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Springside House & Park City of Pittsfield & Higher Education Collaboration Concept Paper
The City of Pittsfield proposes to renovate the Springside House and utilize its 237 acre Park and Herbert Arboretum to provide a variety of environmental education and professional development workshops for the regions secondary and postsecondary educators. In addition, the City proposes to partner with Berkshire Community College and Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, and other community-based agencies to offer environmental stewardship opportunities for students throughout Berkshire County.

Collaborating Partners
Berkshire Community College Berkshire Community College (BCC) is a a leader in enviornmental and sustainable energy education and training programs. The college’s Environmental Science and Biology programs are two popular degree options for students. Because Berkshire County is home to a wide variety of environmental agencies, students have many opportunities for employment after graduation. BCC has recently embarked on a series of environmental initiatives including the development of a Green Team, the purpose of which is to provide informed recommendations on campus-wide sustainable practices; the establishment of a campus recycling program; the implementation of a computer-based energy management system; the sealing of all building envelopes to improve energy efficiency; and a state funded solar panel installation project on most campus buildings. The solar project is the largest roof-mounted array on a public college campus in the state of Massachusetts. In a comprehensive effort to meet the workforce needs of the region and encourage the development of its green economy, BCC is in the initial stages of developing a Sustainable Energy Resource Training Center as part of its Ralph Hoffman Environmental facility. This “green” training center will feature the most advanced instructional technologies in sustainable energy and will be utilized by Environmental, Biology, Engineering, and Science faculty members as well as local businesses and community members. The center will ultimately address the regional demand for certified Renewable Energy Specialists, Weatherization and Air Sealing Technicians, Photovoltaic Technicians, Energy Auditors, Solar Heating, and Wind System Installers. The college has also established the Stanley Weatherization Training facility for specialized industry training needs.

BCC has a long history of serving the community and a partnership with the Springside House and Park could provide complementary out-of-classroom learning experiences for BCC students and faculty as well as professional development opportunities. For example, through collaborations with the Housatonic Valley Association, BCC faculty have developed student internships for a stream survey, dam inventory, and storm drain teams, and GPS supported inventories will be integrated with the updated GIS and imaging technologies to provide current data for the Association. Other partnerships have been formed with the Berkshire Regional Planning Commission and the Center for Ecological Technology. Collaborating with the Springside House and Park would allow BCC students the opportunity to participate in community service projects and co-curricular activities that supplement their classroom experience. In addition, the site could serve as a center for environmental education training and professional development opportunities for elementary school teachers throughout Berkshire County. Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts xxxxxxxxxx Other Partners To be determined

Project Ideas
Some project ideas for collaboration with the City of Pittsfield and the Springside House and Park include:     Community garden project – student, faculty, and staff participation. Mapping of Springside Park utilizing GIS to identify ecologically sensitive areas. Service learning projects. Environmental education projects – using the arboretum for study of trees, birds and plant species for environmental courses.  Student assessment and inventory of native species at Springside Park and Arboretum.  Forum series on environmental issues.

Funding Opportunities
The following foundations support environmental education and/or historic preservation activities:  American Express Foundation  Berkshire Bank Foundation  Motorola Foundation  Berkshire Taconic Foundation  National Trust Preservation Fund  Save America’s Treasures  Felicia Fund (located in Providence, RI)  National Endowment for the Humanities


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