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0100 Type Vessel will be single-screw, diesel engine driven, ocean-going LPG tanker designed for the carriage of gases under working pressure of 18 bar. Vessel will have a bulbous bow and transom stern, two cylindrical cargo tank, engine room and accommodation aft. Liquefied gases with max. cargo density of 0,972 t/m3 according to rules for IMO 2 PG will be carried where cargo saturated temperature ranging to 0° C. Class rules of Germanischer Lloyd or Bureau Veritas will be applied National regulation of Libya will be considered.

Ambient design conditions: Ambient air temperature summer Ambient air temperature winter Seawater temperature summer Relative humidity up to

40 °C -20 °C 32 °C 85%

Continuous deck: main deck Erections: forecastle, poop The bulkheads between cargo holds with double shell containing HFO bunker tanks. Further details as per general arrangement plan. 0110 Main dimensions Length over all Length between pp. Breadth moulded Max. breadth Depth moulded to maindeck Depth to trunk deck Scantling draught Deadweight Cargo tank capacity Engine output abt. Service speed at 0,9 MCR Crew staff 112,00 m 104,00 m 16.40 m 16,50 m 8,60 m 10,00 m 7,00 m 5400 t 5000 m3 3800 kW 14,60 kn 24 pers.

0120 The vessel will be able to carry the following gas cargo :


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Gases Propene ( Propylene ) Propane Propane/Butane Vinilchloride Monomer (VCM) î- Butane Butene ( Butylene ) Butadiene N-Butane IPM

Formula C3H6 C3H6 C3H8/C4H10 CH2CHCL IC4H10 C4H8 CH2CHCHCH2 NC4H10 CH2C(CH3)CHCH2

Max. Ethane percentage in commercial Propane in liquid phase at satured temperature will be 2,5% mole in Ethane at 1,0 bar absolute pressure. NGL ( Natural Gas Liquids ) can be carried according to pressure and temperature range of the other liquid gas cargoes. Partial loading of cargo tanks between 20% and 98% of filling rate will be possible for both tanks 0130 Deadweight The deadweight all told of the vessel will be 5400 tdw (1000kg) on scantling draught of 7,00 m. The deadweight is the difference between the displacement of the vessel in sea water with a specific gravity of 1,025 t/cbm at the draught mentioned and the displacement of the empty, clean, completed vessel with water and oil in pipe system and engines as well as gravity and sump tanks, the spares as per classification requirement, but without fuel, lub oil, fresh-and ballast water in storage tanks, food crew and owners inventory. The ship will be built and equipped for obtaining minimum freeboard according to load line conventions. 0140 Speed and Endurance Service speed at 90% MCR on scantling draught of 7,00m will be 14.6 kn. The endurance will be abt. 8000nm at draft 7.00 m under service speed with 10% remaining bunkers on arrival. Service speed will be calculated based on the trial speed results and compared with model tank test results. Trial conditions specified in the model tank report will be considered in the calculation. 0150 Stability and Trim The ship will be designed to damage stability conditions as one compartment vessel. The stability of ship will be adequate for all conditions occurring in normal operations according to classification society’s requirements and flag authorities.



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The stability calculations will indicate all necessary information, intact and damage stability, trim, heel etc. Partial loading of cargo tanks between 20% and 98% of filling rate will be calculated. On the basis of the results of the inclining test (see group 0620) the yard will calculate the stability for different loading conditions as given by the owners in the specification and according standard and regulations of classification and flag authorities. The yard will supply a loading computer to calculate vessels stability and strength values under all conditions and as a guidance for the ship’s officers for recommendable distributions cargoes, the correct procedure of loading and unloading under the above mentioned aspects. Care will be taken for local forces at tanks seatings. 0160 Tank capacities Heavy Fuel Storage Tank Heavy Fuel Day tank 1 Heavy Fuel Day tank 2 Heavy Fuel settling tank 1 Heavy Fuel Overflow tank 340 cbm all abt. 12 cbm 12 cbm 18 cbm 20 cbm - 330,0 t - 11,5 t - 11,5 t - 13,0 t

Automatic switch over between Heavy fuel day tank 1 and 2 will be provided Diesel Oil Storage tanks 50 cbm Diesel Oil settling tanks 5 cbm Diesel Oil Day tank 5 cbm Diesel Oil Emergency D.G.Tank 3,5 cbm Luboil Tanks - Storage M.E. 2 x Luboil Storage Tank A.E. Regeneration Tank Luboil Circulation Tank 5 cbm 3 cbm 5 cbm 6 cbm - 42,0 t - 4,0 t - 4,0 t - 3,0 t 9,0 t 2,7 t 4,5 t 5,4 t

Fresh water Tanks Water ballast Tanks Thermal Oil Tanks Hydraulic Oil Tank Sewage Tank Dirty oil Tank Bilge water Tank Seperator Sludge Tank Leak Oil Tank

abt. 80 cbm abt. 1800 t abt. 8 cbm abt. 2 cbm abt. 10 cbm abt. 10 cbm abt. 40 cbm abt. 30 cbm abt. 8 cbm

Above figures to be defined in final design. 0170 Cargo tank capacities and working conditions

Gas Cargo tank No.1 Gas Cargo tank No.2

2500 m3 2500 m3


International Convention for the Prevention of Collision at Sea. 83.4 - Total gas cargo tank capacity Max.IMO / BV / IGC Code for gas carrier . 00) and all protocols and resolutions which are to enter into force on Jan. plants and machinery to be manufactured in accordance with the following rules and regulations being in force at the moment of signing contract.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page .International Convention on Load Line Regulations for seagoing Ships . 1st. 88. The whole ship including equipment. including amendments (81.15 °K ( 34 °C ) 321.Regulations for Prevention Accidents for Shipping Companies operating Sea-going TO-dugi-LPG.1976 .972 t/m3 307.1972.International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS). 1974.Decree of Safety for seagoing ships . specific gravity of gas cargo Sea water temperature ( max ) Max. vacuum Min.7 bar gauge 273°K ( 0 °C) 0.Rules and regulation of authorities of Lybia .International tonnage measurement 1969 . tank temperature Max. operating pressure: according to IMO/BV/IGC Code according to USCG Max. 90. 2002 .Administration of Labor Safety (ILO rules) .15 °K ( 48 °C ) Cargo system is designed to have separate ventilation lines and separate crossover 0300 Classification The ship to be built and equipped for container service according to the rules and requirements and under the survey of GERMANISCHER LLOYD to the class: + GL + 100 A5 E “ Liquid Gas Carrier Type 2PG” + MCE Aut or similar notation of BV Flag and Port of registry are to be as per the shipbuilding contract.LPG 5000 . ambient temperature 5000 m3 18 bar gauge 18 bar gauge 0. 89. . 99.doc .

5 - vessels (ILO rules) . resp. Protocol 1978.Suez Canal Rules.Panama Canal Rules.Radio Safety.Customs Regulations for Sea-going Vessels .doc . latest Edition .Technical Regulations for Construction and Outfitting of Accommodation Rooms aboard Sea-going Vessels (ILO rules) .LPG 5000 . Regulation and Measurements.ILO-Convention 92-133 (Crew-Accommodation) .Radio Communication convention 74 . .Manning Order of the Libya .Decree of Medical Care aboard Merchant Vessels (ILO rules) .ILO-Code “Safety of Dockyard work 1974” .USCG rules for gas carrier 0310 ”As fitted” documentation At completion of the vessel total 4 copies for the first vessel and total 3 copies for the second and following vessels of the following drawings as fitted calculations and descriptions TO-dugi-LPG.Regulations for Accommodation of the crew on board of Merchant Vessels (ILO rules) . 1973.IMO-Resolution A 468 (XII) code of noise level on board ships . latest edition of MARPOL including Navigation at the whole Baltic Sea .USA Coast Guard Regulation for traffic for foreign flag ship. Regulation and Measurements.GMDSS AIII Edition 1995 and 1999 (Global Maritime Distress Safety System) . .Decree of Drinking Water .USA Waterside Protection CFR-29 Part 19 18 B to F . .International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution of the Sea.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page .Guiding Principles and Conditions for testing and approval of the Libyan Administration .

rudder Local reinforcements for bigger outfitting items x Anchor. ox General Arrangement Plan. internal bulkheads x Cargo tanks seating structure x Cargo tanks dome structure Lines Plan or offsets Foundation of main propulsion plant and auxiliary engines Steering gear plant incl.and mooring equipment Plan of doors and windows Arrangement of life saving equipment Ventilation of accommodation Ventilation of cargo hold and stores Ventilation of engine room Painting and preservation list Funnel mark and ship’s name Main switchboard.6 - (language to be English) will be supplied. engine room console Main electric lighting and cabling plans Manuals and instruction books for engines and auxiliary engines and spare-parts lists.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . Grain and container stability Trim Tables Sounding Tables for all storage Tanks (incl. generally all equipment will be supplied with manuals Ship’s biography with makers. bridge console. types and addresses Sea trial diagram Inclining test report o x x x x x x x TO-dugi-LPG.doc Diagram of air and sounding pipes Diagram of deckwash and fire main Diagram of HT/LT fresh cooling water system Diagram of sea water system Diagram of lubricating oil system Diagram of fuel oil system Diagram of CO2 system . 1:200 ox Safety Plan ox Capacity Plan with deadweight scale Stability Calculations incl. trim) Hydrostatic Curves Cross Curves of Stability Drain Plugs and indication of painting surfaces x Tank Plan with manholes x Midship section x Steel Plan x Shell Expansion Stern frame Stem Post Forepeak structure Aftpeak structure Transverse bulkheads Accommodation arrangement Engine room arrangement x Docking Plan x Cargo tank structure incl.LPG 5000 .

0320 Certificates The yard delivers or takes responsibility for the delivery of all certificates of hull.Safety Radiotelephony Certificate.Certificate of CO2 -plant .Certificate of sea water .Potable water certificate. . the manuals will be supplied for one set only.Builder’s Certificate .Compass adjustment and calibration certificate .LPG 5000 . If some apparatus of similar type will be fitted.7 - x x x x x x x x ox ox ox ox Nitrogene system diagrams Spraying system diagrams Foam system diagram Hydraulic system diagrams Diagram of ballast system Diagram of bilge system Diagram of compressed air system Diagram of exhaust gas pipes Diagram of HFO system Diagram of LO system Diagram of DO system P&I diagram for gas cargo system The drawings marked ”x” one additional transparent copy to be delivered.Certificate GL . TO-dugi-LPG.Approved stability booklet . chains and mooring ropes . . The list of certificates consists in general of the following documents: .Certificates for machinery parts as far as required by classification . . machinery and equipment.Deratisation Certificate.Classification Certificate of Hull gas ( cargo plant ) and Machinery without any notations .Fire fighting equipment. .Marpol certificate .Certificate of crane and lifting devices .International Load-Line Certificate .Safety Equipment Certificate .Certificates for navigation lights .IW (In water surway) . The drawings marked ”o” to be plastified and framed. All tests and approvals are at the yard’s expenses.International Tonnage Certificate in accordance with London 1969 .doc .SOLAS certificates. .Certificate of Lifeboat.Certificates for navigation aids .Certificate of Rescue boat .TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page .Certificate for Sewage treatment plant .Certificates for anchors.

tanks.Certificate for water spray system .Certificate of cargo hold securing and lashing equipment . This experiment will be the basis for the definite calculation of stability and trim.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . The tightness of all watertight constructions will be tested according to class requirements. The test will be carry out in calm water and windforce below 2 Bft.Other Certificates required by Rules and Regulations All certificates will be delivered to the owners in doublicate. Yard will give two copies of trial records to owners. 0625 Final drydocking If the vessel has been afloat for more than three months before sea trials. The inclining test may be omitted for the subsequent vessels if the results of two vessels are similar and the approval of the owners and the classification society and authorities was given. if any. All bilges to be dry.and gravity tanks filled ready for the full operation of the vessel.doc . to be completely filled or empty. a final drydocking TO-dugi-LPG. sump.8 - .Certificate for inert gas system . However.Certificate for foam fire extinguishing system . 0620 Inclining experiment To determine the center of gravity and the deadweight an inclining experiment according to regulations will be carried out with the completed vessel in presence to the classification authorities and owners’ representative.LPG 5000 . All tests will be made according to the regulations in the presence of representatives of the classification society and the owner’s representative. 0610 Tests and trials All tests and trials are at builder’s cost and risk. 1969. All pipe systems. one deadweight/light ship control must be arranged for each ship. 0330 Tonnage/Measurement The measurement to be carried out in accordance with the London Regulations. The owner takes the responsibility for the registration of the vessel. Suez and Panama Tonnage to be calculated according to valid regulations and tonnage certificate will be provided. The detailed items and program of tests and trials will be submitted to the owners.

During the building period the builder will allow the superintendents of the owner to enter the yard during all working hours for the purpose of supervision and will also arrange with subcontractors that the superintendents attend construction and testing of major equipment at subcontractors sites.doc . a drydocking shall be made before delivery. The builder will give all necessary information as schedule of building and tests and working drawings and assistance incl. 12 hours duration. 0630 Sea trials Upon completion of dock trials the completed vessel will be presented to the owner classification and authority representative during a trial trip of min.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . stop tests Test of navigation equipment Speed measurements Endurance trial of ME. Engine manoeuvres. a suitably furnished office to enable the representatives of the owner to effect the supervision. Following sea trials will be made: Anchor trials Rudder test / Steering manoeuvres incl.9 - shall be made to check vessels bottom regarding damages to paint and antifouling. Shipyard have to follow strictly the advices of owners supervisors when the construction of the vessel is not in compliance with the contract and/or specification . vibration and noise measurements Inertial test and Stop way Water spray system test Sea water fire fighting system test Compass calibration Cooling water system performance test of M/E and A/E Fresh water generator test ME-Lub oil cooling test HFO-Supply to M/E and purifier performance test DO supply and purifier performance test A detailed program for the sea trials will be agreed with the owner before the trials will start. If any malfunctions of technical equipment will be reported by the supervisors in written form TO-dugi-LPG.LPG 5000 . Measurement by radar and GPS. the builder is obliged to repeat the run in case of necessity within a reasonable period. A separate communication line will be provided. ITT fee will be charged to the owner. which have to be repaired. If any basic faults are found during this run. If the ship get a grounding during the outfitting period and was afloat for less than three months. 0650 Supervision The owner has the right to appoint his superintendent and assistants for supervision of the development of the construction and the execution of work in accordance with the building specification.

TO-dugi-LPG. Due to changes of the classifications and other rules: Any alterations in constructions and in the scope of supply during the construction period of the ship which are due to changes of the classification rules and regulations between the date of signing the contract and ship’s delivery are on account of the owner (if any cost involved ). 0660 Workmanship and Quality All workmanship of the construction and equipment of the vessel shall be modern and first class in every respect and must comply with class requirements and of west european shipbuilding standard.LPG 5000 .10 - immediately the shipyard unconditionally must modify and /or repair these equipments as otherwise the shipyard is in breach of contract. In the case of inacceptance by the owner. 0670 Modification Modifications after the signing of the contract must be mutually agreed in writing. the yard has to change the standard according to such which will satisfy the owner. that such alterations will neither effect the technical data nor involve additional costs and do not interfere with the planned production program. Details altered to be of equal or quality to those specified. Required by the owner If the owner after signing the contract wishes some alterations to be made to the vessel or any part thereof the builder shall execute such alterations as required provided. ”Yard standard ”drawing will be submitted to the owners for reference before final decision about their use could be made. 0690 Guarantee The builder will guarantee workmanship and material of the vessel for a period as per contract. Yard’s production standards must be approved by the classification society and the Buyer. If owner wishes alterations to be made affecting the technical data and/or involving additional costs the builder shall execute such alterations only when the owner has stated in writing that he agrees with the change in the technical particulars and/or production program and/or is willing to pay the named additional costs.doc . however. Builder’s Options In the event the builder wishes to make minor alterations to design. such alterations will be submitted to the owners for approval. construction details and materials to suit prevailing circumstances.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page .

The ship hull will be subdivided into following compartments: .LPG 5000 .Engine room . etc. bottom and double bottom Extent and lay out of the double bottom as shown on the General Arrangement Plan.11 - 1000 STEEL HULL General Steel in accordance with shipbuilding quality and the classification requirements will be used. Introducing of the big local forces at the gas cargo tanks seatings will be ensured by transmitting of point loads to the surface load in the double bottom structure. For examination a separate protocol will be made. TO-dugi-LPG.g. In order to avoid excessive vibration all calculation of torsional vibrations of the system of main engine gear. at the ship’s ends with floors at every frame.1 section .Gas cargo tank No. The welding of the main structures of the hull to be x-rayed in compliance with the classification rules and under consultation with the classification surveyor and owners superintendent. shafting arrangement and propeller will be made and given to the classification society for approval. Slot welding to be restricted as far as possible and its to be applied only where access from the inside is impossible. holds. The x-ray photographs will be submitted to the surveyor and to the owners superintendent for examination.Forepeak . Continuous double bottom with longitudinal framing and floors as peer rules of the class. tank . void spaces. High tensile steel to be used for construction of the hull only if required by the classification society.Bowthruster section with F. The ship generally will be of electrically welded construction. Distortion and unfairness due to welding to be faired. tanks.doc . Electrodes are to be selected from the list approved by the classification. repaired and examined again.Deep tanks section for fuel .2 section .Gas cargo tank No. in weather and moisture exposed areas (e. shell.Aft peak with rudder 1120 Keel. Arrangement of longitudinal and cross members in way of holds to be in accordance with the optimized grid . All welding foulty points will be marked.) continuous welding will be used.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . Welding operations to be carried out under protection from wet weather wherever possible. Scantlings will be in accordance with class notation unless otherwise agreed.W.

1130 Bulkheads Where is possible. The longitudinal bulkheads (double skin) in line with the cylindrical gas cargo tanks will be flat with horizontal stiffeners in tanks. cargo holds. Number and arrangement of bulkheads will be as per General Arrangement Plan. Stainless steel bolts and nuts will be used for all manholes. Drain hole in the tanks will be as large as possible to ensure a good flow of water to the suction pipe at the emptying of the rest water. engine room and open decks.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . The casing will be adequately supported. two flush manholes of suitable size (400 x 600 mm according ISO standard) to allow easy access to the tanks.LPG 5000 . The double bottom in way of the engine room and at the ship’s ends to have combined framing system with floors on each frame. to the class standard. The double bottom tanks will each have one 1 1/4” brass drain plug. Manholes and drain plugs will be provided underneath the perforated bottom. that longitudinal girders are on the blocks when the ship is drydocked. flat type of bulkheads with vertical stiffeners will be used for transversal subdivision. 1140 Hull construction design details All fillet welds to be continuous in both sides within tanks. Each double bottom tank will have min.12 - For transmitting of the gas cargo tank seating loads in DB structure. TO-dugi-LPG. It has to be considered.doc . Drain plugs for water and oil to be of different shape. One suction well port and starboard at after and fore end of each gas cargo tank void will be installed. Web frames will be on each 4th frame where is possible Chain lockers will be watertight. The tank top in the holds and in the engine room is horizontally and welded to the shell plating. Welds of main structures to be X-rayed in accordance with the regulations of the classification society and the results to be judged acc. Light bulkheads will have 60mm deep swedges in the line with framing or longitudinals and be used in the accommodation structure for internal bulkheads only. Chain intermittent welding to be applied in dry rooms and within superstructures. a second removable perforated bottom of stainless steel will be fitted at a height of approximate 600mm above bottom. Local reinforcement of the keel plate and supporting structure will be arranged in such way that full loaded ship could be drydocked in the case of bottom damage. Manholes in engine room will have coamings. In the engine room a cofferdam will be provided around and under the lubricating oil drain tank of the main engine.

