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WAC CASE FOR ANALYSIS Thomas Green-Power, Office Politics and a Career in Crisis

By, Bharat Dalvi PGDM-Executive Roll No:05 Dt: 29/11/12


com +19099089054 2 . We look forward to doing further assignments with you. Sincerely. If you have any queries or doubts please contact us on mail or at the contact number given below during office hours.[Type the document title] 2012 To.2012 Dear Mr Green As per our discussion relating to your problem. Mr Thomas Green Dynamic Displays Resident Hills New York Dt: Nov 27. I hope you find this report satisfactory. the reasons for the incident created and also the action plan required to improve the situation. our consultancy has formulated a report with recommendations to deal with the current situation. Adrian Bale Senior Consultant Royce and Mathers Bale_adrian@roycenmathers. The report covers the different working styles.

.... Recommendations.................. Roll of key players.... .... ... Evaluation of options.. Executive Summery............................4 2.................. Criteria...9 7........6 3.......[Type the document title] 2012 Content : 1................................................ Objective..........................11 9................. Problem statement...........11 10.....8 6.........................10 8......................................................................11 3 ................................................. Action plan..... Situational analysis. ..................................... Solution options...... ..8 4.................... ...............8 5........... Contingency plan..... .. ...5 a.................................. .................. ....... ....

who was recruited in Dynamic Displays as an account executive got promoted to senior marketing specialist within few months was finding difficulty in adjusting with immediate boss Frank Davis. 4 . This case throws light on role of politics. Also other senior members in organization like Shanon McDonald also plays critical role in whole situation. a 28 year guy. Prime character is Thomas Green.[Type the document title] 2012 Executive Summary: This is a very interesting & recent case analyzed & recommended by Royce & Mather(HR consultancy) related to power. office politics & career in crisis. dynamics of the power and importance of communication within an organization. The conflict between the two now had reached its limit affecting the enthusiasm of Thomas Green and can result in termination of Green.

shortened passenger wait times. Senior executives quickly took notice of Green’s performance and were eager to strengthen his relationship with the company. office politics and how these two affect the career of an employee. Green attended the 2008 budget plan meeting. This was no normal feat. He soon became an important member of the organization when he established a great rapport with clients. McDonald stepped by Green’s office and told him that he was walking into a tricky situation with Frank Davis. This was the first time Green had been exposed to the planning and forecasting process. In 1994. But now due to web check-in facility is kiosk is facing a danger of lacking behind. The case delves into the disagreements between Thomas Green who is recently appointed as the division’s senior market specialist for the Eastern region of North America and Frank Davis who is the marketing director for the organization for the travel and hospitality division. Here Green was surprised by the numbers that Davis was proposing. he completed a contract for one of the largest airline carriers. On October 8th. These kiosks not only reduced costs but also improved customer service. and account executives in New York. Situation : The case of Thomas Green deals with the existence of power. 5 . Thomas Green started his career in the organization as an account executive. Frank had expected to choose the new senior market specialist and that would not have been him (Green). and developed their first self-service check-in kiosk for Discover Airlines. The sales goals that Frank set for Green’s department were impossible to meet. He was warned that he was to deal with any fallout because of this. Green was 28. to accelerate rollout of kiosks in 20 airports and purchase upgraded software for kiosks in the majority of their locations. Dynamic Displays launched a new division at the Travel and Hospitality Industry. Other senior market specialists were in their forties. The division vice-president Shannon McDonald seemed to take Green under her wings. Green lobbied hard for the position and won himself a position of senior market specialist. The very same day that Green was promoted. It highlights the play of politics that occurs in a workplace when senior management does not agree to the decisions and appointments that are made by the decision makers of the organization. He also visited clients. McDonald put her trust in Green and promoted him to the position of senior market specialist.[Type the document title] 2012 Situational analysis : Company's Background :Dynamic Displays was founded in 1990 as a provider of self-service options to banks via Automated Teller Machines (ATMs). According to Green. Journey Airlines.In his first four months as an account executive. McDonald had several informal meetings with Green. Atlanta and Orlando. Green used most of his first week to review 2006 and 2007 year-to-year sales. An account executive interested in joining the marketing team usually moved first to a market specialist position and then put in a number of years before reaching the ‘senior’ status. Davis was visibly upset that Green had openly challenged him at the meeting. Green became aware of an open position for a senior market specialist. market specialists. and provided valuable information to these travelers. By the end of that week. Davis was way off mark with his pro forma numbers.

