al Qaeda related factions in Mali and they came from the Soviet-Afghan war back in the 1970's. . I don't want them to suffer genocide. but as far as I know there is no such agreement in place at the moment. about 100 American trainers have deployed to Niger. Now. Burkina Faso. More information is coming out about Mali. Senegal and Ghana to help prepare troops in these countries for combat in Mali. Niger has given exploration permits to Chinese and Indian firms. The Human Rights Watch or the HRW said that they have received reports of the French back Malian security forces committing serious crimes and ethnic killings against civilians in Niono. The magazine said that this is the first time ever use of French commandos to directly defend the assets of a corporation.” Le Point reported. seized the towns of Diabaly and Douentza. I don’t know of a decision by the Nigerien government to allow French Special Forces to base themselves in the north. but they want to dominate Africa. Le Point reported that the French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian had quickly agreed earlier this week to a major innovation or ordering the Special Forces Command to send troops to protect the Areva uranium production sites in Imouraren and 80 kilometers away in Arlit. It will not only give 50 million euros ($66 million) of funding to Ecowas forces. Niger now is a very poor nation. The magazine discussed information about how the French government officials have taken the decision after the botched attempt to rescue the French hostage named Denis Allex in Somalia. France has also sent out dispatched Special Forces troops to neighboring Niger to secure uranium mines that are run by the France state owned nuclear power company Areva. French fighter planes and Gazelle helicopter gunships carried out a dozen operations. According to US State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland. Tuareg militias want a more fair distribution of uranium revenues in Niger. The French backed Malian army has been accused of torturing and executing civilians like many Tuareg human beings. The CIA funded these radicals from that time period to the modern era. which are actual nations today.

torture and massacre of innocent populations?" This sounds similar to the 911 Truth Movement. The French executed an unilateral decision to enter Mali. to justify the invasions. He wants President Hollande of France to respect the Geneva Convention as it cites the fair treatment of all prisoners of war. His speech shows excessive profanity. Egypt. For thousands of years. but he rejects sending the Syrian rebels 9 million euros. Abayomi Azikiwe is the editor of Pan-African News Wire.The Belgian MP Laurent Louis expressed public opposition to the France intervention in Mali. Some wars involve a faction to gain more oil wealth.. The Tuareg are known to have a long history of legitimately disagreeing with colonialism and neocolonialism. He wrote great information on the Malian crisis. It has to be a radical political solution. resource wealth. or various forms of other economic wealth. but violence and the destabilization of sovereign countries (as a means to make nations submit to financial interests not human interests). He disagreed with Western nations taking over nations." The war on terror has been expansive over the course of years. Louis wants Belgium to leave the UN. these similar cliques are being battled by the French. The war in Mali has to heavily to do with the control of gold and uranium resources in Mali. ". He admitted that. . which I don't agree with at all. Even the Mali battle is being exploited by corporate interests. This is neo-colonialism and this action by Western powers is ever wrong. Big corporations heavily benefit from wars. The only solution to this crisis in Mali is not imperialism or puppet leadership. Ironically enough. He is accurate to say that it is wrong for nations to violate the sovereignty of independent countries and to overthrow legitimate leaders under the guise of advancing "democracy" and fighting "terrorism. arbitrary arrest. It is accurate to deduce the truth that the French operation against Malian fighters has exacerbated the tensions in Mali. The reason is that he feels like these organizations are not trying to orchestrate peace. building military bases all over the globe. He gave a strong speech listing concrete reasons on why France is wrong in attempting to reconquer the nation of Mali. NATO. Some of them reject any progressive or democratic reforms in the nation of Syria at all. and other places in the Middle East. There have been the battles in Afghanistan and Iraq. war has been heavily strategic.Haven't we created September 11th. Now. He tells the truth that opponents to the Mali regime are not all terrorists at all. and the EU. Louis wanted Belgium to improve its economic conditions in a recession like world. after all. and funding extremists.. we see conflict or revolutions in Tunisia. Many of the militant rebels in Syria want to impose Sharia law in Syria. He criticized Belgium for funding the Islamist rebels to overthrow Bashar Al Assad. Libya. Laurent Louis said that the action in Mali can cause a destabilization in the nation.

