United States Patent Application 20040258828

A method for producing high vitamin butter oil includes the steps of providing a quantity of cow's mil and separating the cream in the cow's mil from the s im in the cow's mil . The cream is then churned into butter and the butter is remo ved from the buttermil remaining in the cream. The butter is then placed in a c oo ing container and coo ed at a temperature below 150° F. until a majority of the butter separates into clarified butter containing high vitamin butter oil and b utter wax adjacent the top of the coo ing container and butter solids adjacent t he base of the coo ing container. The clarified butter is removed from the coo i ng container and allowed to stand, and then the high vitamin butter oil is separ ated from the butter wax by a centrifuge or the li e. The high vitamin butter oi l is then ready for use as a dietary supplement.

Vitamin K2, menatetrenone (MK-4)

Weston Price established the importance of the MK-4 isoform of vitamin K2 (herea fter, K2) with a series of interesting experiments. He showed in chic ens that b lood levels of calcium and phosphorus depended both on vitamin A and K2, and tha t the two had synergistic effects on mineral absorption. He also showed that chi c ens preferred eating butter that was rich in K2 over butter low in K2, even wh en the investigators couldn't distinguish between them. Young tur eys fed K2-con taining butter oil along with cod liver oil (A and D) also grew at a much faster rate than tur eys fed cod liver oil alone. He hypothesized that vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin K2 were synergistic and es sential for proper growth and subsequent health. He particularly felt that the c ombination was important for proper mineral absorption and metabolism. He used a combination of high-vitamin cod liver oil and high-vitamin butter oil to heal c avities, reduce oral bacteria counts, and cure numerous other afflictions in his patients. He also showed that the healthy non-industrial groups he studied had a much higher inta e of these fat-soluble, animal-derived vitamins than more mod ern cultures. Price found an inverse correlation between the levels of K2 in butter and mortal ity from cardiovascular disease and pneumonia in a number of different regions. A recent study examined the relationship between K2 (MK-4 through 10) consumptio n and heart attac ris in 4,600 Dutch men. They found a strong inverse associat ion between K2 consumption and heart attac mortality ris . Men with the highest K2 consumption had a whopping 51% lower ris of heart attac mortality and a 26 % lower ris of death from all causes compared to men eating the least K2! Their sources of K2 MK-4 were eggs, meats and dairy. They obtained MK-5 through MK-10 from fermented foods and fish. The investigators found no association with K1, the form found in plants.




















the very s ame stuff Price used to treat his patients. K2 tends t o associate with beta-carotene in butter. Finally. but suffice it t o say it's very very important. Hunter-gatherers didn't have multivitamins. K2 is already highly protective against fractures in the elderly. and foie gras. Vitamin K2. The synergism Weston Price observed between vitamins A. K2 MK-7 is f ound abundantly in natto. Good news for the bon vivants: foie gras turns out to be the richest nown source of K2. This suggests that the effects of vitamin D on bone health could be amplified greatly if it were administered along with K2 . For example . Thorne research ma es a synthe tic liquid K2 MK-4 supplement that is easy to dose drop-wise to get natural amou nts of it.Perigord. France is the world's capital of foie gras. So the lin be tween K2 and cardiovascular disease is a very strong one. serving an as yet un nown function.                         . The best one is butter oil. By itself. Here are a few more tid bits to whet your appetite: K2 may affect glucose control and insulin release (1 . Fish eggs. Many of these proteins are involved in mineral metabolism. and lay off the processed grains. As lon g as you eat a natural diet containing some vegetables and some animal products. and it may be partially c onverted to MK-4. so dietary K1 and other f orms of vitamin K may contribute to K2 MK-4 status.it does ). It's concentrated in the brain. I have used this one personally. other grass-fed dairy. a type of fermented soybean. a vitamin K-dependent protein that guards against arterial cal cification. so the dar er the color. the more K2 i t contains (also. a country already noted for its low CVD mortality. 2). I highly recommend reading it if you want more detail. the better it tastes). I wan t to see if it has the same effect on my s in as the butter oil (update. Feeding the rats K2 completely inhibits this effect. but I've ordered the Thorne product for a little self-experimentation. a drug that inhibits K2 recycling. Chris Masterjohn comp iled a list of food sources in his excellent article on the Weston Price foundat ion website. and I noticed positive effects on my s in overnight. Other K2 MK-4 supplements are much more concentrated than what you co uld get from food so I recommend avoiding them. In a nutshell. Mammals can synthesize K2 MK-4 from K1 to some degree. develop heavily calcified aortas and die prematurely. I'm not going to go through all the other data on K2 in detail. they had nutrient-dense food. just as Weston Price wrote. sugar and vegetable oil. Perigord also has the lowest rate of cardiovascular mortality in France. the micronutrients w ill ta e care of themselves. insects and other organ meats are also good sources. I t wor s out perfectly. osteocalcin is a protein that organizes calcium and phosphorus deposition in t he bones and teeth. D and K2 now has a solid mechanism. since K2 also protects against vitamin D toxicity. It's produced by cells in response to vitamins A and D. thus the effects Price saw in his experiments and observations in non-industrialized cultures. vitamins A and D signal the production of some very i mportant proteins. I am generally against supplemen ts. Rats fed warfarin. and K2 is required to activate them once they are made. shell fish. MK-4 is only found in animal products. The best sources nown are gr ass-fed butter from cows eating rapidly growing grass. I believe that K2 is a 'missing lin ' that expla ins many of our modern ills. Mice lac ing matrix G la protein (MGP). you can also buy K2 supplements. or fatty goose liver. develop arterial calcifica tion. but requires K2 to perform its function.

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