[Type the document title] 2012 Primary reasons of this whole situations seems to lies in following. Personal relationship is a source of conflict: The personal relationship between Shannon and Green is also cause of concern as it already caused Shannon to err in her judgment. things might have been different. Lack of good communication & relation building skills. Inability to blend in the organization and not listen to his immediate boss: Green was reluctant to listen to his boss. Lack of showing interest on feedback of a guy whom she hired: Though we see that Shannon promoted Green. which probably caused him to use Shannon to further his goals rather than looking after the interest of the organization. Role of Key Players : Shannon McDonald (Division vice president): Inconspicuous promotion of Green: Green's (having less age than others plus only few months of job with the organization) promotion was not clear. Although Shannon took a chance in promoting Green. she was not concerned enough to carefully read through the performance review given by Davis and taking some proactive action. about how to improve his work. Lack of conflict management skills at senior management levels within Dynamic display. It can be assumed that if she would have taken enough interest in giving Green some important suggestions. Davis and hence was unable to mould himself to the needs of the 6 . Lack of management skills (Data. Just because Green and Shannon were in the same college alumni and from the same state (Georgia). He is relatively still not that experienced and he is very power hungry. Davis might have asked for an experienced person to take the position. Thomas Green : (Senior Marketing specialist) : Radical thoughts and style: Thomas Green is a young and dynamic graduate from University of Georgia in Bachelor's degree in Economics and has a six year work experience as account executive. Thomas Green: Lack of leadership skills required for senior marketing specialist. Time management etc) Senior management: Power & politics within senior management. and the fact that he cajoled her into promoting him.

since he knew that Shannon held a powerful and influential position in the company. As a result. Green challenges his position on the growth rate forecasts for following year calling them unrealistic and unattainable. Davis feels that Green is too inexperienced to justify to him how he got to the 10% growth projection. tried to aggressively campaign for the post. Positional power also has influence in his actions: Frank Davis thinks that Green is not capable enough to handle the responsibilities nor is he experienced. Therefore he sends along negatively biased report against Green to Shannon in an effort to remove him and get some one more able. There is very little visibility of Greens work in the organization which also accounts for his lack of alias in the organization and his low-influence. the email sent by Davis regarding Green's performance sent on January 30 to Shannon. Towards the end. that of the VP. Davis could not choose whom to hire but was forced upon by Shannon. though not sent to Green directly reached him by interoffice mail. the boss got vexed with his lack of documented numbers and updating his scheduler properly. Office Politics Green when became aware of a position for a senior market specialist. This goes to show that despite Green having to work under Davis. so that she would take his side once the matter of his firing comes up. Frank Davis(Marketing Director) His long career makes him feel better than Thomas Green: In the initial meeting (Green's first meeting). Green himself feels that he had not paid much attention to office politics and it was then that he realized that he should have taken advantage of Macdonald's position in the company by being more interactive with her. 7 . Office politics was also evident from the fact that.[Type the document title] 2012 organization.

poor performance of Thomas green as senior marketing specialist by immediate superior Frank Davis. Identification of issues . Presenting and feedback seeking from senior officials at Dynamic display. 3. 5. 4. Preparation of facts and figures to support performance & improvements. Suggestion and recommendations to improve performance and visibility within organization. Perception change by presenting performance in effective way to immediate Boss & senior management.[Type the document title] 2012 Problem statement: Critically analyze perception of same. 3. If so provide necessary suggestions to improvise 8 . 4.problems hindering performance of Thomas Green in last 5 months. Study & Analyze current situation of Thomas green in Dynamic display as organization. power. Analyze organization structure. politics around Green by analyzing environment and personnel dealing with Green. Feedback seeking and representation of feedback actions. Criteria: 1. 2. Improvisation of Thomas's performance as senior market specialist. Objective: 1. 2.