France could experience what America experienced in Iraq and Afghanistan. Algeria has allowed Special Forces from America in 2011 to understand . The UN enabled smokescreen has caused the French in trying to support a corrupt regime in Bamako. Since 9/11. The Tuareg human beings are scapegoated for the actions of extremists among the West & the other extremists in the region. The Mali war is apparently related to imperialism and neocolonialism. There have been atrocities done in Azawad. The Tuareg suffered unjust exploitation. U. Algeria's President Bouteflika has worked with the White House on cover operations. The first US-Algerian ‘false flag’ terrorist operation in the Sahara-Sahel was undertaken in 2003 when a group led by an ‘infiltrated’ DRS agent. Algeria is allied with America too. Imperialism is having a stronghold in North Africa. The Tuareg served Gaddafi's regime and they came into Mali since Libya was conquered by the LIFG including other factions. Algeria wants to contain the nationalist Tuareg since they want a hegemony of power in North Africa and not want their nation to be influenced by a huge nationalist movement.These images show the great human beings from Mali.S. and Algeria has sponsored terrorism in the Sahara for a while. The story is much more complex. The Tuareg have expressed a legitimate grievance about their plight and they are indigenous to the Mali nation. Algeria's intelligence group called the DRS infiltrated terrorist groups as a means to further control their nation. The CIA and the MI6 used the LIFG as a means to go against Col. repression. The truth is that the legitimate Tuareg rebellion has been hijacked by a few hundred Islamist extremists. took 32 European tourists hostage in the Algerian Sahara. The Libyan blowback in the Sahel is a great reason why the war in Mali has occurred. Muammar Gaddafi.S. which Washington branded as a terrorist organization (but not the eternally bickering "coalition" which wants to topple Bashar al-Assad). The AQIM is very close to the LIFG or the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group. Special Forces have trained Malian troops in Kita back in May of 2010. and marginalization. The U. Algeria has about 50 billion dollars in reserves in Western banks. Amari Saifi (aka Abderrazak Lamari and ‘El Para’). France is harming not only the Islamists. France is leading the charge in Mali. Some of these folks were trained in Afghanistan by the ISI/CIA. The Bush administration immediately branded El Para as ‘Osama bin Laden’s man in the Sahara’. Belmokhtar and his group of radicals are fighting in Mali. but the weaponized Tuaregs. On top of it AQIM is also very close to the al-Nusra Front in Syria.

U. It is not a secret that America and the West are having an overt invasion of Africa. Some rebels had not laid down arms after the 2007-09 uprising. The Tuareg people are about 2-3 million in population. began in January 2012. There is a RAF drone going in Mali. but the extremists still remained. Therefore. and other places in the world. America is deploying troops in 35 African nations. and Kidal. the MI6. Many folks legitimately opposed Mubarak and other dictators. Burkina Faso. The mainstream media is not talking about this story at all. The Algerian DRS has been fabricating and orchestrating terrorism in the Sahara-Sahel for years. The U. they are often living on top of great reserves of oil. They led forces out of Azawad or northern Mali with little resistance. These nations include Libya. Operation Cyclone caused the Soviet Union to leave Afghanistan. The real reality is that this invasion has nothing to do with Islamists since the Western intelligence community aided such Islamists for decades. Africa has a great history of liberation like Patrice Lumumba and Nelson Mandela. Yemen. This area has a great deal of strategic minerals. but they also live in Niger.S. The Associated Press reported on this story on Christmas Day. They want to fight jihadists. “poor though the Tuareg may be. The mujahedeen evolved into Al Qaeda." Cameron from the UK has ordered troops to Mali now. The Islamic terrorism line has been used an excuse for the West to try to steal African riches. there is a struggle for the future of the Middle East and Africa. Now. Pakistan. officers are in every level of command of Africom from the general to the warrant officer. and other militants. the ISI.S. France and NATO harming Africa have been in the making for a long time. The issue is that the reactionary Islamist groups like Ansar al-Din are infiltrating the legitimate MNLA (headed by the Tuareg famous man Iyad ag Ghaly). Mark Curtis’s Secret Affairs: Britain’s Collusion with Radical Islam (Serpent’s Tail) or John Cooley’s Unholy Wars: Afghanistan.S. we know the truth. Most live in Mali. America and International Terrorism (Pluto Press) or The Grand Chessboard by Zbigniew Brzezinski document how much of Islamic terror has been prop up by Western influence. which is similar to the Cold War's fight against "godless" Communism. This is very similar for the scramble for Africa back in the late 19th century. Sirte was reduced to rubble and the British SAS directed the rebel militias and this has been exposed as a racist bloodbath. The West is having a geopolitical rivalry with China. Now. It was about the armed forces of 34 African nations taking part in this military rill. As the ever watchful Patrick Cockburn points out.the full strength of the Tuareg MNLA. Typically in the world. The mujahedin was a creation of the CIA. uranium and other valuable minerals. Their number was estimated at around 3. etc. It is ruled by the rebel group called the M23. The M23 is influenced by Uganda and Rwanda (these nations are known allies of America). . The West wants to cause the conquering of the resources that are found in Africa. The MNLA even fought the Islamists in June of 2012 when these Islamist terrorists harmed areas in Timbuktu. Algeria. There is the location of Eastern Congo. The Taureg have fled home across Algeria to Mali. military. Gao. This came last year. The Taureg wanted a separate state since the 1960's. and Libya. Afghanistan. Niger. The West has executed violence in Iraq. African Command or Africom has built a network of supplicants among collaborative African regimes that want American bribes and armaments. The MNLA comprised Tuareg had returned from Libya around October 2011. the establishment wants western journalism to justify war mongering on the guise of fighting Islamic extremism. NATO has bombed places in Africa like Libya. Sudan. The latest Tuareg rebellion in Mali. it is this local dispute. Algeria. The truth is that terrorism is wrong regardless of who does it. not al-Qaeda. which was led by the U. There are other rebels who had defected from the Malian army. by the Mouvement National de Libération de l’Azawad (MNLA). that the West fears most in northwest Africa in the following terms. Muammar Gaddafi ruled over Africa's largest oil reserves. we have a colonial elite in the 21st century again trying to conquer Africa as Frantz Fanon said is like a promotion of a capitalism rampant via camouflage. gas.000. Africom staged Operation African Endeavor.