13 - Welding and mounting procedure to be according to the yard’s production standard or equivalent. Longitudinal frame construction with solid floor to be provided at every second frame in the gas tank section. 1160 Decks Welded decks with longitudinal stiffeners and web beams and frames as necessary Fore and aft body in transverse frame construction. fore and aft peak.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page .doc . Under the gas cargo tank seating area number of longitudinal girder will be increased as necessary Solid floor at each frame in way of engine room and in bow thruster room. The spacing of the web frames in the engine room as per drawings. compressor room and nitrogen/foam room section 1170 Transversal watertight bulkheads Sixwatertight transverse bulkheads from tank top to main or trunk deck shall be arranged with vertical stiffening. Trunk deck with sloped sides will be provided to close void space over the gas tanks . Arrangement of bulwark according to GA Plan. TO-dugi-LPG. Local reinforcement will be provided in the area of manifold. Longitudinal girder acc. Bottom of the ventilation ducts will be inclined to get easy clean. Additional web frames will be fitted.LPG 5000 . reinforced for grab operations. 1150 Shell plating Dimensions of shell plating according to the regulations of the classification society with strengthening in way of penetrations and shell opening as far as required by the classification society. Deck will be stiffened with longitudinal and transversal web beams. Double bottom provided from forward after peak bulkhead to fore peak bulkhead. High-tensile steel will be provided for hatch cover and hatch coamings upper part only if necessary. to the regulations of the classification society will be provided on each ship side. For the arrangement see the G A plan Dimensions of bulkheads and stiffeners according to the rules. Ventilation duct will be integrated in the transversal bulkhead structure in such a way that easy to clean flat plating will be faced to the space with stiffeners in back space. which shall be submitted to owner’s supervisor for reference.5m above water line to be galvanized. Discharge of forecastle deck towards main deck. 0. if considered necessary by the classification society. A sufficient number of discharge outlets (scuppers) from main deck and poop deck up to abt. Opening for cargo tank dome with sill and necessary reinforcement will be provided. Horizontal construction with longitudinal frames and stringers in compliance with the regulations of the classification society will be used as far as possible in midship part of the hull. All scuppers on main deck around the gas cargo tank area will have possibilities to be closed by the wooden plugs during the loading operation.

made of HP profile. 1. Eyes for painter’s stagings in way of names forward and aft will be provided. the bearing bush is of bronze.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . Local reinforcement at the bearing position will be arranged as necessary. Seating will be of strong design capable to take over all forces which will be possible to act TO-dugi-LPG. The heavy plates of the stern frame and the cast steel parts will be preheated for welding to prevent stress. 1190 Stern frame and rudder The stern frame will be designed for one semi ballanced rudder and will be constructed of heavy plating. The streamlined rudder will be built of steel plates and will be tested for leakage at 0. length abt. Combined rudder carrier and rudder stock gland to be arranged in accessible position on steering gear flat. Necessary hand holds for measuring clearances will be fitted. Casting part will be termicaly treated during and after welding procedure. Movable rudder surface abt.doc . Horizontal and vertical stiffeners of the rudder are to be provided. 1200 Foundations Gas cargo tank seating will be supported to the adequate reinforcement in double bottom. The rudder bearings are of cast steel. to be filled with light concrete and protected by painting against corrosion. The rudder surface will be rated in such way to grant good steering and manoeuvting capability. and. Un-accessible parts to be constructed as ”void spaces”. Eye pads will be provided on port and starboard for lifting rudder and propeller. Rudder trunk to be filled partly with grease through a special pipe arrangement from steering gear room. Removal of the rudder to be arranged as easy as possible.8% of lateral area on scantling draught.LPG 5000 . if necessary. The bearing liner on rudder stock is of stainless steel. 1/3 LPP. Exact position of bilge keel will be fixed according to results of paint within model tank tests.5bar. Lifting eyes will be provided for mounting of propeller and rudder. Two prints sketches and instructions ”Dismounting of flap rudders” will be provided on board. Above the rudder a streamlined extension for ice horn will be arranged. welded with a flat bar welded to double strip being welded to the bilge strake.14 - 1180 Hull appendages Bilge keel in way of midship.

LO tank. Foundations and bolts to be easy accessible from all sides. Top of navigating bridge and compass deck will use non magnetic material in area around magnetic compas zone. 22.LPG 5000 . m.15 - during the vessel operation. Foundations for main and auxiliary engines are to be of strong design. main engine and auxiliaries are to be built in cooperation and with approval of manufacturers of the concerned parts. Pillars in way of combination and under platforms will be fitted as required by rules.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . Foundations of gas cargo tanks. Special rules for fire protection at gas carriers will be adapted during the design work.doc . 1210 Deckhouses The arrangement of the deckhouses is shown in the General Arrangement Plan. All decks will be fully plated with transverse beams and longitudinal stiffening. Necessary continuous transmitting of forces to the ship structure will be arranged by long. Inner bulkheads will be stiffened by wedges where possible (see also group bulkheads). Main engine seating is to be incorporated in the structure of the raised double bottom and the aft bulb hull structure. Supports of foundations to be provided with special care. especially the smooth steps in the structure will be used. Scantlings to be in relation to weight of machinery and under consideration of possible vibrations. TO-dugi-LPG. Outside bulkheads will be stiffened vertically. The navigating bridge will have inclined windows as required by the SOLAS reg. side girder structure which will form the border of lubricating oil tank and side cofferdam of a. Bridge wings which allow good view to ship side will be arranged. also considering the good transforming of forces from upper to lower supporting structure.

Each of the two pump units is able to control the steering gear. diameter 5mm above class requirements. In way of the bearings the rudder stock will be strengthened. The turning angle of the rudder is from 45 degrees on one side to 45 degrees on the other. Rudder stock dismounting trough trunk in poop to poop deck will be possible. with both pump units in operation 14 seconds max.doc . in fully loaded condition. 2120 Steering engine The steering gear is designed to fulfill the requirements of the classification society. Steering gear room according to General Arrangement Plan.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page .LPG 5000 . TO-dugi-LPG. All the necessary lubrication points to the stock are served from the steering engine room by a gravity tank. 2110 Rudder stock and Carrier The rudder stock will be made forged steel. which will be equipped for a follow-up main control by hand wheel and a nonfollow-up spare control. a receiver with three scales on the bridge and in each bridge wing one receiver will be installed. It will be mounted at the top in a friction bearing and at the bottom in a guide bearing.. Under normal conditions one pump unit is in service while the other acts as stand-by. Electric hydraulic driven steering gear with two independent pump sets will be erected near the gear. The electric motors and switch boxes will be equipped with stillstand heating. The time from 35 on one side to 30 on the other side with one pump in operation will be 28 seconds max. Furthermore.16 - 2000 OUTFITTING HULL 2100 Steering Gear Wane type steering gear or cylinder ram type will be installed. will be installed at the bridge deck. a receiver in the engine control desk. 2140 Rudder indicator An electric rudder indicating system with a transmitter in the steering engine room. Tiller controls in the bridge wings. 2130 Control equipment for steering gear A control cubicle. clean and smooth machined. the bridge console will be equipped with an automatic steering control set (Auto pilot) as well as a repeater steering compass.

A clear.17 - 2150 Bow thruster One bow thruster with fixed pitch propeller will be installed.-Plan. Automatic fireflap. Location as per G. The thruster motor to be adequately ventilated by forced ventilation. A common alarm in the main engine control room to cover following paramerters Main motor tripped Ventilation fan motor tripped Main motor high temperature Thruster gear pod lubrication oil temperature high Motor overload Running indication and emergency stopping of the main from the bridge Propeller diameter: Layout for max. Failure on overload of one of the starters is not to stop the main motor.LPG 5000 . matural exhaust to be arranged.A. Overload alarm to be incorporated in common alarm. TO-dugi-LPG. A main control stand in the bridge console and one each in the bridge wings will be provided. for opening at 30 degree celsius to be arranged. unobstructed removal access to be arranged for the motor.doc . efficiency. Bilge alarm and bilge suction to be arranged in motor compartment.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . allowing direct lift. Bow thruster motor: Output Voltage Frequency Revolutions Protection Insulation class Stand still heating 300kw 380V 50HZ 1500r/min IP 23 (air to air cooled ) F 220V designed for ice class E 2160 Bow thruster system lay out A starter assembly in the forecastle with individual starter for: 1 300kw 380V main motor 1 ventilation fan 1 control switch in the engine control room for simultaneous control of each of the above starters. but in general the tunnel immersion to be as great as classification and shipyard constructional practice will allow. watertight. 1 indicator unit in the main engine control room to provided individual indication to show that each unit was running.

mooring and towing equipment 2210 Anchor windlasses Two electrical hydraulic anchor winches of split type to be placed on the forecastle.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . mooring drum and a warping head. Mooring drum suitable for polypropylene mooring ropes and to be able to pull 120 kN on first layer.doc . The openings will be closed by two-part covers.LPG 5000 . Anchor lashings Steel wire lashing with spindles to provided additional means for lashing the anchors will be fitted to the chain guides behind the hawse pipes. Speed and pull on cable lifter according to class requirement. Minimum chain speed 9m/min.18 - 2170 Foundation All foundations for steering gear and bow thruster are of an adequately welded construction. Each winch to be provided with cable lifter for anchor chain. will be installed on the poop deck. TO-dugi-LPG. The drums to have hydraulically controlled speeds and claw clutch coupling. The upper edge will be protected with a rubbing strip of 80mm round bar. A grating for the winchmen will be arranged behind the master controllers. operating load on mooring winches to be about 120 kN on first layer. 2230 Cable stoppers Cable stoppers of roller type will be installed. The drums to have speeds and claw clutch coupling. 2220 Mooring winches Two winches each with one mooring drum suitable for mooring rope and warping head. Chain and hawse pipes The chain pipes below the cable lifters terminate in the chain lockers. 2180 Spares Spares for the steering gear and bow thruster will be included in the supply as required by the classification society. 2200 Anchor.

The chain lockers are watertight up to the forecastle deck.5m each. Ropes six (6)Polypropylene (Atlas-) ropes will be delivered by the yard size acc. Further ropes to be supplied by the owner. The hawse pipe arrangement will be fitted in such a way that the anchors fall free from the bulbous bow even with an adverse heeling up to three degrees. 1 multi-purpose chock. A strong bulb of steel will be fitted in the anchor recess in way of the hawse pipe hole. chain flushing device see engine specification.doc . 2260 Bollards Bollards. Access openings with rubber seal and butterfly nuts will be provided for each locker. Under the forecastle deck a chain slipping device will be fitted on either side. the chains of K3 quality. 2240 Anchor and chains The anchors and chains will be according to class requirement.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . 2235 Chain locker A perforated bottom of steel for water and sludge drainage will be fitted approximately 600mm above the chain locker bottom. hawses and guide rollers in welded steel construction according to ISO standards . size 8 (Panama chocks) 4 two-roller fair leads pedestal fair leads as per mooring plan 5 double bollards. to class regulations. thickness 20mm. size acc. to mooring rope break load TO-dugi-LPG. The anchors will be of high efficient type . 2250 Rope reels Each two sets of rope hand reels to be fitted in forecastle and poop deck.forward.LPG 5000 . The openings of the hawse pipes in the forecastle deck will be secured by approximately 600mm high railings.19 - The hawse pipes will be made of rolled plates in the shell plating. size 12 (Panama chocks) 4 multi-purpose chock. For details of bilge pipes and ejector pump see engine specification. Three link anchor shots with swivel piece. The outside diameter is approximate 530mm. chain length will be 27. The chains will be connected with Kenter shackles. Equipment consisting of : .

One bollard forward and one aft of sufficient strength for towing purposes. 2270 Foundations All foundations are of adequately welded construction and will be sufficiently high for access. to break load for mooring ropes . for preservation and cleaning work. TO-dugi-LPG. size 12 2 multi-purpose chock. Length and strength of cable acc. No water may accumulate behind. to class requirements. size acc. size 8 4 four-roller chocks guide rollers with sub-construction as per mooring plan 4 double bollards. All double bollards of welded pipe construction to ISO standard will be installed. Local strengthening of decks in way of bollards and pedestal fair leads are to be fitted as necessary.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page .20 - . Chafing pieces Chafing pieces will be fitted to shell in a nearly vertical position in way of the shoulders fore and aft.LPG 5000 . necessary foundation/pedestals to be provide. according to mooring plan. Roller fair leads Roller fair leads with a roller diameter of 250 mm will be fitted on the forecastle deck and poop deck as shown in the mooring plan.Aft. size to load of 10t beside manifold platform will be provided Arrangement in agreement with the owners. All chafing edges to be well rounded. 1 multi-purpose chock. 4 double bollards.Main deck. All greasing nipples at the deck outfitting and machinery equipment of the same design.doc . 2280 Spares Spares for winches will be supplied as per classification requirements.

PS and STB. 2340 Accommodation ladders and gangway Accesses and recess will be provided in the bulwark to store the accommodation ladders. eyes to hinge the platform of the accommodation ladder and a dismountable rotary pedestal. to walkways alongside the boats and where otherwise necessary.doc .LPG 5000 . Inclination of the stairs will be max 50°. Ladders in the tanks will be welded on the stiffening structure or fixed by stainless steel bolts and nuts where ladders must be of removable type. The yard will supply two pilot ladders according to ISO-Standard. channeled plates and hand rails of galvanized gas pipe according to normal standard. The operation of the fitted accommodation ladders (hoisting. rotary pedestals. TO-dugi-LPG. lowering and slewing) will be controlled by electrically working winches in connection with a turnable arrangement. Outside stairs to upper decks of superstructure will be made of flat bars with steps of bent. An aluminum gangway. approximately 6m long and 600mm wide. These (approximate 7m long. running and rubbing rollers. awnings. Lashings will be provided in a suitable position underneath the crane outreach. This gangway will be equipped with removable hand rail.21 - 2300 Stairs. On deck. minimum breadth 900 mm. will be supplied. roller. 600mm wide) will be made of aluminum alloy and equipped with fixed curved steps suitable for walking at angles from 25 to 55 degrees slope and with self adjusting pipe railing. The ladder winches can be operated by cranked handles in an emergency. companionways 2330 Steel stairs and ladders Stairs and ladders to be made according ISO standards. In way of the railing on main deck one suitable door on each side with lashing eyes for the pilot ladders according to rules to be fitted.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . Steel stairs from main deck to forecastle deck are to be made of flat bars with steps of square bars and handrails of galvanized gas pipe on either side according to normal standard. Skid-proof layer will be smoothly applied to steel deck surfaces in front of all outside stairs and doors and also on either side of bollards and the warping heads of the mooring winches. Outside steel stairs are to be arranged as shown in the General Arrangement Plan. the same type vertical ladders will be provided. In the emergency exits steel ladders of 80 x 8 mm flat bar and 20 mm square bar rungs of 300 mm clear width will be fitted. ladders.

top rail of 1 1/2” gas pipe. Height of railing 1100mm. 1100mm high. 2500 Steelclosures 2510 Doors All exposed doors leading down from the main deck will be of watertight construction. All outside doors in the superstructure will be of steel.LPG 5000 . TO-dugi-LPG. Jackstays to be fitted on deck house for access to windows. machinery casing and escape hatches will be of gas proof construction. All exposed doors will be made according ISO standard.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . Awnings Awnings will be supplied for the bridge wings. The doors of the machinery casing. For escape in an emergency the yard will deliver and install lifelines near those windows which can be opened. stanchions of 80 x 10mm flat bar at a distance of approximately 1400mm or two frame spaces.doc . Doors to the CO2-room. Flagstaff and light fittings Flagstaff on the stern with fittings for lights and flags and one jackstaff at the bow will be fitted. the other exposed doors on the main deck and the upper deck will be spray proof (weather tight). Hand rails and steps Hand rails of 1 1/2” gas pipe will be fitted to the outside of the deckhouse and to the longitudinal bulkhead in the passage way where necessary approximate 1100mm above the deck. hinge bolts will be of bronze or stainless steel.22 - 2350 Railings. three solid rods of 20mm round bars. Railing on superstructure decks: To yard’s standard. They consist of colored GRP plates and the framing of galvanized gas profiles. Doors on the bridge will be of aluminium. all fire and outer doors will be fitted with a self closing device. awnings and covers Railings on main deck and superstructure deck Construction: To yard’s standard. A fixed frame will be fitted for these awnings. top rail of 1 1/2” gas pipe. Navigation bridge doors will be fitted with windows. Doors to stores and workshops in the ship will be of steel. The bulwark in the bridge wings to be fitted with teak wood or equivalent material.


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The coaming heights depend upon the corresponding regulations 600 mm on the freeboard deck, poop and forecastle, 100 mm on other superstructure decks. All outside doors to be fitted with locks - regulations permitting - with master key system. 2520 Access hatches Access hatches for gas cargo tank voids to be arranged near to the bulkhead each end of the void space, having steel watertight hinged cover and coaming according freeboard regulations. All covers will have bronze or stainless steel hinge bolts and will be locked by eye screws and bow nuts. Access hatches to forecastle, poop deck, emergency exit and for spare part in engine room to be constructed similar, the size is depending on parts to be transported. All access hatches to have strong padlocks with master key system. Clear opening of access will be 800 x 650mm suitable for access with breathing equipment and protection suit. 2560 Lifting opening One screwed watertight flush deck opening of approximate suitable for rudder shaft lifting diameter will be fitted in the poop deck frame 0 for lifting of the rudder stock. One opening, same type, on main deck over engine room, size suitable for transportation of necessary engine parts, according to G. A. Plan. To avoid leakage this opening will have a sill of 80 mm made by angle bar 80 x 80 x10 mm and necessary brackets.

2600 Navigation equipment The navigation equipment and its arrangement in the bridge console, the wireless station and other furniture in the navigation bridge will comply with the GL regulation. Gyro compass with automatic pilot with repeater compasses in bridge wings. Two fully transistorized Radars (3cm and 10cm), Arpa, with Interswitch. Satellite Navigation equipment (GPS) Dopler log Weather chart receiver Navig. Sounder Two sextants (BSH approved) Two barometers One chronometer Two thermometers Two radar transponders One Sarsat (EPIRB) Magnetic reflection compass will be installed on the wheel house top with communication means between compass and navigation control position. Besides the navigation instruments the following controls have to be installed: Indication ”operating from bridge/engine room”



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Steering gear control with rudder angle indicator Zethorn/Makrofon R.P.M indicator for main engine/shaft rpm including the pitch and operating mode of pitch propeller Rating on watch alarm Emergency stop switch main engine Emergency engine telegraph Engine room calling system Sound powered telephone Automatic telephone plant Switch general alarm Navigation lantern board Battery clock Ventilation emergency stop Engine alarm report for watch free operation Running indication of steering gear pumps Control for transverse thruster (also in bridge wings) Fire alarm central station 2610 Radio equipment The radio equipment to comply with GMDSS , Antennas as required: Two radio transmitters/receiver (one portable) Two VHF/DIS radio equipment Three VHF handhold telephones Four walkie-talkies One Navtext Receiver One Satellite telecommunication system Inmarsat C 2620 Rules to be considered All equipment will be conform to the following rules: Recommendation on general requirements for shipborne radio equipment forming part of the GMDSS and for electronic navigational aids ( resolution A.694 (17)); Recommendation on performance standards for magnetic compasses (resolution A.382 (X)); Recommendation on performance standards for gyro-compasses (resolution A.424(XI)); Recommendation on performance standards for radar equipment (resolutions A.477(XII) as amended by resolution MSC.64(67), annex 4, A.222(VII) and A.278(VIII)); Performance standards for automatic radar plotting aids (resolution A.823(19)); Recommendation on performance standards for echo-sounding , equipment (resolution A.224(VII) as amended by resolution MSC.74(69), annex 2); Recommendation on performance standards for devices to indicate speed and distance (resolution A.824(19) as amended (resolution MSC.96(72)); Performance standards for rate-of-turn indicators (resolution A.526(13));



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Recommendation on unification of performance standards for navigational equipment (resolution A.575(14)); Performance standards for radio direction –finding systems (resolution A.665(16)); Recommendation on performance standards for shipborne receivers for use with differential OMEGA (resolution A.479(XII)); General requirements for electromagnetic compatibility for all electrical and electronic ship’s equipment (resolution A.813(19)); Recommendation on performance standards for shipborne Loran-C and Chayka receivers (resolution A.818(19)); Recommendation on performance standards for shipborne global positioning system receiver equipment (resolution A.819(19)); Recommendation on performance standards for shipborne GLONASS receiver equipment (resolution MSC.53(66)); Recommendation on performance standards for shipborne DGPS and DGLONASS maritime radio beacon receiver equipment (resolution MSC.64(67), annex 2); Recommendation on performance standards for combined GPS/GLONASS receiver equipment (resolution MSC.74(69), annex 1); Recommendation on performance standards for daylight signalling lamps (resolution MSC.95(72)). Recommendation on methods of measuring noise levels at listening posts (resolution A.343(IX)).

