NURSING THEORY QUIZ - I 1. Self-care deficit theory was proposed by: A. Virginia Henderson B. Betty Neuman C.

Imogene King D. Dorothea Orem Answer Key 2. According to _______________, nursing is defined as the science and practice that expands adaptive abilities and enhances person and environment transformation. A. Goal attainment theory B. Henderson's definition of nursing C. Roy's adaptation model D. Faye Glen Abdelah's theory Answer Key 3. Typology of twenty one Nursing problems were explained by: A. Imogene King B. Virginia Henderson’s C. Faye G.Abedellah D. Lydia E. Hall Answer Key 4. "Nursing is therapeutic interpersonal process". This definition was stated by: A. Hildegard Peplau B. Jean watson C. Faye Glen Abdelah D. M. Rogers Answer Key 5. Which of the following statements is related to Florence Nightingale? A. Nursing is therapeutic interpersonal process. B. The role of nursing is to facilitate "the body’s reparative processes" by manipulating client’s environment. C. Nursing is the science and practice that expands adaptive abilities and enhances person and environment transformation D. Nursing care becomes necessary when client is unable to fulfill biological, psychological, developmental, or social needs. Answer Key 6. Which of the following is NOT a concept related to Roy's Adaptation Model? A. Focal Stimuli B. Cognator Subsystem C. Role function D. Flexible line of defense Answer Key

As per Neuman Systems Model ____________ is the increase in energy that occurs in relation to the degree of reaction to the stressor. Nightingale (1860) D. Ida Jean Orlando Answer Key 12. Secondary Prevention Answer Key 13. Cognator Subsystem C. Neuman (1972) Answer Key 9. learning. Madeleine Leininger D. Transcultural Model of Nursing was proposed by: A. Reconstitution B. Which is NOT a concept explained in Dorothy Johnson's Behavioral Systems Model? . Interaction theories C. Regulator Subsystem B. Humanistic theories Answer Key 10. Rogers (1970) B.7. Physiologic Mode D. Outcome theories D. Which of the following theory has used "General Systems Theory" as a framework for its development? A. A. and emotion) A. Martha E. Self Concept-Group Identity Mode Answer Key 8. The "humanistic science of nursing" was explained by: A. Peplau's Psychodynamic Nursing Theory C. Need theories. As per Roy's theory_______________ responds through four cognitive responds through four cognitive-emotive channels (perceptual and information processing.Roger’s: Science of Unitary Human Beings D. Florence Nightingale's Environment Theory B. judgment. B. Primary prevention D. Hildegard E. Joyce Travelbee B. Neuman's model Answer Key 11. Imogene King's "goal attainment theory" is a type of______ A. Rosemarie Rizzo Parse C. Lines of resistance C. Ida Orlando (1960) C.

D 11. As per Rogers theory "continuous and mutual interaction between man and environment' is termed as: A.II 1. . “Social inclusion. C 8. Propositions B.A 3. Assumptions C. Affiliation B. Susternal Care Needs B. A. intimacy and the formation and attachment of a strong social bond” are explained in the _____________ subsystem of Jhonson's model. Instilling faith-hope C. Predictions D. C 7. Integrality C.A. D 15. Achievement D. Process Answer Key 3. D 6. Cultivating sensitivity to self and others D. A 9. Forming humanistic-altruistic value system B. Energy fields Answer Key 14. D 4. C 2. Therapeutic Self-care Demands Answer Key 2. Pattern B. D NURSING THEORY QUIZ . Strengthening flexible lines of defense Answer Key ANSWER KEY 1.___________________ are statements that explain the relationship between the concepts in a theory. B 14. Resonancy D. EXCEPT: A. Dependency C. Watson's carative factors include all the following. B 5. Which is NOT a concept related to Faye Abdellah's theory? A. Helicy Answer Key 15. The twenty-one Nursing Problems C.B 12. Restorative Care Needs D.B 10. A 13.

Perceived interaction Answer Key 5. Achievement subsystem D. Who explained about "Care. Patricia Benner B. Cotranscendence are the three major concepts of: A. Cure and Core as three independent but interconnected circles of the nursing model"? A. The principles of concervation of energy. Transcultural Nursing Theory B. Perceived benefits D. Perceived Susceptibility B. Exploitation Answer Key 6. The major concepts of Health Belief Model includes all. Betty Neuman D. Aggressive subsystem Answer Key 4. Hildegard Peplau Answer Key 7. Meaning. EXCEPT. Orientation B. structural integrity. Perceived severity C. Rosemary Rizzo Parse C. Human Becoming Theory Answer Key .A. A. Identification C. personal integrity and social integrity were explained by: A. Lydia Hall D. Dependency subsystem B. Lydia Hall B. The sequential phases of interpersonal relationship in Peplau's theory includes all. Unitary Human Being Theory C. EXCEPT: A. Jean Watson Answer Key 8. Restoration D. Self-care Deficit Theory D. Attachment or affiliative subsystem C. Rhythmicity. Myra Estrine Levine C.

Virginia Henderson -The Nature of Nursing C.9. Hildegard Peplau -Interpersonal Relations Model D. Environment C. Dorothea Orem D. ________________ is a concept related to Betty Neuman’s System Model of Nursing. B. Imogene King's Theory of Nursing Answer Key 2. A 7. A. D 6. the adaptive modes includes all the following. B NURSING THEORY QUIZ . C 3. C 10. This explanation was stated by: A. Rhythmicity C. A. Open system Answer Key 3. ___________________________ is the "irreducible. Role Function D. Interdependence E.III 1. EXCEPT: A. Nursing Answer Key ANSWER KEY 1. Unitary Human Being (person) B. D 4. Sister Calista Roy. Self Concept C. Achievement . D 9. pan dimensional energy field identified by pattern and integral with the human field" A. " Caring consists of carative factors that result in the satisfaction of certain human needs". B 8. B 2. Fay Abdellah.Topology of 21 Nursing Problems B. Dependency D. B 5. Health D. According to Roy's Adaptation Model. _______________ is a nursing theory based on the General Systems framework. Jean Watson C. Pattern B. Florence Nightingale Answer Key 10. Physiologic Needs B.

Which nursing theory states that 'nursing is the interpersonal process of action. EXCEPT: A. Adaptation C. Roger's unitary human beings Answer Key 7. Organization Answer Key 6. Hildegard Peplau's Interpersonal Theory B. Imogene King's theory D. Body image D. the type of stimuli which needs to be assessed as per are all the following. All the following are concepts related to Levin's Conservation Principles.Answer Key 4. Redundancy Answer Key 8. Helicy D. Which of the following in NOT a concept related to personal system in Imogene King's Theory? A. Roy's Adaptation Model Answer Key 5. Perceptual Stimulua D. EXCEPT. A. Which of the following is an organismic response as per Levin's Four Conservation Principles? A. Perception B. Self-care deficit theory C. Roy's adaptation model B. interaction and transaction"? A. Historicity B. Abdellah’s 21 Nursing Problems C. Transaction Answer Key 9. Communication D. reaction. Self C. Contextual Stimulus C. Specificity C. Flight or fight B. Focal Stimulus B. Theory of Goal Attainment D. Residual Stimulus Answer Key 10. When applying Roy's Adaptation Model in caring a patient. Which theory states " Nursing is a helping profession"? A. Who described about 5 levels of nursing experience from novice to expert? .

D 10. C 2.D 6.A 4. Benner B. Myra Estrine Levine D.A. C 3. C 5. B 9. A . E 8. D 7. aye Glenn Abdellah Answer Key ANSWER KEY 1. Patricia E. Ernestine Wiedenbach C.

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