intellectual and spiritual center of Muslim world. Cote D’Ivoire. France even in the 1960's concluded agreements with former colonies as a means to make 14 African states to stay in the French franc zone as it was established in 1946. the Central African Republic. Even Berlusconi said that the goal of France was to control Libyan hydrocarbons and squeeze all other competitors. The city had been home to unique Middle Age manuscripts that someone burnt during the combat actions. During the insurgency. NATO and the EU wanted to influence Africa for a while now. The French President was celebrated by dancers when he visited Mali. Now. That is imperialism. Francois I came to visit Timbuktu. France now has unemployment and other issues. There have been more imperialists trying to intervene in the black African continent of Africa in countries from Libya to Mali. but the word of God and the treasures of wisdom are only to be found in Timbuktu. French colonial policy in the 21st century has grown. France has a known history in meddling in the actions of former French West African colonies like in Cote d’Ivoire. Chad. but he agrees with the intervention in Mali including the reactionaries from France. Mali is rich in gold and uranium. the Tuaregs declared the city of Timbuktu the capital of the Independent State Azawad on April 6. The agreements in question gives France a right to intervene militarily to maintain and restore internal stability and provide for security of Europeans living in Senegal. Of course.There is still conflict in Mali. Wattle and daub houses in the heart of the city were proclaimed as world heritage guarded by UNESCO since 1989. It has been known to be a fabulously rich city since the Middle Ages. A 15th century Malian proverb proclaims: “Salt comes from the north. Gabon and Cameroon. NATO is allied with France and Italy. the French accused the Muslim fundamentalists when the whole situation is more complex than that. Paris has supported the Libyan intervention as a means to gain more political clout in North Africa.” There are a few big madrasahs and three mosques that are believed to be the oldest in West Africa. France wants to advance EU politics to advance regional stabilization and development. President Hollande is supposedly left wing. It is an important trade. Hollande denied that they wanted to have economic exploitation of the region. This resulted in the colonies' economies to be tied to France even after joining the Eurozone later. Timbuktu was known by the Tuaregs and other black Africans for centuries. gold from the south. 2012. We know that France has oil and gas production contracts in Libya. Some .

The truth is that the only solution to the battles in Mali is a political. Only a political solution can solve the complication in the nation of Mali. peaceful solution. The U. we see Europeans still wanting to intervene in African territories not just American forces. that «France had no intention of remaining in Mali». decency. The French Foreign Legion is having a leading role in agreeing with this evil of intervention in Mali. We need liberty for all of the inhabitants of the continent of Africa. and air replenishment. America supports French's imperialism in Mali. Africa at its nature is a collective society and a society filled with discipline. The building of Third Empire may happen to be a much time and effort consuming process. . air transport. and morality. the French Defense Minister. gave France intelligence data. We don’t need another imperialist Berlin Conference from the 19th century. That is why the West wants to prevent further Chinese influence in Africa economically. Therefore. or otherwise. politically. but there would be no pull out as yet. All Malians should come together in the realm of brotherhood and sisterhood as a means to end that horrendous conflict.French forces according to reports are killing Tuaregs and Arabs. said on January 31.S. Jean-Yves Le Drian. The West is competing against the East for globalization.