2700 Application for the carriage of LPG cargo The vessel will be fitted according to the regulation 2710 CO2 fire extinguishing system A fixed CO2 fire extinguishing system will be installed in accordance with the SOLAS rules, regulaion 5 total flooding of the engine room. Separate lines will be provided for - main engine room -auxiliary engine room - purifier room and - waste incenerator room. A CO2 room will be provided as shown in the General Arrangement Plan. It will be insulated of A60 type as necessary One set of CO2 weighting installation will be fitted in the CO2 room. CO2 flooding system is to be arranged seperately for the galley exhaust system with bottle placed near to galley exit. Smoke and fire detection for engine room and other spaces will be according classification regulations


flaglines an antenna ( if required ) will be provided. mounted on compass deck 2900 Signal and radar mast Radar mast on the funnel top with podests for two radar antennas. anchor lantern. Zet horn. Chapter II. top lanterns (christmas tree). Aft ship light mast with anchor lights. survival resistence Two fire axes Two safety belts Two lines for safety belts Two safety lamps to wear in belt with permanent battery chargers One electric drill for 16mm The fire extinguishers to be of CO2-and dry powder and foam .26 - 2720 Water spray system 2730 Inert ( nitrogen ) gas system 2740 Foam application system 2750 Other equipment for Fire extinguishing Fire extinguishers for deck and engine and number of hoses. TO-dugi-LPG. Both masts to be of streamlined steel construction of self supporting type without stays. with multipurpose spray nozzle and man shower nozzle. Suez canal and custom lightb will be placed on aft ship on poop deck.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . upper part Boat winches Accommodation ladder winches Ventilator heads Rope hand reels Searchlight. 2800 Deck’s inventory Deck’s inventory according to rules will be supplied.LPG 5000 . Part C. Panama canal lantern and dangerous goods red lantern. fireman outfits and spare charges will be according to SOLAS.type as per SOLAS rules. flag lines. NVC Lights and navigation lights. Covers of canvas will be supplied for: Standard compass on wheel house top Repeater compasses Winch motors Winch controllers. Mast on the forecastle for forward top lantern. Two marine compressed air breathing apparatur complete Two set protective clothing for resisting type. VHF and GPS antennas. Hose length generally 15m.doc .

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . The crane will have the following capacity: . 3300 Gas Cargo Loading Equipment 3400 Cargo gear One electro-hydraulical gas cargo hose lifting crane. plan. to G. 3210 Grease nipples Grease nipples according to ISO will be provided for all equipment wherever possibly required. 1700 x 2300 with the small hatch of angle bar 100 x 100 x 10 with rubber gasket and stainless steel screw for gastide fixing will be provided. TO-dugi-LPG. 3110 On the forecastle deck over the bowthruster motor suitable flush type steel cover for lifting of bowthruster E-motor will be provided.A.Max.27 - 3000 STEEL COVERS 3100 Main engine installation hatch cover For easy installation and later repair over the main engine room suitable cover clear size abt. Only one type of grease nipples (ISO Standard) to be installed for all greasing points.doc . load (SWL) 3 tons at outreach of 14m Electric supply: Voltage 380V Frequency 50HZ Revolutions 1500r/min Protection IP 23 Insulation class F still stand vecting 220V All electrical equipment will be of ex-proof type. 3200 Custom’s locks Custom’s locks will be provided for all hatches. Lifting by the harbour crane only. acc. access hatches and doors to provision and store rooms. cylinder type will be installed on the compressor house in the manifold area.LPG 5000 . Necessary lifting eyes will be provided.

LPG 5000 . PS. density and temperature. Gas cargo tanks ventilation pipes will be led to the ventilation mast pipes which will be fitted on the trunk deck. cargo tanks and stores ventilation Power ventilation will be provided for paint store. outreach 8m TO-dugi-LPG. 3700 Provision crane One combined crane of sufficient capacity for handling of free fall boat. .Display and printing various graphs 3600 Void spaces. . Ventilators one speed ex-proof type will be used. The forecastle will be ventilated by goosenecks and trumpet ventilators (natural ventilation) and care will be taken that they will be placed out of gas dangerous area.Calculation and graphic indication of the ship’s stability data. Shearing forces.Calculation of gas cargo filling status as function of the volume. aft. rescue boat and provision will be placed on boat deck. SWL 3. Crane will be of electro-hydraulic type. CO2 store and inert gas/foam room. weather criteria) . as there bending moments.Lashing calculation and optimation of material requirements . Fire shutters will be fitted according to regulations of the classification. torsional moment etc. max.IMO Rules (dangerous cargo segregation rule.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page .0t at outreach of 6 m.doc .28 - 3500 Loading computer The loading computer have the following functions: . Void spaces around gas cargo tanks will have natural ventilation. pressure.

All outer doors to accommodation area where required by the rules will be steel doors. stairs All interior doors will be fire retardant according to classification and SOLAS regulations. service rooms and living spaces will have 15-20mm compensation of bulges and camber made of latex type deck composition. Bulkhead joints these rooms with concave foundations. bridge. Standard and approval by the class will be provided. public toiletts.100 x100mm. laundry/drying room and sanitary units. Inside decks: 4110 Noise absorbing under layer In the poop area and spaces over the engines and engine casing noise absorbing floating floor will be provided in the living and office spaces. For offices. Wheelhouse doors to be manufactured of stainless steel. mess rooms. Rooms situated above heat or cold emitting tanks will be provided with heat insulating flooring. non combustible. a top covering of 2mm PVC with welded seams will be provided. please refer to group 5000.LPG 5000 .doc . 4130 Surface layer Living rooms for officers will be covered by carpet of marine quality. Closing system depending of the door type and position will be installed . Tiles will be provided to ensure easy cleaning. passages. All interior doors will be of B15-type. 4120 Under layer All cabins. TO-dugi-LPG. 4200 Joiner doors. pantry. toiletts for longshoremen will be fitted with anti-skid stoneware tiles. Door frames with rubber packing according to maker’s production. A type doors to staircases galley and pantries with self-closing device will be provided. The bridge wings will be covered with rubber mats. corridors. Galley.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page .29 - 4000 OUTFITTING AND EQUIPMENT FOR THE CREW 4100 Deck coverings For painting of outside decks and decks in store room.

All windows ware of welded type. 4210 Windows Window design to ISO standard with brass frames. Wheelhouse windows will be arranged in size and number to owners approval. handrails made of stainless steel pipe dia.30 - All doors to have a master key arrangement. The height of the steel coaming underneath the bridge windows will be 1000mm. outside . Deadlights will be supplied according to regulations. In the front of central conning position will be of bigger size. the SOLAS regulation 22 will be considered. one of them will be openable. Cabin doors with security hooks for inside locking partly opened door. If one window is provided in the cabin. Windows on the front of the superstructure and on side in required area will be of fire resistant type and of fixed type. stainless steel with stainless steel screws for outer doors. Name plate will be fitted over each door. WC-doors with olive and square for locking. covered with 2mm PVC and arranged in a steel bulkheaded casing. Side lights: Rooms (other than toilets. Inside stairs will be of steel. where two or more windows are installed. The windows in the front bulkhead are with darkening curtains. All outside steel doors to living space to be fitted with fixed windows dia 200mm. All windows in the wheelhouse front to be equipped with hot air fans as de-icing equipment.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . Five straight lined wiping window wipers with inside motor with defrosting elements to be fitted at five windows. Resopal for inside doors.LPG 5000 . The wheelhouse front windows will be equipped with a hot and cold water washing system with compressed air connection. Battery boxes. all glazing of safety glass. 40 mm. Interior doors will be fitted with spring clips for holding back. Spare glasses all dimensions: 10 % or min. one glass of each used size TO-dugi-LPG. Only class approved windows could be installed.doc . depending of the maker’s approved type. For the navigation bridge visibility. Every cabin will have one window at least. three in the wheelhouse front and two on side windows.fixed boxes for fire hoses and benches on poop deck to be manufactured of reinforced glass fibre. The wheelhouse front will have windows of minimum size 1200 x 1000mm. it will be of openable type. laundry and stores) below the poop deck will have bull eyes 400mm dia. All doors leading to outside will be of self-closing type. Three clear windows with electric motor has to be tropic proof and to be radio screened. Keytallies will be of aluminum. Door sills will be of stainless steel. Rectangular windows: All rooms (other than toilets) above the poop deck will have windows of minimum size 450 x 635mm.

linings and ceilings will be on non-combustible material of approved type and laminated. Porthole boxes will be manufactured of plastic and will be of approved type.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . service and wok rooms as well as toilets will be insulated with min. 4400 Ventilation of accommodation area TO-dugi-LPG. steelbulkheads will be painted. regulation 44. All bulkheads. against engine casing also to all sound emitting bulkheads. Colors according collection and in agreement with the owner. Sound levels to class rules and flag regulations.LPG 5000 .31 - 4300 Insulation Outside bulkheads of all living and rest rooms. Only in tweendeck passages and workshop room.doc . Fastening units and joining pieces for all bulkheads and ceilings have to be of galvanized steel. 4310 Sound level At normal service condition (with 100% of MCR) noise level will not exceed following figures: (during measurement all room ventilators are running ) Accommodation: Privat rooms average Public rooms Galley Mess rooms Public rooms Wheelhouse Wheelhouse top Bridge wings Engine room Engine control room Engine workshops Hospital 60 dBA 60 dBA 70 dBA 60 dBA 60 dBA 60 dBA 65 dBA 75 dBA 110 dBA 75 dBA 75 dBA 60 dBA 4320 Cabin bulkheads and ceilings Steel bulkheads in the accommodation area will be lined and insulated according to SOLAS. Sound insulation will be fitted in all living spaces. chapter II/2. 75mm mineral wool of approved type while the wheelhouse top will be insulated underneath with 100mm mineral wool. The outside bulkheads of the provision store and moist rooms will be lined with galvanized steel. MCR. according to classification.

The air is controlled by regulable diffuser or similar. Air changes per hour: Room inlet air/heating 6 12 12 12 12 12 exhaust air (bath unit/corridor) 11 16 25 25 12 Living rooms Mess rooms Service rooms Pantry Dispensary/Hospital Wheelhouse Dry provisions. dry provision room and bottle store room. The air exhaust is controlled poppet valves.20 C/30% Internal + 25 C/50% + 24 C/50% Cooling sea water temperature is max. galley and wheelhouse will be connected to two-duct air-conditioning plant with class and GL certificate. discs or plastic louvers. Control and automatically operated humidifier system All living. sleeping and rest rooms. The sanitary rooms.doc 5 10 20 6 25 20 . All passage doors will have louvers as balancing openings. 32 °C. All air ducts of the air-conditioning plant will be insulated and sheathed with galvanized sheet. All other small store rooms will be naturally ventilated.32 - Air-conditioning plant for living spaces with central pressure. laundry and the stores in the living space will be connected to a mechanical air exhaust system. The air-conditioning plant will be designed for the following air-conditions and temperatures: External Cooling period Heating period + 40 C/90% . The dispensary and the steering gear compartment will have a separate exhaust fan.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page .LPG 5000 . The galley will have a vapour exhaust with fat screens cleanable in dish washer. pantry. The minimum fresh air rate of 50 m3/person in one hour will be provided. beverages and bonded store Galley Laundry TO-dugi-LPG. These temperatures do not apply to the galley. A mechanical air exhaust system will be provided for the galley.

4530 Liferafts Aft on each shipside one automatically inflatable liferaft for and one fore part 20 persons will be installed in plastic containers. valid for LPG vessels and GL rules. minimum speed and inventory according to SOLAS and GL. 6 persons will be fitted on forecastle. The yard will arrange launching devices in the guard rails of the boat deck together with water pressure releases and the life raft embarcation ladders. All necessary certificate will be provided by the yard. Minimum two cooling compressor units to be installed with 60% necessary supply each.LPG 5000 . Supply could be also arranged with three compressors with 50% capacity each. roll stow type. 4500 Life saving equipment All life saving equipment and installations will comply with SOLAS regulation.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . chapter III. 4520 Rescue boat One rescue boat for 6 persons with outboard motor and crane launching arrangement will be provided. Combined provision / rescue boat crane will be used. One small liferaft for min. 4510 Lifeboat One free fall lifeboat according to regulations with retrieving arrangement for 25 persons fitting on the boat deck aft. 3.doc .2 x 2. reverse and reduction gearing with hand turning gear. where one is in spare. Plastic (GRP) float body can be also used. One (third) liferaft will be provided and fitted for launching by provision crane (PS).33 - Stores Sanitary rooms/ bath unit corridors Steering gear compartment 5 6 15-20 5 The air condition plant will be designed under consideration of 32°C sea water temperature. The boat to be powered by a water cooled diesel engine.0m ) will be supplied by the yard to serve as painting raft. Workmanship. An aluminum float (approx. length to lightest waterline. TO-dugi-LPG. Rescue boat will be built and fitted according to SOLAS and GL rules and provided with all necessary certificate. The heating of the air conditioning plant to be effected by electrical heater of sufficient capacity.

4600 Provision stores 4610 Cold storage room for provision Cold storage room for provisions. Bulkheads and deckheads will insulated with mineral wool mats. 14 cbm Dairy approx.doc . regulation 32. chapter III. TO-dugi-LPG. grips and interlock. The storage rooms will be provided on the main deck in the poop area.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . 16 cbm The volume of each storage room are inside net volumes. 18 cbm Fish room approx. ´chapter III. covered with 2. 5 cbm Vegetable store (+ 4C) approx. 4 lines and rockets 4 immersion suits complying with the regulation SOLAS. part B.34 - 4540 Other life saving appliances Life jackets. 4550 Davits Free fall boat davit will be installed for the free fall life boat designed according to the requirements of SOLAS.LPG 5000 .3. Dry provision. life bouys to be delivered and stowed as to comply with the SOLAS regulations. and GL regulations: 10 life bouys 2 of them with night light and 28m line 2 of them with night light 2 of them with combined smoke/light signal ”Man over Board” 30 life jackets plus three for children All life jackets will be provided with life jacket light according to SOLAS regulation.5mm aluminum lining on deckheads. 7 cbm Lobby approx. bottle and potato store will have wooden shelves. 22 cbm Bonded store approx.0mm aluminum lining on bulkheads and 1. The launchway to be complete with rolls. namely: Meat store (-20C) approx. part B. 16 cbm Bottle store approx. 7 cbm Dry provisions approx. regulation 32. Shelves of aluminum will be provided in meat and vegetable store. 1 line throwing gun. Lifting of the free fall life boat will be arranged by provision crane. Scuppers to be arranged in all provision rooms. survival suits. In the cold store the scupper to have an adequate locking device to avoid freezing.

chief engineer . The floor will have a 30mm thick skid-proof and fireproof insulation of mineral wool sheets capped with 20mm fireproof mineral wool. PO’s and pilot have a single cabin with sanitary unit ( bath). bed room with a sanitary unit ( bath) and office . The sides will have a 1. handles can be opened from inside as per rule will be provided for meat and vegetable store rooms.supercargo . 4700 Furnishing in the accommodation area General Accommodation arrangement for 24 crew members and one pilot will be provided. The staff consist of: .PO’staff: . The arrangement drawing will be submitted to the owner for approval.doc .captain . Electrical defrosting device to be installed on meat storage room door only.Officers : 3 deck officers 3 engineers 1 electrician Bosun Deck mechanician 1st mecanichian Cook 7 deck staff 3 engine staff .TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page .Senior officer class : . The mineral wool will be capped with bituminous millboard which will be covered with a concrete bed of 30mm thickness and tiles.Navigation bridge TO-dugi-LPG.LPG 5000 .0mm thick zinc collar running 250mm high. Officers accommodation consist of a combined day/bed room cabin with a sanitary unit (bath ).Crew staff The senior officers accommodation consist of a day room.35 - GRP-doors 1700 x700. Crew staff have single cabin with common bathroom The following service spaces will be arranged: .

International regulation of ILO and GL rules will be considered in the arrangement.doc . a final decision will be taken together with the owners. One key type will be used for all locks in one cabin. Wardrobes sizes: Senior officers Officers PO’S Crew 1000 x 2000 x 500 mm 900 x 2000 x 500 mm 700 x 2000 x 500 mm 500 x 2000 x 500 mm TO-dugi-LPG. tables. using standard type of furnishing as far as possible. etc. deck coverings. The shipyard will equip the rooms in accordance with modern standard. Mess room table will be fitted with storm fiddles. wood laminate covered 0.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . wood laminate patterns etc.LPG 5000 . Intention to use standardized type of furniture will be followed as far it is possible Therefore wardrobes. for the officer edges of hard wood material. only fitted with storm rail. Manufacture of the furniture is based in principle on the following: Cupboards. tables and chair will be of the following dimensions: Berth sizes: Senior officers 1200 x 2000mm Officers 1000 x 2000mm Petty officer and crew 800 x 2000mm Berths will be fitted with one drawer and luggage compartment underneath for each sleeping place. Cupboard doors and drawers will be lockable. From these proposals. berths. A list patterns will be submitted by the shipyard to facilitate the selection of materials. The luggage compartment will be free of door. will be made of chipboard. desks.36 - - Gas cargo control room Deck office Ship office Galley with pantry Crew mess and day room Officers messroom Officers salon Laundry with drying room Change rooms 3 public toilets Hospital with dispensary Furnishing drawings to a scale of 1:25 will be submitted for approval to the owner. Also skid proof covering on the floor in the mess room will be used.8mm with edges of plastic profile for crew and public spaces.

doc . supercargo and chief engineer (each) Bed room: One bed 1200 x 2000mm One bed side cabinet One wardrobe.37 - Table sizes Writing tables Senior officers Officers Offices PO’S 1700 x 600 x 700 mm 1400 x 600 x 700 mm 1400 x 600 x 700 mm 1000 x 600 x 700 mm 4710 For captain. breadth 900mm One chair One writing desk 4730 Cabins for petty officers One bed 800 x 2000mm One bed side cabinet One writing desk One book case One wardrobe One chair TO-dugi-LPG. breadth 900mm One chair Day room: One corner sofa Two easy chairs One sofa table One writing desk One book case One refrigerator One chair 4720 Cabins for officers/owner One bed 1000 x 2000mm One easy chair One bed side cabinet One sofa One sofa table One wardrobe.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page .LPG 5000 .

doc . 4770 Offices Gas control room One writing desk One computer table Three chairs One sitting sofa One table One refrigerator Two file boards Deck office: One writing desk One sitting sofa One table Three chairs TO-dugi-LPG.LPG 5000 .TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page .38 - 4740 Crew cabin one bed one bed side cabinet one table one book case one wardrobe one chair one hand washing basin 800 x 2000 mm 800 x 600 4750 Crew mess/Officer’s mess Crew mess: Three tables One sitting sofa 12 chairs One cupboard Officer’s mess: Two tables One sitting sofa Eight chairs One cupboard 4760 Dispensary and hospital Ship hospital and dispensary will be arranged according to ILO and Libyan authority rules.

locking arrangement 1 Bottle rack 1 Stainless steel locker for food 1 Dough kneader TO-dugi-LPG. 4 hot plates. mess rooms of 120L. offices’ and passengers’ cabins to be equipped with refrigerator of abt. 56L. The number and arrangement of furniture will be in accordance with the accommodation plans at scale 1:25. stainless steel 1 Baking tin fitting 1 Folding seat 1 Pot shelf 1 Refrigerator abt. matt chromium. 1 Electric ship’s range. 4780 Fittings Fittings will be made of gray plastic. mixed cold / hot water.39 - Refrigerator One file board Ship Office: Two writing desks Two chairs Two file boards All crew.LPG 5000 . vertical type incl.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . Below the drawers open shelf room or closed cupboard. 3kw 1 Electric water boiler 10L 1 Universal galley machine 1 Waste disposer 1 Working surface with baking though 1 Sink unit with twin basin. One swivelling water cock above the range to be provided. 4800 Furnishing in the galley and sanitary rooms Stainless steel to be used in the galley and pantry for equipment and furniture. 200 ltr. otherwise of brass. Galley to be fitted with hand wash basin. Two cooks for drinking water. Racks for pans and pots of galvanized steel according to available space. with 1 oven 1 Electric tilting frying pan. coverings of tables out of stainless steel with fiddles around. Lockers for working clothes will be arranged in the passages or in change rooms. Each cabin will be fitted with two cloth hooks per person.doc .

