Plagiarism, Cheating and ESL Objective: Raise awareness of cheating and plagiarism.

Work independently to find the meaning of a word. Work collectively to share information. Explain a vocabulary word in the students’ own words. Find, save and highlight elements of a document for future use. Materials: 1. Computers with internet connection 2. Worksheet on newspaper article (with answers for the teacher) or a saved document. 3. Websites:  Mr. Bean Cheats on Exam  Vancouver Sun Article Saturday October 29, 2011 627715/story.html  Merriam-Webster online dictionary  UFV Calendar ntConduct  Picture of cheat handkerchief ml Activating Background Knowledge 1. Mr. Bean Cheats on an Exam running time 5 min 56 seconds (after ad) 2. 3. What do students know about the subject? What are some of the ways that Mr. Bean tries to cheat? Does it work for him? Do you know of anyone who has cheated on an exam? In your culture, what do people think about cheating? How long have people been cheating? Examples: ml handkerchief from China

What do you think are the new methods of cheating? Why would someone cheat? Is cheating a good or bad thing? 4. Read article from Vancouver Sun Sat October 29, 2011 627715/story.html  Define plagiarize. What part of speech is it? How many syllables does it have? Listen to the pronunciation. Define plagiarism. What part of speech is it? How many syllables does it have? Listen to the pronunciation. 5.      Save the article and highlight any words in the article you do not know. In groups, compare the words you don’t know. How many unknown words do you have in your group? Divide the words so each member of your group has an even number of words. Use the online dictionary to find their meanings. Explain the meaning of the words you looked up to your group. Do not just read the meaning. Use your own words to explain. 

6. Homework: Printed worksheet or document that student can access online Worksheet on Plagiarism article (Answers in italics) 1. Who did three award-winning Chinese-Canadian authors file a lawsuit against? a. Ling Zhang 2. How much are they asking for in damages? a. $6,000,000 3. Why are they suing her? a. They allege elements of her latest book plagiarize their books. 4. What is the name of her book? a. Gold Mountain Blues

5. Where was it published? a. China 6. What languages is it published in? a. Chinese and English 7. When was her book first published? a. 2009 8. What are the names of the books, dates of publication and names of the authors who are suing Zhang? a. Disappearing Moon Café (1990) Sky Lee b. The Jade Peony (1995) Wayson Choy c. The Bone Collector’s Son (2003) Paul Yee d. Dead Man’s Gold and Other Stories (2002) Paul Yee 9. Why are they suing now and not the year Zhang’s book was first published? a. Just translated into English earlier this month 10. What do you think? Should a writer be able to use another writer’s words and ideas? Find out more. What are the consequences (what will happen) if you cheat or plagiarize at our local university? ntConduct a. When an instructor has evidence of plagiarism or cheating by a student, the instructor is entitled to assign a score of zero with the first incident, and to issue a written notice that any further incident will result in the student being required to withdraw from the course. With any further incidents of plagiarism or cheating, the student may be required to withdraw formally from the course. For more information see UFV policy 310.12, Student Conduct.

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