S. as a means to advance certain agendas. Libya. Criticizing a country's wrongheaded actions is as American as apple pie. General William Odom admitted that the U. The U. Real History on Terrorism The U. Former Italian Prime Minister. and its allies were the main supporters of terrorism throughout the world. We know that the CIA and the FBI have done terrorism before from the murder of democratically elected leaders to the killing of our brothers and sisters in the Black Panther Party. argued that other Western powers sponsored terror in Third World countries.S. The West played Sunnis and Shias against each other definitely in the current events of Syria. This was a critical portion of the Cold War. the ISI. Terrorism is about the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce human beings especially for political purposes without just cause. Syria. Global rise in state terror has been linked to the rise of U. The West funds the most radical distortion of Islam called Wahhabism. I don't agree with drone attacks on civilian populations or targeted assassinations either. even the lawyers said that the U. women. which dominates many circles of Saudi Arabia. terrorists have been aided by the CIA. One participant in the program wanted to attack civilians. Other nations have sponsored terrorism before. Iraq. and the former head of the Italian counterintelligence admitted that NATO orchestrated bombings in Italy and other European countries during the 1950's. children. even before the Bush administration.S. Stuart Professor of Political Science Emeritus at Stanford University] also. Wikileaks found a secret CIA analysis documenting how the United States has been a long exporter of terrorism. has been supporting Al Qaeda linked terrorism in Afghanistan.S. and Syria.S. MI5. Human beings have the right to dissent with evil and have a moral compass as well.S. George [the Graham H. which was edited by Alexander L.S.For decades. Even the director of the National Security Agency under Ronald Reagan named Lt. Much of this terrorism is directed against the Third World countries including Latin America. etc. It is not a secret that U. foreign policy in certain areas. has long used terrorism. Torture is a part of terrorism and we know that the U.S. The issue is that fake human beings are enacting pro-torture policies in the world. The CIA admitted that it hired Iranians in the 1950's to pose as Communists and stage bombings in order to go against its democratically elected Prime Minister named Mohammed Mossadeq.S. The issue is not that there are real Americans here in the USA. Real human beings know real Americans day in and day out. He said that in 1978 to 1979. and yes in Iran as well. has done this before too. MI5 agents and the CIA were involved in the 1953 coup against Iran. NATO worked with the CIA and the Pentagon as a means to blame the Communists and rally Europeans against communism. created death squads in Latin America. innocent .S. but the U. It concluded that the U. has done torture for decades. The “1991” book. Bosnia. would be in violation when the Senate was trying to pass a law against international terrorism. has a terror sponsor issue. client states had death squads in Latin America. This action continues in 2013 even. U. an Italian judge.

It is about making America accountable for its actions and making America wiser as a means to improve its own conditions. conservative. and even MSNBC) can be mad as they want to be. government admitted that Operation Northwoods was real. Pakistan. Under Secretary of State Chester Bowles wrote on June 3. etc. Even we know that . and actively potent like it ought to be. tall. It is not just the USA doing terrorism. What is funny is watch these media puppets get angry when you expose the truth to them. This plan as revealed from declassified documents showed that in the 1960's that American Joint Chiefs of Staff signed off to blow up American airplanes and cause terrorism in American soil (as a means to blame Cuba. That is not gravy or keeping it real at all. This is the future of warfare being the drone attacks.S. CNN. Even former Justice Department lawyer John Yoo in 2005 suggested that America use a false terrorist organization as a means to fight against Al-Qaeda. I don’t recall fusion centers violating privacy. and other international intelligence agencies have done terrorism in the four corners of the Earth for decades as well. but the Pentagon & DARPA are using robots. It is not just FOX News types supporting imperialism against human beings in the Motherland. It isn’t just the drones being used from the air. so it can be used to justify an invasion of Cuba). That is how it is done in a real top flight type of fashion. the truth will be vibrant. This has been talked about in the late Peter Jennings' ABC news report and other official documents. That is true. I will move forward. etc. or NATO using terrorism against the Libyan population as examples of liberal acts. Mossad. The U. The MI5. 1961 about some in the White House wanting to cause a false flag as a means to justify an invasion of the Dominican Republic. Have you? It is not really funny. Some in MSNBC say nothing on the evils of the Empire. It is true that the Republicans among many of its leaders & allies have shown so much bigotry and intolerance. They become all flustered since they are brainwashed. That is keeping all the way unreal. the NSA warrantless wiretapping. the Middle East. submarine drones. Making America better is not about worshipping America like it is God. LOL. or freedom loving at all to extend the unjust. the MI6. that they must better themselves or end as a major party. because even some so called liberals have supported this garbage not just the Tea Party types.people. They (or the establishment liberals and the establishment conservatives from FOX. immoral Patriot Act either. It is not exactly liberal. Even according to official State Department records. etc. but forward in the right direction.