Lybian rules for sanitary spaces will be considered.'s. woolen blankets. 5 kg 1 ironing machine 1 ironer with ironing desk A table with hard wood top and a stainless steel twin wash basin with a shelf above will be fitted. All pubic toilets will be installed of common type. Captain. 4860 Sanitary equipment Separate sanitary boxes to yard standard with shower. all officers and P.40 - 1 Micro wave oven 1 Coffee machine 20 cups 4840 Laundry and drying room 1 Marine type washing machine abt. Fittings for stacked beer cases in the beer store. TO-dugi-LPG. This space will be connected to the Suez crew cabin.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . A round bar for fixing cloth lines will be fitted all around the drying room. WC and washbasin with the necessary fittings will be installed for captain. 4850 Equipment in food stores Shelves of wood with gratings underneath. All windows with curtains of non combustible material. crew cabins. officers synthetic fabric. Bed linen. Plastic curtains are provided for the showers. table linen and table cloths are owners supply.doc . All store rooms be provided with sufficient number of gratings and shelves. Harbour toiletts with shower for longshoremen will be arranged in poop area. Crew will have upholstered covers of imitation leather. For machine and deck personal an additional changing and washroom will be provided. 10 Kg 2 Marine type washing machines abt.O. chief officer and chief engineer either wool fabric of leather according to choice.LPG 5000 . 5kg 2 Dryers abt. 4900 Upholstery and curtains All upholstery will be of polyether foam. Mattresses to be of P-type foam with P-type foam head wedge.

LPG 5000 .TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . one on the navigation bridge) 1 battery driven clock for wireless station 1 master clock with five repeaters 1 safe with numeric lock in captains room TO-dugi-LPG.doc .41 - 4920 Miscellaneous inventory of living spaces 30 life jackets baskets 2 cases for documents ( one in cargo office.

All coats to be of the same manufacturer's material. The minimum dry film thickness required to be as follows (additional to shop primer): Bottom and underwater shell 3 coats-total 340 my Antifouling 3 coats-total 300 my Upper works 4 coats-total 300 my Weather decks 4 coats-total 300 my Voids of cargo tanks 2 coats-total 300mm Exposed steel work 4 coats-total 300 my Inside. deckhouse. Corner of flame burnt free edges of structural members not to be ground. deckstores and engine room 3 coats-total 180 my TO-dugi-LPG. not to be removed. Rusted area. according to quality class St 2. will be mechanically derusted and cleaned. Any work i. For judgement the following will be added: Film thickness shown in the paint scheme will be of such that 90% of the measured points of thickness are to show the specified thickness or over and the remainder of 10% are to show the 90% of the specified thickness at least. weather and accommodation decks. hatchcoaming. welding etc. marking. red or dark. light. which are not considered harmful to the paint performance. welding seams and burned spots on outside shell plating. green.and third coat to have different colours (red.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . In this part's thickness not always be like specified figures. but to have one additional coat (stripe coat). hold and hatchcovers will be mechanically derusted and cleaned according to St 2.(Thickness) Painting will not be allowed on wet or humid or dirty surface.42 - 5000 PAINT WORK All steel material above 5 mm (and including 5 mm) plate thickness will be and blasted to Sa 2 1/2 in the yard and coated with shop primer. number of coat to be understood without shop primer.doc .LPG 5000 .second. Primer coats for the first-2. cutting. paint says and runs. Succeeding spray coat may be applied before set-to-touch of the preceding coat in the area except the above (if permitted by the manufacturer). All other parts or areas which have not been sandblasted.c. The owners of superintendent can test thickness and kind of cach coating at every place if they intend. dark) in such way that it is easily possible for the owners or their superintendent to see what kind of primer has just been finished. not to be commenced before set-to touch and any overcoat not to be applied before hardening of shop primer.

Draught marks at stem.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . Plimsoll marks cutted out of plate. mooring equipment and entrance doors.doc . 5400 Corrosion protection The underwater shell and in the compart of rudder. The antifouling paint system to last min. 30 months. void spaces 2 coats-total 300 my 2 coats-total 300 my 2 coats-total 300 my 1 coat100 my 2 coats-total 250 my 2 coats-total 300 my Final decision about the painting will be made with the selected paint maker which have to provide suitable composition of paints suitable for agreed guaranty. Scales in meters on both sides of the vessel. TO-dugi-LPG. void spaces Fresh water tanks(epoxy cured) Deck house behind walls Bilges Bow thruster woom. stern and midships to be of flat bar type and painted. 5800 Designation Markings. thruster and sea chests will be protected by anodes sufficient for a period of 5 years. fan ducts and cofferdams. Paints in deck area of anti skid type will be used near to winches.LPG 5000 . bulbous bow. Size of letters to be 800 mm high at bow and 600 mm at stern. 5500 Galvanization Galvanized parts will be degreased before application of the first coat and will have one coat primer less than specified above.43 - Ballast water tanks Chain locker. CO2-room. International sign for bulbows bow and thruster to be marked by welding and painted. Distance to stem and stern to be painted on a board and mounted on inside of bridge wing port and starboard. lettering Letters for name at stem and stern and port of registry to be marked by spot welding to the shell and painted. steering gear room. welded on and painted as per regulation. port of registry 400 mm.

The container bays to be marked and numbered according to international standard. On deck all markings to be welded. the tonnage has to be marked on the S-side of superstructure near to entrance door.g. Marking will be arranged according to IW (in water survey) according to class rules 5830 Markings for cargo On the side coamings of the manifold platform and front of superstructure to appear in 200 mm high lettering the warning "NO SMOKING". 5 (100mm high).doc . 5820 Tank boundary markings Tank boundary corners to be marked by L-shaped beads of welding to the shell. in engine room by brass nameplates and colored stripes to ISO-standard.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . e. According to international convention on tonnage measurement of ship 1969. 5840 Pipe identification The vent-and sounding pipes on deck will be marked by brass nameplates.LPG 5000 . The tank identification to be marked by weld bead numbers.44 - Paint lines and outline of antifouling to be marked on the shell by means of widely spaced short weld beads. TO-dugi-LPG.

3800 KW four stroke diesel engine 8 Engine clock wise rotation. coolers. which belong to the engine operation will be chosen according to the manufacturers recommendations in respect of output and size. as specified by the classification society.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . Power generation by diesel engines The propulsion plant consists of a medium speed four stroke diesel engine. etc.doc . filters etc. 6010 Machinery main components Machinery All pumps. compressed air starting. Special attention will be paid to a logical arrangement and easy accessability of all installations and structural components. of cylinder: Design: abt. All pumps. which belong to the engine operation are to be chosen acc. direct injection. equipped for TO-dugi-LPG.LPG 5000 . Provision will be made to ensue that all repairs and maintenance can be performed with the least expenditure of cost. This applies also to aux diesels and emergency diesel generator. This applies also to auxiliary diesels and gear. 6020 Main engine Engine output (MCR) Type : No. All auxiliary machinery subject to the inspection of the classification society will be tested and trial run before delivery. to the design requirements and comply with relevant international conventions and rules in respect of output and size. The plants will be designed to operate without restrictions in tropical regions with seawater temperatures of +32 °C and engine room temperatures of +45 °C as well as winter conditions and in heavy seas. which propells a variable pitch propeller. (Viewed from the driving end) Coupled with a reduction gear Non-reversible with supercharging Charge air cooling.45 - 6000 MACHINERY The operation of the machinery will comply with the requirements of class and Lybian rules for a period of 24 hours daily unattended operation. labor and time. filters. The following standard will apply for installations of the engine plant (as far as practicable): ISO and metric standard.

600rpm Max. With inspection of the following Engine parts. 182 g/kWh at full load with 3% tolerance when using a fuel with a net calorific value of 42. The complete propulsion unit to be delivered by engine maker consisting of main engine incl. 1 piston.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . to maker's requirement. continuous output 5400kW at 500 rpm / based on the following conditions. 1 main bearing.Coupling . viscosity 380 cSt at 50?.Remote control system 6030 Control instruments The engine will be equipped with sensors for alarms and monitoring in accordance with "Aut" requirements of the classification society.Shaft Generator 500 kW / 600 kVA .700 kj/kg at 100% MCR When using fuel of other calorific value the consumption rate will vary proportionally. Automatic control for main bearings. however. 3800 abt. The rack position. will then be limited at 5400 kW at 500rpm / Test run acc. to maker and class standard. Acceptance test run Fuel consumption TO-dugi-LPG. 1 big-end bearing.CPP propeller with shafting .46 - operation with heavy fuel. The monitors will be connected to the indication devices in bridge control console and engine control console. having the max. 2 exhaust valves. continuous rating in the test bed. Timing gear train and camshaft. according to maker specification. All engine's outfit and equipment acc. 45 °C ambient temperature 38 °C cooling water temperature 1 bar atmospheric pressure The engine is run at 110% of the max.Reduction gear .LPG 5000 . equipment . Lubricating oil consumption.doc .

9 m. TO-dugi-LPG.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . The insulation consists of rock wool mats with 0. The distance between the MSB and control desk will be not less than 0.47 - There will be one remote control for start/stop in the engine control room and one emergency control on the engine.7 mm galvanized steel sheathing. The maximum exhaust gas back pressure of the entire system 1st 300 millibar (300 mm "WC"). soundproof room. 6070 Engine control room (ECR) A engine control room for monitoring and manoeuvring of engines will be located in a closed. The funnel to be designed in a way that all exhaust gas will flow off properly under all wind conditions and will not penetrate into air condition intake.doc . 6060 Heating System Electrical water heating system for main engine will be provided according to maker’s recommendation for warming up of main engine before starting. A separate air condition unit will be provided to keep temperature level suitable for installed electronic devices and instruments. Bulkheads of ECR with insulation material inserted for prevention of heat exchange from engine room. An expansion joint will be fitted immediately on the turbocharger to compensate the thermal expansion and to interrupt the propagation of vibrations. Exhaust gas pipe will be supported by resilent checks to reduce noise and vibrations.LPG 5000 . All exhaust: pipelines will be of steel as short as possible and the bends shall not be too sharp exhaust pipelines protruding from the top of the funnel to be manufactured of stainless steel. Exhaust pipes and silencers (with spark arrestor. The room will be connected to the general engine room ventilation for air changing. 6040 Exhaust system For each combustion engine a separate exhaust pipeline will be provided leading to the funnel. it will contain the monitoring and controls console with the necessary indicating and monitoring and a main control panel as required by classification notation "Aut". 35 db (A)) will be insulated. engine room and living quarters. wheelhouse. The diesel engine of the emergency generator will have an exhaust line leading to the atmosphere. At the lows: point of the exhauslines drain pipes will be fitted to remove condensation or rain water.

6160 Starting air receiver a) Two starting air tanks Capacity according to main engine makers' and class requirements will be provided for starting the main engine and the auxiliary diesels and for the service air.48 - 6100 Cooling system 6110 Central cooling system To avoid big corrosion in the propulsion and auxiliary engine systems. The cooler frame is of steel. 6120 Central cooler low temperature For the recooling of the low temperature-freshcooling water two plate type heat exchangers with a design capacity of 60% each required for a seawater-inlet-temperature of 32 degrees C will be provided. 6150 Water cooled compressors for provision and AC unit Water cooled compressprs (2 or 3) will be selected in the capacity by AC unit maker.LPG 5000 .main propulsion system . Calculation of the system will be made in the way that cooling system will cover necessary capacity of .The operating pressure is 30 bar. The air supply will be calculated according to the specification of the classification and Lybian rules. the plates of special steel material. 6130 Cylinder cooling water cooler for auxiliary diesel The recooling of the cylindercoolingwater of the auxiliary diesels two tube and shell heat exchangers with a design capacity of 110% required for a freshwater-inlet-temperature of approximate 38 C will be provided Material: freshwater resistant.doc .auxiliary engines . fresh water only will circulate in the closed circut after sea water plate coolers. 6140 Lubricating oil cooler main engine To cool the main engine lubricating oil one plate type heat exchanger with a capacity of 110% required for a freshwater-inlet-temperature of 38 degrees C will be provided.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page .provision cooling and air condition system. the plates of titanium or special steel material including thermometers. TO-dugi-LPG. The cooler frames are made of steel. One cooler will be suitable for the harbour service of fresh water cooling system.

Control air dehydrator For the control air dehydrators of suitable type will be provided. starting air compressors will be installed. One dehydrator will be connected to the main compressed air system and another to emergency compressed air system. Suction capacity: End pressure: Speed abt.49 - The starting air tanks will be provided with the following connections: Main starting air line Service air line Control air line Filling line Safety valve Draining valve (automatic) Pressure gauge 6170 Starting air compressor a) Automatic compressor plant A fully automated compressor plant will be installed to replenish the starting air vessels subject to the bottle pressure.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . 3-stage type. Automatic draining facilities will be provided. Two air cooled electric motor driven. 6180 Remote control main engine 1 bridge main control panel 2 bridge wing control panels 1 panel for fixed rpm 1 engine control room panel 2 manoeuvre responsibility panels 1 bridge safety panel for engine safety system 1 control unit 1 engine interface unit TO-dugi-LPG. 15 cbm/h 30 bar 1500 rev/min b) Emergency / working air compressor As emergency / working air compressor with suitable air receiver of 200 l and working pressure of 10 bar will be installed in emergency diesel-generator room and will be connected to the emergency alternator and to the working air distribution piping system.LPG 5000 .doc .

Controlstands for bridge console. Propeller will be optimised for service speed of 14. A stern tube header tank with provision for filling by means of manual pump will be fitted according to the instructions of the maker.Spare parts for long voyage (12000 sm) and special tools.LPG 5000 . c) Propeller spare Two spare propeller blades will be delivered. bridge wings and in engine room. One lead control device.50 - 1 power supply unit Remote control will be supplied by ME maker for class notation ”AUT” of GL or similar notation for BV and corresponding regulations of Lybian authorities 6200 Propeller a) Propeller rating The final layout (high skew) will be discussed and decided together with the propeller manufacturer on the basis of the model test results. One set of alarm sensors for unmanned engine room.5 kn at 90% MCR.A rope guard of steel plate will be fitted at the after end of stern frame boss extenting the propeller boss. One pitch control unit with one PTO driven hydraulic pump and one electric driven standby pump with autostarter. b) Propeller construction The propeller will be a 4-bladed variable pitch propeller.doc . two white metal bearings and an inboard sealing gland. The propeller strength will be according to the rules. Material: Gni AL BZ (Nickel/Aluminium-Bronze) Maker WPM. A mobrey float as low level alarm will be fitted for gravity tank. TO-dugi-LPG.Filters and valves needed for function. LIPS or maker selected by main engine maker with built in hydraulic cylinder. 6220 Stern tube seal A stern tube seal made by maker selected by ME maker will be provided. 6210 Stern tube One stern tube arrangement for oil lubrication consisting of one stern tube with outboard sealing gland made by maker selected by ME maker. The temperature remote monitoring equipment in ECR will be provided.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page .

control voltage. b) 7111 Network supply 3 diesel driven three-phase generators plus one emergency/harbor generator will be provided for the supply of electric consumers like engines. 1x230V. Network. The GL required values of the dynamic voltage drop will be complied with. In case of a black-out the emergency generator takes over the feeding upon the automatical starting of the emergency machinery. 3-conductor three phase current system fully insulated for the following are provided. lighting. Plants and installations are in compliance with the class-regulations. On manoeuvre and harbour operation parallel operation between the diesel generators is provided.50Hz For the general network. to the now valid regulations of the classification society. 24 V. telephone.LPG 5000 . system. DC For monitors and internal communication system.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page .50Hz For main lighting.doc . interior communication system (without 24 DC-consumers). Lighting transformers For 220 V lighting and 220 V consumers of the ship .51 - 7000 AUXILIARY ENGINES 7100 Electric power generating plant a) Generating and distribution of electric energy Generally. 2 (two) transformers (one in spare) to be provided Type three phase Output: 50 KVA Voltage: 380V /220V Protection: IP 23 TO-dugi-LPG. All generators are brushless self-excitated and compounded three phase synchronous generators. Rating of the plants for an ambient temperature of 45 °C and a seawater temperature of 38 °C and freshwater cooling temperature of 38 °C. the electr. The emergency generator serves on demand as supplier of emergency consumers and harbor operation. power current and deck machinery. nautical plants. emergency lighting. nautical plants. small consumers. 3×380V. internal communication system. equipment installations are rated acc.

the discharged accumulator can be fully recharged by the charging appliances within 10 hours. 360 kW 1500 RPM 8-10 bar 240 DC 45° C 38° C 60% Marine diesel oil The diesel engine and generator are mounted on a common basic plate.LPG 5000 . The maximum permissible charging current intersity will not be exceeded. cooling device by engine mounted pumps and external cooling system. 1 lead accumulator 24 V will be provided for navigation 1 charging appliance for automation accumulator. Charging voltage not more than 29V. in-line-type .52 - Emergency transformer 1 (one) Rest as above Output: 15 KVA Reefer-Container Distributing box 380v 6 x 20 container sockets (each 13kW or 7. will be provided for generator drive. Independent battery room with ventilation to be provided. flanged together and TO-dugi-LPG. not reversible.5KW ) c) Batteries 1 lead accumulator 24 V will be provided for engine alarm and safety system according to DNV regulations. 7110 Diesel engines Two 4 stroke diesel engines. Air temperature Fresh cooling water temperature Rel. The diesel aggregates will be rated for parallel operation type.doc . Four-stroke engine. a) Rating Permanent output(MCR) Each engine Speed Starting by air Magnetic starting valve At following ambient conditions. air humidity Fuel abt. d) One 24 V lead accumulator for radio equipment As spare electrical source for the wireless systems serves a battery.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . turbocharger. direct in jection and jacketwater cooled.

600 KVA 1500rpm 400 V 50 Hz abt. damping cage. 410 KVA/330 KW 380 V 50 Hz 0. brushless with installed exciter.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . copper winding with damping cage. diesels c) Lub. copper windings.53 - connected through a flexible coupling in order to avoid dangerous torsional vibrations.LPG 5000 . Standstill anticondensate-heating 220 V. Output Voltage Frequency Cos. a temperator sensor (alert notice in ECR) and an air filter Outout Rotation Voltage Frequency abt. Each one aux. oil supply 1 attached lub. oil pump 7120 Generators 3 self excited three phase synchronous generators. continuous parallel run between each other 1500 R/min B IP 23 One slipring bearing Auto excitation TO-dugi-LPG.doc . static transducter for parallel operation.8 Continuous operation. with three temperature sensor and air filter. diesel engine provided with 1 exhaust silencer with spark arrester b) Fuel supply 1 attached fuel filter with in jection pump 1 fuel double filter 1 fuel dial indicator for 2 aux. with tropics moisture-proof insulation. oil tube cooler 1 attached lub. It has an inszalled exiter. Phi Mode of operation Revolution Insulation Protective system Bearing Excitation 7130 Shaft Generator Brushless synchronous self-controlling 3 phase alternator driven from the PTO step-up gear box. tropic moisture-proof insulation.

b) The general alarm c) The ladder lamp. not-under-command-lanters) and the emergency lighting. a) Navigation lanters (incl. out of the engine room or engine trunks-and not in front of the collision bulkhead. one of which is supplied from ESB in emergency case). if fed from the network d) The rudder angle indicator e) The steering gear incl. its control f) Emergency fire pump g) 1 starting air compressor h) Azimuth stabilised gyro compass installation i) Nautic distribution incl. following has to be considered. Battery charger for radio station.doc . The uppermost continuous deck. TO-dugi-LPG.LPG 5000 . The position is so selected that in case of fire or emergency it will be without influence to the emergency power supply.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . emergency batteries as well as the corresponding switch gear are placed above the bulkhead deck resp. The emergency power supply.54 - cos phi 0. Construction with journal bearings Terminal box protection IP 44 Protection against moisture and oil One set of tools One set of spare parts to the rules of classification One spare turbocharger common for the two engines. wireless station and radar unit (two radar units.8 Style B3 Protective System IP 23 Layout for short time parallel runinng with auxiliary diesel. 7140 Emergency power supply Emergency generating sets.

