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Jake Bryant

Main Characters
Commander Stephen Haddock-Reiss
Commander Stephen Haddock-Reiss (Call sign Indigo 24) is an American 38 year old father from Austin, Texas. He is your average guy with an athletic build, weighing around 170lbs and standing at 5ft 11”. Reiss is well-mannered and has looks to match, being a smart looking man with a square jaw and dark mid length hair that is greying down the sides. He has short facial stubble and a distinguishing burn on the right side of his neck from an incident that occurred during military service. Reiss graduated from the University of Texas Arlington (UTA) in 1998 with a bachelor’s degree in engineering, and later became a part of the 160th Special Operation Aviation Regiment (S.O.A.R) in the airborne division acting as both a pilot and an engineer. Haddock-Reiss served 5 tours as a helicopter pilot with his regiment from 1999 to 2008 in the time which he married his wife, Allyson Haddock-Reiss in 2003. During his time in service, Haddock-Reiss became a renowned solider for his brave efforts, his skills as a pilot, and his ability to execute command without question. However, this trait eventually became taken advantage of by manipulating Reiss into performing acts which questioned his morality. The most horrific event which remains repressed within his mind dates back to 2004 where he was instructed into leaving Kilo Team (a squad of 12 men) to be captured during a straight forward snatch and grab assignment after being denied the evacuation support by his superiors. It was later revealed to Reiss that the 12 men suffered extreme torment and were later publicly executed, where the pilot took selfinflicted blame for their deaths. Two years on from this event in 2006, he and his wife had their first child, Arianna, which later lead to Reiss’ retirement from active duty in 2008 to ensure he was around for his daughter’s future. The nowretired pilot had found it hard to resume ‘normal’ life away from war due to the experiences which occurred during his times on tour. Feeling guilt for leaving his former comrades to fight a war that wasn’t their own, Reiss decided to re-join the military as a reconnaissance space pilot; already having the needed credentials to progress within his line of work. Four years on in 2012, Reiss finished his latest training and briefing which would see him travel to the Esperanto Space station (launched from Washington in 1991, E.S.S) to replace Space Pilot Marék Poborský. His duty would be to broadcast satellite images of small towns and villages from the E.S.S to flight control for reconnaissance purposes. Little does Reiss know that the relayed images are being used to advance positions on defeating an enemy before it is creating, resulting in genocide. His arrival on the E.S.S marks his first 8 month rotation before returning home.

Lesko is a fictional self-projection in the mind of Stephen Haddock-Reiss. As cabin fever sets in, HaddockReiss begins to learn more about himself through the hallucinations of Lesko, which eventually leads to the realisation that the puppet he is seeing is a representation of the person who he has been manipulated into. Lesko takes appearance of a puppet, but as the repressed memories begin breaking through, he becomes more aesthetically like Reiss as time progresses. 2

Minor Characters
Marék Poborský Marék Poborský is a veteran space pilot from Prague who has served 11 rotations on the Esperanto Space station. At the age of 46, Poborský is one of the oldest astronauts to be in active service. He is replaced after his 8 month rotation by Stephen Haddock-Reiss.

Flight Control Flight Control is the communication line that is situated at the NASA headquarters which has direct contact with the inhabitant of Esperanto Space station. Flight control acts as an Overseer for the lone astronaut while conducting their duties, and is manned constantly while a pilot is in space. Updates on progress and wellbeing are required to be sent back to Flight control on a regular basis via video communication links within the vessel.


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