Washington and London want to extend its economic and strategic dominance in the energy rich regions of the Middle East and Central Asia. The Times reported that General John Allen or the top U. There is a huge force of U. On the other hand. The President didn’t invent all of these circumstances.S. military presence into the indefinite future. This is where Afghan soldiers and police turning their guns on foreign troops—points to far broader anger and hostility to the continued US presence. logistics. but its techniques are similar to the 19th century European colonialism from manipulation of ethnic rivalries or agents. The West funds the Afghan security forces. That occupation has been as predatory. the President is accountable for the policies that he has executed. Now.000. The AfPak war has witnessed the escalating of drone strikes in Pakistan.that wicked system of white supremacy ought to have much more blame for the condition that we are in than even the President Barack Obama. These commandos would hunt down insurgents.S. The New York Times describe this American led occupation. but now some of them are curiously silent when President Barack Obama is in office. between Obama and Karzai. Karzai and his government are dependent on Washington.C. There have been local assassination units. This deals with the terms of the U. The military industrial complex is advancing the usage of drones domestically in American soil. This is about forcing a foreign occupation to continue. said that it doesn't want permanent military bases in Afghanistan. this evil is very much sophisticated. spying. Allen's proposals want to have meetings this week in D. These troops are known for night raids and mass killing. There are green on blue incidents too. relentless war. The U. Many establishment liberals were one of the greatest factions in the political sphere in protesting the Iraq War almost 10 years ago. I don’t hold back my views here. We know that the West wants to have intrigue in the Central Asian republics. These actions are justified on the phony pretext of the "war on terror. The current administration according to its critics wants to prepare for a continued U. military presence after 2014. The enemy did among centuries. The latest Pentagon review said that only one of Afghan's army's 23 brigades is able to function independently. we have those who want compulsory draft in the future. I will go for the gusto. This modern technology is advanced. Afghanistan is now a base of operations for projecting American influence and military force all over the region. Americans forces have propped up the regime of Afghan President Hamid Karzai. commander in Afghanistan has submitted three options to the Pentagon for the period after the supposed withdrawal of "combat troops" at the end of 2014.S. Some U. One is to maintain U.000 soldiers. We witness U. troop levels at 6. but it claims to represent democracy and freedom. Special Operations troops.S. . and now Syria.000.S. other calls for 10. We have the 2014 deadline for the end of NATO operations in Afghanistan. The majority of Americans and its allies are opposed to the occupation of Afghanistan.S. The West used Sunni Islamist militias as a means to overthrow the Libyan government. and other terrorizing of the populations.S. We have a war against working class at home via cuts to wages and we have Western hegemony spreading across the Earth. some reactionaries want a conflict in Iran. Human beings know that Afghanistan is an easy symbol of neo-colonialism in the 21st century. and training. A puppet regime in Afghanistan is created by our taxpayer dollars. This is totally wild and evil period. forces would be used to bolster Afghan security forces via air support. They are dependent in its economy on international aid. Yet. See. So. led operations or NATO attacks in Iraq." We have over 12 years of the bloody. neo-colonial as the occupation of Iraq. there are joint facilities where American personnel that will have the freedom of action to serve Pentagon's purposes as well. and the third is based on a force of 20. mercenaries. Libya. These proposals talk about using Special Operations commandos. America is in league to despotic regimes of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States. Now. The White House wants American troops and personnel retain immunity from prosecution under Afghan law after 2014.S. We need peace not Empire.