Automatic start and stop depends on the main voltage. abt. in-line-type Type. acoustic and optical as per requirements. Revolution. direct in turbo charger air-cooled. 150kW sufficient for the driving of the attached emergency generator on conditions of the classification society. force feed lubrication turbocharged and intercooled. Starting of emergency aggregate with electrically and an additional hydraulically starting device(manually). Basic plate to be elastically placed. The installed alarm equipment supervises the diesel engine generator.55 - 7150 Emergency power supply and harbor diesel generator sets Diesel engine for emergency generator Output.LPG 5000 . Air cooled aggregate to be placed in emergency diesel generator room. Phi Mode of operation Revolution Insulation Protective system Cooling system Bearing Excitation about 165KVA 380 V 50 Hz 0. Emergency generator 1 Diesel-driven synchronous three phase constant-voltage generator (brushless) Output Voltage Frequency Cos.doc . 4-stroke engine. Diesel engine and generator on a common basic plate. Arrangement. Connection via elastic coupling. Group and individual alarms. B IP 23 Radiator cooler and pusher fan Slip ring bearing Self-exciting device Automatically-regulated with voltage 7170 Protective system of electric motors In engine room On deck In transverse thruster room Starter and distribution IP 54 IP 56 IP 23 23 or IP 54 TO-dugi-LPG.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page .8 Continuous operation 1500 R/min. 1500 RPM. Electrical preheating of cooling water is provided.

c) Spare lubricating oil pump for gear box One electrically driven force pump as stand-by for gear box. if necessary. the same type and capacities of pumps will be selected for different duties.56 - 7180 Transformer All of them to be aircooled.doc . 20 cbm/h 3 bar 740 1/min TO-dugi-LPG. see construction drawing approved by class and purchaser. Three 220 V/50 Hz transformers will be provided. b) Spare lubricating oil pump for main engine One electrically driven force pump as stand-by for main engine. provided with insulation class B tropical conditions. Delivery: Head: Revolution: 5 cbm/h 3 bar 1500 1/min The pump is connected directly to an electric motor through a flexble coupling.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page .LPG 5000 . The pump draws from the lubricating oil settling and main engine sump tank and delivers through the lubricating oil filling line to the out delivery on deck. specification as per manufacturer of gear box. 7220 Heavy fuel transfer pump Two HFO transfer pump driven by a 3-phase electric motor will be installed. 7200 Pump arrangement The capacity of the pumps and piping will be adjusted to engine makers and/or class requirements. 7210 Lub oil pump a) Lubricating oil transfer pump One lubricating oil transfer pump driven by a 3-phase motor will be installed (screwed type). Delivery: Head: Revolution: abt. specification as per manufacturer of ME. to avoid numbers of spare parts. As far as it is possible.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . engines will be installed. excentric helical rotor pump for sludge oil.doc . Specification as per manufacturers of main engine. Incinerator suitable for garbage and dirty oil burning will be provided.Head 3 bar .Revolution 1500 1/min 7240 Booster pump Two booster pumps for fuel in jecton system. All pumps to be supplied including manometer. Capacity: Head: Rev. one active and one as stand by will be installed. The pumps are directly connected to an electric motor by a flexible coupling.57 - 7230 Diesel oil transfer pump Two diesel oil transfer pumps driven by 3 phase electric motor will be installed . 7260 Dirty oil pump One horizontal. driven by a geared 3-phase motor and dry operation protective device will be installed. TO-dugi-LPG. 300 cbm/h each 2 bar 1500 1/min One pump will be used as second bilge pump. The pump housing are made of bronze or similar material. 5 cbm / h . The shafts are made of stainless steel.LPG 5000 . Capacity: Head: Revolutions: abt. incinerator sludge oil mixing tank. 7250 Fuel oil counter One fuel oil counter for main engine and aux.Delivery abt.e-motor: Rev. Size according to class and IMO regulations.pump: 15 cbm/h 3 bar 1500 1/min 392 1/min The pump draws from sludge tank and discharges to : Deck. 7300 Water pumps 7310 Ballast water pumps Two non-selfpriming vertical centrifugal pumps driven by a 3-phase motor will be installed as ballastpumps.

Capacity: Head: 7350 Heeling plant A semi-automatic heeling system will be installed. 2. It consists of three main components: ballast pump heeling indicator (inclinometer).TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . TO-dugi-LPG.58 - 7320 Ejector pumps For resting of the ballast tanks one ejector pump with a capacity of 80 cbm/h will be installed. 7360 Fire and deckwash pumps For the fire duties two vertical selfpriming centrifugal pumps. driven by a 3-phase electric motor. will be installed. acc. to classification demands. 7330 Bilge water piston pumps Bilge water piston pump with suction connection to the engine room bilges will be installed. One will be used for spare. Delivery: Head: Revolution: abt.5 bar 7340 Spray water pump For the spray water system two pumps will be supplied.LPG 5000 . electionic control panel in ECR and on bridge. One of the fire and deckwash pumps will deliver the water for the ejector.doc . One bilge water pump capacity 80 cbm/h.5 bar can be used for emergency service. 60 cbm/h 6 bar 29801/mi 30 cbm/h 6 bar 7370 Emergency fire pumps One vertical selfpriming centrifugal pump driven by a 3-phase electric motor will be installed in the foreship. Capacity: Head: 20 cbm/h 2. One of the ballast pumps will be used for this purpose connected to a separate distribution valve and pipe system.

each driven by a 3-phase electrical motor. according to requirement of ME-maker. The impeller made of bronze. The pumps are directly connected to an electric motor by a flexible coupling. oil heat-exchanger. b) Harbor fresh water pump For harbor operations a non-selfpriming vertical centrifugal pump. lub. TO-dugi-LPG. To the low temperature circuit are connected: Auxiliary diesel (cyl. lub. thermal oil heat exchanger and CPP cooler. condenser provision cooling plant. The impeller made of bronze or similar.LPG 5000 . coolingwater heat-exchanger. supercharger intercooler. 7380 Freshwater cooling pumps The final layout of all coolingwater pumps under 7350 and 7360 has to be choosen according to requirements of manufacturers of engines. condenser air conditioning plant. air cooler MCR. a) Fresh cooling water pumps for low temperature circuit For the low temperature circuit two non-selfpriming vertical freshwater-centrifugal pumps.doc . The pump deliver the fresh cooling water through the aggregates to one of two tube cooler.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . Delivery: Head: Revolution: abt. The pump housings are made of cast iron. The shaft made of stainless steel . oil cooler) Supercharger intercooler. driven by a 3-phase electrical motor will be installed. will be installed. 35 cbm/h Head: 6 bar Revolution: 2980 1/min Material as sea cooling water pumps.59 - Delivery: abt. Delivery: Head: Revolution: abt. 120 cbm/h 3 bar 1500 1/min One pump as stand-by will be provided. The shaft made of stainless steel. 50 cbm/h 3 bar 1500 1/min The pump is directly connected to an electric motor by a flexible coupling. The pump housing is made of cast iron. The pumps deliver the freshcooling water through the aggregates to the lowtemperature centralcoolers.

TO-dugi-LPG. The pumps take suction through a filter from sea and deliver through the coolers. lub. maker instruction 2. The impeller of bronze or similar. The pumps are directly connected to an electric motor by a flexible coupling. A part of the fresh water is used as heating medium for the fresh water destiler (evaporator). The pump housings and impellers are made of bronze or similar.60 - To the circuit are connected: Auxiliary diesel (cyl. Condenser air condition plant Condenser provision cooling plant Air cooler MCR c) Fresh cooling water pumps for high temperature circuit For the cylinder cooling circuit two non-selfpriming vertical fresh water-centrifugal pumps.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page .5 bar 1500 1/min One pump as stand-by. Delivery Head: Revolution: abt.E. 50 cbm/h 2. The pump housings are made of cast iron. The shaft made of stainless steel.5 bar 1500 1/min One pump as stand-by.doc .LPG 5000 . Delivery: Head: Revolution: abt. To the cylinder cooling water circuit are connected: Cylinder cooling main engine Fresh water distiller 7390 Sea cooling water pumps a) Main sea cooling water pumps As main sea cooling water pumps two non-self-priming vertical centrifugal pumps. coolingwater heat-exchanger. will be installed. The shafts are made of stainless steel. will be installed. supercharger intercooler. A fresh water expansion tank in integrated into the circuit as a buffer tank. 200 cbm/h acc to M. each driver by a 3-phase electric motor. each driven by a 3-phase electric motor. The pumps are directly connected to an electric motor by a flexible coupling. The pumps deliver the fresh cooling water through main engine to the cylinder cooling water-cooler. oil cooler).

TO-dugi-LPG. One control unit with timing and program control gear. Vent and exhaust ducts will be installed where 30 air changes / hour will be arranged.LPG 5000 . working capacity 1100 l/h lub oil according to the M. DO and HFO purifiers including their heaters will be placed in this room. The LO. water and control water supplies and in the compressed air line. 35 cbm/h 5. driven by a 3-phase electric motor will be installed. The shaft is made of stainless steel. driven by a 3-phase electric motor. Delivery: Head: Revolution: abt. automatically operated valves in the oil. The pump housing and the impeller are made of btonze. A crane beam will be provided above the purifier. Delivery: Head: Revolution: acc to engine maker instruction 2.61 - The evaporator will have its own seacooling waterpump. The purifier draws either from the lubrication oil circulating tank of the main engine or from the lubricating oil settling tank and delivers back to the circulation of main engine or to the settling tank. 7410 Lubrication oil purifier One lubrication oil purifier. Purifier room will have its own CO2 connection. will be installed.E.5 bar 1500 1/min The pump is directly connected to an electric motor by a flexible coupling. Capacity of purifier is 15600 l/h .maker instruction. 7400 Lubricating oil and fuel oil preparation Purifier room A separate purifier’s room will be provided.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . Drains from room will be led in the purifier sludge tank which will be arranged under the purifier room. One pump will have an emergency bilge connection. self cleaning. b) Harbor sea cooling water and bilge pump For harbor or dock operation a self-priming vertical centrifugal pump.5 bar 1500 1/min c) Sea cooling water pump for evaporator For cooling of the evaporator one non-selfpriming.doc . vertical centrifugal pump.

100l/h will be installed. working capacity 600 l/h. 7440 Oil heaters for purifiers All purifiers will be provided by thermal oil heating. Main engine As requested by HFO operation. TO-dugi-LPG. The heaters will be located in the vicinity of the purifiers or so as to enable the fuel oil heater to be interchanged. Auxiliary diesels 3. 7450 Filters a) Fuel filters A coarse filter will be installed in each of the filling lines for fuel oil.62 - 7420 Diesel oil purifier One purifier. The dirty oil pump draws from the storage tanks and delivers through the heater to the purifier. automatically operated valves in the oil. Emergency diesel As requested switch type double fine filter will be installed in he diesel feed line running from the service tank to the auxiliary diesels. 2. Control unit with timing and program control. Each diesel will also be equipped with a switch type double filter in diesel oil line. Control unit with timing and program control. automatically operated valves in the oil. water and control water supplies and in the compressed air line. Heat radiation will be prevented by mineral wool insulation covered by galvanized sheet metal. water and control water supplies and in the compressed air line. No pipe cross-connection will be provided. self cleaning with the capacity of 3500 l/h working capacity abt. One can work as purifier with second as clearifier on the line. 1. self cleaning with a capacity of abt. Each heater will have a by-pass and temperature control. Clean fuel oil is delivered to the service tank. 800 l/h. Clean fuel oil is delivered to the service tank.doc .TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page .LPG 5000 . The dirty oil pump draws from the storage tanks and delivers through the heater to the purifier. 7430 HFO purifier Two purifier.

pumps and distribution system will be arranged according to class and Lybian rules. Auxiliary diesels and emergency diesel. DO service tanks and oil heaters for purifier thermal oil will be used. capacity adjusted to maximum output of main engine as well as required heating energy. 2. The segregated flushing oil will be cleaned in a separate filter and given back to the lub.05 mm. settling and service tanks. what will be sufficient to keep the temperature of HFO storage tanks and settling / and day tanks to the required level. 7480 Oil fired thermal oil boiler With fully automated burner for MDO . dump cooler. 7460 Thermal oil heating system For the heating of the HFO storage. Each auxiliary and emergency diesel will be equipped with switch type double filter. capacity adjusted to required heating energy will be used for oil fired thermal oil boiler. Capacity of the boiler will be 500 kW. Main engine A fully automatic flushing filter. will be provided in the lubricating oil pressure line. 0.63 - b) Lubricating oil 1. c) Sea water filter One layer filter will be installed in the suction lines of the sea water cooling pumps with houses of brass or stainless steel. One layer filter with magnet and attached differential pressure indicator in the suction line of the lubricating oil pumps will be installed. Thermal oil system consisting of thermal oil boilers. min 500 kW.LPG 5000 .doc . with attached differential pressure indicator. 7470 Exhaust gas boiler Hot water boiler. TO-dugi-LPG.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page .oil circuit.

b) Fresh water preparation system One drinking water preparation plant will be installed. TO-dugi-LPG. Temperatures of heavy fuel oil settling and daily tanks are controlled automatically. 7500 Supply-and desupply units 7510 Fresh water generating system a) One distiller with an effective capacity of min.doc . 50 mm above the tank bottom.64 - 7490 Tank Heating System Following tanks will be fitted with heating coils: Heavy fuel oil storage tanks Heavy fuel oil daily service tank Heavy fuel oil settling tanks Fuel overflow tank Sludge oil tank Lubricating oil sump tank for main engine Dirty oil tanks Diesel oil daily + settling tanks Bilge water tanks LO circulating tank Heating surface are dimensioned as required. It is consisting of one ultra violet ray sterilizer and a hardening filter (mineralizer). Two thermal oil transfer pump capacity required by the boiler maker will be provided.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . 7520 Fresh water hydrofor plant a) Cold fresh water supply The fresh water supply will be provided by a pressure tank installation in the engine room which will serve all basins and showers.LPG 5000 . The heating coils are arranged abt. If found excessive. The evaporator is heated by the cylinder cooling water of the main engine and cooled by a separate sea water cooling pump. 10t/day will be installed for the generation of freshwater. Heavy fuel storage tank shall be heated from 30°C up to 50°C in 24 hours. the distillate is automatically diverted to the bilge. One dump cooler of required capacity will be provided by the boiler maker according to the class and Lybian regulations. A salt meter constandly monitors the salt contents.

The system will be arranged as a ring main. laundry and the basin in the engine room.LPG 5000 .TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . Sewage tank will be used for collecting of sewage in the case that plant isn’t in service. One oily water separator with automatic oil drain. 7540 Hot fresh water generator To supply the consumer points with hot fresh water a warm water generator of 400 l capacity will be provided. pantries.0 t/h Electric or thermal oil heater less than 15 ppm The recovered oil will be discharged to the sludge tank. Material of the hot water generator is galvanized steel. 500 l.65 - The WC-system is connected to the fresh water system because biological sewage treatment plant will be used. Capacity: Heating: Oily water: 3. construction to ISO and approved by classification for 6 bar operating pressure with a manhole for cleaning and all the necessary connections will be installed.doc . Delivery: Head: Revolution: Material: abt.5 bar 1500 1/min Housing = grey cast iron Impellers = bronze Shaft = chrome steel One pressure tank. Two horizontal self-priming centrifugal pumps will be installed. 7550 Sewage installation A biological sewage treatment installation designed for 20 persons will be installed for the sanitary effluents. An alarm system acc. It will serve all basins and showers. TO-dugi-LPG. galvanized. Consideration will be given to the suitability of the float switch for sewage tank. The heating will be automatically controlled by means of an electric heating element with a rating of 18 kW. one as spare. the galley. 3 cbm/h 7. Two circulating pumps will be provided. Installation will be built according to class and Lybian rules. 7560 Bilge oily water extraction a) Bilge oily water separator Bilge oily water separator will be placed in separate room with own ventilation and entrance separated from engine room. rules of IMO and USCG and a recirculation system will be installed.

so that also this bilge water could be treated if necessary. or galvanized steel greet and also the grating where required.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page .66 - The bilge water separator will also have a blocked connection to the cargo hold bilge system. 7620 Tank level alarm system An electrical tank level alarm system connected to all required tanks will be provided according to the class and Lybian rules. Capacity: Head: Rev. The stair will be provided with mud plates. fuel service tanks and ballast tanks with an indicator panel in the engine control room will be provided.doc . 7700 Engine room outfitting 7710 Stair. The floor plates will be 5 mm checker plate of steel screwed into angle iron frames. fuel settling tanks. Handrails of 22 mm dia. handrails. steel bar.e-motor: Rev. Gratings will be provided where necessary.0 cbm/h 2. self priming. TO-dugi-LPG. Opening with plate cover in floor plates as necessary where valves etc. below the floor. Low and high level alarms will be integrated in the alarm system as necessary.LPG 5000 . slow running to pump oily water from engine room bilges through the oil separator. gratings and floor plates Stairs with pressed mild steel plates. The floor plate frames will not be connected to the engine foundations.5 bar 1500 1/min 350 1/min 7600 Signal and indicating system for fuel tanks 7610 Electric (or pneumatic) level indicating system An electrical level indicating system for the fuel storage tanks. b) Bilge pump for oil separator One bilge pump.pump: 3.

Capacity: 10000 m3/h approx. b) Bowthruster room fan One axial flow fan will be installed for the bowthruster room.LPG 5000 . Capacity: 3000 cbm/h approx. 7820 Emergency diesel generator room fan One axial flow fan will be installed in the EDG-room. Capacity: abt. Capacity: 3000 cbm/h approx. TO-dugi-LPG. An emergency shut-off from a place outside the engine room will be provided. All air supply and exhaust ducts to the engine room will be provided with fire traps which can be operated from outside.67 - 7800 Engine room ventilation 7810 Engine room fans Three axail flow fans will be installed to ventilate the engine room.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . The fan is switched from the ECR. 25000 cbm/h each (Capacity to be approved by engine maker) One fans will be reversible.doc . 7830 Various fans a) Purifier exhaust fan One centrifugal fan to exhaust fumes. The bow thruster room will be equipped with natural air inlet. Capacity: 2000 cbm/h approx. d) Waste incinerator room fan One axial flow fan will be installed.

