Scaling the Heights

How to Disciple

2 Tim. 2:2 And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.

Thesis: The process of discipleship is facilitated by the transference of spiritual maturity from one believer to another by utilizing our sixteen lessons as the vehicle to establish a foundation.

Getting Started Tips on Teaching The First Time You Tying Lessons Together Meet How to Set Up Your Handling Problems Notebook TEACHING YOU

Developing Your Own Style Presentation

Practical Skills Key Realizations

Choosing & Using Concluding Thoughts Illustrations TRAINING YOU

The Harvest mission is to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ (Mat 28:19-20) by reaching the lost, discipling the saved, and equipping the saints to continue the work that is started.


Getting Started
How you receive a disciple

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The first time you meet with your disciple

Location, Location, Location Invite them to your home Meet them at a restaurant Meet at their home

• • •

Getting to know you Put out a “Welcome Mat” and set the vision The Biblical Pattern of Discipleship

Step One: John 1; Luke 3 Step Two: John 2-5 Step Three: Luke 4-6 Step Four: Luke 6-9 Step Five: John 6-8 Step Six: Luke 10-19; John 9-12 Step Seven: Luke 20-22, Acts 2,10

A change in one’s life after he trusts Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord Once that change becomes a reality, the disciple begins learning how his new life in Christ is different As he learns more about what Christ requires of him, the disciple begins getting involved in the mission As the disciple learns and participates in ministry he begins to lead others into the same process Leadership draws opposition and demands a time of testing to prove the true commitment and motives of the disciple Those potential leaders who endure the testing step up and assume leadership roles in the eyes of others as they put into practice decisions they made during the testing times Leadership becomes a lifestyle where the individual is consecrated and equipped to carry out the mission without need of any further discipleship

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The Four Goals of Discipleship: the steps to success Responsibilities

THE DISCIPLER: n Be dedicated – make it a priority n Be consistent – be there when your disciple is n Be knowledgeable – know your lessons n Be responsible – you must memorize verses if you require it of them n Be patient – expect growth, not perfection 2

Be faithful – live your lip and walk your talk n Be motivating – inspiration is addictive; build momentum by focusing on personal revival n Be flexible – transition to a new life takes time

THE DISCIPLE: n Be consistent – coming to church, coming to class, arriving for lessons n Be dedicated – utilizing memory verses; doing the questions at the end n Be accountable – learn the lesson, make the application, and give your discipler the right to ask how you did so n Be diligent – complete the 16 lessons

Procedure and structure for meeting

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Establish consistency – Establish the trimeframe – Establish the relationship – Teach them about building a structure – Look up all verses directly in the Bible – Establish expectations –

Reporting Procedure

Discipleship Progress Reports after lessons 4, 8 and 16
How to communicate the lesson

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Focus and Function Follow-up

TIP: When going over the lessons, find a verse that describes each cover picture and that is connected to the topic. It helps the disciple make the connection and remember the lesson.

n n n

We want to impart life and not just communicate knowledge


1. We want you to communicate the content of the lesson 2. We want them to begin to approach the Bible on their own The Rule of Thumb:
Preparation to teach

1. Pray 2. Verses 3. Focus 4. Function 5. False teachings 6. Any problems 7. For next time
TIP: When you go through the passages in the Bible have them make small marks to enclose the verses. This will help them remember where they have been in the word of God as they travel through the lessons. Here is an example:

8. Be patient 9. Pray


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