It is not about being from the South or the North in America. leader of the so-called National Coalition. The West funds Saudi Arabia and Qatar and the West hypocritically accuse them of being main financiers of al-Qaeda. These rebels include many factions like the Free Syrian Army. The reality is that the Al Qaeda network is huge among the so called moderate rebels. It is linked to the Western created and backed moderate opposition. or laws which are against our civil liberties at all. Just make sure that you have some real soul power and your mind is on righteousness not corruption. We have to advance equality too. Since at least 2007. Qatar. The rebels have been involved in terrorism in Syria like the killing of civilians including school children. neo-colonialism. the West had plans to overthrow both Syria and Iran by funding and arming al-Qaeda related groups. Israel. Now. I don't get down like that. and Israel worked together in 2007 as a means to try to harm the nation of Syria. cultural development group. We are all mortal. The United Arab Emirates. the war on terror is spreading into Africa and as far as Southeast Asia. You can be on your suit and tie stuff or not. you should go out and participate to help out the people.The West arms terrorists in Syria. We all breathe the same air. "The Redirection" admitted that the Bush administration tried to undermine Iran by funding Sunni extremist groups that were sympathetic to Al Qaeda.” Even Reuters admitted that the USA designated Jabhat al-Nusra as a foreign terrorist organization (and said that it was trying to hijack the revolt on behalf of al-Qaeda in Iraq). At the end of the day. When you look at the truth. The National Salvation Front contacted with the U. Saudi Arabia. The truth is that the West. and we have a sense of love for humanity irrespective of the color of a human being’s skin. and others are funding the rebels as well. We might disagree with some parties and their ideas and their political and ideological vision. the War on Drugs. but shining like my own light like a sunrise. If a person just talks about the White House’s imperfections and does nothing. The real anti-war movement should continue their actions. anti-poverty . quasi-austerity. The Washington Post talked about the West sending new weapons to the rebels. religions. and socioeconomic backgrounds are exploited as a means for select corporations including groups like the IMF to have a further foothold in the capacities of various countries. We should all do it. It can be working in civil liberties groups. But we affirm that all the guns of the rebels are aimed at overthrowing the tyrannical criminal regime. having humor. demanded the US take al-Nusra in particular off their list of sanctioned terrorist organizations. as a man. Saudi Arabia. the militarization of Africa. The Washington Post refused to use the term of Al Qaeda as one of the factions in the rebel groups. and Qatar either helped create Al-Qaeda or aided Al-Qaeda related groups as a means for them to rule over Middle Eastern territories.. Al-Nusra is Al Qaeda in Syria. Moaz al-Khatib. If you want to talk and be real. and all ills in society. ISI. I will not be cold like the winter.S. I do believe in sending true respect to any human being including the President of the United States of America. The article said that the U. Seymour Hersh's 2007 article entitled. the truth is apparent and transparent. This assault on the Syrian people by terrorists is truly immoral indeed. One of the NSF’s most influential members is the Syrian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood — the decades-old political movement active across the Middle East whose leaders have inspired the terrorist groups Hamas and al Qaeda.S. Reuters quoted al-Khatib as saying: “The decision to consider a party that is fighting the regime as a terrorist party needs to be reviewed. Its Syrian offshoot says it has renounced armed struggle in favor of democratic reform. State Department as means to try to have a coup against Syria. In December of 2012. Al Qaeda is killing civilians in Syria too. The West readily use a divide and conquer strategy where ethnicities. Treating your neighbor as yourself means something. The mainstream media lied and said that the West is only funding so-called moderate rebels. Yet. Saudi Arabia. It is our responsibility also to do constructive action in our communities. and fighting for justice as well. Turkey. the prison industrial complex. Now. I will not endorse Empire. cultures. I am going to be happy living my life. drone attacks. we have a responsibility too. We should oppose militarism. then that person has no reason to talk. we all care for children. They claim that the moderate rebels are tilting the balance of the Syrian conflict against the Syrian government.

but refuse to advance real modernization actions in the Third World without GMOs). woman. It is not God at all and it not superior to humankind. Monsanto is tied into this evil agenda of GMOs. then it could be wasted. not only in the USA. Also. housing is a human right.programs. health. Many truth loving individuals live in the South. It is about whether we will have liberty and freedom or whether we will not. working in construction. the Midwest. and the entire ecosystem. working in technology (beyond just Netflix) or engineering. I can have money. So. In other words. There can be no economic progress without political organization. mentoring. These folks have been tied to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as well. By Timothy . or a myriad of jobs. A human being has the right to a job and an income. money is a tool. animals. and throughout the Earth. and child on the face of the Earth. but if I do not politically prioritize it. Organic and natural foods ought to be advanced in society not dangerous chemicals and dangerous GMOs either (which can harm humanity. We can succeed if we work hard and fight against evil. teaching. the East. That is the bottom line. One of goals that we should fight for is the fight of shelter including affordable housing for every man. They store millions of seeds in the Arctic. handling the growth of businesses. the West.

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