Eye plates will be provided over pumps. TO-dugi-LPG. It will be taken care that all piping systems are easy accessible and in the case of the repair minimum of the effort will be necessary. Where necessary there will be also eyebolts to life machine components. 1 welding electrical machine including equipment 1 electrical testing panel 1 gas welding equipment set including oxygen and acetilen bottles. The capacity of the lifting tackle is sufficient to transport the heaviest part of the engine which may have to be lifted for repair4 on board ship. 1 twin wheel grinding machine of column construction. 8000 Piping and fittings General The piping will be designed by agreement between shipyard and shipowner on the basis of piping diagrams to be submitted by the shipyard.doc . It must be avoided that not approved and non-standardised material will be installed. miscellaneous machines and equipment where required. capacity in steel up to 22 mm dia. 7920 Workshop outfit a) Engine workshop 2 workbenches each with one vice 1 surface plate 600 x 300 mm 1 stainless steel basin with cold and hotwater connections. 7960 Stores One machine store equipped with the necessary lockers and shelves will be provided. Mounted with reach of the engine room there will be a track with traveling trolley (500 kg) in the workshop to handle machine parts to be brought to the lathe. lockers and shelves to suit local condition 1 vice in the engine room 1 lathe: high of centers 250 mm.LPG 5000 . turning length 1000 mm 1 drilling machine. There will be handling facilities to enable components to be brought to the workshop or means of transport to the deck. Over the auxiliary diesels beams will be provided to life parts of the auxiliary diesels and the alternators.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page .68 - 7900 Engine room equipment 7910 Lifting tackle One crane trolley with an electric or pneumatic operated chain trckle block according to main engine makers' recommendation will be located over the main engine. Steel pipe according to ISO standard will be used in the construction.

Bleed screws to be provided at the lowest points of the water piping systems to enable these systems to be completely drained if there is any risk of frost Water traps be avoided as far as possible. The color list will be submitted to the classification society-if necessary -and owner for approval. The piping to be color coded by plastic strip rings to indicate the various media.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . plastic and stainless steel pipes will be treated separatelly. Piping will have ample strength and will be supported by U-bolts or steel bend plates. Also the control panel for the electric controls in the ECR will be extended. 8120 Ballast water pipes The double bottom ballast tanks are connected to pipes by remotely operated shut-off devices. 8100 Pipes outside engine room 8110 Bilge lines The bilge piping consists of a main bilge line extending from the engine room to be forward end of the double bottom. Copper. Hot-galvanized steel pipes to used for sea cooling water.69 - Quality and wall thickness according to purpose and operating pressure and in accordance with the specifications of the classification. welded and galvanized. All shut-off elements to be identified by name plates. Separate bilges are to be connected to the main bilges by short branches. The bilge fittings for the holds in the pipe tunnel will be remotely operated from a control panel in the ECR and will be in accessible void spaces. TO-dugi-LPG. Pipe tubes of steel.LPG 5000 . Connection by means of welded flanges. Screwed joints from ND 25 and below for the steel pipes. The connections by means of steel/metal flanges. All valves up to and including ND 20 to be screwed valves with locking device for the upper part.doc . An oil separator pump available to drain the engine room bilges pumping through the oil separator directly to sea. Pressure tests will be conducted in the presence of the owners inspectors and representatives of the classification. The piping system will be suitably designed to allow expansion for thermal and/or deflection on hull structure by means of expansion joints or bends. The bilge lines will be extended for the forward cargo holds. Valves of cast iron with bronze internals. The inner diameter of the piping will be selected in conformity with flow velocity to avoid cavitation. Piping will be laid as straightly as practicable with minimum number of bends and joints.

Material for hot water pipes will be copper or Vinil-copper up to 25mm dia.doc . Control panel in ECR.LPG 5000 . a) Air pipes The air pipes for both ballast and oil tanks will be made of galvanized steel pipes according to the specifications of the classification. b) Sounding pipes Pipes of 1 1/2" dia. independently if they are in open or closed overflow system. The shut-off devices will be operated from a control console with mimic diagram for the ballast system installed in the ECR and on the nav. Remote sounding system will be provided for all fuel oil and fresh water tanks. Vinil-copper pipes or galvanized pipes will be used.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . They will bear identifications. All Valves in the tank compartments of cast iron with bronze internals and shut-off flaps valves of cast iron. Oil tanks will be provided with 2" sounding pipes. In the upper decks PVC. Piping inside and outside the engine room to be of galvanized steel. If they don’t pass the WB tank. according to classification. As far as possible. TO-dugi-LPG. will be used for sounding for all water tanks and bilges. remote controled valves will be installed in the pipe tunnel or in cofferdams / void spaces. Further all tanks to be provided with manual sounding. black steel pipes could be used. The system and maker to be approved by the owner. Pipes will be of galvanized steel. 8150 Sanitary pipes – cold and hot water supply The sanitary pipes below the bulkhead deck will be of galvanized steel . For oil and fresh water tanks air pipe hoods will be provided with protective screens.70 - The ballast main pipes are running through the double bottom in the pipe tunnel. 8140 Air and sounding pipes These pipes will be provided for all tanks. Pipe studs of steel. welded and galvanized. copper. bridge .

In engine room only galvanised steel pipes are to be used. 8200 Pipes inside of engine room 8210 Fuel pipes The pipes of steel.LPG 5000 . 8170 Fire and deck wash lines The fire extinguishing lines will be of galvanized steel. the consumption line pickled and descaled. A temperature controller will be fitted in the lubricating oil circuit of the main TO-dugi-LPG. valves and cocks.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . To fulfill the requirements for ships carrying Liquid gas cargo sufficient number of fittings to be installed on the superstructure and trunk deck. The ejector for draining of chainlocker and bilges in way of forecastle to be connected to fire extinguishing line. pickled and descaled. A bunker line for the lubricating oil will be provided. The air pipes and overflow pipes of the fuel bunkers to be connected to a header pipe.71 - One fresh water tap will be provided on the main deck break bulkhead. The fuel valves on service tanks can be shut off from outside the engine room. Separate diesel lines to each consumer. 8160 Grey and black water discharge The sanitary pipes of grey and black water system will be made of HT-plastic or hot galvanised steel pipes. partly diaphragm valves. hawse pipes to be provided with five flushing nozzles each. with necessary filters.doc . Valves of cast iron with steel internals. which will have a vent to a box in the funnel and a drain to the overflow tank. arabian type. valves of cast iron with steel-internals. The toilets will be gravity type. 8220 Lubricating oil pipes The lines are steel pipes. Fittings of cast iron with bronze. Fuel oil discharge is provided by the bunker lines.

pickled and descaled. Electronic controlled temperature controller will be installed in the low-and high temperature circuit. A service air line to be installed on the deck running to the forecastle and to the bridge.LPG 5000 . All exhaust gas lines on top of funnel to be made of stainless steel. Valves of cast steel with stainless steel internals. Valves over ND 25 of cast iron with bronze internals. the lubricating oil bunker line also serves as an oil discharge line. Valves of cast iron with bronze internals. The working air pressure to be 6 bar. 8230 Sea water cooling pipes All sea water cooling pipes will be of thick-walled fire galvanized steel. 8260 Exhaust gas lines The main engine exhaust gas line will be of sheet metal complete with the necessary expansion joints. that of the auxiliary diesels will be of steel pipe. 8300 Heating for living rooms and workshop 8340 Electric heating The following electric heaters will be provided: 2 x Steering gear compartment 1000W each 2 x below forecastle 1000W each TO-dugi-LPG. Shut-off flap valves to be provided for large bores . The inner dia to be of sufficient size that no loss of pressure will occur at the working station. partly diaphragm valves.doc .72 - engine. 8250 Compressed air lines Steel pipes. deck outside the deckhouse. Pipe studs of welded steel. Pipe studs of steel welded. 8240 Fresh water cooling pipes Piping of steel.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . Exhaust pipe connections to casing side will be elastic and vibration free mounted. 30 bar pipes with acceptance and tests by the classification. supplied by ME maker.

It will be.LPG 5000 . 8530 Surface Insulation in engíne room Thermal insulation with 80 mm mineral wool blankets and galvanised steel cover will be arranged on exposed surfaces of the following heated tanks in engine room: HFO settling tanks HFO service tank DO settling tank TO-dugi-LPG. The following piping system will be insulated -thermal oil pipes outside of tanks .HFO transfer system pipes. covered by galvanized steel or aluminium sheets.doc . 10kW. 8500 Insulation 8510 Insulation of pipes a) Main engine exhaust gas line. power abt. arranged that HFO and thermal oil heating pipes are jointed side by side.73 - Wheelhouse 1 x Harbour WC 2 x Galley 2 x Bowthruster room 2 x Emergency diesel room 1 x Storerooms each CO2 room + paint store 8350 Airheater (far-infrared tube for window screen) 1000W 1000W each 1000W each 1000W each 1000W 2 x 1000W For heating of the engine room three portable electric heated air fans will be supplied. 80mm mineral wool jackets lined both sides with galvanized stell sheets.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . as far as possible. so that emitation of heat from thermal oil pipes will be absorbed by HFO transfer pipes. b) Auxiliary diesel and emergency diesel exhaust gas line. 8520 Insulation of transfer pipes Pipes conveying heated medium will be insulated accordingly. 80mm mineral wool blankets lined both sides with galvanized steel sheets.

The system will be designed to maintain the following temperatures in approximately 16 hours of operation per day with an outside temperature of 45 degres C and a seawater temperature of 38 C with the full refrigerating capacity of one compressor: The following temperatures to be applied: Meat room: .TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page .22 C Vegetable room: +4C Dry provisions: +15 C Bottle store: +15 C The system will be connected to the low temperature circuit. A freshwater connection will be installed in the handling room. A remote thermometer with an indicator in the ECR will be provided. For direct evaporation with cooling by freshwater for the condenser will be provided.doc .LPG 5000 . TO-dugi-LPG. The system includes two compressors.74 - DO service tank 8600 Refrigeration system for provisions To refrigerate the provision's stores a fully automatic refrigerating system using coolant free of F22. In the meat room the scupper will be sealed with a plug against freezing. Signal lamps to indicate "System in operation" will be provided. scuppers with water seal traps will be provided in each room.

LPG 5000 . Gas tanker designed as a two grade cargo vessel for the transportation of cargoes specified under item 0120 In conception.Butane Butene ( Butylene ) Butadiene N-Butane IPM Formula C3H6 C3H6 C3H8/C4H10 CH2CHCL IC4H10 C4H8 CH2CHCHCH2 NC4H10 CH2C(CH3)CHCH2 TO-dugi-LPG.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . ( 0° C.972 t/m3 ) Type IIPG. 18. 0.75 - 9000 BASIS OF DESIGN FOR GAS CARGO 9010 CLASSIFICATION The plant specified hereinafter is provided for the installation in a gas tanker which is designed as a two grade vessel for the transportation of cargoes specified under item 0120 9020 GASPLANT VESSEL Gas tanker buit in compliance with Rules and Regulations of Germanischer Lloyd “ Liquefied Gas Carrier”.doc . the cargo system and components mentioned in this specification will comply with the rules of: Germanischer Lloyd ( GL ) IGC Code 1993 edition US Coast Guard ( for foreign flag vessels ) MOT ( delivery of documentation for custody transfer only ) Solas MARPOL CERTIFICATES GL certificates for components of gas plant Documentation required by USCG for the cargo system will be delivered to the owner to enable the vessel to receive the “ Letter of Compliance “ on the occasion of her first arrival at an US port 9100 CARGOES & DESIGN PARAMETERS The gas handling and reliquefaction plant is provided for the transportation of following liquid gases. dimensioning and material.0 bar gauge. their saturated temperature ranging between +45° and 0 °C Gases Propene ( Propylene ) Propane Propane/Butane Vinilchloride Monomer (VCM) î.

5000 m3 18. For gas transfer from shore to cargo tanks the onboard compressor can be used. tank temperature Max.e. Flash gas generated during expansion procedure to tank pressure is given to shore together with displaced volume. ambient temperature approx. 50CPS 305. Number of tanks : Tank No.5% mole in Ethane at 1. seawater temperature Max. spec.LPG 5000 .TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page .0 bar gauge 18.0 bar gauge approx. 2 Total geometric tank volume Max. Ethane percentage in commercial Propane in liquid phase at satured temperature will be 2. gravity of cargo Electrical power supply Max. using hereby the onboard compressor if necessary due to tank pressure on shore 9220 DISCHARGING Discharging is performed after connecting the vessel’s crossover –lines to shore as follows: . i.972 metric tons/m3 380 V.76 - Max. Capacity of gas-return to correspond with the capacity of discharging pumps.doc .15K ( 45°C ) System designed to have separate vent line for each tank and to have two cross-over sets. 9230 WARMING UP TO-dugi-LPG.0 bar absolute pressure.By means of a gas-return-line which is standard procedure. external pressure Min. acc. to USCG Max. 0. 1 Tank No. 2500 m3 approx. NGL ( Natural Gas Liquids ) can be carried according to pressure and temperature range of the other liquid gas cargoes. operating pressure acc. to IMO/GL approx.15K ( 32 °C ) 318. 9200 MODES OF OPERATION 9210 LOADING Depending to specific requirements loading is performed after connecting the lines from shore to vessel’s cross-over line as follows: By means of a gas-return-line which is standard procedure. 2500 m3 approx.3 bar 0°C 0. the return-line allows at least flow rate of gaseous gargo which the pumps can discharge in liquid condition. keeping constant cargo tank pressure.

5 bar Speed : 720 RpM Shaft power consumption 90 KW TO-dugi-LPG. The compressor is equipped with forced oil lubrication by means of a builtin gear and auxiliary pump.18 bar Diff. process heavy duty type. 9250 CAPACITY CHART CARGO Min.013 bar °C 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Density Kg/m3 547 529 Loading rate m3/h 500 500 500 acc. Design data for propane service: Actual suction volume: 400 .LPG 5000 .440m3/h Suction pressure: 5 . 1 cylinder construction for 1stage compression. Mixture of inertgas and cargo vapours is finally led to the vent mast or sent to shore. VCM i-Butane Butene Butadiene N-Butane 945 581 616 645 601 9260 LOADING/UNLOADING COMPRESSOR SYSTEM 9261 LOADING/UNLOADING CARGO COMPRESSOR For oil free compression and direct drive. at 1.77 - Cargo loaded from atmospheric storage conditions can be warmed up against seawater ( propane. pressure: 4 .to pump curve 500 500 500 500 Unloading rate m3/h Propene Propane Propane/ Butane mixt.Temp. propylene ) to reach the minimum design temperature of cargo tanks 9240 PURGING ( GAS – FREEING ) Purging operations are performed by using nitrogen or air: Nitrogen or air is taken from shore and is distributed to the tanks.doc .14 bar End pressure: 9 .TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page .


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Material: Crank case: Cylinders: Valves : Piston: Piston rings: Shaft : Crosshead Welded carbon steel gray iron (GGG 40.3) X20 Cr13 Al-Si7 Co3 PTFE 42 CrMo4 GGG 70

The compressor is equipped with: - Shut –off valve on suction and discharge side of ball type - Pulsation dampener on discharge side - Safety relief valve - Suction filter - Heating up system including by-pass to avoid condensation - Vent connection including nitrogen purging connection - Pressure and temperature gauges for oil, gas, safety shut-down switches and alarme for protection against maloperation

9262 SUCTION SEPARATOR Installed in suction line of the cargo compressor to separate liquid particles entrained in the gas. Separator supplied complete with all gas connection, level switch and electrical trace heating 9263 ELECTRIC MOTOR For driving the cargo compressor by V-belt connection, squirrel cage type for mixed star/delta starting Capacity Nominal speed Frame Enclosure 105 kW 1.500 RpM B3 EEx de II CT4

9264 PIPING MATERIAL All cargo pipes, raised face flanges, bends, bolts, screws, nuts, gaskets for the compressors up to matching flanges. Packages according to suppliers standard Materials see pos. D



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9265 CONTROL EQUIPMENT Necessary instruments to control temperature, pressure and level according to list of instruments see pos. D 9266 BASE FRAME The compressor with electrical motor, V-belt drive, piping and instrumentation is preassembled on a common base frame including suction separator. 9270 CARGO HEATING EQUIPMENT 9271 ONE CARGO HEATER Direct cargo heater with seawater on tube side. Shell and tube construction with bare tubes welded in fixed tube sheets and removable endcovers. Materials Design data for cargo heater Design heating capacity Cargo inlet temperature Cargo outlet temperature Sea water inlet temperature Sea water flow Cargo flow 9272 PIPING All cargo pipes, raised face flanges, bends, bolts, screws, nuts and gaskets for cargo heater on open deck Material see pos. D Propane - 42°C 0°C + 15°C 600m3/h 200 m3/h see pos. D

9300 CARGO TANKS ( GENERAL DESCRIPTION ) 9310 DESIGN DATA Tank No.1 : Cylindrical geometric volume of Tank No.2 : Cylindrical geometric volume of Total geometric tank volume without dome volume 2500 m3 2500 m3 5000 m3



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Max. tank pressure - according to IMO/GL - according to USCG Min. tank temperature Max. external overpressure Max. cargo density Corrosion allowance

approx. 18 bar gauge approx. 18 bar g 0°C 0,3 bar 0,972 t/m3 1,0 mm

9320 MATERIAL FOR CARGO TANKS All cargo tanks material will be delivered as flat plates in mill condition without edge preparation with material certificates of Germanischer Lloyd according to EN 10204, 3.1C. 9321 SHELL PLATES Material for shell plates , internals, stiffeners etc. will be of high strength steel grade type NAXTRA producer Krupp - Thyssen 9322 SPHERICAL HEADS Material for spherical heads will be of fine grain steel type NAXTRA producer Krupp – Thyssen

9330 TANK EQUIPMENT Material for tank equipment, like nozzles and flanges etc., will be supplied loose Tanks equipped according to design: domes with man holes and piping connections, including pump domes tank dome connection ring with necessary bolts for connection to tank domes pump sumps internal liquid line to bottom upper purge line spray lines internal pump seatings all necessary inner tank stiffenings ladders lifting lugs earthling connections on tank stools swash bulkhead



81 - Each tank is supported by two bearings in the cargo hold. 9360 VOLUME CALIBRATION Tank volume calibration with calibration tables and computer software on basis of “as built” conditions ( based on certificates for volume of tanks ) will be supplied. To ensure free movement of the tank as a statically determinate system. one support is designed as fixed bearing and the other as sliding bearing. The deepwell pumps will be driven by an electrical motor.doc . not necessitating complete removal of column pipe. Anti-floating devices are provided in order to keep the tank down on its foundations in case the cargo hold is flooded 9350 TESTS/HEAT TREATMENT The tanks have to be completely welded and 100% x-rayed according to code requirements. which is directly connected with a spacer coupling. The pump suction will be installed at the lower end and is connected with the discharge head by a column pipe. Number 2 TO-dugi-LPG. A heat treatent have to be provided for tank domes with nozzles including connecting plate to the shell and for the pump sump. connected with a sealing oil tank. 9370 TANK INSTALLATION MATERIAL The following equipment will be supplied prefabricated: Special high strength wooden blocks for cargo tanks bearings and anti-floating devices Special neoprene seals for tank dome penetrations ( with bolts including carbon steel rings for connection to the ship structure 9400 CARGO TRANSFER SYSTEM DEEPWELL CARGO PUMPS Multi stage vertical turbine pumps with double mechanical seal.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . This included correction factors for temperature and density of cargo as well as trim and list of the ship ( 6 trim conditions. bowls and supports the line shaft bearings.LPG 5000 . This column pipe carries the pump. Pump can be dismantled inside cargo-tank by split bearing housing. Tightness test and hydrostatic pressure test according to classification requirements. 6 list conditions to be agreed by yard/owner ).

60 t/m3 Capacity 250m3/h Pump Head 120 m LC Speed approx. and globe valve dimensioned acc. gaskets. Ball. to ISO with removable inner parts. T-pieces. to IMO and classification society.82 - Working conditions for Propane service ( each pump): Specific gravity 0. Data for each motor : Rating Nominal Speed Frame Enclosure 90 1. bends. with anticondensation heater. specific gravity ( VCM) 0.LPG 5000 . flanges. to ISO . Flanges. nuts.6 has to be adjusted according to pump curve.500 V1 Eex de II CT4 9420 PIPING SYSTEM 9421 CARGO PIPING FOR GASES Piping is provided for a two-grade cargo system Number of cross-overs two for liquid service two for vapor service Schedule for pipe thickness acc. 1. flanges of weld neck type with raised face. reduction pieces. Squirrel cage motors for star/delta starting.doc .TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page .450RPM Shaft power absorbed 75 KW Max. bolts screws. butterfly. ELECTRIC MOTORS For driving the vertical deepwell pumps.95 t/m3 Lowest service temperature 0°C Capacity for cargoes with higher specific gravity than 0. 9422 PIPING MATERIAL Supply included all pipes. TO-dugi-LPG. bolts and nuts acc.

