The Sticky Addiction

Written By George Nwosisi


FADE IN INT. AT WORK - EVENING Nathan, working all day at work in the factory producing glue from animal tissues. loud noise in the background of glue chemical boiling releasing heat and steam causing the environment to be less visible as of now it looks kind of foggy. Mean while Nathan is at he's work table creating glue with he's mask on covering only he's mouth and nose leaving he's eyes naked, unfortunately Nathan's mask fell off due to the fact that it wasn't tightened allowing Nathan to breath in the Glue gas in the environment. Nathan bends down as he tries to hold he's breath - paused - busted out laughing loud looking up with he's eyes wild opened as he loved the smell of it and getting high. JUMP CUT TO:

INT. AT WORK - CONTINUOUS Running out of working Nathan was in a hurry to get home, slamming open any door in he's way, running as fast hoping no one would see him at this infected state. He gets in he's car and starts driving home impetuously, missing most of the traffic lights and dodging cars, wheels squeaking with the road. FADE OUT FADE IN INT. HOME - NIGHT Nathan Got home sitting down on he's sofa with he's hand on he's face, almost like he's scratching the side of he's face still having a huge smile on. Camera angle: eye level. JUMP CUT TO: Sitting thinking as the addiction strick's and brought a thought to Nathan of creating a special creature - he gets he's computer and researches on animal combinations. Camera: close up - worms eye. Sound: keyboard typing. JUMP CUT TO:


INT. HOME - CONTINUOUS Nathan makes a checklist of the things that he would need to enable him in creating this creature. Camera: close up of checklist zooming in. Sound: pen writing, paper and background music. JUMP CUT To the camera closed up and the first thing on the checklist. FADE OUT JUMP CUT TO: BLANK SCREEN WITH WRITTING'DAY 1' JUMP CUT EXT. ALLY - NIGHT Nathan has gone out hunting for a human to create he's animal. The first thing on the checklist was a 'females head'. Camera: Medium close up of Nathan holding a woman's head but the hair - already been decapitated from the body. Sound: woman screaming - AAAHHHHH!!!!! JUMP CUT TO: BLANK SCREEN WTIH WIRTTING 'DAY 2' JUMP CUT INT. AT HOME - NEXT NIGHT The next night Nathan looks at checklist, ticks and does the next objective on the list. Camera: close up on the checklist. JUMP CUT TO EXT. ROAD - CONTINUOUS Nathan finally achieved he's next objective which was to get fox ears. the scene shows Nathan in he's car driving home. Camera: worm eye from the passenger sit looking at Nathan with the bag of fox ears in front of the camera on the seat.


JUMP CUT TO: 13DAYS LATER FADE IN INT. AT HOME - THE NEXT DAY At this point in time Nathan looks at the checklist and realize that he only had one more thing to get which is based in the zoo. POV of Nathan looking down at the checklist than the camera jumps to a close up at the checklist. JUMP CUT Nathan driving on he's way to the zoo, he got to the destination and crashes the wired fence with he's car then entering the zoo, spots the animal and shoots it, gets closer to it and rips its heart out holding it up above hes head. Camera: behind he's shoulder whilst he aims at the animal. Medium shot whilst holding its heart. He then makes he's way back to he's car driving home. FADE OUT FADE IN INT. AT HOME - THE NEXT DAY Nathan wakes up in the morning and decides its time to bring he's creation to life. He takes the heart and holding it in he's hands (Camera: birds eye) about to insert and bring it to life. On the other hand the police are out the door waiting to arrest this serial killer. THE CAMERA JUMP CUTS to the police outside his door in silence waiting the break in then THE CAMREA JUMPS back to Nathan hearing the heart beat inside the creature and saying: NATHAN:ITS ALLIIIIVVVEEEEE!!! The police breaks in and shoots the Creature dead and gets Nathan arrested, putting him in handcuffs. As they were about leaving one of the officer said. POLICE: let's name him The 'Stick Stink Pr*ck', Funny Right, Ah ah! get it.


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