5. Davis and McDonald should ideally sit down for an informal meeting where they discuss the issues that Green has with Davis and vice versa. Change of company: Green should quit the organization so that all the conflicts he had at professional level would be settled. Davis should take up a mentoring role for Green. 4. McDonald should be the person who will make a decision as to whether the issue is trivial or that the issue is worth considering. 3. Firstly. the company’s goals should be considered when making the decision. Once an issue is up for resolution. Self improvement: Thomas Green should get into self critical mode & identify some pitfalls within himself. Change of reporting: Considering issues between Green & Davis. Conflict Resolution: Green. Green must have a face-to-face meeting with McDonald and must persuade that there is a need for clear goals and mentoring from Davis. as Green is highly inexperienced as a senior market specialist. 6. 9 . Also.Green should have a meeting with Davis and understand his concern regarding his work style so that both could work towards an integrated solution. McDonald can change reporting of Green to some other marketing director or himself to evaluate & analyze Davis's evaluation of Green. Green should convince McDonald that having Davis train him would help Green understand the organizational hierarchy and his responsibilities for the new role. Work Collaboratively with senior management: Green should change his working style and learn managerial skills from Davis. Once the issues are chalked out.[Type the document title] 2012 Solution Options : Following options can be utilized to solve this HR problem. Secondly. 1. Again.Senior marketing specialist is a leadership position requiring management skills and way different than previous position(More of individual performance driven) 2. Change of role: McDonald should remove Green from the role of Senior Market Specialist with immediate effect and a sales role position should be given to him in the organization where his sales skills can be leveraged. McDonald should be the ideal choice for taking this decision. Green should commit to Davis on the following improvement areas that Davis is looking for so that he could trust Green for the role of a senior market specialist.

The advantages for this option are A. the disadvantage is Green may lose motivation towards completing tasks because he may feel that he has been demoted and unsuccessful. Leadership(leading team towards sales goals & monitoring) B. Change of reporting: Considering serious issues and already sour relations between Green & Davis (Beyond repair) McDonald can take second opinion by by changing reporting of Green to some other Director and re-evaluate Green's performance. Even though there is no advantage for this option. Davis and McDonald need to put in additional effort to support till Green is comfortable with the new role. 5. Hence. The disadvantage is Green adapting to a new work style for will take some time initially and may not be highly beneficial during short span of time. Resolve conflict: McDonald should act as a problem solver between Davis and Green and understand their respective problems to resolve the conflict. Change of role: Green can be removed from the role of Senior Market Specialist with immediate effect and a Sales role position should be given to him by McDonald in Dynamic display where his Sales skills can be leveraged.[Type the document title] 2012 Evaluation of Options 1. The advantage for this option is conflict between Davis and Green can be resolved but the disadvantage is how far can Green change his work style as per Davis’ expectations is still questionable. B. 10 . Change of company: Last option is Green should quit the organizationso that all the conflicts he had at professional life would be settled. even though this option would help the company for a different business. Effective communication & relation building D. The communication gap between Davis and Green could be filled in C. 4. Work collaboratively: Green should change his working style and learn managerial skills from Davis. Management (Time & efforts) C. As an advantage. Davis will build the trust on Green when Green adapts to work style that suits the organisational goals. 3. He should improvise following skills A. this is not a feasible option. the disadvantage is his mortgage was due soon and also furniture is scheduled to be delivered. This can give an insight & will also work at root cause (Performance or power/politics) 6. Also. Creative thinking & conflict management 2. Considering this is a new and senior management position where need to get things done from others than doing it himself. Self improvement : Green already posses good operation level skills and have created impressive position in senior management's mind. Green will realise that Davis is at a superior position and should respond to Davis on time.

8. Contingency plan: Contingency plan can be prepared considering recommendations such as change of reporting of Thomas green to some other marketing director or McDonald herself. 5. 4. 7. Database & knowledge management system implementation (Specialized software etc) 4. Fast-track management programme design (May be in collaboration with universities) 6. Scheduling of review meetings 5. build better relations with new superior and also throw light on Davis's attitude & working style. 3. Mentoring programme within organizations(To prepare juniors for senior positions by observations) Weekly review meetings with senior management. Fast track leadership & management programme for new senior managers. Transparency policy creation & implementation. This will give Thomas opportunity to improvise performance. Review & Probation period for senior positions. Data & Knowledge management system & tools implementation (Charts. Immediate preparation of roles & responsibilities (Career path design) 2. Clearly defined rolls & responsibilities. 6. Action plan: 1. 2. 7. 11 .[Type the document title] 2012 Recommendations: Considering complexity of this human relation and skills related issue one single straight forward solution may not work effectively As HR consultant I suggest following recommendations for Green & senior management combining self improvement & collaborative working: 1. graphs etc) Conflict management training for all senior management Transparency practice implementation within organization. Conflict management training for all senior management. Implementation of mentoring programme (Assigning mentors etc) 3.