Instrumentation system .Gas detection system LT-carbon steel LT-carbon steel carbon steel/ stainless steel stainless steel 9423 VALVES Following piping systems will be equipped with ball valves and butterfly valves: . 9425 ONE CROSS-OVER –SYSTEM Two cross-over consisting of: Two liquid lines with ball valve and hydraulically operated quick closing ball valve at each end.cargo lines. One vapour line with ball valve and hydraulically operated quick closing valve at each end . Quick closing system will be equipped with ball or butterfly valves: Material : carbon steel/stainless steel 9424 SAFETY RELIEF VALVES ( FOR PIPING SYSTEM ) Spring loaded type for pressure according to classification requirements for the entire cargo piping system. flanges 6”.83 - fusible plugs. flanges 4”. liquid . liquid and vapour .TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page .Cargo lines. 300 lbs. Material will be suitable for low temperatures.Quick closing system .doc .LPG 5000 . Piping will be supplied in normal mill condition for: Material according to IMO . One vapour line with ball valve and hydraulically operated quick closing valve at each end . vapour Ball valves to be of end entry design for flanged types.cargo lines. flanges 3” - - TO-dugi-LPG.Safety and vent lines . 300 lbs.

Temperature indication inside ( cargo temperature.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page .84 - - One cargo filter. to IMO and USCG by using adaptors. with easy inspection and cleaning possibility for each liquid line One stripping/drain line connected to each liquid crossover Principal reducers according to own choice with final dimension to be decided by owner - 9426 TANK DOME SYSTEM For each tank: Manually operated valves for liquid.LPG 5000 .doc . adjustable to the max. pressure alarm Sample tubes Minimum temperature alarm - 9500 GAS DETECTION 9510 GAS DETECTION PLANT For fixed installation in the cargo office and for controlling possible gas concentrations within the loading and other hazardous areas of the gas plant according to IMO rules: TO-dugi-LPG. Two safety valves. pilot operated. gas. local and remote ) Pressure indication ( local and remote ) Max. level alrm switch at each dome (LAH 95% and LSAHH 98% ) Manually regulated and non-return valves for pumping lines at each pump. allowable tank pressures acc. spray and stripping lines at each dome Hydraulically operated quick closing valves for liquid and gas lines at each dome Level indicator at each gas dome Max. cone strainer type.

to IMO with pressure regulator gauge and flow meter 9521 PIPING SYSTEM For connecting the control cabinet with the fixed sample points in the ship.One control panel with control lamps. a time-switch desk calling and controlling each individual sample point within regular intervals Range measurement 0 – 100 LEL concentration ( lowest explosion level ) of gas in air or inertgas Alarm at 30% LEL for most unfavourable component.One gas cylinder for calibration purpose acc. alarm contacts . each point at least active once each 30 minutes Detection system based on the principles of diffusion chamber detection with catalytic combustion.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page .One mechanical vacuum pump with electric motor .LPG 5000 . A vacuum pump inside the control cabinet continuously takes in gas from all sample points located in the hazardous areas. Gas detection analyser gives audible and visual alarm on the bridge 9520 Equipment of gas detection system One control cabinet of standard design consisting of: .85 - - one per hold space inside gas detection cabinet inlet air accommodation area engine room The device is in permanent operation and signalizes traces of concentration of hydrocarbons in air. indicators.One catalytic combustion gas analyser .doc . failure alarm. consisting of: Suction filter Piping material up to accommodation deckhouse Screw fittings for pipe connections 9522 NUMBER OF SAMPLE POINTS Number and locations in accordance with classification societies’ requirements 9523 PORTABLE GAS DETECTORS Two portable gas detectors suitable for local measurement of inflammable gases in the TO-dugi-LPG.

control device and signal lamps. and in case of important motors. MOTORS ROOM Switchboard contains switch distribution network in the electric room of the deck house. Ammeters for each drive are built in . Surfaces protected by corrosion resisting marine coating Control functions can be supervised in front panel. Insulating transformers are provided for supervision. 9524 PORTABLE DEWPOINT METER One portable dewpoint meter with a range up to –60°C.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . All control device units are accesible through doors. to measure dewpoint in air and inertgas 9600 ELECTRICAL AND INSTRUMENTATION 9610 ELECTRICAL SWITCHBOARD IN EL. Each process signal and push button located in hazardous areas is switching intrinsically safe Feeding of the different consumers is done by a bus bar system with copper profiles.doc . cargo piping. All motors are protected with bimetallic relays. Switchboard self-supporting.LPG 5000 . CONSUMERS TO-dugi-LPG.86 - air or. they are provided with PTC-resistors additionally. completely closed. 9620 EARTHING Earthing connections to ship’s hull have to be foreseen for cargo tanks. too. Starting and stopping of the motors and auxiliary drives is effected locally and shown in the monitors. fabricated from steel plate protection IP 23. switch boards and electrical consumers 9630 EARTHING OF CARGO TANKS Supply of earthing material and connection to ship’s hull have to be arranged 9640 EARTHINGOF CARGO PIPING SYSTEMS Supply of stainless steel earthing band or equivalent to ship’s structure will be provided 9650 EARTHING OF SWITCHBOARDS AND EL. showing all electrical process drives.

6 class. cargo system to be designed for manual operation and automatic supervision or critical functions.temperature indication . At important points within the cargo system all necessary instruments are provided for : . Pulse transmission to be electrically and intrinsically safe Cargo Tanks: local pressure indication on each dome TO-dugi-LPG.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page .doc . All analoque and binary signals such as: .87 - Earthing band and connection to ship’s structure will be arranged acc. The pumps and compressors start to be carried out locally with remote stop possibility by push button and automatic stop by malfunction of maloperation.emergency shut down . All instruments unsed for gas plant are for marine application and shock proof. temperature and level.on/off indicators . Pressure switches to be usually contact manometer type.group alarms .process alarms .pressure and temperature indicators are shown on the monitors. Most of the process alarms have also trip functions for consumers or process valves Location: gas office Same information is given to both monitors ( one monitor on bridge ) 9680 PRESSURE ALARMS AND INDICATION The local instruments used for pressure indication to be Bourdon tube type.LPG 5000 .level indication For safety reasons the plant will also be equipped with all necessary alarm + interlock switches for pressure. instruments for cargo quantity calculation to be of 0. to the class requirements 9660 INSTRUMENTATION Basically. 9670 CONTROL AND ALARM BOARD For control of gas operation a microprocessor system with two monitors and two keyboards and one printer is installed.positioner indication .pressure indication .

and alarm board Deck Piping System : local indicators where necessary 9695 LEVEL ALARMS AND INDICATION The instruments for level indication to be buoy types and alarm signals to be of electric contact type.indication transmission to the monitors .temperature local indication ( bottom and top in each dome) .alarm signal transmission to control.low temperature alarm Gas Transfer Compressor local indicators where necessary alarm signal transmission to control. TO-dugi-LPG.and alarm board . Pulse transmission to be electrically and intrinsically safe.88 - - alarm signal transmission to control – and alarm board indication transmission to the monitors Gas Transfer Compressor: local indicators for discharge and suction pressure alarm signal transmission into control-and alarm board Cargo Pumps local indicators where necessary Deck Piping System: local indicators where necessary 9690 TEMPERATURE ALARMS AND INDICATION The instruments used for temperature indication to be bimetallic or capillary type. Cargo Tanks: .TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . Pulse transmission to be electrically and intrinsically safe.LPG 5000 .doc .

Atmospheric air is compressed and fed through one of the adsorbers .TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page .enriched gas released in the process with a medium concentration of about 30-35 vol. The oxygen .process and consists of two adsorbers which are filled with carbon molecular sieves . be lowered to a residual value of 0. if necessary . The oxygen concentration can . During the adsorption period the adsorber not operating with raw gas is regenerated .89 - Cargo Tanks : local indication for level in each tank with remote indication in the control – and alarm board total range with digital images pre-alarm transmission by contact to control – alarm board maximum level alarm transmission by contact from separated buoy to control.doc . In the safety loop a number of manual valves are provided to activate the water spray system ( and consequently emergency shut down system ) manually in case of emergency or for test purposes. 9720 INERTGAS SYSTEM PROCESS The nitrogen production plant is based on an application of BF.and alarm board SAFETY SYSTEM EMERGENCY SHUT DOWN DEVICES 9700 9710 Number and location of push buttons in accordance with the classification requirements to be activated from locations of strategic importance . 9711 FUSIBLE ELEMENT OPERATED EMERGENCY SHUT DOWN DEVICES A safety loop pressurized by instrument air with fusible elements ( number and location in accordance with the classification requirements ) which activate the fire water spray system and emergency shut down system. After a 1 cycle the regenerated adsorber is loaded with raw gas and the other adsorber is generated. % O2 is blown into the atmosphere. while raw gas low in oxygen but rich in nitrogen leaves the adsorber .LPG 5000 .1 vol . %. whereby the operating pressure is reduced to normal pressure. TO-dugi-LPG. whereby the molecular sieve adsorbs mainly oxygen . included two portable ones with cable connections to shore at the manifold area .

% Ncbm/h 0 C bar abs.90 - 9721 PLANT CAPACITY / MAIN DATA CAPACITY N2 N2 capacityb dew point supply pressure Vol.5 99. HEIGHT ).PRELIMINARY .030 DIMENSIONS ( LENGTH .C.air dryer skid 1880X1100X2000 .adsorber skid 3300X1700X3000 Ø 1400X5800 .TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . 98.compressor skid 2850X1700X1800 . 1.N2 buffer 9724 - COMPRESSOR SKID one screw compressor with coupling one suction filter one dirt trap one electrical motor one aftercooler one condensate separator valves piping safety switch for excess and low pressure electrical cables internal piping one electrical switchboard TO-dugi-LPG. 1.5 340 -50 7.doc . ambient air ____________________Ncbm/h approx.LPG 5000 . WIDTH . 9722 9723 CONSUMPTION electrical energy ________________kW 140 cooling water consumption _______cbm/h 20.9 214 -50 7.5 *at atmospheric pressure Plant is able to deliver approx.0 425 -50 7.25 mL.030 Nm3/h air with a dewpoint of – 10 0C at atmospheric pressure.5 99.

pressure control valves etc.doc .O2 measuring .O2 control and information . motor 4 kW oil accumulator .91 - - skid for above components 9725 - AIR DRYER SKID one refrigeration cooling / drying unit complete skid mounted with all necessary instrumentation and piping. The unit consists of : Preassambled control unit in the el.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . including safety valves .pneumatic butterfly valves regulating valves with stepping motor manual shut – off valves control unit with the following functions: . pressure of 10 bar abs. 9726 9727 9800 9810 AUXILYARY SYSTEMS QUICK CLOSING SYSTEM This system is provided as high pressure oil system for hydraulically operated quick closing valves . ADSORBERS SKID 2 adsorbers to contain the carbon molecular sieves electro. manual shut – off valves and pressure indicator . man holes . TO-dugi-LPG. switch cabinet with pressure control and safety cutting. non return valves .LPG 5000 .automatic start/stop . motor room of : two gear oil pumps 120 bar el. high pressure oil tank 60 l el . switch panel with solenoid valves and alarms all necessary piping including valves .uninterrupted voltage supply connecting pipes electrical cables skid for above components N2 BUFFER One cylindrical N2 buffer intended for a max.control of plant .

to be used as anti-freezing as well as an inhibitor. vent pipe. They are spring loaded and will close the respective valves mechanically. complete with flexible hoses and quick close Capacity ca.92 - - local manual operation switch for each XPV ( quick closing valves ) in cargo system Actuators will be erected on ball valves and butterfly valves in cargo – lines for liquid and vapour on . 9820 METHANOL INJECTION INSTALLATION The system consists of: 9821 ONE METHANOL STORAGE TANK ( YARD’S SUPPLY) Capacity ca. connection to deepwell pump etc. 0.tank domes in series with the relevant manually operated valves.overs .BOTTLE STATION A N2-distribution system ( padding.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . The support and holding system for bottles to be provided TO-dugi-LPG.LPG 5000 . as well as connections for injection of cargo inhibitor 9830 N2. drain plug.5 m3 Pressureless corrosion protected steel construction with filling/discharging connection. 10 l 9823 METHANOL INJECTION CONNECTIONS Connections for anti-freezing injection at pump outlet valves and condenser expansion valves.doc . FLEXIBLE HOSE WITH QUICK COUPLING One portable tank equipped with manual pump.cross. Closing time can be individually adapted according to classification requirements. Manual operation of actuators is foreseen locally. Actuators will be energized for “ opening “ action. ) including 8 N2bottles will be installed. level indicator and cleaning opening 9822 PORTABLE TANK WITH HAND PUMP.

Lubrication oils for following machinery: Cargo compressor Cargo deepwell pumps Hydraulic system Inert gas plant 9900 ERECTION OF THE SYSTEM 9910 ERECTION OF MACHINERIES.2 TO-dugi-LPG.g. Structural steel. clamps ) for the single pipes will be supplied by TGE for deck piping.doc .TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . ITEM NUMBERS Supply of name plates and identification plates for pipes. 9940 ENGINERING DRAWINGS AND DOCUMENTATION Basic Plant and Operation Description General Arrangement Gas Plant Cargo Tank Classification Drawing P&I Diagram Cargo Piping Deck P&I Diagram Cargo Compressor P&I Diagram Cargo Tank 1. Necessary planning for location of supports ( e. Flame arrestors gas detector system inertgas – unit hydraulic system fire loope system acc. valves and other components. 9920 PIPING ERECTION All piping system mentioned below will be erected by the yard.LPG 5000 . common pipe runs have to be provided by the yard. 8. vessels and heat exchangers have to be placed. Following piping systems will be erected : cargo lines safety vent lines with vent head incl. VESSELS AND HEAT EXCHANGERS Machines.93 - 9840 FIRST FILLING The following fluids will be supplied to make plant ready for operation. aligned and bolted to their foundations.5 - 9930 NAME PLATES.

2 percent).Calibration table with heel (list) and trim (maximum relative error for total volume: ï0. . 9943 PIPING AND FOUNDATION Piping Arrangement Cargo System Piping Arrangement Cargo Compressor Piping Isometrics for all PipingÌDN 25 Piping Supports Specification and Drawings Foundation Plan Foundation Plan Cargo Compressors System Support Drawing for Principal Reducer Foundation Plan Gas Plant Equipment Cargo Control Room DIMENSION DRAWINGS Dimensional D.doc .LPG 5000 . Motors Dimensional D.Cargo density correction table (buoyancy of level gauge float). b) based on liquid phase temperatures: (tank steel). a) based on gaseous phase temperatures: (level gauge wire steel and tank steel).TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . .94 - P&I Diagram Vent System P&I Diagram Nitrogen System Schematic Diagram Hydraulic Plant Hazardous Zones Plant with Electrical and Gas Detection Equipment Single Line El. . Diagram 9942 CARGO TANKS Classification drawing Internal tank piping arrangement and ladders (typical drawings) Tank dome nozzle arrangement . Cargo Pumps with El.Heel correction table (6 angles) to be agreed yard/owner . .Temperature correction tables.Tables suitable of international use.Trim correction table (6 values) to be agreed with yard/owner. Compressor Unit Control and Alarm Board Gas Detection Panel Hydraulic Power Pack 9945 ELECTRICAL SYSTEM Cable Diagram – Control Cable 9944 TO-dugi-LPG.Calibration certificate. Supply of following documents: .

doc .Instrumentation .Cargo Compressors .95 - Cable Diagram – Power Cable Location of Junction Boxes. Horns and Flash Lights MCC Specification Logic Diagram 9946 GAS DETECTION SYSTEM Diagram Gas Detection Piping Gas Sampling Points 9947 ERECTION SPECIFICATION Erection Specification Gas Plant Gas Trial Program Proposal 9948 OPERATION MANUAL/INSTRUCTIONS Operation Manual TGE Manufacturer’s Instructions .Cargo Pumps .Gas Detection System incl. Push Buttons.LPG 5000 . Actuators .El.Alarm and Control Board TO-dugi-LPG. Motors .Valves .TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page .

PRELIMINARY MAIN DATA.6* (25 mLC) 1500 1500 Remarks: Seawater pump not in TGE’s scope of supply.Inertgas-Plant 1 600 66* (25mLC) 20 3.Warming-up for 1 LPG/NH3Cargo .doc . min.LPG 5000 . Motor Nom. Flow Shaft Power Electric Items Rate max. preliminary data given or el. of Max. Motor requirements TO-dugi-LPG. POWER REQUIREMENTS. MACHINERY DATA FOR SINGLE ITEM Equipment No. Speed 3 kW kW kW RPM m /h 1 2 1 1 90 250(120mLC) 340 5 10 75* 4.0* 105 75 140 720 90 1500 whole plant - Cargo Compressor Deepwell Pump Inertgas Plant (option) El.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page .96 - CHAPTER D TEHNICAL INFORMATION. Heater (tracing) Miscellaneous Seawater Pumps for . SUMMARY TEHNICAL DATA D-010 EL.

heater - Other s 10 Seawater pumps 1 x 66 Inertgas plant - 2 x 75 - - 5 - 10 10 4 140 EL. 2. 3. cond. cond. 2. Loading LPG at atm.97 - D-020 EL. Power 84 kW 280 kW 170 kW Remarks : **= Including estimated seawater pumps requirements. POWER REQUIREMENTS. PRELIMINARY Service 1. Unloading at 120 mLC 1 x 90 Purging of cargo tanks Cargo compressor - Deepwell pumps - El. SHAFT POWER CONSUMPTION (KW) FOR ELECTRIC CONSUMER ONE GRADE SERVICE Service 1. PRELIMINARY –ONE GRADE SERVICE.LPG 5000 . POWER REQUIREMENTS. TEES. Loading LPG at atm. FLANGES.4301 AISI 304/LC 3 TO-dugi-LPG. BENDS. which may be already included in yard balance D-030 PIPING ( PIPES.MAX.doc . REDUCTIONS.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . 3. Unloading at 120 mLC Purging of cargo tanks Total** Total** Shaft Power 76 kW 255 kW 154 kW Electr. VALVES ) DESK PIPING PIPES –CARGO SYSTEMS PIPES –INERTGAS SYSTEMS FLANGES GLOBE VALVES BALL VALVES BOLTS/ NUTS D-040 CARGO PUMPS LT-CARBON STEEL LT-CARBON STEEL LT-CARBON STEEL LT-CARBON STEEL LT-CARBON STEEL STAINLESS STEEL 1.

L - Cargo compressor out Cargo compressor out Cargo compressor out Cargo compressor out L L *C= Gas office * on hold L B=Bridg e C.L C. component in out Cargo compressor out DEEPWELL PUMP OUT - L L - C. pressure 1st st. L Plant Component 1. Alarm Cut f.98 - D-050 TECHNICAL DATA INSTRUMENTATION Plant Component 1. lube oil Diff. Temperature 1st stage suction 1st stage discharge L=Local Indicator Switch Contr.doc .LPG 5000 . Alarm Cut f. Cargo Compressors Pressure 1st stage suction 1st stage discharge Lube oil Diff. L C. SUCTION SEPARATOR Level DEEPWELL PUMP Min flow Pressure Cargo discharge Quench oil vessel L=Local Indicator Switch Contr. component in out L L L L - L L L - C.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page .L - L - C L L * C=Gas office on hold - B=Bridge - TO-dugi-LPG.

PT 100/TE (3x) Level Full range Level high Level high high Sample Tubes L 1)=on main panel L=Local - - L.L C. C 1) C C L L L - - C C C - Cargo compressor - - L. Alarm Cut f.LPG 5000 .doc .TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page .99 - Plant Component 1. C 1) L *C=Gas office *on hold L L - B=Bridge C C - Stop Liquid inlet OUT - TO-dugi-LPG. CARGO HEATER Pressure Temperature Cargo in Cargo out Cooling water in Cooling water out Flow Cooling water Indicator Switch Contr.C - L.L INERTGAS-PLANT General Alarm CARGO TANK Pressure Tank High Low Temperature Temp. L C. component in out DEEPWELL OUT DEEPWELL OUT L L L L L L L - - CL C.

B C.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page .B TO-dugi-LPG.100 - Plant Component 1.B - - Hydraulic system L=local L B=Bridge C. CROSS OVER Pressure Liquid line Vapour line Temperature Liquid line GENERAL ALARM Cargo system GAS DETECTION ALARM Indicator Switch Contr.doc . Alarm Cut f.LPG 5000 . component in out L L - - - - - L - - - - - C L *C=Gas office *on hold - C.

DC. details about the suppliers of equipment and an exact type reference of such equipment. 50 HZ. The delivery documentation includes a detailed list of consumers.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page .LPG 5000 . 10100 Cable system Cable and wires will be dimensioned according to the specification of the classification society with due allowance for the permissible loading or permissible drop in potential. the cabling and the arrangement of the lighting will be submitted to the owner for approval before the beginning of installation Any alterations in these drawings will be submitted again to the owner for approval on corrected copies. three phase -3 wires Lighting: 220 V. C. single phase Monitors. TO-dugi-LPG. shop test certificates will be made available where obtainable from the supplier.as in force at signing of the contract.101 - 10000 ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT AND AUTOMATION 10010 General The design of the equipment will be in accordance with the specification of classification for a temperature of 45 deg. The star point of the alternators is not earthed. 50 HZ. Essential drawings of the switch gear. which is not subject to acceptance by the classification. Allowance will be made for exceptional room temperatures. For equipment. tree sets for the following ones. 10020 Drawings and delivery documents A total of 4 sets of delivery documents will be provided for the first vessel. Documents for approval will be submitted to the classification society by the installers. interior communication system: 24 V. It will also comply with the regulations of the "International Conference on Safety of Life at Sea" . emergency generator and transformers will be submitted to owners for approval before the final decision regarding capacity of the auxiliary diesels is made. The detailed electrical balance for generators.doc . Ships main voltages: Power: 380 V.

switches. The various alternator panels are separated from each other and from the consumer panels by full height bulkheads. The shore connection will have an interlock to prevent parallel operation of shore connection alternators. In case of a damage in one section of the switchboard important plants will remain ready for service.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . The bushings of the busbars passing through the bulkheads are closed with insulating adaptors. A sufficient exhaust air behind the board is provided.doc . Insulated handrails will be fitted to the front and back of the board and grating of insulated material will be provided either side of the switchboard. including their connections.5mm . TO-dugi-LPG. repair or renewal. are well accessible for purposes of maintenance. separately. 10200 Switch Plant 10210 Main switchboard a) A main and distribution switchboard will be erected in the ECR as a free standing board of angle iron construction with attached panels. A safety circuit ensures the uninterrupted operation of all essential consumers of the alternators are overloaded. Power mains: Lighting distribution: Lighting and circuits: Navigation lights circuit: Emergency lighting: 3 pole 3 pole 2 pole 2 pole 2 pole 2 Only approved marine type cable and equipment will be used.LPG 5000 . the necessary ammeters for larger consumers.102 - The smallest cross section for power and lighting equipment will be 1. Operating switches for speed adjustment will be fitted. Outside the cabins screened cables only will be used In addition to the listed standard cables special cables may be required for certain consumers These special cables must be supplied by orderer of the equipment. signal lamps etc. All parts. To ensure the proper operation in parallel of the two alternators it will hose all the equipment required to safeguard and operate the system. The distribution panels will contain essential and unessential consumers. fuses for miniature automatic circuit breakers. To initiate the parallel operation of the alternators on-off connected synchronising lamps will be located on the main switchboard.

and 24 V including the usual test sockets outlets Test board will be furnished in the workshop in the engine room b) One navigation light switch and signal lamp board mounted in the bridge console. lighting. range 0-10/20 A (one ammeter for each phase). The emergency switchboard is fed from the main switch board via a delivery line on failure of the ships mains the consumers connected to the emergency switchboard will be fed from the emergency alternator. with connection terminals for three phase consumers (motor 0 and heating equipment) up to approximately 3 kW.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . A feeding-back to the main switchboard and the connection of other consumers is provided. The connections and principle diagram will be fitted at the back door of each distribution panel and starting box. day signal projector. For harbor operations the galley. heating boiler etc. one pump for steering gear and navigation instruments as required by the rules. for motor and transformer windings and also resistance of instruments from 500 to 1000 Ohm to check the insulation resistance of instruments and equipment. one engine room fan. NUC lamps on the signal mast. one emergency air compressor. b) Emergency consumers emergency switchboard To charge the starter batteries for the emergency power unit with the automatic energising of the emergency lighting circuit if the main supply fails. 10220 Auxiliary switchboards a) Test panel For the electric workshop with a charging facility for a miniature accumulator with 1 ammeter 0 . can also be fed from the emergency switchboard. two boat floodlights each of 100W. The following will be connected: Various alarm systems. rudder position indicator.103 - Principal diagram of main switchboard will be fixed on the bulkhead behind the main switchboard.doc .30 V The test panel will also be equipped with three ammeters. navigation lights. A built-in test set in the test board permits resistance form 0 -100 Ohm to be measured e.LPG 5000 . The panel will be provided with test facilities for capacitors and rectifires and connections for 380 V.g. The TO-dugi-LPG. all points of the emergency lighting system.4 A and 1 voltmeter 0 . 220 V.

The feeding of the lamps will be effected by the 220 V main source. The indicator lamp for navigation and signal laterns will be arranged in navigation bridge console. One morse lamp to be installed on signal mast and operated from three key in the wheelhouse bridge wings.doc . c) Switchboard for signal lamps The switchboard for signal lamps has switches and control lamps for 8 lights on the radar mast.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . In the foremast one steering light will be arranged. 10240 Power distribution a) Alternator panels Each alternator will have its own alternator panel connected to the other alternator and consumer TO-dugi-LPG. Following lanterns are provided: One pair of side lights Two toplights One stern light Two anchor lights One manouevre signal light (combined morse light/tyfon light) One control light (steering) One set NUC lights One set signal lights (Christmas tree) One dangerous goods light Following spare lights are provided: One pair of side lights Two anchor lanterns One set NUC lights Each light will have an control switch and a current indicating lamp on this panel. the emergency feeding from the emergency switchboard 220 V by the switchboard of the navigation lights. Faults in the navigation light circuit will be indicated by a buzzer built into the panel.104 - navigation and signal lighting plant will meet the requirements of SOLAS 1974 as well as national and international regulations.LPG 5000 . The navigation lights are connected through plug sockets and plug. each will be fed by one special line.

R. c) Distribution switchboards Distribution switchboards will be located in central positions to the consumers.doc . 1 wattmeter for active power 1 voltmeter 1 ammeter with changeover switch 1 frequency meter 1 service hour counter 1 signal lamp "Automatic circuit breaker on" 1 signal lamp "Automatic circuit breaker off ” 1 signal lamp "Alternator switch tripped" 1 lamp synchronising device in on /off connection 1 speed adjustment button for the prime mover 1 signal lamp "Alternator standstill heating on" 1 synchronoscope 1 temperature sensor in each phase of alternator 1 automatic load sharing device 1 set A. The alternator panels will be located in the center of the main switchboard. Switchable ammeters will be provided for essential tappings on the switchboard. An automatic circuit breaker is provided to cut out inessential consumers of one of the alternators in service is overloaded.105 - panels by a busbar. b) Consumer panels Nameplates indicating the feedback facilities of transformers connected in parallel will be provided in suitable places. In front of the generators panels illumination with fluorescent lamps will be arranged. Air circuit breaker to be draw-out type. The lighting will be switched automatically to each generator and the busbar. TO-dugi-LPG.LPG 5000 .TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . fixed 1 delayed short circuit trip 1 overload trip adjustable timers for overload tripping adjustable timers to trip inessential consumers adjustable 1 reverse power circuit breaker adjustable under voltage trip. They will be fed from the main switchboard.V. The following switch gear will be provided: 1 automatic alternator circuit breaker with motorised drive 1 instantaneous short circuit trip mechanism. the automatic synchronizing device and the auxiliary engine remote control manual start/stop push button to be installed in a separate panel.

doc .LPG 5000 . If it can be excluded that in one part of the plant all connected consumers are in operation at the same time. are to be provided I the locker.106 - The consumers will be connected by switches.) each 50 kW. Those in the service rooms are drip water protected. TO-dugi-LPG. The door can be locked The box will be IP23. junction boxes. which can be rendered watertight when not in use. The air cooled three phase dry transformers are suitable for parallel operation . Fuses and switches will be fitted for larger tappings..The constant load ascertained under consideration of the coincidence factor is the permanent load. apparatus. 50 HZ with star point brought out. d) Fuses Control and instrument circuits will be protected by suitable fusible cutouts in 25 A screw type elements to DIN standards. control line. connections.. 220 V. aft of the accommodation is arranged for a 200 A. 10250 Shore connection The shore connection box in watertight locker. Protection fully enclosed in steel sheet. Insulation class B. Small tappings for consumers will be provided with VDE fusible cutouts up to 63 A in screw type elements to DIN standards with switch or suitable miniature automatic breakers. but cannot be loaded. interlocking between shore and main switch board. 10300 Transformer and accumulator 10320 Transformer Seven three phase dry transformers. 50HZ (one as spare. fuses and input measuring instrument. 380V. Spare tappings to be provided in each distribution circuit. Secondary voltage 220V. built-in fuses. All sub-distributors will have three phase infeeds.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . Tapping up to 20 A will be equipped with miniature circuit breakers . The distributors are of sheet steel dead front construction. fuses or miniature circuit breaker. rotating field indicator.50HZ three phase with built in isolator. a coincidence factor will be used for the average rating of the group feeding . instruments etc. All of the cables. In the living accommodation they are fitted in recesses. will be suitably marked and numbered in accordance with drawings. Cable entries.

1000 W halogen. two on the bridge and to have a control lamp.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . officers. One remote control searchlight on the wheelhouse top. TO-dugi-LPG. Expanding arm wall lamps in the W/T station. Sockets in the passages for the connection of vacuum cleaners. Shaving lamps and sockets over the basin in the cabins. 10400 Lighting installation Approximately 400 lighting points will provide adequate lighting for all rooms. Table lights for officers cabins without desk. The lamps for the W/T station and charttable will have a dimmer. Two spotlights for illumination of the funnel ensign. Shaving safety sockets in the washrooms and bath beside the mirrors for officers and crew. a portable transformer 220V/24V. charttable.doc . Connections for instrument lighting on the bridge and in the machine. 100VA with handlamp and 15 cable with plug will be supplied. Switches to be on the bridge. Lighting in gas dangerous zone will be of ex-proof type The lighting installation includes: Bunk lights on all bunks. 15 W of incandescent lamps (connected to the emergency switch board). On the foremast. Four 500 W halogen lamps for illumination of the deck at manifold platform will be provided . in the offices and besides the lathe.107 - 10330 Accumulator Accumulators and chargers for radio and communication according to regulations. pilot and owners. The capacity of the emergency generator set starting battery will satisfy the necessary starting times required by the classification society. The light fittings will be connected to ensure that at the point of connection of the cable the permissible temperature will no be exceeded. will be installed. A back screened worklamp will be installed for the operation of the windlasses. decks and holds. The transformer will have two sockets. For work in the engine room and in holds etc.LPG 5000 . A special room will be provided for batteries.. Rooms will be equipped mainly with fluorescent lamps. One portable daylight signalling lamp with 24V DC-battery and charger will be provided(Aldislamp). Separate circuits will be provided for sockets and room lighting. A mains twin sockets in each living cabin will be near radio aerial socket to avoid many cable trays. Desklights for each desk. Wall lamps over the couch for captain.

with aerial conductor. talkback loudspeakers on forecastle. 10500 Command and signal plant 10510 Telephone plant a) Telephone system without battery with the following points: Wheelhouse ECR Wheelhouse CO2 store Wheelhouse Captain Wheelhouse Steering gear room Wheelhouse Workshop engine room Engine room Chief engineer.These lamps will come automatically on failure of the main supply . stern and steering gear compartment .TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . 30 extensions. 10550 Radio and television aerial system For all wave ranges. 220V from the emergency switchboard. The appliances for bridge and engine are equipped with an optional call reference. TO-dugi-LPG. 10540 Call systems One calling push button in ECR to call duty engineer . The equipment will be fed with 24V. 10520 Two-way telephone system By microphone on the bridge (three sockets). messes and recreation rooms. One cold storage door alarm. transmitter. If somebody is locked in the cold storage room he can activate an alarm on the bridge .LPG 5000 . Engine room Fuel bunker station port and starboard CPP Emergency station b) automatic telephone system for abt. connection in all cabins.doc . The call is sounded by a buzzer in the engine control console and the engine room . amplifier.108 - 10460 Emergency lighting This will comply with the requirements of the classification. The TV-antenna to be of satellite type. The loudspeakers are detachable by plugs.

The actuation is by means of three push buttons on the bridge. 10640 CO2 alarm When the door to the CO2-valve room is opened an acoustic alarm is initiated in the engine room through a hooter in the engine casing (outside wall of ECR) and a siren in the HP room.ind. The infeed is from the emergency supply.109 - The system can be switched to "reception " and "no reception "by a disconnecting relay in the navigation bridge. Compressed air supply with air filter and water separator mounted in the engine room.doc . The sirens are arranged for intermittent operation. It will be provided with electric heating elements complete with thermostat and a sound signal lamp. c) Automatic fog signaller An automatic fog signaller giving the following three signals will be installed: One long blast every minute One long blast every two minutes Three short blasts every minutes with a change over switch for two sound emitters to enable two units to be operated together or individually as selected.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . At the same time the engine room fans are cut off. will be installed in the funnel for a 30 ats . An additional transmitter will be located in the bridge console desk. The operating valve is equipped with a pressure magnet for electric tripping and with a lever for actuation is by a manual pull cord. The automatic equipment will be in compliance with the respective rules 10580 Speaking tubes A 30mm dia. 10570 Tyfon system a) A compressed air makrofon system according to the rules . 10600 Alarm and control plants 10630 General alarm The general and emergency alarm will have a transmitter on the bridge and 10 large bells distributed throughout the ship. TO-dugi-LPG. b) A Zet horn for 380 V/ 50Hz three phase will be installed in the forward mast. Brass speaking tube with whistle will be run from the bridge to the compass platform.LPG 5000 .

report. Indication devices for machinery control Stand-by switch gear Emergency engine telegraph Engine alarm plant Engine calling system Sound-powered telephone system Automatic telephone system Exhaust gas mean value indicator Command transfer unit Several controllers for low and high temperatures Cooling water controllers Battery clock R. The operation of the most important units including the indication of operational and fault values takes place through and at an engine control stand in the MCR.110 - 10660 Void space bilges alarm The cargo tank void space bilges will be equipped with max. 10700 Automation General The automation for this diesel engine driven ship takes in the control.LPG 5000 .P. alarm. measurement and the supervision of the engine plant. 10680 Steering gear alarm On failure of one steering gear a buzzer will sound on the bridge. indicator engine/ shaft Engine room ventilator control Rudder operation and rudder lever indicator Bow thruster operation with ammeter and shaft rev indicator The results of measurement and detection of fault values are condensed in an "integrated TO-dugi-LPG. The units falling into the category of the ship's navigation and the bridge responsibilities are compiles in a bridge control stand. 10670 Windlass and mooring alarm The alarm for windlass and mooring winches to be arranged on bridge and officers mess room.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page .M. The following parts are installed in the engine control desk: Control unit for controllable pitch propeller with pitch indication. regulation. The power for steering gear alarm device to be directly from the 220 V emergency feed panel.doc .

An automatic reduction of the revolutions takes place according callification requirements if the operational values of the lubricating oil temperature.harbour sea cooling water pump .doc .LPG 5000 . oil pressure occur. lub. The type and extent of the automation plants allow a 24 hours daily unsupervised operation Should a deviation of the allowed operational values take place during the unsupervised period of the engine room. namely: General plant.e in an integrated switch circuit technique. The important faults will be registered on a recorder.The individual units are for the most part executed electronically.spare gear oil pump . The main engine will stop automatically if the normal revolutions be exceeded or should a defect in the lub. The bridge personnel will be informed by means of a common communicator and can therefore tell if the engineer on watch has recognized and dealt with the fault.fresh water pump HT . The supervision and indication is divided in accordance with the individual plant system. Tank contents. The bridge will be informed if the engine should be stopped or reduced in order to avoid a damage to the engine.ballast water pumps The operation or failure of controls.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . the temperature of the charging air and the exhaust gas temperature will be included. the automation will try to adjust the value by its own. the temperature of the shaft bearings. i.fuel pumps . The following essential auxiliary plants can be remote controlled from ECR: . The supply of fuel oil.spare lubrication oil pump . the concentration of oil mist.sea cooling water pump main engine . If this is not possible or the difference is extreme. main plant. Oil and cooling water to the engines will be faciliated by an automatic control of the circulating and delivery pumps and also a regulation of the temperature of the lubricating oil. regulation or supervision plants will be signalled. pressure and temperature of these circulations will be indicated on the engine control stand and controlled from there A deviation above or below the operational values of the starting air. the engineer on call will be called acoustically in his cabin .111 - supervision system" . the cooling water TO-dugi-LPG. energy generating plant and bridge plant. i. It will regulate the automatic controlled valves in order to come back to normal. the cylinder cooling water and the charging air.e.fresh water pump LT .

IP 53 or IP 23 for switch gear Insulation: Class B or F Bearings: Roller bearings Spares for motors and switches will be supplied in accordance with the requirements of the classification society.112 - temperature or the exhaust gas temperature will be exceeded. 10810 Electric motors for pumps and other aggregates The electric motors with their respective switches will comply with the equipment of the classification society. The junction boxes of all motors to be watertight to protection IP 54. Motors in gas dangerous zone will be of ex-proof type Voltage: 380 V / 50 Hz or 220 V / 50 Hz Construction: V 1 or B 3 Protection: IP 54 for motors. Orders given and carried out will be recorded by a manoeuvring recorder On failure of the service diesel the preselected stand-by diesel will start up automatically and take the load. 10800 Electric motors It will be very important to arrange electrical motor by the same electrical motor maker. but also such motor elements which have bigger wear will be provided in the spare part list over the class requirements according to separate agreement. Multispeed motors will be made with separate windings .LPG 5000 . but with a time delay to the general alarm system. TO-dugi-LPG.The ends of the windings to be connected separately to the terminals. steering gear motors and where the motor installed is impaired by humidity. Provisions for testing of the automation and alarm systems when engine is not in operation will be provided. No provision is made for the automatic addition of a second diesel. Standstill heating will be provided for bow thruster motor. Engine room fire detecting and alarm system will give alarm automatically. in this case unessential consumers will be tripped. An ionisation fire detecting plant gives alarm in all occupied parts of the ship should a fire occur in the engine room. Also type and size will be unified as far as possible to avoid many spares.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . Squirrel cage motors for direct starting will be installed. Thermal type detectors will be installed in the ECR and workshop.doc .

consisting of : Six fixed contacts Three moving contacts Three leaf springs Six fixing screws Six spring washers 10920 Tools and instruments One complete set of tools necessary for maintenance of the electrical installation will be provided.113 - 10900 Spares and inventory 10910 Spare parts Spare parts will be supplied according to the class requirements.LPG 5000 . TO-dugi-LPG. One portable instrument set for local checking of installed equipment.doc . but also it will be considered that the minimal number of important items will be stored on the vessel before leaving.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page . One test panel with all necessary instruments for checking of equipment will be provided in the engine workshop. Therefore the spare parts list will include also the following items: a) For each type of automatic circuit breaker: One set of moving contacts One set of fixed contacts One are quench chamber One undervoltage tip or overload release b) For each type of contactor: One set of main elements.

TO-dugi-LPG.LPG 5000 .TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Page .doc .114 - .

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